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Python Programming for Beginners: A python programming course for complete newbees

teacher avatar Amit Rana, Engineer, Programmer and Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

60 Lessons (5h 51m)
    • 1. 00

    • 2. 1 Introduction

    • 3. 2 Getting Started with Python

    • 4. 3 Input and Output in Python

    • 5. 4 Task with Input and Output

    • 6. 5 Conditional Execution in Python

    • 7. 6 IF condition

    • 8. 7 if else in python

    • 9. 8 Task Calculator

    • 10. 9 For Loop in Python

    • 11. 10 Task with For loop

    • 12. 10 Task using for loop

    • 13. 11 For loop and mathematical operators

    • 14. 12 While loop in python

    • 15. 13 While Loop example

    • 16. 14 Practice Tasks

    • 17. 15 Library implement in Python

    • 18. 16 Rock Paper and Scissors in Python

    • 19. 17 Strings in Python

    • 20. 17 Python Strings Continued

    • 21. 17 Python Strings continnued

    • 22. 17 Strings Continued

    • 23. 18 Date and Time in Python

    • 24. 18 Date and Time in Python 2

    • 25. 19 File Handling in Python

    • 26. 19 File Handling in Python

    • 27. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 1

    • 28. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 2

    • 29. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 3

    • 30. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 4

    • 31. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 6

    • 32. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 7

    • 33. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 8

    • 34. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 9

    • 35. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 20

    • 36. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 11

    • 37. 22 Functions in Python - 1

    • 38. 22 Functions in Python - 2

    • 39. 22 Functions in Python -3

    • 40. 22 Functions in Python - 4

    • 41. 22 Functions in Python - 5

    • 42. 23 Send emails with Python

    • 43. 23 Send email library python

    • 44. 24 Imports in python

    • 45. 24 Import library in Python

    • 46. 25 Import OS

    • 47. 25 Import Platform

    • 48. 26 Exceptions in Python - 1

    • 49. 26 Exception in Python - 2

    • 50. 26 Exception in Python - 3

    • 51. 27 Install Packages using pip

    • 52. 28 Scheduler in Python

    • 53. 29 sqlite3 in python - 1

    • 54. 29 sqlite3 in python - 2

    • 55. 29 sqlite3 in python - 3

    • 56. 29 sqlite3 in python - 4

    • 57. 29 sqlite3 in python - 5

    • 58. IDE part 1

    • 59. IDE part 2

    • 60. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is a Python Course for Absolute Beginners

Python is being used for a long time in a variety of applications and scenarios and is slowly becoming a standard for writing down machine learning and AI applications. Learning Python as a programmer, engineer or even a hobbyist has many benefits and brighter career opportunities are just a by product of it.

There are 2 versions of Python, python 2.7 and python 3, however python 2 will be discontinued very soon and hence this course used Python 3 for all our learning

Super Simple and Easy to Follow Python Course

This is a super simple and very easy to follow course to teach you python programming assuming that you've never used python before. Hence, there is no special age / education requirement to take this course. Anyone interested enough in learning Python programming can enroll in this course and make some noise with your keyboard writing python programs (also called as scripts). This course will work in a very simple flow where each concept will be taught first and then you'll be given with a series of programs / assignments to solve about that very concept. Perfectly suitable for people venturing into the coding world or those who know about C or any other coding language and now willing to learn python for either desktop development or web development. This course will provide a solid foundation upon which you can extend your knowledge further for specific needs of your own.

Get Started with Coding within 15 minutes of joining this course

As stated before, apart from being for absolute beginners, this course is created for those who want to learn quick, experiment quick and grow quicker. On purpose, this course is kept as short in length as possible and most of the lectures are 5-6 minutes long only. I want you to perform more of coding than video watching :)

Who this course is made for?

  • Absolute beginners who have never done python coding before

  • School / college students

  • Professionals willing to learn python

  • School teachers

  • Any individual interested in learning Python

  • People having little programming background in¬†C or other language and wants to start with python

Who this course is not made for?

  • Seasoned python developers seeking to increase knowledge

  • People seeking for existing python knowledge boost

Why Learn Python?

  • One of the simplest, yet very powerful programming language

  • Python is used for web development, desktop application development as well as embedded applications and for developing mobile apps too

  • Most commonly used for data analytics

  • Python is a starting point if you're interested in learning AI and machine learning

This is a Python Course for Absolute Beginners

With over 10 years of experience in teaching students from age 6 to 60, I can assure you that you'll not only find this course useful but very easy to follow, and with proper practice, I firmly believe you can become a very good python programmer in a very short time. 
Get enrolled now and start your python journey!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners willing to learn python
  • Students / Professionals / Teachers / Parents
  • Anyone willing to learn python

