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Python Basics for Beginners

teacher avatar Petr Novák

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (4h 28m)
    • 1. Phyton in Web Browser

    • 2. Basics-Simple arithmetic operation in Phyton

    • 3. Floats

    • 4. Simple Numerical Operations

    • 5. Input and Output

    • 6. Lines and Strings

    • 7. Conversion of Type

    • 8. Variables and operations with variables

    • 9. Operators In-place

    • 10. Boolean Types

    • 11. If operator

    • 12. Else operator

    • 13. Elif operator

    • 14. Logical operators

    • 15. Operator Precedence

    • 16. While operator

    • 17. Lists in Python

    • 18. Operations with lists

    • 19. Lists Functions

    • 20. Range function

    • 21. Loops in Python

    • 22. Returning from functions

    • 23. Comments and Documentation strings

    • 24. Dunctions as Objects

    • 25. Exceptions in Python

    • 26. Finally statement

    • 27. Assertions in Python

    • 28. Dictionaries in Python

    • 29. Operations with Dictionaries

    • 30. Tuples in Python

    • 31. Operations with Lines and Strings

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About This Class

The class will teach you the basic skills of the Python laguange.

You will need an Internet browser, Internet access and the wish to discover and learn new things!

What you will learn in this class:

Discover how to do easy operations using the Python language by outputing and entering data in Python. You will acquire knowledge about what are integers, floating-point numbers and strings. You will also learn how to create functions.

