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Quarantine Self-Portrait Session - Be Creative & Artistic at home!

teacher avatar Naomi Wu, Fashion Photographer in Paris.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Moodboard

    • 3. Home Set

    • 4. Equipment Setup

    • 5. Camera Setting & Shoot

    • 6. The Results

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About This Class


Hello, I'm Naomi, a fashion and portrait photographer based in Paris.

Here's my website


I've been a professional photographer for more than 10 years. As a professional photographer I've learnt so much about Photography Style and Skills, as well as learning about Myself via doing Self-Portrait.

During this quarantine period, one of the things that can keep us busy and creative is shooting Self-Portrait which is what I've been doing a lot during these 2 months.

This class will show you from A-Z how to produce an artistic Self-Portrait Session all by yourself from home.

And of course, this class is not only for quarantine period, once you learn the process you'll be able to start a self-portrait shoot whenever and wherever you want.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Naomi Wu

Fashion Photographer in Paris.


Hello, I'm Naomi, I'm a fashion photographer based in Paris.

My portrait photography journey started since I was 15, but I became an art designer after graduation from University of Arts, and working for almost 10 years before I got my Master degree of Photography in Paris when I was 30.

Now I have been doing full-time fashion and portrait photography for 10 years, and worked with many different International fashion magazines and brands. Also I've received many International Photography Awards such as IPA, PX3, TIFA, IPPA for the decade.

I'm also a featured photographer on VogueItalia PhotoVogue.

My Website: 


