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Qa Testing: Manual Testing Vs. Automated Testing Pros & Cons

teacher avatar Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. QA Testing: Manual vs Automation, Introduction

    • 2. QA Testing: Manual vs Automation Table

    • 3. QA Testing: Manual vs automation Pros & Cons

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About This Class

In this class, we will discuss the benefits and cons of performing a manual and a automated testing in a project, as well we will explain the perfect scenarios to each one

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. QA Testing: Manual vs Automation, Introduction: welcome to this cast. Today we're going to discuss about the pro and cons off the all made A manual testing. Also, we're going to explain what is the perfect escenario for each one. What is mine. LOL, testing on our testing is testing off this off work work tests are executed man elite by a Q A. Allergies. It is performed to this cover box. In so far under development, Man are testing the tester checks or dissension. Fisher's off the given application or so for, in this process, the software tester that secured the test cases on generated test report without the help of any automation. Zoff artistic tools. It is classical metal off or testing types to help find box and so forth. It is generally conducted by an experience tester toe. Accomplish the self for testing process. What is automation testing in automating. So for testing tester right Cold test scripts toe automate test. That's institution Chester used appropriate automation tools to the belle of the test scripts validated so far, The goal is to complete test execution in last month off time, automate testing entirely realized on the prey. A street test which runs automatically to compare actual results with the expected results . Thes helps the tester that my weather or not on application performs a suspect. Automate testing. I love you to execute repetitive task on immigration tests without the inter Virgin off manual tester. Even though old processes are performed out medically, automation requires so manual effort to create initial testing scripts. 2. QA Testing: Manual vs Automation Table: Now we're gonna talk about a barometer and how it goes with automation versus manner test. For example. Let's start with the definition with the automation testing. Use Automation tours to execute test cases. The modern testing test cases are executed by a human tester and self worth. The processing time in automated testing is significant faster than a modeler coach. Meanwhile, a man of testing is time consuming and takes up. Human research is when you are in forming an exploratory testing. Automation does not allow random testing. The exploratory testing is possible. Jealousy, monetary man artistic. Why it is that possible? It is because you are a human being. So with your common sense, you cannot play a little bit with the so for and you're gonna know if something is not working, I suspected. And in the other hand, the automation is always wrong without scream, so it always repeat the same steps. So that's reason. When you create automation, you have to perform first. The manner testing on one you had discreet for there for the manner test in danger moved to automation. Initial investment, the initial investment in the order made in the automated testing is hired, but the return on the investment is better in the laundry room. The initial investment in the manner of testing is comparatively lower because, you know, argue a it cost. Maybe the health off a devil oper cost but is lower compared toa automation testing. In the long run, their reliability in automated testing is a reliable metal on it is performed by tools and streets. There is not testing, but in model testing is not on. That is not as accurate because of the possibility of the human arrows. It could be time some to test this same things over numbers. The other thing we can talk. It is the user interface change for even a trivial change in the user interface Off the automated test This crease need to be mortified to work a suspect. But for the temples, my changes like change in the I. D class etcetera off a border would throw execution off among our tester on. If you have seen the class that I did for how to create a test case, you will see that sometimes you use a natural language like clear on this bottom are go to this part of the Web site or go to this, go to the bottom in the home page. So you never talk about ideas or class or those kind of things. In the other hand, in the automation you need to use those identifiers do create your scripts. So that is the biggest reason you have to change each time a user interface change. You like to change this creep that you already created. Bassman is requiring the automation for testing tool as well as automation engineers. But in the final destiny, the investment is needed for human researchers. That causes frantic now cause effective for low ballooning immigration and is not cost effective for high volume in relation in mind distance. Okay, now let's talk about the test report. Busy building with automation tasting, all the stakeholders can logging into the automation system on check test execution results for the temple with Robert Framework that is have popular to that most of the Q. Excuse us. We'll ask them as the tools we use. Light said Daniel Day produced a report that you can check easily, so it is also made created for the tool in the case. Off the mantel test in the manner of testing are usually record in a cell or world document . As I show you in. In another class, you put all the test results have been a table on the test results not always available. You cannot read them, at least when the tester finished with with the Darkman. Then you can go and read the documentation on. You can read their report, but in the case off the automation you run on in the end, when when the board of scripts are wrong, you can read their report. So that is a big difference between them. The human answer. Participation with the automation with the automation, there is not any a human consideration bold so it can never keep a shooters off user friends business and positive Tufts of Mary speeds. So in the other hand, the man on testing metal alos human observation, which may be used for toe over user friendly system. So for Temple, sometimes on testing something, So I am able when I am running the model testing Able Teoh get more on useful feedback to the developers and even to the designers can tell them I way can move the bottom. Teoh Bootham, do another four or things like that to help the team The performance test like Lord, test a stress testing Despite testing, cetera have to be tested by a non automation toe compulsory. The performance testing is not something that you can do manner. So easy, because you are gonna need of, like, a lab or something. Teoh Recreate a performance test. So it's not something that you can bring. Formality The final execution. Dis testing can be edits accused of