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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

50 Lessons (4h 33m)
    • 1. Welcome To This Course

    • 2. Download All Python Environment Software

    • 3. Step 1 – Install the Python 3

    • 4. Step 2 – Install Java SE Development Kit

    • 5. Step 3 – Add the Python 3 Directory to your System Path Environment Variable

    • 6. Step 4 - Install PyCharm: Python IDE

    • 7. Creating and Running Your First Python Project

    • 8. Code Blocks and Indentation In Python

    • 9. Python Statement Order

    • 10. Python Comments

    • 11. Introduction to Python Variables

    • 12. Python Variable Types

    • 13. Python Strings, Integer, Float And Boolean

    • 14. Redefine Python Variables

    • 15. Rules For Naming Variables

    • 16. SyntaxError: Invalid Syntax

    • 17. Python Arithmetic and Assignment Operators

    • 18. Python Built-in Function: divmod()

    • 19. Python Built-in Function: int()

    • 20. Python Built-in Function: float()

    • 21. String Literals In Python

    • 22. Empty Python String

    • 23. Python \n And \t Functions

    • 24. Python Escape

    • 25. Python String Arithmetic Operators

    • 26. Python String indexing

    • 27. Python String Methods: replace()

    • 28. Python Slice()

    • 29. Python String Methods: split() and join()

    • 30. Python Collections (Arrays)

    • 31. Create A Python List

    • 32. Mutable vs Immutable Objects In Python

    • 33. Multi-Dimensional Python Lists

    • 34. Update Python List Values

    • 35. Python List Methods

    • 36. Python List count() and sort()

    • 37. Python Variable Synchronization and copy()

    • 38. Create A Python Tuple

    • 39. Convert A List To A Tuple

    • 40. Python Tuple Methods: count() and index()

    • 41. Python len() and Python in Keyword

    • 42. Create A Python Dictionary

    • 43. Accessing Items: Dictionary Keys

    • 44. Python Dictionary update()

    • 45. Deleting and Clearing Python Dictionary items

    • 46. Python Dictionary Keys and Values

    • 47. Dictionary Methods

    • 48. Create A Python Set

    • 49. Unordered and Unindexed Python Set

    • 50. Set Methods

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About This Class


  • A Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  • Everything else needed to start programming in Python is already included in the course.


Interested in learning how to quickly use Python programming language?

Python programming language is rapidly becoming the solution that Operators turn to with its powerful combination of a scripting language, command line speed, and GUI tools (Graphical User Interface).

This course is an introduction to Python 3 programming language where you'll have an opportunity to learn how to setting up the python development environment, and creating your first python project.

In this course, you'll be introduced to how to setting up a system variable for using python from the windows command prompt and also covers using python from the built in IDLE IDE.

This course will let you be able to understand the thinking way of the Python programming language.

What You Will Learn

The course is designed to teach you:

  • Basic concepts of Python 3 programming language

  • How to navigate the PyCharm: Python IDE for Developers

  • Interpret and understand how to Create and manage variables

  • Formalization of the Python Collections (Arrays)

  • Working with List, Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries...

By the end of this course, you should be well on your way to creating basic Python scripts, and having a good start on python learning journey.

Who is the target audience?

  • The Course is Designed for Beginners Looking to use Python programming Language
  • No previous programming experience is assumed

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fettah BEN

Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer


Hi there. My name is Fettah BEN and I want to get real with you for a minute.

Ben is an IT Administrator Diploma and has built a successful business in coaching, online marketing, Web Development, content marketing, Virtualization, Server Administration and lot of other projects.
In this Profile I share with you my skills, my successful strategies and techniques in different fields with an easy ways that takes you from beginners levels to expert levels.

By taking one of my courses you will be able to get the Full Support and Answers to any of your questions.