See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. I m Naomi, the fashion photographer based in Paris. Today, in this class, I'm gonna show you how to produce a self portrait session all by yourself. Actually, the basic process is exactly like how to produce a fashion. Editorial Shoot is just that you have to be every single by yourself. You need to be the war dross, Alice, to make up artist, the model and, of course, the photographer. You don't have to worry about it. I'm gonna show you from the basic thing toothy end, like how to prepare a mood bore to guide you the style and then how to find simple props from home and how to set up the equipment and how to shoot during the process. Here are some examples off myself portrayed when I have some free time at home. I do a lot of Southport traits doing self portrays, A lot of fun. Let's get it started then. Hi. I'm Naomi from the fashion photographer from Taiwan Taipei. And now I'm basing powers. I've started poetry, photography, things. I was team. So originally I was in our designer and then I did film photography at the beginning. During my free time, Then I turn into a full time for time. For was Canon five d mark to about 10 years ago. So in 2012 I decided to come to Paris to feel feel life time dream, which is to become a professional fashion photographer. When I was in Paris, I took a one year master course off studio photography, and then from there I started to build up my portfolio, which is to continuously working with small agencies, would host Alice and makeup artists. He is very, very important during the process. So why I choose Paris? Because it's a city full of opportunities. Resource is, and of course, a lot of competitions, unique competitions, because the good months can make it go really fast. And also, you will learn to improve yourself by seeing so many brilliant photographers works around you. Uh, so why I want to start this class? Well, the men reason I think you all know it's because of these at a big event right now. And if a photographer cannot go out shoot, why not share your knowledge in the world, and especially when everyone is locking side of their home, there's one thing that really close to a fashion shoot, which is to shit yourself. That is called a self portrait session. So sounds exciting. What are you waiting for? 2. Moodboard: Hi. Welcome back. So today we talked about mood board. So what is moved? Well, before you shoot, you will need to have an idea off. What kind of style For your self portrait, for example, you want to be romantic or wanted to be really high fashion, very stylish or wanted to be a little bit artistic, mysterious, that kind of thing. It's kind of style for yourself. Portray. It's totally up to you. Um, it's about how you see yourself, how you want present yourself to world for some of you probably already have a lot of images in your head, so you already know what kind of style you want. Half your self portrait. But most of these people, they don't have any idea. In that case, you can search for them. Search for explanations online like nowadays with search online. But if you still prefer to re magazines in physics like convince, you can do that, too for me, since I have Bean absorbing a lot of fashion just six many years. So he's like, I have a huge database in my head and I can use them whenever I want on, or sometimes if I want to sell portrayed. It's like I have. This image from the database suddenly appeared in my mind. And then that's how I decided to shoot herself, portraying this kind of style. So if you're not familiar with those images, you can start by searching the inspiration Internet. And before I read a lot of special magazines, but now I just is very easy. All of you just need to open your brother or your app on the phone. Just scroll and they see so inspirations. So here are two pretty good platforms. I used a lot we should wanna share with you. Maybe you already know Down seen, of course, but I really use them like almost 80 bases for my fresh an image database here. So here is one of the apse I use a lot of for. My expiration is called Pinterest. I believe a lot of off you already using this app and then But actually I don't use that too much. Maybe one time for months or even two times for three months. So you can see here are my mood bores mean Pinterest like portray fresh inspiration and the lock portrayed because I love analog photography alive. You can follow me on Pinterest It's called Name You It's ah easy to search, I think. And I've tried to look for many ah images from different kind of culture countries a song As day hit me things fire me I pinned them and of course there is his name up I use so much every day is Instagram because I spent a lot of time on it, so I just directly use it as my inspiration Search engine Ah, everybody knows on Instagram what kind of image you like a lot that will just show you more that kind of images. So it's very easy for me to find very good fashion photography instagram So nowadays I I really think the physical magazines their lesson as important off course. So there is a value off prince but things we have a phone every day. We look at it every day, so I think it's cigarette means to men Great resource off inspirations. You can see here what accounts I usually look at. Some of them are my favorite photographers, and some of them are, ah, fashion magazines and even some of them are like fashion brands. They have really good campaign images that you can look at. I love. Um, very Roman. Take me Serious staff photography. I also love their modern kind. But always, always there is a mystery in the image. And every magazine has their own style, their own approach. So you really need to spend some time to look for which magazines are right for your side. The first of all, you need to understand and find out what is your style. So if you're like me love lamenting the serious images, you can follow what I look