different ability Plataforma in parallel on reduce that s test execution time. But model tests can be executing part of it, but will need to increase your human research, which is suspense much testing your you can batch mortar built test scripts for 90 execution. Meanwhile, my own tests cannot be much programming knowledge. Problem in knowledge is a mass in automation tested but is not need for programming in man artistic because you don't need to creating this clip. So you just follow on you. You just follow a test or a seriously off instructions bean at Chesky. So journey any Esther ties. Set up automation test requires less compass test that execution set up, but modern tested needs have a more straightforward test. Execution engagement. Don't buy tools. It's a gray never scared for but, you know, manner testing. Repetitive man on test execution can care boring and a rope from ideal approach. Automation testing is youthful when fragrantly execution the same set of test cases. But man intestine proved useful when the test case only needs to run once or twice. Build verification, testing. Automation tasting is you fall for bill verification testing, but it's securing the build. Verification Testing is very difficult. Take consuming in my testing. What about the deadlines are made in tests have zero risk of missing out predecessor tests . But manual testing has a higher risk of missing out precise tests that way. What is that? Because sometimes in the manner testing, you have to set near things or to change some things. And remember deities performer humans. So it could be if it could be difficult to set at that right on. Sometimes you cannot respect that death, right, so sometimes it just changed because of the team or because of the things that are coming out 3. QA Testing: Manual vs automation Pros & Cons: framework automation tasting use frameworks by God. At the I key work, I agreed to Acela rate the automation process. But the moment testing does not used trails, but make use God guidelines. Check these stray agents processes toe drop the draft suits in test cases. But there is not any in these things already. Don't you have to create all your test cases from this crash? It's not like a French work where you can work with in my chest. The documentation automate test acts, as a document provides stringing. Bothered, especially for all of my unit tests. Places a new developer can look into our unit test case and understand the co based quickly manner. Test case. Provide no training. There's this sign automate unit tests. Dr. Test Driving Development decided, but the man off unit tests do know dry. Decide into the corner Press de box. Automate tests help build verification tests in terrible part of the day. Votes cycle. Final testing defeats the are made bill principal off their months when to use on automation and when to use a lot of distance. The automation testing its suit for relation testing perform intestine were all testing or highly prepared table functional test cases manner testing. Instead, it's super suitable for exploratory severity at hot testing. Insure also used where they use ER and it also be used. When the user interface change in my feet is a secure manner, testing could be very impressive. Each time you are familiarizing with a new support or with a new functionality, however, there is a point where it takes a little time, some to repeat over and over the same testing. That's the time to include the automation. When you had to verify that nothing had broken with, the new co developers had include in the system close off man or testing get faster, not a beast will be back. It is less expensive asked. You don't need to spend your pocket for the automation tools and process human judgment on intuition always benefit the manner element. While testing I small change a no mention tastes were required calling, which could be time consuming. While you could test manually on the flight, When are the concept manner testing less valuable testing metal? Because it's conducted the human. Therefore, it is always prone to mistakes on a Rhodes, the model testing process can be record, so it is not possible to reuse the mother test in this test, in certain tasks are difficult to perform Mallonee, which may be why an additional time off the support testing face. Now let's move to or made testing. Your main testing helps you to find more bucks compared to a human to a human tester. As most off the part of the testing process is all made, you can have a speedy and efficient process. Automation closes can be record. Diesel knows you to reuse and secure the same kind of testing operations. Bottom eight testing is conducted using so for tools so it works without tiring on fatty from like. Humans in my protesting can easily increase productivity because it provides fast, accurate testing results. Automate testing, support bodies, applications. Destine coverage can be increased because of automation testing to never forget to check even the smallest unit. Another thing that I want to mention in his light. It is when juice, when you automate something, you had the opportunity think newest. Not so that is a good thing. My understanding or a major will help you with those test cases. You're ready, Kober Mannelly provides you the opportunity to think about new s scenarios to court. I think that is the highest pro. I can mention Rebel about automation, but there is a couple of more. Let's talk about them. Consort. Automate testing without human element. It is difficult to get inside to be soul aspect of your using their faces. Kohler formed sizes, contracts or boredom. Science is the tool to wrong information. Testing can be expensive, which may increase the cost of the test automation. Testing tool is not jets full proof. Every automation toe has the limitations which reduced this cough off automation. They begin the test script is another. Major is in there. It is, my tenants is cause something that I want to mention. Here It is, for example, something that chuck me it is. And that for when you use a medium it it has a love of problem with five votes. So you know, if you're testing some something and you want Teoh do a cross bows and test you have to test on application were crowned on with five forts with age and because they are the visible browsers and safari for sampled and you cannot use a late to wrong Something's cases with five, you know, is up. It's kind of it's something against their toe. But I say, say, and every automation toe has day limitation, so you have to have that money each time you are testing something in lesson time. Integration off your own CO for the automation could be a time consuming task. However, you will help you in the future when you want to test your self worth, pay on free options there in Internet that you can use to create your taste code or degree your automation. However, in the future, I'm gonna teach you how to use broad framework and civilian library to create your uncle. Don't forget the same major doubts and questions in the comment section. I will see you in the next class.