Python Course: The Complete Python Developer Course from Beginner to Expert for 2021 | Praful B S | Skillshare

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Python Course: The Complete Python Developer Course from Beginner to Expert for 2021

teacher avatar Praful B S, Software Developer

Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

107 Lessons (8h 14m)
    • 1. Course Preview

    • 2. Course Outline

    • 3. Section 1: Python Introduction--> Python Introduction

    • 4. Interpreter

    • 5. Discord

    • 6. Section 2: Python Dev Environment--> Python Installation

    • 7. Pycharm Installation

    • 8. Other Tools for Python Environment

    • 9. Repel IDE

    • 10. Google Colab

    • 11. Section 3: Python Basics part 1-->Variables

    • 12. Data type Numbers

    • 13. Data Type Strings

    • 14. Formatting String

    • 15. Data Type Boolean

    • 16. Data Type List

    • 17. Data Type Tuple

    • 18. Data Type Sets

    • 19. Data Type Dictionary

    • 20. Indentation

    • 21. Section 4: Python Basics part 2-->Logical operators

    • 22. If Else Elif Statements

    • 23. Ternary operator

    • 24. Nested If

    • 25. For Loop

    • 26. Range Function

    • 27. Enumerate Function

    • 28. Break and Continue Statements

    • 29. List Comprehension

    • 30. While Loop

    • 31. Revision For While

    • 32. Section 5: Advance Python-->Functions

    • 33. Parameters Arguments

    • 34. Arbitrary Arguments (args)

    • 35. Keyword Arguments (kwargs)

    • 36. Default Arguments

    • 37. Return Value and Pass Statement

    • 38. Recursion

    • 39. Global and Local Scope of Variable

    • 40. Call by value VS Call by reference

    • 41. Section 6: Advance Python--> Object Oriented Programming(OOP)

    • 42. Creating Class and Object

    • 43. __init__ Constructor

    • 44. Self parameter

    • 45. Creating Our Own Class

    • 46. Attributes and Methods

    • 47. Method VS Function

    • 48. Encapsulation

    • 49. Abstraction

    • 50. Inheritance

    • 51. Polymorphism

    • 52. Multiple Inheritance

    • 53. Method Resolution order

    • 54. Section 7: Advance Python--> Functional Programming

    • 55. Pure Function

    • 56. Map Function

    • 57. Filter Function

    • 58. Zip Function

    • 59. Reduce Function

    • 60. Lambda Function

    • 61. Section 8: Decorators-->Higher Order Function

    • 62. Decorator

    • 63. Practical Use of Decorator

    • 64. Section 9: Error and Exceptions-->Syntax Error

    • 65. Exceptions

    • 66. Exception Handling part1

    • 67. Exception Handling part2

    • 68. Raising Exception and User Defined Except

    • 69. Section 10:Generators-->Generators part1

    • 70. Generator part2

    • 71. Section 11: Modules-->Modules python

    • 72. Packages python

    • 73. __name__ == __main__

    • 74. Python Inbuilt Modules part1

    • 75. Python Inbuilt Module part2

    • 76. Section 12: Debugging

    • 77. Section 13: File Input, Output--> O

    • 78. File IO Read, Write, Append

    • 79. File I O Error

    • 80. Section 14: Regular Expression-->Regex Into

    • 81. Password validation

    • 82. Section 15 : Testing-->Testing Introduction

    • 83. Unit test 1

    • 84. Unit test 2

    • 85. Unit test 3

    • 86. Section 16: Web Scrapping-->Introduction web Scrapping

    • 87. Web Scrapping Practical

    • 88. Section 17: Python Career Tips-->Career 1

    • 89. Career 2

    • 90. Section 18: Introduction to Machine Learning-->Machine Learning 1

    • 91. Machine Learning 2

    • 92. Machine Learning 3

    • 93. Machine Learning 4

    • 94. Machine Learning 5

    • 95. Machine Learning 6

    • 96. Machine Learning 7

    • 97. Machine Learning 8

    • 98. ML 9

    • 99. Why Machine Learning?

    • 100. Section 19: Introduction to Deep Learning-->DL 1

    • 101. Deep Learning 2

    • 102. Deep Learning 3

    • 103. Deep Learning 4

    • 104. Deep Learning last

    • 105. Section 20: Projects-->Introduction

    • 106. Project Chat bot

    • 107. Project Hangman

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About This Class

Become a Complete Python developer! This is a brand-new python course, Launched in the fall of 2020. This course is all about learning Python from Scratch which covers beginner to expert level concepts. The fact is, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world – Huge companies like Google use it in mission-critical applications like Google Search.

This is a comprehensive course that includes all the modern skills of a python developer and gets up to date along the way. We learn real-world projects to add to your resume (Which helps you to understand better of python and have fun along the way with numerous skills in your kitty).

The curriculum will be very hands-on as we walk you to become a professional Python developer from start to finish. We’ll start from the very beginning by teaching you the python basics and then moving into advanced topics and Introduction to different career fields like Machine Learning, Deep Learning in python so you can get real-world practice and prepare for the real-world job.

The subject dealt with in this course include:

- What is Programming

- Python Basics

- Python Development Environment (PyCharm, Google Colab Notebook, and Repel)

- Virtual Environments

- Python Functions

- Python Object-Oriented Programming

- Python Functional Programming

- Pure Function (map(), filter(), zip(), reduce(), lambda()

- Decorators in Python

- Python Errors and Exceptions

- Generators in Python

- Modules in Python

- Debugging

- Python File Handling

- Regular Expressions in Python

- Testing in Python

- Web Scraping in Python and Beautiful Soup

- Introduction to Machine Learning

- Algorithms in Machine Learning

- Introduction to Deep Learning

- Neural Network

- Types of Neural Network

- Terminologies in Machine Learning and Deep Learning

- Image Fundamentals

You'll be a full Python developer by the end of this course who can be employed at Multinational companies. We are going to use Python to work with a web scraper for crawling data from random websites, build a chatbot, and build a secure password checker. By the end, you will have a stack of knowledge you have built over time and ready to implement in your profession.

Here’s the truth: Python is taught by most courses and they just do that. They show you how to get started. But the thing is you don’t know where to go from there or in what all the fields are open when you learn python. Remember if you learn python, It will be applied in fields like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Automation, etc there are plenty of fields that python has an impact. Stack Overflow rated python is the most promising programming language for the future.

Whether you're new to programming, trying to upgrade your Python skills, or come from a different language of programming, this course is for you. This course is not about simply making your code alone, It's about bringing impact on your programming career. Here it won't be a situation where you just get the theory part, you will become best of yourself with python knowledge.

This course will push you and challenge you to go from an absolute beginner with no coding experience to someone that can go off, and get hired.

Why should you take this course?

There are a lot of Python courses – I am an instructor as well as being a Software Developer I bring new skills, original content, updates in the field, information about new technology into the table.

You can enroll in the course safely. In the knowledge that I am not just here to teach I am here to help you, and also update myself along the journey with you people.

you will not only be learning Python, but you will be learning industry best practices for Python programming that real employers demand in the industry.

Does the course get updated?

It’s amazing how technology is advancing at a rapid rate every day. New, more powerful hardware and software are being released every day, meaning it’s crucial to stay on top with the latest knowledge and update yourself with new technology into the market. Let me tell you a real-world story about what happened as well as what is happening. Automation being on cards and the manual data entry people are fired from companies. Imagine the competition in this advanced technological era and think about your situation where do you stand? What may happen if you don’t upgrade yourself?

A lot of other courses on Skillshare get released once, and never get updated. Learning from an outdated course and/or an outdated version of Python won’t give you any productive results and even worse it could teach you the wrong way to do things.

I am here to bring a difference in the course. I teach by continually updating the course.

The Fact: This is my first Skillshare course and being a Software Developer I want to help you. I want to teach you to make a difference.

What if you have questions?

Yes! I will answer your question. I created this course not just I want to teach you all but I want to learn from you guys, I want to upgrade myself and I believe in teaching, getting aware of my mistakes and redoing my work and teach again.

Content Inside the course

What you’ll learn

  • Become a professional Python Developer and get hired
  • Master Python 3 fundamentals as well as advanced topics
  • Learn Cool Inbuilt Functions
  • Learn Object-Oriented Programming
  • Learn Function Programming
  • Build real-world Python projects
  • Learn Introduction Machine Learning
  • Learn and understand Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Build a Web Scraper with Python and Beautiful Soup
  • Learn Unit testing, Debugging and Handle Errors and Exceptions in your Python programs
  • Learn what are Neural Networks
  • Learn types of Neural Networks
  • Set up a professional workspace with Google Colab Notebooks, PyCharm, and repel.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • A computer (Windows/Mac/Linux). That's it!
  • No prior knowledge of Python is required.
  • No previous programming experience is needed.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to master Python 3
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code
  • Anyone looking to level up their skills and master a new programming language.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Praful B S

Software Developer


Praful is a Software Developer by Profession and an Instructor. He has worked as a developer and now taking all that he learned to teach programming skills and help others to build career opportunities.

He believes in change! Every single day of new life. In order to start learning anything, you should start with fundamentals and go-to expert level by practice and hard work.

He is passionate about advance technologies like Artificial Intelligence and also learning Deep Learning by referring to good books to upgrade himself.


"What you do today, Defines your future."

