QA Testing: What is a Test Case and How to Write it | Winston Castillo | Skillshare

QA Testing: What is a Test Case and How to Write it

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

QA Testing: What is a Test Case and How to Write it

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Writing Test Cases 01

    • 2. Writing Test Cases 02

    • 3. Writing Test Cases 03

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About This Class

Here we will discuss what is a test case, what are the elements you have to include in it and possible scenarios to test a functionality

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. Writing Test Cases 01: one off. The most common abilities you had to develop a security is the ability to communicate clearly what type off testing on the states involved in each one to the team today. I'm gonna teach you how to dry at this case on the type of scenarios you have to complete each time you're testing and functionality in a system. Remember that the test cases are based in a requirement which could be a stakeholder request or a client required. Those are grading in a in a place or in a document. It could be a ticket in a manager system. It could be also an email. Or it could be a paragraph in a wiki page. What is important here? You have to understand. What is the client it spent in order to write that right? A scenario test? This is start talking about test. It's not us. Think you're testing the home pitch in Google and you have different options to follow to broke. The search in functionality is working. That's intimidate some of them. The first scenario verified what happened when you type a word or sentence and you click on search on Google Search second escenario could be verified. What happens when you type a work or sentence and clean own? I'm feeling lucky. The theory escenario is verified. What happened when you don't type anything and sleep on Google Search. All of those are test cases. This isn't ideas are somewhat big on covert a wife branch off possibilities. But testing is all about being very specific. That's the reason we need this cases, something that you have to specify in the first moment. It is the preconditions off the system to perform the testing. Imagine you are going to test the search, but you don't have any browser installed on your computer. There is now any chance to complete the testing or two very fine intentionality. The Precondition Inception in your test case specified the programs and environments. You have to sit on your computer to start this team now returning to our sample. Let's go with the first scenario to check the functionality. We are going to need the word or sentence we are going to use to search on the Internet. This is what we called test data. It is kind of easy identified the inputs in our present value, but Sometimes it's not so that reminded test that can be time consuming task on because off this, sometimes it could be useful to document also this information in your tasking. Now we should move on the nets thing. You have to bear in mind each time you are creating. At this case. As you probably know, the applications and systems are programming to give you a debtor. My answer. Once you act, for example, if you cleats on Google search bottom, the next thing you are waiting to see it is a new window with a lace off results, which include your work in each option For each of your test cases, we called the results expected results on for two. All of them are different. Depending on the scenario you are testing as a tester, you had to be a word off. What are the results you have to receive in any a scenario or any functionality you are testing before you start writing that this case, if it's that the results are not documented, we may miss out on a small difference in calculations in results which otherwise look OK 2. Writing Test Cases 02: If it's pet, the results are not documented. We may miss out on a small difference in calculations in results which otherwise look OK. Finally, to perform each of thesis scenarios you should follow are serious off steps in order to reach the sped result, like open in the browser type in the address bar. The review The review The review that google dot com Way for the wet side is low clean on the test feel on Type the word and create on Google Search Bar. We got this part in our test case. Tests steps under your necessary because mosque after teen there are at least two or three testers on all of them should know how to perform each. This case also something that I'd realizes when our problem is report. Sometimes Isabella Purse used the documentation to track the behavior off the functionality . Performing the states off the test cases. Remember that testing is about being very specific. The post condition sometimes is also need to include in the test case. For example, if we will lie to Marcus favorite, the result of police, we should before another serious office test. But in the end we shall have a store in the least favorites. The result. Off release. No mother. If we're sorry to close the browser that what size should be stork Permanent three. It is a past condition scenario because it produces a change in the system or environment. 3. Writing Test Cases 03: think in a lodging, a scream, How many s and that is going to be its allies to death This functionality on what are the results that you are gonna receive in each escenario? Are you able to think in more than one? So, congratulations Now you're thinking a secure tester, So let's discuss this functionality a little longer. So let's go with the logging screen functionality on the different scenarios we call fine on it, for example, the first is and that it could be checked the response on entering valiant user name and password. Secondly, scenario could be checked, responds on entering invalid user name and password. And the fear is in that is chilled response with user name and password and empties and you clean on the lugging bottom. This three a scenarios could be the fine in different kind, off type off test cases. The 1st 1 it is that it is the functionality, is it? What though? So this is scenario with the valley information user name and password is what we call posited this case or happy pathway. The second escenario is what happened If I put invalid verified if I tied invalid information to the logging system. It she'll have another kind of off expected result. And you should know be you should not be able to lock in the system. So this is what we call negative this case or no happy pathway. The theory escenario is something related to the first and second escenario. But it is what happened when all the fields are empty on this is an associate this case remember that there is no limit to your test cases. But in my experience, you had to cover at least that happy are not happy. Bad way Each time you are testing functionality with that say we are over with this topic. If you have any doubt or suggestions sending to me in the calm inception in the next video , we're gonna great a test case on also we will run at this sweet I see you in the next lesson