Meet Your Teacher

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Petr Novák


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1. Phyton in Web Browser: Hello. Welcome to the fightin ones. You're one. Course it. Now let's look at how program and fightin you could write directly in a Web browser window to get started. Opens the site http. That's got sculpture dots. Arc this link. Look. Yes. You see, you see at so field to windows and the left d'enzo you write called imp Item in the right. Results off the court's view. We displayed, uh, first to start Celic and the lids, oclock and the left. Me though. Yes. Sell it. And President? No, let's right. The simple program rhythm, for example. Yeah, This. Hello, Braves. Hello, students. Yes. Check program for its press, please. On bottom play around. Years at left. Field levied. Yes, it works. Amazing. Uh, now we write to other programs. For example, That's people some, for example, So close. All Sorry. Close. Five something. Let's introduce our problem. Two animals. What? What? This text Meaning fun. So variable. So what? So this text me in? I won't. Yes. And, uh, that's still some. This text variables Greens were one. Yes. Want to check our problem now? Oh, grits some of seven. And Tyler wrote this. You can change text something to it. Chippendale. Good, Good. It's overs at now. Clicking on the bottom is a floppy disk. This bottom? Yes, look, you save Program court in fightin. You get a link to the courts off your program. Visit stink. You can share with other people as an organization and something else. A copy and trust in your tip. Yes, this is the same program. It look butts for more complex program. I recommend you and stolen fighting on your computer and rights. Gods in fightin install it. A dinner. This is a hold of oats. Use a vital in them brother. Please use quotes. Sculpture. It's very simple. It's very easy. And so it's very useful. Okay, let's go, Let's move. 2. Basics-Simple arithmetic operation in Phyton: Hello, my dear students welcomes, of course. Bite of 101 Unlock programming skills. And now it's all about a little bits. Simple operations and Vitamin Start for from four simple calculation. Enter a calculation and liberalism as the left. So you remember greens. Mm. So close. So and other seven close to eight minus six. Check around program for nine. Yes, I know it's faces the spaces between digits within blood and plus did. It's in my office. It's optional. The court movie would be work results them, but they make it easier to read. It's easy for understands? Yes, in good style. Yes. Is that so? Now we're talking about multiply and the whites by the house A carats, outs, multiplication and division for its use as to risk to indicate multiplication and for indicate division police use forward slash. For example. Use an asterisk. The three asterisk. What is good style? Three blank space. Asterisk, multiply. Oh, four Loose. Uh five. Check asked. 3 to 7. And those operation for division use informers. Lish, this lift. Yes, yes, I And make a message for you. I brought multiplication and division. No, we may be the operation off the vision. Sam Divided. Why ST? Yes. Use a blank space, please. From good style for more edible program cuts. What goes? But now let's look in a boat. Another simple operation. Uh, maybe negative number and operation. This negative number. Negative number. It's never like this. Yes. And so do operation. This negative number complex operation completes our medical, of course. Like minus life minus three multiplication. Oh, uh my No. Seven. And so remember about break it. Yes. Check it. Minor six minus 56. Yes, The proof Science can also be put in front of number. But this has not effects. And it must. They use it. Emphasize says that the number is positive. Is that, uh in Greece? Irritability off program. Constant bison. Yes. It's a boats on the operation. Let's stop about, uh, divided by zero. Divided by zero. The result divided by zero point. Um, it's ever a special error. Local. This seven divided way zero jump, right? Yes. Several division error in Bytom is the last line of error. Message indicates as an Arab type what less police are eat. This message is carefully. This message is Can you fix the program and the little box. No, it's ah, maybe all about simple operation. Go to the next stage. Next lesson. Hello, my dear students welcomes, of course. Fight of 101 Unlock programming skills and now it's all about a little bit. Simple Operations and vital Start for from four simple calculation. Enter calculation in the browser as the left. So you remember greens. I mean, so close So and other seven close minus six. Check Ron program for nine. Yes, about spaces. The spaces between digits within blood and plus. Did it remind us it's optional? The court movie would be work results there, but they make it easier to read. It's easy for understands? Yes, in good style. Yes. Is that so? Now we took him about Multiply and the whites. Biden also carrots, outs, multiplication and division for its user as to risk to indicate multiplication and for indicate division police use forward slash. For example, use an asterisk. The three Asteras. What is good style? Three blank space asterisk Motive. Why? Oh four. Loose, uh, five. Check as threat to seven. And those operation for the vision use and former swish. This lift. Yes. Yes, I and make a message for you about multiplication and division. No, we may be operation off the vision, Sam. Divided by sweep. Yes. Use a black space, please. For good style for more edible program cards. Check what goods that Now let's look in a boats. Another simple operation might be negative. Number and operation. This negative number Negative number. It's number like this. Yes. And so do operation. It's negative number. Complex operation Complaints are medical, of course. Like minus life minus three multiplication on uh, my No. Seven. And so remember about break it. Yes. Check it. Minor six minus 56. Yes, The proof Science can also be put in front of number. But this has not effects. And it must they use it. Emphasize says that the number two spas it'd is that, uh, in Greece. Irritability off program. Constant fighting. Yes, it's a boats on the operation. Let's stop about, uh, divided by zero. Divided by zero. The result divided by zero and fightem. It's ever a special error. Look at this with seven divided way zero. Jack, right? Yes. Several division error in Bytom is the last line of error. Message indicates as a parent type What US police are eat. This message is carefully. This message is Can you fix the problem and the live box? No, it's Ah, Maybe all about simple operation. Go to the next stage next lesson. 3. Floats: Hello, my dear students, this is a course Spite on unlocked programming skills, Winds on record. And now we're talking about the flows. Lourdes Representing, not integers numbers. Oh, some example of this number, sis, like please, like this All my being, not positive numbers like this There floods numbers can be greater directly by entering a number of is a special symbol like this. So me, it is a special symbol for comes I tell about its in my course name of the signal is that, like this? And also los number can be greatest by using off especial symbol like Is this symbol off division? Yes, you can create Lost number is different. Different numbers, zeros, extra zeros. A few big note a little how it work, number two. So that smoke once divide by three No for well, maybe five. And soon as Aeroflot's number is, uh, might be like Is this extra zeros around our program? I look on the results. Oh, yes. Because this is that one digit after that's Moselle. You can change number of digits after decimal zero. If you change number of zeros, your starts numbers, huh? Like this? Yes. No. As it results because I repeats extra servers. We'll be it notes once. If you the white in cuts culture numbers the sock that's Moselle you can get. And as the results like this no look And as a way. And so this out that's the most divide by wife decided that locals The result Zero. Yes. These outs full and looking at the results remember like this What do white blustery off course fees. That's a little sorry. Not a problem. Oh, yes. Can be accurately this operation in operation this decimal expansion This number legless. Okay. And now we can about arithmetic operation This florets number numbers you can multiply divides. It's answered as operation with this numbers and introduced numbers. Look, you know, we can want to play in general Were and floor number maybe like this five that smoked once zero And so So I want to play. Look right. Our problem? Yes, because that's my point And the results. We saw this one point multiply results noted like by so locals there is out. Oh, yes, ATF lots number Can't edit, sir an integer Because Buyten's cell that converts the inter jury the florets number have ever. This implicit conversion is the exception. Residence general bites. I usually have to converts values mentally if you want to operate. Is that so about floats? Number God, there's an extraction electro. 4. Simple Numerical Operations: This is a fight on one. Is there a while unlock program skills, Of course. And now it's all about medical operations. Yes. You know about addition. Now you know about subtraction and else you know about its division. And of course, you know about multiplication. Yes, By is, um also supports Explanation. Explain for explanation for experimentation. Do your symbols like this double multiplication? How it works? Look. Expense ation. Three exponent soon do Maria. Maybe so. You can also use a floor number. I tell you about it florets and entered her so expense ation. Um three. Do I? Why four? Yes. One and use. That's not what in this case. Look. Yes. Change place novel three And for yes, it for us. Operation off exponent station is performance using. So pasta wrist. Remember about its And now about. And there's Operation Russians and Reminder off a division. Use the floor division and modular at the Rather's floor of the bedroom. Is them using soup? Forward slashes like this. Look, the vision and someone literature looks sorry like this. Try to use it in our program. First the whites 20. Why, maybe seven? That was left run. So it's integral number. What's this operation? The cell double slash 12 division is is in danger and this number is what? Yes, Using what looks right now. Maybe one dots. So five. Using more look health zero North wife and remember, evolves greens decorator. You got sculpture? Yes, and look on the results yourself. Model of the ritual on this left division. Interested. Very interesting results. It's no, is it? So what's this all about? In the medical at the rapper's Simple, the medical brothers go to the next part off our course. 