See full profile

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1. Course Preview : Hello. Welcome to Biden, cause thanks for enlisting your thing. I'm powerful by profession. I'm soft pedal upon. I'm here to teach you to bring change. I just don't want you simply follow and London content here. I want you people to teach back at us watching our land. Who is this course for anyone who wants to master fighting three. Anyone who wants toe land to call or someone looking to level up the skills and master new programming language. Why should you take up the schools? You will become professional fight and gullible with all the skills. By the end of the course who already had software industry level to get hired by multinational companies, you will learn professional ideas like ketchup and also discover all in at least like Apple , which makes our programming life easier. We will come across notebooks like Google Cola, which are mind blowing when it comes to vital machine learning and data sense work. The important thing to notice here is this course being updated whenever required on based on your rivers. Alba Day for your queries All the time to help you out. Here are some of the pigs tell you every dirt off my course reaching floor fight and basics functions object were in the programming. Here I have what our inheritance concept in object oriented programming and at once concept like decorators, generators in a testing and many more which other course don't teach you. You can also work on secure password checker using regular expression in this course, and also will work up web scraping to crawl the data from on our website Guys, I want you to showcase your skills, not your certificate. We also got nine prisoners to practical test and quoting excites, which not only test your knowledge but make you stand among the rest of the people. More importantly, it's a cost effective course case. I literally mean it cost you less than a pizza. Your certification not only adds value to your portfolio, it showcase your discipline and commitment towards your care development. Please check the description section for what? All the content inside the course. Then make a move toe handle in this course. Remember what you do today. Defense. Your future. Thanks for investing in the schools and below at the moment to bring impact in your life. 2. Course Outline: Hello, gays. Welcome to buy telcos. I'm prefer here. Happy to know that you have operatives course on beytin. The first thing I won't mention here that you And if you're a beginner or without any prior knowledge of programming or Syntex, it's not a problem that Okay, guys here programs are clear and simple, easy to maintain and more importantly, understandable. Let me walk through you high level content off the course. We're going to start the fight on basics, which covers data, types, loops and more. Then we got at one spiteful where we learned object oriented programming, functional programming, decorators, ADDers and exceptions, testing and move. Then we got feels like a scraping very well called the data from Raina websites and analyzed them where you can apply this concept to build and simple jack bottles. Then we have a project section at the end of the course of it is so cool where you can explore more and more and land some new cool stuffs and implement them, and you can also boost your resume and guys on ab dentist projects accent. Whenever I find some good project that may help you, then we have a care section just to tell what it is like to crack and fight and job into and useful hack that you will develop yourself, which makes you away a bit easier to crack. Fight and job openings. Last two section sir. More exciting and hot topics that everyone wants. No water day, and most people want to land him, upgrade themselves and change their care into different, exciting position in the respective companies base. This is a bit and byte of the ghost. Keep the same energy. Passion throat, of course. Thank you guys. 3. Section 1: Python Introduction--> Python Introduction: hello. Gays will come back in this section that is. Understand what? Despite them, fighting is a popular programming language. It was created by Guido one person. Sorry, guys, if I got his name wrong and fighting was released in 1991 so that I said fighting is a programming language. What is programming language? Programming languages? The set off instruction going to a computer to perform a specific task. Computadora understand human language. They only understand Binaj once and deals. So we have something called interpreter, which can work. I love a language too. Motion level language later, we'll discuss waters and interpreter are maybe in the next clip. So in Mitchell feels, do we use vital. So we using software development, mathematics, have development machine learning. They're the science and many more. What can fight and program language too? Fight them can be used alongside software to create what flows. Fighting can be used to handle big data and perform complex mathematics. But why did Bytom language become famous guys? Vital works on different platforms like windows Mac, Kleenex s very pain. Also Vital has a simple syntax. Similar toe English language on Vital has Syntex that alos therapist of write programs with few lines off court when compared to other programming languages on Fighting, was designed for readability, with inference from mathematics. Buyten's run on an interpreter system, which means we can execute core line by line as soon as it is written. Guys, look at the screen, you write high level language suggests JavaScript. Fighter are sleepless place. Then we have a tool called interpreter, which can words high level language. Toe must've level language, which is finally then the system gives outward. This is an order picture how a program walks and end. Okay, that's it. Let's talk about fighter interpret up in the next radio have except that keeper energy patient. Thank you. This 4. Interpreter: Hello will come back. We just learned what is programming language. It's a set of instruction given to a computer toe. Get specific. Open This process is done through an interpreter. No, What is an interpreter? Interpreter is a translator which cannot court from high level language. Too much language. How did we get this? Interpreters? So we don't know them from fighting dark orange. So when it kick on downloads, you'll be doughnut again. Integrator. Guys, I don't want you to blindly follow my videos. You should know the meaning off every task we do here. Suppose when you don't want an interpreter, what are you Actually, darling, you actually don't during this program? Look at him. It's in a good job, which is returning C language to execute our program from high level do muscular language. So this is returning C language. You actually don't know this program, which is returning to see which is nothing but a simple machine. When people talk about interpreters, they actually talk about this. See beytin, which is responsible for conversion off our fight on court. Indoor machine level Good, which is responsible for converting, are white and cold in tow level cool. Look at this picture here. First you have a fight and core, which is in high level language. Then you have an interpreter, the interpreter, which then converts something in tow. Abide Court, which is an instruction, then by cool is contorted toe and see language that is worthwhile. Mission. Same beytin, which is later can order in tow bit I mean once and zeros. This is how an interpreter works. Fight and fight interpreter bite court and say fight. And what your mission, then by native format guys, this is what happens when I execute and pipe and file on your lap. This is something to know. But nobody asked you what's happening inside this. So it is just for your reference, guys. Thank you. 5. Discord: we'll come back in this clip. I want to introduce you apple discord to make sure that you will also sit with this course . I have news that please check this amazing up court discord, which helps you get better off yourself. A lot of companies use discord to communicate across teams. Therefore, it is valuable to for it to land as you become bite indelible that you can introduce yourself. Ask community questions. You'll have a community that you can join public communities, meet other students around the world. Land how to answer the questions. Learn from each other. Many students have said this is the best part of the course as you'll feel like you are learning in a classroom rather than by yourself in front of a computer. I know it isn't for everybody but being able to ask questions and help others when they have questions. It's the best way to learn. Let me just show you how to do that. Disick. Just type disco doctor on Google and you'll end on this webpage. Then you'll have a logging options. Just looking. I have already logging here. Then you wouldn't see this binge. Then just click this icon Explore public service, then just type bite on. There you go. How many public service I personally, the government, despite er on injuring many saw really good. You can just look their descriptions like what? They're a number of papers and you really find it's good this one off, the way you can interact with. People are in the world and you land many things you can put your problems are. Commence on what you have done. Are we even on land? Or you can find some mates who just started liking beytin. If we just find people's Who's Just started your career with vital, you can interact with them. Learning with group are with friends. It will be always better. You learn more and more guys, please utilize this action. Thank you 6. Section 2: Python Dev Environment--> Python Installation: Hello will come back. It finally time to install biting on your system. Whether you're using Windows Mac Linux, you can install most off them in similar ways. Here, I'll be showing how to install bite around windows as I don't have my accordion X operating system. Guys, if you face any kind of trouble installing anything on on Lenox, our Mac, please go watch some YouTube videos. So how to install them? There are plenty of resource. I hope there won't be any trouble. So let's start in studying. So just Google bite under Georgie, go to download, then make sure your in windows. Then just click. I don't depended. So you can download, but everyone just with a But so don't learning. Did it May take some time so guys wanted done. Open the file. Make sure you click this at Brighton 3.82 but it is mandatory if you're using windows. So I have already in such. So I don't enter. Do anything. So after clicking this, then just install now and it will finish so once you finish, So let me go to comment, Trump. So if a type cmd coming book there, you go just like Titan. Do you Bytom 3.7 politics I have in start the new ocean is reported so you can go So that's how you install Bite on So you can also access by then using portion So if you have partial , just do it So guys don't worry about the washing off the system Bite on automatically detects what was in it is so so you can use partial answer So if I just type fight them There you go so you can make use off either Social are common ground So there is no much different. It's guys. This is about a bite then so thank you. 7. Pycharm Installation: Hello Will come back up until Okay, so how to instruct? Bite onto Now let us install and i d chord by Joe. It is the most popular for by $10. I really like it. This company called Jetbrains made it. If you had a fight under number, they make sure most of the tools are preinstalled in here to sense it. So now when you click on just the brains are double. You can pick any off the link. So so many click on download. You have to Washington When is professional and community I recommend you to install community one. So, guys, if you're into Web development, you can start professional because I don't recommend this because you had larger for the whole other free tools tohave development, real studio. That's more than enough. So just click on camera data dollar. Yeah, it is a quite big fight. It will take time just saving. So based on just fast forward this guys, once you have, don't order the fighting. Just open and click next. So just to go next, Next, next. Okay, Okay. Yes, I have already installed, so I don't want to do it again. And again, so I'll just delete this and has already installed it. So let me just opened up. Yeah, they didn't based. When you open it after installation, you look this so you can change. So I have important dark time. So if you know, you can change the teams like just goto sendings billions and yeah, you can You can sell it, get them whatever you want. You can dig light. Well, maybe Dracula. What? I havent struggled up, so I'll just keep that so you can open new project so I can just click here. So I just came up with a glass project. Eggs, something like that. So, guys, make sure you click on this interpreter Double check whether your ward washing off bite on your using. So despite on reponsible, it's good. So it will create on watch your environment. Also it really good feature so you can just become create. It'll ask the descend on the next one. I mean, new window yesterday. Okay. Still, it takes some time to create a virtual environment. Guys are just fast forward. This okay? Based one to set up. That's how it looks. So I just cancer in this So if you're not create any file disk, click new, you can select either bite and file. I had Stammel. What? Everyone? So it depends. Let me just a second bite and file to last me the name of the file. So I just dig some random You're going to see so But I know I mean vital environment. What if I want o import any library so you can just go there Settings so project and interpreted. But I know it. I just have only been set up. So if you want to add some more, you can just I just started to Connecticut. See, You can install these can do whatever. Like when Whenever you want any library, you can just follow this procedure. Let this go to settings on CNN in Just go to settings and select project and presenting Diliberto. Okay, this that's all aboard. Insulting Bytom I really recommend you do this Uses idea this really good. I really like it. It's very, very useful. Thank you 8. Other Tools for Python Environment: Hello will come back. One thing I want to mention waas I in start fighting tool and by Jim I d on windows flat. For if you're using Mac or linens, please make yourself resource on you toe to install them Guys, these are the tools used by a professional. We have terminal for windows. We have good. It just like sublime text. Real studio on. We have ideas like by chump and then Onley idea called the politics, which is awesome. Andi, I will talk about it in the next clip. So and we have also notebooks like Google Collaborative. Like your son, you can say extension off Jupiter notebook. It is a so good if you're working on machine learning or be planning, it is the best one. Why I'm talking about this because this makes your life easier days. When you make maybe spending our syntax era, they help you make your program more efficient and elegant. Soon you will find the difference when you start working with these tools. So what is the difference between a court interest and I d Basically good editors are simple and lightweight, whereas ideas are most like complex with Lord of excessive. They come with a lot off stuff like debugging, limping unit testing. Except I can talk more about these guys ideas according to just Please don't offer the documents off respected tools to get more hand, even a study problem with them. So just go Google despite a mighty or ripple it. Oh, sublime text visual text If you're If you want to get hand you on them, just look them how they work. What a useful. So in my own this video player I just used one is my Jamari polluted and call it so 90% off The thing I used on Reppetto tick through, which is really, really good instant on a 90 so really good Then I had used my shop and as well, that's cooler. Thank you guys. 9. Repel IDE: Hello. Guys will come back in this clip will talk about Apple on online i d created by Jordan and program. So just go to Google and I thought I d So you will land on this patient. So once you have line of this big, just create a new weapon. Okay? You can select the language is whatever you want. You have beytin know Jocie place special, see slash. But a long list, guys, you can just look into it. So So now let me create and bite and friends who in select beytin and it will automatically get the name. So I just trained that just time program. Thank them. Yeah, Nice. There. Basically to provide its one is public and a mince pie. But if you're the private, you have tow pay some five bucks per month. So I don't really like coming that because you have everything in a free washing. So just create a ripple. So it just duplicated. So I don't disagree. First this Okay, this I have created that program dot program underscore vital. So I can just check this so you can open it. You can have a folder. You can have multiplayer parents there so you can create a fold. Oh, but there's human surface. See, These are my weapons that have created. So you have notification language templates you have. You can have to Dorian's see, You can just look into this. There are too many template tutorials. I think it may be useful, but let me go back that we will punish me. Purple Corn program back tighter. Guys, look this in all energy, which is really, really cool in my brother course, I use 90% of the time for leaders. It happened. So it's pretty simple and cool and it's always updated. You can share it. You have the settings that you obtained teams or something. You can create a new file Odiah. You can credit for their own here. There is a lot more good You will understand as you progress in the schools. Thank you. Days 10. Google Colab: hello days will come back and this clip will talk about Google collaborating. Google Celebratory closest to write and eggs good fighter in a broader see with these other features of zero configuration requires free access to GPU. Easy sharing this unassuming stuffs. You can just read this when you just such for Google Collab. Then there are large scale to see for data science Park was, if you import number librarian Matt Notley library, see how this goodies visualization. You can just drop the data and for machine learning, you have data and you can use dental flu. It's such there are a lot more than you can do it. A laboratory. Then you have some tutorials. Here you can create some stuff. Then you have some example soya. These are really if you're a beginner, these other projects that you really look into it retraining an image classifier you text classifications is a video interpretation. This is really good. Let us look. If you want to create a new notebook, you can create a new notebook or here, then one more. Since you condone or in either Jupiter notebook format are vital file. You can see when Brian begins, they will get hub. This really could feature that I really like with this. Then if I just want maybe And it could just like five less stuff then maybe if you if you're the executor just because this Yeah, look center. It took time. But school if you wanna active come interaction this this really cool that you can display ? Maybe fight