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QA Testing: Introduction, What is QA and Levels and Types of Testing

teacher avatar Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro to the Class

    • 2. Levels of Testing: Unit, Integration, and System Testing

    • 3. Levels of Testing: When are the objectives defined?

    • 4. Levels of Testing: Testing Methods

    • 5. Levels and Types: Testing Types

    • 6. Levels and Types: Guided Activity

    • 7. Levels and Types: Challenge 4 U

    • 8. Extra Video: What is Quality Assurance

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About This Class

Let's discuss Levels, Methods, and Types of Testing in this class. Also, I am adding a quick class about what is Quality Assurance

If you want to know more about what a QA tester is, go to my class about it here: Starting a QA tester career, what do you need to know

Meet Your Teacher

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. Intro to the Class: hiree wonder and work onto my class. I decided to record this class again based on your comments on reviews. It had been a pleasure to me to share all the knowledge that I learned years working a security tester. I guess if you are in this class, you have bean in another off my classes before. If you don't please go to my profile on check all my classes about your testing and basic programming. Today I am going to teach you in a couple of minutes. The labels on type of testing that are more regular in the Q. A poor quality assurance is indeed a lot off concerts in bold that you can find with a simple search on the Internet but one undoing in my classes, providing you the basic information to start on saving a love off your time. As I say with health, it's a lot easier. I would like to tell you that the complicated part off the testing process is being right with the test juice. A. Let four year, a specific problem with that saved. If there is any levels may so or type of testing, you would like more information please let me know in the comments, and I will provide the information for you. Lastly, all of my new classes are divided into concerts, a guided activity on a challenge for you. So let me know if you find this class useful in the comments and let's start with this class, remember something important? Number one tester. Think differently. Your view should be always different from the developers perspective. So always take the time to read, process and understand the task before it started. Testing number two Death thing is in your head the different between excellent testing. A media protesting is how you think your testes sign show is your ability to interpret it. What yourself on your ability to tell a compelling story about it. If you want to know where you're more about what at your histories and do go to my class. That link in the description off the class 2. Levels of Testing: Unit, Integration, and System Testing: The search for testing could be complicated at the beginning, but somehow it becomes exciting and East year at some point, the so for testing had levels off testing that are important to mention on. It could be easier to review the livers thinking in the coverage the person insured toe. Apply it on the part off the problem we will test. So let's divide the so for product into the interface that is also called abuse. The controllers, which are also the ones who request this, send information with the front end or view on the mother or back and coach on the model on , in other words, the back in the data. The business logic off your product. The lower level, as a way of saying will be the unit tests. Most of the developers usually create their gold with a small pieces of gold that test record functionality off the cold unit testing is the responsibility off the developers, and it is the level of testing cover less in the product because it tests smart pieces off cold. Next level off testing is the integration testing. For this part, the poor post is to test in the So for problem. The process off the data is credit from one function to another, from one part of the software to another and from 1 a.m. point to another. What you test here is the war flow on the accurate results, testing the components off the system. Sometimes the Q eight is symbol, sometimes not. The main reason is that this testing is a very personal responsibility on in case you want inborn, a test engineer. It should have some cold knowledge bathroom to perform these tasks. The coverage is bigger than the unit testing on a test from the back end to the controllers , the last levels off testing its distant testing. And it implies a love of techniques on different types to perform it. This is the level off testing where all the components are involved and you should not performing. If the previous level off this thing were not done, the poor purpose should be to catch those box that cool over past the previous check. And it is the so Fortis in engine year responsibility. It covers the whole assistant and it is applied to test all the competence to back to the front, are working correctly 3. Levels of Testing: When are the objectives defined?: to verify, um, validate their behaviors off the tire assistance again. The original System objectives system testing the tester proved the comparability off the application with the system When our decision objectives defined, this is a tricky question. Why the time off? The objectives are defined. Relied on the kind of methodology your team managed to create your product. Now, a days most off the software companies work with this crumb. So if you want to know a little more about these Ajai metallurgy, just go to my profile and look for my class about this topic returning to the point. Most off the ticket for the Ajai mythology are defined in the planning increments meeting or the brothers owner on the love of stakeholders decide what is the best originality they should include in the next few weeks or months. This is an important meeting for the tester because it will define the objectives off the nets months in a giant projects that test level are often defined in the definition off. Don't document, which is related toe each border on indicates the test coverage area seem. Testing in a child is no longer of separate face by itself, us in Deep East. In traditional mythologies, all test levels overlap with each other. The user histories, which contains requirement on design description on development along with testing and tip it is overlaid with the Children. The best way I find out we 100 thes toe Aboya littered. The overlapping off activity is a good communication, and down with the team in a giant problem, order cannot change the requirement alone with Scream. Instead, the thing cannonball took over new details in each task. At this point, your import as a tester will be extremely useful for the rest of the team. You will break the narrow perspective about functionality through questions. Don't be afraid to ask anything more about how the teams looks at you. You are harder to fool when you act like a fool. In my