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amit Rana

Engineer, Programmer and Trainer


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1. 00: Hello, everyone. My name is a Mitterrand. I'm an engineer, programmer, developer and trainer. In this course, we're going to study about my country. We're going to use fighting three for our goes on. They're going to struggle, fight, and three completely from the very basics. Off approach output at structures looping be for up to the file ending and some advanced operations like sending emails generating sounds as let sending somebody. Jonty glow item is very interesting, and Piper is used widely in a number of different applications. To let it meanness of application or an emergency application on even by 10 is most my meals for development. But schools, the applications off fightin are expanding the magic on. So it's a very nice thing for anyone to have a solid knowledge. Being so powerful and being so widely fightin is also very simple to learn. So in this course, we're going to completely cover my temple. Coming from a handsome point, we're going to focus more on the practical and getting less on the cheap arch, so this horse will give you a lot of project exercises and hands on exercises to perform on , and we'll get started between off by 10 programming from the very first picture of this course. So let's dive into the fight and programming joined now discourse on Enjoyed by Temple Numbing and Sergeant. 2. 1 Introduction: So let's begin with the fighting programming on. As this goes before, let's directly jump into the programming exercises will also see some of the programming fundamentals about departing language. But first thing to do is let's jump, start and install point and three on your computer. So let's begin. So to install the bite on all you have to do is just open a browser and then goto fightin dot org. So that's the official website off vital, and here you can download the latest version off fightin. So the one which we're using now it's by 10 3.7 point two. Since I'm using Windows, it's lyrically giving me a link to download living those based by country software. If you're on any adult operating system, then the same will be shown to you. So even if you are only nurse or even if you are on Mac, you can install fighting. So once in stone, you get any Excel file off the Buyten's set up, which is just 25 MB insights. It's a very small, less compared to any other programming languages. Compute set up so just installed his and you're good to go once you have installed by 10 3.7 point two or by 10 3.7 in the Virgin. Then you will find that the fighting is installed, and it comes with a building. I e. I ve stands for integrated development environment. It is the same place where you can try the core as the less you can run the court by 10 comes with a built in I d called idle on that will be available in your program option or the program menu. So that's about the installation. Make sure installation is finished. You can open the vitamins idol and then let's proceed further. Thanks for watching this video. 3. 2 Getting Started with Python: Hi there. In our last video, we have seen how we can download and install the Buyten's set up on your computer on. I hope the computer is really with deep vital installation. Now let's directly get started with programming. So this is the beytin. I will shell that you open very open the beytin. You can avidly get started with writing down your for them over here also. So to compare with or to begin with, any programming languages first problem is always a hello world program. So what you doing? Her level program is you just bring some text onto the screen. Now I have told you that even if you are a students are a professional or a school going person or college going or a university student, you can all refer to the scores to learn fightin, even without any programming knowledge or even without any previous programming expertise. Still, I'm going to show you a very small example Off Hope item. Corgan's compared with a sequel in C programming. The very first thing we need to do to write down our hello world program is this Andi, we write down our hello world program like this winter and then close the Cutler Beckett so that's available program for C language in biting your head level program. It's current record open. Hello, welts, and that's it. There are no hashing clothes that are no appointments. There are no opening closing curly brackets held. There is no cynical and as well, so heightened. Syntax is very clean and very, very simple, straightforward as against have used single A double courts. Well, printing Hallowell there. Instead of that, I can also single corpse. The only condition is retained whichever court you use by beginning, the quotation ended with the same condition mark. Now I can also directly. I don't variable like this because fightin is an interpreter. Different language where each line off the court is executed one by one, we'll see about interpreter and compiler as a difference in a separate video. So let's understand for now that it's interpreter driven means every line is it is a cuter as we type them, or every land is executed individually because of then what happens is we don't need to tell the computer explicitly that I'm going toe. Make use off a as an intention or as a float or as a character, you can directly put the value in tow variable by typing its name. So B is equal toe for doing, for example, and like that for printing this variables you can just write down print he oh print be order the name of the video. So unlike, see, there are no specials in taxes for printing the variables. Just open up a curly bracket and you can print into it. Not sorry. It's not a very record with just a bracket. If I wanted from addition, then it's as simple as that. C is equal to a plus B, and then I can print. See that simple is that now you can go on writing your code like days. But it's not that user friendly, because every time I write a line that language execute er, I want to write down the program at once, and then I want I would like to save it so I'll just take a new fight, and here I will write down my core, whatever it is. So that's two numbers I'm taking and then seize all day plus big and then print. I can also have done like this if needed. Boots. In addition, it's no save this, preferably store it in a location. See documents on here. I'll create my goods. And this is my section one and just a pit. Hello, So that's the court. This is how you can. I don't a program. In a separate fine was the file that I think is the North. Once you have completely writing on your core, you can run your program by going into one milieu and by just licking the then what do you and that will run your program on the shell. This window over here is called that Spuyten Shell by before the phone on your potential will not be this much. So just goto options configuration. And here you can change the form sets depending upon your choice. So this is the addition. If nature you can just change the values and see if the program is correct or not, as many times as you want, you can turn the court, so that's about it, about how we can just print a text, any text or any number on to the point in our next video will see some operations, like accepting inputs and then printing them onto the screen. Thanks for watching this video 4. 3 Input and Output in Python: Hello there. In the last video, we have seen how we can install the pattern and how we can perform the basic programs we have just done with the hello world in fightin on from this video and on what we're going to do is we're going to perform some operations onto the fighting programming. So what we're going to raise, we're going to accept inputs we're going to print variable sprint, the different calculated outputs, and we're going to see some of the tasks which we can, too. So let's begin as all this. You just have to open the idol like this and in idle. This was my last course. So I'll just take a new fight close the one which is all really open. I will save this file. We can just say that any location as you want, and here I will start writing the corner. At many times, you may want to accept the input from the user. In our last court, we had given the two numbers for addition directly in the program itself. So instead of giving them in program, you can accept them from users, invite country while accepting the input from the user. How you should write down is by using a particular function called input. So just right down A is equal to input. And here you can just give a number or a text likes it and, uh, number like that. But invite and three, the issue with input is by default. Whatever you input will be considered as text, and it will not be considered as an intrusion. So just add inch before writing this function, and whatever you take from the user will be accepted as, um, invasion. Then B is equal to inch input. Enter another number, then I'll just bring them to check if the number some critically the suit aren't, That's it. We're gonna go to run and click on 10 memorials. So it to last me for intending a number. Alex have entered 23 then 21 translated. It went even are printed over here. If I had to perform some mathematical operation onto these numbers, it's against simple, just like before, so feasible to a plus B and print. See, we can continue the course as I'm doing on your screen also, so we first asked me for numbers so Let's see 45 and 65. The result is 110. Now I may want to print a result like addition, is this. So to do that, see how you can do it. Addition is equal to and then just give up comma and turned on the name of the variable that it see. Let's try to run the score, and it works like his wanted it. Now you may also sometimes need that you want to print addition off A and B, it's C. So here I want to print the numbers. Also in my print statement, let me print line. What I do in that case is this. Play close attention to where it's a little bit. Ricky. I want to call it difficult. I would call it a complex. It is tricky. Just see. So how would I don't know news like this? The addition off gladly bracket zero bless One is equal to to Now This whole line is nothing but a text except those items which are there in curly braces or curly bracket, which will be replaced by dots format. A comma B comma, See, so God Rebecca zero will be replaced by the value off a godly bracket. One will be replaced by the value of B and curly bracket to will be replaced by the value off. See, let's see the results. OK, so again, enter two numbers. I'm it walks like John. So that is how you can come by text and numbers and not only takes in numbers, but you can also commend text and multiple numbers together in order to perform some particular or in orderto print your results. Now, that was one operation only if needed. You can perform furthermore mathematical operations. So this is a multiplied by B. Now, in this case, I will not printed as addition. But I will just copy prints the whole line and I'll write down though product or my obligation off zero x one is equal to two dot format a comma B comma be here because the contents my results. I want toe display be at this point next time, so I'll chewed some smaller numbers this time for simplicity. So 15 fight 15 besides, 25 training to fight it. 75. So that's about it. How you print your numbers is this by just test common number. Next, Cutler Beckett. The index off the numbers You want to branch and in the same order you write them down in dot for match. So that is the syntax off, adding text and numbers together, you can also, I don't come into your mind and program by giving a hash symbol and then in poach five numbers from user and find out it's average next task for this particular session. So that's about decision completely task. And let's meet in the next station, where we'll see further more exercises. Thanks for watching. 5. 4 Task with Input and Output: hi there. In our last session, we had seen how we can accept some basic inputs on perform some operations on to them and how we can print it on. I had given you a very simple task off finding out the average of five numbers. Let's try to attempt that task in this video. So what we have to do to find out diversion find numbers is basically except my number's. He's in the input function, performing their addition and then divided by five to find out the average. So let's get started, just like before a new file. And then let's say which I'll call it. It's a V G or average. That is a call to in tough input. Enter the first number and then go on Copper Basin this line five times. Just change your variable Name A, B, C, D and E. Remember, in software engineering are very, very alone in tow. Code learning copy and testing is also one of the very important skill because you don't want to write down every single line just because you want to. If you enjoy it well, better but most modern Lee the job is toe use whatever is really available and then finish your dusk. So we have accepted five inputs over here until now. Let's second addition off it. So some musical toe or let's college and is a call to a plus B plus C plus D pless. If needed. You can also just miss plate. And then average is equal to add the word by Feiss and then print average is equal to average A ve. Now I live. Send the score. Let's see the output so until first number 10 55 78 69 31 400. So the averages for the 8.6 as can be seen the flotus by the Forge created inviting. Three. You don't have to specify that originated severe float and your radically got EdisonInt. So that's a very simple way off. Accepting the numbers are accepting multiple numbers and then performing some more mathematical operations onto it. So that's about this video. Thanks for 6. 5 Conditional Execution in Python: Hello there. In our last session, we had seen how we can accept some inputs on bring some output as well as we have seen how we can find out the average off some numbers that are accepted. Beytin. Now that is pretty much all about accepting basic inputs and generating some basic output results in two point. Now going further, we have to have in any programming language one very important structure and that the school that's conditional execution conditional execution means whenever you want to execute something soft court or some part off your program, which needs to be executed only when something happens or when only when some condition is true, for example, or to take a very simplest example if I have to find out the largest number out after numbers. So in that case, I want to print that first number is largest, then it should only execute when that first number is a really larger than the second number. Traditional execution aides present off course in every programming language, so its present fightin and it is also very easier to use conditional execution in Brighton using the if loop. No, let's see how we can use if in Brighton. So let's begin opened by attention flows any previous program. If you have just like I had one and then just take a new fine, save it. I will just call it. I will save it into my, uh, my by God's name, Me dad's best If Okay, no, I'll do is I'll accept toe numbers from the user. So is it cool to and in boot? And, um, first number B is good and input and second number. And what I have to do is I have to find out the larger oven off this too. Now, here. Remember one thing about how we use if you could just see it carefully. The usage is very simple. So if it greater than be. But now we have to write down some peace or some part of our program which has executed only then this if condition is true. So we have to separate off some part of our court from our main program, which is flowing this way. A sequel to be physical to something. And Lexie, I have something off missiles so print, um, default could, but inch good exiting. So this tool ends are also to be executed. And here I have to write down. If a great of them be so here after writing a greater than just give a cooler and after giving Colon when you hit enter, you will notice that the program guns one indent ahead. At this point. Because of this, what happens is whatever I'm going to write down Prince, it's larger. If I get hit enter, I will come to the same indent French. And if look prince, I'll be printer if a greater then be on and so on and so on and sworn you can write down as many lenses avant, at this Indian. Finally, when you think you have done with the loop like this and you want to return to the main course, so what do you have to do is just hit enter. You will come to the same Indians as can be seen and just hit a backspace, and here you can write down the program. I'm in. The men called. It's like that. So whatever part comes under, this corpse will be executed as a part off a flu. So this for violence will be insecurity. And if the condition. It's true and the condition is not true. Nothing off this will print, and the program will continue executing the problem. These three lines the last reliance will execute either if the condition is true or even if the condition is not true. Let's see the output of the school. We first asked me to injured a number. So my first number, it's for 60 and my second number is 34 now is not greater than be so. Yeah is greater than me. So for six years later than 34. So everything is executed. A is larger. I mean, a flow by Albert printed a phrase better and be done with the loop. And these three lines are from the main course. Now, if I landed, I mean And this time, if I don't give a greater than be then just last freelancer executed, you can easily see how it got execute? No, only the last real inside there. So that's how a very simple If Luke operates in the next video, we'll also going to see how we can use another condition and how we can use the else it. Thanks for watching 7. 6 IF condition: in our last video. We have seen the basic example off how we can use if in fightin now this was there. If is redder than the than this much court limits future. And then I can I don't If B is redder than a then just Grinch Me is larger. All the lines given, for example, just remove them. So I'll save it as just two off if just from all of these lines. So they're actually flips. If is better than within. This land is instituted. And if visitor than a dentist limits executed, this is part off the main lips. According Sitting will print all of its now let's underscore. So if I give a smaller than be, then be is larger definitely. And if we give the A greater than we did, the same result will be executed Now. The problem is, when I give A and B both of the valets same so for different for different, according to start exited that he was printed like they're equal because we have not written that they're equal now how to do that. It's that simple. And to do that, what we can do is something called Let's else. If so, Elsa Brazil's when you want to check for one condition. If that condition is not true, then you want to check for another condition. And when that condition is also not true, then you want to do something else. So the structure normally goes like this. So if a condition, then something hence if a condition, then something. And you're gonna as many else if as you want. Finally there is else. So here it can return. It's if he's better than we else l If it's not else, actually, it is a relief in vital L F. B is redder than a then B is larger. Lastly, else print made me. They both are equal because this will only is good when both the other conditions are false . So maybe they won't are equal. Let's try to run, and this time will give them similar numbers of 78 70 each. Maybe they both are equal here. In this case there start. Maybe they actually are equal. That's how you can use if and else if and Ellis. Thanks for watching this video in next video. We'll see how we can use just even else 8. 7 if else in python: Hi there. In the last video, we have seen how we can use if Elif and then else and straighter, you can have as many LF conditions like this in the same way flop. Now I'll save it as test underscore if three here, we'll just see that how we can have if an else. So if you're gonna go, then be Then something is executed else this land will be executed. So the meaning of this land here would be either be is larger than a are their boat equals So this is the construct off. Even else everybody is larger than a or they're about equal then but the numbers are equal . Then this output came and then every bit smaller Then be then also the same output is going to be there. This is if else they're American voting. You can also nest. Year ifs as militants as you want. So here the condition Let's see with that's just under school. If Ford so is under than be then I can also have a condition like if is better than 100 then I will print it is also it's also greater than 100. I'm also have a condition if you greater than docents again. Court colon and again, one indent ahead print A is greater than 1000 also, and so on and on and on, you can print as many conditions as watch. If I have to come to the loop there, it is only greater than 100 and did not comes from. So here, this aids in same indent with this if and the sprint. So this line here, it's part of the safe loop. If I had done something else, that's enough. This line, it's part off this. A flu here, great of them. So great. A greater than be because it's in line with French if and then this print. So this way you can mist as many if lips as you want. Let's try to run them Palacio A. As 1 23 and be as 34. So is larger. There's the first execution. There is also a better than 100. There's a second institution, thirties 800,000 also, but that didn't go printer because it is not greater than 1000. But this land what executed, which is part of a greater than 100. So it was only later than and not 1000 next enough being part of a greater than be according sitting. So that's how you can nest multiple conditions together. You, however, can also do the same job in a single line. But I think if a guy that could then be and just look at the world a nd it's a logical anche ignorant of them on do't and you're gonna do them, you can hear add as many conditions as you want, very separate your conditions with her world. And it simply means that when all of the conditions are true, then only this if look will be executed. And what's this? A flow policy? It is larger than be and 100 Thompson. So this is the conditional ending when all of the conditions are to deal. Only this look executes and I'm not prepared to do is if he's gonna, then a are means other than 100 Oh B instead of them 100 outlets it 50. I'll do it later. With greater than 50 minute it's, it may be less than 100. So so here, if any of this condition, even if B is less than a even if these less than 100 even if B is only greater than 50 or if it is harder than 100 minutes later than 50 also. But here, the meaning is if anyone off the condition is also true, then be has something to teach. So even if the value of the is not greater than E, even if the value of B it's 76 study, it's 78 we hit 76. Here is larger, only that much by the sprinter. Nothing else. Northerly fluids executed so is larger. And that's enough that good printer, then, if a greater than B and a greater than 100 a greater than 1000 didn't got executed because not all the conditions are true and be greater than a Is it true? No big record and 100? Is it true? No, but bigger than 50 years. It is true, and that's why be heads something to branch. On the contrary, if I would have given the value off a being greater than 1000 like something like 2500 and be as thousands, then a larger regularly 100 acres and thousands were living and 1000 North 1000 because up to here and so and so and We also had something to bring because busier than hundreds. So that's how you can have if else if if LF ends Mr. Riffs condition are adding multiple conditions in seven if the logically ending off the conditions as well as logical holding off the conditions at this point, I want you toe go out and do some exercises. Those exercises are very clear and very simple. You have two input three numbers from the users and find the largest. Once we're done with this, you have two input six numbers from the user and find the largest and smallest completely clear to you. How we are using this if loops. If you have any doubts, don't forget to message me. If you have any notes, don't forget to the event videos and just watch it again. All the schools are there toe there for you to test out completely and see the execution yourself. So all the best keep experimenting. And thanks for watching this video 9. 8 Task Calculator: hi there. So far we have seen how we can use the if loops very well in Brighton. On these are some tasks given to you. So input pre numbers and find out the largest import. Find numbers and find out the largest and smallest number out of them, for which I'm not going to give you any solution or entities have to try it on your own. Lastly, I want you to write down a program to create a complete calculator, and here in this video, I'm going to show you the output that I want from the program. How it looks. I'm not going to show you the court, but I'm just going to show you the output that I want. So here's my program. Are hidden a little bit so that you shouldn't be able to take a peek into it. So absolute is not cold starts. It should deliberately and very nicely asked me the question. Please select your desired operation. One addition subtraction, multiplication for division. So that's not cold over here, which I want you to create for the calculator. I'm just keep here so that you shouldn't take stick. Peek into it. I'm just going to run it from here itself. So when the program starts, it should so faster, creatively give me a menu to sell it one off the operation. So here it shows splits. Electorate is our operation one correlation to for subtraction, truthful went application and four for division. So let's say I have chosen one here when asked in rent of the first number. So for different. For example. Then another number 25. You have chosen addition 45 plus 25 years ago, Toe 70 and some pleasant I'll again done. It's but will again give me the same menu. No other satchels. Multiplication. Then it will ask me for the first number. Let's a 32nd number, let's say nine and then huge is a multiplication. 13 to 9 is equal to 2 70 You have to do this program simply by making use off If loop and whatever that is. We have stated nothing except nothing outside the things that we have so far discussed So But from this exercise that's watching this video 10. 9 For Loop in Python: hi there. So far we have seen how we can use it. Flips in Brighton input outputs in Brighton on You might have also been enjoying this exercises that we're doing with fightin as promised you before. The starting of the scores by today is really easier, and we have to follow nothing but Hansen as which is hands on and as much as practices turbulent. That's why there is a very minimum part off teary in the schools. So let's get ahead on let's study the next thing that we have to do in Brighton take a new fighting. As always, it's now if I have to print something, let's say my name. It's a mitt and I want to do it 10 times. What is the most logical thing you do is copied 10 times. The most illogical thing you do is type it 10 times. So best ways copy it five times and then probably copy it. But more pain here. I will just save this script. Also, every time you are running a part time programme, you need to save the programs. So here I will just save this in every college just phone. I'm If I don't it it will definitely done. But in every programming language, instead of doing this kind off copy, pasting something multiple times a looping structure is there. Almost every programming language supports looping structures, which are called Let's or most popular sloping structure that is used in fighting. Also, it's called it A For Loop four means doing a particular job for some number of different types in fightin. There are three minutes you can use the for loop again instead of just explaining it here in the presentation, let us focus directly on to the core how we can miss my turn. How we as far on a vibius far is when we want to repeat something a particular number of times how to do it. Let's so I just I don't for I in range 10 and give a colon. Then let's do print. My name is Summit. What happens is let's see. They'll put first and then we'll discuss what happens. So 123456789 10. My name is unlike the sprinter tendons. There's one more time. My name is Amit and value off I is equal to, and then just give a combine so the value of Phi is also printer will get to know home for what is happening to the ill. So attend the seed value of I. It's starting from zero. It incent nine. It is incriminating by one and every time the value increments by one, the whole loop is attributed. Now look at the core. Had veto D program to start from zero? No, Had we told it to implement by one? No. Had we told it toe Wait at nine. Yes, because we gave I in range. 10. So what happens that this is? I will start from zero by default. So what will happen is in this program are in this structure What happened? It's I starts from zero will inclement by blessed one and it will stop at the range so it will not become 10 in the range. It will stay in the rain so it'll stop it. Nine. Let's ideas this. Let's make it four and let's to another for now. This time let's take for J in range six Coma then now here and specifying value of J school and see less than it so that I has printed from 0 to 3 now because it's four times J printer from 6789 because we started J from six. Envy Indirect 10. So it will end before 10. It will stay in range of 10 so it'll stop it. Nine. Still the increment factor. It's considered to be the default one, and it is plus one. Now I look introducing by three will keep it as it is and I don't another form so far sent in range. Now look at you. They didn't they tend comma 50 comma Fife. So now I have also given the specified for increments. Operators, Khalil said, is equal to will increment. Start from 10. Now it's implementing in the multiples off. Five because we have given increments by blessed fight so 10 15 2025 30 35 45 44 different . It stopped at 45 because it will stay in the range off 50. So in this way you can not only write dollars, keep it something somewhat particular number of times. But you can also make use of the variable j Dead or I, which is being implemented. No, needless to see in the same constrict you can also have for why in range hundreds Qamar, 10 comma, minus 10. So here I'm initializing with 100 My ending that fluids 10. So I have to stay in range off pen. So I live. Why is equal to and I will be Clement or I will increment by my understand it means I will declaim in Brighton In doing so, so 100 up to 20 vile documenting by 10 it will stirred within range off 10. So it stopped at 20. So that's a problem was executed again. Repeats calibrated here we have not given any starting value Are even de income in fact So they're starting early by default. Zero The ending value is three. The increment factor by before it is one. Here we are giving the starting value and the ending. Really? But still, the increment factor is not given, which is then by the Ford has him to be placement again, just like before. Here we have your understanding value the ending really as a less increment factor which is plus five and here were given the sounding value the ending value on the inclement factor used here in this case is in minus or in the negative value. So that's how we use for loops. Another program. In the next video, we'll see how we can make it off this farm, lose toe create or to solve some tasks and challenges test watching this video. 11. 10 Task with For loop: Hello there. In our last session, we have seen how we can use for loop in Brighton how we can have the form of actual implementation. In fightin on, I had given you two tests. One wants to print stable, off number up to 10 using for loop 2nd 1 wards finding out factorial off a number using for new. So we'll see then one after another. How to solve this true problems. So, like before opened the part countryside shell on took a new file. What we do after taking a new file is first of all, we saved them toe a suitable location in my case and saving them in documents by courts. So this is stable off a number. I'll just give it table number and I can start the very first thing, preferably its print American message. This is poor for finding out table off a number using for you, then to find out, table off a particular number. First thing you need is you need toe get that number from the user. So let's say number on new em is equal to int input. Enter the number now at this point, will have the number So let's sprint it you have entered No no one there to do it. We have to print a table off it. Know what I mean by table off, which is very simple. Table means nothing, but I need to properly print that number. Let's a five on five into one is equal to fight. Five into two is equal to 10. Five into trees will differ often. So on upto 5 10 visible toe 50. Now we can do that without using for loop, but with for look, the thing is, our task gets reduced or the number of time number off line we need to write down for the court. Get seduced. Nextel. We can do it. So let's take a for loop for I in range. One comma 11. No, I'm not taking one comma 10 because I need to have the calculation up to 10. If I take one comma 10 then it will always remain in the range of 10 minutes. I will increment from one up to nine. Only it won't go to 10. Register one comma. 11. Now here. What? I want to do AIDS. I have to find out the people of this number. And, um And what? I can do it. I can multiply this in, um, with this particular I so that my job gets done very easily. So let's say there is a variable that said there is a very well deserved which will so store numb into I. What happens is when I was one violent 05 s calculator. Tonight's 2.25 s calculator denies three trained to fire. It's calculated and so on upto 5 to 10 we be calculated. And after that, the numbers calculator lets print the results. So print Cardinal Bracket zero ex got liberated one equal to could live rocket too and then just dark for Matic's. First of all, here I would like to print the number itself. So the first were able I'll passes number. Secondly, rebel and passes the multiplication tradition multiplying. So their side and third Veliz Yes, so what we just did here we used for Luke to find out table off a number. Let's try to see the upward, Whether it's correct or not, I hope it's correct. But feel with have adult so lets them. There is a syntax set of so all this sprint structure should come into notable quotes or single for developments. And then this morning. So first of all, it will show this is my heading. Then it is asking for a number. Let's say, Take the number at seven. Seven into one, visible to 77 into two. Equal toe 14 2120 I'm Salon a 70. That's a bill. Is that? And that happens because off using the form I hope you will understand this on I'm not going to provide it the court for it directly. So just watch the video and try to do it on your own so that it would be able to properly analyse and practice the farm. Thanks for watching this video. And next year we're going to see the factory ALOF a number. Thank you. 12. 