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1. Welcome To This Course: Welcome to Pipe Country course for beginners, one off the Piste Online Resource for learning about spite on programming language. My name is being, and I am a Web developer with nearly a decade ward off programming experience. I graduated from the Institute of Applied Technology in 2008 and I start wielding Fight on Websites from 2010. I've wealthy scored to share with you the knowledge I have gained during this. I designed it, the schools for anyone who needs to lend fight on programming language from the beginning. By the end of this course, you will be able to create basic python scripts and having the ability to understand the thinking. Why off the python programming language in this course, you will be introduced it to how to sitting up assistant variable for using title from the Windows Command prompt and also covers using part on from the West and integrated development environment. Either the scores will let you be able to understand the four my collection doctor type crease monarch on update the list troopers sits on the dictionaries. The idea of students for the schools is anyone have a dizzy troupe with websites using python programming language. Students don't not need to have any pure programming experience. So join me. No, and start your fight on learning journey with the easy way. 2. Download All Python Environment Software: hello again. So the first time we need to do is to set up our environment to start practicing what you were going to lane about fatal. You need to set up some specific software to be able to use the vital language in your laptop or desktop, so the first thing we need to do is to download the fight on software. So simply regard right on that ark. Or we can tape by tone in Google, and it will take you automatically to the website and in the vital we got download and we don't do largest version for Windows. They automatically detect that I'm using windows so they show me download for Indulged. If you use Linux or Marquis, you will found, download for your operation, system her and you simply click on the bottom right here. So for now, at this moment, the latest version available is 3.6 point five. That's me. If you full of these schools with our fight own version number two, you will have some difficult to follow the same step, because some command change it from the fight on to toe by country, and some results will be different from Python, True to fight country. But if you have any vision off fight on three, for example, trip one wine, 3.2 and 3.5 or 3.6, or even the new 13.7. It will be the same as what we're going to learn from the scores. So you simply go and click fighting tree and will start downloading the heightened. Of course, I already have a copy of this afterwards, or you can click view the faulty type if you want to download another version. So, for example, you want to download the three point for the 3.5 or the 3.6 from for etcetera. It is in relation about what you want, but has always recommended to download the latest version available for your operation system. So, of course, if you have Lennox, you're simply click on the Knicks, and it will take you to the fightin for Lennox. So the same is 3.6 point five on Do you chose the vision that you want and the same four mark west. You simply click on the Mark Weiss and it will take you to the mark version. But in my situation I use windows, so I simply don't know do vision for Windows. So the next software that you we need is do download the Java. You can simply go to oracle dot com like that. Of course, the user and the fast can be changed from time to time. No, it make this new layouts. It's such important you simply go all right here at the bottom off the websites you have Donald job up for a developer, you click on it and it will take you to do Java s a download. And here you see that we have the latest version. Number 10. You simply click on download Java or if you want to use the net beyond that's come with its own item, can use it. But I prefer to use the Java platform without needing to do net here. This software, it will be constantly more size, and it's come with his own idol. But in our situation, we going to use our idol i d four learning the title. So you click download, and here you need to check except before chosen division for your operation system. So you must accept the oracle binary code lessons to don't know this. So simply click Accept lessons argument. And here you choose the operation system you have so far not review of Lennox. You can chose this one PM for a fedora and some kindof Lennox This 2nd 1 being dot star the gz for the differently. Next open agencies them for the Marco s used this vision and for the stroller spark this one. And in our situation for the windows is the G Dickie 10. Of course, we need to have a 64 beats before using do Java. So you click on it and start downloading the new vision off the java s A number 10 off course. If you have no the version off Java, it's a for example, nine or eight or seven. It's not a problem. We're going toe work perfectly. It's in relation about the fight On version, some fight on vision constrict Port Java 10 987 Some of them can support up to four or five , but as always, it is Highclere commanded to get the latest vision off any software toe off with any problem. So when you download the Java is a no you need to download on Idol in this situation. In my course, I we're going to use the bajc on one of the foremost idea. And of course, there are some software, like the Jupiter or Eclipse or The Fight on Idol that's come with the fight on and so on. There are lots off software, for example, not part please, please, etcetera. But as always, I prefer to use the pie chart. It's beautiful, simple on user interface. Off the by charm is simple and beautiful, so for that, I always professor used by charm. So for that, you simply got to jetbrains dot com can top in Google Jet plane, and it will take you to the website her indigent brain. You simply got to truly and here you will found up by charm some other software off the jet brain, and we chose the by Charles. So in the pie charm, we click download, and we have two kids off version. The 1st 1 is the professional, a premium version. You can get a 13 die free tria, and another one for the community is a free and open source. From my experience, I always use the community, the free one and almost everything that I need to use the fighter. I can't use it with the community version. I don't see a big, much difference between the provisional and the community, but it's rather early. You in need to use a professional one. If you want to try it, it will give you a 13 dies. Then you need to buy a license K for the professional one. So and discourse To follow this course, you need to download the community one on it. We're going toe work without any problem. So we click download and of course, we're going to download. The latest version is the 18 2001 tree. I already have a copy off This one is it really is Date two largest updates off this mission. You can download off course. If you have a Marquis, you can click on my quest and download division for the maquilas. All for the linen. You click on it and you download the pie chart for the Phoenix. So the same state when those Mark and Lennox. So this is the needed software for star working and following this course. So see in the next video to set up our software 3. Step 1 – Install the Python 3: hello again. So after downloading the needed software, we need to start our starting them in our machine. Of course, if you have a Linux or a Mac OS, you need to down on the vision available for the mark on Lenox and followed the installation as the same as what we're going to do with Windows. It's very simple. Just next, next, next and finish so we can start with the fight on tree or we dude Java. So let's start with the fight on three first. So double click on it and will followed step without any problem. So here is it the installation off the python 3.6 point five. We select install Long. Yes, and the installation we go successfully without any problem. It will take a little time, drew complete installation, and it will be ready to use the fight on in your laptop or desktop. So here is it the installation go successfully. So it is it The Cyclops was successful, so you click close. So when we complete the installation off the fightin, we simply got to do CMD and we check if by tone is available. So we stop right on and off course will automatically take us to the fight on version and fight on concern. You see, we have right on three points, export five. If you have any version that start with three is the same. 3.43 point three or 3.5 is the same. Or even if you have 3.7, it will be the same command that we're going to learn in this court. So the python is on started successfully. So next Well, our style do Java so soon in the next video. 4. Step 2 – Install Java SE Development Kit: hello again. So next we're going toe style. Do Java. If you have any vision, any preview vision like version nine or eight or seven, you can't use it without any problem. You don't need to install the latest version again, but if you don't have it is always Heidler community to install the latest version off the Java. So we click Yes to start installing. Java has another ministry teacher, So this is the installation off the Java. It's a development kit, so you click. Next. We chose the development tools chose next and do installation with Go six simply. So here is it. It's a scale to enable the Java content in your browser. Off course. We need to enable the genre in our browser, but I mean any website needs is the Java. This Java will work also, if you is a drip ITER software the torque drug Google Com browser or find books. You need to have the Java enabled in the browser to be available to rant the Jupiter software with Brighton language. So here is it the installation successfully completed, we click close and again we're going to check the Java so wait, exit to fight on and we tape Java version off course. Need to very boot. The c m d Like that. Here, is it? No. You see that the Java version is 10 upon 01 win and the lattice states off the update. He's 17 a real 2018. So know we have the python and the Java install it in this machine successfully. That means our machine no can support the vital language without any problem. The next we'll see how to install. Do by charm the idol that will help us to ransom. Right on command. So seeing the next week 5. Step 3 – Add the Python 3 Directory to your System Path Environment Variable: I like it. Some issue that's gone. Friend. After installing Java and python, that's do machine or the windows there is not recognized the installation off the Java and off the fight on. So we need to let the windows recognized the genre and frighten that is available in our machine. So for that, we need to go to do this PC regarding property turned in the other ones sitting sister we can economy to. We got to utterance it on in the environment. Variable. So in the environment, valuable. We got to do feet and is it do beat? That's mean in this place we are the difference plate software. But let's do common blind Rick organized, available software. If you see right here, we have did Java paid off the java that's mean the Java and started in this place. Say program file Common file Oracle, Java and Java Pate. You need two other This bait in your in vital mint volume. If you don't have this one, the Java will not went to recognize in this place. If you ran Java vision, it will give you another. If this page there is not exist and the same for the fight on. In my situation, it is automatically added the Brighton and Java. But in case you don't have the bait off the java on, my told, you need to update manually. So for example, let's take an example off the bite on you simply search for the fight on like that. We open the file. Okay, too. So this is our shortcut. We need to get the original file so we click open fire location Here, is it This is the fight on software. So we simply copy this page like that. If you see, it's the same up that our local program fight on and fight on 36. 