at. And then here are some magazines I used to follow on Instagram like this one. You see, it's more modern, and this one they come to him many, many different style of images. Well, here, I'm gonna show you my move or I used photo shop, and this is my old wood for trial. So I choose the phone to match the style of this editorial, and then you can see the title here, and I put like, style, make up hair and then moved his titles. And then I'll drive those inspiration images to match these tight owes. And here you see on the right side the layers off this file. It's very simple. Just some layers off the images and some layers off. Uh, the titles, the words. They just make a nice lay off the mood board to let everybody can clearly see it. What is it about? This is the busy skyline efficient? I really suggest you to look at those platforms for your inspirations every day, and then you can build up this. How do you say you build up your own taste off images when time goes by? And because taste is the most important thing in photography, everybody's taste is different. But if you find out what your taste ISS while your style is, then your image can be very attractive to other people. So if you find the right inspirations, and then those inspirations can lead you to a very nice self portrait series. So after you find old inspirations images and then you need to collect them and then make your move or move or is a very important process when we're preparing to fashion that jury shoots because it's like a guideline for team members to follow up, and then during the process of shooting, that nobody goes off or nobody will get lost, and then the result becomes something else. So move, or is the key thing key. They put all your inspirations into one, for example, a four page. And then people will see what kind off a mood. The mood off the evenings you want, like serious or man take really high fashion. And then what kind of makeup and hair that you want for these images and what kind of outfit? The clothes to match with this mood. And that's what more is. So it's really, really very important for serious shooting. Actually, when I should, my own self portray I don't really prepare would bore because I do this alive so I don't really need it. Usually the inspirations are already my head, so I just follow what I'm imagining myself for Trey and shoot. But I'm teaching you this process off move, or is because the easiest way for people who haven't shot Self Portrait before to have a more clear way to prepare your own self portrait sessions and they can. You know, it's less stress that's stressful for you. You can look at something and they follow it up. You know, because you know, there's so many things you have to do by yourself doing self portrait session and then you would get stressed and you get nervous and you will forget the things that you want to shoot. So mood bore is like you prepare it, you put it aside, you're shooting and then you can follow up, you know very clearly wants the next step. You have to do what kind of style stick. Lis. Yeah, so that's the main reason I'm teaching you to move your process. And also, please remember when you are looking for inspirations at the beginning, you would like a lot of kind of images, but all those images are different style. So after maybe you see something you really like, and this something is one style, and then afterwards you need to find the simmer, start off exploration images and then to collect, move or otherwise you will be lost. Even have a report because it's like all kinds of different moved off the images on the move or and your self portrait will be like the mass. Maybe 3. Home Set: so things were shooting at home during the quarantine. And then we cannot just go to buy some props. Maybe you can see all their something lying. Some who stops to be included in your shoot. The Last Star Simple. That's look for the things which already exists at home and then use them as props in the set. Okay, let's go have this big screen plan. And I have this a bouquet of flowers from ikey. Uh, there think. But they look great in photos, for sure, and I have this a wide or kid, but it's unfortunately the orchids dying because of something sex. We're killing it. So I think for now I cannot really use it anymore. But maybe in a far corner in the picture that nobody can notice that you're real awesome. Flowers on it still is very pretty love or get so much. And I have this. This is I don't know, the nameless. You can see these kind of plant in some photos a lot. It's a great problem to create very beautiful, um, sensation. Your photos. I don't leave if I will use it, but I've never used it before, but maybe I'll think about it. And I have these, Uh, right now you couldn't see there in clear to you what they are. It looks like a mess at this corner. But so the carpet, Very soft poodle wool carpets for my camp. And please ignore this. This is just to protect the merit. I have, like a vintage vintage, like Golden Frank Minera, which I use a lot in my photos. So here are some of myself portray. It's ah, I'm gonna show you. You can see my photos used his golden friend mirrors a lot and then the white or get behind me and in the I key of flowers and in here a swell. That's all the props I have at home and I use them a lot. But if you're looking for, like, more fashionable style for yourself portrayed, you can simply find a plan wide wall. So maybe something like this I don't have ah, big home. So I only have very small playing wide wall which has nothing on it, that maybe I can shoot in front of it, just stand in front of the wall and put the camera a little further with the wide England's . Maybe you will get a pretty good self poetry from it. Or also, if you have, like old white sheets or you have the cartoon like this, like this one I have. This is very nice. I love it. It's half transparent and I love the texture, but life and delight can go through it. And