10 Task using for loop: in last video, we have seen how we can find out the table off a number up to tell Using for loop in this video we're going to do is we're going to find out defective Eloff. A number isn't for you now, for those who are into the school might develop their about the factorial. If you're not the let me tell you. Factory alof five. It's one in tow to into three into four into five. So factorial off any number, it's one in tow to into all those numbers up to into that number itself. So factory in Off seven is one into two in tow, three into four in tow, five into six into seven. And we need to write down a program to find out exactly this. The factorial off a number using for look. So let's begin. So as before, let's take a new fine on Let's save it like before. This is a factorial program. So let's say find Factorial again, like last for them. I usually like to give up for statement, which is what the program is about. So factorial program. Next thing we need is the number, so let's say a sickle toe inch and books enter a number of for which factorial. It's to be calculated. So we got the number in value. No one I have to do is I have to multiply all the numbers up to a remember up to a, uh, do the multiplication and show the product. So now, in this case, if a is equal to five so it is going toe five. Then I have to run all the numbers up to five minutes, one into two, into training before in the fight. Now, if I run a far loop for I in range fights but simply means that I know that number value, it's five. But here we don't know it. The user is going to input this number as a so let's put that for I in range A over here. What happens is then If the A is five, it will execute. Let's try it out. How it executes sprint I Izabal due comma. What happened out of the scored? If I input any number for factor Election six So it is going toe bitch. He will be going to be insecure. Do legs get upto 0 to 5 but 61 day introduced, so to introduce. Six What you can do it simply take for high end range. One comma a policeman. All this kind of adjustments are possible. Lex again choose the same number six now. 123456 Eyes incriminating properly up to six. What news is Take a variable, Let's say the result and store somehow. Intuit initial one. We need one particular limb pickles. Job is multiplication, not addition. If you take it zero, then multiplication zero will always alluding to zero, and the factorial would be result on it. Sort of result. I just call it fact. It's a fact. Is it going to effect multiplayer about? So fact starts with one, so don't be multiplied by one, then two, then three, then four, then fire and then six by the end of the court. Not inside the for loop, but in the main indenture. By the end of the court, you will have the fact to jail, calculated in the variable called fact. So let's do printing factorial off. Zero. It's one and here dot format factory ALOF, Numb is fact makes it now before running it before running it. Let's try to find out the answer Factory. ALOF six. Let's try to do it manually so that you get confident. So one into two into three into four into five into 67 20. Looks like this. Effectively preventing the number for restrict will be concluded. So six. Okay, I should not print it over here, so I printing is not needed. Expected Ian. And there is no number, actually, Davis. If that's it, Melikson it on. Let's give the input number. Adds six Dr Love, 67 20 and so on. You can try it for and this is number. A total of four is 24. I hope you have got the idea behind this exercise is to understand how we can manipulate before, look to run up to any particular point and then also make use off the index, which is running along with the former. So watch this video and tried to write down the program on your own without just copy, pasting it from a sleepless that's watching this video 13. 11 For loop and mathematical operators: Hello there. In the last station, we have seen how we can perform the simple tasks using the form. So this syntax of fall was very simple on the usage. Indeed, is also pretty much simpler. Not before processing. Father, it is important for us to understand. What are the different mathematical operators available in Brighton? Most of the mathematical operators are something which you might be or might not be similar family of it, like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. So these are the four basic mathematical operators that we use in fightin. Remember the usage? The proper usage is very important to understand in order to perform some important tasks. For example, there is not much to do with the addition and subtraction there as simple as that. But division and multiplication have another two operators, which involves usage of double Asterix symbol are double division symbol. Unless there is a marvelous operator. Also so in beytin, basically the division operation are single. Forward slash just performs division off two numbers, but this division is always a floating point division. So if you divide five by to the irritants 2.5 normally in any other programming language, like C fiber to returns to that is ah, floor division. But here it always returns City 2.5. So look at it. So five divided by two returns, 2.5 Similarly finally played by to build written 10. These are the normal multiplication and division Operation Model is operated something which performs the division of the two numbers and returns the remainder off it. Celexa 15 divided by three So it is actually three. Whole division selects shoots 17 more three so it returns to so three is multiplying out of 17 is divided by three. The answer would be five, and this is the remainder. So 35 15 plus to its 17 more or less operator will more than two numbers. You can choose anything like that, and you can have some a model, this operator working on it. It works equally for bigger numbers. Also like that. There's a job off the model s operator performer division and returned the remainder. And then there are exponential operation and floor division. Operation exponential is very simple. So if I have to perform to raise to two, so if to to the order off too, then this operation is not directly performed in Peyton. Instead, it is performed That's too double Star to, so it returns for toe double Star three. It meant stories to three. Well done. Eight. Do double Star eight. Building proof of physics as we know so to double Star. Eight minutes. Nothing but tourists to eight tourists to three to restore to like that and Florida region the last one. It's to be understood because five divided by divided by two or five floor division operator, that is the ball forward slash two will give me too many times. This is important as the less this is also important. So when you just want division accurate division, you use the normal division very actually want a Florida vision to be performed. You use this operator, so try them all. You have to know the biting operators very well in order to perform anything with respect to Peyton here and onwards. So these are the mathematical operators which we use most popularly and most commonly, try out this operators. Thank you 14. 12 While loop in python: hello there Now that we have seen the follow up in Brighton as the less. We have also seen the mathematical operators to be used with fightin Lex even more looping structure, just like far. But we just call. That's violence. No, Why needs something exactly similar toe for which can perform situation off some particular operation or some particular execution? But in four, what happens is whatever is the initialization value, the ending value and incremental detriment. Perimeter everything is given in a single statement so far is applicable when you know very wanted to stop exactly executing the loop. But when you don't know where you want to stop the execution in that guests, you can use violence. No house, the syntax. It's very simple. So the initialization it's stupid and manually like a is equal to zero viol. A less than 10 French is going to a and then increments. All the current operator is also to be given. Definitely over here. Let's try it on. I'll take a new file, and I'll just call it as a violinist. I'm saving all of these courts at a particular location better if you also follow the similar syntax so violinist so is equal to zero when is less than 10 But it's is a call to a and then a physical to a blissful. Now, if you look at the sample, then you might not see any difference between violent for, because we're doing all of the things manually in for as well as vile but vile is use, particularly then you don't know whether you want to implement it by one, but we want to document it by one or some external conditions are going to decide the nature off this operation, in that case, vial, is to be preferred. You will better understand this when we see an example of the violence for no, let's just try this much of court and press it Father. So similar to vile, are similar to, if vile, can also be used with an else statement, and there can be insertion off a break statement. Remember, a Brexit mint is used whenever you want toe exit the entire loop, and so brick and break the execution of my loop as the less the execution off the re later else loop. So this is pretty much simple. Core is equal to one is less than or equal to three. What we're doing is we're taking the input be from the user. And then if we in zero, then we want to completely break minutes if the user and put something like zero that you want to break completely other ways, the look will continue. The purpose of this exercise is only to understand the execution of break statement. So inside, vile, we have given condition And in which there, Reza Brexit. Mitch, just try it on. It's pretty much simpler in this case. I won't even go and type the court. Instead, I'll make all of the selection commenter, three single courts and three single courtside the inch makes all the court commenter. And then this is my court. The indentation is important. So after pasting, just do this backs this Maximus Maximus in the indentation toe a proper location. That's it. So ephedra needs. And if I enter zero, then else has not exhibited. But if I had land it, if I give something as really off B, then it will district three times and little big city without executing excitement. So it was not less than a song as Abel's less than three. It all executed and then else is executed. So that's venue use. Or that's how you use this particular Brexit mint. So just try on this score and see how it goes for you pants watching this video. 15. 13 While Loop example: hello there now that we have seen how we can use via lope and particularly when for is not applicable in such situations, only willing to use the pileup. So how to do that? In this video? Let's say a particular sample off, how unfair we need to use of high look and how exactly to use it. The problem segment is very simple here except the number and find out their diverse of that number. For example, if you have accepted, say, 7845 then the output that should be printed is 5487 We need to compute and exactly reverse number 5487 like that. Now if we have to perform this first of all, what you should do is you must open a note pad or do some exercise on paper. So if have if I have a number, let's see. What is that cemented 45. How can I do the reverse of this number? So in order to do the reverse off this number, what I want very first is I want five. I want five to be extracted very first and then what? I want to do is I need to make you played by thousands but multiplied by 1000 means I know that the length of the number is four digit, very. It's while doing this kind. Of course you don't know the Lent. It may be a tradition number. It may be a five digit number. Maybe since issue number also so taken five and manipulated by Collison would be a better situation or won't be a better solution form. So instead, let's do this final to play by 10. And then let's do addition off the next number into it so forth. So that will give me 54 then 54 multiplied by 10 on Let's 18 twitch. That gives me 54 p each. Similarly, let's go 5 48 multiplied by 10 and had seven into itch. That gives me fight for 87 Now we need to do exactly this, and in order to do this, what I want is I want to extend the last digit off the number and that I want to completely remove that particular number from the given number so that next manipulation all next operation can be performed. Let's see how we can do it with Titan. I'll take a new fight. He'll and just like always. I'll save it toe documents and by cords, rivers off numbers. So is it will do it and put enter a number like before print. It's do you have? And third. Hey! And now let's hope we can do it. As I said, I want to reduced this number and reduce this number as long as it becomes zero. So while is greater than zero is greater than zero. I will perform some operation what that operation should be. Let's see next. Like our result variable say, are if he and escorted Aceval and hear what I'll do is I'll take another variable, which would store the Dementor. Let's say R E m physical toe a not divide, but more. Then no one will happen. Venue morning by 10. The result is 7840 So definitely the division resulted. Seven it for zero. So after more what irrigate? It's five here at this moment when I got its Fife. So what I'll do is I'll compute RTV. It's a call to Ali V multiplied by 10. So five first time it zero Okay, first time, zero multiplied about 10 will result in 20 Bless Aryan means the results are the RTV will content five at this moment, and then what I do is I will reduce the e by a very bad debate by So this will do a floor division after a floor division. What will happen? 7845 Do everybody ready by then will give seven h four this evil on? Let's straight on my thin shell. A 784 fired everybody. We're about 10 784 actually, Yeah. 78 foot The floor division. So what we remain? It's with 784 And next time the same operation will be continued and again, the world's number. It's calculated with the remainder, and the whole execution will perform as long as a is greater than zero. As long as they become zero. Your reverse number has been calculated. Your reverse number. It's our TV. I hope this logic should walk that side on. We'll use the same number 7845 And it worked like a charm. You can handle it as many times as you want. How introduces the number and how it performs the particular operation. It's pretty simple. It's nothing very fancy or there is no rocket science into it. Let's try it with a smaller number 7 98 destroyed with a bigger number 987 Fortify. Six expired. Awful. Seven. It's night, that's about it. So I started this score ven and then try to execute it on your own without looking into this video that we're clarifying your logic pretty much well, tens watching this video. 16. 14 Practice Tasks: hi there. So far we have seen how we can use the via loop and how we can perform this particular exercise of their we find out did reversal forgiven number. No matter what is the length of that number, we have to find out the reverse of that number. And you have. I hope you have completed the exercise. So moving forward, these are some exercises for you. Most of them are very simple and have nothing to use except for if. And while so the first program is right to program to print square off all numbers from 0 to 10 right by the program to find out some off, all even numbers from 0 to 10 right about the program to read three Numbers A, B and C and check how many of the numbers are between 100,000. You just have to print the numbers presented 100,000. So out of this ABC, which are between 100,000. That's what you have to bridge. And lastly, right to buy Tim program toe print the first 10 numbers off fibrinogen cities Here, you have to apply some mathematics to find out difficult accessories and print the first in numbers. I hope you will enjoy this exercises on. Try them on your own. The solutions for these exercises will not be given. You have to find out good solutions and experiment with them. Thanks for watching. 17. 15 Library implement in Python: hello there now that we have seen how we can perform the if do high for hope, this kind of things, using fightin, it's time to see how we can import some additional external libraries into the program, just like any other programming language in part. And also there are lots and lots of different models which are return to be executed with by 10 programming, and they are to be added to your program externally by using some statement so in. See, what we do is we do hash include kind of thing in fightin the key word to be used. It's called that in port. So whether there are some built in libraries, whether there are some user contributed libraries that you have installed, you can easily import them using this function called Import and then the name of the library. So for here, let's say we have import time where we have to include the time library on here. We are importing the land of libraries. Input random will include the random laterally into our program. When you import some library like time or random, you can access the functions off this library using time dot and then writing a function name. Similarly land, um dot writing a function name is what you have to do now. It's better understood when we're experimenting with it. So let's begin, as always, opened the item there is in the fight and 3.7. All you have to do is open the idea for fighting 3.7, and then you can start experimenting with them. So that's it. First of our legs import time, and then you can use the time function. Or you can use the times internal function, which is what we're using here. It's standard sleep. Sometimes our sleep basically does watch. It generates our Dele off particular number off seconds. So if I give time, not slipped five on Enter, nothing will happen for five seconds, and then the program will stop or the program will come to the traditional position. So I'll hit. Enter at this point one to three for fight and the program came here. So, in a program, if you are writing down something, let's take a new fine as always. Let's save it to some location. So what we're doing here is we're doing trials with time. I'm creating another new folder for saving this programs. Just call it three. Don't ever write down the name off your program, Toby. The same one as you're going to import. Delighted. So if I'm going to import time library. Don't don't give the name of the cord. It's time instead of give something like time Time because if you give your program name time, then when you do import time, it will try to import the particular library from the same folder First. If it is not available in the same folder, then it will look into the system. Further support time that let's do something print. Hello World and then let's take a vial. True Loop, which will don't infinitely on its take a variable is will do zero, and it's sort of ill. True. Let's try for I in Range five and let's what print Hello World and I is equal to comma. Since we have a variable, I don't need a, but after doing this, let's give time dot slip and let's sit two seconds. Not on this program. What is going to do is going to execute the farm. No, I equal to 02 seconds. I equal to one again. Two seconds to then three, then fold and then fight. The program will stop you if I will not come because we're in the range of five. That's how you can import a particular library like time. You can also import typically only the slip function out of the time library. How to do that? Is this from time import slip? So you're not importing the entire time library. Here, you're just importing one. Function off the time levity. Now, if I run the same court, I'll have another because time is not defined in sort of time. Don't sleep here. I must write down. Just sleep so it is done. Only then you don't want to import the entire library, and you know that you need only one special function out off it. In that kiss, you can do this. Otherwise it's all fine. If you just import bank like this. Let's also try another library that is random. So random will do what, as the name says, it can give you the random number out of some particular reach. How to do that is very simple. Let's just variable is equal to random dot then inch and here you need to specify a range. So let's seven comma 10. What will happen out of this elaborate e is you will get a random number between the range of 1 to 10. Let's see how it works in sort of renting. I Let's French value off a here, which is the random value. And let's see what values vague. It know that nature is completely random s so you can expect any number between those given range anything. So there's no control over what malice can come. They may repeat. It may also happen that you will get only 85 times. It is also random because you don't know you were expecting something, but that's specified range off 1 to 10. So that's about it. That's how you can include any external library into your program. There are lots and lots of libraries to be included in the court on perform some experimentation with it, which we're going to do for now. We will see one off the tasks which we need to do with the random and time liberty. The next video. We'll see a task and then try toe solve that particular mosque that's watching this video 18. 16 Rock Paper and Scissors in Python: Hello there. In last video, we have seen how we can in poach a particular library into the painted program. And now I want you to perform a very simple task, but very interesting one, which is a rock paper and scissors game. Now you all have played this game in your childhood. Are many off you might have been playing it now also doesn't matter. It's an interesting game, so let's see how we can solve this using the planting programming what we do in rock, paper, scissors, aids. There are two players on. They just shake their hands, and at the same moment they have to specify one of the two symbols. So one is rock another valleys paper, and another one is scissors. And there are some rules to this game. So if one player gives wrong and the other player gives, let's save paper so the Caesars, then rock wins paper if given by one player and another player. If it gives rock, then paper events. And if someone gives Caesars and another person gives drunk, then scissors men. So Brock wins over scissor paper been sober rock and since servants over sorry paper. So that's how it goes, so any other combination would result into loss off a player. So if someone gets rock and if the other oven gins paper, then paper means if one Blair gives rock other blurred and Caesar, then rock and scissors in that gets rock wins because the rock and smashed the scissors and so on. So basically there are two things. One is the choice that is coming from one player on the Devon is the choice that is coming from the other player. What you have to do is take this choice from the user. Let's map it into Lexi one for rock, two for paper and three for scissors. So he will choose one off the three numbers 123 or accept one of the three numbers 123 from the user. And then what he will do is you will accept one off the three numbers off 123 from computer . Now you have to make sure that you don't check what is given by the user and the computers . Input should be completely random on exactly. At this point, we're going to use the gender levity next. Excitable. Taking a decision on who won and who lost. I'm not going to completely and that assignment for you, but I'm just going to give you the hint off it. So how will you do it? Grinch. Welcome to rock, paper and scissors game than a lets. The first user input is a Circle two int input. Enter a number for one for rock, two for paper and 34 Phillips. At this moment, the user has to give any number between 123 Once you have given it, what you do is sprint you have given E. It simply means that you have given if is a cold drink will do one. Then you have given in sort of a just print rock. Similarly, give three flips if it's too, and if it is so you have given drop, you have given people, and you have given business. Now what we have to do it sprint, taking computers opinion and here to give some drama into your program. What you can do is this import time and let's import attend. So at this woman taking computers opinion and just give three dots and a necessarily but to delay off something like time don't sleep. See and at this woman after three seconds, what we'll do is basically do random dot rand inch one comment. I've been the same thing. It's to be done over here if B is equal to one. If B is equal to two and if B is equal to three, BC has given rock. Our computer has given paper. All the computer has given scissors, so let's see if it works properly. As intended or not, I repeat, this is not the complete core, so I'll just call it rock paper Schism and let's ride around it. No, it will ask you to and put something so I'll just enter C two. You have given paper taking computers opinion piece. He has given paper, so it would be a tie. Now all you have to do from this moment onwards is you have to compare the value off A and B and then find out who is the winner and display the same onto the PC. I hope it would be simple for you, as that is interesting for performing. Decide Isha This particular task. So complete the task on, say, for the output that's watching this video 19. 17 Strings in Python: hello there. So far, we have seen lots of different operations the jump structure, the brand structure and how can clear some interesting project like this rock, paper and scissors to now in this scores. Now let's see how we can handle and how we can use strings in Brighton. Strings are nothing but text. Characters are text at its, which are needed to be handled in a lot of programming exercises and in a lot of different applications. And therefore one has to very well understand how you can not only handle the strings, but how you can manipulate them using fightin. So let's begin. First of all, whenever we want to accept a string from the user in that situation. Also, you can either directly give us string like this in your court as well as you can accept a string from the user directly using input. Enter the extreme spring here we have not for mating that input two inch or anything like that. And so, by default, fightin three inputs the texting from the by potential. So this is how you can just straight away take a string from the terminal, or you can give it through the programming here, you can access any single element off the string by specifying the index number. So if hello, world is our string here, then it is h a l l o space W o R L d For those who are not familiar with the programming background, let me tell you that here the it's it's considered to be at location zero. It's considered to be at location one at two. Then again L x three and then oh, at four. So these are the four positions off h E L L O, and so on for the entire string. So everything a letter off the string can be accessed directly by specifying its index number. Or you can also specify a range of the Lexus within the string to print it. Let's see, for example, it's love just doing it here. Open the bite and shell. There is no court needed to be returned for it. You can just directly go on writing up by 10 program into the shell itself, select the instead of giving it. I'll just put a visible to input and does something and whatever I enter by default. Hello, what is as him Toby. A texting. Now I can print it statically all. I can print a single index element off it using square brackets. So what I'm giving is self rent A of zero should rent only etch. So that's it, Prince the off. Let's a five square wreckage on the combine sprinter So 01234 and the fifth location is the comma. Likewise, you can print a series off letters into the strings, so print a off to do eight. So this is, ah, reinsurance. Mystifying to print so 01234567 eight So before it it started a stopped, so it stayed within the range. 012345 The spaces also character 67 So that way we got ello. Comma W that's all. You can just simply accept a string are you can give us string in the court itself, texting in the court itself and perform some operation onto its like that. So print be bridge Be off something like five comma six off I colon. Six. My mistake. It will be five colon, six square record close and regular record tools. 56 There is nothing because it only print fun location that this fire and that it speaks. So that's how you can just accepted in string and try to manipulate it by accepting it or printing just one correct brought off it or a range out ofit. 20. 17 Python Strings Continued: in last session. We have seen how we can just simply accept a string and a printed using D or access it using the index number of that street. Now let's see what of the operations African perform onto this accepted string? There are many operations which can be performed. We will be discussing the most commonly used one, and then we'll also see how we can explore the other functional. It is, too. First of all the concatenation operation. If your family with the language, then you have some special functions in C like a stay RCP vie to copy one string in from copy one string into the other or str C ity to congratulate or combined two different strings. Here you just help. Here's a plus symbol for congratulations. If you want to multiply the string, you just have to use a multiplication operation and literally the strings will be multiplied and will give a result. We have seen how unless number can give slicing off the string so it gives a particular index lecture, whichever is present on that letter. Colon, used for specifying and in a knot in can be used with if loop to check if a particular character is present with industry or not again, it is better understood when we perform it practically then how we see it here onto the presentation. So let's all funded by 10. GeoEye are the ideal on your computer, and we'll see these operators in action one by one. First of all, I'll try with the reputation because it looks to be the simplest one here and see how it works. Okay, my bite by default. Fighting 2.7 is open. I'll open title trick. That's what we are refering toe. So let's the Izabal due in Butch until something so I'll enter hello into it. Let's check. Hello is there now Let's try to use this multiplication or reputation operator onto the string, so be physical toe a multiplied by three and let's start open to be. What should contain is Hello, hello, hello Without space. The hello is multiplied, are repeated three times and then copied in to be if needed. I can simply completely content off in Toby with assignment operator, musical toe. Whatever was the previous content off, B has dilated or has gone completely, and new texts has been put in Toby. Similarly, you move. Watch if you want. You can put any other text into your string, and that will be the place where the previous one. No, we can simply no sensible toe A plus B and princey so has Hello and he has no space vault. What I did about C is going to a plus B that will simply combine the two strings and will give us Hello world. You have seen this operator before, also so plain to see off some letter that will print that particular index as the less you can form a range which you needs to be splintered like that, then there is in and then there is not in. These are very interesting functions or interesting operators. Let's see how to abuse them. No, I have a string which it see which has hello world. Let's strict feasible to capital So it would be in see means If B letter is present in the string, see then print these present else print bees absent. Just give enter these absent because B is not present in C because the contents capital later A and C contents only Hello world, Let's slips trying toe put it now in accord to make it a bit sophisticated. I'll just save it like every time so you can access this course later. So documents and uh, my bikers by cords Best string. So here I'll have to specify what it see. So C is equal to input and do some next. And let's sit DuSable toe capital settle than it. No, I'll put some text here like all is well, So these present because now the company later exists. Now if I make it smaller a and then if I don't this and I give some string like Hello world , definitely capital are small is not present. Different show absent. Similarly, if b not in C, then days absent. And these pleasant So this time same old put. But the function is different, certainly is absent the sprinted because it is not in C. So there's on some very common functions which are usedto performed the operations onto the string characters. In the next video, we'll see some of the examples with which we can also explore more off the string functions . Thanks watching this video 21. 17 Python Strings continnued: Hello there. In the last video, we have seen some of the very basic operators which can be used on So these strings in Brighton. Now we'll see some of the very basic and most important functions off strings which are used so Len will return the length of the string. Upper lower, replace split. Not in. These are some of the functions that we have to give a try onto the strings. Let's see how we can have lent off a string using the land function. Get open the ideal and this time will create another program for writing out this particular task for this particular trials. Let's save it toe regular location, which I have been saving my course the spring trial. So string time to so is it Will do. Hello, worlds. Now we're gonna do it. Simply prints Lynn off. What is the length? 