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Python Getting up & ready - The Complete Python Programming Course [Part 1]

teacher avatar Samir Phuyal, Python Developer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. [Important] What to expect from this class?

    • 2. What is Python

    • 3. Getting started with python

    • 4. Using code editor

    • 5. Be more productive using vscode

    • 6. Running our python code efficiently

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About This Class

This is part one of 'The Complete Python Programming Course' that covers everything you need to know to become an expert python programmer while building several fun projects with real-world use cases in python. In this part one of 'The Complete Python Programming Course' you will learn about the introduction of python plus set up your own development environment to work with python.

What are the requirements?

  • A computer with an internet connection to download Python and other tools

What am I going to get from this class?

  • You will learn about the introduction of python
  • You will learn to set up your development environment to start working with python
  • Use VSCode to write python code
  • Be productive while programming in python
  • Learn the best way to run your python code

What is the target audience?

  • Beginner in programming
  • Newbie to python
  • Someone starting out with python

The number one reason I decided to upload the entire course part by part because almost nobody completes hundreds of hours of boring gigantic course so, I divided it into several parts of usually 20-60 minutes each so that you can get all the python knowledge you need step by step at a time so that you can complete the course unlike the boring big courses.

The next part will be about learning the foundations for python programming. In the time you are checking this class, the next part of the class might have been already uploaded so check out my profile to go through the next class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samir Phuyal

Python Developer


Hi, I am Samir!

I am a full-stack web developer with a specialization in python for the backend. I have been using python for web development, web scraping, automation scripts and more for more than 3 years and now I have built up a strong python programming foundation and I am currently teaching python technologies in online platforms. 