own experience will be the best way to create the most available test plan for the problems 4. Levels of Testing: Testing Methods: it is the same test method on test hype. So far, you know, at test level implies coverage on the company's off the system going from the lower unit, testing the intermediate differentials and controllers on they compete at application fourth assistant Testing. The metals will define the different testing types you have tow applied it. I'm going to let you know the difference off or testing methods. But in all of my class on, we elaborate on one off the testing types. Let's start. There are the following metals White What's esteem Gray Box team on black bots, Zesty for white boats. Testing the internal code on workings on fooling No on. The tester can design test data accordingly. This method is normally, don't buy testers on developers. There is no way to do it without the developer in Born in the process. On Finally is the most itself tiff and time consuming type off testing for great boats testing the tester has limited knowledge off the internal workings. Off the application death thing is don't based on high levels, database diagrams on data flow diagrams performed by end users and also lightest and sometimes it is necessary to inboard the developers. I'm finally the black box testing. It is the most popular method you will use in the industry as a tester engineered mostly if you're starting in this area on if you don't have so much co knowledge bathroom. Why? Because the internal workings off the application as cold routines, functions and processes do not need to be No. These methods is performed as well by end users by tester on by developers. Having my the testing is based on institutional expectation on respect the results. You should be aware of the contents off your application and the business logic. Now we have seen the laborers and metal. We can start with ties, but I'm going to cover the more common in the industry. If you want to get more information, just go to the description off the BDO on dollar on the fire I attached there with all the testing types 5. Levels and Types: Testing Types: because it's so for testing engineer, you will face several times in the project their responsibility to select what is the most appropriate type of testing social applied to the product? Would that say, Let's find out some off them formal testing It is performed by tests and genius. Informal testing is performed by developers when they are creating the functionality manner . Testing this testing is the warm performed by humans. It is requiring human bitter eruptions, input, analysis or evaluation. You can perform manually functional testing or a relation one. Automated testing. It isn't one that utilize, so for toe automates the testing process. Bottom eight. Testing still requires a skilled quality assurance professional with knowledge off the automation tools to create a code to test the soil for product most off the time. Once you run the model testing on dismantle testing pass, you proceed to automate the testing a script functional testing. This time off Testing verifies that model. Much is the specification on established confidence that a program does what it's supposed to do most of the time. It is necessary to create a script or how we card in a test case to perform it and do in testing. Here, you will test complete application in the situations that mimics real world use, such as interactive with a database using network communication, or interact with other hard work, application or system. In some teams, they have some users in bowl in the process. For Alfa versions, suddenly testing suddenly existing is before when the testing is servicing to prove the application is functioning according to specifications. What you test here is the application is having the proper functionality between all the components using interface that are based network connection among borders. Relation testing Dissing winded 10 off. Determine if co changed toe All the functionalities of buck feats is had been successful and had not created any problems. It is a natural nets stage once you already grown functional, tested and your proof that functionality. Remember in Ajai metrology every spring that a better person, including new code, it means you have to verify a game everything that you had test before to make sure nothing had bean break, I said Don't test him testing the system with the intent off, confirming the richness of the products on customer. A sentence here is also know as user Assitance testing performance testing, testing with the intent off deter mining How efficiently a produce hundreds. A buttery off events. You use automated test tools to create a set off configuration to test have the so forth becase under them. Exploratory testing Any testing where you also tested without us create or test case explored the application based on information jeweler in the development process. The goal is to verify if the problem is ready to start with a deeper testing. Because there is only a human perception analysis, it is impossible to also made this type off testing a smoke testing. It is a type of testing where you run only conduct through the product to verify if you can catch some new box. It is performed before the delivery on after complete your formal testing. It is different to the exploratory because you usually do it after you have tested the product heavily on you are ready to the lever 6. Levels and Types: Guided Activity: we finished the fair exception. Please feel free to go back here any time you need. If there is any level, type or method that I don't include here, please let me know in the comments and I will provide the information for you. Let's continue with the next section when I will tell you what are the factors you should have in mind when you are going to say Let a testing type for three different scenarios first, a scenario is a function called verified user, which needs to be included in the main code. Very fight that I user is not duplicated during the meeting with the rest of the team. They ask you, What do you think? It's the most appropriate level of testing we should go with to verify the cold. Maybe unit testing, maybe integration testing on maybe system testing This case. Remember that the developers should include in all day called the Home Unit testing to verify it is correct and run them every time they decide to include the changes in the main goal. In case they don't, you should ask to the developer to create their own unit testing second and sent out to you . The developers include in assisting a new looking fourth and ask for personal data off the users. Thes foreign is new and you have never look at it. But you have really good requirements and you know how it works. It is time for four months testing. Take a moment to think about what will be the best type of testing you would need. Ready. In this case, you have to run functional testing, creating the test cases of scripts on because it is the first time running or your test cases manually verifying