0123456789 10. So the lent off the land function shoeprint 11. So it starts from zero and train such 10 so the length is 11 characters. That's so you can accept that so you can generate or find out the lentil forgiven string then lower. Let's see what this lure. We're going to its print if you don't lure this. And this is a function to which the strings past. This is a strength on function, so you have to use it by a dot lure. And let's see the output 11 and hello World. What happened is hello World was already okay in lower case. So let's put some letters into the upper case. After a not lower, you get a completely lure kissed string. After printing Iraq lure, you can also print. They don't up, but and all the uppercase characters will militant from Dexter like that. You can also replace to replace a particular character from the string with something else , and then we'll try to print it. So insert printing. I'll take it in. B is equal to a dot now. See, in order to see the member functions of the string, you just have to do a dot and then you can you control space. You will see all the possible functions that are present with string. We're going to the system off this some of this you can try out on your own, so it dots a purse. I should be here. You don't? I thought the place is what we're trying here. Sorry place. Just give a later. Let's the edge. I went to the place with much I m So we're gonna be and then I'll try toe print be itself in which it will be mellow world instead of hello. World isn't example to the place, even a character out of the string like this. Then there is a split function again are very important but very interesting function Split the verse when it is used is whenever you're accepting data coming from some kind off source which is separated by something. Well, let's say for example, comma. So it's our number. Comma dates come our time. Comma name. If these are the Phillips you have, then you will probably want to split them by comma and then save every individual value in tow. New variable. Perhaps you also want to do some number. Strengthen American version on this thing here. What you can do is I can create the physical toe a dot split and here I'll just specify the letter with which we want to split it. As a result of this what will happen will get Be in which fashion? Let's see, let's bring today after doing this. So we got a list off a number of different strings with serial number, date, name time. All these things simply What we have got is a good deal of zero the off one. Be off Ciro DI off Bundy Off duty off. Three deal for you have got four day, which can be accessed value of 01 toe like that. You can also do the number conversion. So just potentially or five year and then when you can have is going toe in tough Do your Fife. Then print. He went to play in my 100 so that 1 25 is a string with silicon murder into inch with this command. And then we'll multiplied by 100 then printed onto the It's terminal. It's index is out of range, So 0123 and four So 1 25 should be presented fourth location. Okay, I just did the same mistake again. So 1 25 watts first retrieved. But this 1 25 here was a string here. We converted into inch and then we multiplied that Intuit hunters. So that's how you can use dysfunctions. Try them on with some variations, and you will see how you can work with them. We'll see some more functions into the next video pants charging. 22. 17 Strings Continued: Hello there. So, like what we have seen in the last session about the different important functions off the string, there are multiple such functions or multitude of such functions available in fighting. About 30 40 functions are there, all of which are listed into this document, which I am a company along with the video. So something which can capitalize the first letter or count some letters and in code and finding indexes. Selfies number is Digitas lower his upper. All this kind of matters are available for usage so you can use all of them in combination with each other to perform a number of different operations with strings in Peyton. And that's why it makes very easy to manipulate with the text in Pitre nets compared to any other programming language, because there are lots of function to get started with. So just try out dysfunctions at your comfort, one after another and see what they do once they're done with it. But you have to do is we have some very simple assignments for you to perform on string. So those assignments are writing about 10 Program to calculate the length of string would be much simpler. As you know, you just have to use the land function that I d program to count the number of characters in a string forgiven character. Miss. What you have to do is you have to accept a string from the user and then find out how many times a particular character or a letter appears into that string. For example, you're finding for Google and you're searching for G or so appears twice. Industry RG appears twice in this string. R L appears only once in the string so fast except a string. Then accept a letter and then find out if there later places present, industry or not. And if it is present there also printer significance. See off it. The program is again very simple already by the program to get a single string from two given strings separated by space, and so have the 1st 2 characters off its strings. So I'll have hello as one string. I'll have world as an adult string, so each and all should be replaced well out of the world. WMD should replace, and they should become mind to create a new sting. Next assignment is liked by the program to accept a string and then accept a number and did it exactly that number index letter from the strings. So just remove that number, replace it with us space or do anything that you want like that. I hope that string assignments would be simpler for you. In the next video, I'll try to give your project based on strict. Remember, there's a difference between assignment or task and project. So tasks are some very simple things which you have to perform maybe four fire lines longer or maybe 10 20 lines. Project. It's something bigger, which requires you to think more thoroughly into the programming and try to complete that. So that's watching this video. I have will enjoy experimenting with strengths and beytin. Thank you. 23. 18 Date and Time in Python: Hi there. Welcome to this fighting programming course we're doing along with the fight and three. So far, we have seen a lot of different models as well as the string functions. Now let's see how we can handle the date and time in Peyton. So it happens many times in our programming assignments or the programming jobs that we're doing that we may need to save the current date time or even the our minutes seconds off the current moment into our program. Maybe you are writing down some kind off long of here. You want to log the events, or maybe you're doing anything like sending an email or lots of different scenarios are there where we need to have date and time in our program. Let's see how we can have date and time really in fightin. So let's begin to use the date and time infighter. What we need to do is we need to make yourself a library called Take Time Library, the name of the letter itself in ST Time, which consists off a lot of different functions which providers the access to date and time off the current computer state. So what we have to do is we have to import date and time, and then we have no for match that date and time, important data in time so that it makes some sense to us or it becomes usable towards. So let's start doing it. What are the very first is? I'll create a new file here and just like before, I will say it first. So my course, it's very I'm saving it. You know, we'll just call it forth because I'm doing fourth section. So what I call it is date trial. Now here all you have to do is import date time. Then let's say take available now is equal to date time dot the time dot know that is a function and then just no. So don't fight. And three so parentis. This is important, so it begs the date on time from the computer and rinse it onto the potential. Now it's pretty much that's it if you need nothing else and just the date and time in this format, which is year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds. If that's all you need than the single function, it's sufficient for your requirement. But many times on almost most of the times in programming. We don't need date and time in this former brother. We need separately other minute seconds. We also separately near the ear. The current date. The month, which is maybe three that is for March, or a mayor march or a mayor ch complete month Name march. So to do all these things are to do any off these things. What you can do is you can format this date time dot date time dot now function with a special function given in fightin called Let's S T R F thing. So there's the function. A steer If Time Village you conform at the date and time upon your requirement off how you want to see it, for example. Let's say I'll do a change in my course so I'll print now and then I'll do what my time is . A good toe now dots instead of thing. And here I'll just do percent be dash percent M best percent. Why? And then I'll planes my thing. Let's see what it does. So print now will bring the date just like before this one. But now we got 2nd March 2019 because I'm formatting it with the function. Str f time on This is very is able for a number of different scenarios in Brighton programming and moment in the next video, we'll see in detail what are different options available toe form at the time. Still, then just try out the score and see for the date and time operation yourself past watching this video. 24. 18 Date and Time in Python 2: Hi there. In our last video, we have seen how we can important big time like the rain by turn and how we can see the output of the day 10 times, which appears as a single complete text string with data as well. It's time now. I will say how and what all we can do with a stare if time function so you can simply take the date time dot now into a variable, and then you can fast percent vie to their stare. If time to get in here in this format or percent M to get month or percent B to get the date are our minutes. Second or different type off specifies, each specify, is designed to give you one perimeter from the now string that you create and all those different parameters are all those different specifies Artis. So let's try and would really one off them. That is this person to be, which is abbreviated month limb in the last video. We have also seen this simple program there. We have for matter, the date and time with person B M and why so that is Smalley men's bit I m. That it's small. It's four months and via capital that is for here, including the century. Sense enough capital life. I take the small white and it should only give me 19. Will not include a 2019. Next it. Now let's have some more thing Month Name. I don't know my month name. So what I'll do is now dot instead of pain. And here I'll give us this for four months so I can have either small beer Capital B. Let's see, I'll give percent B and then prints Month name Also your second underscored So M a. R is printed because I have taken small If I take capital, be over here the rectal print complete much now in the same way What all these words are there. There are lots of different specified, so this is also present. That is a no, it's not month name, but let's about it Prints. So a printer Saturday Complete name. That is the day off. The week today. If I choose a smaller A, then it will show me sect. Plus, you can always combine a devalued so percent de that is my date and bash Saturday and dash percent B and as percent capital. While that's how I'm, I want to print my complete date. So let's see how it thinks. So it's second March Saturday 2019 like ways you can perform any kind off arbitrary combination off these values. Even the dash I have put in between is not mandatory. You can just put any symbol IWant there's totally based upon your choice, so as a matter of time will do what it will form at the time string for you and generate a new string with your specified options. So dry out all of these options and then try to perform did simple tasks again. These are really simple task may not be called a stress ball, so but yes, there are some practices, so print the name of the month but in the name of the today's day, then printed time in our minutes second format and print the date in dd mn the preventable by former All off which we have all really completed in our video. But just go for it once again, look at all those former extensive fires and try out for it. Remember one more thing. Insert off using important eight time you can very values from the time import the time. Now this daytime double is not require. You can just simply use the time name, and that's about it. So it will also give you the same output that's about it. Proud all these different variations off date and time and see how you can bring them in your program. Thanks for watching this video. 25. 19 File Handling in Python: Hi there. Welcome to the scores Off by 10 programming we're doing with biting three indecision. We're going to see how we can handle files in fighting programming. Filing leg is perhaps one of the most basic and most important function which is to be used in programming because you may need to create a number of different files to programming usually the lock files which are text or seriously, that this comma separated value fine in this session. What we're going to do is we're going to see how we can create a file, how we can write data to the file, how we can read data from the fight. So let's begin. So for opening and closing files and beytin, there are some very simple syntax is like this. So a is this stuff I'll handler we're using is equal to open There's a single keyboard on. Then give the file name, say long dot txt. And then after giving comma, we given attribute. So here I have given w. We'll see about a tribute later. Then what we do, is it not right? Extra militant, Whatever text you want to write onto it it not flesh and then a dart clothes. That's a pleasant now. What I'm going to do first is I will try the score completely. I will run it and then we will see how it is walking. First of all, I'll just have to check everything. If it is correct or not, take a new fighting, then, just like before, save it, toe your favorite location wherever you're saving. I'm saving it at Rikers and best file like That's my name. What is the core and just and once does myself much. But I'll simply look at it. Copy it best adore you. I might need to change the quotation marks and I'm done again here. Some courts double courts, changed them to your format and then identify. So what we'll do is we'll just print a message. And before the ninja score, I would like to open that location in my computers that I have saved that file or that program. Five. So by cores four that certainly program. It's a test file right now. I'll run the school. I'm not going to get much outputs except a single line that is filed ridden. Can you see a new finance creator just now, which has the name love, not txt if I open this file text ability, but then I'm not Rex here. It's as simple as that. So let's delete the file on Let's strike one more time. This time looks tired some extra next and just go to run and then model. So when seven model the file is created here and you can always go into the file and look for it. Now if you notice the previous content off this file are completely vanished, our dearest. Now let's see how we can handle the files properly inviting. So whenever you're opening a file want open function does is basically it opens that particular file given at that location. So if you have given a complete part off the file here, very good. If you have not given the complete part and if you have given just a single file in, then that file will be opened in the same direct river. The program it seat remember, if longer 60 is present, then it will be opened. But if longer txt is not present, then it will be created and then opened. So in either case, ah, file is created if it doesn't exist next. What we have done in single courts is the blue W is nothing but an attribute. So whenever we're writing files in programming language, there are some attributes which are to be used, and the most common ones are W R and A. So this w attribute specifies that the file will be returns. W for right finally will be written. Our men's file will be a raid or file reading. Onda Hey stands for event so very open file with an attribute called The Blue. What? The program that's is basically whatever texture giving it rights it onto the file. So while writing the file, all the previous countries are automatically ist if you don't want to. It is the previous country, and if you want to a pain to the new data to the existing file. In that case, you should not open the file with W attribute and said he should have done it with a attribute. Now looks an example of this Here is my love not to use, too. I don't want to delay this text, and still I want to be able to wear a new text so I'll just add new text. So this is my new text, My by ton, according experiments. Now this several days I'll just purposefully keep it short, but instead of W and keep it. Now, let's send the same program again until we received the message filed return which will do so immediately. Almost And now. Let's open the longer txt. Now you can see the first text is as it it's on the next text or whatever next you have return is appended onto the next train in a similar way. I can go on running this file as many times as I want every time. What is going to happen? Aids My data to the text trial will be upended. So previous content or previously it I will not, with periods and the new datable keep coming and keep saving into the fighting. Then we have a not flesh. It don't flesh will do what it will simply clear the buffer for the input buffer if any is used. And then lastly there is a dot clothes. Remember this thing very well that closing the file is very important. If you don't close the file than whatever you have returned using a dot right function. Those contents will not be saved into the file and simply discarded from the the So Closing the file every time writing it's completed is mandated, and you should always close the file at Sudan's. Your writing is finished on to the final. So that's about the file writing for the station. Experimented this things in next session, we'll see how we can rear from the file and bring the data onto the terminal. Thanks for watching this video. 26. 19 File Handling in Python: Hi there. Welcome to the mansion programming course on. We are discussing about file writing. So in the last session we have seen how we can open a file with either right attribute, aura, upend attributes. So when you open it with an apparent attribute, then you can right onto the files. But the previous contents are not terrorists. But when you open it with W attribute than the previous contents are dearest, now let's see how we can use the art tribute onto the file. So what I'll do is basically I'll just change this string to something new this time. Some arbitrary numbers here finally returned. Fire list lost. Now again, open the file. This time I'll use a different file handler and I'll give up are so this time the file is really only fighting. So my fine and the score text is equal to be dot did it and then be dot close print highlanders score next. Before that, help INGE some next toe grab your attention slash in slash in. So what happens? Here it is. We have a different handler called to be where we are opening the same log p x two this time with the night tribute off our then whatever is there inside the file, which is the handled by be it will be rare. The continuing Distortion file Underscore PST. Simply printing the pigsty. Looks on this. So finally done file underscore. Txt is not defined. Okay, so what I have given this file in the store takes to here and here I am printing filing. Just be extra small type of mystic. So this is what is returning to the file takes into the devoted an instrument starters than my cloning experiment three times and then this number to dance. All of this content is present in the file which we have received from this pointer be After printing two lines off stars and a new line, we have printed countries off fighting. That's how you can read data from unopened fight. And after reading the data using string related operations, you can do the manipulation separation of the data on a number of different things. With Bytom now in the same context, you can also create a C S V file. A CSS files specialty is that it can be open with a spreadsheet software like Excel, our liberal office. And then all the values are all the content that you put into the CSB file will be appeared , you know, simple celebrate structure. Let's see, this is the former. Each value should be separated by comma and lastly, into the core. There should be a new land in order to create a CSF fl properly desert requirements. No, everything remains the same. Let's open my folder. You can definitely see there's no no assisting at CS with file over here, I'll create. This is in this program. Have to, and we'll see the upward of the same against. It is a long dot c a switch and greater. I have Microsoft excel in storms, so it shows me an Excel symbol. But I gonna burn it with either. Using Excel are liberal office. Whichever's after you use it simply doesn't matter. Excel is one of the most preferred way off storing the data, but excel being a proprietary Microsoft protocol, the standard former deals in data logging system. It's CSP, which is an open former CS, is nothing special. You can also open the CS we file using our normal note pad. Oh, it's just a text file. The only difference is these are separated by a comma on at the end. Off each line, there is a new line character, so that's that's about it. Next, open the file. I have 100. Using Liberty consists after you can use either lyrical sea or Microsoft Office Excel or, for that matter, in spirit should softer. CS three is compatible with any spreadsheet software that you have. As you can see, the first values are seen in first column, second in second column, and third values are being seen or absurdity. Third condoms. So that's how our program goats for filed reading as the less filed writing as the less creating the CS with five. Now what do you have to do as a task is very simple. The dance that you have to do now is this. So what they have to do is take four variables as random variables and rear them their values. Now you have to save the data log in tow, idiots to file every 10 seconds with does four values and current date and thank, So that's the problem statement. You have the soul. You have to use the file handling you have to use the previously done exercise off time because you also have to specific time whenever you are saving that particular value into this year's B r P X different. It doesn't matter which former you choose. I just want that you should perform this task very well. That's watching this video. 27. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 1: Hi there. Welcome back to the scores in which we are studying about the fighting programming raising fight and three for our programming. And so far we have seen a lot off things which can be done with by turn on. We are discussing about data structures present important. So list is one of the most important on most popularly used data type or data structure. Presenting the beytin. Let's discuss in detail about list in the previous sections we had discussed about how we can declare it a poll and how we can use it. The difference between trouble and list is a temple is immutable. Whereas list is muted. It simply means that any corrective that you have a list can be modified. It means let's see what it means, OK, so let's begin whenever you have to declare a list. This is how you can declare it. Just like triple your list can contain the text strings as a less numbers. They're only text strings are numbers or combination off. Motor them. It is a matter you can bring to particular list directly by giving it in to pinch as well as you can access an individual element inside your list by giving its index almost similar to the chapel that we discussed previously. About from that, the major distinction being you can modify a particular L image and save your list. So the zeroth element is apple. 1st 11 days Mango Second element is First is banana. Second is mango toward its strawberry for Kids center. So if I have to change the strawberry to let the blue baby, I can do it with this. My list off three is a good toe blueberry and then simply print my list. So that's not the only difference between Top Poland list. There are multiple differences, but let's see one Bible, so I will create a new file. Now on. I will say, which adds list trial, and I'll try to create an exactly similar. So my list is a call to square bracket, and then go on adding your whatever elements that you want separated by a comma apple. But no, no mango strawberry tea number another member. So that's a list. Been creator. Whenever you applied square bracket, it simply means that it's going to be a list and just print this list with this simple print function. Your list will be printer, so that's about it. If you want, you can access an individual elements off your lists. By giving its index, I'll given Index off, to which will print apple banana mango mango is that index to the index starts from zero, so it will pinch the list as the less mango as this goes before. If you want, you can change a political element. Let's say let's change three toe blue Baby. Let's change five toe 25 2300 something and let's try to print the list again so it will print all the things first. And then we have changed blueberry so very to blueberry and 202 2300. That is how you can not only have a list, but you can also change it. As for your expectation, and you can also access an individual element out of the list just like the couple, you can also perform slicing on index. So let's see some of the functions that we're going to discuss with the list again. Just like couple, you can have lent off and list. You can act a list. You can multiply it as a lesson can check for membership or you can have situation over list. So how to check member shape or how to check a tradition is very simple. So if hundreds in my list print and there is present this but this Morgan, under this present and similar to topple you can also perform slicing onto the list. So let's sprint my list starting from zero to only third location, so it will print a total of four elements. 0123 Sorry, 01 took only three elements a liver enter because it's in the range up to three. So apple banana man word supposed to be printed at the very inch apple, banana and mango. Similarly, as you want, you can have this indexing Farage. So 2 to 5 with brain 012 man goes to a very 100 2300 because of health change. 22. The strawberry instead of slavery will be printing blueberry here. Yeah, and lastly, you can definitely off course have leant off your particular list being printed on your screen, not dimension you can perform at seen before. Multiplication off your list and see the output. Oregon create a new list out of this by multiplying, you did some number, or by adding with some number. So that are some of the most similar functions or features off list as compared to topple with only one change that you can change an element in list. In the next video, we'll see more functions related to the list, which makes it much attractive for your decision of writer of different situation. Thanks for watching this video on. I'll see you in the next session. Thank you. 28. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 2: So let's continue with the discussion. With respect to the lists. We were starting the data structures and vital on. We're up to the list, and we have just seen some very simple demonstrations of the how to use the list. So let's see, what are the different functions? Presenting the list again? These are the same kind of functions, and we can do the same things with this functions. So I love this business as we have discussed this already with respect to topple what are most important are did matters available in lists. So there is a slight difference in built in function and methods. Let me tell you what I have this for develop program open here, which I will save ads list underscored trial underscore to, and I just have a list here. See, very you do print Len off my list. What they're actually doing is you're using the built in functions along with the list. But the matters which we're talking about in this particular slide are the matters typically associated only with the lists. So to use this matters, you don't use the function, name or the method name directly. Instead, you use them by writing like this. So my list dot you have that. I don't something. Let's say I have believed a pinch and I'll just put something over here. There's orange and then it. So after running, I don't think so. We'll see anything because we're not printed anything French, my list and then run it. What happened? We have just appended an element to the list, which is orange. Remember, these matters are accessible whenever you rail your program once so that your interpreter knows that this particular variable is a list. Then just do my list. They were dot and control space. So this control space will give you all the list off. All the particular different matters available. Indeed. List. Let's see what our them one. Devon. Let's discuss damage. So we have seen the paint. Very first, which can happened. A new item to the list. There is a clear matter which will clear the entire list. There is a matter copy which copies the content off list to another list. Now, what is the need of copy? Let's see. There is a very interesting thing about using the copy and the lists so they can do is you can simply copy my list in tow A and then you can print and print my list. Also, I'll just remove this up injuries it will keep on a pending every time. Just remove this break second ALS. So here we have copied my list into a and then we're printing boat off them. No one will do. Here is I will change a particular elements in a So a off zero, which is currently Apple. I'll make it pineapple. So, before change, we have entered about the lists and after change l print, but the lists Next. What happens? The point is hesitancy. We had changed the pineapple in only one list. That is a but it is a little so changed in my list. So whenever you competent lists using this simple equal to assignment the work in parallel . So whatever changes who making one, the changes are also made in the other lists. So this is a kind off cloning off the list. That sort of doing this if you just do. This is a call to my list, dots. No, I'll keep it, not change it. Then I'll do it like this. No, almost everything remains the same. But here I'll comment it. I'll commit comment. The direct company? No. Si. So what copied us? It creates an entirely different copy off my list, which is placed inside a So first when I printed their boat. Same. Then I changed the zeroth element off a pineapple, and the same is changed only in a and not in my list. So that is the difference between direct copy and copying it using the copy function. Actually, one of the other matters us. Continue the discussion. So after copied its count, So Count will print the particular occurance off a particular elements inside the list safe and L image appears twice or ties in your list. Then the count will do that for you. So, Prince, my list dot count 100 after pending those lists, I am output that is, to so 100 up your stripes in my list on ward off 1010 It doesn't appear so The result should displayed cereal, So count really count the occurance off a particular element inside your list. Then there is extent which appearance moral image to the list instead of a pending a single element in happen with externally can happened. Multiple elements. Let's see my list dots again. My list dot control space extends, and here I can do a B C comma pick you walk and then but inch my list. So this should in turn added those two elements into the list. Okay, Similar to extend what he had supports multiple variables. So let's try with the exchange. Let's see how we can do it. So my list dot XT ain't here. You need to specify a square bracket and then go on a pending elements. A B C comma you are Go Mom G or anything like that. Once they're done, close the school record and then close their main bracket and then we'll pinch my list. So that will give us an idea of how we can a pinch the elements. So ABC pick your judge So those other three more eliminates appended to the list using the Extend Function index then prints the index off a particular item or elements presenting say the list. So to use index, how we use it don't know how we do it is if I want to know their strawberry or where say hundreds present or lets a mango, for example. Then what I do. It's bridge. My list not index mango 01 Through the index, it's to languish President. Second location. Okay, there's black it missing. So it should drink, too, because it presents X second location. So that is the index function. Then there is what remove, reverse and sort what will remove an element from the list, and it will return it so that you can use it for any purpose or any job that you want. Veras are removed. Mattered Will remove it in l. A. Mention Charlie from the list, but it will not return it to you. Rivers will simply reverse your list and sort will simply sort your particular list if it is numeric in an ascending order. Select. See 1 11 each of them. So is equal to my list, not pop Mango and lynch my list. Let's see the output now put start increasing, but I hope it's fine because you get a clear idea of all the functions. Sorry, I need to specify here, index. So, as you can see, I have specified index number zero, which needs to be popped Apple spot story A. I can print the A here, but now it won't work next time. What I'll do is I'll comment this line so that let's keep it that sprint A And now let's to my list dot remove and then the index. Let's a three and then boots my list. Both of them are removing the lemon, but the pop is just storing that somewhere so that it can be individually creator. Example. Now the remove is not working. Just give me a minute. It's not a list. Okay and remove. You have to specify the 11th name itself here to see so the pop accepts index and remove accepts the element name. It creates a little bit of confusion first, but just go on practicing and it will get clear with you. So it happens with everyone that happens with me or it happens with any back. This person also, so that's how you can use the pop and remove functions. The pop will give. Ah, remove it given Index and Revo Biltmore particular image. So what you have to do is a lament has to be given on here and access to be given similarly Let's bent my Liss. Not under those check Morton to start one morning. You know, all the airports will come eventually. The last one. So none. My list of rivers. 29. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 3: Hello there. Let's see the further list later. Things were discussing with Deep. I turn. So far, we have discussed how we can create a list and how there are similar functions with chapel in lists. Also. Now let's see those functions, which makes the list a very specific and a very special later. Searcher Toby Use a number of different situations. So here we're going to discuss the matters in list. Remember one difference between built in functions and matters whenever you're using built in functions like let's say you're using dysfunction, Max, then you use it like so print max off my list. This is a list that I have, and then you're done. This model. Basically it is not completely interrelated, so it won't work properly. But that's how you use. Built in functions are built in function, whereas lets the much. My list two is equal to two comma five commerce some numbers. This will work with my list. There's a built in function, little printed but very, very discussing about methods. These matters are to be accessed in this way, so whenever you have access on my third in list, just like the name of the list give her daughter and controlled space. So these are the matters specific only to the list. So there's a paint clear copy count extend index, insert ball, remove diverse sort. This kindof matters are available. Let's discuss all the matters first, and then let's see how they work. So the very fast Method Wheels is a paint using the appendage function or using the upend. My third, you can happen a new element which can be appended after the last element off your list. If you use a not clear, it will completely clear all the elements. President said. The list a copy is an interesting thing. If you use the copy function, then you create an entirely different list with all the same components present inside. This list will see these three functions first, a pinch clear and copy. So let's begin. We have dysfunctions over here, so what I do here is my list toe dot a paint, and I'll put some bigger number over here and then print my list, too. So what I've done is appended to 3434 a number after the last element off the list of the existing list But if after this I do my list through dots clear and then tried toe print my list, too, the variable it's still there, but it is now completely empty. You won't see anything inside it. It's so just to him, to BRAC itself, render. And then there is about the copy off the list. No, copying is very interesting. I really If I have to copy my list, then I can simply do so by giving a variable name. So my list three physical, too, my list so that we do the copy related function on like Sprint both off them my list and print my list. Three. So let's see. The copy is completed and all the objects off list are. My list are appended to my history. The problem here is if I change an element in my list, let's say I change the zeroth element off my list to in sort of Apple X. Make it buy an apple hands. If I pinch boot off them afterwards, let's see what's what happens. So what it does basically AIDS. Whenever I change element off one list, it is automatically changed into another list. As you can see I had only changed the 11th off my list and not off my list. Three. My list. It was just copying Bell before this instruction. Yet after changing the zero, tell a mint off my list that 0 to 11 off my list. Three is also changed. So basically, it's a cloning where the changes made in one list appears as it is into the other list. So keeping all the same, if I just changed this line toe my list three is a call to my list dot copy, and I'll just comment. This line you can see now the second list creator that is minus three is unaffected, even with the change in my list or the originalist. So that's how you make use off this copy function. It's very important, so you have to decide whether you want to directly compete on whether you want to create extended copies in copy function. 10 40 In this video, we'll see the other functions in the next session. Thank you 30. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 4: Hello there. We were looking out the data searches and fighter, and so far we have seen the lists and couple. Now here is a particular task list for you to perform. I know it looks very big, but believe me, the more you practice, the more better you will be getting at it again. If you don't follow or if you can't solve a particular task, then the problem is given to you. So that's not an issue. The first problem in the list is the list of the list. Problem is you to create a list and then count how many times a particular elements appeared in the list. Then you have to congratulate Givens lists in one list against simple the time of 11 steak two lists like this and then right on a program that returns a lest that contains only the elements that are common between the lists. For example, one is common between the list, so you have to create a list which shores only the common element between the lists without duplicates. So my new program will show one, but it will show the live ones because it has one reputation, then it will short, too. Three five is not common, so five with their four would be there. Two is repeated again. But as we have shown to once Soto one Bischel. So only the unique elements from List A and List be honored to be created into a new list against some simple as write a program to serve the contents offer list. So we have to take two lists, and we have to solve the country's off them the right a program to count the number off strengths in a list where the string lent it's, too. And lastly, write a program to find the G, C, F and LCF for two given numbers. I hope you know, Did you see F the Globe Global Common Factor and lowest common multiple for two given numbers. So those are the tasks that you have to perform with. List. We'll see you in the next session. Thanks for watching. There is one program which is not related actually to list, but it's just agenda in practice. For you. It's a mathematical tasks. Okay, that's how much of this video 31. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 6: Hi there. In this video, we're going to study about the data structures in Brighton. I hope you're enjoying that stations on doing all the practices as they're given to you. Now let's see, what are the different data structures for? Why didn't fightin before that? Let me tell you later. Structure is nothing much away off storing a bit more amount of data instead of distorting a single variable. There's a very moves definition for any beginners that miss definition. It's sufficient. So whenever you want to handle big amount of data, some data which might include numbers as well let's take strings at the last number of different things. In this case, there are different evades. A programming language can handle or store those data that it's something what we call us later sexual. In Beytin, there are four major litter searchers that we use on. We'll see them one by one, the very 1st 1 It's called as a weapon, so a couple list dictionary and said, These are the four data structures that we're going to see, So let's begin with it happen. A temple is an immutable, later sit or immutable little structure. There you can create a particular couple in this fashion like this is the name of the Triple and then whatever amount of data that you want to write into it so it can be text or number or combination of boat. Remember to create a couple. It's important that you make sure that you're using the normal brackets are the round records. So this elegant, initially suitable forgive my semi colons coming from C programming, I might have put them fightin doesn't require that semi colons. Okay, so top one Physics chemistry in 1977 2000 Top two consists on your numbers. Along with that, you can also create a couple without giving these brackets by just directly rating down the numbers. You can also create your couple, and this is also for multiple, so immutable men's fort once created. You cannot change the elements off this particular couple like a string or an area. You cannot change the elements which are present inside a triple there is. You can definitely access them. You can provide the different multiplication or some different operators onto them, but you cannot change an element once it upon its creator. What I mean to say is like this you can accessible to go there. Element of top Alexa print top one off zero so that zero to index off the stop one that its trail will be printer are drenched upto one so fast index that is express it will be printed. But if I had tried changed up one and a zero Elements 200 this particular statement is not allowed for couple. That's why Xcor let's immune table there is. You can also perform this kind of operation so you can create an entirely new triple by adding the two couples stop one end up to. But you can art change a particular element inside a double. So let's see some off the basic couple declarations and how we can create it. So this is how we were doing it. Top one is equal to you can just have combination off number as well as letters on strings and so on. Once whatever number off elements have finished adding just enter the closed bracket and click end of one is created. Now you can access an individual element off up one by giving the index like this so one sided print step one off season off sick, too. It will access that particular elements that its second element of the couple that it started to. Moreover, you can also do something like this. Stop two is equal to all numbers. Lexi on top three is equal to, and I can have took for physical to up to bless Top two. So all in all what this will do is it really create an entirely new triple, which will be consistent off all the elements off up to and then apple tree? So that's how you create a particular chapel, and that's how you can also add them. But if I tried to change an individual elements set up, four off zero is equal to 23 then tipple. Object does not support item assignment, so you cannot change. A particular element wants to create a couple. Along with that, these are some basic triple operations that are supported on to every couple. Now let's see what are the stubble operations and how we can perform them. So let's begin predictable operations. So what we have here is, as you have seen, we can add two triples were also multiplier triple actually how it works. So I have this trouble here and what I can do it simply print up to multiplayer. But so what? It will print. It's 2135 once and again to 134 twice. So it is multiplayer by two. You can also create an entirely new topple by doing this model people or multiply operations Top three, for example, Multiplayer. If I pinch a fight, it consists off this toppled three present three times So 345 16 for 5 64 56 Next. Then you can have Prince Len off couple Fife. It will print the length off the elements present in a couple. So there's the function land there so you can hire them there so you can multiply them. This is how you can perform an operation to check membership in a couple. How it waas is like this. If three in up five, then print three is present. Please present. This would be more better explained when you create a new file for it. So let's take a new file. And here, let's create a top two is equal toe some items, some elements, so here you can apply this membership. Check if three upto then print trees present. Else you can write. Three is absent. Let's save this program again into the same location that I have been doing my bikers. So Michael's the time and look ceramics so you can set the membership if it is present into it or not, you can also do four to the in up to bent X Y Z so you can not only do this minute called it's lost just a minute. Buy goods Top trend. So the sample is for ex India, so you can just have to use. You have to use just a variable instead of three here in this painting, so it will do it for all the elements in Saturday. Triple whatever number of elements we have, it will execute a four look for that many number of elements. So that's how couple walks in Brighton. Here. You can also see the associated functions present with the couple, which can do a number of different operations. We have seen the length you can also have a max. You can also have mean you can also have a converted chapel into a list, and you can also compare the two couples. So let's see more of the double experiments further in the next video. Thanks for watching. 32. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 7: Hi there. So we were discussing the Chapelle data structure in Python. So let's see some of these functions which are present in tuple. Remember, there is one function called CMP, which is applicable to the chapel data structure but is not present in Python three. So we will just skip this for now, or we'll just put it here only in Python 2.7. So it's not presenting three. Let's see how we can use the other functions in tuple. So here I have two tupples declared which are almost completely identical to each other. If I have to perform a comparison here, I can directly do it. If T2 is equal to equal to three, then Brinch, both are. Else, print not equal. Currently the two tuples are almost exactly similar, so they will turn out to be equal. So both are equal. If I change even a single element of the tuple, the results definitely, they both are not equal. Apart from checking if they are equal or not, you can also print max of W2, which is 12. Let's see how it all works. So it is 12. Then print min of three, which let's say one. So not equal 121. These are the things printed. And lastly, there is one more length function which you can try out on a tupple. So a is equal to len off up three, Brinch. Length of three, it's comma e. So it works like this. So length of top three is equal to h because it consists of eight elements, 1234, 5678, starting from 0 to seven. So these are some of the tuple functions which are associated with which we are using here about from that, you can also perform tupple slicing as shown here. So if you have a tuple like this, which consists of letters say cod, ING, f, n, for example. So that's a tuple. So you can print or you can copy, or you can do any operation on a particular piece of data out of this tuples. So print top one to four. Let's see, instead of explaining each year what they actually do. So here, I'll add some of those things. So prints. First I'll just put some separator to identify which I'll put belongs to which one. So prints top two. And then given index. So here I'll give 022 square brackets and then the bracket close. So not equal length of top three star, star, star. And then we'll get to the output. So 32. What is the length given 02, it will only print 01. So within the range to 01, those items are printed. You can change this range, say one to six. It will print 12345, this five elements. This is slicing of tupple. So 245125. Also, you can have this kind of output where you do not specify the starting character. So where you do not specify your starting character, it means it starts by default from 0. And of course, if needed, you can also have a reverse slicing like this. So let's see what it does. So I just give minus four here. And then we'll run the module. So minus four will print the chapel in this fashion. So 3245, just starting from first it printed the four elements, 0123. So that's about this slicing of the triple and the different functions which are used in trouble. One thing assuming remember here in Chapel, why and where this tupple data structures are useful since they're immutable. It trading or doing some calculation like Eve or four through to police faster as compared to any other data type. So there is a little bit of performance boost. Apart from that, the second advantage of tupple is that if you have a Detroit that is not going to change something like a lookup table or logarithmic table or anything, any, any particular piece of data that you might need in your coding. And you didn't want to change it even by accident. So if you create a topple, then even an accidental, right, it's prevented from data, which in turn virtually creates our Chapel Ming, right? Protector. So that's how tuple works. There are simple coding practices, one of which is this, and just I knew. So creates a tuple, might ripple is Apple and check if the character is, character P is presenting to it or not. And if that character is present, then also print how many times it appeared. So for example, in this tuple, p0 is appearing to trends, so your output should be p0 is present, it appears two times. So I hope you will be easily able to solve this problem. You have to just look at all the functions which are present in tuple and whatever that we have studied so far in Python programming, there's the only thing that you need to complete this very simple assignment with respect to travel. And I'll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. 33. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 8: Hello there. We were discussing about the pattern programming, and so far we were discussing about the different data structures are the V. He can store data in Brighton. So we have seen what is the couple then what is a list? And now we'll see. What is a dictionary in a conventional way in a dictionary. How why we use dictionary is to find out meaning off a particular term. The dictionary storage element in Brighton is used in somewhat similar manner There. We have to save the detail inside a dictionary with a key and give a loop. So every data that you store in a dictionary is having a key and respect to value associated with the key. As you can see, a dictionary can be initial list with turn opening and closing. Curly bracket previously had seen Trouble, which makes use off normal package. Then list, which makes is off square bracket so the dictionary makes is off curly bracket. You can create an M prediction early like this are you can create a dictionary with data like this. In this case, my big physical 21 colon apple. This becomes a P and give her a new pair. The key here is one and the key value. It's apple. Similarly, do colon ball. So, too, is a key, and ball is a key value. A number of different Key and Kimmel repairs can be separated by a comma operator. Let's see. Ah so frustrated example. So this is an example of creating Dictionary District is equal to know what all is created here. Brand is a key. Today's value. Morgan is a key new daily. Its value here is a key. 1996 is a value you can see. The key can be a string as well as a number or inch on. The value can be a string as well as a number, so there is no such limitation or distinction on which thing. Out of the key, your key value can be text the number. Both of them can be text as well as number. You can print an entire dictionary by simply using French district. Now why we use this dictionary and what one are different. Use cases where the difference applications or functions associated with the dictionary. We'll see in the subsequent video. I hope you have a proper idea off this a dictionary. Let's try to create one so that you get a very clear idea. So as initial just open, the idolatry are fighting. Then where I do here is just copy Prince. This contain from the slide show in a new fight. Just one problem. Here's India and then there's to be a cop. So that's a dictionary. A complete dictionary. I will save this toe The folder calling Victory The sculpture So district is going through this sort of arrangement. And then what I'll go here is just French district. It's something tax issue. Let's see. Branch Toyota Model New daily Year 1996 here that has to be a comma. Missing country. India. There is a comma one they did certify. Now it's all correct. On the same, it's been interview. Okay, now how blacks is the individual elements how to add or remove the key or key value will see all those things in detail in next video. Thanks for watching this video 34. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 9: Hello there We were discussing about the dictionary, data structure or dictionary way off, storing the data in fighting. So in our last session, what we have seen is how we can create a very simple dictionary like this and then just print it onto the germinal. So we'll just creating and lending has no use to us. Hence, we will discuss about all different matters provided by this dictionary. So let's begin with decision and is that some of the most common and some of the most popular dictionary related bigon matters that we're going to study remember one thing also , that these are not the only actually matters available. But I'm just considering or including all those methods which are most popularly used traditionally. So let's begin. The very first experimenter is clear. That will completely clear a dictionary with all of its contents, how to use it, the name of your dictionary dot and the name of the matter, and then that has severe opening and closing bracket like this. So clear matter will completely clear a dictionary copy mentor. Just that scene in the lifts will create a shallow copy or a non changeable copy off the dictionary into a nutritionally get. This is a particular function, or this is a particular matter which returns the value off a specified key in Syria. Dictionary. So how to use it is this strict dot get, and then you have to specify the key member. It has to be a perfectly entered value, just like this country here. Then the next matter it's Kids, which returns an object containing all the keys of the dictionary. Whatever the kids are present inside the dictionary, all of them were returned by this function called kids. Let's try this 1st 4 matters, and then we'll see the further ones. Here I have the same program, which we did in our last exercise. So we'll use the same program and try out this new things. So new dicked some first off. Let's see how to clear it. So this checked not clear. This is how you will use the do you function and then just do print district. So first, what will happen is that the dictionary withdrew, printed like this. Then a blank dictionary sprinted like this because we have a clear it. So that's how you use the clear function now comment it using hash and then I'll do watch. New underscored dicked is a call to this picked dot copy control space. After the dot are just waiting for some time. We'll give you the menu like this. OK, so copy and then print. New underscored picked. Same thing. Just the new luxury hasn't printed over here. The next matter is, get on. We have to specify even or the key there. So what we do here, it's Lipsey. Pinch this dicked dot Get it and just type here. Brach. So do you print this? Did not get brand so value associated with the brand that its total. In this case it's printer. Here. You can change this to anything. Let's of one and then 800 undervalue the monkeys. Here the value is 1975. If you've entered an invalidity, let's see what happens. No. So to avert this situation, there is also facility that either you can check for none or you can check for the center church. You can specify a value in this did not get function, which will be returned if the key is not present. Otherwise, if you don't specify it as their sin will get none. Spec string or this letter one is not present in the keys off this dictionary and their side we return or what we get is none. Then gins just let sprint after this everything as it is and sort of get when I do. It's a use this dicked dot kids and let's village on the negatives a fait Britain. So there's Dichter Kids, Prince, Big Kids, Branch Model, Year country and, well, all of the keys off the dictionary are printer with this particular function off matter called Picked under School kids. So these are the different matters or before methods that we discussed in the next review. Mill City. Further, few matters pass watching this video. 35. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 20: Hello there were discussing about the dictionaries in by 10 programming on We had Seen How we can initialize a particular dictionary and how we can use some dictionary methods over here. Let's see some yume some more matters in decision. So let's begin. The new matters that we want to see here are up while Bytom and updates all the three methods are pretty interesting, and that's why we have included them in a separate video. What methods will remove and written an element from the dictionary harming the specified key? The difference between pop on get is get really just returned. The value unspecified key where it's pop will remove the elements completely from the dictionary. Let's see. So this is the function that we have the program written. So there's dicked is our dictionary that we have created on. Let's Wanting is equal to this dicked dot get and I'll just down, but angina and l print district again. But what I do is being able to this sticked dot though on he had, let's see give brand again, and what I'll do is I'll just sprint a here and stop the strict and here l print be now the output off both off the things it see. What we're doing is they're getting value off Key Branch. But here we are using the get matter. And here he is in the pot. Mitter. What is the significance? Lexie, along with value this time will bridge the dictionary also in order to have a separation between the two. Let's just French off blank line and then, after doing the pop operation also likes Trench. The dictionary. Nice again. See? Firstly the dictionary sprinter. Then we get through it up and then again dictionary a splinter. Nothing has changed, but when we pop Toyota out of the dictionary, you can see the complete key and value the brand under the boat Off them are gone from the dictionary. So pop, what that's part of what part does is completely removed and returns that particular key. Let's continue with the father matters. So this was wrong. And again there is another matter. Call pop item. Now, instead, off discussing anything about Pope Item. Let's give it a try. Now we have done Pop branch. When I'll do is I'll comment this midsection using three courts the miracles and here where do is be is going to do this. Dicked dot well might. And then I'll do what? French beach Unless what it does. See what again, See after the pop item operation of Uncommon and in 75 Sprinter. As you can see, the values are present inside normal bracket. It means it has returned up. Couple on what is the value? Insert the couple well, common and concern differ. That is the last value up top dictionary. If I pinch the dictionary as well. After this, I can see that those values are completely popped out from the dictionary. If you repeat the same precision one more time, you can see firstly 1 19 7 different spots and report from the dictionary, then country and India's spot from the dictionary on what returns is the remaining only three key value pairs. So that is the significance or the usage of the top item function. So Pope item and pop pop pop, a particular of value with given ski reference and pop item will simply Arab it really use the last year and keep my LaPierre of the dictionary in remove and return it. Last function. Tosi is up to each now update will simply, as the name suggests, update a particular dictionary. I'm really commented again with the contents off an introduction. Remember, it will do the update operation. What I meant to say is, let's try out something and you'll see it better. So this dick visible to this then no big is a call to support a curly bracket and created Extended. I'll call it Oh, muc and so on. Surveillance a register rights. 123 comma decks on Let's college see five. So that's a new ecstatic creator. I also do this dicked two is a little district, not copy, and I'll just come into all further lens. I don't want to use them, but what ABT it will do is if I try to update district with visit to nothing would happen. Vai. Let's this dicked dot a bit. This is Victor and then Print District. Why nothing would happen and that list remains the same. It's because there is not interrupted all the key and key values presented music to are all the liberals and in district, but here instead, off using district to for updating. If I use new underscore dicked then the values off the new dictionary are appended into it because they have new for it. Now, let's say apart from them if I have another common vell, Tom, like here 1966 exactly the same thing. Let's see what happens in 1960 cents has not been updated because it was already present and only the price and tax are updated. And now, instead of land in 6 to $65.1967 for example, no. See the value off here He is only operated without offending any new value with the same keener. So that's how you can use the pen function in dictionary I have. You would have clearly understood all the concepts. Just practice them over as needed on. You'll get a pretty better hold off the dictionary matters Trance. Watching this video 36. 20 Python Tupe List and Dictionary 11: Hello there were studying about the dictionaries in by 10 on till the last review, we have seen how we can declare a particular dictionary. I'm how we can use the number of different matters such a present in the dictionary now to conclude that dictionaries let's see some of the more methods are some more things which we can do with dictionaries. So next again, so you can do with your Kiva new off your dictionary. Remember, with key. Only this happens. You can do an attrition are checking whether that particular key is present in the dictionary or not. Some print one in district will check if one has a P is present in this dictionary or not on will simply written drawer halls. Similarly, if model in district will check if modern as a key is present in this strict or not, and if it is present, then this particular program are this particular. If look will be executed, that's true for them. Or you can print the let off a particular dictionary using this land function. Remember, it will not count. All the elements in the dictionary like key and key value would be assumed to be, too, but it really isn't everyone. So how many total key key value pairs are present in a dictionary that is given by the left ? Lastly, and most importantly, if you have to update a particular key and key value, then you can do so with this. So whether you have to update an existing key with a new value or whether you have tow, add a new key value pair altogether. You can use this last syntax. Let's see all of this one by one. So that's my program over here. So French. Hallelujah! It's Lexan branch in district. So Children, either true or false, I have instead of brand if they just brand to the Richard Print falls. Similarly, you can have an EF Loop for the same thing. So if Branch or if years, it's present some. If here in district, then print, for instance, else event absent, so false and present. If I make this year something else then falls and absent because the brand is not presented here when it also not present, let's make them presents, both of them with the land function. What we do, it's see French Len off this rich or it will go. It will simply print the length of the dictionary. That is fine. Five. What five developers brand model year country environment deserve the five key and key value pairs present. Also remember one more thing. This thing which we did with print Brandon Desert or here in District, is only applicable for the key. That is a brand. For example, if I do to your dying district, then it will give me false are instead of here if I do 1966 here. Although this particular value is present in district, but it is not present. That's key, but it is present as a key family, and that's why the in function won't check for the key values, but it will only check for the key. Let's do a bit experiment false because I have specified the country in particularly are purposefully in small caps. So it is highly insensitive countries present, but still it give false because this evil small are separated. Remember, only works on keys. Now, if I have to add a particular new key value, so lets you district off color as it will go ahead. It was not present previously as we can see in the dictionary, but it's district. But after doing this, it is appended to the last of the big story, and now it's present. You can also the same syntax to also modify a particular existing key. Let's see year. It'll 1966. Let's make it something else. Let's make it 9 to 9 tonight and then parentage so you can see the air value has been changed and the new Harley has been added to the dictionary. That's how you can add a new value. Remove a new hand you and check on do all those different matters which would have struggled. I hope you have found the dictionaries to be very simple and easy to experiment with, though depending upon the task or depending upon the application that you encounter. I don't know what you're doing on a 40 answering pattern for, but you will find different applications of dictionary depending upon the scenario. Still, I have few pasts for you to complete, readies improvements. So another by France crypto had a key to dictionary like this. So this is an old eastdil dictionary, and this is a new dictionary with the key m value the writer vital script to multiply all the items in a dictionary. Remember, when you're writing a script to multiply on the items, then definitely use a dictionary which has all the inter values. And lastly, I write the byte and script to concoct in it, following dictionaries to create a new one. So this have the critics stories. You have to declare them like this separately and combined them all to create a new dictionary like this. I know this tasks are very simple, but I will not argue to do any difficult tasks with dictionaries. So trance watching this video, I hope you'll find this exercise is easier on. We'll continue with the next session in our next video. Thank you. 37. 22 Functions in Python - 1: Hello there. We were discussing about the fighting programming in this tutorial cities I'm. So far, we have seen a number of different aspects off by concluding So this in this video. What we're going to do is we're into study one of the most important part off any programming language, and that is how we can write, use the functions, functions if you're not aware about. Or if you don't have any programming background, then function is a piece off court which needs to be repeated in your program to make it more palatable and to make it more functional. Functional means if I have to, let's say to a particular job off having a multiplication on having a factory. ALS, let's say for him to do it 5 to 6 times in my program on if every time I write down the same cool for competition affected real, then my program land increases the complexity increases, the core density increases all of the things. Now, instead of doing that, what if I write down a particular piece off? Cool. Now just look at it here. So what if I can just write down a particular piece off court here writing this as a function and then all the things leader for it there. Then order can go in my main program. I can just call the function as needed, so I'll go on doing my stuffs and we never made it. I'll just do function now. What happens when I call this function AIDS? Actually, the program shifts from dislocation goes to some other location. Their function body. Is it done after the function body is executed completely, for example, upto this line their entrance to the main court, and it controls institution from the next line so they never again the function name it's called. The program jumps over to that location. Executives for the various return over there under trance to the calling function again, This is the simplest form off getting an idea off. What a function it's no in terms of fighting programming. Let's see, what are the different types of functions that we can create? First of all, ah, function that doesn't accept or return anything. We'll just look at this type of function so that you'll get an idea of what functions are, and then we move forward so a legs begin writing the programs with tidal so logistical new program on. As always, I will save it as function under school one. So let's say I'm writing a particular program that I need to do on a particular prints treatment. Orvella to repeat a particular place treatment, a number off pants, for example. I need to do this print values you have entered are wrong. Leads the interest. Now let's say this is different line, which I want to repeat some number of times, depending upon some off. My inputs are wrong or something is wrong. Whatever it is, you know what happens. If I have to use 10 times, I will have to printed out 10 times at a number of different locations in my program. I'm sort of doing that. What I can do. Lexie. The function is return. Leg this in fightin So death. The name of the function. Let's their prints this opening and closing bracket on the court. So a colon after colon, the program comes one decks ahead or one ended ahead. I don't whatever he wants as a part of her function body over there. If you have done writing the function, your backs first come to the main in Dench. So that's it. That's the simplest function. We have rhythm to see how to use it. So say a is equal to int input until a number and I want that this number should not be zero. So if is a cold equal to zero, What I do is Brendan the Scotus else sprint a very simple test, okay? And end this program. So if I input zero as value off a, then values you have entered at wrong place three interest. And instead of that, if I used some other value, then the value is Richard. Now, human need to use a multiple number of plants, Alexei Fade zero. Then bring this else if is greater than zero and is less than 10 then also, it may happen that human it to print this and so on. So this is just a very arbitrary example off showing how to use this particular type of function which does not accept anything from the main program and does not return it into the main program ALS or the calling governments. So that is the same place where you can use functions. So I haven't done fight. So I listen. Internet wrong is the interest. So science. Because of this, the program gave the salads. Are the program instituted the function here safe? It is zero then also, if it is a number, they're also very the central or Menendez ensures when the number is going to Atlanta. Yeah. So that's how you can create a function which does not accept anything and does not return anything to the main problem of the calling. I will say in the next day about another type of function which can be created and used. Thanks so much in this very room. 38. 