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1. [Important] What to expect from this class?: hello and welcome to this class. I'm really grateful that you decided to join in this class. And now please know that this is just the part one off the entire the complete fighting programming Siri's And in this part, one of the class you will learn about the introduction off the vital plus set up your own bite in development environment and the number one reason I decided to open the entire course part by part because almost Nordic accomplished hundreds of hours of boring course. So I divided it into several bars. Off, usually 20 to 60 minutes is so that you can get all the bite knowledge you need step by step at a time so that you can complete the course on like the other boarding. Because is now the complete fightin programming course covers everything you need to know to become an expert bite and programmers, while building several front process with real world use cases, plus practicing what you have learned along the way. Now, in this complete Siri's, you are going to learn bonds of topics inviting. But in this particular class, you learn about the introduction of fighting. You will want to set up your own development environment. You'll use real score to write their own biting code, plus also you some tips entry that would make a very productive while programming in Brighton. And now to begin with this class, you will need a computer with an Internet connection $2 the fighting and other tools from the Internet. Now, this course is for you. If you're a beginner in programming, newbie to beytin are if you just want to build some fun projects for learning and practising fighting. And now I want to say that Be sure to take out other classes in the cities once you have completed this class because, as you can see, we have a lot to learn here. And completing its classes in the Siri's will help you better understand the fightin and be more confident in your fight, Any skills. And if you know somebody call a topic in this series, please feel free to escape that and take the next last because I have these end this course to be flexible enough for you to get into any topic that you want to learn. And by the time you're watching this class on the skills here. I might have already published the next class off the Siri's. So be sure to check out my profile to take the next last, and I'm super excited to assist you in this journey, less you in the next lecture. 2. What is Python: All right, welcome to this lecture. And in this lecture, we're going to discuss what is fighting and why you need to learn it. Well, no. Fightin is an interpreted eye level and general purpose programming language. And now, by interpreted programming language, it means that whatever program you write in fightin is exhibited line by line by the interpreter. In high level program, language simply means the syntax of the programming language is more human level in more near to the English like language and heightened being general purpose programming language . It can be used in Barris. Different feels like artificial intelligence. Ai machine learning, ml weather, Lamen, Data science, automation where we're scrapping and many more now in this course will cover all aspects of fighting that you need to go into business. Different areas of fighting use cases. So I'm super excited to assist you in this turning. And I hope you are excited toe. So now let's move into the next lecture 3. Getting started with python: Now let's set up the fightin for our computer system. So for this, go to this, um, girl. And I'll also be putting all the links used in the scores in a separate file, which you can, assessing the courses. So, students. So in this weapons, go to this Donald six and over. But it and you will see it as automatically detected my operating system. And it is so distinct me to download us required executable file for my operating system. So go ahead and download the heightened for your opening system. And in the time of this recording, it has got by 20.7 point three, which is the latticed was no fighting, which will be using throughout this course. But in the future, if there wasn't in this, then it do not be a problem to follow along with the scores. Because all them, as a concept taught in the scores, will be applicable to the Who's a version of fighting. So go ahead and download the lead despite and will. All right, guys is you can see our download has been completely now a little shop on this file. Now I want to do click on this air bite and 3.7 to pat. And what this will do is that it will allow us to run Python interpreter from anywhere we want. And we want to see how it works. Letter in this video. So take on it and you don't still now, button. Now give the required permission that it acts and you re start installing it. Now you can see our set up. What? Successful? We can close this set up with God and let us also close Thesis browser window now to test whether the person is installing a system or not. Then we have to go to our terminal you can upon the terminal off the operating system. In this case, I'm going to open comment from now. Do you remember We object eight fightin towpath when we're installing fightin. So after we did that, we can call Python interpreter just by tapping fightin in our command, prompt or terminal. So let us test it when I type item here and hit Enter it suits. So the biting interpreter. Because we have a heightened to our part forever. And one thing, if you're using unique sar Michaela's, then instead off typing, fightin you captured type item three to call the path Interpreter because those operating system I already have a fight on to install on them. So when you only dive bite on in McQuay's a unique system, it will execute the beytin to interpret deodorant, fightin three and every day. But if you want to execute by the 19 deputy, But then we have to specify it is biting three. And now what you see here is a vital interpreter. And from this interpreter, we can write our python core directly in it. For example, who can carry out mathematical operation here, for example, it plus nine. And if you didn't tell, it should producing output here. So it is selling it plus nine is equals to 17. And what you see here is an expression now expressing it's something that turns in output in here. When you carry out this instead manned, it is dunning, an output off 17. Now, for testing, you can carry out any mathematical operation for example Ah, five into two. It should we call toe, then in this pattern, interpreter is going to run continuously until we specified toe exit from it and to exit from this interpreter, you have to type, exit and use small brackets. And what you see here is, ah, building flattened function that lets us to exit from this pattern interpreter, and we'll be talking more about building functions later in this video. So don't worry about this for now, just it in there, and you will get out of the biting interpreter. So up to now, we have learned that they love, despite and comment are fighting three comment you can execute, bite an interpreter directly from this cell. And with this Spuyten are fighting to common who can also execute our fightin source code. And we look how we can do that in the coming videos. So that's the simple overview of how bite an interpreter walks. 