QlikSense Class 5 - Analyzing Inventory Position

Paul Scotchford, Business Intelligence and Analytics developer

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8 Videos (1h 57m)
    • Lecture 26 Introducing a model change adding another fact table

    • Lecture 27 Handling synthetic keys and circular references

    • Lecture 28 Introducing the hierarchical dimension

    • Lecture 29 Using the Count() function

    • Lecture 30 Conditional formatting and chart axis

    • Lecture 31 Create calculated dimensions

    • Lecture 32 Getting started with Set Analysis

    • Lecture 33 Understand and use Set Analysis


About This Class

I recommend that you complete QlikSense Class 4 - Analyzing Sales Performance before taking this class.

In this class you will create an App to Analyse your start-up Stock position and learn how to ...

  1. Change the data model to add another fact table
  2. Fix synthetic keys and circular references
  3. Create a hierarchical dimension
  4. Use distinct count to count stock levels
  5. Understand Primary and Secondary axis on charts
  6. Create a calculated dimension
  7. Set limitations e.g. Top 25 overstocks
  8. Work with orphaned data
  9. Understand Set Analysis for more advanced calculations







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Paul Scotchford

Business Intelligence and Analytics developer

I have over 12 years experience as a Business Intelligence and Analytics developer specialising in both the Microsoft and Qlik technology environment.

Since 2012 I have been developing QlikView and in late 2014 I discovered QlikSense, my QlikView skills were immediately transferable to QlikSense too.

I have also been developing with SQL since the late 90's and have extensive experience in data extraction, modelling and analytics directly from ERP and Data Warehouse structures.

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