Quick Animated Background in After Effects! Have some fun in 15 minutes! | Andrew Pach ⭐ | Skillshare

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Quick Animated Background in After Effects! Have some fun in 15 minutes!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prepare the object

    • 3. Repeat like a boss

    • 4. Adding the magic

    • 5. What else can be done

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About This Class

This class will teach you a quick and efficient technique of making animated backgrounds like this:





No reason to wait, no reason to postpone, the class is just 15 minutes long and you can munch it during lunch :) Enjoy!

Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in this little aftereffects class where we will learn how to make animated background. This is only one way of doing such animations, but it's very useful to enhance any product you might do an after effect. It's fun. It's quick. You can really learn and finalize this product during lunch. It's only a few effect you most, and it's a very nice piece of knowledge you have in your arsenal. See you in the class and let's start working right away. 2. Prepare the object: welcome in this super quick and fund project where I want to show you how you can make a moving background. For example, if you animate the text or animated some objects and you need the little closure toe, fill everything out. OK, let's go straight ahead. I've created a new composition, full age decomposition, and I have selected a color theme. You can select a color team very simply with adobe color teams. I'm going toe window extensions and I have my adobe color themes. But you can also use websites. It doesn't really matter. Just select some nice colors. Okay? Once we have the colors, I'll scroll forward and I want to create a small object here, and this will be our first task. Now, I will select my stroke to be one of those colors. Let's maybe go for the red. And I'll also select right click new solid layer because I want to have a background. Okay. I owned this gray or this white or this blue. Okay, let's go for a straight white since this is in our color scheme, Okay, I will lock this layer down so I don't click it on accident. Okay? I can start making the objects. So what do we want? Actually, we want either a rectangle, a star, a polygon. It doesn't really matter. We can use circles because well anyway, animate them. Okay, let's try this polygon and let's see how this looks. Okay, I pres v I reposition it, We have something like that and what's cool here we can open the police star Pat, and we can select how many points it has. Let's simply start with triangles and I'll maybe show you this example on maybe two triangles. This will be very, very simple. Ok, close the polar star Pat, close this police star click on it and select control deep. Now you have two triangles here, but I want the 2nd 1 this one to be under it. Okay, I'll try to reposition it. Then I select a stroke. I want another color for it. Let's maybe go for the blue and I would like to turn this one around. You can see how simple this is. I just pressed my shift key and I turn it to the bottom side. You always need to select this police star number two because if you click here. The 1st 1 will be selected. Okay, let me try to line them up. I'll try to be precise here if you are not enough, precise press control are take out a ruler. Place the ruler. Exactly. Here. Where? This 1st 1 end. Make sure we are on full quality. Okay, we are. And I'll just try to make them exactly in the same place. Okay. And this is it. We can start this animation with just those two objects. We can, of course, do whatever we please. But I'll show you in this example on those objects, please open this shape layer. I'll cold is background shape. I'll close everything down and you have police star one and police start to with the shift key. I select boat. I press control G. I just renamed it quickly, so I don't know that these are three are triangles. Okay. These are the triangles we use. And this is it for the first lesson. It is a super simple technique will go very quick about it. So this is your first task. Your first step. Open aftereffect To create a new composition, select a background, select a color scheme and create a few objects. I recommend creating two triangles at first, so you will understand this entire technique. See you in the next lesson where we'll fight with the repeater. 3. Repeat like a boss: Okay. Welcome back. We've done the hard part. So we have our shapes prepared. Now click on this shape layer. It needs to be a shape layer because we want to open it and we want toe. Add the repeater. You simply select add and you select repeater What repeated us? As you can see it, repeats are actual layer. And it's super simple to replicate copies. We need enough copies to fill the entire screen. That will, of course, place him a bit further away. OK, so I think 15 copies should be enough. Then you just open Transformer Peter options and you can see we have position. We also have the offset options with the most important will be positioned here, so I'll try to position them kind off perfectly equally. So they fill out the entire screen and I'm basically done. You see this repeater? Just click on it and select control de once again. So now we have two repeaters on this layer, so they're repeater will repeat itself. The only change you need to make your open it open the transform options from the 2nd 1 Are you there yet? And work with deposition and this teaches you also something super important in after effects. How to replicate objects properly. We don't want the X value. We want it to be on zero. We want to replicate this position and look what happens. The replication replicates the entire layer based on the things it already has. Since the repeater render renders first, the second repeater has to render all that okay, But we don't need so much off those copies. I think this copies should be like five, and the position should be more spread out. Okay, maybe four. You know what? Let's stay with five. Maybe I made this object a little too big, but we have five copies, and it perfectly covers my screen. So I can assume this is my background. And this is what is your task? For the second lesson in the second lesson, you should fill out the screen with objects with two times repeater. You simply copy the repeated over and into transform options. You work with its position