they passed. At least make sure to verify the positive, negative and age this cases. I fear it isn't that you the team, create date for a Fortunati. You already. But if I Dane sees nothing, you test has bean touch, but we are sure it could be risky. Toe approved the changes without retesting or different inanity, including those are areas where they don't do any changes. What will be the best type of testing and why? The answer is to run a relation testing with all the test cases, urine really room in the previous experience for the whole application, maybe At this point, you hadn't really create the Automation Co for the test to Rome. Manatee. In case you don't no worries, you can run declaration Mandiri. But it will be time consuming task for sure. 7. Levels and Types: Challenge 4 U: concepts are check on Nativity is check. It is time to you to resolve a province for your home. It is the challenge. Let's assume you're starring in a team because there is not any Q A team. They ask you to suggest different testing levels and testing types to verify the product. The best possible way to complete the task. Made sure to grate in the comments off the video, the levels and type off testing you will suggest for developers and for the Q A team. Good luck, and that's all for the class. I hope you like it and you find use for information in the class. As I told you in the beginning of the class, testing is all in your head Implies a communication. If you want to be a good tester, learn, think like a distant and not look like one. Remember to see all my videos are curator scene and basic problem in, and I will see you in another off my class by 8. Extra Video: What is Quality Assurance: Welcome to the fares class off my cars. Today we're gonna talk about clarity and requirements. So let's find out there. Well, let's start with this introduction class. So what is quality assurance? Quality assurance is the process of verifying whether a problem it's require a specification on customer expectations. Quality assurance is a driver process rival approach that Fassi dictates on defines world regarding product designs, development and production. Que a primary goal is tracking on the sloping deficiency. Ince's prior to problem release. What are quality assurance from the rentals? Two. So far, developed development is based on requirements. These requirements are right, and somewhere in the documentation, future lessons I will let you know were the stockholders provide information off the functionaries they are expecting in the system, however, their requirements are the raw material. But what is that requirement? A requirement could be defined as a condition of capability needed by a stakeholder to solve a problem or achieve an object, a condition or capability that must be meat or possess by a solution or solution. Companies to satisfy a contract standard specification or or or order formally imposed documents. A documentary presentation off a condition or culpability as in one or two. This turn is the feeling things you had to be aware off when you start testing a win tonight. The primary searches of the different salts are specifications, specifications on a specifications. Once you have really clear their specifications, you can introduce life experience. Common sense communications is tenders. Ecstatic, valuable opinions, etcetera. The specification is the state three times in a row. It's not a problem with my key work, but my wife off a stressing their specification is the most important, the most valuable and the most respected source of suspected assaults. Within yourself for company specifications is a cessation for a tester as a script. Is foran actor or traffic? Love for a drunk driver? So again, what is the specification? As I say, it's a detailed description off house off, fortune, work and look business that some startups don't have a specifications, but we will discuss in future legends. What is it that way? What is the best way to manage these personalities? Wise? Shoot the so for B test. Quite itself will say that recent able a month off time and money because so far we have fewer defects. The's saves time of testing on all their faces. Greater credibility contributes to a massive increase in customer satisfaction as we're us Lower Montaigne instance. Cost because my tenants represents a significant portion off also for costs. The overall cost of the project will most likely be more economic under similar projects. Finally, now a day. So for industry imbecile off for testing their approach to obtain their result place in the market. For you, it's huge important to understand your position in the team. Let's have a little bit about it. So for testing is necessary because we all make me states. Some of those mistakes are unimportant, but some of them are dispenses or dangerous. We need to check everything and anything with those because things can always go wrong. Humans may be states all the time. Seen school assume that our work may have missed takes has we all need to check our work. However, some mistakes come from Rome. Assumptions on blind spots. So we might make the same is taste when we check our work as we may when we did it. So we may not, not just the flows in what we had done. Ideally, we should get someone else to check our work because on the other person is more likely to spot that there are several reasons which tell us to Why so for testing its essential on what are the significant things that we should consider while testing any product or application. So so far, testing is essential because of the following reasons. So for testing is required to pull out the defects and arrows that were made or into development faces. It's a sense gel, since it makes sure off the customer the ability under satisfaction in the application. Ensuring the quality of the product is essential quality products delivered to the customer herbs in gaining their confidence. Testing is necessary to provide the facilities to the costumers, like the delivery off high quality product, or suffer obligation, which work which requires lower Monday nights and cost, and hence results in more a curate consumed sense On reliable results. Testing is requiring for another equate performance off. So for application or throat, it's essential to ensure that the application should not result in any failures because it can be costly in the future or the later stages off the development it's required to state in business. Finally, what is quality? Important quality can briefly be defined as a degree off excellence. High quality so far usually conforms to the user requirements. A customer idea quality may cover a breath of features, conformance to a specification. Good performance off 11th configurations completely meets operational requirements, even if they are not a specified compatibility. Told end user equipment, a negative impact or existing, and use her base at introduction time on the way we reach the end of the fair fast. If you have any suggestion or any comment, you can do it in that section. I will see in the next class bye bye.