32. So we back right here and we top new and we simply pass it the new one like that. So it is the same as I other. They have this one, so we don't need to add it for the second time. So when your other, this one and add java paid you click OK? And when you check the fight on for right help, it should work without any problem. I had the same for do Java. If we around Java like that, it recognized new software Collett Java in our machine. So this is a quick overview about some issue that can happen when you try to check the different version off the fight on on Jumma. If do you common line there is not recognized the java and fightin. You can't use it in your machine in jail. You at the paid off them inside environment variable and check. That's it is available in the common line. So this is a very important step You need to take about it so soon the next. 6. Step 4 - Install PyCharm: Python IDE: hello again. So next we're going toe installed by Charles stuff to our that we're going to use. But you should know that my charm is not our requirement. It's just my recommendation for discourse and as I always liked is the pie chart to work with fightin. But of course, you can use the shell that's come with the fight on. That's mean you don't need to have the by charge Rand vital. You see Idol title, and if you click on it, the pi toe come with its our idol that you can use it to run all the fight on command without any problem. But I mean, if you want to follow this course by using the fightin share, it's not. Our problem is the same, if you is the fight on shell or ah by charm or any other idol available in the contended that support the vital language. So, for example, here you can Peron for exam print Hello, and it will work without any problem to results in the next line when you tape enter. But as I t. Do, I prefer to used by Charles, it's beautiful and have a good user interface so I will install the latticed vision available for the by chance in this laptop. So as that, you know, it's not a requirement, just my recommendation to use it off course. If you're like another stuff to our, like, Eclipse or any others off to our that support the fighter language, you can use it without any problems. So, yes, and we followed the installation off the pie chart community. The three vision. So next. So how is it with then we chose the 32 bits or the 64 bits you can chose any off them or both off them. Then we create association between the by charm and any fight on file. That's mean all the files that have the extension B A. That's me fight on this stuff to our well associates. We did that mean when we click, double click on any fight on fight, it will automatically open by using the by charm. Then also, there are another option to download and install the java from jeet brain. But I mean the charm need to other. They have the java in your laptop, or this took to the abbot used by chance, so we already have the Java download and install the latest division off Java, so we don't need be to step right here and we check those two options right here. So we click next Next and the inspiration Wittstock. If you see right here some files with the extension John. That's why, by charm need to have the Java in your laptop to be available to use and Randa's jar file. So, as we know, John, fire is our Java fire, so the process and it will take a little about 1 to 2 minutes to complete successfully without any problem. If you have any problem, dropped the installation off any off the software. Just share a screenshot off your problem in the courts discussion, and I will be happy to help you to complete the installation without any problem. So how does it do? Installation complete successfully. So we click finished and we can't open do by charm directly from this place, or we simply stop by Charles. So see in the next video to discover more about this software 7. Creating and Running Your First Python Project: hello again. So let's open the by child and start using it. So we simply click on by charm either. And as you see her, that this is the logo off by charmed the community Vision 2018. Of course, when you open the by chance for the first time, it will ask you if you have annulled Project Aurand older folder that you want to import all the information from it. But of course, in our situation, we don't have any preview version or any preview project that we need to import. So you simply click. Do not import anything on it will send you to this windows for the first time Again, it will ask you to customize the interface the user interface off the my charm. It will ask you about the front about cooler, etcetera. We can conflict this option from inside off the by chance. So we click create new Perfect. Of course, this is the first time we need to use this one. So we need to create on your projects and give it a name. So this is the location of the projects. For example, we give it a name right on you tool. That's mean to truly all like that. Then project new, virtually a environment. This is the information about the new environment that we're going to use for these projects. Of course, we live it as it is. We click, create and the fight on, we're going to create a new project. That's call it vital juryo, and it will take a little time to config the difference sitting necessary for use in the fighting. So here it's a show you some tip off the time. Of course, you can follow the step if you want, but in our situation we don't need to get this tip again. So we click close and here you see do user interface off the new by charm invention. So it will take a little time to complete the process. So the first time we need to do is to customize the user interface off the by chance we got to file regard to sitting and here into our parents. I always prefer to use and too late and villages that's me in the white vision and we have the Dracula, the black version. So we chose this one. We click, apply and it will change it to the white version. Then we got to do editor to the phone and you see the text. It's small, weak. Always change it to 14 or to 16. Click apply again. And of course you can't go and customize all digitized right here. If you want to make the my charm feature for operate in vitamins, so we click. OK, then we I need to start using the pie chart. So the first time we need to do is regard to the fight on to tree on. This is the full that that we is 40 scores and we click on it. We have new and we have her fight on fight. That's mean by charms. Report the fight on file. So I click on this and we give it a name, for example, just like that. So you see, the cane is bright on five, we click OK, and here is it. We have this thought being why and here we can't create all the fighting command in this folder that's kind of test or any folder that you want to create. So, for example, it's test the common Trent, for example, Hello and When we want to run this one, we click on the tape and we chose rant test. And here you see, it's show you haloed common France Hello. Give you the results. Hello. So no, our pie chart is ready to use. Of course, you can click on his bottom right here or from the top directly. It's the same If, for example, changes my name like that. Run on head, is it? The name is printed successfully. So this is a quick overview about by chance software. Off course. You can discover this option right here. It's like in any windows oft what? And drugged. Of course you will Going to use some off them and you will discover name one by one, so see under next video. 8. Code Blocks and Indentation In Python: hello again. So the first thing you need to know about the pattern language is that the paper is our space Sun City. That's me. It's can't do number off space or the white space you have in your script and give you different results when you have different space. So to get a little explain about it. So let's try to define a function. For example, the function men and when we stop, enter automatically get our space inside this function to define a child is, um, off this man function. So when we pressed enter after defined the main function, he automatically leave our for space. Are white space to right the content off this function. For example, if we define this function by a friend like that, Hello one. So automatically leave a four white space before this common line, I tell. So if delay this based 1234 c hit politically left for space. So again, when we press enter, he stay at the same level off the child eaten. That's mean after for space. Also, if we define another function like that, def best, for example, like that when the press comer Chris hunter automatically add another for space. So here we have about eight space. So the 1st 4 space is the child's item off. Define off the function. May they the second for space ease Do child isn't off the define off the test function so automatically live for space. If we delayed this four space right here know anything that we're going to define or Brit it will be the child is, um, off the man function and not at the living off the test function because we are after four space and not eight. Also, when we use force peace, this is the stone bar number off the space. But also we can is only once based like that there. Of course, we need to pretty them all. The child is a lot of men function arts Onley one space. The number of the space should be the same for all the child Item off the function men Then if you want to add another child is off a specific think we need to have a different number of space. You see, it's one the preview one and please another for space. Also, if you want to customize it we simply art on one space. That's mean. We are delivered off the man function. Then we add another space to be Abdul living off the test function. So this is the idea of the white space. But off course, the stone that always should be. For if we press under like that, see automatically chose for space 234 then 234 and so on and so on. So if we ran dysfunction, of course, you will see that it's only show the brains tappin and those not show this one because this is our defined off our function. We're going to talk about the defined function later. Don't scare about it right now. So for example, we have another brains. Hello to then. If, for example, we defined the if in their school in the score name in Just calling your score equal on equal double time. Then into scoring the score men in their score in your score, then comma. And we request for the man function like that. No, If we ran this script, you will see it as we have the first print show the name the man function. This man function constant the parents Hello one and France held also it show us hello, one and hello to So we're going to talk a little about this one later. Just know to concentrate about the space when we define our function, we pity the space to define the content off this function. Then if you want to call the content of dysfunction, we need to call it with F condition. Let's mean the constant inside this man function. There's not show up until you call the content off the function main Another thing that you should know that in vital language we don't is the square brackets or the colon or the semicolon, etcetera. We don't need it as as, you know, for example, into html or in the central starts or in, uh, any other programming language. We always used this summit cologne and square brackets, But here we don't need any off this symbol. So when, for example, creates our print function inside a print, for example, we have a space for space or tree like that. 123 or four. It's not important. Just we use any number of space to define that this function is the child item off this function. So when we pit print inside a prince, it's give us a letter. You see this in their line, read in their line right here and also on interline at the end of dysfunction. They do find it says, Have our rid interline. That's me. It's have another. If we run this script right here, you will see that we have a mirror at the light. Number two. You see file. It's it's not lie. Number two friends then and accepted. End, That's me. We have another out to lie. Number two because it is illogical. Teacher friend. Ah, name inside a name. So to fix this poorer even when we chose only one space. Also, we have the same error. One or two or three spaces? The same. We need to put it at the same level two of weight that were also in this case when we ran. It's worked perfectly. The name Print number one and Brent number two. Then we have the men function. You should always be careful about the white space in your script. 