QA Testing: Learn the difference about Functional Testing and the Regression Testing | Winston Castillo | Skillshare

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QA Testing: Learn the difference about Functional Testing and the Regression Testing

teacher avatar Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Class

    • 2. What is a Functional Testing

    • 3. What is a Regression Testing

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About This Class

In our class, we will discuss the functional testing and a specific type of functional testing called: "Regression Testing"

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. Introduction to the Class: in the software development industry that reflecting off the coal on inclusion off new functions and routines in those pieces called Do Already Test Easy H comma, Ask your tester. We need to verify each new functionary as well they want. We already tests. At this point, we need to be able to that remind, What is the best medicine off testing? We need to apply according to the development face. Welcome to this class. Let's start What is a functional testing? Tension on testing is a type of testing, which verifies that each problem trim off. The software application operates in compliments with the requirement specifications. This testing, mainly in balls, lacked boast testing on it is not concerned with the search called off the application. Each and every fortune ality off the system is test by providing appropriate input, verifying the output on comparing the option result with respect. The results remember that at this point, you should create at his case. If you have any doubt about what is at this case, you can go to my class about test cases. The functional testing in bowls checking off user interface, AP eyes, Darby's security client server applications and functionality off the application. Under test, the testing can be done either manually or using automation. I prefer starting with manual testing on creating discreet for this. Now you know we call those. This creates test cases. 2. What is a Functional Testing: What do you test in functional testing? The prime objective off functional testing is checking the functionalities off the softwood system. It mainly concentrates on main blind from shots, testing the main functions off the application. Basic possibility. It involves basic usability testing off the system. It checks whether a user can freely navigate through the screens without any difficulties at disability checks. The at disability off the system For the user, it means how the system is friendly with the user when you don't have a mouse, or if you keyword is having problems. You also do also check their disability to the software in this tight off testing. Also, we check error conditions. There was such a contestant that techniques to check for errors conditions he checks were a suitable adroll message. Artistically, what is the functional testing process? In order to functionally test on application? The following steps must be uncertain. 1st 1 Identify the test imports. Compute this pepto outcomes with the select Test inputs partners execute has cases, understand the requirements identified. Test input on test data. Compute the expected outcome with the select has input battles. It's a cute test cases complacent, off capture and compute Expected Result. The type of functional testing. Our unit testing smoke testing, Samueli Testing in duration testing Watch bots Testing black box testing. User Assitance Testing on immigration Testing these leaders to the Nets Copy. We're one of these cost today. The immigration trustee When I started thinking it was confusing to me to understand this topic. How many times as you test the same thing on Win in West? Test enough So I realize the first time that I waas testing something it waas always manual on. Then I run on a certain test, and I had this pace to create the automation gold. So let's this Catholics process in on a giant metal. What is the regulation? Testing Regulation Testing is defined as a type off software testing to come. Fear that a recent problem or core change has not affect it. System features Regulation. Testing is nothing but a full or partial selection off already at secu test cases, which are really execute to ensure that system for missionary work fine. This distance is done to make sure that the new coal change should not have side effects on the system functionalities. It ensures that all code still works once the new coach change are down when its operation testing needed relation, testing is required when there is a change in requirements and coat. It's mollify according to the requirements. A new feature is add to the software. The Fed are fit. Sing are the performance piece suit, his fits. Even when you plan everything, you had to face some problems or less. Top War Bless Tuck. What are the challenge? Integration? Distinct? Following are the major testing problems for doing relation testing With successive relation runs, test suits become fairly large due to time and budget constraints. The entire GRATION test suite cannot be executed, minimizing test suites, while achievement maximum test coverage remains a challenge. Determination of frequency off relation tests, for example, after every modification or every bill day or after a bunch off back. Fitz's is a challenge. Practical application off immigration testing with a video 3. What is a Regression Testing : relations were really with necessary. Each time they go for a functionality has changed. Why? Because with the inclusion off off the new co, it could be possible that some defense are included also. So that's the reason you should repeat all your testing for their functionality. Also, I want to point out that this is the importance off the creation of Goof Co. When you are creating your automation, if you intend to reproduce each step that you perform mannerly the same way, but with their co in the automation conclusion. UN effective relational strategy. Safe organization Both time money Asper one off cases study in bacon domain Immigration saves up to 60% time in Bach Fits is which would have been cuffed by relation tests. I'm 40% in money. What I want to point out. Here it is. It is if view from a really good manners testing. And then you moved for the relation testing and you want to save some time. You shoeless, are working on automation What we are doing right now In each company day, high key ways they always ask you to perform some automation, as they say in the beginning when just hard creating your automation program mean skills are needed? Why? Because you had to work with some with some codes with some key words are with some comments. Do you tell the computer what are the options it needs to take to to repeat the same steps that you did injured in your test cases are in your manner testing. So remember, if you want to do a really good relation, testing you hot to create the sad co that you the DuPont for each time and you're testing mentally. This is huge. Important if you want to be a good tester. The other thing that I had to learn so far it is that each time that you are that you are creating the CO and you put everything in automation, you have time to think about new a scenario I had I had say these so much, I know, but this is huge important. Once you finished with your manual testing and you have the time to automate, just use your time smart. Just use your time wisely and start creating your automation during a bunch of tools that you can use to create automation. However, I'm gonna show you how to its tell and how to use Robert Framework to perform your automation. If you have any doubt or any questions, you can do it in the compensation. I will see you in the nets class. Bye bye. Excited in this class is we're going to discuss a little longer about its crown on a giant metal largest see in the next class.