QlikSense Class 6 - Analyzing On-Line Customer Sales Performance | Paul Scotchford | Skillshare

QlikSense Class 6 - Analyzing On-Line Customer Sales Performance

Paul Scotchford, Business Intelligence and Analytics developer

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10 Lessons (1h 59m)
    • 1. Lecture 34 Understanding the new data for the App

    • 2. Lecture 35 Create a new Model and merge data files

    • 3. Lecture 36 Discretize (Band) data for analysis

    • 4. Lecture 37 Resident loads

    • 5. Lecture 38 How to do a Lookup()

    • 6. Lecture 39 Visualize our discretized (Banded) data

    • 7. Lecture 40 Advanced counting using Sum,Aggr() and TOTAL

    • 8. Lecture 41 Testing the advanced counting results

    • 9. Lecture 42 Lets put all this stuff on a data visualization (Dashboard)

    • 10. Lecture 43 Finally we can add maps to our visualization


About This Class

I recommend that you complete QlikSense Class 5 - Analyzing Stock Position before taking this class.

Our start-up has online based sales.

These lectures will teach you how to build a On-line customer sales performance analysis App and as we build the app you will also learn how to ...

  1. Work with This Year / Last Year data calculations
  2. Merge data in the model
  3. Create discretised data using the Class() and Flag methods
  4. Create a data island (Disassociated data tables)
  5. Use the Lookup() function to query data
  6. How to count customer registrations using advanced counting functions Aggr(), TOTAL






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Paul Scotchford

Business Intelligence and Analytics developer

I have over 12 years experience as a Business Intelligence and Analytics developer specialising in both the Microsoft and Qlik technology environment.

Since 2012 I have been developing QlikView and in late 2014 I discovered QlikSense, my QlikView skills were immediately transferable to QlikSense too.

I have also been developing with SQL since the late 90's and have extensive experience in data extraction, modelling and analytics directly from ERP and Data Warehouse structures.

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