9. Python Statement Order: Hello again. So to continue discovering more about the white space, let's get another example. So right here You see that we have the function May that's how the print Hello? One that print head low. True statement at the same level. That's mean the child item off the function man is the print Hello one and hello to And when we run it it show us that Helwan. And hello to if you want to exclude the prints. Hello. True from this man function, we simply delayed the space before the print Hello to know in the situation we have only print Hilla one as the child is, um, off this function defined men. So if we run right here, you will see that the result will be different. We have a hell one, then. Hello to if we run this one. No, it show us hello to then have low one. So how this works So first he ran the function. Trent Bill, This is the 1st 1 Then front the 2nd 1 second statement bill the 2nd 1 Then after the defined off the function men this function we define it right here and there's not call it right now we just define it and give it to value. Hello one. That's me with defined the function, man. But we there is not request to print anything inside this function, then automatically go to the next statement. France, Hello to say automatically print hello to then with the function. If men we call the content off the function men that's made this one this one contents print Hello? Want So they automatically print Hello one art end off the script. So let's do effect off the space or the white space in the fight on. We just delayed the space right here and he automatically start with dysfunction. They grant the land function later when we call it So also, if we want to get this plant a little inside this one. If we pressed one space, you would sit us. We have another right here on the read line, also at the name off the file. But I mean we have another. If we press run automatically show you that's do line. Number six France. Hello tohave Unless you that's me, this print it's not up to stem level off this one and also logically, this statement does not have any relation with the review one. So we need to purchase at the same level like that's, for example, one space. It will work or for space. The stones are remember three or four like that. And also if we define something right here, we want to add the content. Should be this number of space at the next line more than the number of the space than the preview. One. That's me, this one. No, it's the child item off this one. But of course, this is our wrong statement. Brent is never bean child item of the friends. We need to define something before being able to a child is inside it. Also, another information you should know about it is the order off the function. So, for example, we use the condition f That's me when the name equal main run the content off main. That's mean. Were you in the name off this function? Equality. The name main did run me the contents off May. So, for example, it's do this one define it was my Brandt like that. Then we run the front. The name then, for example, defined main like that by the content off my Brandt like that. If we run this one, you see that the have the content off my print. That's mean we define my brains and give it to concentrate. Prints my name with Bill. Then we define another function that call it men. And the content off the man is the function. My print that's mean their contents off this one back to do a review. One. Then we run the condition. End off the statement. If the name equal may, then print May, but they may have a continent or are valuable. That's college, my friends, my branch contents. My name's off. For example, If we stop like that, we change it. Then we run. You will see that the content is changing because we just France the content off main and not Tocantins off my prints, but the main constant. My parents and my parents content the name, but I have been 2018. But if we define my parents after the condition, if like that it's me, this one and we run this script, it show us another. That's me. It's can't recognize the content off main so logically when you read this one? We define the mail by Constant both my parents hair is it to constant my parents? But that the order off this one is not part of the right. Why? So we end the statements by a condition If the name equal Maidan Print main When he print men, he check the contents off men, this is the main. The conference off men is my friends. Then I try to check the constant off my parents and he can't front anything about my friends. It does not define it before this line. Even it is exists at the end of the scripts. But hey, tick door order one by one, he can't jump to the lust off the script. Then get the contents from the end of the script to define the contents off a preview function. So it's respect to do order off the line. It starts from 12345 Exeter. He can't recognize our function or are content after question the content off that function . But in case we put the end off start mint at end off the function like that's so you see right her We define Dumaine. That's constant my plant. Then we define my friends. Then we get the end of the statement. Queen were run this one. It's worked perfectly. So the end off statement check all the contents before This ain't off statement. So even does function men come firstly then the contents off main That's been my plants Come. Secondly Hey, check all the content even without having the same order, That's me. He check all the content before this line The end off settlement, the concentrate here and a chick friend demand head is it to know? Then he found that the conference off man is my plants. So it back and check all this. Concentrate her about my parents So he found it right here. They found that the contents of my plant is fitter have been 2018. So Hey Prince, do content fit? I have been 2018 So this is the end of the statement. We're going to talk more about it in the other section. No, we just gets the idea about the order off the line off the statement. You should take care about space and order. So this is the second rule. You should know about the fightin language. So see under next to video 10. Python Comments: hello again. So another thank you need to know about the fight on language is the comment as any other scripted language, We have the function off the Commons. That's me ability to add some comments in your script or to counsel for a temporary time. Some function from your script. So, for example, let's get more print right here, for example, like that. My example. This is funny name. Then Grant sign at cetera. They win. For example. We have a script that's constant, all this function like that, and we run it. You see the content tab in company names sign etcetera. If we want to council a specific content for our temporary time, we simply go before the line. And we are the hashtag, the simple off the hashtag like that. So if we ran common it show Onley. Print number one and print number two. It does not show the plant number three. That's mean. If you want to counsel a specific function like that, we simply it's the hashtag symbol before it, and we were going to cancel this one. Of course, the content is empty, so it's given us on better like that so you see my parents have something? The sign and then we council this content right here. What? We need this. For example, when he is ah developing scraped for example. Inside our application, we ran some function for a specific time. Did we need toe council that function when we won't do use it. Use this application. So this is where is this Commander is just Onley for Deborah gain or to chicken some specific thing in our application. Then when we fix it, we simply council this function by using the hashtag symbol to counsel running it Also. For example, if we want to add a comment for ah specific command, for example this print right here we go at the end of the line and we have the hash time. Then we add a description off this common. For example, the sprint we see this is the name off do and stricter like that. That's me. Anyone who read the script and know that this print command right here is the name of the instructor they interested in print is, for example, the name off duty company like that and so on and so on. Why we need to use this description. Come out right. Heard for example, in your team. You have some example a specific member of your team hose right in the court, off a specific file. Then you get that file and integrated with your men application. When you read the constant off fine. It is difficulty to know why he is brained right here. The second plane function x etcetera. If it does not explain why he used this function with the hashtag and comment right here also, For example, if you create your application and after one or two years, you want to make some editing to your application, it is very difficult to remember why we use the function X and the function a Greg, etcetera every function showed Have our comment to let you easy Remember why you use it. For example, this one at the hashtag week is this function Teoh pet sitting anything that you want to use this function for it. So this is the idea off the comment. We use it as a description for a specific function or we use it to council ah specific function for a temporary things up like that, we click control slash, and it will change this function to a comment, and it will be out off the script for that time until you back to it and then and check the hashtag symbol and dysfunction will start functioning again. So this is the idea off the come on on. It is very useful in the fight or language, like in any other programming language so soon in the next video. 11. Introduction to Python Variables: hello again. So the next thing we're going to land is do variable the variable inside the fightin. So let's rename this one. Firstly, this one, for example, comment like that. Then we have a new file fight on file body ob Mike. That's so to define a valuable inside the vital is very simple, like any other language. For example, in the patrol is the citadel. Are they give you the name equals the content, but in the fight, one is very easy. You simply kit the name, for example, X equal one like that. So we defined that the x the value of X equal one. Then we grant the content off X like that. So when we click on the run off course, you should click on this one chills the other file, but still not show up right here. So we said, Please click on the tape and we chose ran of our young say automatically detects a new fire college body on so we can move between this on volume. Of course, we need to run this one like that. You'll updates the contents from test to comment. So if we go to marry, have like that's under click run. He showed a content off variable. So let's back to the variable fire. So her win with print exe is automatically show at the contents off the variable X. Then, if we define, for example, the string w equals. This is, ah, string like that. If we run this one, of course it's still not show up the content of the volume because we didn't call the contents off the variable w so like that? No, it show us the contents off the X. That's mean one, then the content off W This is our strength. So the first valuable is an integral automatically detects that X is on in Chigir because we treated a constant off the value of X ours number. So the integer eats, meaning a number. Then when we get the contents of the variable W, we give it a text so it automatically know that the variable W is our text or a string content without needing to define that. The X is an integer Dane do w is our stink. So to check that we can around the common print and we chose type like that, then the type off the X. It's me the type off the variable X. It is an integer or a string. They also for the 2nd 1 plant the type off, do the variable W. So if we run this one, you see that the number one, the class is integer. Let's mean a number then the 2nd 1 This is our string. The class is strength est year. That's mean string. So this is one of the benefits off the fighting language without needing