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QA Testing: Create and Write your Own Test Cases

teacher avatar Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Writting a Positive Test Case

    • 3. Writing a Negative Test Case

    • 4. Running the Test Cases A

    • 5. Running the Test Cases B & Conclusion

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About This Class

In this seriesĀ of videos, we will go over the process to write a test case and we will go over the run of the suite

Meet Your Teacher

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. Class Introduction: we're going to this class today. I am going to teach you how to read at this case for originality. Welcome to this class about how to great at this case today. We're gonna right positive and negative this case, and I'm gonna show you the way to do that. What we're going to test here. We are just going to test that French madidi off this. Yeah, This search forms the search funds your functionality on that is what we are going to do today. So now it's time to complete the foreign manager with you for this class. So you're gonna had something against its A bank. Like our order Tyto go type preconditions, missteps. Unspent. The soak. However, you can use another kind off model where you can say, for example, instead, by step. How is the how is the test that you're going to apply? So we're gonna use both for them in order to show you how you should use them. Okay. So Well, the first thing the old or the other and should be Winston Castillo. Because I am the one who is created in this case. The title will be the name off the text case. It will be, for example, G 001 Google search on a team angle search. Good beat Google, I think will be or articulate. Okay, what's the goal? Test day search when you're not eating? 2. Writting a Positive Test Case: once you clean type. Okay? This type of test case, this mantle, it could be fun. Sure. This case. Okay. And what are the preconditions? To run this this case, you have to tongue be closer. Yeah, I think it's old. What are the steps? Yes, That line here it is not necessary both And really want to do? Yes, step. So step one something. Ladies open, Rob. Stick to type in the brochure This for you know. You hear that school? God, Come. It's there to step. It's age. We still this go to the field? Um, Tank, for example, we could be something like this case, right? Sometimes you can be, like, more. You could be. Not that a specific you kill use for a temple on type A were. But in that case, you should also include here data Test that and you can use something like put some poll test cases. In this case, you're a just to so as a jury, I know the type that tight were include your abilities so you can do it this way or the way that I actually did way that I did it. It's up to you. It's not is not something that issue respect is up to you because, as they say in the previous class, you know, when you are thinking about the test data, it could be a time consuming tassels. That that's the way your providing more information to the person police Who is running this case? In my case, I'm gonna delete this information. Yeah, and I'm gonna put here it a I'm gonna put what's there were You should take taste, kids. Okay, the four step should be click. Um, today search. Uh, that's the test Google search. So maybe search. And you know what? This, Despite the result, you have to receive on these off with sorts. Did they? Yes, Tous case. Okay. And those? Yeah. So, Yeah, that's all what we got here. You can think about another scenario. It could be what happened If I don't type any word and Nike cleat on search on Google, search for it. Should it should not show you anything. Are these? It's It should show you like a warning or something to let you know that you should put some data or some tests in the test field. 3. Writing a Negative Test Case: Yeah. So now we aren't going to run that This case, As you see, everything here should be just saying it set the title off there off the this case. So I'm gonna copy these and then put it here. Okay? And I'm gonna change the title of the test case because it's gonna be titled New King. And it would be the Thai Could be something. Night sheeting King, um there search without tied and four. So there's a search is gonna be just the same thing. It's a functional test and conditions. You have to stop about So and then I used the older model more. They'll Because I just want to show you how you can use it. Not because you sure do. You can use it to this model. The's model is up to you, as I say, but I just want to show you golf off them, OK? Both of them are accepted. It depends on your team and they level off details. You want to crew endured Taskings. So the 1st 1 is like the browser. Yeah. So here they put up a browser will be just the same steps eso won. And what is the spectre for so it certainly to open. Yeah, that's all. So we include another to you will be that three. Doesn't think long. Yeah. How certain, Dean, you have to type thes your old a little on page. Sure. One could be high three that they were part You don't need to do you type anything, So you just go directly to please under Google Search Bar. What is this? But the souls here Can you take this moment what is suspected? So he'll here the home case shoe the base evil and nothing's she'll Happy Death toll. Well, wait. You You are, um you have to type at this case. So now I got a quick challenge to you. And it would be which of these ones are dead? Positive this case