22 Functions in Python - 2: way we're looking at the functions in primetime programming on we have seen a very simple function how to create a very simple function in our last session. In this video, we'll see another time off how we can create a function which accept some values from the calling function. So this is the calling program and this is the function body. Now let's save it. Adds function underscored toe. And now let me tell you what is my requirement. Nomadic parliament is Instead of having a single number, I have two different numbers and I mean to perform their addition and display the results. So this whole thing is not needed. And what I need now is a function should accept this to values A and B on add them as a let's printed result of them. What can I do here is then I need a function like additions which should accept a comma, be and should bring the visits. Let's hope we can be final function for that. It would be death. In addition here, you can use any variable limb. The same one are some other. Also, I just use some of that name in order to avoid confusion. So PICO McCue. Then what? I can do it. I can have another variable are physical toe B plus you and Prince dessert off. In addition, our addition off zero less one is according to I hope you're not forgotten the dot formats and just must speak on my cue. Kamarck, Now here. What happens? Let's see the valley off a season pass to the addition function, and it's stored as the value off peak in the exact same er. Well, you have be it store that you our performs the addition off PM Que and Prince Citizen Let's see how it is. Then on how it is executed. The first number. Let's of 34 2nd normal. It's 45. The addition off 34 45 in 17 it and you can see it was 34. So the first value that I passed them function has been saved in the first wearable that has been declared inside the function while defining the function. So is stored and peak be stored in Q. So they're printed the same order, and there is a legal So this plate here, this is an example There your function can receive some values. And what we call these receiving values is arguments to take a leave equality arguments. So a function can discern arguments. It can receive one to our multiple arguments. It doesn't matter how many of you went superstore it on again. Pass as many values as you want. There is one thing here that we have a printer that result in the function itself. 1/3 case is then I want the function toe little me of value. In that case, I'll defend another function. Let's see how it it's so def ad become a que our musical to people's Que and you turn off. Then my men program is a physical to input, basically to input. And now I don't want C is equal to ID a commodity, and then I'll bring the results here. Additionally, it's almost everything it seemed, but what it's doing now it's is returning the result. And whenever you return something the function needs to Britain on the right hand side off assignment operator because it is retaining something unique to catch it or to save it in some variable. So C is doing the job for us toe catch on to save those variables added by this function. Let's see how it works now. This function is not called same thing on live two hands. Now you should is 45 marriage. I hope this was a very simple and very clear explanation off a function which doesn't accept any argument, a function which accepts or damage and cancer cells on the function which accepts an argument as the less returns and argument. Thanks for watching this video and the next video we'll see the number of different types of arguments are function candidacy. Thank you. 39. 22 Functions in Python -3: Hello there were discussing about the functions in fightin on. We have seen in our last example how we can create a function that can accept a value that can return a value. That gas of multiple Alice. There is one more thing which will see about function, and that is the most interesting thing about my plan is that a function can brittle multiple arguments. In this example, we have seen that a function can return a single argument. But if my can function can also written multiple arguments, how it works, Let's see so I have a blank function. Three to score by. Let's say we want a function to perform both multiplication and addition. So I just call it deaf and underscore mail which accept so two parameters. Let's say NB then add is a call to a plus B, and then money is a call to a multiplied by the beauty with fighter is you can simply return on a mammal. See does not allow our for that migrating basic language does not allow you to return multiple values and fight and can to gen multiple values which simplifies the programming toe all very, very larger extent. Alex. How we use it. I just to Helios Lexus. Some comma are and sort of some I'll just gone edition. Comma product is equal to five comma, some two numbers off course into a don't function name. So animal five commonly and then I can just spring deserves. Addition is a cool toe addition. Print multiplication is goingto the mucus. Sorry, some issue with spelling by 10 being very highly insensitive. Remember that you need to have our unit to be very careful about the spellings, and that's why you might have noticed I have used every single, very able Toby are small caps only. So see, that's how it waas Addition is 14 and multiplication. It's 45. This single future Ritter completely eliminates the need off. Some complex did not. Storing structures like pointers, which are used in C by 10 doesn't require those kind of things because it can directly return multiple values. Now here we are, returning to Halley's. It doesn't matter if you return to Hollywood's or three or four or five. It's totally upon the requirement. Whatever number of Allen's require you can do. Turn that out offer program. So that's how a program box are function. That's a function box. The function which doesn't accept and doesn't return anything. The function which can accept undertone values the function which can accept at Celestica on multiple planets. So that's how the functions returning the multiple values working Beytin Thanks for watching this video and the next video We'll see how you can use a global variable. It functions in fighting. Thank you. 40. 22 Functions in Python - 4: Hello there. We were discussing about the different functions used in Brighton, how we can create user functions and how we can be fined them on. We have seen so far this four diaper functions function that accepts nothing or does not return anything function. That, except some arguments and that some execution function that accepts as the less returns an argument and function that Britain's multiple arguments Now we'll see one more type of function. Basically, it's not a different type of function, but an introduction off something called a za global video. It is very interesting and important for you to know what about or what are the global variables. Global variables are something which is a same name or a single name that you want to use throughout all of your functions. Now, as we have seen, we want we used the variable limbs like a B, C B, or something like that. Sometimes I want that Let's say I'm measuring temperature on many a times. What I want is that that tent variable of the temperature variable should be accessible in a very single function off my program on. If one function changes the value of that variable. The same should be reflected in other functions. Also. Let's see, for example, what I mean to say vegetable variables and how to use it. So I have renamed the file to Function in the school full and let's see how it works. Say, I have a very animal temperature now, in order to use a global variable invite on you just have the specified as global and then call it or give the name of the functions. Attempt is now a global very um, I will just a sign of value to it. Let's say 45 then I have a mental function, but in stem now what it has to do is it will just many people it devalue off this variable and to use global variable here I can have logistically global time. And then I do want change the rally off the variable and bring the result again. I'll trick some different approach. I'll just read on death increment temp, and it will do what again? Global temp TEM physical to Templars five and then bridge. So these are two different functions. Both off name are accessing the same global variable called temp. This function is modifying its value and making it 45. This function, however, is not modifying the value of not changing the value, but increasing whatever the value it has. But five now, why at all we want this kind of structure depends totally on the requirements many attends . You do near this kind of things on many events. You do need to particularly avoid this kind off global variable usage. Let's see how we can use it. Rachel's going just French Tim, our elixir or regional value off temp. It's Come on, Tim, and in order to do is I just call Britain, underscore Tim and then will display the value off temp. And then what I do, it's two times I'll call this function and I'll again individually off. Let's see what happens. So any shell it's 45. After calling this function that is inclement Tim. It become 50 so the value of temp next time entered its 50. Then we are twice calling inclement time function, so it becomes self defense industry, and lastly, the value that we print. It's like this 60. That's an interesting example of how you can use global variables. That's not actually how you wanted to be used in many situations. For example, I will save this at selective function in the score five. And what I do It's I lose again, the same old example off addition. So let's say we have a result variable and then I have death. Addition a comma be so global results and then result is a call to a plus B then left model a coma. Be again. I have to use the same variable global variable result and the result is a call to a multiplayer by me. Now how we use dysfunction is like this. So whatever happens, I just needed the desert toe restored in one variable called result. So edition off five comma 500. And then what I do, it's pinch result. Similarly, multiplication offers the three comma four and then print fuselage. So this time this result variable condensed the addition of this two numbers and this Simon Cancers Stop the multiplication of Mr Numbers. You can use the global variables like this as many times as you want on in as many places as you watch. That's amount of I hope it would be clear to you so far how we're using the global variables. So just try and experiment with this kind of things. This kind of experiments of this kind of programs you may not need in global variables many a times. But there might come a situation where you do near the global variables. So thanks for watching this video in the next session. We'll see what are the different type of arguments we passed for function on. Then we'll conclude this discussion about the functions, times watching. 41. 22 Functions in Python - 5: hello there with setting about the python programming on particularly very distressing about the functions in Brighton. So far, we have seen a number of different types of functions and how we can also use the global valuable inside a function. Now there's a lot of different types of arguments African pastoral function. So let's begin. First of all, you can have a different type of arguments Boston to function with a defaulter. Women. So, for example, this is a type of function definition where you just have an argument to be passed. Name as well as you might have a particular argument all really given inside the function body. Except there's some messages going tohave. Now if I have bills, this kind of declaration, let's see how I do it. So just take a new, very a function name. Sorry, New Fine. And then just write down death try. I'm just calling it absolutes. A trial trial. I'm one thing insults and name. And the second thing is messages according to Hello. So this is a type of function on what I do here. It's French message coma me no, well running our executing this particular type of function which has a default argument. What? I just need to do its trial and pass a single argument to it because second argument is provided in the function declaration itself. That's it. I just dated on this, so it just printed Hello. I mean, that is the hello is provided inside the function body, and the name is provided bads during the execution. Next type of the argument it's a required are women, which we have seen before also wearing just write down one to our a number of different arguments, which you want to be passed to the function. These arguments can be strings as villas numbers. And then whenever you call that function, you just bust on, decided it's and we have use it in all of our previous examples, where you just used to pass one to our number of different arguments. Interesting one are the last true that its keyboard arguments and variable number of arguments keyboard arguments. It's something there. You just specify the name of the variables by defining your function and then, while calling the function use, provide the variable name on its value. So let's say the example of this one. I'll just copy down the same thing and see for how it works. So Beth, keyword argument, name and roll. And then what will do here is will just sprint both of them name, comma. And while calling this function unlike the trial here, what do you do? AIDs? Just specify those means as the less the rule in the function. Calling itself The Call is made like this. So here the name is equal to something that specified, and then roll is equal to something. It's specified off course. You can do the same thing like this. Also on, like a normal argument. Also, blankets Coma Cook. Both of them will book Keever Church R. That's the name of the function. Let's see how it works. Export of them have developed. So Tom Manager also watch, and amid Cook also works. What this kind off argument passing provide says with, is the simplicity that let's say, if I have to create a function for finding out the area off the circle and here you might want to just pass on radius, so Radius is it will do something which we print out the area of the circle. Nevertheless, this is also one day how you can pass the arguments to a function on the last week, which is most widely used. When you don't know the exact number of arguments that you may be having, it is select. It's so instead of black of what we do is we just give a status and right now name off variable and then that particular variables can have multiple Manus. The example is quite simple. Lives immediately types. So that thing is like this. So left, that's are prince them and asterisk fasts. Then you don't know how many number of variables we're going to pass, but I do. Here is for I in range. That's brutes. I. So it will print older. That's all. The numbers are all the things present in mass. Let's see how it works. Bring them when comma for comma, comma, one comma a comment This one No lives so which I should be in ST brackets. The political You cannot be interpreted as contagious for I in range, so it should not be for I in range, but for I involves self directly, so that's how it it's I N range is usually done where your specify a particular in pager value here. We don't have in digital delivery as it's so polite and that this creative. So that's how it goes if we don't want to do that. And if you just want to see that, what is it? So I can just go print maths and that will demonstrate me that it's a couple that it's created and store. So for I advance will print all the ballots and said the couple. And of course not to mention just like how we unstoppable you can individually access all the elements of this trouble here. Also like you can just French d lent, which will tell you how many elements are there so that you are pretty able to perform for the legislators so far, 11 sub. So those are the invades. How you can pass the different palates store function. I hope all of these exercises are all of these experiments. We be pretty much clear to you on the program so ridiculous with the course Epsom so that you can experiment there along with how I do it. I really recommend you that you write down the court along with me as I'm doing by simply posing this videos and try an experiment. All of this yourself. So that's watching this video in the next session. I live interview would be different. Lessons are different tasks you need to finish with functions which you have accomplished. Thank you fortunes with you. 42. 23 Send emails with Python: Hello there. This is a maternal on. We're studying about the fighting programming. In the last session, we were dismissing about importing different models into the fight, and programming in the section will sleep routines fast, using the simple SMTP lip for sending an email to the pension program. For those who may not know SMP, Pete stands for simple mail transfer. Probable. This is the same vertical that allows us to send an evil over programming language through programming language, auto complete computer network, whatever we use. For example, Interiors and Gmail are, yeah, home A. Already whatever leading events in this union rules which under, you know, going to the vem El Portal off that sense. So we open a browser, we go to their Bedwell platform. We give her log in information and whatever it is, the axis ever meal from it. But how computers can access email directly is to the SMTP portable. That's how the outlook are. Firebirds off programs utilize the email on. That's exactly what we're going to study in this program. Select again. This is a very simple program. Off writing are sending an email to a particular this different in order to send email from bison program. What you need to do is you need to import and all readily available simply lip. Then get a server Instance on there isn't rebellion, which is simply Pilip. Dr. Sim, people here, you give the address off your email service provider and it's simply people number and using Gmail service here. So sn tribunal Gmail or come and I excellence like port number that Elise. Then we use a commercial. Sellers started less for those who don't know that legally, just ignore. It just hasn't that this is what it feels for those who are interested start peerless sense are starting off transport layer cells, which is the literal send messages 3 70 people. Then we look into the server is in Surat Morgan email address and a search. Begin our message over here on then with send the email with this function server not send me here. You put the email address your emitters from here the management sage, the email address off the sip inch and finally the message itself and the lastly what we do , it's server Doc, which so here we have to try forced spending demon on second reading a library old offered , so that we get access it from the other programs falls. So let's executive instagram directly. There's always alludes the ideal you need to do fine on. I will save it in my favorite location I got and they might have some decorated for It's a sentiment, remember? Do not right the file name as female or male or something like that. If you must give an identifiable, aimed and just trial thunderstorm a cinch, let me tell you, are a lot of his reason for not naming it. But first, let's see how it goes. So this is my program now. Lives or magics properly Import s empty Pip. So what is the purpose in to predict some, Then start dealers in Logan and message instead of sending. So what I do here is I will use a demo convention that I have just e t s with specified boss much. Then this is the It's just in this address. So it is. It's a window. Remember our this for them to walk The idea from pictures sending an email must be a Jimmy lady on. Then I'll send the went to my all in religious. Over here is this and the message body is testing off fighting evil. Not every member. Morty, If you are doing it first time, which were emailing, then your Gmail will not allow you to log into the cellar. Let's most Travis one and then this program. Let's see whatever we get. So what is the use? Elements are search, not accept it. Let me just change the password toe indifference and let's see if it works or not. So whatever we got vaults SMTP authentication because it's a lemon. Passwords were not accepted in the previous now ex exception, and the program comes through the new line. Let's open on Let's start open. Maybe related. So my emails are really consider Simon not be needed to put the information. This wasn't 006 There's a loaded. So this is it. Testing off Mike an email just to make sure it's corrective? Okay, this time, village in real time. So what I'll do is in my involves. I'm religion smell and then we'll wait for year millions really Here on the mill, I just We never getting a bitch. Um, my different notes social promotions. I'll have to wait for some time. Okay, So the trial mills and has Wyndham on the medicine. So this time, which you can feel them, that was what Hedican. So that's how you can send email to your problem. But as I have told you, if you're waiting for the first time to your email, then most definitely this will not work for you. Why? Because Gmail doesn't allow the less secure APS like a Pichon script to send in the military. So you need todo is. You allow less secure APS. I'm just Google's or change, because that is the best way to get the link to allow less sticker APS from your gym in. So allow Jessica. Perhaps demon is when I just gave So Lessig Europe's my under google dot com. Listen, perhaps there's only you need to follow. It will again, definitely us with you long in my adult, and at this moment I can see the less occur. Abs accesses on our watch. It's much better. I'm now. It's very simple link, so I will copy that Link and Agrigento ever. It is indeed. So go to this link a little mystical, absolute miracle, whatever. From idea, using a lonely sticker up sorted and then only will be able to send the even. So that is the only setting unit apart. So having the right idea past much, there's about which there, someone send an email to fight him in the next score. Well, just convert it into a model and see how we can import it to some other function and make it look past watching this video. 43. 23 Send email library python: Hello there. We're discussing Are Dependent Programming on in the last video we have seen how toe create a program to send an email. We have also seen how toe allow the less secure APS to your Gmail account on this program is particularly tailored to using the Gmail service now. Emails ending part is John. And what I'm more interested in two now is to create a model off my old for this particular chemical. Let's see how we can do which. So let's begin. This is the court. I have have even not closed it. I just don't want No, I mean, save it at some other name. Let's call it something different, Something unique. So my mail surface and this college something strange. My mail service I'm in search here Important is okay. The text that you want to send through your message needs to be passed to this function. So what I do is here deaf. Send may message on any of it. Even name a can have so message to send and then they send their body comes under this program. Now, remember, if you want, this program will run by on its own. If you go to the main indent on type sent underscore Male. So what we have done is simply greater function out ofit created a function. So sending email so there text I pass here that we be sent as emails will also run it once I just closed my mailbox. So So open it. The program has run. So that's how this my email surveys or my mail service will vote for sure it revoke Now when I want to do is I want to save it as a model So they're still fighting human. This time we'll check in real the same one his last day. Now what I want to do is I want to save it has 11. So in that case, what I'll do is I'll simply not use this send mill and I would just seem it, but I think it as a definition. It's already been saved. My name SOS. Now I will create a new fine, I will say which in the same location where my mail services return. Anel just college said mm, a underscore sane underscore trial. A central here you want because the function return in my email service struck by. So do what import my men Service looks. This is present here. My mail service. It's presented the same folder. So import my mail service. If it is indeed is an area, just turn it here itself and it will show you if there isn't it. It is no weather at all. Let's also French de ir off my mail. So this as we were doing before spending mystic So it has got this one matter send on the scope mill not shown here. None of village that's sort off renting it this way. So my mail service Dutch just which for three seconds. So this is not a system function, so it will not ambition. So my mail said it is. This is a local function which you have creator so the drop down will not come. So my mail service not send underscore mill into the record. This is a male sent from a main function calling you will knife really from under fire. So whenever you want to use the email service, you will use it like this just an extension off, how you can use the functions in the same fightin program. But by placing it in a different file. We also create a library or roughage, and then we can reuse it in multiple places without damaging or without touching the original. Let's run this and let's see if the output comes later. Much so I just don't work print in Millicent. So it's calling that function from my mills that will start by program sending the men and then showing me better the minute sent up. Not so they've shown that email has been sent. Let's check it. Yes, this is the surf item. Tremendous time Bill Chicken. Really? The message it seeing message shouldn't have been seen left. Stick it one more time. So message you're passing here. Then let's up on my immense service. Let's have had we have make a made a mistake. It's their denies that we actually made a mistake. So my men service okay, the video. And then here is message to send. I just use the same here and stuffed message Mrs to Set, and you can comment about this initial test I will read on this program. And this time the nets, which were passing here this email it sent from a main function, calling a celebrity, and so whatever it is should appear and even got it. So they inserted wanted things, how descended email and how to create a library off our own. Now this lad very is not needed to consist only off one function. Instead, it can also pencils off multiple functions that you want to be repeated a number of times. So that's about which this is how you have to create to leather. It's so desire to create to buy temples one real actors library on either one with import that liberty. So dry it out and see how it works for you. Thanks for watching this video. 44. 24 Imports in python: Hello there. We're discussing Are Dependent Programming on in the last video we have seen how toe create a program to send an email. We have also seen how toe allow the less secure APS to your Gmail account on this program is particularly tailored to using the Gmail service now. Emails ending part is John. And what I'm more interested in two now is to create a model off my old for this particular chemical. Let's see how we can do which. So let's begin. This is the court. I have have even not closed it. I just don't want No, I mean, save it at some other name. Let's call it something different, Something unique. So my mail surface and this college something strange. My mail service I'm in search here Important is okay. The text that you want to send through your message needs to be passed to this function. So what I do is here deaf. Send may message on any of it. Even name a can have so message to send and then they send their body comes under this program. Now, remember, if you want, this program will run by on its own. If you go to the main indent on type sent underscore Male. So what we have done is simply greater function out ofit created a function. So sending email so there text I pass here that we be sent as emails will also run it once I just closed my mailbox. So So open it. The program has run. So that's how this my email surveys or my mail service will vote for sure it revoke Now when I want to do is I want to save it as a model So they're still fighting human. This time we'll check in real the same one his last day. Now what I want to do is I want to save it has 11. So in that case, what I'll do is I'll simply not use this send mill and I would just seem it, but I think it as a definition. It's already been saved. My name SOS. Now I will create a new fine, I will say which in the same location where my mail services return. Anel just college said mm, a underscore sane underscore trial. A central here you want because the function return in my email service struck by. So do what import my men Service looks. This is present here. My mail service. It's presented the same folder. So import my mail service. If it is indeed is an area, just turn it here itself and it will show you if there isn't it. It is no weather at all. Let's also French de ir off my mail. So this as we were doing before spending mystic So it has got this one matter send on the scope mill not shown here. None of village that's sort off renting it this way. So my mail service Dutch just which for three seconds. So this is not a system function, so it will not ambition. So my mail said it is. This is a local function which you have creator so the drop down will not come. So my mail service not send underscore mill into the record. This is a male sent from a main function calling you will knife really from under fire. So whenever you want to use the email service, you will use it like this just an extension off, how you can use the functions in the same fightin program. But by placing it in a different file. We also create a library or roughage, and then we can reuse it in multiple places without damaging or without touching the original. Let's run this and let's see if the output comes later. Much so I just don't work print in Millicent. So it's calling that function from my mills that will start by program sending the men and then showing me better the minute sent up. Not so they've shown that email has been sent. Let's check it. Yes, this is the surf item. Tremendous time Bill Chicken. Really? The message it seeing message shouldn't have been seen left. Stick it one more time. So message you're passing here. Then let's up on my immense service. Let's have had we have make a made a mistake. It's their denies that we actually made a mistake. So my men service okay, the video. And then here is message to send. I just use the same here and stuffed message Mrs to Set, and you can comment about this initial test I will read on this program. And this time the nets, which were passing here this email it sent from a main function, calling a celebrity, and so whatever it is should appear and even got it. So they inserted wanted things, how descended email and how to create a library off our own. Now this lad very is not needed to consist only off one function. Instead, it can also pencils off multiple functions that you want to be repeated a number of times. So that's about which this is how you have to create to leather. It's so desire to create to buy temples one real actors library on either one with import that liberty. So dry it out and see how it works for you. Thanks for watching this video. 45. 24 Import library in Python: we're discussing about department programming, and in the last session we have seen some of the trips related to import. So let's send some more off them in this session. What? We're going to see its vaults import a library. How to check were down the different member functions off that library. So let's begin now. Don't check the different functions off a lab. Really, you have to straightforward methods. Citizen writer. If you import it like this or if you just write import time, so what you need to do in simply Prince be ir I so print the ill time will go simply French . All the functions presenting Serve the time level. Let's turn its back looking at fine Hannigan's So STF time Mr Every Time Struck Time, Monochromatic time, part time times. All these are the matters. Visit insanity time buddy. Similarly, let's say import Brendel, so this is off renting the desire for time helping treat for rental. So these are remember functions. Doesn't inside the dungeon like really like order and the modem is again see, deter mattered off. Doing the member functions off a particular library. Is this important? Let's say import dick time and then just write down. They time dot and rightful three seconds, and it gives you a drum normalised off all the functions President say this library so that time consist off another function. Materials that the state time again give a dot, I can ever say, but for three seconds and then it shows the drop down list of that function. Waas. So what we do is a time not they them not know, for example, so let's do it inside a print. Now insert off waiting for three seconds. You can also do their time dot controls this So this is what most programmers prefer, so give it not and then hit controls this dot control space. You can try it on the telly laterally. Let's say if I have time dot controls, so I am not controls with You're getting in either of the two metres to see the member functions off any particular important metal just trying his own with whatever library or whatever function that you are using currently, or what your function you're planning to use and see how it works for you. Thanks for watching this video 46. 