to define the valuable there is. It is a string or are intentionally automatically detect the type off the valuable from the content directly. Also, we have another Centex off writing this ah function writer. We can't delete this one and we simply use comma and X. That's mean Brandt, the type off the X and the content off the X and the same for the W. We the least print W and we ran print the type of W and the continent off W. So if we click run, you see the class is integer. That means the content is one. Then the 2nd 1 is class is is there lets me string the continent. This is our strength. So this is another Syntex and you should know that everything in my tone is on object. We we work with anything in the Brighton. It's like we working with on object. Also, we can, for example, really define the value X like that, for example, equal tree. Then we run the print again like that, and you see that the 1st 1 Give us the class NT. One day the same x again. Give us the TNT number three. That's me. We can't reassign the variable X as much as we want because this is a no object. We can't define it in the first line. Then we get the result off the first defined off the value of X. Then we can't reassign it again in another line and then get the content off the second volume that we have. So in pie turn, the volume is like a books. We can define that variable with our value. Then we can't be late, that value again, and put another value and so on and so on as much as we want. Also, we can add another X right here and give it, for example, another value then requests the constant off the ex again and so on its own. You see that it keep change it every time we want these. So the variable X is like a box we can put inside it Anything that we want. Even we can't change it from Intissar to string like that So x in the 1st 1 is our intention. The 2nd 1 is an integral day and the 3rd 1 is an integer But no, we change it to a string. So you see, the 3rd 1 is a stare and the content is strength, the content or text so we can change Do value off the valuable as much as we want without any problem If you remember from other language, If we use the X as US intention, we can't change it to our strength. But important we can do it Also another thing that we can give a value to a two volume at the same time. For example, a comma be pick wall five comma six Like that It's me. We defined that a equal five and be equal six. If we grant the eight and being like that we run this content you see it, I tell. It's five and six. Also, for example, like that lets space. Then, for example, we want to reassign the eight and V, for example, a comma be equal. Of course, we can give it another value. Or, for example, we can't give it the original value off the valuable. That's mean a equals B and B equal. A. If we run this one, you see that it's become six and five and so on and so on but doesn't pertain on 12. Ron, you see, it's become 10 and 12 so we can't define any valuable we want. We simply tape in the name of Valium, then the value off that vary up at the order off, the same as the volume. 12. Python Variable Types: hello again. So let's start from the basic knowledge about the bite on language. So we talked a little about the strength, the number and varia. But we should get the rule off the number, strength and valuable in the fight on language. Every language work with number two strings and defy up, but every language have some specific route. So the first time we have in the pipeline number, string and whatever is de bullion, the bullion that's mean value, true or false. When we create our valuable with a value that's call it through force, it's like we used the condition off a specific function. Is this true or false? Or this is one or zero? That's mean. The truth is always Kwan one and four Sick Wall zero didn't have the integer or that's mean the number. When we talk about the integer, it's the whole number. Stash as 42 43 44 editor. All the number without ah comma that's me are natural. Number 1234567 Exeter. Then we have the float number. That's mean the decimal number that used the comma, for example, 3.5 112 81 Sex, etcetera. That's mean decimal number. It's meaning the float number. Also the exponents like you see hair, then exponents a etcetera and so on and so on. Then we have the strength. That's me in the sequence off the text character. It's very simple. String is meaning Ghatak that so you should know that in the variable on the value off the valuable we have the mutable and immutable So the mutable value cord immutable valuable is But the data inside this volume is in changeup that mean we cannot change it. That's mean this volume is mutable. Then we have our variable immutable variable that mean we can change the content off this variable as we see in the preview X equal One day we can give it X equal 10 so we can change this variable. Then we have another rule about the fight on That's in Piketon. Everything is implemented as a non object. It's me, Napoleon, to integer the float. Remember the data, etcetera are off. This thing is counted as an object. So this is a quick idea about it. And next we'll going to discover them one by one. So see you in the next video 13. Python Strings, Integer, Float And Boolean: I long game. So let's talk a little about the number in the fightin as we talk a little about it in the preview video. So we going to discover a little about the number. So in fighter, when we print ah, number like that five, he automatically know the content off that brains has our value and not as a Valium So print five automatically know that this is our the number. How we know that if we chose Brandt and type off do number five we ran it show you that the class is TNT. That's me. Hey, detect that. This is our number. And if we change it for a number to a text, for example Hello. Hey, automatically know that this is our string So we can is the type off the content without needing to keep our volume So, for example, also we can take one less two and chose Run automatically will give you the results off the calculation one place to then for example, 10 plus 20 Ran it give you the resort 13 mill tipple 10 and multiple 20 Equality 200 then 10 minus 20 equal minus 10 and so on and so on. So we know that the fightin is the number ours our calculation as a real number. Also, when we use some float number for example, 1.5 plus five like that, it will run its give you 6.5 then if chose, type off this ah, number right here It show us the float and not the integer or string a automatically detect that this is our float number. So the same. If we use milk people like that, it's the same If we want to get the result instead off the type so automatically give you the results 1.5 minutes off five equals 7.5. So this is a quick idea about different number and how fightin used the number. So what we get from this right here, that's me when we print oh natural number, for example five. And we chose the type off that number. Hey, automatically detects that this one is our integer like that. You see, Grant, we forget the tea right here so integer when we print our operation that's have our float number. Hey automatically changed the type off that value to a float like that. So this is a float Then If we print then asked the type off next like that they're low and we printed it automatically Detect that This is our strength and the same for the bullion. If we print type off the value true like that drew with capital T. If we use a small t, he will not recognize it as a Boolean. We should put our capital t then work true. Hey automatically detect that This is our bullion class is a bullion also, If we weren't the value off true, you would see that it is true like that they in the same for the falls and so on Bulls like that, it's ah Julian. So this is the different came off type we have in ah value or a valuable or a number in Brighton Also, you should know that when we use ah float number with our integrate number, he automatically changes to our float number light here then for example, five are integral number, please. An integer number. It's still into number. It does not change it to our float number until we have are floating number Inside this operation, he automatically changes to our float number. So see in the next video to discover more about the vital 14. Redefine Python Variables: I'm again. So another rule you should know about Pytorch. That's me, for example. When we defined vary up a by the value one like that. And when we chose Brent Okay. Like that. And we run this one It show us the value off the A But if you remember when we preview chose reigns for example like that and we put hello world like that We ran this one it show us the content Hello world If we chose for example let's make it simple by only one word like that Hello But if we delete do quotation mark like that it's give us another like that And when we run this one it show us another er why? Why we can't print a and we can't sprint Hello Because her we used a variable But here we use our value Why the eight is our valuable Because it's already defining, as are variable That's content, remember one But here we does not have any valuable Call it Hello. That content are specific value. So if we delay to this one like that, you will see we have another about a Then we get another But if we change the eight by our number. For example 15 and the halo by 20. Like that, we ran it. It show us the number 15 and 20 without any problems. So the rule of the Pitre that automatically recognised the content off the value and the number value or the integer value. There's not need to have our petition mark, but the string value should always I have ah, double quotation mark before pitting value and also the valuable that's already define. It can be pretty inside. The Brent has our value without the quotation marks. So for example, here if we put hello like that, it show us another because it does not recognize this one. But if we back at the preview line and we put hello as a variable, we give it, for example, value 15 and with France the hello No, it recognizes, as are variable. So if we don't have the volume already pretty fine it We showed the world inside double quotation Mark Chur recognized the value Hello and the same for a for example, If we put right now, eight right here, he will not recognize is because it is already not define it. So a equal five like that with Plant A? No, he recognized the value. Eight. Also, if we delete this one like that and we have the A Equality five with printed So a which showed the number five. But if we plant a place, for example, six, we can get the results off. Eight plus six it's 11. Also, we can use variable be equal eight like that and then we friends a plus B, and it will give us the result. 13. That's me, the five Police eight. So if you remember, we talked about the mutable and immutable as we know any variable in spite. Oil can be reassigned it every time we want, for example, hair. We have a equal five. But if we back writer and it's a sequel, it ain't like that. Then we print a plus B. For the second time, you see that we have different results. It's the same eight right here and here, but the value change it from the eight number one and eight Number two. So we know that valuable A is mutual. It's a non object. It's like a books. We put the number five inside this box. Then we change that number five from the box A to our value number 10 again and we use it as another volume. So the valuable A is mutable. We can use it with different value. So this is the different Bihar view we have using our volume off course. We can also change it from are integral to our float, for example like that's 5.5. If we run this one, it will change through 13.5 between from intelligent toe afloat. 