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Quality Assurance: How to test IoT devices

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. IoT - Testing hardware devices

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About This Class

This will be an introduction about how to test IoT devices and quality control. The goal of this lesson is to have a better understanding of how can you test a hardware device, what are the challenges, how to overcome them and some real life examples when IoT devices failed because of notĀ being properly tested.

This class is recommended both for Software Testers or people interested to learn more about technology and quality assurance of the products.

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1. IoT - Testing hardware devices: probably you are asking, why this subject? Now the Internet off things is on the verge off creating award that, as recently as a few years ago might not have seemed possible. Intelligent machines are already beginning toe alter industries as diverse as hold care, manufacturing, city planning, transportation and so on. Statistics say that at least 16 separate sectors of the economy stand to be transformed over the next 20 years. By this emerging technology we are living in unexciting, present, and the future will be even more fascinating. Um, so let's see the major aspect. So we should consider testing I devices. The 1st 1 is the flacking test. AFLAC test is a test which court fail or pass for the same configuration. Such behavior could be harmful to developers because this failure's not always indicate box in the court, so the time will be wasted with this kind of possible box. Some of the environmental issues are humidity, temperature. They lied. Those kind of things that are not in our control also walks or any physical obstacle. For example, the tests could fail if the test XT executed easily the room with think waas um, the second aspect is update when we are talking about the application, the updates are done in a few seconds. In the case off mobile application, the it can take a few minutes off, but they're festival and updating. Desktop application is not as fast as the other toe, but it can take a few minutes or hours. And in the case off the critical back in productions, the changes can be reverted toe the initial state. But when we are talking about heart devices, the update cannot be done so fast. And the major risk is that if we have a critical back in production, the device can crash or break like that, and the revert to the previous version version days longer than the other application there is longer than the application of mobile application. For example, 00 D. A. Over the their firm were refers to the practice off updating the code remotely so the heart of our must be built with all TA functionality. In order for this mechanism, all toe work well, some strategies when updating our continuous updates, old and downgrades, you need internal labs, for example, smell batches that start using Alfa and better testing or giving the the updates toe early adopters and us. So important thing is to always have a back door solution like men one wired up dates or backups before update or several partitions. Another aspect he's the scale matters. Connectivity issues can appear when using a lot of devices in the same room. Also, it can be our issues, the configuration or geo location. Oh, also way should have the testing my set oriented toe, the really user behavior. Let's take, for example, a robot vacuum with Dwight. Five Connectivity. Real user. What's turning on or off? It will program it to start at the specific power it will. The real robot will have some obstacles, like walls, tables or any off any objects in the household. Well, that's so the robot should be clean periodically on and so on. Other scenarios. So we we should have this kind off scenarios in mind when the sting go have our devices home. Another aspect that should be considerate. His c X a six day means customer experience analytics and its importance is crucial in improving customer experience. The data can be collected by customer support with two way feedback Jenna. It can be collected by crowds testing or by the top feedback journal, which is Amazon On and on the last aspect. Open source. As we already know, open source projects have many advantages, like cost benefits and continue WAAS development. But they should be used carefully. A Z they are not relatable in the case. Something breaks and there will be no support toe fix the problem, so it should be used. But passers Harper should be used carefully. Oh, now I have. I have two examples off real life cases when I O. D devices failed in production, the 1st 1 is one. Smart locks used by Airbnb get bricked by softer update for individuals customers. This may not have bean a huge issue, but because both kid and keep away keep that entry are available on the smart look. So if they had a key or a court, they can use it. But for businesses, this was critical. Airbnb recommends this smart lock a sparked off his horse, the assistant program, and that means that the property owner can rent out their space and just give the court toe a renter from whenever they happened to be so the renter can enter in the apartment with that court, and this fail had a big impact on the business and, of course, so on the final users, because the user can, it was not able to get in the apartment. The the second example is about smart, that feeder ah mahn function in Bad Tonight's computer program, which connects the smart feeders toe owners one cause them to stop working and left the company off, charging its customers to feed their backs. Memoli, not with the that figure on this kind of issues can can lead to serious consequences. In this case, From what I read, nothing really critical happened. But the in some cases this could lead toe that's dying because they were not Fed or other patients. And this stow examples should highlight the importance off the right mindset when distinct heart devices. That's why we should consider all those aspects were no when destined heart devices. Oh, Brenda O Brien said that if you think that the Internet has changed your life, think again. The coyote is about to change it all over again. I really like this coat. I think it's it's a relevant For what? What would happen in the future In this aria and a za conclusion, we should be aware off Lackey test as way already discussed in the beginning, we should know that updates are the most risky Aurea and the reverse off update takes slower and it's not so easy. Toe do we should know that scale matters on the which is taking consideration testing riel user behavior, the user testing really user scenarios. Also, we should focus on customer experience on analytics to order toe improve the user experience Onda we should have limited trusting open source This was my presentation. Thank you for listening.