done Programming. This has stink. It started. So there's something like that this in England then on. See, you had this, then you can start called after that, Becoming this really cool future. Let me just open a new notebook, okay? Just open the new tab. It takes sometimes. Just have some patience. Loading, loading. Maybe I'll just first for this. If it states so much of time, this will get here. You have your designs machine learning. I don't just started. Then you have four. Listen here. Somebody did. Uh, there's so many. See, these are the foremost. You can create a new for less work here, be inside content. Oh, our data lab Something The little folder it can new for the new file, but it's really cool. So I think it that's created still congest type brained, endless 10 execute like we had in text here. Hi. Hello. See this? Is this a text like this illegal? You can just coming that and start new programs. As this is all about Google collaboratively, you still have more features. See, it just shows how much it's actually using Ram disk and settings. You can work with team Dark team. You have a late them adapt you. Then you have Eddie the gulab throw you how? Just if you want a faster give you I think it's for cost. It costs you OK, but you don't need toe Take money because you will have this normal one is more than enough Then you can just a friend for in size that more many things You can just look into it Mrs Options You can show the lines or not that you're rich. You can share commend You can do so many things There's a view introductions. You can just look into the ones This is really cool. If you work in machine learning or deep landing This is a better to Legace. It helps you, Lord. Thank you guys 11. Section 3: Python Basics part 1-->Variables: Hello, people. In this section we will lad what it is like learning any programming language for that matter, biting programming language. When start landing any programming language, it is important to know all that terms like variables, data types, function, hoops concept that England inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism and encapsulation and some other times like models, packages Adam handling the list goes on. At least it's better to law that the times I have mentioned okay, the first step would be very well. Water variables. The rebels are continents for storing data values, for that matter, if I declare invariable court eggs and as any value fighter weed, if I bring that value fact you could this program look that it would be five. So if a as that one most drink like thing is hello by them. Five. Let me bring Put the Valleys brand string executive. This look had a bite down. This is how invariable works very well. Pigs on while you do it. It is like a convenience for storing and value. Having said that, keep the same energy and passion. Thank you 12. Data type Numbers: all in this video we will discuss aboard dinner. Times Warner did the names. A little time in programming is a classification that specifies which type of value a variable has. Now let me list some off the data types, numbers string bullion laced Apple dictionary and said, Here we look at numbers wate numbers number data, dive store numeric values. They are immutable. Later types means that changing the value of the number data type results in newly alligator object basically numbers. There are three types integer, float and complex in desert. Other variables it stick in as an input. Suppose if a dependent value. Look if I asked open. But the actual question is to verify the type of an object in Bytom. To do that just type friend type of eggs. Figs occur This program Look. It belongs to a class indigent. Same with float and complex. If suppose float variable, why has value off 10.0 if you want a jack? What type of object is why is just type type? We have type of fine if executed. It belongs to glass flood, similarly complex with value. One J. If I try bringing tape off Yes, the glass would be complex. Similarly, it goes with sense That was dictionary least and sinks. Having said that, I love your face. Keep the same energy and passion. Thank you. This 13. Data Type Strings: water stinks. A string is traditionally a sequence off character as simple. Esther's guys, I bet as a little constant on some kind of way with drinks in Pitre either surrounded by single quotation marks are double tradition Mark, as you can see. Suppose if it goes to hi, then big questo. Hello, but with double quotation mark. So when you try to train But the boat friend a print may they were under program. Yes, you can see Hi and hello this one in the same. The next concept would be mental instinct. You can as any mental and string to a very bad by using three patient mark as simple as it . Suppose if movie Siri's because too high Hello, big bang tearing. As you can see, this is a three line string us into available Call Siri's. So if you try printing it Yes! Yeah, you can see here. Hi. Hello, Bank there. Now let us go through something. Bill function suggests lighting slicing returns a range of characters by using the slicing Syntex space for the Start index and in end index, separate in a big column to return a part of the sing, you can see that here. Suppose if being goes to Leonardo? No. No. Then if you're not, get characters. Just print. Be off some to defy something. Anything like that. We just need Yeah, see, we any remember, guys? The index star from zero. Invite on. Next is negative indexing. Use negative indexing to start slicing from end of the string, for example. Print be off minus one. It would return the last character. Yes, as you can, you see? Well, it hasn't done well. Even if you want to stink let off thing you can just time like minus fight to Mexico days see in the air as simple as it The next function will be sting gland To get the length of string, use land function Suppose if you want to find the length off the string. Just trained, be dot len function and exit her This So I started my bad. It's no Len off here. Yeah, quote. Sorry. More time. Be. Yeah, Should be good now. Right now? Yeah. See, the length of the string is aid. Some of the next in build methods would be lower, but the next function would be upper. So if you want Conard. Lower character strings to up back at the strings. Just I bring Sting Dog a book the next function would very place. If you want to play some characters with on a character Brent, be off in double condition yellow on, then which canopy wanna replace that cell? Then I will replace it. Care Ah, B Dawg did this. Yeah, for executive days I should be getting Can I go? Yeah. Ignore the first airport. See, you can seek an order. Yeah, the next function would be split. So if you if there are two characters if because the energy movies then you can speak those strings up breaking by typing the wind or string dot Split when exhibit didn't see as you can, it's brother. Different stinks. Next concept would be string checking to check if a certain phrase or character is present , insisting we can use keywords in are not in to check it. Suppose if because to learn the movie's supposed will not check, there is a string on or just create invariable because toe with ah, that sting your rejected acceptance movies. Ah, in double condition in the very well being. So in being so if I try to print eggs Inter to give me true as movies already present Yeah . Saudi My bar indentation air unexpected. Okay, My bar The same dedication. So guys should be careful with the index indentation. I'll making video on indentation later in the next section. Maybe. Yes, you can see through. There's so many methods, guys, you can check so you can check in the little escalate like just a type. Um strings met there in Beit Done. You can see so many methods like capitalize cannot force character uppercase center count returns the number of times specified value. Ah, consisting. Suppose if we have string with the characters repeating like a reported four times or five times If you use the function count, it will give you the number of times the character has separating the string. More important method. I want toe mention here. This former it helps you in when you have so many input value. So I'll make a video on that. I like your face 14. Formatting String: Hi. In this video, we will discuss about former string. This matter is very useful in your programming language. Especially when you want to have multiple inputs for that. Just take an example. Just Gordon. Suppose of with burial place. Uh, is India in near Andi? The name would be Fight them. That's a post apocalyptic to input and print out print. Hi. I am with Flo brackets open from open again. Dark. Now you're using format. The new pasta. Very was name place? Yeah, I am fighting from India. That's good night. You can go. In another matter, you can execute for murder, sitting in another matter. Like just print. Just money F for form. Interesting. Uh, hi. Um, name from then with market open this type of place Variable name, uh, close it. Single quotation. See, I am fighting from India when in the same having said that I love your face. Keep the same work 15. Data Type Boolean: Hi. In this video, we will talk about bullying data type. So what is blended tape bullion represent were not the two values. Either. Dude are false In programming, you often need to know if an expression is true. Full. For example, you feel developing an expression to check whether the given statement or expression is true or false. You can check like this print, Give me a minute print and these getter, then nine. Just exit good. True, so it presents a value if I change the value. Oneness, get in name. What's this is the help off bullion data type. You'll get either through our falls. Having said that, I like your face. Keep moving, saying the next radio. 16. Data Type List: in this video, we will learn list data. Type A list. It's a collection off data we just ordered on changeable in Brighton. Lister written with square brackets. Okay, guys, let's start by creating a list. List this 20 Costa, remember, get square brackets. Kardashian mug. We are reading a list off foot. Yeah, but it banana, then Chedi bigger. Jenny. There you go. It's the least we can create the list that I need. There you go. List off. Fruit, apple, banana and Jerry. Next, we look about accessing items. You access the list items by offering to the index number. For example. If I bend list off, do if I run the program, you should be getting training. Did you go? The next concept would be negative. Indexing it to star in a string. Negative indexing means beginning from the end, minus one Defers to last item. Suppose now, if I want a list the last item, just bring a list of bias one. You can also specify a range of index by specifying way to start a way to end when spurs finger range that it'll very will be new list with the space for items I Suppose if I worry about Little was two element, then this the matter. Brent, list off. Sydor. Toe to. There you go. There are a handful on useful method for list. The first mother would be find the length of the list to find the lender. Phyllis, just time leant off the list. Name in the program? No, my bad. They said a line six in Texas. What's okay? This is not boast done. Yeah. There you go. Three. How do other item to enlist? You can use up and matter to add an item at the end of the list. So who's list world? Not up. And then name off the fruit phone. Orange orange. Okay, if a print, at least right now list one, they should been additional item to the foot list. Yeah. There you go. Orange at. And if you want inside and I attempt to a specific location, you we can make use off inside method, for example. List one dot insert, specify the index, then the item mangle if I tried upended. Okay, there is a, uh, on attributes. At least object has no afterward. Instead, OK, my bad insurgents. You see, Artie, if I didn't know. There you go. You can see Margo has been inserted at position. One next useful mother would be topping the list. You cannot just type listless to it goes to list one by typing list week off the list. One because listo will only be reference to list one and genius made in list. One will automatically also made in this too. There are ways to make a copy. So the actual matter Tocopilla list he had would be list off the name it goes toe the list . You want a copy list? One Dodd, copy. This is the right way, guys. When? Around this. Yeah. There you go. You got the answer. Now we will look how to join to list. There are several ways to join our can. Katyn it to one more listing vital one of the easiest way by using the let's operate. Oh, I suppose if I have a list too. Wait numbers. I'm creating it. One cover took over three. Then just die. List less. Trey A busto lest one less. Let's do if I try printing list three. What would be the output? Can you guess it? See? There you go that you list are calculated. There are so many other methods in the list. You can check over here. The There you go. See, there are too many events that had too many methods happen. Clear. Copy. We have gone through some off this right count. It doesn't someone off any months. With a special value, you can be useful like pop inside these functions. Really? These methods really help. Then you can You sort of sort the list. That's one of the best use. Our best method. You can make use up. Having said that, I love your face. Keep the same work. 17. Data Type Tuple: in this video, we will talk about later. What is happening? A couple is a collection which is order and unchangeable in Beytin Temples are done with. This is our loan brackets. Remember, guys list are changeable on top ulcer unchangeable. Let's start by creating and Temple, Apple and Lister one in the same. I don't All aboard. You guys doing same mattered functions applying I'll just, uh, go through quick here, apple. So creating a couple so use parentis is so list will take a character name, character like Thor Movie characters Halik then my favorite aunt on man. Yeah, There you go. Apple has been created. So if you try to bring that apple just back drained that. But so if I execute this See, there you go that the bill has been created, so the next would be like you do indexing. So as I said, guys, this same a string the functions If you just try to print in the last number Last item, just bring double negative next minus one. It would just give you the last night it should be doing. I dont ignore the faster put. I'll just come into your no more free. Want to print range? Off Index, You can just type, uh, bring topple off your support if I want a pain daughter and hulk, Uh, minus tree. Don't one. So if executed this Yeah, there you go. Door and hulk. So we're done with the range of index change off apple values. Once a couple is created, you cannot change its value. Apple are unchangeable or simply immutable, but there is a work around. You can cannot couple in the list change the list. I've been adding an item on cannot list. Back to happen. This one had a cough process because you can go through Internet. So I don't need to waste your time because these are the same function that we control in last videos. If you wanna just print the length of the chapel, you can just type a friend lent off double. There you go. Let off. Three. Next concept would be creating a couple with just one item to create and topple with one item. You have to add comma after the item. Otherwise, fighting will not recognize it as a couple. For example, just type D. B. It was apple then brained type off taping. Remember, gays try to find a what type of object in fighter destined. C class couple. If I remove a comma and run lasting you, can you notice the difference? Right? The next would be to remove. And I tell from couples you remember right. The pulsar unchangeable. You cannot remove items from tapas, but you can relate the tapas. Suppose you 500 village just type d l and neighbors a couple and just commended. Then if I try to access the couple, See, there's empty couple is just showing the class. So we're done with the linked in triple. So you can join put Oppa's as same. Just take tapas joined with. Plus, operator. I simply just scared. And one couple I can show you a couple of 100 happened to I was, uh When? Come on, so did right? Yeah. Yeah. Good to go. If I just add top three questo. Well, bless couple one. Just make the change Temple one. So if I pray if I try printing coupled three So what should be that would put the guys oh, name around happen. It's not defined. 980 my bad. I just come in this? No more. Not required. They lit and done. There you go to couples have been added. We can see the item one. Then two had come first in the list just because I had a type type Type two and topple one . Yeah, that's it, guys. Then their methods far doubles. You can just go that I just type here, go get it. Diplomats in Brighton. As you can see it, there are only two doubles to my attention topples discounted index. I can show you one. I heard already tight the court here seeing that stuff on having numbers. But the number one is repeated twice. If I tried to count the number one if I run this See? There you go. Just ignore the first output. Just type were coming that night on. There you go. The one item has been depicted place. Having said that, I love your face. Keep the same energy 18. Data Type Sets: in this video, we will talk about sets data type water sent a sec is a collection off items richer, un ordered and un indexed in beytin sets written with curly brackets. Let us start by creating and sex set. Let's do it on Just created name of movie characters dot halligan Ironman If I die in the winter said There you go Hulk, Iron Man and dog. But one thing you notice they're not ordered as they give input because sets are on order and under next next would be how does access item offset? You cannot access item insect by reference index Since sets are another, the item has no index. But you can look through the set items using for look toe agenda items far x I mean you can name it as items for items in said Bend. I don't So if I execute this you got the output as a man Darling hunk Next to change an item in the set Once a set is created, you cannot change its item But you can always add new items. If you want to add a single item, you can use add matter. Suppose if I want to add an item, Do it all in existing said Just type they want to set dot ad and that I don't live. Maybe X Merle. Yeah, that would be good, right? I'm just renting it said We'll see how it operated. There you go. X Man has been added to the set. Suppose if you want to add multiple items to a said, you can use update method. Remember, always when you want to add multiple items, you the square brackets, then just mention items. X men. Come on, X. Y said, Come on, NBC, guys, whatever, Whatever. Maybe for just execute days. See the items has our Hulk, ABC. I am an ex, Manning's explains. They thought, No, let us understand to find the length of the sick. It's so simple, Guys, as previous just type, lend and lanky were and just able to say, as simple as that. OK, there is my bad. There's some moderate line nine. Okay, I have okay. And this, uh but And this is what's missing If I just undid si lent is six to remove and item from the list you can use Remo are discard matter. You can just type name off the set dot remove and the item name we expend nodal. I'll just them exercising, explained that saw. Remember, I'll just paint the set If a bring the sand, I know he should not find exercise. N. You can also use Bach matter to remove an item, but this matter will remove the last item. Remember that sets are under so you will not know which item that gets removed. So suppose if I call pop Metal here, then I try to print a sexy Ironman has been deleted on the items which remained in the list are Hankin thought you can build it and said using dilate keyword, Just use Bilic and name off the set. Then if we tried the print that said just executive scored, see as again, see is just printing class set. The items are more successfully. Now Let us look how to join to set. You can join two sets using either unit. Methods are Abit method. Now let us do that. I have already created to set set one with character slim and said, Do it numbers if you want. Oh, I joined those two sets. Just type set one dark update and the sexual habit said to If I friend set one that you should see six item in a set. There you go. Does it has been updated. There are more set methods in Brighton. We can just Google here. Set methods in fighting. It is good. There you go. See? You can see add clear copy difference. Discard that, Bob. We have used Pop Union Update. Having said that, I like your face. Keep going. Keep the same energy. 