4. Using code editor: now. In the previous lecture, we saw how can run fightin code in the Interpreter. But when we're developing some complex fights in court, then we need something better. And when we installed bite on it comes with idle that is integrated, implement and learning environment where you can lawn and test our court. So let us see what it actually looks like. So go to such manu and type Ida, and this is a different idol that fightin comes with, so open it. As you can see, it is very similar to the biting interpreter that we call from the comment prompt, and it also provides our text will to write our courts. So to do that, click on file option year and click on new file. So it also provide this text will where you can write our python code for testing poppers. Let me write train and this building function this place, whatever is inside this parentis is so I'm going to put award here and to write a word, we have to start by Kardashian Mark and are going to learn more about the started type in the latter video. But for the sake I'm going to write Hello World inside it. And now, in order to run this program, we need to save it to do that. Press controversy s in. Windows are comment for us, as in my quest. So let us give this file and name. I'm going to call it Hello world. Now save this program and to run this program, click on this Run Mino in Ron model are you can simply please f five key. Now, when you do that, you can see our print function gets executed and it is displaying the olive oil text that was inside that function. So that's our default bite an idol looks like. But while live loving, some more complex pattern called, we need something more robust that would support our name. So to solve that problem, we are going to use something called core DiRita that will have more features like auto tradition limping for matter. And we're going to install that program in this video. So let me close this program and go to your browser and head over to court. That visual issue to dot come in here. We're going to download the escort from the sweet pays, so click in this town for Windows Britain, and it will take you to the downward pace and you start downloading the best scored. So now, when it is done, gone open fire. Now they set up with that will appear, and it next I accept agreement next. Now, here's select created extra pie gun in all of the options because they will help you letter while we're developing more courts in install the program. All right. As you can see, our program has been successful in style. And now be escort is in our system. So I'm going to close this president window, and when it is installed, you can see RBS could I can appears in our Dextre skin, so let us lands our vigilance to record from here it finished. Now it will launch the we scored. All right, now, when I will be a scored opens, you should see something like this. And now, last night, we had to have some measure parts off the base scored. So in the left side, you can see there is our file Explorer tab. Now, this is where we'll open our project folder. And instead of working with falls in the sauce. Stab your source Control tab. They were getting tab plus extension step. And to tell the stab you need to press control plus B So using contact less being doubled up file Explorer Deb. And you can also open a terminal right inside the were scored. And to do that, you have to press control, plus back. Take all comment, plus back take. If you're using a Mac and the cool parties, you can call our Brighton interpreter right in this terminal. So here DYP Iten, If you are in the windows or type item three if you're in, we Knicks are Mac Os. So again see, our biting interpreter is running here and declare of this terminal. All you need to do is press control, plus l So this will clear up the terminal again to double this window. Need to press controversies back. Take now to show you how you can write Corden, run that writing code in B escort. Let me create a fuller And now, from now on, whatever following curate will walk on this folder called Fight on Programming. So click on it. And when you were inside this fighting programming folder, right click on it and you can see some option like open with court and click on it. And when you do that, you too low upon BS scored in that directory. Meaning be a school will open in this fall a directory so that we can start walking on this . Fuller, you can see our for the name. Is it right here? That is patent programming. And now we're going to create another file called Beginning God by So inside this file later spring Hello world again. Save it Now you can see it is given us some warning here. You can ignore it for now, but we'll manage it in the next video. And for this video, we're going to focus. How can run despite in court. It may be difficult for you to look at it, so I'm going to zoom in a little bit and you can do that by pressing control. Plus plus, So we're going to run it from the terminal to do that Open that I'm not that best in control plus back take in year type beytin. And since we're in the biting programming Fulla, we can execute this beginning that by file which is inside despite and programming for the so let us hide the name off this file. This is beginning. Not by if you'd enter. It would execute the court that inside this beginning that you can see hello police printed . And also, if you are using McQuay's or UNIX system where Buyten, who is already installed, make sure to run this court by tapping bite and three in the file name and in the bottom left you can see it as our fighting boys and click on it and select the beytin t wasn If you are on Mac on UNIX system, this way we can work with the lettuce Was enough item. 5. Be more productive using vscode: So this is where we left off in the previous lecture. In this video, we're going to optimize our base, scored for writing bite and programs. So we're going to install bonds of X Tencent's to some settings and make, albeit scored optimized for riding by 10 programs. So the first thing against here figuring this kind of fear it is thing us to enable Microsoft fighting language sober. And this tool will also assist arson, adding by the court. So it in Evolet in and the Lord the window and now in the bottom, you can see it is downloading so elated we downloaded in the background. In the meantime, we're going to install some extensions. So go to this extent since settings here, I want you to sorts for Peyton. Become this fossil Inc and install despite an extension. And it's a bite, an extension provided by Max 15 that will help us in lending in demolitions court for mating, factoring. And we're