25 Import OS: Hello and welcome back to the by Temple. Damning discussions we're having on indecision we're going to study are different model, which is called It's Always select. See how we import always and what are the different functions that we can use out off this model that is input. Always. I remember wanting primarily import toys. Most importantly, although there are a number of different functions present inside the US model, but most primarily on UNIX computers as the lesson max as well as on Windows. To some extent, US is imported to run a system never command through writing program. For example, off NK the i r a B c. I don't know how many off you are aware off system level commands. So just open the documents folder. I was sure that there is nothing called zzz Zet. So here I can use a common M k B I. R. Since its exits and just hit enough and a new folder this created call doubles. It doubles it. So I'm good. Here is a common which can be run from command, prompt off Windows mission or even only last mission never buy 10 program. Winston incurred the ire or any such comments, then it needs toe import the toilets. Modern so oils work system is the function call, and inside the bracket you can pass on any command as a texture. So similarly, we have done what in Kenya Raby scenes passed on here, which can create a functional holder called Embassy in the same folder where the program is being executed. So let's immediately get on with it. Dr. This function or this particular functionality is more popular on more viral use in embedded application. Let's say you are using or you're creating something out of us did empire on. You need to know whether a particular the particular object has been saved on within a particular finalists. To be open or dilated are far. That said, it can be anything that a number of different functions legs good from command, prompt on dysfunction can be used in any place which suits or with some suitable. So let's save this as a less let's try it. It was import well, this or his dark system m Kenya in this that was it. So I just opened that respect to full it also my pikers. So with my bikers just my course and were sent back from here on trial. This is the name of the function on the move to go down. Just run it. So for a short blink, you can see the command prompt or the terminal wads running. It went out very rapidly but it was this so again, do that it can you see it just blink. But that doesn't terminal window appearing which Waas doing vote running a particular come on and creating the folder called Eighties 700. There are a number off such functions like See, what are they? Which we use was popularly So where is your name? So print what is not name. We'll print the name of us. In this case, it will not print windows. Strain between the types. It is Windows NT. Then get current a beauty or you get CWD sensor. Get current working directory. So, apart from printing with them, what will lose? Prince was not Get Scylla beauty so many times we don't know. Head out for them is running. So this cwt will give us the current part. Were the current Obama's. So it is in documents five course and in Saint Michael's. There is a folder called Were sent back for. This program is reeling from that location. Then there is a resort name and the oil start at us. Well, this is about the insert, and later, so far in this issue, is a mean streak. Object is not gullible. Existent object. It's or struck me again, Andy. So that is the important OS Modern was that we will be seeing in the try and accept section . Remember, all the oils is not open abused. It'd still having a lot off usage because it can directly ran a system level. Come on through the fighter program. And that's what Utd's particularly and most widely used for. So try out with us. On safe are the functions trans fortunes video. 47. 25 Import Platform: welcome to the by the programming discretion in the last station we had seen how we can import the US model off the fightin on access, the different methods or different functions. President Sir Do is similar jewelers. We are also looking at the import platform. Modern indecision so important platform. It's something specific to the bi template farm, as well as the computer on which were done in this program. It is very simple and very straightforward, having some very interesting comments on interesting functions that its platform that architecture with just returns off the type of architecture you can pick it is having. So now what is usually the arbiters haven't architecture of 2 to 2 bit off 64 bit so that that little bit is code named as I create six and 60 forward. It showed us am basics to for so long that architecture will give up something off. This, too. I create six or A and B 64 then the same way platform that machine will give us ah type of the mission again. Similar output would be there in our connection and machine. We'll see what the output comes out, which similarly platform. Not nor will give the computers network claim is the use of them that you're having. Then platform, not platform, will return a big string, which can contain more information like name off the operating system or exact name of the operating system or something like that. They're from the process. Ervin returned the processors name and yet from naught by conversion building Randy Vital version. Let's see how we can run these functions on for this. We don't need to create a particular program. We can decided to use it from by tension. Then, after trying out dysfunctions, you may also try out dysfunctions, which are present in Brighton, and see how they evoke. So just often, idol on Do what? Import rightful. It's import plentiful. And then it is not to do what platform dot on conviction. So our collector, it's 64 bitch windows. So architecture gave us the architecture sister for bridge platform, that machine evidence the type, which is a missive civil, then let from not Lord Automation is the name of this computer, then platform dot fretful, so it gives Windows stand something. Something. In the last session, we were seeing Wes so if I do print was not name. It shows empty business over in Boston. But who is showing When does 10 platform dot black form? This is the matter then. Bread from not processor Now I don't think so. Vital laws that we're using our I seven computer, but it will definitely give information which is available to it. So Intel 64 bit family. Six. Model 1 58 Stepping 10 general into So they're so information it has about our processes and then, most importantly by 10 dot Brighton, underscore Bush. So like tell not Brighton, the Scope Russia limp item is not so if I mistake its platform, not by the number score version. So it shows the version that values images fighting 3.6 point eight at symbol is that just trial All the functions off the black for models and say, for Howard votes for you. Women need it in multiple different places. Way too. Let's send the name of the computer over an email. Are does some processing or have a name off files created by the name off a particular architecture or fuller missing matter. What is the requirement that will only be known when a particular application comes up. So try out all the black family later functions and see for its output. Thanks so much of this video. 48. 26 Exceptions in Python - 1 : Hello there. Welcome to the high temperature jamming sessions were discussing on indecision. We're going to talk about exceptions, So let's begin in every programming language. Others are. Exceptions are an interview in part off the programming language because, in fact, the error are the exception. Tell says. What we have done wrong in a program if a programming language are if a programming structure doesn't contain Erin, that the user will never know if he has made any mistake or not. So editors are the best way to tell the user they're a particular mistake has happened, so that he then can change are particularly makes some corrections into its program Now. It's a very common term that an error is an error as long as you don't handle it on. If you handle it, it becomes son exception. Now that's a very tricky line to say, but many programmers use it. Many trainer, since he uses what it means to say, is whenever it is occuring in your program, where dominant error is occuring in your problem. What happens usually is you program stops or exits on many days. You may want that if some other rockers, then the program should continue the operation for some other tasks or by throwing some particular enter and then again, contrary the program. So discontinuing the program in spirit often better. It's called its handling often Editor, which no one onwards will just call it that exception. So an exception is thrown and the program stops. But when you handle that exception, the problem can continue. We're going to discuss all these things in this end up next session, so let's begin. So these are some popular nights of exception, not the only type of invite. And I will say there are a number of different exception types and Pitre. These are some off the most popular, not popular, but some of those errors, which will most probably get encountered then you're right in the program. So I only appears when you're trying to access a file which doesn't present or which cannot be opened. Import cannot cover when you're trying to import something which is not there. The locker ben. Some particular value is been stored in a variable, which is having some different data types or something stranger trying to do keyboard introductions. When you manually tight control, see in your program. May times it has usage will see how we can use it. U F error is then built in function. Hexane end off the five condition zero division area. It's something when you're trying to divide a particular line by zero to just have an idea off all the errands. What we'll do is we'll just tryingto immune it. Some of the others So not all but at least some So import I made on the school run this nine day. There is no life really named Dmitri. So model not found errors. Okay, so the 1st 1 which we've been saying import, enter our, which is somewhat, not fun. Then, Ah, let's see value era when it comes. If I have in a ah is equal to will you come to Peyton and what I'm trying to do is visible do a plus 3 42 Now there is a type of similar to value. There is a type and subtype governments or the two are entirely different things. Intense string and head. Hence they cannot be added to each other than ever comes there. A built in operation off function receives an argument that has the right type, but an inappropriate value. So when you're passing something strange to a function at the 10th earlier milker Lexi import time, I am not slip A on a B again. It's name it, um It is not different but similarly will encounter the evaluator. Also, it has happened with me multiple times. No, the time that slip doesn't expect to have a negative value. So it's evaluated. So strip plant must be not only get to number, so similarly, there are a number of different things number of different exceptions that are present in fightin. Let's seven marks. Seems if I don't let the in defendable cereal, so it will definitely give up zero divisional. So there's a number of different exceptions present in fighting now. Control C is also one of them. So if something is executing and if you look until see that people interpret the rockers and the program stops now, I'm going to give you an example. There. I will run a program in a infinite loop so is equal to zero then or let's import. I'm is equal to zero, and then I just don't want violence to well, Truman's. I'm just giving a condition here. That is true. It will organism into will never be false. So whatever I'm going to right here will be executed. Infinity will not stop ever. So I love a is equal to Comma E. What I do is a visible shapeless one and then I'll take a slip off two seconds following some animal granite. So let's save the program as before, by course, exception. Exit the school one and then this village. Now, as you can see, the program will go on executing endlessly. It will not stop ever. Okay? No, If I have to stop it, what I do is controls it. Girl with very strange letter. And the program got stopped completely Now instead, off this keyboard in trumped directly giving it to this way. What if we handle it? And what if we do some particular task? Well, executive exiting the program. So for any such task, whenever you want to exit using control, See? But you want to execute something before exiting are for that matter Whenever you want to do any such thing here after an aneurysm card, you want to do something You want to execute something in that case, What we do is be makings off. Try and accept former so whenever the others and try what what happens is the program structure is like this. So whatever you're right, don't try will be tried for execution. If it is correct, everything will be skipped on. The program considers definitely where the mouse pointer it's showing as no. But if they did some better in executing the print excitement, If there is a name error, then this land will be executed. Er, if there is a letter which we don't know, then this land will be executed. So accept and name of the exception that you have to give here. And if you don't know the name of the exception you can just use except the problem in this true tenses here it will be only executive and a specified exception lockers. Whereas this will occur, then any kind of error Focus. Let's see how we can use this fine except another current program situation where I want to execute something infinitely on If the control see other rockers, then I want to exit peacefully. No, I wouldn't do here is in try. I will write down this file toe and whatever it is, the Indian nation off. The impact of them changes. So tries on and then accept which inheritance except keyboard and dropped. So I'll just copy the text except keyboard and tripped, and I'll print here. But don't I institute Now? Let's see what happens now as long as they don't give control, See are as long as you don't give that exception, which is control. See, the program will keep its beauty. Now you control he bought in plucked. So I'm exiting. You need to just keep it pressed for some time because it is executing in cycle. So it just first it multiple times. First time it showed me I am exiting. And then from next time and on, it's just giving me this kind of head of so doing this can make your problem execute exit while executing something. The very real need it. Let's say if I have a long program, which is doing writing a fine and if by some reason, if some error occurs, then that file writing may be completely stopped because we don't close the land or if you don't close the file here in keyboard interpreted. Can do is you can close that particular fight. I'll show you an example in the next video. Thanks for watching. 49. 26 Exception in Python - 2: Hello there. In the last video, we have seen how we can use try and accept scenario. Let's say practical application off. Try an exception in this video. So let's create a new file on I thought I want to use this file should implement a variable and same it into a particular file. So let's begin. What I do is Ah, First of all, let's take a variable. It is going to zero, then open a file and do something with that file. So my file is it going to open my fate all long dot txt Whatever name you want with an attribute off, right? And then what I want to do is violent is less than 10. My file No. Tonight string off a my fail dot night a new land and then my file so and then in order to get to know about it, Ben time not sleep. Import time here Now how this program waas lexie and first save it into my location. So except try except on save it here by the name on. Let's try to learn it now how this woman wants it. See it really execute some particular number off times now, since I have not given any prints set, which I will not be able to see it. Let's add a print statement over here, Prince, and let's also inclement the after they've irritation but one. So what was the level do is they will start from 01234 every time it is incriminating by one. What's happening is, is being returned into the fine. Now, once the writing, it's completed. What we can do is we can simply open that folder there. Our current program file. It's stored or where the program it saved on we can see if the same fine is been generated with the desire are put into it. So my file so long not be it's too nothing is you the gods. You have not closed it. So my file not close now see why nothing waas there because closing the file is very important unless you close the file, your program or your beat up normally saved and I want to close it. Once all the writing off 0123456789 is turning to define. So what we do is that I don't a clothes line or occlude statement. And after executing the clothes straight trench, the fine. It's sage. So if I open long now against 01234 offensive seven inch nine. Now consider if the program is executed and when the problem has been executed. When some number on Saturday, let's a 45 or something. And if I had that moment, if I had to control see what happened, you took keyboard interrupt. My program has stopped or quit. And if I opened the love, not yet. So now there is absolutely no need a tall why. There is no data because the final will be saved after the closing statement and there is a file closed after finishing the entire mind. But if in between, If by right now I gave a keyboard interrupter, if they did some large program mincer of this, then they're in the number of different sources for that exception. In that case, what we can do, or what we must do is use. Try and accept over here in this scenario, how to do that. Let's see, so to know that what we'll do is we'll just implement the whole file and the file clothes separate in a drive. Yes, and what I do is except what is the name of that energy that we give keyboard? And so there is a keyboard in Trump coming than what we'll do is my fine not close friends exiting and that's about it. So let's say that this program now let 0123 and give a control. See, at this moment So exiting a sprinter minutes, this land is executed. Missed. This land is also executed. Let's open the finalists loader on. Let's see if they didn't see the one to end its don't it? So that so the try and accept is useful. Okay, if you know the name of the other other ways you can just just try and accept. But here the same thing will be executed. Then ever any kind off error. Aucas. Previously, we are executing it only for keyboard interrupt. But if I don't give the keyboard and dropped, then the same build one or the same will happen whenever any kind of exceptional occurs. I don't I can't give any other exception than the keyboard in terms, so I'll give keyboard interrupt only so this about. So try this out. Well, give your interrupt here properly and see for how it works for you too, can see just control, see on exiting. So even if you don't specify the name of the inner, if you don't know the name of their of the particular program will go off, the program will execute. The only limitation here is you're not specifying the name off that particular interest. So in a program, you might need different exceptions for the French in Terps. This may not be use focus, or this may not be the most ideal situation to use. So try this. Try and accept in your particular situation or program and see how it works for you. Thanks for watching this video. 50. 26 Exception in Python - 3: Hello there. Welcome to D panting programming cause we were discussing about the try and accept Invite him. So we discussed is how we can use, try and exit If you know the name of the exceptions that I can use the structure of the resident just I don't accept which can handle or which will execute on any kindof exception . Lastly, they did finally entire except catch there something that every right down in the trial section will be executed. If there is an exception, then accept Block will be executed on regardless off. If there is exception or not, the finally block is on its executed. So this is our try except and finally books. So the finally it's something which will always execute inspector off, whether there is an exception or not off course. If you have something done, invite true. Look over here in try which X occurs infinitely, on which Eggs Igor's forever. In that case, the finally may not execute because the program doesn't come out of that look. But in the normal program, the finally is a section which will always execute regardless off the presents are absence off exception. Let's see an example for it. I have an example for it. Return over here on your sofa. Say, let's look at the score and what it's doing. So what we've done here is we have returned a very simple matter. My texts. Three plus one. Let's hit export minus five. If it is greater than zero, then something happens. Otherwise, the other things happened. So else's something and then accept Attribute. Error our type error, as we remember as e means you are handling or you are saving the name of that error or the exact error message in a variable called E is you can for the print. So if there is any exception, then the message jewelry, printer, other local and then name of that exception will be printer on. It was for two of whether there is an exceptional, not the finally block will always execute. So let's see finally block Will our vets execute? So three plus one is four minus file that is virus one, which is not equal toe or sorry, which is not greater than zero. So else Olympics Future next, see hubs for remembrance. What is that occurred? Must be string not inch by because what we're doing here is Sprint helpless for which is not acceptable. So what it gives is it gives a type of I just short of the entire message, because we have written except as attributed, a common type, terror at sea. So this evil save the error message. If I give the first message or first, that is, is gold a three and a a pen. Hello, you cannot a paint to a variable. He only up into a fine, so this is going to give an attribute. So let's see that object has no attribute a pain. So the entire message it saved and then display, irrespective off whether there is exception or not, that finally block will always execute now, depending upon the situation that you have when you're doing the programming, the finally block is used many a times it uses when you want something some piece off the court to be executed. Irrespective of whether there is an exceptional notch in any such guests, you have to make use of this exception and finally structure so dry out this experiment on your own as a less styled number of different. Such exceptions are others that you have known so far and say for the output for yourself. That's what you this video 51. 27 Install Packages using pip: hello there will come back to bite them programming cause we're discussing about on indecision. We're going to discuss about the fightin packages. So far, you have seen that we're using the fight and for writing down programs to do a number of different things. But remember, not every programming language or not any programming language can contain all that is developed for the particular language. What I mean to say is fight on by itself or by its installation does not contain every single library that is reckoned, forage and every day, every new do. The developers across the world are creating some new packages, creating some new functionalities with by turn, which can be added to increase the usability of the fightin in usage. So these things are called AIDS fighting packages and you we can install the heightened packages as and when needed in power installation so as to be able to use them. So let's see, what are the different packages on how to use them. So I said, let's see what are the different packages? But that's a very, very big overstatement because there are so many heightened packages available that I just cannot fathom name or I can never list them out in a slight show. So what I have done it. I have included some of the most popular fighting packages, which wheels which number of different people use in their everyday life in their everyday programming tasks. So one such package, it's called tiny DB, which is a very small database used for fightin. Then that is number I, which is used for Mattocks operation in Patton. Open City. You may or may not know about, but it's very popular. One. This is open computer vision library, so it is used for performing computer vision applications with fightin Side by adds some complex math lab like mathematical function. San algorithms to the Brighton by game is used to create audios videos and synthesizing different things. By Compean. By Gitic Air. The GeoEye making libraries in Titan Requests is one of the most popular issued API library written for Brighton, and Sheryl is also one of the very popular shed a little bird that said, these are not the only packages. Don't even consider that that these are the only packages for vital. I have just listed some fight and packages. Are I must immediately call it soon Byington packages. So because it is, it's just few numbers that I'm showing here. Why it is not the package itself, because no course, no bite and course in this world can cover every single package. There are more than 2000 different packages available for biting, and you cannot just experiment with everyone off them. But you will experiment that those packages, which you need the most point I'm making here, is how do we install this packages? So do you manually download, name and do something with them or fought so to install this package is, we can use the Fightin package manager. In short, it is also called Let's Be I Be because B. I. B is a script is a small program present inside Beytin, which can access deep item package manager, which is nothing but an Internet based site. Or instead of saying site like Missy, a server where all the different packages are hosted, or Minden, the website, it's 55 or the fight and Package index for Brighton. It's pipe i dot org, for example. Let's say if you have created your own package, then what you can do is you can simply upload them here, and people across the world can download that package directly into their installation by simply running a very small command. So let's first search. Deep package we're discussing about selects eternity. Okay, so by Tim Package Manager has a script build inside of the installation off your beytin. Let's navigate to the installation while during the installation. If you remember the very first video where I have shown, I had particularly mentioned and forced you toe check on a box called Are Fighting to the Parts Variable. What that does is whatever the scripts are presenting. Fightem folder are directly accessible from command, prompt if they are not accessible. They needed to find your program file, sir. Vital Installation Scripts folder and then they're It's something called Let's Be I Be so this is the P I. P. P. I. P is nothing but the package manager program, which you can run directly. I don't think so. Anything would be easy to understand out of it, so let's just run it. It's an application made him thank him. So how do we use V I P? It's very simple. If I have to install tiny BB in my fighter, All I have to do is open a command prompt and type P i p in stone tiny db so CMD As a Ming , you have not taken the necessary actions required for I didn't invite him to depart variable what I'll have to do then It's silly. Program files CD by 10 36 City scripts This is evidence that I have not. I didn't invite him to the part well in stolen and then just type B I b install. I need to be the single same command will contact package manager, downloaded the particular package for you and then install it for you. Now it could not be installed because the access is denied at a particular location. To avoid that in Windows on Lillard's, you can definitely pseudo before the common on Windows Type command and then to the Let's administrators again, able to the same location suitable, not city double dot than city program files, Silly Beytin 36 City Scripts and then the AP and Strong I needed so it will collect the finally every package, install it in Solution Stone and the installation off fighting itself wasn't correctly, then you don't need to be present at that particular location. C Program files by turn scripts that's not necessary. You can add middle it from any place. Let's see, shall you? That's a shed. A letter package. Very interesting. One. Soapy AP Install Sugar lets the common the AP install show you it will again in the same way. Collect the shuttle package downloaded on Install it. So that's how you can download and install any particular bite and package in your installation as you want and use it in your programming. How big is it? Most of the times, every package speech. Let's tell how you can use that particular package so we'll see how bills they shed in a package in our next video. Thanks for watching this video. 52. 28 Scheduler in Python: Hello there. In the last video, we have seen how we can install a particular BEYTIN package from the on land depository or online point on baggage Index. Using the P I. P. Command. In this video, we will see how we can use this particular I turn modern called. Should you on a patent package? Consider. So we have already installed it using the command p A p install Sheldon. And then this is the sample court for it. So shall you is basically a library for by turn, which can do shuttling for you so it can run a particular function or a particular task repeatedly. Periodically are at a specific given time. You can look for the program. It's very nice. What we have done here is just, unfortunately, import time. Then we have created a function of job. Something is their friend time working. What you can do is shed in every 10 minutes to do this job literally in minutes, 10 minutes or whatever. You pass here with the number off minutes or the every number off minutes. You want that job. We executed our every other do that job. So if you have some multiple functions. So if you have some other function, you can write down the name of their function in San Is Back it the shuttle every day at 10 30 shading every 5 to 10 minutes. Seven shuttle every Monday, Shared will every Tuesday at a particular time. She'll every minute at 17 2nd toe do that particular job. It's very interesting. And then you're my program consist of just one thing. Indigenous Children pending. Whatever is there in fine it looked finally going to be the shuttle run pending should be there and just copy this scored and they will just used a vital and create one program with it. So this is idle. Get a new file, save the program, and let's save it in the same location. My courts. No, I'm just gonna dads, should you and this is a ch into school. So in this for them, what I'll do is simply every one minute to the job. Or let's see every minute at particular seconds, I'll comment out on leather things. Remember, you can also comment a larger block with three single courts to start it and three single courts to end it, so I'm working is a job which we've launched to be executed every minute at 17th 2nd So currently 38 seconds is going on, so I'll just run this program. Nothing. We were printed onto the terminal because in our vital to new medications is written. So there is a job which needs to be executed at 17 seconds off every minute off course, you can have multiple jobs. You can have multiple programs you can have multiple. Sheryl's on this settler is just but one example off. What are the number of different bite and packages that are being created by developers around the vote? And they have contributed it to their role Vital package index. So see, exactly At 17 2nd the I'm working is executed. It's completely up to you. You can have some other job like Neff jumped. Oh, on different I'm not working or anything for that matter. You want to bridge, and then you can show you this at every 20th 2nd and then legislate it. I don't know. Yeah, we're good. But you Don Cheadle. So on 17 2nd one function is going to execute. And on the 17th So I have made a terrible mistake job. Done it again. Okay, So job to was important. One should execute job and other insurance. A good job to act to this. But two seconds. That's 17 2nd Okay? And that's 20th 2nd let's see. Is it raped? So jump towards two and get second and job one was x 17 seconds. So try and shelling your programs at different times and see their output for yourself. That's watching this video. 53. 