19. Data Type Dictionary: In this video, we will learn about dictionary data Type water dictionary later time it extended is a collection with this in order. Change it. But on indexed in Brighton, dictionaries returned with curly brackets on. They have keys and values. Let's start by creating a list and printing. I have created a dictionary here. Dick study with key name on these Nikes and value when 103 2020 other values toe kiss, model and deal. If I try to penned up dictionary brained Nick, then you execute this. You can see the output brand, which is Nike. Modern is 107 and year 2020. No, in orderto access the items in the list you just need to type. I suppose it would take a very about X because toe name off the next very dear City, then key name. So I'll just type brand so brained eggs an executive these I should be seeing Nike as an outward. I suppose if you want between the value off a specific item, then you can change by refering toe. It's keeping him. Suppose if we want to change the brand. Just Diab next, nutty off that brand in Khowst happened. So if a bring the dictionary see, the brand has changed from Mike to apple. You can look through both kiss and values You using follow for example for scum A wine in dicked dot items This item method will help Looked through dictionary. Now, if you'd print X and Y, you should see the reason See Brian 90 model in your seven year 2020 Next would be finding lent off a dick study to find the length of the distant Just die Brenda off Lent. Then you have traditionally for exactly this. See the value is three. To delete an item you can use pop method? No, If I wanted to remove mortal just type dexterity dot Well met there of you wouldn't keep value. Morning. So if a friend next meeting now I should see only my bad days Kierra model. Okay. I had type something different here. Just change if I run firing again See, there are only so I items Brian and hell no. Let us understand, Mr Dictionary here I have created extended one and dictionary Do what If I want o nest one and two dick study into another one I'm creating a new extent here it I'm creating new family and giving the dick one. Come on. If to do I have created a nester extended know if they tried toe print the next year to study faux for executive days. Look at you. The F one. Therefore, NKY has the whole distillery. 61 brand Nike more than 107 year 2020 and the ifs two Key Value has named Emmy and Year 1990. You can check for more the study methods here. There is a clear that most all the elements clear. Copy all this stuff. We have Gondron Adler videos while covering sex. And so, in order to do again and again, which will be boring, he can use update updates that the study with specific key value face. Having said that, I like your face. Keep the same energy. Thank you guys 20. Indentation: this video, we will talk about indentation. What is indentation? Indentation refers to a space at the beginning off court line. We're in other programming language. The indentation in court is for irritability only. The indentation in Brighton is very important. Fighting uses indentation toe indicate a block off. Good. Again. Check here. I just really some mothers. If from finding a voice. Finest girl and four. Just try printing. Okay. From the starting. Without any space, I think. Just been high. There you go. That is impatient at a than. The murder of Spaces is up to you as a programmer, but it has to be at least 21 If I'd say Gore Hi. It should work right now if I just run. Yeah. There you go. Hide. But guys No, no, nobody. This tool, Apple noted, is going to do a job for you. But remember, be careful with the indentation. Having said that, I love your face. Keep the same energy 21. Section 4: Python Basics part 2-->Logical operators: Hello. Welcome. Once again I hope you're here into the section with same energy and passion. Believe in yourself that you are doing something better than others who have no taken the step at all. Having said that, let me brief you What will be covered in this section? We were covered. Logical operators. You fell statements on looks. Contempt. These are the logical operators are more or less conditions. That concept off logical operative is simple. They know a programmer to make a decision based on multiple condition. You can notice conditions here equals nautical less than less than or equal to greater than get an equal toe. No, let us consider real word scenario. Suppose you want to measure the biceps off Hulk on Dallas Here you can make use off these conditions. Either they're equal, not equal Gulbuddin less then something you can just compare to persons hide some other real were examples this concept coming toe handy in if else statement lobes except her having said that, keep the same energy 22. If Else Elif Statements: Hello. In this video we will discuss a bold if Els on a live statement. What are they? They are conditioned checking statements You fell Statements are used to control program for based on some conditions. And if Stedman is written by using if keyword let us know. Consider Aylward problem. Suppose you take him public motorbike and it collects to information on face recognition in June the government has your information. Let us see it has age and probably logistic 18 and that the information would be best here . Driving license, maybe in the school test. So I just as any true here. If for the chuck if the person edges greater than or equal toe Aidan and best what is true or not? Only if these two conditions are true brained are you access. See the conditions way have written the next would be else condition. What if you're not? I bought a team then, friend. You, uh Lord eligible as simple as dead when I execute days. Well, Sendek said okay. It's not equals over it up. Okay. If I run it again, see you access because the conditions are satisfied here. The ages 18 and double and this is zero. What if I changed 2 70 for executive the same. You are not eligible. The next would be a live Stedman. The Elif keyword is fighting way off saying if the previous condition were not true, then try this condition Support in the same example, you are only allowed to drive. If your age is able 40 and live lift age is equal to 40 que you access and send, uh, for this license. See, I didn't change the toe 40 41 I'll make the condition here falls If I exit good days, give the access and send a notice for a license. This condition holds good even the best service fuzz as it will send the noticed for the license. See, as simple as this, when you understand programming with real world problems, it will be very more easier. Having said this, keep the same energy 23. Ternary operator: Hello. In this video we will discuss shorter if else statement all simply under the operator. Brokers used salary operator for additional making in place off longer if else statement conditions. If you have only one statement to execute one for if and one for else you can put all together in the same lane. Consider this scenario the award in the election support. If the person will only alert the world after the age of 18 you can write the program as here. Let us look the syntax low Some things you can board it goes toe Drew. If it is a girl than are equal to 18 ends falls as simple as this. Guys, look here you get only would if the edges Aidan are ever else. You cannot would if I exit your days. If I take an input, it is 20 friend. Yes, if if it is greater than or equal to 18 ends Friend, Look, if executive this Yes, you've got the answer, right? That's it for this video. Keep the same work. Keep the same energy and passion 24. Nested If: Hello on in this video, we will discuss about Lester if statements you can have if statements inside if statements . This is nothing but Mr Statements support. If we I suppose let me take a real world example. Uh, Jeff basis is a billionaire. Oh, really? New JB. Sure good is. And just take this number. I just died 36789 year. But the girl if Jamie greater than six. So here, that ain't going toe then just a friend did business this and millionaire Well, you know if again if Sigmund, if inside if if Jimmy is given are equal toe 1,000,000,000 Just trained inside So but, you know Yeah, it's friend and just like me e I mean, what is it if exit good days? Yes, JB said Molina. He's also a billionaire. Suppose if insane, the value just 2000 grand then he's just like me. Having said that. Keep your passion. Keep the same energy. Good to go. Thank you. 25. For Loop: today. In this video, we will discuss about four lives. Loops in programming are very important and powerful features. A formula is used toe I didn't or a sequence that is either a list up on extending said or sing with the for loop Begin excuse Set up statements once for each item in a list Cancer Really scenario for better understanding. You were us to walk for 20 minutes from a given time and you will go on walking for a fixed time. There is a beginning. There is an end. All you need to do is continue. Your walk in the destination is spread. No, let us understand the Syntex. That's index of follow up work like this for I didn't treatment. You execute a number of statements after understanding of the left scenario, you have a starting point and the destination. Likewise, If you bring a list of number in the list, you can court like this. For example, you have a list having 1234 fine six elements. Suppose if you want to bring the list just put afford an ex Listen, I'd rater in the list, so if you just bring the whole items. That's X your executive days. There you go. Then I must one toe 345 and six. The next thing to discuss would be looking to the strength, even strings at a table. Objects they contain a sequence of character. For example, if you were to look through it's drink for X in, I don bend eggs. If the executive days you should see that character softer see he had on after going through four lobes. Now I also explain hydration. What is iteration in programming? It is like one by one. Check each item in the collection support. If united to the deck, Studies less creating dictionary dicked. Madam, I just would be age the stink then and name would be hunk. If you want to bring this attempt in the dictionary, just type for ex Come away because they're two elements here age and the respective value in Nicked Dart I Adams. If a friend doors and execute this statement, I should be able to see completist Tennessee. The ages stand and they was Hulk. Next we will discuss else and nested loop concept. And for look, the else keyword in forelock specifies a block off court that to be executed once the loop has finished, I suppose on just religious court for exit galore A number from zero Defy this for X in range. I am making use of French function. Don't for your brother and discuss the range function in next video for excellent range just brained eggs. If exit good days, it should be able to see Syria to fine. So far no use a statement is just time brained finished. So once the loop has finished, it will bring the finished. He would see it as the other finished now water nested loops Ministered loop is nothing but a loop inside a look. The inner loop would be executed one time for each iteration off the outer look, for example, if I take to list, least one would be one common Tokuma three and less Toe is Yeah, but orange and banana so far x in least one for right in less door brained X Come away If executor discord You're basing See for each item in the outer lobe you have complete in a look Having said that keep motivated, keep the same energy. Thank you, guys 26. Range Function: hello. In this video, we will discuss about range function, the ranges and building functioning fighter. It is used when a user needs to perform an action for a specific number of times. Let us conserves syntax, brain function, waas with start stop and step point. Knowing the syntax, consider you have to cross every but from one end to another by taking two meter step at each time the range function returns the sequence of number starting from zero. That's by default on increment by one. Even that is different. I suppose. If you want a friend from zero five, I just time for X in range cigs and been X and executed days. Here we go our bodies from 05 If the in function defaults to zero at starting value, however, it is possible to specify the starting value by adding enviromental. Suppose and for just your battle matter to here, then executive this program. Here we go. It's start from 23 and ended. Fight the rain function the force to implement sequence by one. However, it is possible to specify the increment value, but adding it that barracuda suppose your neural function total 30 with increments off. Three If executives program See, here we go toe find aid that with increment off. Three. Having said that, that's how it ain't function works. Keep the energy and passion. Thank you guys. 27. Enumerate Function: In this video, we will discuss about intermarriage function a lot of times when dealing with traders. We also get the need to keep a count on admissions. But by that eases, the program was touched by providing and building function card enumerated and another method actually counter to an eye trouble and returns in the form of animal object and owner meaning mentioning one by one. This innovative object can then be used. Entities in follow ups are converted into a list on couples. The innovative method takes two parameters I table and I'd rater our object that supports attrition and stud. And when it starts counting from this number are it will take zero as and different. No, let us enumerate list object items using followed directly support If I have a list This one Ah, I'm creating any of the characters God, I think you know. And man Come on, Captain America No Using far look forex for identity in in where it, uh least one now brained X. If I executive the school, did you go Each item in a list are intimidated with index Now we will change the index and on the court I suppose if I wanted in I went different index just right. But my starting point. Good to be pending physical discord, which is start from 100 C 100. It starts with tar and 103 Captain America having done with Farlow, we'll go this matter using list matter. We have a list here. So if I just died of brain brained list of intimidated off object name, executor discord. Oh, God, What just happened? Well, in addition, Saudi, everybody just understand the inundation out here saying it's and just economy based using Could be No, we're using directly smother here if exit Kurdish. Here we go with Geno Index to tar and one toe held toe and man, three days, Captain America, this kind of animate object Keep the same energy passion. Thank you. This 28. Break and Continue Statements: In this video, we will discuss about break incontinence statement. A break statement is used when you want to stop after reaching certain our particular item in the list. No cancer does. When you guys go for a brunch for a place which is not well known when you find a hotel by then the condition, Matt, and stop searching. Now let us look into continue statement planting the statement is used to stop the current citation off the loop and continue the next edition. Let us try to understand breaking continue statement to problem. Suppose for have a list, right? See? See this place fighting Joe? Uh, and she shut. So here you want to stop looping when you and venue in colder beytin before X in list one. Bend eggs if if x it goes to bite on, then brick figs. It could this program. Here we go. We break out of the loop when we encounter fighter. No, let us look into continues statement with that continue statement, we can stop the current iteration off the lobe and continued the next. Suppose if I have a list of foot apple, but I know and buttons when you encounter banana. We don't need a printed. You just pursued further for X in least one. Okay, expect blister, but, uh, continue. Then you put index figs. You quit the program. Did you go when the look and Congress banana in the Lord? Print it. Just move further on having said that. Keep the same energy fashion. Thank you, guys. 29. List Comprehension: In this video, we will discuss about list comprehension list Comprehension is an elegant way to define and clear, at least based on existing list list. Compressions is generally more impact and faster than normal functions and lose for trading list. Let us look into syntax. Off list convention output list is E questo and output expression for Variable R II. Trader in Input list. If that Whatever condition you just due to execute now consider a scenario where we want to create an hour put list, which content only even numbers. Richard Present in the input list. Let's see how to do it using for loops and list convention and decide which one to choose. There are actually four type of list complaint since list and the study sets and generator so we'll use far. Look for to find even number in the list. Simple. The list is and are listed way deserved empty then for wherever in input list more or less so. Zero output list not upend. If executive this okay, I haven't printed a for print are put list. Yeah, there you go. Even the most out of the input list. So Lola does because they're doing? It was a list comprehension. The already list is going are placed. It is so remember days for square brackets, square bracket un necessary for it. Uh, but in list one if, where morning Less. Still a little grand. I would put list. I'll just delete our level court and traded on it. There you go. The same answers. But that's again. See if I just under here. See? It looks very less lanes when compared Toa using far lobes. Yes, guys. Thank you. Keep the same energy and passion. 