15. Rules For Naming Variables: I log in so we see a little about the valuable and the value that we kids. But we should know the rules off using our valuable name. So the very of name can only continent this character. When we want to create a barrier name, we can only use this king off character. The Locust Letter from eight. Use it to smile a to Z The uppercase letter that's me in the capital letter from A to Z, the digits from zero tonight and inter score some ball to get the name off the valley out but me. We cannot use anything else than those character in Avaya name. So name cannot begin with a digit mean we want to create our variable name. We should not start with do digit number also in the fight on trade to name that's begin with on Inter Score in a special Why that's mean the valuable that star we in the score have our special why to use it. So, for example, we can get the name variable a or a one or eight in the score, be on their score, see in the score two or three in the score with then a number one simple 85 in the score, ABC or Underscore one and A. It's it out, but we cannot use the volume. Name that start with number, for example, one or one a or one in the score it sit down. So this is the rule that you should respect when you try to create are variable so soon in the next video. 16. SyntaxError: Invalid Syntax: So if we try to create our variable a equal, for example, five. So it's work. But if we start the name Barry of With a number, for example, one a equal automatically show you another with Reed interline out the fire name, for example, Qual five like that, he show you another. Even if we try to print the variable 18 like That's it. Show you another like that. So any volume that does not respect the rule, for example, when a or only, for example, one like that a number or five equal? Five. It's another. It's always we have the read line, but when we start variable with our character like that, beat five equal five. If we print deep five, it's rich. Show us the results off fire. Then if we start, for example, with the underscore like that. So it is correct. Then in the school right here, it is correct. It's still show as the Value five or presumptive changes to eight. So it's eight. Then in the score. Five. Eight like that. Then we pans in this court. 58 It's work and so on and so on. Off course we can use capital letter RBC Qual Then we print. Obviously it does not show us any read in July and that's mean it's worked perfectly. So we cannot use the number or the comma like that. Any symbol for example, comma just like that. So it show you earlier. Even if we print comma test or put a comma inside the body of name like that, it's still show us another again. Of course, this ah sent text right here. There's not showed her because this is like to variable test come out that we should define the signal want like that to know it will show as the result. But any symbol like that for example, slave and we put slaves right here it's still show us This is not always in our ah, the body of name. So any same boat rather than smart character, uppercase character and number and in the score can not be supported in the variable name or ah number, as are very our name. So see in the next video 17. Python Arithmetic and Assignment Operators: hello again. So let's discover more about the number in the fight or language. So for that, too, go more faster and await every time clicking on ah, rant descript to see the results were going to use our simple software that's come with the fight on software that's got to tighten shell or the fightin, either. It's a simple software that give you the result to check the result directly, so you simply stares from the vital on. You will get the fight on shell. Of course, the number of the vision we show up and do council or the shell off the fightin that's give you the results. If you remember, when we stop print like that, how low on weak Chris under it Show us the results. Hello with a simple click on the enter, its you do the result. That's we happened. We knew that is the under all when you stopped something in the so it's very simple. We can't use it. But of course, when you want to create a script foran application or our website, you can't do it with the pipeline. She unit is any Eclipse software on one of the farmers off them is the by chance that I use in the scores. But this one just drew tested called Let's means test result off a specie record, for example print. Hello. What is the result is Hello then, For example, when you tape just this is a text like that's a new presenter. It show you the result that this is our text. This is the result off this line and so on, so on. So for that, we're going to use the shell to ransom command quickly and see the difference. Bihar view off fightin we do number. So the first time that we're going to start is with the integral. If you remember, the integral is 12 345 Exeter The number without do comma. So do discover more about this number. For example, we ask for the type off one or for the number two like that it showed the class is intention. Then, for example, we want to mix up Operation to plus six equals eight So automatically make the calculation five minutes or five. Call 25 10 minus five Qual five also 10 minus 20 equal minus I mean then minus 15 equal minus 15 and so on and so on. So we know that the vital work as our calculation with do number he make the calculation off the different operation without any problem. Also, when we used the division five division off to it show us the result 2.5 Also double division off to it. Show us number two. So what is the difference between the 1st 1 and signal this one? Give us the float results and this one give us the integer part off the results. So five Davies truth is equal to 2.5. But when we is double division symbol, we only get the integer part. That's me the number two so 10 the vision off three equality three. But in the Red Tain division three is 3.3332 at Citadel. So we use the double slash we get on Lee the integral part off the number also, we can't use Milty operation at the same time. Five placed sex minus three Close five mystery etcetera equalised Well doing to eight militants six division on nine at sitting on and so on and so on. Off course if you want to get it. The integer part, the integer part as the same as we did. Multiple of six. Double division off the nine equality 38 and so on and so on. So this is the idea of the number all fight on, and we can use it them directly in fighting without any problem. But of course, if you want to use the variable as a number, we can define a variable like that. For example, a quarrel 100. When we ask for the continent, it show us 100. Then we can make an operation a plus five equal 105. That's me. We is the value off the variable A and we add another five. So the result is 105 but the A value still the same. It's still 100. It does not change if you want. For example, to make our calculation off the value off the valuable A. For example, we want to change a from 100 to 105 or 110. We can simply click a qual, and we request the value off the A. So without a plus, what example. 10 with presenter so it's smoky. So when we ask for the content of the variable A it show us 110. So what we did right here we get or create a new volume can. It's a we call the value off the preview 18 that's this one might help. And we are the 10 to this value off the variable ache. So the new a become 110 or also for example, we come is another sent text A plus equality but it is a 10. So when we call for the AIDS 1 20 So here we is the eight this one The preview one, that's ah, change it from 100 to 110. This is the real value. We are another 10 right here. So it's become 120. So to say hey minus for example and equality Example 100. So this is ah, other Syntex strange hair so okay minus and equality should not put in the space between minus and equal and we stop 100 like that. So when we car for a it's 20 so help that's the idea is clear on Do you will be able to use the number without any problem in the fight on language and your other didn't know the results and how we can change the valuable from value to another value and so on and so on to see in the next video for more information about the numbers. 18. Python Built-in Function: divmod(): hello again. So the same as what we did with plus and minus We can also, for example, redefined the A equals 100. A 1,000,000 people equal 3/4 so we would play center. We don't ask for its become 300 then the same. Okay Devi's and equality, for example 100 press enter When you asked for it. It's become tree. So the result for the different operation we can't do it. So also, for example, if you remember when we make wasn't my devious on five, it show us 1.8. But when we ask for my double the vase or double slash for the file, it show us on Lee the integer part off the number. Let's mean one. If you want to get the risks off, this division doesn't mean nine. Devi's 05 It's show us one. But how much do wrist off this operation? So we used the simple percent. Ah, like that night persons off. Five. It show us four. That's me. When we make a division off the nine on five it give us the result. 11 multiple off five is five mine minus five. It's four, so This is the result for the rest off this operation. The wrists off this operation is for also for this we have our function. That's got a deal. Mote like that, Andrea Fruits as used to head X lie Marx preceding argon. Want us positioning on Lee Rich in the triple X on a double division Greg and X percentage off Greek in valiant diva Ah, a great plus more equality Quad X So this is the result That's it. Show you div more off night comma five and we will press Enter it show as the result of the first operation. This one This is the result off it then the 2nd 1 This is the result off it. So this function is very useful Show you double result off the double operation of the same times. So let's ah, conflict the idol to make the text more clear from 10 to 14 like that. Okay, so know the number. Look more clear. So what is it? The symbol of the person toilet show? No, very clever. Also, we can use the defendant operation at the same time. Five plus, for example, do more people off three show us do results 11. So I automatically is the math logic. Hey, start with the multiple before the plus. If you want to start with the plus first, we need to use the Power Dante's The five plus two Hell Mill triple off three equals 21 was mean five plus Joe. It's Quale 77 Multiple of three is 25 but here we can't start with the plus. Firstly, we need to start with the multiple operation. Firstly, three Metal Off Joe is +66 Chris five is 11 and so on. And so also we can is another function that's call it E nt like that. So one off the adventures off using the fight on shell is the common right Here. You see it show you are quick, i d. I remember when we is did mode, it's give you on explanation about dysfunction like that, so it's give you a quick option about it in the by charm. This help does not show up the mode like That's so Onley show you that's you need to put the A and beat, but without any explanation. Apologies. But here it show you the the ties about this one like that and so on and so on. So for the TNT, for example, we get the TNT value off our specific thing. So, for example, off number five it show you five e n t. For example, a fixed I look. It does not show as the integer off this value because this is our text. So it is wrong. But if we ask for the interior off the true. If you remember, when we talk about troop, the volume, it show us one, that's mean. When is the world through? In fightin like that, it's meaning value one I understand for the force. If we use falls like that, it show you zero That's me. True, equal one and force equals zero. So I hope that the idea off using the number in point on become more clear so soon in the next video 19. Python Built-in Function: int(): I like it. So let's discover more about some integral function. So if you remember, when we integral, um, for example, we get the integral offerings up from 99 about sex like that with Presenter it show us the integral part into your parents is the 99 and the float number is $99 6 So we talk about the intention. So the same for the integer, the one that zero explanation off, for example, sex like that. It's under it. Show us the results. This meaning do. 10 explanation off the sex That's mean 10 with 60 So if where it counts this number right l 0123 45 and six. That's me. One with 60 after. But in mathematics, it's 10 explanation off six times. So it show us the integral parts off this operation and the same for every operation we use . For example, intention for my Devi's on five like that, Qual is one instead off 11 eight. So this function is very helpful when you create your script and you want to get on