then you can create a very flowy background with this carton like this. Maybe for me again, shoot in front of this or in between them, the white wall and the curtain, or you put your wife sheets. You tape it on the wall, uses much tapes as you need, fixed the sheets on the wall and then create a background. So we go back to the photos myself portray here, you see, I use the curtain. I used a curtain a lot as well. Go is a really nice problem to create like a romantic style poor take portrayed and here you can see I use a white sheet and the Big Green plan to create the background. Personally, I really love all lenient fabric because all the new fabric and create a very artistic start off background. If you have it all I ever you That's the best. But still, it depends on the style you're looking for for your self portrait. So these are the things I suggest, which you can use for the backgrounds, and then you can start looking for them, or you can have better ideas for your own style of the background. 4. Equipment Setup: So after you get all ingredients for your props, uh, now it's time to know where the natural light coming from. Off example. My apartment, my windows are facing east, and so I can only get like Derek. Some lie in the apartment in mourning. Uh, if you can have partial directs online, you should with it you can really flatter yourself portraying. But remember not to shoot with entirely direct somebody because he's gonna make your face and photos too overexposed and not very attractive. Uh, so I'm gonna show you. For example, this is where my window is. So right now, using afternoon. So I don't have any something. So it's a little bit dark in apartment. So if you cannot have some My now partner, your image is gonna be a little dark, but even sure with, like a back light or the light on your side. Maybe your face and body gonna be a little dark in photos, but don't worry about it, because we can still do something color editing in post production. We'll do the treatment, for example, in light room to make it look better and brighter. So for this class, I'm only gonna show you shooting with natural life, which is simple. Maybe I'll create another class which to show you how to shoot self portrait with a small speak lights but with speed lies gonna be another style But I'll talk about it with you like even your future. Okay, so I have been thinking What should we shoot today? So looking to mine cigarette inspirations And then I found this thing is pretty good to start with. It's the image is simple. Um, maybe not technically. And maybe next time you can try something like this. This is more more elegant and then against the war, like a fashion outfit in this image. But today we try. This says today, uh, son is pretty good, very sunny today. And then now you can see because he's in the morning. So the sunlight is hitting from the east side to my task. So today we can make the self portray as we saw our dear in the reference images by using a beautiful sunlight. - So I'm gonna show you why we need the transparent film and then vastly or other transparent cream. Because if you remember the reference, we have to create a like a blurry tentage, the kind of image. So first you tried to measure how much feeling you need to cover the relents. You don't need to much just a little bit, because we meaning me there is kind of small, put a film on the lens and then used a protector to fix it. Or you can use a rubber band to fix it. It's the same thing, and now it's already a little blurry. But you have to make it really, really glowy blurry. So put on some transparent cream or vesting just a little bit on the film. But around the film, not in the middle of the film, because you need the middle to be focused, so just a little bit around it, that's it. 5. Camera Setting & Shoot: So is the last chapter I mentioned. I use a canon five D mark for and in this lands is a portrait on Swifty millimeters and then, very importantly, remote. This is in very remote. Uh, it's originally by Canon. So it's perfect for my camera canon and then for the setting the EPA to drive here, click and check the screen, Choose one shot. And then, as for the shutter, we choose timer, take a remote. This one 10 seconds. The choose 10 seconds, not two seconds, because 10 seconds can allow you to get ready to pose in front of camera and then for the I . So, uh, basically, I always used 400. But if the sun is really strong and powerful, you can start with 100 or 200. So here I just to 200 in the Apertura. I set up at 2.8 and then can shoot at aperture priority mode. This is reading easy because you just set up the EPA tree and then the camera will automatically detective lying and decided to shutter for you and you can. It's just here to make the picture brighter or darker, said remember the reference that we're going to try to shoot here. I'm starting to pose, Um, because the chair is kind of low, so I have to kneel on the floor and checking the frames to save its correct. That's what I want. So I have pose a little and change my outfit in two genes because I have to kneel on the floor, uh, to prevent the pain from the niece. And also, I wanted to change puppetry into 2.5 to make a really shadow focus, which is very, very blurry background. So I tried again to adjust the frame and then pose to test shoot. It's a little bit complicate Teoh. Shoot by yourself. You have to pose and check. You can also use a laptop to come back with the camera. It's faster to check the images, but here because I don't have the cable at home. So I didn't come back to my laptop. I just checked my camera screen. Also, I've changed the glasses into this one because the previous one was not very reflected for my face. Okay, sad, let's try it again, justifying because we change the position of the glasses so you sure you need to keep the reference image in your mind to know how to pose? So remember, after you shoot for a while, you need to