5. Input and Output: Hi students. No, outside. Some are lectures. Output in impulse. You know about function Prince is fashion to produce outputs might be so. But now I tell you boats another function, its function inputs like this try is this displace Dexter representations off something does the screen. That's your imports in the memory off computer. It's against infants from the user in bites and programming language. You can use this function dry to use its inputs. This sticks like this somebody Andrew. So I think and, uh, ran a program? Yes. You know these text somebody andro Sampson in God's sculpture console Andro. Now try to answer some Sampson. Maybe we'll be its height. No results white and cut sculpture dry. So cominat inputs and vulnerable. For example, we're able. Is this And after this procedure, Prince variable on round program again. Somebody under substance. Who? Yes, it looks. It's now used in the function for input results, numbers, digits or text in memory. Using Bytom. Okay, go to the next election. Please 6. Lines and Strings: Oh, no Itself the boats using Bytom sext We tell about strings if you want Use texting. Bytom you need a string streak is created by entry Text between suicide go suitable quotation marks like this uh, dry. So what site? Some street and test. Sorry. Why is super and has a grants these drinks Single quotation on so roll out programme? Yes, The results is equivalent Yes. Some, uh symbols Characters can be included in streaks Zaba quartz can be directly includeds in double quotes Drink is this would case It's the ants Pretty much earlier There's unsee. Bulls like this must be escaping by placing a backslash before them. For example, Wilson Collins Smith's Smith's brother. Well, sort of. So, when you type of, it's not correct Civil. Four years in a streak But you needs to type this bread. What do they should Mark Smets and it s specials Evil backslash in this place. Look now, no problem. This trick this using a backslash Oh, bet slash for this Lawrence Smith's and it's etcetera. Our program. Yes, it works, but right, So run. Program yourself the single Yes, its scent of several. But insert this symbol Beck slash and run ago. No problem. Backslash backslash can else abuse it. Escape taps Arbiter, You've got corrects and Varios other sinks that can be reliably brings It is this Characters are known as an escape characters, backslash escape characters and, uh, a little about a few words about your lines In fights over you Can you have easy way So avoids manually writing and like this bank slash And to escape of this symbols this combination of symbols need to escape new lights in a streak Greatest dream curves of presets off course And you alliances as a created by Brits and answer. And after magically escaped for you, for example Try it. The goods go through that. Now look, these a special single combination Backslash has run out program. Oh, look, a little seed This terror use a double quotation. Yes. Look, you can create a new lights with using this symbols. Looking out text is this has a special Siebel special combination Siebel for Cummins in fighting next and by the courts. If you use this symbol, you great a streak off guns. But you, when you use triple double quotation marks, you can create a massive of text for women's This Is this all about streaks, streaks on the line and the lights. Remember about double in single quotation mark a boat looks lish for special words for sore limbs and others. And remember about beck slash content for creating and you and you lies go to the next lesson place. 7. Conversion of Type: Hi. This is a fighter unlock programmed skills course in this video and this lecture we're talking about conversion off type oh, type conversion in fightin. Impossible to complete the operations Do toes difference types, for instance, You can add so strings contain in numbers so and three together toe produce an angel jer and 100 cyp number five For this. Trying to do it, for example. It's drink, uh, streak tool. Sorry. Lose strength. Three. What they think about results, right? Nuts, not five. You can? Yes, on the numbers on the intruders. So lose three results. Five pants. Police. Remember about your pants. Okay. And it's drink at number. Try to do it again for remember at four. Long memory, huh? Sign ever corrects that's normal in bites on the types we have used, its so far have been floods, Streaks of lines and integers is a function using to convince overseas to each other its function Special partial ends function for conversion. Look, it's for their from inside integer florets for conditions of logs at the four Streak for conversion into strings. Esther, how it works. Adds, uh, locals this variable. No, look at this. Look at this place. Useful shot, integer and this function. Enter Jer Andrew. Our program was the result of seven Recon Dirt's off street site. Enter into roadside. Try to do it again this flowed site and thats this lot site from yes 70 and after all, got notes number interest rink into text, for example. Streak useful. Christer case. The Arab three is in the Remember Well, uh for is the for look. It's not. So is 34. Remember about side conversion and remember boats? The Kim It's different cyp you cannot. It's integers you cannot This floor these streaks you got ads, florets and strings You can at ST strings, integers and integers into dressed and floats for conversion between different type off by invites him Use a special function in focus their into introduced floor for convert into florets and last year for their into strings that so go for the next leg Sir 8. Variables and operations with variables: Hello there, students. This is a course spice and 101 Unlike programming skills by itself and in this listen on, this electoral we're talking about variables. Variables is, Ah, very important saying in programming languages in points and in this case is an exception available. Give you opportunity the store of value by saying it's name which can be used to refer. Does that value later in the program? So a saint a variable police use what it will seem. Legs is for a sign. All right, a little breakfast. Let's do, for example, very well. The same were able yes, equal. My history like this after Prince are variable from goods. Let's do some arithmetic operations. Horrible. Who's for? From wounds? And it's pretty variable again. Also because use variables to perform Chris Porter separation. You can beat this via snapper and strings. Variable stores value service outs. Old the program. Yes, and, uh, you could rest science. You could change variable many minutes types at one tree house. What you want in order. JJ, Sulu and bites and variables don't have a specific types. You can change and number two string a street number and other you can change very well inside a variable and bison. So is it old program? This was an old program court French Alou's, for example. Very well sets. Does that speak? Whoa, 42. Yeah. What number breeds is that right? Huh? It work? Do that sink wrist science tolerable? Is that equal a streak? These next text? So there. That made question life the universe. And my only is this part after breeds out whatever yes, boats, very goods. And now try to do something else. It's are variable ST Variable is another streak. Examples. It might be like this. Uh, yes. Goats. Next step a boat variable names. Fighting is ah, sensitive programming language. Remember about this When your name off your variable fighting sensi a programming language , for example. Variable This this lee as well. Yeah, table. It is small suitable. This different names try to do some stuff. Is this for example water equal. So that's breeds Do not use big symbol in this variable. Try to do trade route. Yes, it's no What if the change Simple Oh, normal. And as a rule, remember about this. Not use digits. We get enough name, you could use on the letters. Try to do Samson five. Very able equal 55 situs error. Corrects name drop In this case, all normal prince are available. Uh, yes. Only wants you. Unless soon and less secrets about her nipples. Its function don't four. Deletes variables. You this You're about your this for example. Goods equal. Jump. Next. Uh, Prince? Yes. Yeah. What's after? Use Del and Prince are variable goods again. No difference. And that's all about variables and operation. This is this. Go to the next lecture place. 9. Operators In-place: Hello. This election is about a special operetta for repeats your sons and 1000 arithmetic operations. Look, we have a variable like this or no Sorry. It's Russian Venable like this equal. Maybe so Breeds are variable from Yes. And after this After Prince, we do this. Oh, maybe like this bar are variable And so way be five. And after this breathe. You mean it's meaning? A variable? It's wealth. Yes, you can Some But it will seven this life and gets and you mean available off course. But what's if you not only some despite what's this other number 564 And does this many, many attempts? What we can do in this case? In this case, we have a special election. A special at the Raiders in place. Operators like this in place. Paret sir. LF you to rights court Looks like this more concisely. Look. Yeah, so are variable. I don't know. Gets new meeting with variable. Maybe five breathes after this. Let's toe gets a new wearable. So are very bogus. Other number, Not this. And as a way Oh, what lows and mean it number for its what? And after this break, New will you variable right around? Oh, yes. Oh, bad Beth. Look, it's symptoms, Sarah. Why? Because you must. Right? Are Europe the answer this out Bland Space Dragon. Now it's all normal they get And you venerable this new William in place that the renter may use Not on the phone number, not for not for editors off lords, but for street to try to do. It's, uh maybe that's no thanks. Streak this value better. Ah, like this after this spring's thanks and after try to do like this X loose. Another words. What? What works? Biting off course After this Prince briefs poll streak goods. Now it's worked. It's not on the number. Must read too. Remember abouts in place in the red shirt for a pittance and many integration for additive for ads and another operation for multiply and another arithmetic operation. And yes, in place at the renter you can use for subtraction, for division, for multiplication and for addition and use it not only for this is the least corretta for using off in place operators like this miles like this for addition like this No, it was a direction. Does this appear retro for division. Yes, this is Director for multiplication. And of course you can use. And this type of division. Now it's all about in place of the writers. Go to the next election, please. 10. Boolean Types: Hello, dear students and future programmers. And this lecture we'll talk about Would William values true and false? Yes. Bullion site. Do you know anything about logic and mathematical logic? Now? It's not because I look so abouts true and false. Yes. Bullet. Entire place One was its type invites. Uh, wouldn't say Pref add sue values, trend force. This values can be created by comparing values for instance, by using that equal there, others like this. Oh, Zamel equal. Okay, let's stretch of courts This you say off the record, for example, you bully outside, but the equal true. Let's go on the seat. Texas and form And another chick Threes. Car value. You, Julia. That's all right. That so? Yes. Go to work. What now? We use a special Siebel Special Correctional. So equal Civil three That will equal or so check. No. Yes, the little for God. Sculptor program and show love Shell, please use air freeze at the right. Do you remember about it? Off course. Yes, it is not true. It's false. Check another Brent uh seven. That will equal seven check. Oh, yes, of course. Mistake. Yes, it's true. No. Have you cards? Drink I tried. So check our operation. Aren't cooperation the strength? Oh, for example elastic glasses. Example. Hello. It's that will be well waltz project else after this breeds another statement. Oh, for example. Forever. Yes. That will equal your streak no more. And Indra in our paragraph A special work. Why are we street Meaning like this Bite on forever? Yeah. More emotions and run. Check. Uh, false. What trifles? Because they have additional black space. The lenses streak. Check this empty rhetoric. Check every single in your streaks. Remember about it on a chip again. Now it's true. Yes, you could use a separate or north on the four Street knows only for number. What more streaks? Number and variables. That's all about 1st 1 function And now we talk about another fishers Come Parisi number So another cigarette, sir, It's not people, Not equal use symbols for this appearance, sir. Thank this This not equal at the return of equal Accolate Every less to true If items being compared errand equal and force If there are a special interested Earth crisp option this people is double equal chip Let's see how how to work in real life and real costs, for example, breeds mm three. Not equal three. Oh, I like to know more. It's good metric number. Oh, check. It's falls off course. False because it's about is equal to its wealth. Ah, what check ago Number will put the check. Now let's do with streaks. 