lee the integer part often operation or our number. Also, for example, hair when we want to create a variable equal, for example, five. So it's sort of painted acquired. Five. That's me in the eight is a number five. But when we want, for example, to create a equal and we is the double quotation mark to change and Number two attacks, for example tale. But me no, we used the valuable A and with the value teen as our text. So we've talked like that. It show us the number two inside the single code. That's mean, this is a text and not our. Remember how we know that if we ask for the type off the variable A like that, it show us the class is his hair. That's mean string. But if you want to get to do value number, inside this variable doesn't mean the integer part off the value of a We simply top TNT, and we top the name of the valuable A like that, so it should have the results. The integer part off the variable A as 10 but off course, the valuable a still are string. If we ask for the type again for a it's still show us as a string that's me. A is a strength, but we get on Lee. The integer part off that valuable doesn't mean 10. So this is the benefits of using the function intention to get the integer part off that variable. Also the same for some other number like thoughts, for example, minus 99 like that. So it show us the minus 99. Also, the integer off the text That's constant number minus five. Like that. It show us minus five, but do type off the minus five inside Our double quotation mark is our is there and not our intention. So you see, this is our string, but the integer part is minus five. Of course, we can't use the integer for our text, for example, in a day like that and we say hello like that to get this one, it will give us a mirror because the text right here can't give us any integer part involved. Literal for intention, with bars. That's mean should be at the party off the chain. The hello is our text. So this is the different idea about, Remember? So see in the next video 20. Python Built-in Function: float(): hello again. So if you remember the truth and falls also counted as a number in Brighton language. So if we thought like that, drew it, show us true. But if we is true, plus, for example, to its give us the resort three. So he can't the expression. True as our value. The number one so one plus two equals three. So the same for false plus six equals six because force is zero. So if we ask for the integral parts off the world true like that, it show us one and intention part off the world falls equal zero. So this is the true and false also conscious as a number in Brighton, that's me zero and one. Then we have the float number. If we is true, plus 1.5 equal 2.5. Let's meet. If you want to use the function float like that, you see the color is change it. When we opened the parent is it's show your float the value or the valuable floating point numbers mean get floating point number off the number right here. So if we stop, for example, five. The floats former off the number five it show as 5.0. They float, for example, for the world. True like that. It show us 1.0. Then the same prism float falls that will show us. If you understand the idea, you will already know the result. It will be 0.0. So this is 0.0 and so on and so on. So you can Is the function float to get the floats value off any number? For example, 15 plus five equality. 20. So the float number is 20.5 and so on and so on. So the same Africans are variable are equal. For example, the number five inside our double condition mark That's me. And we used the variable A as are string like that. So this is a drink. If we want to get the float number off the valuable A, it would show us the float number. Even it is our drink. That's mean 5.0. Even the number five writing inside the double condition mark. That's mean. We use it as a string, but we can get the float part off that string if its contents are number, so the same as what we did with the intention function, then the same for the floats. 1.0 explanation off. Five like that. We get the float value off that operation at the same times. So I hope that you are no arable to understand all the different options off the number we have in Brighton and we have you and also how we used the number inside. Fight on on some function like integer float the type on getting the value of our very of that content, a text number and not our intention number. Then we gives the float number part or the integer part off that variable. Even it is counted as a strength. So next we'll talk about the strength and different we have you we have in the fight on language to see in the next video. 21. String Literals In Python: hello and welcome again. So no, we're going to talk about the text or the strength in the fight on language. So as we know, in any scripts or any programming language, we used the strength or the text content more than the number content. So the string is more important than the number in any programming language. Of course, we have some function and some number, but we use the strength or the text more and more than do using our number in any programming language and also in the pipeline is the same. We use the string more than the number. So, for example, if you want to create a strength, the first through that we use is we used the double quotation marks. Hello. This is fixed. Then with presenter, it's you asked the text. Call it. Hello. This is our text inside single coat Also if you want is the single coat is the same. Hello. This is another text like that with one single coat, it's under. He also use it as our single courts don't get about this test number seven just I stopped on the seven when I presented so if what It beats this one like those. If we placed under it should only do text. This is because I ah, top on the number seven when I placed enter. So we use the single coat and double quotation mark. It's the same result. So what is the benefit off? Using two symbol George December results in another example. If you want to stop for example, a text that have a single court we need to use do double quotation marks. So if we talk Hello. Come on. I am so if we is this single court right here the text It's still available to create what we want. I am. You're Richter like that when we close with the double quotation mark. So the results show us I am your instructor. But if you use the single coat and top Hello on with up I am here we have another I am you IHS door like that and we close it with another single coat head it show us involved sent text error. So the idea here that we use the double quotation marks if we have a single course inside the text in this example right here we have a single coat inside the text so it is necessary to use the double quotation marks. If your text does not have any single court, then you can use one single coat asses in this example without any problems. So for that you should commute a man. Sit Drew. Always use the double quotation mark when you want to clean a text instant off a single quotation mark. Even if this 2nd 1 will work without any problem into you have are single court inside your thanks. So for me, I always the double quotation mark and any tank that have a single coat in the text will not going to give me an error. Also, we have another sent text. We can use one true and three single court. We can use three single coat through that. Hello, This is me or for example, I am with the single coat. You're in stricter like that and we thought one, two and three, they were pressed. Enter And you see that the text Show us. Hello, This is me. I am your instructor with double petition mark. If we repeated again and we see just Hello. This is a text like that and we top three single. Coat it. Show us on Lee. One single coat the text inside one single coat and here inside to single court. This is Jules Little differentiate. The ah starts and end off the text. And don't confuse reduce single coats so you automatically know that the start off the text from the double quotation marks. But when you get in this single court, you know that this is not the end. It's still have more text after the single court, until do double condition mark that we start read it. But here in the sticks that we does not have any single court. So it's start with one single coat and ended by one single court. You know that this is the text that we have in this script right here. So the question is why we need to use the tree single court instead off to single courts or only one single coat. If we get on example with one single court like that and see hello and we close it with a center, it's OK, but if we repeated hello and we does not and the text with one single coat and presenter It show us a Neururer sent text. Well, scanning string literal. Then if we use the double petition mark and say hello again and with Chris under without closing it, it show us another error. But in case we used three single coats and with up Hello, this is huh fixed. And with Chris Hunter, it does not show us any error. That's me. We can add another line inside the text. Also, this symbol right here there's not show up. That's me. We still work with the same line. That's me. We can add another line inside this text. In this case, the three single court use it to create a multiple line string or a multiple line. Thanks. So this is ah fixed. This is do Cygan line our place. Answer also we can is the ah single court. I am you in strict Dole Hunter. Thanks on DWI close with three single court like that on depressed hunter and you see the text show up. Hello. This is a text slush. And this is the second line buck slash and I am your in stricter and back slash and thanks . So the bucks slash head use it to Maanshan that there are our escape. That's me. A distance between the first text. Under 2nd 1 it's like a space. When is a space bottle? But this one use it to defined the escape between this one and the 2nd 1 on the symbol. And we're going to talk a little about this symbol in more deeply and more the type also, we is the every single court. If we're going to use a text that have ah, quotation mark and one single coat the same prism. Ah, hi. Say, like that under is the double quotation mark. Hello, this is me. Then we close the quotation mark as we use it as a special text and we top for example, tanks. Then we close the three single coat like that. So the text have the double condition mark inside it without any problem. Also, we can use it read a single called So for that we always use the three single condition marked. You used the double quotation marks at one single quotation mark inside the text or if we want to create mill triple line in our strength. So this is the different san text off using our string text inside a vital language. We have single coats. It's simple. We can use it. Actually, we have the double quotation marks if we want. Is the single court inside the text on didn't have the triple single court if we want is the milky polite and used a single court on double quotation marks inside the text. So another idea her if we create our string many, many people lying inside are very of like that. So and low under presenter. This is, uh, fixed the Cygan line at Citadel. Thank you like that. The press under If we request the constants off a like that, it show us the hello backslash. And this is a text box locked and etcetera, etcetera. But when we run the common trains the content off the variable A like that, it's you as do real text without the backslash end. This is the real text as the same as we created when we used this one right here. So when we is brand give you exact constants off the valuable. This very have a have this content with backslash, partly with friends, we get the original sent text off the contents off the variable Like that 22. Empty Python String: hello again. So another information that we're going to land from the string and my tone is due empty string. I mean, we create a numpty text, for example, with priests double quotation mark and representing it showed us that there are no empty content with single code. The same with the single coat is to save. So why we need to use the empty strength. It's sometimes in your websites. For example, when you create a website and ask you that you put the user name and password this for the user name box or the password box, we use the empty string. That's mean. We request to use it to right the content off that empty books or empty text. That's me, the user name and password. So, for example, we can create an empty by the other equality example single coat like that. Then we fit. Be qual, for example. Hello, work like that. Then when we top out, it's give us that this is an empty value. Then we can't change the value off the A by B like that. Then when we thought, Hey, it show us in the war that mean we charged empty text through another content. Also, for example, with Top a equality, for example, the 55 like about then we quests are we have 55 b. He got award. If you want to, right another one like that and we want to thought A list B This is well, should give us a nerve because we can't connect the string with our in value. So we need you use, for example, C e qual Do string value off the A. That's mean we change the text from, ah, intention to a string plus B equals C. So when we ask for the sea, it's 55 Hello world. So there are a lot a lot off. Other situation or manipulation is the empty string to use it for your purpose in your website. So see in the next video for another information about the vital language. 