29 sqlite3 in python - 1: Hello there. Welcome back to deep item programming course that we're continuing weight in decision on in subsequent physicians, we are going to discuss about the data basis in Brighton. We're taking example off a particular database called sq like three and all our discussions would be around understanding how the data basis work on how to use them. Invite him. So let's begin now. Database. Basically, it's something which is used to store a large amount of data. Now that you have seen that we can save data in a note pad, file off. For that sake, we can also save Daytona CS we fight. It is all gave in your city a particular set of data on a particular set off small data. You can make yourself the periods TRC's REFILES, but consider the data which a bank needs to store for this customer. There are thousands of different customers off a particular bank, and each customer is having again thousands off difference transaction histories. Then this kind of data is to restore. Then a simple file structure is not useful. And for starting such kind off, high volume detail. Instagramming, we need databases now. That's a very shocked, but with a simple introduction to the database. Now there are a number of different types of data basis, which can be used with any programming language. Now let's see what we're looking at. It's called That's sq Light. Three. Why we are taking reference off Escolar Tree. It's for a very simple reason. This is absolute bigger schools on escalatory. It's part off vital language itself. So when you install fight, escalate trees built inside the fightin, it is a cervical. Is it obvious that can be used with almost all programming languages, including Bytom? Know what they mean by server less Now, If you know about a skill or my skill, then good. If you don't know about it, don't bother about it. You're just getting started with database learning. So don't bother about Just understand one thing that a database is a fine, which is needed toe. Save the data. There is a separate, detailed software, which is called its database management software, which handles storing daytime to the database, retrieving data from the database. And usually it requires a server Tobin ending onto the computer to which we connect and store the data. So if you know about it. Good. If you don't know about it, just forget about it. For now, let's country. No. You can get to know about the things slowly as we progress several lessons. There is no need to install a separate server toe work with a skillet so you can connect directly with the database order DB File to your program. It doesn't extremely lightweight database that provides a relational database management system with absolutely no configuration. The home. The particular site for Escalate is this Excalibur as a dot org for more details. You can go into this now. Let's see what we can do with it on before understanding the data basis. It is also imperative toe understand about what is Devi with which we communicate with the state of this. It is not that simple and storing the file or creating a file and then just resurrecting somebody time to it because the major purpose A for database is to store the data as well as the tree, which, as we want it means there has to be some mechanism with which we can retrieve. The data are, let's say we can do it through a specific data. Let's say if I'm clearly a creating a database of transactions, then I should be able to retreat my transaction on a particular date at a particular our from a particular account. So this kind of features are needed. This kind of features have the backbone of a database and to provide this kind of things. SQL is used with database. SQL stands for structured query language. It is used to interface with the relational databases that we're going to use. It is a declared the language where you just declare what they want without having to write us the best of precision. It was for supplementary about Michael Corporation, and we can directly use a skill SQL with Escalate re database and fightin. All you have to go is you have to directly down the SQL commands within the By Tim program . But to do that, we have to know a little bit. No, how about the SQL? So let's see some very simple SQL commands or which are also called it Quit leads in terms off databases. Let's consider we have a sample. Databases are, which is also called that table in the database programming terms which is nothing but a serial numbers name and contact number off Feel students, for example, So serial number one is John Contact Number Mac Contact number up to six Natasha Eye Contact number. Let's conserve air Operating on this small piece off database using SQL that the very first command that we want to use with databases is called It's insert with inside. Come on. What you do is you insert any particular data into your data bliss. So what's what's fascinating here is insert into contacts. Know what is contacts except people within your date purpose, which is called its contacts. So insert into contacts Valuev's and straight away. We give seven Sam and some number. What this command will do is basically include 1/7 entry into the database here with seven here, Sam here on the contact name here in the exact same order as it is given. This is how you use an insert. Come and not that's not exactly what we're going to do with vital, but this is just to give you an idea off. What SQL It's on how we run the creatives. Next day is a billet quickie where we do what? Bill it from table limb. They're big in some kind of condition. Let's say we can village from contacts. Their name is equal to Mac. If I execute this kind off particular query using village than that particular entry to Mac and 456789 will be completely deleted again. I'm telling you, these are not the actual creating is you're going to use. And these are just there for clearing the concepts with respect to do Thomas. Then they did select Common. First was for inserting the valued. Second was for dilating the values. Now this one is to relieve the values Selectman Smart. It can select a particular set of data from the database with this former to select stuff, start our assessments. Select all the entries from your table name contacts where a particular condition is given . So here I can have select star from contacts. Their serial number is equal to five. In that case five Alicia selling 89123 All the values will be selected and return back now These are the four most important and very simplest SQL quids. Remember, this is not a course on databases on to get into a complete, detailed study of database will require you to do a very are different kind, of course. Or a different kind of struggle. This is just to get you an idea off how databases are used on how they're going to use them with fightem. So in such billet and select, these are the three commands that we have seen next. Now start writing down or start utilizing them. Throw Pichon program In the next video, we'll see how we can create a simple program and get started with Escalate three data this time, Sarge, in this video 54. 29 sqlite3 in python - 2: Hi there were discussing about the Determines is with. By turn on, we have had a very short introduction off Escalate tree on the simple structure queries. Let's get started with Brighton on Let the Soccer with a skillet three programming so that we'll get a better idea. So as Asian, just open the ideal from your system and then create a new file. And let's save this new fight toe a particular preferred location. My location, for now, is documents by courts here. What I'll do is I'll create a new folder and then just call it D because and use right down it d be under school one way have created a completely new folder over here. There is nothing in this world, er before and saying this program here as Deby and discovered one. Let's get started. So I write down a program with high turn What you can do it simply import. It's collect tree, and then you can write down a line like this con physical toe escalate three Dutch. Connect my database. Start to be if your company like me from the presentation that men further courts, you know what these two lines will do it simply important. Ask Electoral Library and then connect with the escalate treated abyss. There the name of the databases, my database or D B, and you'll get a handle, which is Scarlett's con. See, we don't have a database on really created in this location. So in documents in pie cords and DB, there's nothing OK, so just the big one point and file is there. If I execute this cold, it's executed and a DB fell off the tablet style. It's created at this point. I must tell you that it would be much better if you install a software called its database Explorer on, which is also called Let's DB browser for this collect tree. It's got less DB browser, so I just serves for the Brazil for escalate. This is the official website. Off escalated, escalated closer dot org, and here you can download this. DB, bro. So what is David Broza? Unlike the extra files, you can radically open the database to see what it store into it. And if you want Oh, or if you have to see the teacher presenting undateable stable, then you have to some separates. After like this Now I have already downloaded and installed the browser and just open it and in the city rose And what I have to do is open ditch abyss. I'm doing all these things just for debugging purpose so that we get an idea. Documents by cords, DB courts and my date of us. Is that anything? Table zero and Isis zero views zero triggers. Everything is zero because there is not in starting to this data, but so far. Now, let's continue with our programming. So once you executive this, a particular database file has been created. Now let's try to store some palace into it. Remember, there is one more thing here before starting anything into the database. What you can go is you can create an Escalade trick cursor, which gives you some additional methods on hellishly functions for use with the service. Remember this state. It's completely optional, so if you don't want to execute this, it's totally fine. I'll tell you they're creating a cursed object is important, but you have to create a cursor. Then it tends to be done with this command. So, girls, the object is a tow kon doctors Khan is watch the instance, of our database of the handle of the data. This So this will create what, a cursor object or cursor off this database, which is initially, as with con and I can execute this. No changes. Now let's continue with the course Now that's the sample cord there. What we want to know IDs. We want to importance collect tree, then from s collecting. What we do is we import errors. So if there are Linares and they can be displayed are handled, the car is going to escalate to not connect very connect to its contacts. Here you connect with a particular database name contacts instead of this. Where we have already connected is my database or D V. Okay, so I don't get confused the names then what we do is print collection is establish that I guess, is created in the memory and then last land that you have to execute all that you can do its conduct. Close conduct clothes were simply close. The open database connection. It's about the only changes here. What we have done is we have created or we have printed this line where connection is establish and databases created in memory is displayed. Now let's see how we can insert some values into the detail. This no less have some programs which I have already created. Just open one of them. So, by course, and then escalate to here. I have some demos created. Okay, so let's open. They move on again. The same thing happens here. So here, in sort of contacts, what I'll do is my database dot db and then I will save this in my location. So on purpose will issue in this to places of the vehicles and demo underscore. But so connection is created a language with winter, and the program is exited. Now let's see all the different Democrats. What I do now is I'll copy my previously created generals next school farm, the does it itself. You copied them to our location the because, and they'll just toe fund in one member. So file open documents. I codes the because they want to. Now look at the score. A simple change from what we had done before here. What we have done is we have just returned a function to connect with the database. Now again, the same thing is there, but What we have done here is we have returned the same the timeless connection in a dry except and finally, clothes. Why they're doing this is if there is any error by connecting to the database, you can spot that error and print that exception like this again, I'm telling you, all I'm showing you are the different ways with which you can connect with digitalis so you can connect in this way are you can also skip this part and simply connect with your database in this way like that. Look. So that's how you create a little bits file. You create a Kherson out our fridge and you simply close it. And the next video, we'll see how we can insert my listen to the data. Obvious how we can deal it develops from the database and how we can really help us from it . Thanks for watching this video. 55. 29 sqlite3 in python - 3: Hello there. Now let's have started with adding some values. I didn't some detail in to our databases. So let's create a table in our database called my data Being Stopped deep. So important. Directory from a scullery import other con is according to escalate three dot connect my database start to be foreign connection is established now pay attention to the next life. So what we're doing here is con dot execute, create stable, which is again an SQL command. The name of the table. It's students here on what we want to be. The keys Off the table are serial number, which is an intention which is also Primerica of the table. The name that is going to be text contact number, which is going to be text an address, which is also going to be a text with this line conduct execute. What we're trying to do or what we're creating is the king's table. Inside the detail is the name of the table. It's students and it will have this kind off article he's Let's try to execute this after executing this, what we do, it's conduct damage. Come. It will do what coming to him subtly comet on in simple language. Save the changes to the data. This, so if there is a neutral creator, are, if there are some new Helen's added, are some debilitating or whatever operation that you have done, the comet will simply finish that particular operation of sage, and then I'll print what de even created and lastly, the close of the topless. Let's execute. This connection is established that I miss. It's created in memory table created. No way have said that table is created, but we don't know for sure. Sanders, open this db Broza here we have opened our later this marriage that it's. Or maybe if you have not seen before, let's against you open this software from your installation and then simply go to the file menu on open though it of this. Make sure you go to the same location that you are doing your courts. I'm at this particular for the vehicles and my do Thomas. Now you can see it has a table created or they just wanted will created inside it, which is called less students. If you go to browse later, you can see the people students. It's created which which is having kids serial number, name, contact, number and address. So that is what we have done with this small piece off program. Now, if I repeat my court, what it will do is it has an operational letter, right? Because table called students already exits. So that's why I cannot create another people. If you want, you can get a different table by simply changing the name over here and the kids that you might want to have. So this one program is there to create the table. I would like you to pause the video for here on, but I don't this program and created table off your own. Now that you have created a table off your own, I will close this program can I will open another program which is now called the move full . Same things is correct. Re import. Enter the deficit. Been successfully here. Gone is the handle of the ISC electric database, for instance, of the database and what we're doing its conduct execute insert into students values what values I'm expecting to enter one Mac Nanophase it off. Zero Zuman. So what is one serial number? Mac is the name contract number, and this is the address now. A single entry is not sufficient for us, so I create multiple search interests on a as needed. You can just change the values so you create you. Seven different highlights Sense Rough Mac. Let's call it Sam. Let's college, Alexa. Then let's have good show check. It's so samedi and let's sound lastly deep. So whatever it is, you don't I don't care here for my details because they're just doing some experimentation . Just make sure you change them so that when you were in tow the data bills. You shouldn't be confused with it. Study. So Sullivan Zone two. So on one Zone three, then something Legs on. Seven Zone 865 What do initially is I will only execute one command, and we keep the rest of them commented so that we can execute them. Next iteration. Just one discovered this program. That's what happens. So opened database of Sicily. The card skated successfully again, opened the debate closer on. Simply now, you don't see anything. X rays that are databases created and palace or server doesn't show it in. Why? Because we had seen it last time and we have not refreshed it since it's so. Now it's a fished are simply go onto this button, which will refresh so you can see one Mac contact number address. These values are desires have been created in the later with school students. If I go on executing all of this further talents, let's see what happens. I will comment on this land now Mellis created. Simply rephrase the database over here, and you can see on the different Illustrated. Now, if I agree, execute the same program unique and stand fate. So you don't need to worry about giving the unique names. They have to be unique. Only the in teacher, the serial number which is being a Primerica, has to be unique. And that's why the values would be repeated at the restored location based upon us, an area. Just create this much database values or the devil's interest in your program, and then we'll continue in the next video. Thanks for watching this video 56. 29 sqlite3 in python - 4: Hi there, Soviet, experimenting with the database sisters and escalate three in fightin on. What we have done so far is we have a return, a program which creates some interests into a table inside our databases. The name of the databases here we have is my database or D B, the table that we have created in which we are writing down the value. It's it's called, lets students, and then we're entering them as serial under name, contact, number and address. Now, as we have added some values, let's see how we can update the values insanity. Do Thomas Now, before updating, let's see how we can reduce the violence from the D. Thomas. Now let's see how we need it. So, up to this, the program remains the same. You connect with the databases. Then here what we do is read values. It's a going to con dot execute select. Now, in sort of start of what we have done here is serial number, name, contract number and interests. So we have specified all four values from our table called students. So what is executor? This command or this SQL line is executed? The response in strolling didn't the scope value. It's at such really underscore. Values is not a little structure off bite. Unlike Tupelo, our list. It's not like that. It's a separate SQL database format, so you won't be able to directly print it using print comics. Let's strike it rich dinner school valets. So let's come into the further core for now. So the commanders executed. And what's the forget Sprinted is, as you can see, escalate three dots cursor object at some memory location. So that's what is it now in order to read things from that response? This is the former far role in Redevelop Zero is automatically a data type presenting this escalate cursor there you really values for ruin, revalues print, serial number, name and address. See, we have all sorted the contact number over here, but we're not printing it. So what we're doing is rule name and address. Let's of what it does. No, si. First Roy is this Mac name is seven numbers back. Name is seven numbers. One name is Mack, and the address is knighted for zero Faisal. Is that so? I know the address. Instead, it's something different for Mac addresses Zuman, but What repented is 5050 Because we are doing how select serial number, name, contact, number and address from the student So the zero row zero would be this drove under business wrote over business and a desert 03 The next year should be three. Not been said this connected. I have purposefully skipped D printing off contact number. Let's do it. Contact number Equal toe drew off. So this is how you can reprove their values from the database at Bring them over here Now it's really this, Lane adds. Select Stop Closed Borders. Same response. So either you give the kids selectively are just give star from students. So start or asterisk will do what will read all the values from that particular table. The row operation remains the same now, just for the sake of example. Let's consider that I don't want to execute or I don't want to read all the values, but instead I just want todo duh names. In that case, Water Lewis Select name from students. My father opened out so different this time, so I'll just do what I'll change it sustainable. It's true and for true in really really is true. I want to be able to print the further things and only be able to print contact numbers. A certain number, physical dough off zero, which is nothing but does name read values its stock defiant. I don't want this land also strict. So serial number was metastatic text over here, but I have read only names. So Max Zamalek, Senator Joe Jackson and deeper, deeper All the names are that I have had a two winters off named Deepak over here with different civilians. So that's how you can leave the values from the S collected eight abyss. I'm again telling you, this is not the everything that you can do with the school A tree. In fact, there are lots of different things which can be done in escalatory while saving the details during the daytime during the operation. As I told you before, this is a very clear introduction off how to handle this databases. I'll give you the example Courts tow experiment with escalate tree, which will further improve your skills. With respect to the date of this next video, we'll see how we can update a database and how we can delete some particular hell is from the date of this that's watching this video 57. 29 sqlite3 in python - 5: Hi there were discussing about how to use escalate tree with my temperature jamming on. So far we have seen how we can administrative databases as well is how we can breathe them using the select a school, common or select equity. Now let's see how we can update a particular value in Gate of us. Now, you have seen that we have a data structure like this. So the serial number is our time. Any key into suitable is. So whenever you have to update, you can update any value by giving which value you need to update it in a particular serial number selection. For example, if I have to update the contact number off Alexa from 343434 to simply 000 or contact number off Mac to something else than the command should me con not execute update students . So update with Zika Man surveillance is the name of great abyss here. It should be my database destructive, obeyed students And then what? Set contact. Um underscored number equal to develop notable name. Their serial number is equal to one. So what it will do is it will change the contact number off Mac from an it friend 050 to double in devil in. Let's see how it works. So what we're doing is we're updating it like this, and then what we're doing is committing It means saving the changes, then conduct total changes, were printing total number of rows up later and then conduct total changes. This object will give us how many rules have been changed in the state of is after the operation and just like before, conduct a zygote selecting serial number, name Contact Number and others from the students were printing all the values here so that we get an idea off. If the change is correct or not, we can also see the change in the Liberals are also medically so. Let's run this program here. It shows that every off updated successfully. So serial number one Mac and the contact number is no change to the Pelindaba lead. Let's go to the debate closer. Abdic it okay? It's not showing changes by Kurds, Libyan to smokers. It's still gone, not commit, and then are the comet format was not right, so there had to be an opening and closing brackets. I just did it at the end of the court. Now you can see the changes. The conduct number off Mac has been changed. Let's say if I have to change the address off Natasha in the touch eyes that said a number of fourth and that kiss the change would be conduct execute update. Students sit. What is it? Address to Lex's on something. It's on 10. There Sitting number. It's Force the striped instead of watching and determine just seeing two years. So the address off Natasha has been changed to this 1 10 So it is in this structure. Is in this former. You can change any values in your data bases toe. Any expected men's using the AB ditch command. Okay, let's also see quickly how we can believe devalues. Sorry, I just closed my idol instance. So this you can update the values into the abyss. Now let's see how we can deal. It develops. I have one more demo for it. Six was about updating and this is a vote daesh. So instead, off update here Conrad execute command is dill it from sprints? Their serial number is one, but it will do so basically it's look at the data. This serial number one. There is an entry Mac double edible land ends old one. So if you execute, conduct execute, deal it from students, their serial numbers are going to one. And then you read all the values again, just like before. What it will do is it will completely dill it. Your entry off Mac from the bed of a spooky my database name has to. The difference on my database stopped Devi. So after reading, it's sprinting from 23 end up to H. I just deficient and you can see the entry for Mac has been completely deleted from the table. So that's how you can insert values. You can sell it values from the database to cringe to display as well as you can Abdic values and delete the values from your escalated ofhis. Remember, this was a very, very short introduction off how you can handle database. What I'm doing is I'll be mailing are retained command set for you to access or experiment further with databases here. This was not the main motive off our course, the but the main motive was fighting, and it was just an introduction to database into it. So if you want to dive into the details of the data, Abbas, I would urge you to study it further. That's watching this video. 58. IDE part 1: Hi there. Welcome back to defiance in programming course that we're doing we're having in this video we'll see about the different I. D. Eats are the different integrated development environments that we use for my time programming. So far, all of our prevents have been completed or have been done in the deformed fight, and I d. That is ideal, but that's not the only 80 that has been used. In fact, I don't. It's supposed to be the most basic and the most simplest, really available for vital on. There are other ideas, also, which provide a number of different added features. So this is a bigger scores were not going to deal with every single I d E, but we'll just take a look over rich. So let's begin with the video The East Times for integrated development environment, which simply means that we use that particular software for writing the programs on it connects the return text for them with the back end software that is running our that is the programming language that we're using, for example, for fightin. So what then I d will do is it will provide you with a text editor where you can write down all your text program and whenever you take on save metal are you click on one button. That software provides an interface to the backend. I am telling you all these things is because whatever program we have been doing so far are being done in ideal, but it doesn't mean that is the only way to write down the price and program. As a matter of fact, the programming languages can run directly from command prompt. Also, let's see how we can create and run a patent program from command line. So just so fun day, a command crunch affair computer and what you do is you go toe my folder City documents City Mike Woods and then what I do is I lose a note bad. A simple windows, not pair. I would just write down something soft core into it, import time for I in range five. Then when I lie down here, it's blinks. Hello and I'll just save it in by course, ends dumb best dot be by. So what more done is they have great lead by example them directly to note pad and scarlet strong start people and I've saved it. It was not bad. And here I can execute that program berating. Let me see if I can see that dumped insert bias. It is so by ton. Don't start feeling as against he. This is the bare bone method off writing a program and running it from command prompt. So when you say fightin Dante's dot by you basically involved Buyten's software on which is given with the input off your program, find that this trump is on fire and our wouldn't seeing on the terminal itself. That's what I don't is doing for us is it is providing us with a clean and nice interface to write down the program. So this is the job often E. And these are some very popular it. I ve is oneness by charm toe which a commercial as the less free community version is available. Then there it spider by Dave Jupiter. I don't which we have used Tony and Rodeo. All of these are different bite and I deeds what my discussions interest right now is this Jupiter. So Jupiter is not actually an Islay, but it's a completely different version of fighter which will supply less I've item are interact to Pitre. So what we do now is we have done on our programs so far in idle and now in on what we will do is we'll see how we can use this Jupiter, what it is and why it has to be used. You can also Google search for by chance fighter by Dave Rodeo or Tony or any other ideas. You can download them as you wish, and you can. I don't you plant in provinces in those ideas. Also, the next video we'll see about what is Jupiter and how we can use it. Thanks for watching this video. 59. IDE part 2: hi there. As discussed in our last video, we will look at a particular type off fightin I D, which is called us Jupiter. Now Jupiter is basically and saved a different fork off white, and we just call this I pattern are interactive, vital on. It's very interesting to use interactive fightin with Jupiter because it creates something called us notebook. No, no, Bookman's not. You can actually write down your program in a notebook format. There you can write down your executable programs as well as you can. Write down any text with fixed loops if you want, and everything with Jupiter notebook works, you know, centered browser. So this is the home page of jupiter dot org, or the Pressure Jupiter speech and everything here, just like Idol walks in the browser off your choice. It maybe Gromit, maybe any other software that you're using as a computer processor. So let's see how we can use Jupiter on Let's get started with the experimentation that stated here. It's a very simple interactive in or Mitch, very simple and easy to use, and the installation is again very simple. So all you have to do is just a type of Commanche That is the I P install Jupiter. So opened the command brunch and all you need to do is just I don't be AP Install Jupiter, depending upon the Internet connection does habitually be installed automatically for me. In my computer, Jupiter was already installed. So it has shown Mary. Parliament already said the site. Now, whenever you have to branch Peter, the command unit to use this gene you be vying tr Jupiter notebook, a Jupiter notebook, cerebral starts and the soft trail building open in a browser. It usually opens at local host Colon double it, double it on when it opens. It opens at the same place where the Jupiter Notebook command was executed on the terminal Services Julian Documents folder This is how are this is what it looks like when you open the Jupiter notebook. Here, you can browse through any locations, the same documents I waas always saving my programs and by courts. I go into the bikers here, they can see the files. Then you can see the running programs status over here on clusters such as the parallel computing part off the programming language of fighter. So let's go to the finals venue and simply get started with creating a new notebook. Currently, we have only by country install in our computer. Is that side showing notebook right and three. So I'll just click on by country and a new notebook. It's created now. What is a new notebook? You can explore all the features. It has a number of different thing. It looks like a Google doc or something. But this is an entire area very contrite, Joan Apart and program and execute it completely on a dry lake. Just simply, I don't flinch. Hello, World. So that's what I have done. And by clicking this red button, the program is executed here itself. Output can also be seen at the same place. What is a beautiful about days is that you can also write down any kind off text material directly into the bloc, which can act as an explanation. For example, let's see, I'll start writing down a test with hash, and this is a heading next. So this is the block where African hash this is a heading text. Where you can do is go to the sell menu and change the cell type to Mondo. So the single hash you get heading with charitable hash, you get a smaller heading than that. And this is my explanatory text. Whenever you are writing down this kind of explanatory tits, this particular block with Mexico it will be completely skipped from the execution. So let's say this is my text block and I'll add another block now where I can die down my by tell cool, so important time. And then what I do is for I in range five. Colon brunch. Hello, orange on a lower distance aleck sprint. I is equal to coma I and then after a friend cover for l Do It's time dark sleep. But now if I had run, If I want, I can don't only this block. If I want, I can run it from the beginning. How to do it sells then on or just go to unusual sale and just liquor and sells so far. No, where I'll do is I'll just run all So hello in this first executed here itself and the import time and I called 0123 It's printed over here. So whenever you right now, you piece off court the execution will be followed immediately. Now this is just a very crude introduction. Toe the Jupiter notebook. The program saved by Jupiter notebook doesn't appear as dot by files, but they appear adds, I buy and be notebook. So those are the notebook fights, which consist off boot the program as well as the next. So this is a natural I buy and big whenever you want to open it. You can't do it with Idol, and you will have to do it with Jupiter. Notebook. You can continue doing any piece off experiments that you want with Jupiter notebook that I clean your computer by installing it. Moreover, they say, there isn't another nice project called Google Co. Lab, which is a Jupiter notebook itself, running in the cloud given for you for being any kind of experimentation. So if you have heard about Google Collab, then good. If you have not heard about global collapse, then just Google search for it and see for how it works. It's exactly like this. A Jupiter notebook, but it is nothing in the computer. Whenever you're writing on, programs are creating the programs for explaining some. There are explaining to a teacher or explaining to students Jupiter notebook would be much mornings full than writing the program. And I didn't and giving the common storage. So that's it for this video, that sergeant this video and keep experimenting. 60. Conclusion: either. Congratulations on completing discourse. Completing a complete online programming course that do by looking into videos and trying out the programs requires a lot of dedication and hard work. So I really congratulate you for completing the schools. I hope you might have liked all the videos, and you have completed all the assignments that are given intrude into the scores on. Please remember that the course will not finish here itself, but I will keep on adding two extra Alec chills as I find them necessary for you. As you know, this was a complete beginning. Scores on their food we have not, including any advanced scoring technologies or any advanced technique into the scores. But this. It's supposed to provide you a clear foundation off programming with Titan so that you would be able to create any kind of application that you want by learning some more new things. And, of course, the number one thing always that learning a programming language is one thing on becoming programmer. It's completely a different thing. So we got also a lot of programming language within a D, but he cannot become a programmer in a single Jake. It requires practice. So the more you practice, the better you get day by day. So thanks for taking the scores. And I wish you all the best for whatever you're targeting to. Is it exam or a better job or a career? Thank you for watching this video on. Keep exploding. The scores in further days also will be adding fuel. Knew who? Dios Every few weeks. Thank you.