30. While Loop: Hello. In this video, we'll discuss aboard Well, oh, why Lewis used to repeat a specific block off court on a number of times until a condition is met. What would be considered real life scenario? It's like filling a tank with water with using among you Never know how many months off. What are you bored but only stop when the dank is full? That conclusion. What I meant to us. Walk until satisfying egg you on condition. Let's look at this index while the given expression core a number of statements before I start while a programming that medallion thing. Be careful with infinite loves while handling Why lives? I suppose if you're a trained number less than 10 just initialize. I do one while I less than loving Bend I. But don't forget Ingram. It I goes toe best one. If executives program Oh, listen it. Why there's a split again. If executed. This See, I have executed someone do Then y lo requests really learned very much stability in this example. We need to define an index very what I just said. Toe one. The break statement. With the help of Brexit mint, we can stop the loop even if the condition is true. I suppose if eyes you got a five, then today fags. Good days. Look, sit. Just executed up to fine that in a statement with a continue statement, we can stop the current iteration and continue to the next. I suppose if I want to print this from 1 to 10 but excluding fight and I yes, he has to win. Give I goes to fine. Continue Then when I thanks a good and block off course, see the finest missing here? That's Stedman. Similarly, with the else statement we can done a block off court ones when the condition no longer is true. I suppose we just fight the program. Friend. I I was 21 is brained Oh my God. I think run the program. Look. Even after executing and block off course, it accepted a and statement. That's all over the white. Look. Keep the same energy and passion. Thank you, guys. 31. Revision For While: in this video. I want to take a small revision on foreign white low water for looks if our love is used so I did or elements off sequence. It is often used when you will have a piece off court, which you want to rip it, and number of times you can see the syntax iam foreign. I'd later variable in the sequence you eggs Good statements, for example, if what a print from anyone from 0 to 10 you execute. Four. Statement for invariable in Strange off, then print Wedeman exit. Good news. Did he go? You are elements from 0 to 9, so the next is, well, water. Williams, via Loop is used to repeat a block off court instead of finding a court block once it executes the court back multiple times until a certain condition is met. That's index. Look at this in Texas. Syntex. Why expression, If true or false, the statements keep on executing why lives are very useful in application, like chat port suppose consider taking it user response. Why a sector, true spawns is input says something If it responds. Sequus Joe, I love you. I love you people. Then big for exit your days until high. No. You for type. I love you people see, it came out of the loop. So that's it, guys. This that he was in a foreign. Why Look So it should be knowing we went toe execute our when toe a plane for our why look According to the given problem statement 32. Section 5: Advance Python-->Functions: elevates In this section, we will discuss about functions. What is your function? A function is the set of statements that take inputs, do some specific computation and British Open. Believe me, guys, this is when things get interesting the true power of programmers when it comes to creating and one function for problem solving on some applications, let me tell you how you can let the function simply consider the motor engine takes Aulas input and helps impart cling on big late, I meant start off your Waigel. Similarly, you pastor data as in perimeters into function and function well written, they die citizen Here you can see this syntax function starts with the G load off B of and function followed by function name with the perimeter list and number off statements Legs good. No, let us understand. How could he find a function and how to call a function? Defining a function starts with b of keyword We find my function closet, panties and colon Suppose I tighter pain Hi, I love but on duplicate here I have defined my function Next would be calling it calling in function and so calling a function is easy Just type neighbor. The function? Yeah. Sorry. Just Yeah. See, I have Kanda function name. If execute, this output would be high. I love football and cricket. Having centered, I like a passion and energy. Thank you, guys. 33. Parameters Arguments: Hello. In this video, we will discuss about parameters and arguments, water parameters and arguments. A perimeter is a very well listed inside the parent. This is in the function definition. Whereas an argument is the value that is sent to the function when it raise call, let us understand perimeters and arguments by looking at a piece. Of course. Suppose I'm defining a function? Yeah. Define my function with bad Amanda. Okay, first name and last name. So these are parameters which I have defined inside a function print. First name, last name If it college function right now. My function off fast and last name with the value and duh if exit Good news me a minute first. Okay, I just change it. Yeah, Good to go. If Exeter this Here you go. Helicopter. Parramatta is a variable lister inside off function definition. Why? Arguments are the value sink Cento arguments of the value that is central function when it is called. Now let us understand the concept off number off arguments by default, a function must pick up with the correct number off arguments meaning that if you function , expect to perimeters. You have to call the function with two arguments. Not more or not less. Suppose if I passed singer argument here and execute a program it would result in better see last name type. Better missing, one declared position argument. That is all about perimeters and arguments. Keep going, guys. Thank you. 34. Arbitrary Arguments (args): Hello, all In this video, we will discuss about Amber Italy, our revenge. Suppose if you don't know how many arguments that would be passed into a function at a Astra before a perimeter name in the function definition, What arbitrary arguments hello you to do is taking more arguments than the number of former arguments that you previously defined in the function. Consider this scenario. We want to make it multiply function that takes any number off arguments and able to multiply them all together. It can be done toe laboratory arguments this way. The functional resume topple off arguments and can access items accordingly. Let us consider that a scenario in kindergarten, you don't know how many kids are joining the kindergarten in 2020. You can defend a function like this defined, likened off get for they ever in Been to that? I'm guarding the function here. Are you calling in numbered off kids Suppose dom. Then Leanness said the and Emily and maybe Virat. Now, if executive this blogged see, you have fight kids in kindergarten in 2020. So what I want to tell you is if you don't know how many arguments that will be passed into a function just ID and a strict in the function definition. Having said that, thank you guys, keep the same energy and passion. 35. Keyword Arguments (kwargs): Hi, everybody In this video, we'll discuss about your argument. Take your argument is very you probably name to a very. But as you pass into a function, one can think off. K walks our killer arguments as being a dick story that maps each keyword to a value that we pass alongside it here. To understand your argument that keep on these syntax, Syntex would be key gusto. Bad news? No. Let us understand more by writing a small good considered a previous example off kids in kindergarten child 12 and three here and just print the dullest skin. The list kid president would be China. Three. When I'm calling a function, I just time my function here. As I said, Syntex Kiko's toe value Emily Child do is, um child. We wouldn't be They don't. So if I execute days sin dank so OK, my bad here to give a child do and cherry tree the thing is good news. Tight. Better again, Line eight. Okay, child one. My bad physical discord there is the palest get a present would be without for better readability and understanding. Just stay. It was good again that Dallas good present is without. This is all about one. Tell about your arguments. Simple guys. Just remember the syntax key goes to values. Having said that, keep the same energy and motivation. Thank you guys. 36. Default Arguments: Hello, All in this video we'll discuss about different arguments water, different argument before values indicate that the function arguments will take that value . If no arguments, value is past due in the function car. The different value is assigned by using assignment operator after farm cure name because toe value let us understand better. But considering where are you from or where do you live? Like Mitt idea Small code snippet. You find my function? Yeah, I'm giving it deformed about you, I suppose. India country our way. So if it's got a function us, I'll just come one more time. I went Gina Park. Whatever it may be if I the next I would call it by different function if executive discourse Nippert. Look, I'm from U S and M Proxy. China bug And don't pass any value. It defaults. Take India. Let me late. Clean coal. It is good days. There you go. I'm from U S. And I'm proud. And from China, I'm proud. I'm from India and I'm brought. This is all I want to show about default parameters. Thank you guys. Keep the energy and passion. Goodbye 37. Return Value and Pass Statement: in this video, we'll discuss about return values and passed a bunch fruit and values to let a function return a value you use written statement past statements. Function definition cannot be empty, but if you are for some reason, have a function of nation with no content put in a pass statement to avoid getting an error . Now let US state courts lipids to understand better, for example, return values. I just tried within values. Do you find my function? They're done if I Times X just because an extra okay, So if the color function my function of seven when a call is function, I'm returning a value five times X If execute this cord. Sorry on printed it. Print my function off. Seven If exit good now look, it just might applied a value by five times. Next, I want to discuss a boat Past statements. I suppose you would define a function, but you don't want any content in that. It's just a way off awarding better. If I run these see it executed but with no other. That's what I want to show in past Edwin and written values. Having said that, thank you 38. Recursion: Hello, guys. In this video, we will discuss the cash in what is percussion. The question is a common mathematical and programming concept. It means that a function called itself This has been, if it off, meaning that you can look through data to reach a visit. However, the developers should be very careful with precaution, as it can be very easy to slip into writing a function which never terminates our that one uses excess amount off memory are processing power. However, when writing it correctly, percussion can be very efficient and mathematical, elegant approach to programming. Let us understand more about precaution. Consider a physical one example. Place it to battle mirrors facing each other. Any object between them would reflect the Cassilly, saying that to a noodle upper, it takes some time to work. How exactly this works. Best way to find out is by destiny and modifying the good. Let us better understand by reading a small courts referred of given us a series. If you don't know what, it's five minutes. The city's just took here a few minutes. The stairs just add previous two steps. Value 01 and the third value would be addition off previous to values zero plus 11 the next one will be one dress one to the next. Value would be to press on three. The next value would be three. Best to find the next would be five history A at a start quoting function. If you go Nancy off again, if any. Zico's zero ray done one if and it goes to one, I don't one. Yes, they don't. You're gonna see in minus one. Bless vibrancy off and minus two, As I said, Frivolous a series adds previous Step on before previous step. So if I call the function brained people may see of fifth Index for just execute this program. Yes, see aid. Remember, guys, index start from zero. So 0123456 The sixth element would be eight. That's all about percussion. Having said that, thank you. Is 39. Global and Local Scope of Variable: Hello guys. In this video, we will discuss aboard scope off Unwearable either It is a global scope At a local school everyone declared outside the function are in a global scope is called global variable. This means that global variable can be access inside or outside the function A variable declared inside the function body or a local school is known as local variable Let us understand more about local and global scope. Often variable, I suppose. Taken variable X and global. I'm declaring a function function one just time function world. If I try to access the variable here, I just print and all the folks in the year and Bank of Bend friend next, let me be quite good except inside. Okay, Yeah X. I'm saying if exhibit a program here c x inside also global x outside also go. But no What if I want toe change the value off label eggs exes extends to for executive days See unbounded local because fight and treat excess and local variable So if you want oh, make it a global You have to declare it global x So if I executed right now, look, there you go Global global global noble No, Let us understand Abode scope of local variable. Suppose I have a function defined function to and why Enquist Loca If I try, I'm bringing inside. Why so? So if executed this rate function during Yeah, if execute this school Look, I'm able to get out. Put us local. What if I declare if I call the function outside? If executive court yes name era, why is not defined? Because you can access variable outside the function. That's all about local and global scope of invariable. Thank you, Base. I really appreciate your image. 40. Call by value VS Call by reference: Hello Grace In this video we'll discuss about is Pitre called better Friends are called by value by 10 utilizes a system which is no less called by object reference In the event that you pass arguments like whole numbers strings double straight function. The passing is like called by value because you cannot take the value off immutable objects . Guys, this don't do the basic concept off knowing which other objects are mutable and immutable whereas passing mutable objects can be considered as called by reference because when their values are changed inside a function, then it will be also reflected outside the function. Now let us understand the concept of called by value called by value. So remember, they are he moved a button. So all you need to remember here is what are the objects which are immutable? Suppose I'm taking string here. Always remember, string is your middle. Hello. So if I defined a function, it's texting. Yes, and but I mean then I'll just take one more string. It, um left. So if I just try to print inside the function, call the function now. My function Oh, string And outside from outside the function will be if exit Good day scored. Look inside the function. I'm fearful and outside the function Hello. Strings are immutable and program is working as called by value. Let us understand a boat called better friends. I just did it this coalbed offense and John medieval. So let me defend a function toe ad element. So I'm just concerning a list here list. Not Abend Off element then and print inside Function of list. I suppose I'll take my list. My list having element one come into political four. Okay, then if it call the function and even off my list, then Clyde of brained my list. If executive this look even inside, the function has been upended with element and also the function also upended with elemental. That is all about Colbert friends and called by value. Remember, guys called my values abled immutable elements and called by the Frenchies about multiple elements. Having said that, keep the same energy and passion. Thank you. 41. Section 6: Advance Python--> Object Oriented Programming(OOP): Hello, guys. In this video, we will discuss about hoops concept before I start hopes. Concept. I want to mention that if you're not getting any concept, are finding it difficult. Please. What? The video again and again. If you're still not comfortable, please use platforms like stack or floor military school to understand better. In the previous section, I couldn't talk more about class and objects because I fall. It's more a fresh to give information, but here will have a clear understanding off objects and classes. Everything in Python is an object. In the next couple of videos. We're going to talk about concept off Hoop are object oriented programming what it is, what it's used and why it's so important to us to become a great dollop us when I say everything in python is an object, what do I mean? Remember that data types I talked about? You see the class keyboard in front, off every object. This is something we're going toe gettinto. Everything here is an object because infighter, everything is built under this class. Keyword were able to use different methods. Are objects like this stripper from some action on them? Here. You can just use dog to find out the water, the methods available for all the objects he kept lies, case fall, center these other methods and activate for every object in vital. Okay, what is an object object? How methods and activating like this with dark matter. The basic understanding here is every object is based on class and objects, how methods. And afterwards you can access methods and attributes using dot See if we just print data, you can see this is the methods and attributes listed toe an object. But fighting provides more than the list. He'll wouldn't be good if we create our own object. The list can grow than the listed types here, and Bull Sting and Dictionary in the next couple of videos will understand more about class keyword and why it is important key. Take away is We can create a wounded it I've with different attributes and methods. What makes object oriented programming better are great. Oops. Provide a clear moral, a structure for programs. It is good for defining abstract at the time implementation details are hidden from other models on other models have clearly defined interface. It is easy to maintain and modify existing court as the new objects can be created with a small difference to existing ones. No, Consider an example you have obeyed and a measure automated delivery system Through drones and Robert. It take tens off lines off court and thousands off fights. It gets more than more complicated here. Object oriented program comes into picture for delivery. It takes so many attributes like image processing, GPS signaling etcetera for a make processing that a camera work will be maintained by $1 per or a team off. Deliver another work on GPS, and some people work on signalling by sending signals to Amazon server holding items. Different people work on different parts and same with robots. It was still not understanding. Don't worry that take of it is object oriented. Programming is a paradigm. Where to create structured programme As programs get bigger and bigger, we are always in a nice way to work. That's by building a different class and