7 11 Yes. 7 11 Breen's seven street life A street type, Not people I love in cyp Oh, I love it. Street said So now the tables and Rome room off course. True. And change our appearance, sir. That people its host. Yes. Let's move. Does it next? Our booms. The battle has special operators, simple arithmetic operators. Uh, you know about it? Of course. Have a wonderful numbers. Does that deter? Mined? Where's there is ermine weather? One number floor number off. Either type is greater. They're smaller than another. Yes, off the writers. Four numbers. Florence, it's this and this. The civilian off this graters with results is also bullet and simple words. I true and false tragic wants 0/12 not equal 12. Okay, is but but wealth not equal. Sort him. It's true, for example, what hundreds, however, is smaller. Is that 100 alone? So off course try to do it is false. What now? We used a special symbol like this. You this symbol, smaller or equal and greater or equal? No. Check our statement goods, goods. And now check another statement. Statements like these one hundreds. So that's false. Greater than and smaller Zen operators can else abuse it will use it to compare streaks. Lexa graphically, the alphabetical order off Ford's is praised on the alphabetical orders off. They components letter dry. They use it with streaks. For example. Well, greens, Super Pines. It's smaller, then super parts yourself black space. This check Ron, check true. Check another. It's true, So check the good. No one's false. I could change. I can tell when as a let space and chip ago. What is the result of our experiments and called sculpture from Bremen? Shell length spaces not influence on the result. Alexey Graphical, Alexey graphical and they our Lexie graphical experiments is there the rental Smaller is that or Biggers are great present guns. One of the symbols, all for Brits. Another sign science but nuts in black space. That's so about camp. A reason and bullet operators go to the next election, GOPers their next adventure 11. If operator: Hello, Syrians and this election. We're thinking about a statements and appearance. Or if you could use if operator Theron codes if a certain conditions halts. If expression is true. Some statements, a courage outs, otherwise they know carrots out. This is the Rachel looks like, for example, like this you after you lose your expression. After this, you're symbol and below expression Bill o your statements Try to use it in Rio cards. These numbers inter numbers, for example, use so simple. Major number Sidwell friends, for example. Seven. If so, no. If 12 graters and sell Remember about school in this place off our expression greens, uh, ST type? Well, greater. That's so after this and out program hands and goodbye around. Yes, it works. Change our condition. 12 is throw is lessons up, So oh, okay. Busted and change our condition. Check it. No. Now this streak. No, this text. As the program contains, and multiple lines of cards Many Malians. You must create it as a separate file and rights run your program for more complex checks. If statements stated, if operator can be nest it one inside the other meth inside the house, it means that's there. Inner if at the writer is a statement part off the outer one. This way. This is the way. What's he was our multiple condition. I said this fight. Uh, chicken the girl, for example. There. Variable No. Three after using the rather if variable Greater Zen Well after this print our statement, for example ST at the use nest. Messed it if operator if water lesser or equal like this for local five Koreans, Another statement. Oh, between wow and five, You over with me? Look, Mike, up this Lucy error chip it. No. Yes, it's no Always remember abouts column when you use if at the ready And for other parental affection too. This and this check with the girl This See? That's why you can place if mess that director this out blank space precisely below you. First condition like this. And now look at the results. Yes, it worked good and it's all about if statements wasn't beginners and falls and look programming skills growth was an extraction place 12. Else operator: quite this election about Elsa Beretta into fights. Okay, a separator fools after, if operator and disappear Rental Captain Scott's Is that the scallops when the chief of the Richer relates to false as these? If operators about inside the book should be indebted, let's write courts, for example, very well become variable. I mean, one after the introduce, if operetta a little. If you swear And this is a double equal views in our ports, bullet at the writers wouldn't logic it's of our people. So after this call, remember about sits, then greens Uh, yes, streetside. And after this, look the includes. And as our appearance else after this used Conso Briones Our condition is ST no, our puts run out Rhoda. There's lots on plate. Yes, it's true because what? Not equal So what? And so I mean, off this look is full False results is no gold. Next we can shape at the renter will say and temperature give for the ermine. Which option in a serious off possibilities is true. For example, let's look not ah usual court for us at this moment. If what What equals three then breeds, huh? Yes. I forgot about What's the mind while? What? Remember what it's if not dessert. Wine bar what you have you will have a what? They're called. So you were one equal Double equal three is that breeds ST type. Knobler is sweet house again at the retro give it's another look If what equal double equal four, for example. In this case breeds. Uh, number is four and used l suppressor business straight A straight obviously. Look else Okay, breeds what one seasons is not is not so three. And for 04 Oh, and beautiful wrap program. You can see a yes in this place. Always remember about skull you use if an Elsa at the Rachel No, the chip. Our program. Yes, it's true. It's really Oh, no, not true. What is a God and the mean off variable is all right, But I'm not recommence. Use a real program. So, Riel So book off course for his elation off unusual court. You're single latelys this and this and we turn off unusual court for us in this case. Check out problem again. Yes, on likely result was this bloke That's all about Elsa direction. We grow up with the next election. Please 13. Elif operator: and this short election. It's so cute. The votes at the rhetoric leave in another programming languages. This operetta have different names. Uh, like this, uh, Elsa, if else if And I l suit, I'll see yourself Bland space And so house Kiss these black space A leaf at the retro is a sharp you to use when at the red arrows else And if chain in a serious if and if operators can have a blessed engine else of look reaches scholars If no off the if I live expressions is true dry to you. Scott visits api retro to intra variable this man. It's wealth use if temperature double eagle tonight. Remember about school in this case, Reince is but and use at the retro belief, I believe viable who are double equal with logic. Certain Zen breeds novel distorted on a number yourself next. And remember about school in this case, too. Like this. Use and measure at least a parental. Have you construct a Blockchain If our double people the first number well, is that greens variable? No lover. I think the equivalence expression student expression is good style number. He's 12 after use outside the ritual file. Look, Prince, our hunger is not night. It's well and certain tonight authorities and not versus check boats. Check out what's manually look in this place. Need to call and please potential breath color. Also type not good. Always have potential. So red color off financial variable and separators corrects. No, now is goes. Check out problem right number is 12th soon. Yes, it's true. And that's all the balls Leave directory used to the position forever and another my brother's Elsa. If this potential check up check on and Chip goes off types and got gold was an extraction , please. 14. Logical operators: hello in this election, it's taken about logic. Operators are boy and popular operators, a logic operators and bison are ants or on that's and four nuts. About the first that the rhetoric and operators takes at two arguments and evolution is as true if and only if bus off its arguments. A true otherwise, it relates to false try to use a disappear. ETA in Rio calls the first far operator is hence, for example, so use double equal science for logic. Operators for logic check so equal so and three equals. Three. Using the red end and check our expression off course. It's true, So it's also a straw fans. Three equals three stroke. And that's your case. So equals so pans three equal for It's true. It's false. Like the writer ants everywhere. It's true if boss off this expression. Destro. I see This result of this expression is not draw false, of course. And as our case Ah, this case like this and three equals three. It's true is not true. Of course, it's false ants. Another case use, uh greater All smaller science. Three smaller, then so and four is greater. Zen, my wife False and false. Not true. Off course it's false. The solar boats and temperature, and so Goto's and accept a richer or or correct sir also takes it. So our prevents this operetta relates to true if a tzar ah bus off its arguments a true and false. If both arguments are false, if one off the supplements is true, I mean off this operetta result off this operetta it's true. Let's go does, he said, the retro brains who to have a legal so or r a p reginal New four equal for off course. It's true. Oh, and as our example, uh, for what's there? Mm, so equal. So four equal five it is is not true, but the used for a curator in this example results off. This equal expression is drug. Yes, and there's an example. And remember about breeds. Bring the director in cut sculpture for displaying off results. For example, three smaller, smaller Rozental, or four more than seven graters a seven not through in this case, Not true. In this case, off course it's false. And so list off logical Pareto in this election. It's a Beretta nut nuts on the takes. One arguments and inverse idiots is the results off? Not a Pareto, not true. Natural is false and not force goes to true. Yes, this is a version inversion if you know school course off algebra A logic you can understand It's use quote for this differential Prince, for example Simple integer four equal four And now you separate or nuts. Hello Like this Off course it's true. But remember if it now used visit Director It's false. Yes, because not inverts our expression mean off our expression Logic mean off our expression Prince, for example my more than this wealth and use nuts? No, of course it falls. But if the use not temperature, it will be true. You can change multiple conditional statements in an if statements using the bullet Api Retro Yes, and destruction is so about logical Pareto, go to the next place 15. Operator Precedence: Welcome back to the Pfizer 101 course. And this election is about presidents off the retro. Look, this is a least off at the retro presidents from highest person. It's the lowest in the election. Additional material is link. Does this program learning, Please? And now we look out. So President's working cuts off vital A. Some words about the parental presidents. My brother presidents is a very important concept in programming. All programming, not something bites this extension of the mathematical idea off order off operation. You know what? This idea from school mathematics, of course. Multiplication being performing before, addition and saturated s central central to include operators such as those in Boolean Logic said the locals shots, they're double equal hell have has a higher presidents and director or this is Ah yes, true looking as examples, I found breeds course false double ical. No country will equal falls. Uh huh. Bulls or true right? It's false. Look, in this case is the first highest person wants. Is this expression only after this expression, check this strength. The result was this expression is true and results with this expression. It's true too, because the results off. All expression is true. We change presidents priority. We'll include a break. It's results off. This oppression is drug results off. This expression is false. Yes. Is that right? Has another case look, something like these greens. Oh, no, that's another program reads, uh, four weeks. Yeah. Boats double Dickel. False. In the break it suppose or true, what's mean off this expression? What do you think? I think it's true. That's right. The cost. Me knows this expression is true and is a person, of course to look. This is the retro double Dickel. Her from a priority. Then director, or remember about sits and use this least off the records for cutting. And that's all Boats, a pair for presidents and gold is an extraction place. 