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QA Testing: Testing tools in Internet to improve your job

Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. QA Tools: Class Introduction

    • 2. QA Tools: TestRail, TestLink & qTest

    • 3. QA Tools: TestCollab, TestLodge & Conclusion


About This Class

In our class, we will discuss the tools we can use on the Internet to improve your work as a QA tester. Also, I will give the top five tools I discovered meanwhile I was looking for the better one to use with the team I was working with


1. QA Tools: Class Introduction: Assam. We are in the testing management tools class on. We are almost over with the perception and monetary thing. We have to go in a long way until now. So now you should be able to recognize some Q A testing concepts, but there are a few more to come. This class will be a two class video. The 1st 1 will be about some off the tools that are out there on the Net and the reason I decided to use tests rail in the course. The second video will be to show you the interface off the tool Isolate to show you remember that the reason I shows many of the tools here in the course it is because they are easy to learn on into a tree. So I am just giving you the kissed her on. Then you are free to move to the tour, where you feel more comfortable with to work. So let us start our class. While is a testing managing tool, a security tester, you have to show reports on results off all the coverage you have done a sadistic you have tow offer to the rest off the team as a scenarios. You already it's arming. I like the results. Each time you run the test cases, even you can add all your testing outcomes in a itself chief or a scratchy. There are love off solutions you can find out there on the Internet, and they could be a better option than having on your work in documents or spreadsheets in a folder. My main advice is all teams are different on they had the own needs. This election off the tool should be considering how good the features fit the teamwork. So having minding pat in the team, the control in the coverage off your testing on the reporting off the results, why did I decide to show you this fight? ALS here will give you a comparative child off the main tools we use to manage our curate testing based off the follow with criteria First test management system, second test planning opportunity, their test run about ability for tax reports, fifth task manager Jim Tool and finally integration with orders off four tools. I would like to show you these comparative chart for a temple if you decide to go with test rail, which it's the tool I'm going to use in nets classes. You can create projects you can get member roles, test clam cases, requirements, test friends you can answer, create their reports, put factor important sport. You're testing results, and you had integration with other tools. In the other hand, if you decide with test link you with her all the options and mentioned less the boot tracker and the import and it's poor. What about the curate test? It seems like it's the best one, but for me, it waas not that really friendly to me. The first time Waas working with it, then we had test, collaborate and test Loach. Both off them are really similar between Dent and even the interface is similar, but they don't have about track here on the most important thing. The integration with other tools for the element is not complete. And I think Daddy's up. Really, That is something that put them in the last in the last place in my options. So I would like to mention that I am giving you an overview of the tort fight tools that have using. My curious is in my Q a experience in the company's I worked in being honest the easiest one. Waas not Israel. However, it is the best one to integrate my work with the rest off the team so far. 2. QA Tools: TestRail, TestLink & qTest: I am going to show you the interface for each one on mention some important facts about each one. But if you want to know a little more, you are free to go and create an account in that one. You like the mosque and its start using the tool with knowledge you have so far about testing, you are able to move into the interface and understand deceptions on it. Sure not be complicated to use any off the cure Manager Tool on going to mention nets so less is starting review from the top fight tester tool. In my experience as a curate asses a test rail is the 1st 1 off my options. This is have a tool that is developed by good that camp. So you can go to thes high and use slash test rate. You can try it for free. Has it safe as you can read here. Once you start using test rare, you will see off the options under. No, I'm gonna Splain you a little longer about these two nets classes of Don't worry about the task you have here. I'm going to be a literal I'm going to talk a little longer about everything that you find even the reports. So you have different tax year like to do and my list homes where you can add to my list home for your project. Test runs on result. You can't ask here, for example, and the city test or, uh, or functionality test automated tests here. So the nets things that test cases of you can create your test cases here and you have different templates to created. Unless all you had the reports, as they say, I'm gonna show you other longer about this tool in nets classes. So the other tool is you can find it here in practice. Catic tests. So if you create here free trial, you can you can use they try off for these two something important I forget to mention once you decide to start one of these two, you had to create an you are ill to us. Turn working with them. So don't feel bad or whatever you can use the your view one on there is gonna be all your test cases on all the information off your testing. So she wants you create your free trial here. You had for example, the requirements. You can create requirements, as I say. For example, the content for you got you had the test driving. When you put all your test cases, you can tell you can created test sets on drums, and here you can create the pieces at the report for sure more. It says the catch you have done in the supreme for something the other one is It comes from Q. It seemed funny, is cute. Cute test. So all of them they had a star free trial. So you have five theory or 15 days to use their tool if you want to know earlier, longer. Howdy. How to save your test cases here. So I'm here with Q. Test is the most is, I think is the one who has the better. Ah, it has the very core Brach off all that you should you should, um, used as a Q A. But for me, the interface is kind of complicated. Here you have the products for its humbled, and you can see the reports, the product groups, the certification, user profiles and whatever. If you want to see it, the test cases or if you want to great this case that you come to go here for the for the projects you should have here and then you are able to see the requirements. Has this sign here for some of the requirements? You have the Billy exceptions, for example, And you see, as a Westside visitor, I want to be a video which surely introduced curates products. So here you have the link test cases is kind of a complete to work with. Here you can the task the science or you can add mortis cases. It's just you just need to put some. But if you here to home page and you want to add a new this case, it's not that really complicated. You just treat here. Oh, clear over here and cleared a new test case. So is gonna is gonna show you a new window with the test case. Tim place. You can create all that. This case is under spread to result. I like this one, the mosque, But for me, it waas not easy to learn how to use it. We need this one. So then you had the test septic execution. So if you have run any testing. You're gonna see it here. And you're going to see or dead the reports on the results here, and you can export those the order. 3. QA Tools: TestCollab, TestLodge & Conclusion: the order tool that you have here is huh? This club that come alive This one is E C t understand the interface. So you have here the test suites on cases, so you can't at ST and then you can add the test cases. You had my list, Tom's you had it has its acu xin plans reports on. Of course it's savings, So yeah, So he did the Syrians also you had the prince to error and you have also there reports the last one is test Loach that come all of those as they say They I try. You can try it for free. So as they say here, you can you have the project on this are part of this last tool they don't have any integration for the developer serves old times when I want to share the results with the better President were like trying to understand what I did with the to. And here in the test plan you will had for its simple and you can create your own test fun . Oh, are you can also create the requirements for the French inanities. And then if you have a test suite here If you clean, you can add new test cases and here you could you can tied to title description. That deficit steps on this pattern with soul consigning you had here the reports. And once you finish with that report with with, uh, with a testing with a manner testing, you can use these. You're ill or these part to do you share Dever. Sort off your testing as it say this is better than having a as I say, this is better than having a spread option with this result. For example, so some teens, they just has this kind of documentation to generate all day report. So if you create, for example, here you have the whole documentation so that this is something that you can do. But he's gonna give you more work because you had to you had you have to share the file with the execution and everything. So it's insulin more complicated, but you can use these way if you want. Each time you are testing, for example, a functionality or whatever, you are able to create your own documentation. But my advice for for you it is that you can use all any off these test case tools to create your test results and to show what you have don't in each time. So what they say in the future, we will see a little longer test. We'll see you in the nets class. The house comments, suggestions do then in the common section, see you in the nets class. Now we are done with the testing tools. What else is ahead? That box. I decided to share these classes at the final ones. Because once you start reporting to the better person box on how to recreate them, providing as much information as you can, you will turn into an excellent que tester. So it will be necessary to you to recreate narrow teats with the needed information. Then to have the developers to fit the pieces you find in the system. See you in the nets car