objects. Having said that, thank you guys 42. Creating Class and Object: Hello. In this video we will discuss how to create an object and glass as we know by Tony's and object oriented programming language. Everything in Brighton is an object with its properties and method the glasses like an object constructed or simply a blueprint for creating object to create in class you use keyword called class sub was a critic last year class by then who did me show these signals ? Let's remember, while creating in class, you should use always camera case. I'm doing nothing. Just I'll just buy us. So this is how you're creating class Name? Fight that enemy. Now let us look how to create an object. Now we can use the class named Fighting condemning to create object like this Suppose out of grade object name What did you have? One. It closed by me here I'm instead shading by 10 academic class toe object after instance creating a glass if you try to bring DYP just executed this type of object One executive this look class name fight an enemy Here you've got to know how to create in class on object Having said that keeper passion and energy. Thank you guys 43. __init__ Constructor: Hello, Grace. In this video, it will discuss aboard in nitpick instructor in a previous clips deductible classes and object They we created the classes objects in simplest from and which are not useful in To understand the meaning of classes we have to understand building in it constructor. All classes have a constructor called in it, which is always called when the glasses in Stan she hated. I suppose if I create a class call right then what I mean and it knit construct up with active ERT Newman Edge guys. You see that double underscore here, right? That is nothing but magic function. So now the thing I want to say is the unit construction also helped in checking some condition, like whether the edge of the person is 18 or not. I can simply do that by if it is greater than 18. If only then you'll look at the name. Self dot name is name and it's after a cheese is if I call one more method, Mr called here sef and try toe print name. My name is it's have not name and when I instance hated object here object one is by 10. Do they mean. And if I tried toe brained Britain dot matter called a C When I have object. If we just type dart here, the method has been listed, so you can just say, Hey, when exactly this program Look, there's a day better to a special arguments frequency here. I haven't given activity, so it's asking for attributes. Suppose if I give um, and just 20 toe if it on the game. Look, my name is strum with Neuer, as I said that in it, construction can be used for some checking purpose. If I change the value to 22 some 12. If Aaron again look, there is again error. That's because the IRS has changed from ages below Aid in here, I'll change back toe 22. It can be used also toe mentioned default values. Suppose if someone not like to give his name. Just type this the big enemies. And if the ages below 18 and just stick a just zero fix a good This my name Mr. I'm into looking. Having said that this is all about innit? Constructor, keep the same energy and passion. Thank you. This 44. Self parameter: Hello, guys. In this video, I want to discuss that Were self perimeter. The self perimeter is reference to current instance off class and these usedto access variables that belonged to that class. Why am addressing this? Because so many people keep asking me this. What is their self perimeter? It is just that a friends to a current instance of a class and it's usedto access valuables that belonged to the class suppose era, Um, accessing name and is right. Same answer. And one more thing. It doesn't have to build himself. You can change whatever you want. Suppose I change too Every scene And I have to change everywhere. And it works. Sim, there is no big change. Change your answer just for sink. So we've executive. Look, you got to see a mention. There's nothing big difference, guys. That's all about self perimeter. Get the same urgent passion. Thank you. Wish 45. Creating Our Own Class: in this video, we will discuss about how to create our own class. An object after No, We have discussed how to create in class and instance yet object. And we have discussed able ended constructor and self perimeter. No, let us as you You're walking in some giving company where you have to bid game on picket with cactus. Let us start understanding more about oops class and objects by programming. Just type. Oh yeah. So suppose I'm getting in classier class? Would name could get Blair. Then they leave and my constructor in it with self What the activism taking here is name and age, self dot name Augusta name and self Don't age is and their own because here just changed the name here Good to go A little more function called Run something It Bama herself and just print here Foster 17 Langdon service having in stun shit and object here player one is could get player and a title penned player one Keep attention here look it, let's clean up This is less and these are and to root and this is nothing but construction function Concepto these are activites are even called properties. This is a method matter are similar to function, but that's obvious. Called objects and glasses. There is a difference. I'll make it really on difference between mental and function in their decision. No, I have insured. If Okay, lets extension. It's cheered. Okay, Thanks to get the program. Okay. This okay here? I have not got any antidote. So just you we don't and age would be. That didn't. Okay, I have just type player one, so it gives me the location where the object is there. If I just name look it to give we don't No. How did you get to get out here? That is because off this self perimeter, when in stunted here, that means V, uh, calling the class to create and object The self here is a current instance or glass. So it's refering to a bear one So it use without a surname. Supposed for type of age. Look attribute. Made that. It'll Yeah. So if I played one more player, player two they, uh, with them Maybe right. Age 33. If I write a paint plan to don't name and change is diverse and just name figgsy condition look to values here. We got two values for the same piece off course, and the self is suffering toe play one in the first time and player to in the next second time. The key here is remember, we have written only once code. I mean class, but we have to values here. It's like we have created dynamic. The self refers to player one for the first time and Blair does. For the second time. I can't know many more things. Like, if I just make it a month matter, we just call it Look it you been faster and then my knees because you're not returning anything. If it just tried toe, they've done Hello. No, I just Okay. This may be a Stipe listing. Hello? Look yeah, Just enough money. Just it on. Hello, guys. I know this is so much, but understand. Having said that, that's Hollywood creating in class object. If you're confused, keep watching video again and again. Thank you guys. 46. Attributes and Methods: Hello. This video we talked about at Roberts and Method object oriented programming allow us to create its own methods like grand and a drawbridge. It's a great way to add more functionality here. All the fighting gave us only data type. Here we're able to create our own. Plus, no company is happy because this could get player can be used all over the game. So we'll be help us to write court that disreputable and memory efficient. If we want to be grand, deliver for peace. One thing to know and understand. Here, I want to show you something useful. Suppose my idea. Maybe just a dog he had in shows all the list of items here, the age I mean properties, aging name and then matter and all the peoples method. But the key thing is here if it just brained head of something, help off player one, and I just come in this out. But under good, it will get that blueprint off it like it. Get a blueprint off class. We use the self perimeter to make sure the values or attributes are dynamic. However, there is something called class object attributes plus object. Good I suppose in this game, if a player name has to be greater, he should have some particular skills. Let's take two look. This class object attribute the same line as our method and these afterward is different from these because it's an ecstatic. These attributes here are dynamic Just coming there, Mick. And this is static. Now if it change to play one dog skids and I just brain here Plaint played on dark skin See for executive days Look at that. And give if I do that for player too for running again. Yeah, Here All the players, uh, with skills is true But this is not an dynamic. It is just an attribute to the glass Could get player This is something will exist And true for all the object we're not going toe change of something here All the objects that we instant it will have access to skills attribute We can use these skills down here. Suppose he for sure they've excuse. I just want maybe But I have to add Sophia because self has access to class. Remember fags Good days Look gives us true everything works for change toe play it one dot name. It still works. That's all about class. Object activity. Just remember, whatever you declare here is starting, not dynamic on. It's true for all the player you access here. I mean objects. Having said that, I know guys, this is more and more, but keep doing your work. Keep the same energy and passion. Thank you, guys. 47. Method VS Function: Hello would come back in this video we will discuss about function. Was this matter Water minutes Methods are always belonged to class or object. They always call with an object on it. Always have any for parliament itself. You can look us in taxi. Oh, you created plus with the giver class and class name. And then you define a ended constructor Then method name good as function is an independent . They're always called by their name itself the bid the basic vital Middle East. Here you just defined a function with the given B f and you'll have a dribble and function body to understand better let us start quoting Suppose I created a class guard, ABC with constructor mid Not just for myself, nor the activity just plus you. Anything I cleared and method here Method one with perimeter self and I'll just trained. I am in method off glass, NBC If a substantiate object maybe object their friends because plus now, if I had time to paint object dog method If executor Cool. Look, I'm in method off class ABC. Nice matters are simple. Here you are calling with class Whereas functions are independent, you can call whenever you want. Just defined. Just addition. I just add, uh, it to adverts. Number one. No tour, you know, just tried to written them to They did. I just have to call bad with two matters if executed the score Look, functions are very simple and their independent. This is all about the difference between the function and method. Having said that, keep your energy passion. Thank you days. 48. Encapsulation: Hello. All will come back in this video. We will discuss about the idea off for Bayless in object oriented programming. What I have not told you is that learning about object oriented programming, not just in fighting, for that matter. In all programming language that supports we'll be battered him. The idea off four pillars that will be does really, really well, for that matter. We have already learned one that is encapsulation, encapsulation. And Biden is the process off wrapping up variables and matters into a single entity here. Wherever czar, Nothing but after bitch in programming. A class is an example that wraps all the variables and methods defined inside it. Suppose here cricket player grabs all the active ALS and method. And all this after would act on this method. Suppose if I cleared one moment there I just find big. Oh, So, Andi, I just tried to brained My name is on and yes, old on self. Don't ich yeah, So just since dot age? Yeah. Then if it tried to print it, then one dot Speak If execute the program. Look, There you go. My name is such an and years old. 45 using encapsulation. I have package this up into a blueprint. I can't create multiple objects like player. Well, when people see this an entire object that can be contract or use it for different purpose . We have also seen that in our building function data types like Hello If it just I have a friend Hello. I mean, I just take a string. You have access to all these methods that because here always are encapsulate er in strings . Suppose if I tried to use capital I something dot for you this and call the function and title trend The capital is just kept his first letter Remesy Hello because off encapsulation I have all but that's access to us So that is how encapsulation walks and that's a use off it if could get player doesn't have any actions method. It's kind of useless trade because you just can't access attribute. So if I just it it just works like this Nothing print I have access play one dot perilous get player if we just insulate them out of it Such in and aged being for the faith brained player one dot name and landed you could you get a searching also, you can even get his edge. But it's just like industry. Not a lot of much use insert. Instead of using class, it could have just use deflating. Suppose if I just take lead to If I just want better? Like name such in it should be What if I if a access friend they had to off name and and play it off? Thanks a good days. Okay. Just if exit good days. Okay, there's some better. Okay. It should be in no condition work. See, I get the same information than what I need to use this class. I can just use dictionary right here. Like this simple way, But using this thing, I'm combining things and I'm packaging here that more useful. Having said that, this is all about encapsulation. Thank you guys. 49. Abstraction: we'll come back. We know that there are four pillars off object oriented programming we have learned. Encapsulation. Then what's the 2nd 1? Well, it's a section. What is Obsession Section meaning? Hiding the complexity and only showing the essential features off the object. So in a way, obstruction, meaning hiding that he an implementation on we as a user knowing on how to use it. Now look, obsession can be seen here. Right when I do player one knots. Big player one dot big. You see the ab section? Because when I called the speak, you don't care how speak is implemented. All I know is that player one has access to matter speak and I can use it. And same it least Suppose I have a list one common took about three comm. A trick about three and I can use make use off count method and just use gold and execute a program. Here, look the Countess for look, Do I need to know how the contractor is implemented? No, I don't really care. All we need is some methods and attributes on access to them. We don't warning how it is being implemented on you and if I just type land, Look, it gives the same. I don't care. I don't really get about how land is being implemented on it. Literally abstracted away from us on. That's the idea off we'll be. You don't need to know how it is being implemented and it just abstracted away that complex . The information are hidden as a user. You just you make use off land. Ground what? That what you want on? But you're not wasting your time who are just learning how this let this work? Although you can learn how length is being implemented in bite and documentary, but we don't really care. It's already given to us and we're make sure we're using it symbols you haven't ab like maybe instagram. You just used the features off it, right? You don't really care how the program has been implemented and the complexity behind that. Yeah, this is all about obstruction. The complexity part is always hidden. That's a user will just use the features, probably by Instagram. That is all about subsection. Just remember obstruction in the sense, hiding complexity information to a user. It only allows you to use essential, which is only having said that. Thank you guys keep the same energy and passion 50. Inheritance: we'll come back. The Doctor Boer. Encapsulation of section Whatever. The third pillar of object oriented programming, what it is called it is going in evidence. Inheritance allows us to define a class that in its all the methods and properties from another class, let's go back and look at the example in evidence. The basic idea is parent. Plus is the glass being inherited from it is also called based class and child classes the class that inherits from the class, which is also called better class. You got a great class inherits from the better class. No, let us call. Suppose you think you you you're going to bank a list taking bank system and sorry bank And you have all these customer Castillo's. Well, because maybe some security just we just take concern toe sub classes if advocating class Oh bank And I kept him That friend opened. No, let me just Oh, and this is a glass corn that's rose with bank here. The emergence means you're calling the bank. Plus came and bad. I just knew, took on bank and obtained the bank here camera Best bank. This is nothing but in the evidence and now I defined constructor and method seven. Don't. Every name and balance itself knows Name is name and seven known about Nancy's bones. So I defend one moment there defined for you already and just type of plane priority. Well, uh, because tomorrow is seven dot violence. I'm just Buzz. Yes, I don't I don't. And if it played one more class. Now let me just copy paste this class and have a more plus. It's based on changes to workers. Focus. And we have inerting rate bank to the base class. Just bad Institute. Please send mission and self. Don't set of dog position. You so good. No, you find stunt. You'd may God customer one use Chris Thomas with being man Dio and balance would being 10 million something. Then if I call, we'll go. So would be named Maria something Astrea on pushing be just three or something. So if I was sick, you'd stolen Dodd Priority? I don't priority. Thanks. Good days. Okay. Name imbalance. Okay. Just tight. Operation friends. Good days. Did you go? Priority off customer is 1000. Okay, maybe on just tenants of violence. Yeah. No. If I use because tomorrow one dot maybe in tow, I should enter right, because I'm in hurting based class called Banksy Here I inherited based, Plus our recon. Call it as a parent class bag. If I just call the enter here in diameter, it's giving open. There is another matter to Chuck. Instance. Is this instance or not? Just type Brent is instance. Move stents off. Maybe a customer. So that's palace Wrong, please. Getting to adjust off, then bank you just junk with that? You have access or not? Just okay, good to go. If it is good news, name minorities instance. Okay, Look at the Spanish dungarees. If it is good, no focusing it. Get through that says you have access to basic class Bank. Let me some rice. Firstly, you have created a base class that is bearing class Just type, but and and this customer are change customer and you and what? God, He's a chain. So when you're calling a bank Tyler customer here you're inheriting the characters off bank . I mean, Ben. And so here, if I got customer one dot enter, it goes toe parent class and just print open. This is all about in evidence. Just keep in mind. You