going to see what all those time means in this video n word for this Microsoft fight and lying the server to finish downloading. Now you can see that lightsaber was successfully installed and now let us go back to our beginning dot by file and let's see what lending is. So, for example, if we remove one of the black gets from here and it inter, you can see we get a red line under it. This means that something is wrong in our cord. And since we removed one of the brackets from here by showing this red line, we can actually correct syntax error easily invite in court. So that's where the ending is very important. While courting. Now that you have understood that Linda has us to solve this thing that's here in her court , let's explore the other features off. PS scored in the extension that we installed earlier. So n and a powerful feature off the score is that if you type print, it will give us or the cessation. Remember, this was not possible in the fight, and I don't that comes pre installed when you install that fight an interpreter. So if it in the it'll automatically type ring for you and you don't have retype it manually . So this is called auto sources and feature from being scored. Now there is another powerful feature off base scored that lets us to form a lower court in more readable form. So there's a thing called Python Enhancement Program document in a biting community and that also defines how a bite in court should. We didn't for more reliable form it. So let's take it out. So go do any source into new like and type Eitan Pip, You didn't and it should take you to the place called fightin dot orcs. Last tapes last pep. So go into it. And if you school the below, you will find that there's something called our style guide for biting cord. Open it back. Clicking on this number Now this document tells you, are how should we write our bison cord? And this is a pretty long document and you can seem, does ones of different situation for writing out biting cord and making it more reliable. But this is a long and since you are a beginner, you don't have time for remembering all of this. So So we're going to solve this problem by formatting our court or to medical in the best scored. So go to our best score here, for example, Fighting is still guard, tells us that there should not be any spaces inside those pain function black it. So if you eat a bunch of his spaces here now, this is perfectly valid court. But this is against our style guide provided by beytin paper. So, for example, if our court looks like this, but we can still form at our court automatically. And to do that you have directly go on it and select this former document or you can simply type received all Jack have in this case and one thing that while working with BIA scored it is ready to remember these sort cards with on the right side so that you can be the walk with you later. So for this case, let's just for metal document you can see are fighting code that we wrote is not formatted according to the fight, any still guide now, right? Clicking and selecting former document is a tedious task when you're developing a bigger process. So when we save our fight in court, we wanted to defect it automatically. So to do there could go to the settings I can hear and click on settings and all sorts for for met in here, you can see that it is suing us, an option that is format on safe. So they go on it. Now go to our file that seems yet again. And now if you save it, it will automatically former that record according to the style guide. So it will save us a lot of time using for Madame Sabah person. And one thing. I also want to increase my phone size so that you can better understand it. So to do that, I'm going to dive for in size and said it to 20. Go back to the beginning. That by fan I think the fun size off this takes is pretty good to understand. So that's it for this video, and you have understood how winding walks invite and they scored. Plus, you learned about bite any style guys and formatting court, according to it. 6. Running our python code efficiently: And now, if you noticed in order to run the program that we have redone, we have to call it manually by going to our terminal and anti Piketon, our fight entry depending on your operating system in the name of the file. In this case, since I'm in the fighting programming Fuller in beginning that my family's located inside that folder, I'm going to simply call that final him. So to run this beginning that my file I had to type Iten beginning not by in with this we were able to execute the court returning that fell. But executing our file by going to our terminal and adding its name is Canada s task. So that's where we'll improve in this video. So I want you to go into this extensive marketplace here, end here So it's for Gord. Run out and click on the first Link and install this extension. And on cities install, I want you to school belong. It's documentation and you can see that we can use this quarter and extensive just by the sort card that is control. Plus all plus in and to distant. Let's go into this beginning That pie fell and let us use our quarter not to execute this file. So we have to press control, plus all plus and and you can see you in the output. Deb, it has executed our court. And if notice it is executing out fine. Bye bye. Ton expressed desk. You in our file location, Body friend, Mac os. Then this comment will not work for this. You have to specifying it is biting three, not Brighton. So we have to eat it in Gordon. A sitting so far this. Go to the settings and click on this sitting second year and go to settings. Now I'm going to minimize this outward Tabua and yes, thus far, Good space runner. And if you scroll below, you'll find optional called cortana executor map. So click a needed in setting starvation and they end up discord, give a co Monye and start a Kardashian mark. Now we're going to eat the settings that Gordon used to execute our fight in court. So this is only applicable. Do those who are using micro s. If you're using windows open system, then you can escape this spot. So for macros guys, you have to type cord deaths runner, not E X executor map in Click on this for sedition and if you eating so you can see up. Once of court is limited automatically. And now from this value can edit the court that coordinate uses to execute our fight and find. And here a few sorts for beytin. You can see these using Piketon. It's best desk you, as you have seen earlier when you executed that court. So if you're using Macromedia's, then I want you to simply change it. Do biting tree and save it now you should be able to is good. That could properly. So if aid controlled and again, you can see that it is executing our file, using fightin to commend, not biting comment. And since I'm in the window system, I'm going toe, revert it back and change it to Python only, So I'm going to save it. And if I call my program again, bypassing contra plus are plus and you can see it is working for valid fine