QlikSense Class 3 - Managing budgets (Free Class) | Paul Scotchford | Skillshare

QlikSense Class 3 - Managing budgets (Free Class)

Paul Scotchford, Business Intelligence and Analytics developer

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10 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Lecture 6 Where to find stuff e.g. Folders etc

    • 2. Lecture 7 Introduction to navigating the QlikSense hub, apps and sheets

    • 3. Lecture 8 Dimensions and Measures, what are they ?

    • 4. Lecture 9 Creating your first Enterprise App

    • 5. Lecture 10 Loading your budget data into the App

    • 6. Lecture 11 Create a pivot table to review your budget data

    • 7. Lecture 12 Create charts to see the budget share and trend over time

    • 8. Lecture 13 Create a budget target KPIs (Goal)

    • 9. Lecture 14 Introducing filters, lets start with a year and month filter

    • 10. Lecture 15 Wrap up this project with a review and some tricks


About This Class

This is a free class so you can sample the course (Class 1,2 and 4 - 9) the classes get more advanced as you partake in them, by the time you reach Class 9 you will have sufficient skills to perform basic analysis within your organisation.

I recommend that you watch QlikSense Class 1 & 2 - Business Planning basics and course overview first of all as this will show you how to download the software that you will be learning to develop data visualisations on.

We are a fictitious Start-Up company and we have to see how the business budget will look and set some KPI's that we will use later to track against.

All the files you need for this project are attached.






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Paul Scotchford

Business Intelligence and Analytics developer

I have over 12 years experience as a Business Intelligence and Analytics developer specialising in both the Microsoft and Qlik technology environment.

Since 2012 I have been developing QlikView and in late 2014 I discovered QlikSense, my QlikView skills were immediately transferable to QlikSense too.

I have also been developing with SQL since the late 90's and have extensive experience in data extraction, modelling and analytics directly from ERP and Data Warehouse structures.

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