16. While operator: welcome to course, spite on sale 101 And now we will talk a belts. Well, the red. And if operetta is well once, if it's condition relates the true I never if it violates a false A while operator is similar exempts, except that it can be round more than once. Many men in Manya Rats more than once the statements offside eats repeatedly executed as look as a condition. Hopes once if ever lays the false. It was an exception. Off Got is executed while containing a variable that counts from Wow, So the next. Which part loop? A terminates. Let's look how drunk, how it's work and cops. For example. We have one very well water in the Jaguar. This 1,000,000 watt used our new at the retro while well, and use a condition. You are no more xem six. No, maybe a sale. I like this in the drawer after this year's. That call I remember is this is a Beretta like for like the and color need for this case. And after use up the Reds or Prince. Remember about this. Brethren could sculpture for this plane Off results brings our variable yes, and after use a food condition for our world while the retro flower equal war close condition one. This is a separation in our cycle. After this, after oh, they have. And the far program Prince and of Aurora Street. Now we check a problem. Police Attention, I think is this country case vehicle cave ever Because, uh, this is a blank space bill one space and dragged to run our program. This Watson play? Yes, it's not worse. From what? Those seven on the front end of program. James Simpson? Yes, it works. Now we change condition for my and in this case, this case, It's work. So change condition again. Run? Not really, no. I tell you about a specious off. This is director like, infinite look. It's a special kind Special case off while using off while at the retro it's never steps running. It's condition always remained stroke. For example. The rates of our and Philippe Loop use it for a while. Well, ST equals three. Absolutely right. No, you're springs and ST. Okay. And now check it. Yes, you see, so living error. Oh, soon by the results, you'll see it's local local infinite Look. Yes, you can stop the program execution by using a combination like this control, See? Shock you or by closing the program. Now I for you to courts and go to the next place. And now we talk about how to break. Look, I use a special symbol for ST it was for sure off God's. So ants via loop and infinite hope. The break statements can be used. But uncontradicted sky a look, the break statements thousands of look to finish immediately. Yes, Albert, was this break break? Four four stop! Look, for example, in God's we have war one previous me and so maybe three. And use Wild Rachel for the slope visit. Feeble 04 double equal is for. Is that true? Now? Breeds breeds our results. Well, Brits floor were well Oh, after use condition were one equal were one one If this were one wars in greater or equals m maybe greens. Stop. No! Stop and use a statement break. Oh, look at this. It's infinite. Globe program can be stupid. The south using this directory dry to run. Oh, yes, of course. Yes, of course. Of course. Remember about problems. This that's wrong, right? Wrong Yes, it works. That's what it will be. This outbreak break statement this special Slim Hope A string Yes. On 12th a week tried to run. Now I know to my mind now the careful in fear look and selling meat error Yes, but the rent's no, it's are all break statement And the special Civil War stream. Yes. Notable again after is it I Syria votes and as a director and another statement can t you unlike break can t you? James Beck does it So, officer, look raisers and stopping EDS Oh, for example Use it in cost. Yes. Use it as a variable water. So this 1,000,001 and see as well while Oh Drew blood analytic. So far. So our condition What so boo swamp after this if, uh work What? So equivalence is double equal? So brings. Oh, sorry. It's mistake, you know? So maybe what? Friends, Sprints Foskett? Yes, three years continue operetta ends Now skip it for you. Skip him five After this us our special appearance New special character Continue. And you said if the Rachel you brought So people for example greens stop used break. Oh no! You sleep with break and breeds. Oh, wearable. What? So Yeah. After all, all this creams, ants. Now we change what you're here for. Correct, for correction, Order off operators. And now we check our problem. Or this our first course. Yes, of course. And this is both for printing you German. No. Purports this this? Yes. Use another. Oh, what? We can do this, right? Yes, it works. Using the continue statements outside, off a look, houses and error basically continue. Apparatus continues. Statement Stop, zik urine! It oration and scanty. Used with the next one. Those your operation and it's all about while at the richer and look that's old Gold was a next election place. 17. Lists in Python: Hi. This is election about lists and Piper. What is least lists is type of objects in fighting programming language least to use its least users to store and and exits list off. Eight abs. A list is creating this using off square briquettes like this? No, this this If you want separate items in lists you need use at Calmus is a certain item in the least can be accessed by using its index in square brackets. No, I ain't your circle now and tried so great. Least for example, huh? Super works. Super warts. We go, you square. Break it now. One. Uh huh. Bytom The first element in list. Now you stomach second element and Serbs element. And lest elements like this use another, we'll break it Now the great our list. Try to use it. This comment prince like was an aberration. In least starts this zero number zero, not number one. Look after use Name off our list. Super warts And after use in square brackets number of elemental lists ordered by order, rage marriage, Of course, Like this next element at sexual sort element at least the sort element. At least half a number two. Remember the liberation start with zero in lists and last limits at least super wars for three. This number three. But such a number off element in our least is for no threat. Ron Paul program. Yes, by item is super, and what will be you can creates if you try to create, creates an empty leased let's try toe. Do it, for example. At least people square briquettes this new element and brings full part at least breeds empty. Released, try to run honestly records through South Element. Let's try to do another sink. At least MM view contain items off a single item. CYP. But it's else impossible to include different types. Several different types least can be else or nested Is another released I showed with our work, for example, we can a least variables. Uh, yes. And we have a variable. This me And so yes. Now we create elements off our list. Your sequel This first element Drink this meaningful words. Zero elements, number absences, women zero. But another element is yes, zero. Now we include mass, at least in our lease toe. Use a square record and great least sue. Yeah, and for example, are far variable. Now we creates nest at least. And, for example, what we do something that floats number, for example, approximately enough. Be Is that so? The great our list and springs head events? No, he writes name of police. But Ebel's And now it's type with typing number of elements. For example, this zero this amendment number one ants element, but elements Memphis number. So it's our message, please. And Prince, an immense number soup in our message, please, least help to do it. I show it now breeds variables. Use number, element, element at least. And after this use number off element invested least. So what does it mean in this case? Views elements in my list. It's element like this. In this case, we use elements in nest. At least it's like this is the meeting off. This element is into German under seven stretch around program. Yes. Look at this case. It's in massive please, and is one off element invested list. Okay, go to the next point. Now we're talking about how innocence and Lists index and I was out of the bones off possible least, Vela's cows is an index better such as drinks can, streaks can be index. It like least. Index in strings became a source. You are in Dixon, at least containing each character. Remember each character in the street foot site for other types, for example, integers in the sense that isn't possible. And it goes us a type error. I tried to index and each element in least this using, try, try Index and each element and streak this using its function off least, for example, index of elements in strengths. For example, they have a street because the least street, this next words string type Bytom hiss super like this and after reprieves, for example. No, maybe sorts or four elements breathes ST I have another Main Street likely Street. Wall Street. Well, for example, uh, drink. No Use this plan. Break it, please, for the use of them. For I tried to run. It's correct looking our points zero one. So three and four. Yes, it's correct. It's really and this election all about, least in vixen lists. Using anti lists and indexes, Element of streets go to the next election about more function or programming 18. Operations with lists: hello in our last election were taken about least an operation at least. No, we continue our elections. And now we're talking about another operation. Deceased. For example. The careful East's like this Digits. So this next elements, for example nine nine night. Nine. It might. Fourth night, remember, is a liberation elements start with zero Silverman a filament. This five. But liberation started zero element. No, right. The change elements in our lists, for example, greens or in digits broke? Yes. And change for them. He was s Claire Break. It's changing digits. So is it a lot this little equal for that three and Brits our list again? Yes. The trips. I lament this number two And now I show you on as operation you could Ants and thermal Deb leads will to play at least the same way our strings. For example, we have a list like this before Mark, for example, the happen as a list with this name digits one. These countries Next elements, for example, five, six and seven After this at this hour list. And as a list digits what equal? No people. Sorry. Blues and other list with next elements eight nine and so year spreads off the rental. Of course, for this plan, our results and right Jim? Yes. Five nights. Check out first without please like this. And you strings. Yes. We really changed our first least. Now try with duplicates. Always. They just want, uh, multiply. So four. Yes. Interesting results. They're not. Multiply every element and spare and our list, but they have a my extended version four Time my extent. Tradition off our first very inter faced. It's suspicious off multiplication lists. Remember about it at mouth. Try to useless the least with streaks and check elements and list chicken off elements for chicken if elements using and two directors in at nuts you and nuts try to use. This is the retro. For example, they kept at least the streets like this some saying something. Something works This Next Elements fighter program. Bud's forever. And now write the check. This every elements in our list. No, no area. Check quite