a nerd. Characters from based class being a child. Having said that, keep their energy passion. Thank you. This 51. Polymorphism: Hi. Welcome back. One final bill it off. Object oriented programming to go. We have Dr Board encapsulation obstruction, inheritance Then they this afford one called polymorphism. What is polymorphism? The world polymorphism means having many forms in programming. Polymorphism means the same function. Name being used for different types. Guys, if someone asked you what It's polymorphism Just expanding simple terms. Like Ando using built in functions samples in one street. It didn't minute infections. Suppose consider length. Okay, I just tried to bend. Lend hosting. Hello. It would give fine Here I used lend function to find the length of a string gone Hello? No amusing. Same bland function but the count lend off list. Good did right? Yeah, the ego. The limped off string is fire and went off list would be six. Here I extend your polymorphism using building function. Garland length is being used to find a length of string or Celent Off list. This is nothing but polymorphism. Bali in the sense many and forms and different questions. No, Let me explain you by user defined functions User defined function. So for just you find a function to add on deck Ray was x y Zen Extra Zito. I'm assuming Zach 20 area Just let you know what I have done that they don't express way in place then? No. If it call it function drained. Uh huh. It took a month to become a full Yeah, it could work. It added all that three items here. What if I just give toe parameters? Uh oh. Then come on. 20 regularly. It should have given era because I'm just passing toe perimeters. As I used a polymorphism to demonstrate here I have a scent that this ecosoc zero it can be used for adding three elements. Also toe element Nice. If someone asked you Toe explained polymorphism, Just explain them. Using either building function are in simple function. That is all the people asked for you. They don't ask you for expanded, complex stuff getting in class or something. You just explained this. This is more than enough having sent their keeper energy passion. Thank you 52. Multiple Inheritance: Welcome back in this video we'll discuss about my people in urgent What is multiple in urgent in a glasses dinner from more than one based class It is nothing but multiple intelligence That dealer class in nights, all the features from the base classes This is the basic syntax of it. Here you have a class called base one and under class based toe on in a delight. Plus you inherit both the Bering classes Let us understand more about practical inheritance . I suppose I've created Parent Plus last one close Just take a dim lead with But I want to send in it. Oh, self dot Him Don't you already? Somebody Okay, Mr Can just take this out. I don't want this. Yeah, Good. Dio and destroyers seven. Don't a mix name seven. Don't you ladies. You ready? Yeah. So I have great late last year. So let make it one more parent last. I don't bear in class too. Mm. Let's take employees. And if any constructor Okay, instead of Obama, it will be based something. And Joe Peyton? Yeah, it's after base be and self Dodd, Joe stated Is Joe Prado. Candice it, Mr Didn't you here. No, I have created Do parentless. Now you get in the class. Uh, maybe you can change, child. Plus so I'm just manager, so I have to import now. Booed deem Noodle and him guy and just make it came a guess. Yeah, Let go. Just type basket. I'm doing nothing. If I died instantly, the class be Do you have something? Then I tried toe called my angel manager of it. Fatemi doesn't just in you name would be judge. And sorry that you want to be. Yes, Game one. Come on. They would be so under 10-K 100 game, whatever may be and jump it being No. If attendees Okay, do some You The result of these will do something like applause in it. SEF name? You ready? I'm defining all the adults here so they and job Peyton, I can take one more charitably experience. So for do that. And I just need to do send a good experience. You experience? Yeah, And we also do I am lead dog in it you need of I said ma you already on and And that would be empty. I glowed dot in it. Oh, I said Come on, big. Come on. Job title. If I bring something good here, just brained, maybe name. Come on, bay cover. Then what other things will be? I just print experience. Yeah. You could do it, right? Right. No, I have five variables afterwards, so I needed you. Fine. Just you One more parent on my FAC. Si. Good. Right now. Yes, I did it. Okay, there's some mistake. You okay? It's not accompanied because I haven't you on anything, right? Yeah dot for man. Oh, self. Don't name self. Don't bay No self don't experience. Yeah, exit. Good. Now, Okay. Active. Whatever. Manager of distance. Not a good name. Okay, Naomi, when did Drina okay than generous? Here and in a Me? Yeah. You don't seem to work fine. Yeah. There you go. You will answer Raj and his band experience. This is all about multiple insurgents. Here you have two best classes called Tremblay on employees and your inerting. Those two classes in the child class are better plus in manager. But remember, you have to do all these steps for students. Any constructor with all the attributes else. You can also define new variables like experience. Then you heard a call using magic function, we have to call some pretty team made on employ. With the respect to Adebayor's data, you can print the values having centered thank us, keep your same energy and motivation. 53. Method Resolution order: Welcome back. This video will discuss something about met that resolution order in in evidence method resolution order. They noticed the way off Programming language results. A method or activity method Reservation order defines the order in which the base classes are such when executing your method First, the method are attribute. It's such within a class on, then Forest order A specified while inheriting. Let us look at the program here Method a solution Order in emergent in editing support. If I have a class class A ah then I have a parliament of it value 20 to then gonna have a glass name Be very in hurt last year, then just Bastia. Then you have one more class. See, See which Leonard Class year and a Muslim here. Just take number one, then one more class every day, which inert B and C and then just print Last year here, if you want to access, I didn't them. Then on number goes to one we should know in which order it is going toe access. I mean inheritance. While letting from another class, the interpreter needs a way to result methods that being called where instance does require method Resolution order. You can use a common like feel accessing. I have called the glass idea it Texas BNC Just I don't Your model self your model exit Good days. Look, First it it's in a class D. Then it access class B, then it access. Classy. Then it goes to class here. I suppose, if you will a print deed or none exited did the value is one here because first it goes toe be there is nothing. Then it goes to see which there's a value call one if it coming this on and just printed Busted man. Now if exit good, look, the values 20 because from class data it goes to be Then it goes to see then later a Here you got the value 20. This is nothing but mental resolution Order having center keeper energy passion. Thank you, guys. 54. Section 7: Advance Python--> Functional Programming: Hello, guys. As you know, there are a number of programming languages. We have only four types of programming. The 1st 1 is procedure language. The second would be delivered your type that would be object oriented programming, and the 4th 1 is functional programming water. This functional programming functional programming is a type of coding style that focus on defining what to do instead of performing some action. Functional programming is derived from a mathematical style of thinking where you just passed imports and there is a function with Stakis offered on you the outward it uses expression instead of statement. I hope you know the difference. But with expression and statements, an expression is developed toe producer value where that statement is executed. Toe ascena variables in fact, in functional cored, the output of the function depends only on the arguments that are passed when we talk about functional programming. Their main three pillars. 1st 1 would be your function, the's function, how to main properties. The first they always pretty is the same old food for same arguments, irrespective anything else. Secondly, they have no side effects. That is no, they do not modify any arguments on global variables. The second property would be re cash in. There are no far or Y Lupin function languages. I dressing in function language is implemented through a caution. And here variables are immutable here. We simply we can't What if I am very well after it's been initialized? We can create a new variables, but we cannot modify existing variable. Having said all this, guys, if you're not industry in function programming, you can medically skip toe next section because I just wanted to show you there are some cool functions that you care worker in this section. But if you're not interested, your freed escape section and move the next section. Thank you guys. 55. Pure Function: no guys will come back in this video. We will discuss about your function. What are your functions? A function is called appear function. If it always returns the same result for the same argument. Values on it has no side effects like modifying an argument. Suppose if they say function and I have input. 123 It doesn't matter how many times I run dysfunction. It should always give the same open. That is nothing but pure function. Let us understand more about your function by writing small core snippets. I suppose I defend my function to add on list, call new empty list and for I in list new list dot that bend off I place maybe fine. And I would have done new list if I call this function and off. If a support a positive list. Come on by Comma 10 Common 15. If execute this program, look, it doesn't matter how many times I don't I get the same value. It is nothing, but we'll hafta properly soft your function to check any program. Any court is impure function. You can use these properties. I'll just type Here it is. Is it pure function for days. The first condition would be best. It it should You Same are put all the time regardless. How many times you on the program? That is condition number one Condition number two. Side effect does not change in the outside. Watch if I list in new list outside that it functioned like dues and I just copy Paste this a copy based. But I will not have days and try to bend. Good. Okay. Thanks. A good this. Yeah, but it is affecting the outside world. So this score is not an your function. This okay? As a side effect. How? Decide this go. Oh, function. Just remember days to be a pure function. It should always be the same output, regardless of how many times a year and a court and should not have side effects. Having said that, this is all about your function. Thank you, guys. 56. Map Function: Hello all. Welcome back. I want to talk about some useful function that actually allow us to think in function. Programming paradigm. Now we're going to talk a function card map which is very, very useful and coming to any beytin programa. Let's start the map. But just by Mab Look at the perimeters. It asked for the function and I'd rebels here map can be used to simplify the score. Suppose my function would be toe are And if I passed the eye troubles did, uh and I'm just so, um, cut and pasting this function because function need to be called after defining a function . Just been to you and get it off this prince statement. No more near. We just tried toe. Bring that friend map off function and I don't know look, regard a map. It object at some location map by default it use us object at a certain location. If you want to change that are buried, I'll just change it to list of my and execute the program. Okay, I better in subject is not travel. That is because if you're using my function, you don't need toe list. All these statements we just need at least items less fine. So if I just build it on this and did this and I just want a little item side just cut and based 1,000,000 Remove bad. And this is and I didn't just to make this door items, so let us look more indeed. This is our malfunction, which calls a function. You don't even ask us to call the function. I don't need to call it. It takes care off itself, then in Boston data here. And it does its work and return there value if executed days. Look, we got that values. One more thing in my function is if I just declare my list year list with items 567 and if I just to give us a bad amedo my list and again in the down if a tide of print my list if executive days look the answer. What we got after the first spring statement is different from second print statement here . The map function is not affecting the outside world, so it is a pure function. If your function helps in simple find the court that what we have seen you just a breast all the legs off court with just a single statement. Written items plus fight. So that so. Lumberton, my function Keep the same energy passion. Thank you. This 57. Filter Function: Hello. In this video we will talk about one more function called freedom. Could you based on the name we should have guessed what it does filter function for testing for us. Let's create a new functional for just instead off add just cared function check even. It was just take items And what should I do? I just written. So the logic off even members is just big. It dumps more or less. I do. It goes to zero. So just to get it off this print and and if I just make a desk filter instead off map And I just was the inhuman chair maybe 123456 Then I just did this on if exhibit I need to change . Name erected. Yeah, check you one. Yeah. If executed this look, they regard even numbers. Here the filter function Just filter items for us. This is all over for the function which is so easy. And it can be very handful in your dellape into chaos. Having said that, keep your energy passion. Thank you. Face 58. Zip Function: Hello. Come back in this video. Let's talk about the function. How can we use the function? The function works like a zipper. We need to list. Are that was to show How does it work? I'll just big my list one maybe. And 20 30 and moralist. My list to would be maybe one fi and then something. Just get it off the score. I just did it to you. So unjust. Instead of freedom function, just type in a zip and look. Just call deep. I should be able to go. Seem. Just check the zip. Continue. Call it. You can see it takes multiple number off travels so but it just is it both my least one Come on. My list too. Figs, the good days. Look in Just zip with double its inside. And what if this is a double? Let me just get in trouble. Same values, maybe. L know. Different values. 169 on it. Again. Yeah, is it doesn't matter. This may not be useful for you now, but as you start walking with database, like collecting user names from one table and maybe four number at just from that table and create a new table. This function come into picture zip. I did so each item and just zip it. That's all I do. Once again, there is no scientific here. It's just a pure function. So they're terrible. Zip. See you next time. Thank you. 59. Reduce Function: Hello all will come back. Let's talk about a dysfunction. No, let me just good drew. It is function. Suppose and use. It takes to obameter function and sequins. How there it is function were case at first step. The 1st 2 elements of the sequence are big, and that is at least obtain based on the function. Next step is to apply the same function to the previously obtained, preserved and number just succeeding the second element, and the result is store again and this process country. There's no more elements left in the list. The final reserve is written and printed using concert, I suppose, in order to go walk, it is made to import something called funk tools. Don't worry about these guys. I'm going to cover in modern section, so just need to improve import. Maybe the boat operators. Well, I am importing this because I can use operator like multi play Andi. In addition, so let me in Chile's A list, maybe six. And if I died, print front poles dot their news off. See, it's giving. You can decorate. It takes function and sequins. So if I just gain function, maybe I'll just you might be playing and and did not dig dicks. Operator dot went to play. Come on the list. So if executed this look, it just might deployed each element. So if I just change it Toe edition, There you go. Some of the elements in the list. So you when you can just to can catch in it Maybe, just thus this just can us ABC. Come on. Careful. Come on 100. You would just executive days. Okay, It's taking time. But it should work. Look, everything truffle Andrea sold it just can't get to later. Don't worry. Able to space because just I have space And this is all about dysfunction Having said that , Keeper energy passion Thank you Ways 60. Lambda Function: we'll come back. Let's talk about land expression. So this is how the land US index look link. You have a variable. He was lambda function. It's dig arguments and expression. This land, the function can have any number of arguments. But will you one expression suppose gonna find que off the number? Just I'm just invariable. Is lambda off arguments? Probably X is No, I'm defining a expression. Eggs, two eggs. Yeah, this is all it just brained that off fight. Go. Okay, there's some syntax, so Yeah, it's not ik Austria Justin expression. So set me apart. If it executed this Look, There you go. 1 25 Suppose if I do same action with different approach may be different A function here. Just take this in a normal way where you defend a function called que a new bus a battle me to do it and you done x and again you call up in statement. Oh, Cuba five. Name it. Chocolate Cube. You look both gifts and bizarre. But what's the difference here? Don't NATO defined a function? Are returning Cool, right? We don't using Lambda here. Both of them returns a cube off the given number. But while using the if we need to define a function with the name cube on you to post a value to it after execution, we also need to return the desert from where the function was called using return cure. But using lambert definition does not include a return statement. It always contained expression which is written. We can also put a lambert definition anywhere in the function expected. You can also use Lambda function in functions like Phyllida radios. So suppose if I use in three dysfunction, I'd know if I just have a list. David's will go to the train for fine, then Just time Brende Fund. Not the news. Oh, Lambda with arguments. Suppose if I want to add to contribute element, it can be with the expression it must be. Then adjust. That's the least we'd if executed days. Okay. In violets in ducks. Okay. That is because Lambda I haven't misspend of Lambda. Yeah. Would you go if execute right now? Tight. Better. I'm Jim. This known scripted one. Okay. And there is something. Okay. Okay. Just here list as it was strong. If it's good now. Yeah. There you go. 15. You can use Lambda functions in functions