Qa Testing: All You Need To Know To Create a Test Plan | Winston Castillo | Skillshare

Qa Testing: All You Need To Know To Create a Test Plan

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

Qa Testing: All You Need To Know To Create a Test Plan

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. A Test Plan: Step 01 to 04

    • 3. A Test Plan: Step 05 to 10

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About This Class

In this class, we will discuss the importance of the creation of a test plan in a development team. As well of the use of this document in the testing phase 

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. Class Introduction: this plans outline the process of testing the functionality of the so far a taste. Plans also include the steps WAAS taken to achieve a particular with salt on also states the objective off each option. Welcome to this cast. Why 80 s plan is important. Developers always test they cold, but testing a so far is not a thing to write a couple off unique for integration tests. Actually, to write these labels off testing are a good idea, but they are not enough on that. A good team off, the better part needs is a good test. 10. Something I want to tell you is Q is sure not found pieces when they are applying the positive of negative this case. Instead, they shoe apply some nest drive for to find him. The desk plan is going to help you track the coverage off. Your testing on it is a useful document to the rest of something important about the test pans It is that issue include brisk personal in both. On product research is if you want to find box and problems in yourself before it becomes available to your customers, you should create at test follow these steps to create your own 2. A Test Plan: Step 01 to 04: first write the introduction. Your introduction functions as the execute Sue Marie off the test plan its gold its cope on its A schedule. This should be keep breathe if you will go into for detail sadistic conceptions off the test plan your goals and sculpt A statement should define in general tents the methods that you will use in the testing process on the project results. This card statement tools include the most critical performance measures as well as the least off What the test plan with others on why, as killed, deters the increments of time in which each face of the test will be complete. Related documents include any very vertical material that is relevant to the current project. So just please or a specifications. Second, they find your object. Ease your test trance you clearly defined while you will test why you will test it issued. Always be based on industry standards. Letter. Mind what this co of the test is what s and nineties will be test. Better mind what is out off this coat for the test. What Mr Notice will not be test. Also the find Common s scenarios include model testing, integration tests, insisting Assistant testing I'm testing bright exception off required researchers. Deception describes all off the resources needed to complete the test in Crete. Hard words. So for destined to honest stuff. And it might speeding. Sometimes you don't have in mind so much dese part. And once you start doing the test in your allies, your meeting near things or you're nearing researchers on this cool affect directly into your job on Internet, into the things you are adding to the team. So it's huge important. Teoh take the time to understand. What are they? The researchers you're gonna need to perform all your testing. So when accounting for just half, made sure to detail their responsibilities, require off each member on the training needed to execute those responsibilities. For example, if you need to understand the system or if you need to understand, what are your destiny or the business rule, those kind of things you should be. It's those stage in it. You need to be trained off. You have to communicate that in this part of the test plan a donor thing. Make sure to document this sad specification off Ah Harward and so far before grand exception on risk independence detail all the factors that your project depends bond on the risk in Borden Each step the label off a setubal risk in your project will help that in mind when you will on will not test considered their lightly cook off bodice trees. You will need to prioritize the critical areas. We a word of any bake are unclear requirement. So as I seen previous classes, you had to understand really well the requirements. So be aware of those that are risk or are not really clear enough for you. Use often lack there Esper ties to understand technical plan, which are prosecutors. So you said Miss understand the cool post at risk. Who's your past park history to help you identify areas for concern and extra testing. I remember I waas working for a project and I waas really a work of some exceptions that better players were not putting so much attention. So sometimes I had to spend a little more time testing the reception. So in your experience, your understand on your understanding ones you formula familiarize with without application , you can use your experience, your passport history to help you something that I do is to read too hot, every core off off the box that I found in a assistance or don't hurt me so much with the team on Dio Adam to give them a good feedback about the edge they work they are doing for the system and for sure that that is something that they appreciate so much for me as a cue it. 3. A Test Plan: Step 05 to 10: five great exception off what you are going to test least what new ass pets you will be testing on what? All aspect you will be retesting measure to detail the porters off each test you can use. So for application inventories like I e guidelines that I am going to provide you the researchers off the class on order searches to help you that my D space deception also represents your deliver. Aborts for what? That you will believer to the client once the testing is complete to hold your test plan to the high standers, usual follow the documentation provided. But the i e I am going to provide you the links in the research is off this class a great deception on what you would not be tested least any features that will not be tested in the courtroom project. Reasons not to test features include the future will not be including this version of the so forth or the fishing is low risk and has been used before without pieces, this'd important. Sometimes you can decline or this stakeholder find some things that you were not a word or you didn't test. So they assume that you had Teoh be responsible about it. Andi into testing plan. I try to be really clear. What are the things? I am not tested because for examples, if I don't have exception on a functionality or something that is not included in the courtroom, aspirin are in the Berisha on testing. I have I I saved my back. So it is like letting them know that the that part of the so far is not test enough. So it is like maybe they can take decision if they're going to postpone when the Fisher is going to be part of the suffering, or if they are, if our, if they are going to include it because low res or something. So he's really important that you include this information in there in the testing in your test. Seven. These Uris tragedy deception outlines the overall test is tragedy, for your test plan will specify the rules and processes that will apply to the test outline about including formation tools to be used. What metrics will be collected on what How many configurations will be test on whether there are any expression requirements for processors for testing? I think this is this is the part when I put so much test and I specified are things because for me it's kind of important to communicate. What are the things that are going to use? Meanwhile, on performing the man or test are in case I do some automation. I include the tools that I'm going to use do perform the automation A developed past failed criteria. This great Delia will guide your testing stuff so that they know whether testing objectives have been achieved. Deception can also include etc. Create e so that your stuff? No. When it is susceptible to start testing a certain feature, you sure also in tow the lease up to special criteria on reception requirements. This information tells testers went toe passed tests on what they're susceptible. Level off the Fed is to resume them Knight grand at least off documents that will be produced doing testing Paulson now as deliverables. These documents are the data report Scripps on resource that will be produced by testing. It is a good idea to assign these deliverables toe owners who are responsible for the delivery by saint death planes by which they are finally right exception on the results of your projects outline all the goals that you hope to achieve during the testing process. Detail. Who is in chair for final approvals? I want I really want you to advise to include all the information off the stakeholders on the roll off each one in the team. It will be important each time that you are granted at a project for the testing off a self work because sometimes you need some approvals. So this is the perfect the perfect place to put that in from each 1000. Comments just go directly to the common section. I will answer you as soon as possible. See you in the next class.