some work. Quite a street fighter. Jet stream sky and check string forever. All right, I'll program. Yes, true, because partner is really and only sounds the world's stay because we have not element in our the substance. Walk Forever is really exist and our waste sounds and words the reds are you returns true you for one of the elements. It's a fuse one. What times and the lists and force it is that if it does not no try toe use battery, etter, nuts and cops, for example. We have a list this next name digits stole. And so, obviously it's contain thanks thanks to that three 34 five. And try to use the Roger, not this combination director in Remember about the Rapture, much its logic booth break, not element. Wow, in all these digits to and as a construction of fresh off God's. Why not in the distal This for element for not indigenous store and not for in digital, right? Look, not one. It's true. While not, it's true so and this is a false because we have 11 4 in live, they should. Still, that's all about simple operations. This lists Roth was a next election place 19. Lists Functions: in this election we're talking about least functions and as a way, so adds elements in list. It's using off events message this methods ads and ate them toe the end off, please. Off also exists. At least for example, we can please this next elements. Oh, for example, Sam, it's at night. Both of them. All right. Hello. Used event. A pen metals. The first name off our list. After this, please use dots, please. Attention, But after use. Oh, sorry. And, uh, new after your great free digits. Yes, because you lament a colorist. Try to use it yourselves. Ben. Medals? Yes, it works. If you want to know about number off Eaton's in the your list, you can use function left. Try used in our thoughts. For example, Place digits. Well, these elements Oh, for example, Four, 567 right? Yes. Answer. Us function for gets results. His number of elements on our list. Yeah. After this control, break it. Name off our list. They just law. Is it social amount of element? The total number five. Why, Joe 345 Mistral. If you want to exert something elemental, your list the can use insert medals on desert fashion. It's Metas similar offense. Messa Penn, but and soft medal else you to insult. And you it's, um, off any position in your list. Not only an ant US offense. Medals, for example, you have least the streets work. Who? Yes, Is this by the one streak in the history? Super like this after us New element Who are the dribble and use? Insert minutes. What? Its name off our list. Please remember about dots and this message. So the result after years our variable and use name your element, for example, peace. And that's what old breeds our list fighter is. Super. Yes, it works. And the West off methods, half the check elements and five elements in lists. This using off letters, function letters for fashion found financial index. And in this minutes Oh, for example, you have at least like this this next street elements who w you, uh, see? And it's last element is yeah, well, you, after drug tried to check and finds something element on our list breeds name off our least symbols after you spend its question and it's metal. Remember about those so off our hands heart after trying to find I met you and try to find elements. A Ronald Yes, its value error. Because our elements a not least All right, sir. Off this stream off course New York and more information of both watcher and least this year's enough dessert methods and another operation. Please use it for your happiness. That's also that's all about police functions and go to the next election place. 20. Range function: hello students, and this election is about range fracture, the official was. Arrange function needs toe creates a sequential least off numbers. Dr. Reports, for example, digits at least and the use function range range both this meal itself after this prick Holy Ron program. Yes, the rate far show great. A sequential sequential list off number from zero was it 11? Not include less element. Is it cell phone number off elements in this list? It's really 12 but less laments in a row. Break it. Not include for using is that sponsored range. Please convert must convert object at least before use this function. If you use red function. This one arguments like this. In this example, this function produces an object this values from zero. So that's argument that includes this Is that Emperor arguments If you use two arguments. Infraction. This fashion produce values from the first Who's a second events tryingto using mouth digits. Swamp please Yes function ranch. It's so elements. What is apple six. And for two Oh, off course. After this breeds Oh please, they would swap. Yes, it's true. Nothing less element 40 from six for certain. After this tried to use a logical operation from my and other Staples function for check everyone else functions, for example, range well. Double equal logic preparation range. Furrow zero. So 12 and close throw records. It's really true because this mantra in this fashion people that but trying to use and those questions the question grateful it was long to spell. It falls. Wait. Actually, it's greens. Great. From what? So let's go. Yes, and this greens range from we'll find itself. No, you look is that this is a not a clueless police on a lesson. Did I show you? It's using a sort of abandoned rush and red function, the sort arguments and range fashion that reminds the enter well off Sequential produced this element must be integer. Dredges, plots no. For example, the half lists these name digits. So Somalia's foster range. Raph four. What you want And, sir sorry and after this. Remember about breaking. I'm not. Does this try to use our function? Breeds greed. Cell results. Prince digits toe. It's wrong. Yes. Four. Lose three equal. Sarah. So who's three people? So that was three equals sorted. Trying to use it. It's not literature. These floats Yes, Yes, yes, Change on till Integer did just three and change the last elements. Proof loss. What was it like to be off course? It's type better because I tell about it. Step must be either drop. I don't know. This got and that's all about straight fashion. It was the next lesson police. 21. Loops in Python: Hello, students. This is election course Spider 101 And now we talking about looks, uh, imagine situation. You need to perform court on each of them. In the least. This situation is call it operation it had become. Accomplish it visa. While Look, it's a contra Venable. The corresponds the first point since while thank now we construct, for example while, for example, we have a group like this substance. Worse, it's at least the strings like this. For example, it's on no Is super programming language gentle after this be included in our program Concert Got to this interview a minute zero After this variable big loop variable mark civil in this and use uh, limit the ritual for our at least like this After we can use the spiritual while for creating violence while contra smaller or equal monsoon And this them remember about color on this water. In this case, our new wearable wort equal Simpson warrants country. It's element in our lists. Number of elemental Now released activist Prem's next expression Yes, who's maybe symbol like this. And after Ville you are concert. God will rescue me. Cool concert schools What drenching run program Yes, by item is super programming language. What off order in action affections in our program? Because we have at least of the strings. We have, uh, su Variables co option and Monsoon Andrews Moxon antics and fuck should live this function this country number of element in our wars This is interject Total integer number off element in our works and minus one 12345 It's fully five. After using this, we include at the retro well, after after wild check condition and s this symbol for old worlds in the new streak. Off course. Yes, if you need the lot Scots. What amount? Of course you need. You may be useful. Use a well look while at the retro But if you require not slot of courts, you can use more simple variant this round's name of this. We're on this for Look, I think it's more simple and more elegant. Friends for months amounts string off course, try to use it in our hearts program In fighting in khan sculpture, for example, we have at least like this. Uh huh. Thomson this next elements wasn't peace, life and forever. No views for I used you use Please? You horrible. What? One in substance? Its name off. Are you list, remember about. And after this condition off cycle four loops for look. Work number one loose. No. Yeah, like this. Try to run. What a civil up. What amount of contents? Less. In this case, a za four Lupin. Fightin is like the for each loop in other programming languages, for example, and less points off our election. He's have to Combinator at the restaurant for and function range. If remember, rage can creates sequence this injury number off lament dry toe great and tried to use combination off for an outrage, for example, for because a variable war in after you strange for the whole seven magic number. After this, you call and your sponsor breeds so there. So like this. Yes. 1234567 Viggen prints similar. That's similar streak. So insides use only one string off course. Very elegant. I think you don't need to call least off the wrench objects when it uses in a for loop because it isn't being index set. So at least isn't required. No, it's all about sloops, where a short and steep election about look, looks and go to the next election place 22. Returning from functions: Hello. This election is about returning from function function. Some function, for example, in function or stream function. Return a value, then can be used it later again. To do this for you define function. You can use the return statement. For example, try to use that got no big defined function. This landmark civil maximum so very well X at a brick after this includes conditional function. Thanks. It's greater or equal. You got it after it includes statement. Treats are it's a X else. Barrett sunk beautiful. And after this use our function friends Moxico so entered your number five and tonight and use another variable is that is that people box wrong so and for well, Free Street after this brings it program. Yes, it's night because I really wasn't five. Yes, it's because it's really more than three. Once you return a well from fragile, it's immediately stop being executed. Any courts after statement of its own If you'll never happen, try to use return Plus Yeah, so, for example, define our function. Digits, for example, were well, you want that's what One what? It will what and vulnerable son equal work Loose walk. Sorry. After use state in the return. Some on not those is breeds nuts. Yeah, for instance, on now, through Marines, that's did its for example six. And so try to run. Yes, of course. Remember about Cole? Yes, it's Waas. What? Some change. How What's Yes, if you change parts and more brains, Does that function? It was sent in error. Precisely. Move flashing. Prince Ahmsa is a statement of its own place and not try to run. No, it's notable results out of it's all. A bold function returns retirement and the gold is the next election, please. 23. Comments and Documentation strings: Hello. This lesson is about comments and recommendations. Streams. Governments are imitations, of course. Use it to make it easier for understanding comments. Zones affect how it is run and points in. My comment is created by inserting and hash symbol like this. It's a Clement's all text after its is that line, is it notes. You see, it's in my lessons now. Repeat. It's for another example. We have to wearable swell through a rebel. Have you smitten? 