get up and check the camera or your laptop foot images to see if he's right for you. For example, right now I see my test shooting. Mitch. I am too much on the right side, off the edge of the image, so I need to adjust my camera again more to the rights to give you more space in image. So let's check the screen. Just keep adjusting until it's right in the framing like this should be okay. And then a post production, you can crop the amazing light room. So here. Just keep adjusting accordingly and then shoot again and then check the frame. You need to keep adjusting the glasses to get the right light for your reflection. Just keep shooting and then keep moving, and sometimes and then you try every kind of and go for your face. And then after you see the pictures and to know, like which direction or which position for your faces more correctly and sends him, keep the inspiration in your head so you can do your posing, right? Okay. I'm trying as many angles as I can now, the So let me show you. We kind of get it, But it's hard to get your lips reflection in the glass. So now we know you need to my face need to have a little distance from the glass and then so we can have the reflection in the glass. I'm going to try a few more times. So here you can see I just keep moving my head around to try to get the most positions I can get. Yeah, so I have moved a lot and try many different angles. And then I've moved a chair position for, like, four or five times because the song it just changed so fast. And if you shoes something for too long, like if you should one idea to room, you'll get tired off it. Your body will feel tired. Your mind will feel tired, and then you will feel no longer inspired. And then so you won't have new ideas for your poses. And then he's gonna show your pictures. Your photos would look bored. People can see it. So when you're shooting, you really need to know when to stop. It's kind of hard to stop when you're shooting self portrayed. I think I got some good shots and all. Of course, um, best shots as well. Uh, it's always normal that you need to take a lot of photos to get just a few good ones. And for this ah, self portray idea. I couldn't do exactly the same as the reference images, because I don't have the same environment. The same. Some light. If I want a really dark background and then very bright light on my face, I have to shoot indoors and with a window they admire apartment. I couldn't really get some light to shoot into, uh, the apartment, so I couldn't get exactly the same dark background, those the reference images. But here we got the same mood, the same glowy, blurry style, almost a saying like effect. And remember at the beginning we all star from copying some really good photography work, and then during the process, we will accidentally find out our own style. So this is a very important ah procedure to look for your style so you don't have to do exactly the same as the reference images. So for today, I think we got some good shots 6. The Results: okay, here. I'm showing you guys the result off this self portrait session. I have done some color editing in light room and some retouching for the shop. And I have medical treatment looks. I cross processing feel method, just like the reference images. The color is very vivid and strong contrast. Maybe you guys can send me the results after you tried to send shooting and see if I can provide some helpful feedback for you guys. Go. Uh, I hope you guys enjoy the process off my self portrait shoot in this class and, as you can see doing self portrait. But he's a very, very exhausting things because you have to do everything by yourself from preparing on shooting and them wrapping up and during the shoot is the most exhausting process because you need to trying and then see the friend check the friends if it's correct, if it's okay and then continue to shoot. So you need a lot of experience to keep yourself in the flow, because at the beginning you get interrupted a lot because you're shooting and they have to stop the mood and then go check the camera. You have to become the photographer and then changed to a model like immediately. It's not very easy for everyone to adjust to that. So what I'm trying to say is Self Portrait takes a lot of energy and effort because it's now it's not like there's somebody else holding the camera, and then they can just keep capturing you while you just need to focus. Getting into the moved and posing so south portray is you need to get into the mood and then stop posing and then right away, check the frame, and then after you have to adjust your pose, you have to remember the mood. You have to, you know, and so you need to do a lot of self portrait to practice more and more, and then you get better and better. And then the process would be faster and faster. So I do hope this class can really help you from crazy your own self Poetry. Creativity is a very important part off human being. When you create something you feel for fuel, you feel satisfied. But don't be this thing. Don't be this encouraged at the beginning, because at the beginning is normal that we don't get go images or we don't get the things we're looking for originally Completely normal. So you just keep shooting, and then even you don't get to things you originally want. You still get something good from what you trying to do? You know what? Me, Uh, And after the shoot today, I'm going to do the color add staying in my trim. And then maybe I used photos from today to have another class, which is to teach you how to do the color adds team lie trip. And then maybe the next class is taught to teach you, uh, how to make four shop adjustment. All right, so I do hope you like the class and welcome to keep coming back for my other classes and also introduced his class to your friends and family. If they're also interested in photography and self portrait. Maybe so. Thank you so much again. And have a great day by