before we work with the exposition. Now, we worked with the white position. I've selected my values. My background is prepared and we are nearly done with making those animated backgrounds. With this technique, see you in the next lesson where we'll finally use the magical effect we need. 4. Adding the magic: Okay. Welcome in the third and final step. So we have our background preferred and what's cool here we can click on the shape layer, Please Have it clicked. You will go to effect and controlled. I can simply select effects stylized and select cc Khaleda, you remember Maybe you had a toy like me in where you were young where you have a kaleidoscope and you could turn it around and it would magically turn elements over because there were mirrors around her And this was a very beautiful effect to achieve. Now this does exactly the same and was cool here. We can not only work with the size of those objects, but I prefer to stay with about 20 or even going less. It looks really cool. And look what happens. Won't you rotate it? You achieve such a beautiful effect and the size you have selected will influence this very strongly. So be careful about the size and look. We only had two triangles. I said I want the small size. So I'll go to about 15. And what's cool here you will animate rotation, so let us go ahead. Keep from irritation. Zero Go to the end of your animation and press one. You need to have the key frame selected. You can check out if you did a good job by pressing you on your keyboard and you can see I have to keep frames. Those key frames prepared such an animation. So basically, as I hit my space bar, I have such an animation Now for five seconds, one full rotation is maybe pretty much so. I should select about 120 degrees because I don't want the animation to go so quickly, so fast, direct. And this is basically it. When it comes to preparing the background, you can also select the type of mirroring Well, flower flipper. You can re select everything, but we have a small problem here because some of those effects and make those little boxes we can off course work with the size to not make it so abrupt. We could, for example, make it like this, and this is also equal effect. But you need to select those which will really look good. And not all of those effects look amazing s the original flower one. You can obviously change it. You can make any information you want, for example, that unfold also work, school and unfold would look like that. And I think this is a really great and amazing animation, and that's not it. You can off course also animate the size, so you select the size. At first, you keep frame it, you go forward and you make the size bigger. And now this animation would have a few key frames more, and this is what we would get. I think this is a really very cool animation, and you can make this as long as you want. Then you can Presti and you can lower the opacity, and this would be just a slight background animation in front of your original animation. I think this is a really great addition to your existing project, and making such a background is really not much work, and it makes the animation so much better. And as you remember, if I close down this object, we only used two triangles to make it. Now, in the next listen, let's explore a few more options 5. What else can be done: now if you don't have much time Tow experiment. Let me bring back the opacity. I pressed t to open up the opacity, by the way, and I can duplicate this object. I can close that down. I can come here to my contents and you can see I have my triangles. I can open this this option and we had to police stars here. I'll open up this effect just to see what happens if I have just one triangle. I have something like that. Now let me, For example. Just for example, opened the second triangle. Open it up, open the police star and select five points. You can see what happens. We got a completely different animation Just because we did change this object and what is cool here, we can still change them around. I also like six point here. I'll make maybe this smaller. You can see what happens. And maybe I'll just for fund duplicated. It doesn't really matter because I can do whatever I want with this animation. So now it isn't so perfectly aligned. You can see I have one on the right side, one on the left and let me select the 1st 1 It Waas I'll close this down. It was police start one. The police are one A bit more to the right side and I'll make it fat. Okay, so this is it. I have now three objects. I didn't change much And look what we have. We achieve a completely different animation. Let me go back to flower Completely different and what's cool here You can still go heavier with the size, for example, like this and perfect I reading now the size works wonderful and we got a crazy animation. Okay, it got a bit crazy because I changed this key frame with the size I shouldn't change the size. I'm sorry because now I just added another key frame. I will make the size bigger because I kind of like these The's big, enormous animation. And let me check out How would this look? OK, in a matter of moments, I achieved a completely different look. Now the animation goes a bit fast. As I said, I said it only 25 seconds. You can always press control, OK, or just go to composition composition settings and make it for example, 15 seconds. That's absolutely no problem to select control a extent, everything. I should also extend the background and boom. This animation takes 15 seconds to play. Now, now it goes a bit too slow. But that doesn't matter. I just wanted to show you what it's possible. I really hope you did enjoy this little Littleton tutorial. This little trick because there are many other race off making animated backgrounds. But this one, I think, is very, very simple, very straightforward. And it doesn't get in the way off a normal workflow. You can still work on your project, but you can add a little animation like that. You can lower its opacity and look at this beautiful background. It moves, it animates, and we can always grab those key frames and change them around. I will greatly appreciate if you would like to leave me a review on this class and the temps up. This literally helped me as an instructor and I tried to make the stutterers really fun and easy to follow for you. And I do hope that you will have as much fun gaining this knowledge as much fun. I had preparing it for you. Thanks and see you in other classes