24 and 60 after us fashioning fresh single. It is a constant after this greens okay for inspiration. I'll give us a break operation like this, wearable and, uh, and there's a terrible war. After a gun use equipment finds a reminder and the other comments. It's, uh, what brings you here Variable double slash war, and not so as a government. For example, check results. Yes, it's wealth. And what's about dogs? Trends, duck strings, documentation. Streets need so similar purpose to governments as a designer to explain courts Doc Strings needs for explaining God's. They're more specific and have a different civics. They are created by party and multiple streams containing an explanation off the function below the function fair slide, for example. Try to use. Oh, of course. Example. It's a duck strings. We can so long also off course, this using this symbol like this, for example, defined function. That huh? Something wards and that does this Do you say I don't feel brilliance? War? This, uh, exclamation I want full in its yes, close our Dock Street. And after this, greens are function worked years tradition of string. Close. No. This and use our function, Samson and your stream. Quite some try to run. Really? It's for but this world's industrial Is it smart? It's very useful for very long at very euro explanation how it functions. How would fund should work? For example, please used industrious experiments open for simple understanding off your vote for the other problem ists and another colors. It's a gold style of programming and it's all about Doc's drinks. Answer. Clement's growth was next election. Please 24. Dunctions as Objects: now we're talking about after us function functions as objects function just like any other kinds of value. The French may be a sign it or reassignment so variables and let in references by those names. Example. Please The fire fashion. You found a multiplication location. So terrible You are one variable. So do skull action for our fashion were one multiplication. It's so what? So after yours includes another variables For example War three equal. So seven 10 of our for equals So aids after and gloves intra operation operation like this or Sorry, not minds people Multiple e occasion Attention, please. Our operation equal our function and after bring results This user operation, not multiplication reads Operation and use were three and four for try to round Well, sort of Yes, 56. It's great. Example this example A sense of functional multiplayer variable operation multiplication to a variable operation. Now we name operation that also to be used Soquel The function you feels this name name this variable Is this you available? Can you will be used functional like this This and financial functions can be also be used as arguments for another function for their function for example. Oh, yeah, Can be used. This have a good man off as a function, try towboats defining the function example. But this these variables absent Igric. Oh, sorry. Okay. And so this function returns some Thanks. You got it. Define your function and use this whatever. After use it's you this partial view. It's on fault and throw Break it beauty and far from clock from And does it? Oh, listen as a X. So, for example, use new function uses uses compression for operation breeds use function double after use arguments, Addition, views, fortune, additional arguments and, uh, might be a clue. Maybe we will introduce and you're vulnerable off course. Do it, for example. Water five. Answer, variable six. But it will fight. Miss me, Sarah and Floatable six isthmian I love it Can't use. Are you available? Swat five And what? Six in our function. Double try to run 36 Jack. Some this 18 and in Post agent is thought to six. Really? Yes. Is that troubling? As you can see is a function level. Thanks a function us. It's arguments at ghost images, body like this. This function on this, like every minutes It's very useful, so complex and low construction in functional programming. That's about all functions that's object and go with the next election place. 25. Exceptions in Python: Hello, Woods A. And this lesson is about exceptions. In spite. You have already seen exception since prayer Scots is that Cuban Samson got strong. Do you have the incorrect Scots or imports? But with exception of yours is the program immediately stops and like mouth, which right? So great except from by simple example. For example, to wearables number one and number two. What is it, for example, tonight number so physical, for example. Zero. After this, try to use simple arithmetic. Operation the white number one. Number two. Number one, The whites number two and run outputs. Yes, is this example off exception zero Division era? The exceptions is that different. Six exceptions arise it for different reasons. For example, is ah, shortlist exception. I used industry. You can read It's in league. Be a little election build Billy The election, of course. Vital 101 Now I turn off, but consulates exception. Yes and no. I tell you how. Toe handle exception for handling exception To handle exception and sickle constant, exceptional cures. You can you might use a dry except sentence statement. Try except stay state. Try blow contents codes that might throw, throw, throw the exception if exceptional cures. The good and tribe look stops being executed and the court except Block is run nor hair of yours is the court ends. Except book doesn't problem. Example. Police now have you a strength try. You're superior to train and and use variables. Bregas variables like this. Remember, Boscoll after this breeze? Bring is this expression. I'm not the Prince Street and there's a phrase like like like congressional, for example, after use except for our error for zero division, Better used to surrender. Set an answer. Name off our exception like this us color that breathe next presence in strength, for example and ridicules Hansen was a phrase. Is there division? Try your uncles No exception anymore. Onley your presence like this this user combination trying except you can turn off exception and the cut above the except statement defines a type of exception. So Hanzel, in our case, is that that division enter a statement right. You can have multiple different friends off except look so canto. Very different exceptions. Very different Exceptions can also be put into a single except book to have the except blow , cancel all of them. For example, try to use it owns example. Israel wants use statement, right, and, uh, group interest in our codes. But both are of this meeting. Well, after breeds, son variable and streak into Turin street. Some interference streak var abuse, for example. Sorry, it's cops. Look after brings next expression green. So Bart delights buy into what was thinking about this expression. I think this while you are outside its well being have to end it. This error have to terminate this arrow use block. Except, of course, except, for example, like right, zero division for insurance. And so intron is a phrase divided by zero. And for and as a type of errors and exceptions for value ever for safer I intra and no other block off except except statements except value and diaper. After this, breathe underneath the phrase for exemption for For this this is this is an error. And now try to run our gods No. Try to run courts on defense. I pair of course, we tried to pass the drum pants, street types How to terminate this exception, I think. What is this expression? This line, of course. And in Jordan, hello of all is this life off court number. Saudi Try to run? Yes, no exception anymore. We contaminates. So I abouts. Except apartments with South and exceptions specified skull gauge all letters. It should be used sparingly as they can catch and expect that there's for example, and they also is this streak can't heights programming mistakes. For example, let's looking example, your security trade more stories, right? That's so somebody Apple Street label, for example. Wort universe and try to do arithmetic. Operation with drink turns into your number. For example, trees. It's never a mistake. Doubler breeds how wearable works Divide by zero. Yes, used arithmetic operation This interviewer and streak and divide by zero After this used on the except statement result. India Specific site Enrolled briquettes and, after breaking Fres for all exception, tried to run off course. You get terminates so it's types off Mr Off Errors zero. The White Division Zettel division and it's hyper. And now I tell your boats horizon. Expert exception. Very interesting fashion Fighting. Very interesting. Suspicious of is raising exception. Raisin exceptions. You could rise exception if you use a race statement. Use race use race that, for example, let's try toe breathe to inter numbers. For example, Greens cell after no letters, No mistake. It's correct, but really, But now the rising exception raise. For example. Well, you on after it's breeds, for example. I love it. Try. It's around Uh, really. We can create artificial error and God's terminates gone. Stop! Stop problems stop After our initial resin, you can rent an exception. Now I know enough gods using a common symbol fresh not so cool. This line, of course, will be ignored. This using this symbol that's very useful. American begins for it's Alonso off Linus Foot. And now exceptions can be writing these arguments of give details about them. For example, we have variable this next name name, for example because, for example, ST Three Streets one and after residents race Name of flour exception. May a bad name try to run? Yes, Neymar, Really. I had certain off this line, of course issues and no streak symbols. And so you about more exceptions. An upset book is there a statement can be used to be so it arguments to reraise whatsoever . Exception Acute. Try to do it right. Try statement, for example. Number. For example, number 22 and who had zero Division 70 White by zero. Off course, It's a mistake. It's ever observatory after. Use exception. Except, look. Except these next press my expressing And that frees grace right around. Yes, that except look this terminate exception and race after as a race called this exception again, remember about sits when you company except and race. No, I John, this is Rachel. And try no errors anymore. And the soul about exception and dries an exception and bison and please gold is an ex election. 26. Finally statement: How long would they This is the pipes and 101 Binzel Ryzhenkov. And this a short lesson about exception. Biden and finally, statements to ensure some courts. France. No matter what's better secure you can use, you can use a final statement. The final statement is placed at the bottom off a try except statements court this in a final statements always run always after execution. Of course, in the tri and possibly ends except except blocks, it's ah, special treek to ignore, uh, errors and mistakes and a TV show enters this using off rising enters. And now look at this cards Prince, There something you very usual were a simple phrase. Now we sake a specialty. Was there a division use? Except is there a division error and Brits another expression streak? And thats final. A printer courts, uh, around anymore yourself. Any exception Artificial on as a time after I got this final statements even writes, If colds exceptional cures in one off, the president looks, for example, like this we have a true correct statement. Current function. The calf is there of the video ever the half, except look finally, what runs without any exceptions anymore. Abuse. Please use accurately finally statement Because, uh, finally Don's elites Ariel, mistake and really errors Israel Eros and serial mistake You program I will be work bets and the great difficulties for another generation off program ists Very carefully use aeration of exceptions. And so statement finally ends that solar boats finally statements, please. Redcoats, insulin billow election and it'll file off program. Go to the next lesson, please. 