like at a news filter handle. That's all about Lambda. It's so easy and simple. And it would be very handy. Having said that, keep your energy passion. Thank you. 61. Section 8: Decorators-->Higher Order Function: Hello. All will come back in this section. We will talk about decorators. Another important keyword in biter a decorative, is a descent pattern in Brighton that allows a user to add new functionally to an existing object. We don't modifying its touch up, but before that, we want to understand the concept off higher order function. A function is called hired, a function which takes either function as an argument or returns and function. Suppose if I have a function, do you have some? If you see all, she takes function as an argument. It is called hired. A function are if. But if it returned, so we'll just get done here. They're done. B If it pretends a function, it is also called a higher Jefferson. Let us look Court stupid for higher motor function with stakes function is an argument. I had heard that from Sandwich bigs function as argument. A great suppose. If I have a function to it a and the next and do, then here you're just returning texting to it, a pocket. So then, if I do find one more function, maybe greed here I'll take function as an argument. Gooding is and you know? Hi. Hi. You're beautiful. Then another Bring David things. Everything Now if a college function greed read if I just pass it. Yeah, Figs got the program now. Okay, some in reality sin. Thanks. Okay. No. Yeah, Yeah, it's it should be next daughter. But so if executive right now, there you go high. You're beautiful. It can ordered in tow. Uppercase. Here. You're taking function as an argument. This is an high in order function. The one more way off. Higher order function is which returns a function. As functions are object, we can also be done function from another function. I suppose if a great your function to just modify dish, multiply school one off some number eggs. Didn't this What? Can we just get rid of all this? So missing. So if a defendant more function, Suppose that in just medical well, to buy element to of payable way and you don't X in the way you done function? I do. No. If I call a function, I want to play one of it value maybe and and brained when the plane with variable 20. So here I'm returning a function here. So this is nothing but how your art and function Attending a function. So I get. Are that function? Yeah, Figs. The good days. Look, there you go. Answer is to wonder this is all about hiring a function. Remember, guest, a function is called a hired or function. Big stakes function either function as a perimeter. All introduce a function. She asked me one more thing we just taped. Mob. There you go. It's take Functions are going right. Yes. Map, filter and radios are higher order function Having said that, thank you guys. 62. Decorator: Hello All will come back. Let's talk about the directors as we talked earlier. A decorative descent pattern inviting that allows a user to add new functionality to existing object without modifying its structure. Remember, decorators Super charges are function. I mean, it ends the behavior off our function. Okay, I know this is not for you. Let you put in this way simply decorators allow us to wrap another function in order to extend the behavior off wrapped function without permanently modifying it. Okay, That's so let's understand better by according or war. Now let me define Incorrecta Giggerota which finance so and some function. So after that I defined my grab function here I was called a function here, calling the function that wouldn't be grabbed. I didn't say the folks you get to date so if I just call function then I would return at a function. Yeah, I'm not calling here. I'm just returning here. So in orderto here I have defined my decorator function in order to access just invite and just type at and you can just get the decorator just enter. See it starting blow It indicates pizza decorate a function. So how do I use? Suppose if I defined one more function, guard function and just brained. Hi. You're doing it for you and your family. Okay, This sounds good. Mm. No. Let me just call the function I just got here. Let me call Vito de operator first. I'm just commented decorative. And if we just, um yeah, you're talking good. And I just taken out the comment and done. Yeah, I don't I have using decorator, but what is the use? It's not changing the burial of dysfunction. No. Did anything. Yeah. Let me show. How would an answer behavior of function been just time print off if I just thought up in some estates and print? Maybe some more that stress your choice. Just make this index idea. Yeah, if eggs good. No, look, there you go. Your function behavior is to change here. That's the boat off. Decorators simply understand. In Decorator, you just defined a function here. You're defining it, and here you define. But I'm function here. You're calling the function which midstream wrapped. That is the local function here. And I'm just returning the malfunction. And I'm using this decorator using that symbol in beytin in fighting. Just use that to get decorator. Yeah, just read the comment and understand it better. Okay, this is all about Decorator. Grace, You Sorry. We just modifying the behaviour outfit to be announced here. Otherwise, it would be a simple function returning. What's in a print statement? That is all about decorators having said that. Keeper energy passion. Thank you, guys. 63. Practical Use of Decorator: Hello. Welcome back. We have Dr More decorators. Why do we need them? What is the practical application? Don't worry. You'll learn. In short, some of us you won't object The performance of for good that you have redone. Oh, what do we mean by that? You fear from come person's background. And if we have taken algorithms in your academics, you have an idea off performance. I mean, calculating the time Kobe program to done so. What I'm telling is we make use off decorators, toe, find a required time to run our own. Good. Let's start cutting. Okay? Let me get that off. This good practical I need of decorate us. Okay. Suppose I define my function? Suppose it for habit Functional called. I'm tickled. But then Okay. My span it time digging. Yeah, okay. And just i d of Yeah, that would be good. So far. I n range for just a day. That was in may be like me to country hes my name's bill. Then if I read out that function, I mean, if I call it time taken. Yeah, here. I want to find that time it takes to run this program using the greater so ill defined my decorator right now maybe define informant. Oh, function. And I defend my rap function. So here it takes in the mode of argument he doesn't know Like, how many arguments it is It takes I will function just to make it in. I hope you remember about argument. Let us Is your daughter doing something? Do them functioned which takes all these arguments and here to counter the Cambridge will just define time. Start it is I'm okay. There's one more thing toe discuss u uto import. I'm morning from time import. Yeah, this would be good. I have important a time now, so just bend. I finished. He's time. I'm just importing the time your time. Morning. So then I okay, just It's just a time. Yeah. Then I have to return my rap function. Yeah. Is it because the one leading left here is just think decorator. So if I just print at and I just see Look, I got my decorator executor days, okay? Invalid syntax. Oh, starting. No, it's nothing like that, Ohio. Don't let me make it as it is. That dessert is function is yeah, good to go for just execute days. Okay. I should have written. Okay. I'm regretting letting you for just friend after the finish. Pained? Yeah, I'm taken, so I just don't finish minus times that good day. If executive this see what happens? Okay, Time digging is one point for powered off minus unify. Okay, that's cool. So what if I make? Teoh doesn't And then digging? Yeah. Singer does 01 What if I make? It's a big number. Yeah, maybe it's more than enough. Come on. Staking way more than I expected. You see, I just fast forward then. Yeah, Took 19.9 seconds. There you go. This is all about decorator days. You can use it in a practical application, like measuring the time off your court. So they just remember how long the court had been complex. Like when you're designing an application or writing and you possess design or something. Just remember how much time it takes. So you have optimizing do many factors. Having said that, thank you guys. 64. Section 9: Error and Exceptions-->Syntax Error: Hello. All will come back in this section. We will discuss about Ederson exceptions being a programmer. And if you're walking on some business ideas are working on application Dollar penned. That s are your best friends. Actually, when you don't encounter them on was friends. When you encounter them again and again, guys, literally you can't a white box on you can't. Our program backing in vital energies are broadly flats finding to do classes the faster on its syntax settle. And second Willis logical error. So called exceptions. No, Let us look at syntax error in this part. I suppose if defined a function with captain d of and say hello. Look, as soon as I defined function with capitally, it doesn't take it showing Enter in red. So if I You and execute days Okay, I don't know why it's taking time. Okay, Come on, Look, Syntax Oh, okay. I make it Proco. It's accepting. So I am going to the If Locke someone had to say he's got a and B and I don't end here, and that is tryingto trained Brings deadman thing. Hi. I like you. If executive days look against in Texas, you will encounter a syntax error again and again. But don't worry, guys. You will learn as you practice guys whenever you and called us in tech Center. You just say you got to make it work. Look at the code line by line and understand what is happening. Only by then you will develop as a better developer and grow. That's all of us in Texas. Keep practicing, guys. Then only you improve your syntax errors and be a better now about have exempted. Keep energy. Passion. Thank you. This 65. Exceptions: Hello. Everybody will come back. Let's talk about exceptions. Even if a statement or expression is synthetically correct, it may cause an error when attempt is made excluded and as detective duty, execution or gone. Exceptions. Guys, life of the program is not complete without era in the program. For a moment, let me use interpreter. Show you some off the exceptions. Suppose I'm Monday place six into one by zero. Okay, let me just take it in the pattern. This is bullet Just to understand. Yeah, for just executive days. Look, it's showing zero division after division by zero. Okay, let me show you one more. We just tried to have foot pass. Name it. Names, families, nor defined. Okay, just try to add string. Plus in Indonesia. There you go. Paper can only can, Captain, it's string to string. Okay. Suppose if I have a list? Maybe I'll just taken list with element under the full. Okay. What if I tried toe access element bridges in the seventh Index? It is good news. There you go. Index era list index out of fringe. Okay, let me show you one more. Suppose you have a have taken. Put us age and hi. And your edge. Okay, That makes a good days. Okay. What if I just die? Okay, that my country will go to interpreter. Yeah. What if I just able to enter? Look, it's a value, Eddo. Invalid. Little for end based in for a time being. Consider a real world situation. Companies like Amazon, which is into business streams. I mean, really been a stream and ask user I would. He saw her age in application form. And if they don't handle these exceptions, like in teacher, our little to string this may cost millions for companies. Like like Amazon and Google. How can we handle them? Well, when you need something called exception handling life off a programmer is incomplete with others guys. I mean, we don't handling enough. They said a few exceptions I saw assure you I highly recommend you to visit bite on dot org for better and just check all their stole. Worry about them. You don't need the memories against, Like, let me assure you, like Jesse, these are the building Exceptions like there are so many just seem based classes. And look, there are many. Many you don't need to memorize them like what I'm saying is, just when encounter them right, you just goto bite under Georgie. Look at them trying to analyze them. You will have some information and you'll find a solution to it. So nobody's having said that. That is all about exceptions. Onda. We'll see you how to handle exceptions in the next radio. Having said that, keep the energy and passion Thank you days. 66. Exception Handling part1: Hello. All will come back. Let's talk about exception handling instead. Off letting what program out? It's important toe handle better. So it is important to land handing. Getting them. Remember, Great programmers are those who are capable of handling errors in his or her problem. Suppose considered a really problem like you have descending gambling game very can choose only number between 1 200 Suppose you have a design, something like game and very dick. But as an input just, uh, soundbite them. Yes, sir. Dan. And you call your game number? Probably. Do you know, executive days? Look, maybe they had a zero division Eddo. So you have the handle it. Like Like when you're designing an application, you should take care of it. Okay? Don't worry, guys. Let's land. How do they get off this? N'Dour's by following. There is something called Try and expect Block. Let's look into it. Okay, let me get it off this, and yeah, I say claim log. And where you duke bird again? Remember, Maybe in digital, just please and, uh, and number and in expect block. Just a friend Boots did to us. Not valid. Three again. Okay, just exit. Good days. Look, and just change this to look better. Okay? Just a minute. Again. Yeah. Look, I just enter high. See? It's did not show me better now, but instead off it showed me what is in expect Block. Okay. No, let me one more time. I'm not just to get a proper number into a name, okay? I just stopping again and okay. Yeah, it's okay. Right? See? Like, Midland one more time. Okay? I'll just spend Hello Here. It's giving watching except book, but it's not Probably I should just make use off. Why Loop and he, like, get proper import. Let me do that to and just let me handle letters. I mean indentations. Good. Okay. Coun Okay, That means good now. Okay, I'll just Taib high, is it? It's nothing. Again of the 11 time. Hello? Okay, what figure? It broke the number. It worked, but partially. See, it's asking me again. Please enter the number so toe deal that we'll just use and statement. That is just break. Okay, let me stop that. And the eggs. Good. Okay. Just type I asking me again. Hello? Oops, That was not invited. Try again. Let me enter the number maybe 23. Did he go? Yeah, it dropped. Look it just coming off the loop. OK, guys, I know you guys are confused, but let me brief First the bike loss between the try and expect keywords are executed between try and Expert. You are, if no exception Tucker the except classes skip and execution off. Try. Statement is finished. If there is no exceptions, the whole tried be executed. You find Exception occurs during the execution off my block. The rest off the classes skipped here. Then if it's type Majesty execution named here in the except block, the except close would be executed and then execution containers. After the dye statement, that is all. I would try and accept La glace. We'll see more example in the next video, having sent that keeper energy passion. Thank you. 67. Exception Handling part2: we'll come back. Let's see some more about exception handling, I suppose. Let me introduce some more acceptance like here. Just value at all. What if I just add one more exempt rock? Except you don't division and trained, please. And, uh, number. But winter, then Zito. Okay, let me change here from, like, just 10. Been able. Okay? It's looking good. Let me the need. Okay, that time high. Oops, That's not valid. Try again. Okay. We encountered this value at all. Let me enter right now. Zero. Okay. And, uh, look, please enter number greater than zero. Your friend. Just 23. There you go. It's completed. It come out off. Look, everything is fine looking. Find let us die. Different example, but just defined a function to calculate some off. Two numbers. Maybe number one and them toe that gesture, don't you? It and no one. Place number two and call me function. Someone one. Come on, three. What if I just executed this? That in it shouldn't be in one best wish before. Okay, let me change it to a string and then indigent. Deborah can only can cabinet string to sting. Okay, Now you can use time, block, toe handle this either You can write it separately. Here are you can incorporate inside this. Okay, Let us tight in government. Just a day. Oh, good. That may handle this in addition. What? OK, yeah. Yeah, I used to work, except I just trained, please. And, uh, Friday's number. That paper's valid indigenous Just run right now. Good. It's give invade. It's working. Fine. Okay. Let us consider previous Kordell exception handling. There is one piece I have left here. That would be a final blawg. Let me show you. Finally. Just print. I love phase. You're dead. You're maybe Okay, let me exaggerate this. Okay, please. Into the number just into remember. Look, it just completed everything and just give. I love your face. You're done. Let 1,000,000 once more and in tow. String mean clams. Okay, it's asking me, but look at the statements here into the number I love your face. It just entered exception block off value other. Then it also printed what is in finally block. Guys finally block doesn't care what happens here. Even there is a break statement. It doesn't matter. It is quite execute after the all the statement trying except and as so whatever. You know it's going to run. This is all about finally block on exception handling. Thank you guys. Keep the same energy, more division. 68. Raising Exception and User Defined Except: Hello will come back in this video. We'll discuss about amazing exception. Andi use a different exceptions. Water raising exceptions. The right statement alos the programmer to force a space for an exception to occur. Okay, let me put in this way if you need to determine whether an exception waas raised but don't intend toe handle it a simpler form off. Right statement. Unless you to realize the exception. Let me just show you how rude Suppose Hannah Very a bottle having his string God string. Okay, that sounds good. If not DYP off variable is in Georgia days. They better. Maybe you can just screamed only in didja uh, a load, but just executive Dave, look, pay better. Only in digital are allowed here you are explicitly forcing an exception using the statement. Okay, guys, the next topic is there's something called user defined exceptions programmers may name. They're all exceptions by creating a new exception. Plus, I don't really recommend a doll because we have already enough exceptions. So if you really interested, you can check this. He'll see user defined exemption here. Programs may name their own exceptions. Were creating a new exception class inject you can just go through this block. I mean, which documentary and bite under Georgie. Look here.