and ones that forced winning this case. So think about it. Remember that there is no limit to your test cases. However, you should cover at least the positive and negative answer, Marius. Each time you run into a suit 4. Running the Test Cases A: Yeah. Now I'm gonna tell you what is the positive of Morrison mega with this case? And why the positive test cases? This one, this is the functionality. Asked it Waas think it is the the bottom should do search for a work. But the other scenario what happened if I don't put anything because I don't type anything on the test there you have the negative. This case, the older isn't that you and should be another result. But it's something that but that is something that James the developers should think when they are creating dysfunctionality. Okay, so yeah, this is a negative test case and G 002 is the negative. This case on the G 001 is the positive. This case, if you deter, mined both of them. Congratulations, that's all. Well, now we're moving to the test strip. And what is it that sweet about the test with is it is when you are, You know, when you're testing something and use a let some things, cases too test that functionality test that. So what are going to do right now that certain testing it is for the search voter? Okay, this is a system testing for search form. I should have more of this case is more, more. Yeah, more escenario to sell it. That is gonna have any You starting a company, you're gonna have a love of this case is. So then you create the 10 sweets, so I'm gonna run. Just do this case is so notice one and two and I'm gonna use us. Mom browser. Okay. He could It would be cramped. The browser. I am going to work. So what? I put in the tested, for example, they're tight. It would be, uh, thesis case, Jake and the order would be these brothers this case. So, for example, if you want to run this with another brochure, you have to agree a new row below here. And you have to put, for example, this this case and you have to change the browser information here because maybe the dimensionality is gonna have a behavior with crumb. But it's not gonna be the same with here in this floor or h. R. Five votes. So that's the reason you should perform when they went. When you have to perform cross browsing testing, you have to do it with all the browsers upon during on the ground. Right now, we're just trying to run a functionality and just me. I'm gonna go with Okay, so let's go, g 00 If everything goes well with these, your test case should passive something in the steps failed or something in this tips are not correct. You have to report that in about report. But I'm gonna show you how to do that in the future. Okay, but now opened. Browse, open the browser. So here is routes. Type in the house of the father of the following your www with Google that come go over to be with you. Don't reveal that blue book that come. All right, this is something important. I don't put your heat enter. And it could be on something that people aren't waiting are or they don't know. They just type. They are going to follow the steps that you are describing. So we would be asking if you put something and hit enter and you they know that they should eat okay. The same year. Yeah. So what happened? Yeah, here we had here we got Thank you. Wants the pages load go to the test. Feel on type. Test case. Okay. Yeah. This is what happens. Okay, once the pages Slobo test feel intense. Tips on type disk, east tape. Tooth. It's case. 5. Running the Test Cases B & Conclusion: Kapitan A few. And yeah, I did it Create on Google. Search for me on Google search. Yeah, So you have to receive a different result with the test test cases in those. Now, this case is this cases? Yeah, this case. Okay, it is done. So in the test weight, I just put pass. What are the possibilities here? It could be passed. It could be failed. It could be canceled. It could be duplicated, but mostly it could be passed. Our fail in our case, that result He's a cost gate. So the nets on creaking on the search bottom without type anywhere. Close this because they start a new just case. So yeah, up in the brown certain it was just the same Typing the votes of funneling your way don't reviews that Google that common kids enter. Yeah, has changed into English. Yes, sir. Yeah. So, uh, Greek under Google search bottom and the Salvation replacement? Yeah, I did it. And nothing happened. Yep. Anything that's all these also passed. So this is the result. And this is the report. Then Jordyn is going to ask for if something goes wrong here with the with your test case, that is, that should be record. And they should know what is not working on your on your on your function. 90 that soul. So something that you so that I did it was to change the user. That is because I got on accounting Spanish and another in English. So that's the reason of the user is not in the steps because you need to do that. If you are watching my mind course in the USA, for example, your isn't you have a the English language asked before. So don't worry that step. It's not that this case and you don't need to to do you do that step because it's something about my browser. So if you have any questions or anything that you want to discuss, you can do it in the in the comment section C. You nets class under advice. Practice is the key, so if we want to the main this technique, you should document your test cases as much as possible. If you have any double suggestions, just do it in the common section. I will see you in the next class