27. Assertions in Python: vehicle to fight the 101 And this lesson is the boats assertions and bites him a socialism sent the check that you can serve alone. What certain off when you have finished Destin the program an expressionist tested. And if the results comes up false, an exception is rised. Our assertion occur. It's out. Serves years off the assault statement. Try to court now, for example. Three. Prince three, after use itself statement sorts so multiplied by so and he was double equal legend. Get the richer. It's true, of course you agree with me now. Use other breeds function. Breathe things up before I'm not there. Used a sort statement, for example, So close. So double little logic. It's five. Yes, it's not true, is false. And after police freeze interred your number five trying to run What will be with this cards? One. Dressing yes, no, really. Its assertion. Error Programmer's sense quarters often place assertion at the start of a function, the check for a valid inputs and after a function called the Check for a Valid Outputs and , um, auspicious monolithic about the surgeons, the sorts can take a second argument that this positive the assertion error. Raise it if their assertion fails, for example, like this membership that for sure. Intelligence. Seven. Dynamic scales Viz media minus Well asserts, sort of like this. Follow value. Bigger, greater or equal? Zero. Is them cold? Absolute? I'm sorry, miss. Now try to run. Look at the court, please. It's operates. Try to run. No. Now we must start off this line of light number of AIDS and now is correct. Assertion. Error colder than absolute zero off course. A social error exception can be codes and handle it like any other exception using try except statement. Was it not? Hand the hand flats this type exception. Your terminates the program and there's still a boats assertions and bites him. Go through the next election and, uh, you know, just 28. Dictionaries in Python: in this lesson. Visa about it. Talking about dictionaries and fighting dictionaries is ah, dictionary is a data structure. Here's it. So my arbitrary case to values least can be sort off addict earnest with integral case within a certain range dictionary can end except in the same way as least using s cover Break its containing kiss example We now create dictionary created for me, for example They have I think now we great victory me people ages And now we use you break its like this Some remarks now, for example, my Andrew. Okay, Andrew, this age 25. Oh, for example Young Mary No, no visa. Yeah. Liza is H 18 and now old book this h 60 and now views dictionary and skate dictionary She's and victory breeds streets, people ages and what's use square brackets for keys, foky and several breaking for dreams. What? Ejiofor Andrew drive around the H off Andrew is 25. It's strong. What angel? For Liza you this construction use for breaking at named Liza and enter from breaded because we use function Prince? Yes, was the angel Please. He's 18. Each element and dictionary is represents a fail like this G by the he don't value like this trying to index a cave that isn't part off the dictionary or it sounds que error. For example, dictionary cars go Yeah, like this. Retz like this quotes after green. Another fellow. This spot's is, you know, like this. Sorry, it's not surf lot. It's in the drawer. And so blue. Of course. President Bush Ngobe like zero zero and so 155. Novica recreates actually and Trey to create something. You're something key from a key from the dictionary breeds close in squared briquettes. He rents and breathe colors. Another problem. For example. Nothing. Our dictionary course, maybe story. It's keep not dictionary thermal. Try to run off course. I forget for slice of events. Use please at cause like this. This this and this may be so of this. Yes, it's keep better purple because we have no elements. This name of Parliament Vicky Hypnosis key in our dictionary. Now I turn off course this line, of course, like number 15 and on the immutable objects, objects can be used as a kiss dictionary. Immutable objects are those that can be changed. So far, the only musical operas you've come. EC arose at least on dictionaries, trying to use inimitable objects as addiction. Aqui tells us that CYP error, for example, of some remark for you, for example, you kept literally bets Dictionary about your story. If you break it, for example, Life 67 No, like this. It's so he and me in ST Life five. Six. So the soul you create a dictionary and try to run. Yes, unfashionable type. At least this encyclical, if you're using and usable objects as a dictionary key, is it cell abouts dictionaries. Very useful function for big message for dr and voters. An extraction, I tell you about operations dictionaries next election. 29. Operations with Dictionaries: Hi. This lesson is about at the restaurant. Physics from the wrist and function is actually Gibson's passion. Uh, dictionary case can be assigned to a different values, just like elites. Unlike, please, And you dictionary key can also be outside value. Not just once Is that already exists. For example, create a dictionary. Uh, square first. No slips, you say. Feed your brackets. For example. Three square of sweets. So, for example, for for spreading for 60 for example. Five. I spent five first 25 for example. For example, six off course, uh, ST an example of desert. Maybe like seven. 49. And now includes that you other months, this new kid and our dictionary squares you keep can slip briquettes a police medium 64. And, uh, I tried to introduce you value for elements. The skin for element. This do you for six years. Of course. It's, uh sort you six. And after all, breeds all dictionary squares. Try to run. Yes, of course. Look, this new element. This is a Are you? Well, you escape. Try to do it. This out. New elements, friends slips. Yes. This is a first variant simply off our dictionary. This is the list variance off our dictionary. This new elements for the wine was Rocky is in a dictionary we can use as not him. Budan operators, just as you can. For a least, for example, they haven't actually be created. Actually, these name numbers figure briquettes wave you five 12 Key this value 35 Use it. Colin Author six string seats musical guest and so seven that so now the great and you dictionary the same number after this. Try to use logical inferential in Not you, for example. Breeds, uh, five him numbers Name of our dictionary after breeds. Uh, for example, six. Use the value six ST So I in numbers and tried the chip. Another element. Look, it treats night, for example, your life nuts in numbers and after another video. So and numbers because they use logical writers if he gets a logic value drew false and etcetera try to run. Yes, five numbers six is not numbers is not kim numbers because it's value Mulki, Uh, night is not numbers. It's true. And so in numbers is not true is false. I don't know. I tell you about very useful different methods get sorry, for example, we have. Do you truly understand bears, for example? So people gate so unfairly orange. But by stuffy this value. Now we use list. So eight life and so like this. Do you true? Truckee, Visalia Falls. Thank you. This name You know, this value true. Go. And that's not street type. It's what What's his street type? Is that so? We create self dictionary. I try to do some separation is literally brings U. S. Name off for Detroit repairs. You see, you may get get bona, for example. Also parole break. It's Remember greens Name a far. Can you? For repairs? Get elements. For example, it's, um, and breeds. Where's but gets 234 wife nuts in dictionary. That's right. Run off course. Yes, one more Earl breaking. Try to run, Mom. So 89 know nothing Dictionary. That's called for it because they have not. There's this element of dictionaries, and this is the natural, and that's all about functions and dictionaries. And now the world is next. Like some I will tell you about pupils and quite 30. Tuples in Python: in this lesson in this election, it's like in about two poles. People's similar triple civil is looks like least is very similar lists except Zadie, that they cannot be changed. They are immutable. Two polls are created using their parents cells razor than square briquettes. Example of pupils like this. Thompson Waas, Earl. Break it. And now go the stream whites on one Oh so hands or really three. You can access the values in the pupil with their index, just as you did with least for in there and liberation Viste starts the zero pediments. Do you remember about it? Breeze Name off, our Jubal Something worse and a number of elements and the truth insolent Ricketts Element this number zero Try to run Yes, place. Try to use and there's a resonance element. This number two Yes, forever trying to re assign value in a cheapo causes. At Cypress, for example, wards subsume element this number one, it's to lament. In multiple program, you go writing and look for the results. Yes, it's type better, so no, this three or four off parts on the pupils can be great. The cells the parent tells by just separating the Vallas fees. Calmus. Off course. Is this a lot for you, people's and the operating? Why could you just separated the values? No, I guess the number symbols like this and try to use in God's people. Fine. Six Alderman a. Lamented the Studio Street. And so and after this for Interpol. Maybe a summer. Yes, Edmund is number zero. Yes, it's amounts five. I'm tempted to pull. He's great if using an anti parents. I despair, for example, Article one after palaces. Groundbreaking. Yes, it's spent. It'll people, people's fasters. At least this is advantage event. A show off people, but they cannot be changed. Remember about it and it's L. A multiple Goodbye. 31. Operations with Lines and Strings: This is a course spite on local programming skills. And now we talk about different operation. This alliance and the strings and beytin was the first operation. We'll be concatenation this intruders and floats us. We're in France. We can it's streaks using apparatus scholars, concatenation which can be down off on a ghetto streets when the concatenation streaks. It doesn't so much. Our weather's a broker being created the single or double clots. Um, let's tried so long. Culminates so different stream look, brilliance like this Maybe. Hello. This, uh, double quotation mark Backspace loose students This single quotation America Ron program on locals The results. Yes, it Thanks, Bill is this symbol and that's our problem. Oh, look correct Our text. It works. It works. You can apparatus wars with stakes. Invest my sickness Like these numbers in arithmetic operation and sir look another same off opportunity Localizer appurtenances off detonation. You can't conch detonates. It's drink and number. Let's try conquer the Neitz number streak. Okay, uh for example, while loose So as number lose three as text in the quotation marks so loose for us. Thanks. No, that's not us. Float number And look on the results. Yes, you can contain eight contaminates drink and in the drawer it's ah, really diaper. But drinks corrects I'll throw him no reveal conquered in eight on the next. Like this, I don't like this right goods, Not ever anymore. It's, uh, at blocks Face, my friend again goods a few words about operation. The strings. You can multiply streak, and you can multiply words you could multiply only drink at number, but you can. It's multiply streak and streak less trying to do it, for example. We want to play, Finds him for White said. Try to do it. Fight, uh, like this and multiply Why it's a or it's still to money round program. Well, fighting, Fighting Fighting by Down by oh, somewhere It's my only simple still, when it works on this tree by the fight and bite them. Yes, goals. It's a Mexican next. But if you try and multiply streak at streak you feel gets error, try to do it. Multiply by its own and so boarding schools. ST ST Goods trying to do. It's from our problem. Uh huh. Try to correct some program number three. That's, uh, and as a symbol. Oh, like this. That's multiplayer game, sir. It'll good, Good, good. It works. Remember about simple Earle's. You could multiply on the streak and number. You cannot multiply Streak in ST and you can multiply. Number Number you can ETS. It's drink and Streak, but you cannot ads, streak and number, that's all. Go to the next lesson.