23. Python \n And \t Functions: So let's talk a little about. Do is they are function. So if you remember the intelligent function, no, we have the is there we need to be objects on. We get riddled as its chair. So if we put the 55 number like that and repressed until so, it show us the 55 as a text inside the single code and not as a number. Remember, when preview is the 55 is a number, but no, we charge it your text. That's mean the function is there are changed everything in right onto our string to our text character, and there's not counted as our number. So that's maybe if we put our equal the is there 55 like that, that's me is equality are text, no matter what we do. For example, a please five. It show us a little because it's our string and not our number. An integer, then the same. For example, when we get the strength off the bullion through like that, it show us as the text. True, not as one if you remember intention off. True, he's one, but the string off the truth the poorly in true is true, then the same integer for falls. He's zero, but the string off the word bulls He's false just to save as the text original off the bullion. So let's create another variable. Discover another. We have you off the fight on, for example, names equality and put the different name Prism my name. Come on. And then we use the backslash And if you remember, then we top another name. Prism Scott the cover another backslash aid like that or just to space to seed idea clear that one example alone, like gods, another backslash and and, for example, briefs. Then we closed the thing double quotation mark for press and I know we have the name exists . If we ask for the contents off the name like that, it show us the original text. But if we print the content off the variable names like that, you see that we have another format off the text, we have the first name. Then we have the singing name in asking and line the third name into turn right at the fourth name in the fourth light. So the idea here that the backslash that's mean space, the eight million. A new line, That's me. Top this text for the first light. They go to the new line and top of the other world, then another new line and so on. And so so the backslash A meaning a new line if we is the same example with another for months, for example, changed this for the end like that. Or smart and And we charged Andrew t like that t one at the 72 t and we pressed. Enter, if we ask for the constant off end is the same. But if we print the content off, then it show us with our space between the first world, the second word and deterred at four. So the tea, it's like meaning dirt. They que board that's mean to leave a space between the first name and the second name and so on. And so So this is the benefit off using the backslash tea and back slash and and that's mean your line T That's mean population or presented the space between the different words like this one, my tent. So see you in the next video with more information about the fight on language 24. Python Escape: another uses off the back slash For example we want to create our body of X equal. And we want, for example, to top how low I young. You're yes ST Tour like that. Do what? Who say's and we use do single or the double petition Mark two present that this is a speech How are you to die? And we close the speech Dean week complete. But it is something. Thank you for reading this. Thanks. Just like that. If we priests enter, that's mean we create the valuable extras continents this text the faulty straight home This is ah daughter sent text How? Because we is the double quotation mark and we close the double quotation mark hair. But in the origin we want is the double quotation marks as a text inside our fault text. So the solution for that we use it is to use the back slash to consider Ah, close off the scent text. So for example, we started with double quotation mark But here we want toe not is this double quotation marks as the end off the strength. So is the backslash like that? So you see the color of the text change it from black to green. That means this is the text off the variable X they understand For this one, we use it with the backslash. So no, we have the first text is in green color. That's mean the content off this x years the file text starting from the first double quotation mark to the last double quotation marks. So if we placed under no and we car the content of X, you see that its content do How are you to die and so on and so on. So the same hair you see, we have ah, buck slash Right here that's me. Get out something that show you that this is the single court is a part of the text and know the end off the string. So it starts from displaced to this place and emotion that this single court is not the end off the constant off the variable X. And here it show you that this is a simple quotation mark because it's look like a part of the text. So the same for this one. If we want to conflate, we simply stop the Backslash Nectars and Chris Hunter So Hey, show you the content. Let's do it again like the art. And we talked for example, w equal like that. Then we ask for the content of the W and it show you there content with the back slash story with Page it again wall. And we need to other back slash right here like it does. Then we ask for the constant off the value it's they show us arts, the back flash. Also, if you want to create a variable, we do back slash content like that. But example test back slash and we close it off course, this is on mirror because we want to reach the backslash inside the text. So for that we need to. But the body of visit a quart on is this they know is the backslash. But we need to put a backslash before this backslash. That's me. We say that this is our parts off the text. So it presenter. So we were called the Constant off's. It is test backslash backslash with the single coat. And of course, when we grant the content off zip like that, it will show us on Lee do want slash right here because calling the variable directly it shows as all the content with orginal sent text But her When we produce it show us on Lee the slash that we want you put it inside the strength the same for the w If we print w like that, it show us I am without any slash and the foul text right hand. But here it show us the content of the valuable. We do backslash original sin text, etcetera. So this is the benefit off using the back slash in our string with the fight on language and you should be careful when you want to use them for example the backslash or the single court or the the petition mark inside the text. You always need to cancel them by using the flash. So see in the next video with more information about the fight 25. Python String Arithmetic Operators: hello again. So I just checked the fight on website and I found that there are the version 3.7 Just publish it. You can use it without any problem. All the version that start with the number three eat we're goingto work has the same without any problem. So the next I think that you should know about the string in the title Is the combination off the strength? So, for example, when we stop hello plus word like that epicenter it's connected them together or for example, we do it with the space to have the space after hello like that then class war like that it gives us the combination off the text. So when we create our very ob equal, for example, my name like that then be another valuable equality Been like that. So only top a plus B. It's give me good file name combination so we can't make combination with Dio string valuable. So if I was on a the club Hello Like that? Yeah make love but example world then without see equals a plus B like that when we asked for to see it show up next from the valuable combination. Also, we can run The common print is not Blake thoughts being it gives me hello. But when a top print a plus B that it's giving the combination Also print e comma B comma See like that it gives you hell a word and his lower that came because a it's hello b is work and C is hello world by printing using the command Bronte automatically out the space after the valuable example X inquiry like that without putting in its based. Then why squad being without any space when we ask Grant X comma Why it will show a space between them. What? I'm articulate. So when we create the valuable, we can print them together. Also, we can ask for X mill triple off three like that. It sure you the name multiple three times. Also, when we print ex melted off tree like that the same Also we come plant a minister too. Come on, be military victory comma See because open like that So it show you the different operations. So hello Hello for two times word word word for three times on Hill Award for one times so we can make a lot of competition between them. For example, E minus B. This is under because we can't minus our text from a text. Most recent Carl, etcetera on string and string in supported off parent type for this minus for the string and string. We can't do it between two strings and the same for the division. We only have the multiple and plus some both. So there are little is off manipulation. You can try them. For example, a equal be multiple two plus Siemens, Cipla three like that. Then we request the content of a change it from the preview Want to this one also, we can put a inside this operation so we use the new Age by getting the old A Such was right hair, for example, equals Hello, etcetera. We can do it without any problems. So see in the next video For more information about strength 26. Python String indexing: log in. So let's discover another information about to do string in the fight on language. So we have to strength the value of a ECU All our string on we have something that college indexed We is the indexed to describe the contents off variable. So, for example, are very, um, ik wall like that. Do Alpha be ABC the E f g h high, g g kal el Um, and oh, the u R S t u V w x y and that I don't know if this is correct, so maybe I forget someone just trying to help them. We're going to see if there are mystic A B C D e f g h i j k l M N o p Q r, S, T, u, V, w, X, Y and z So this is the valuable that have the odd all profit language on with press enter. If a quiz, the condoms off day is all the list off the ultimate. But if you want to get a specific character, we want to extract a specific character from this variable or this string variable. So we use the symbol square bracket like that and we is the index number. So as we know in any language in the computer language, with starts counting from zero and not from one in the real life when we have, for example, 10 Apple will start counting from 1234 we get the number 10 but in the computer hey, start from zero first Couple counted as the number zero do couple number tin, the computer count eight as number mine. So the indexed starts from zero. So let's try to check those zero like that's when WordPress under he show me do character A . That's mean this 1st 1 If we do it again, let's hope it. This one, like that's on changes to one will get the character be to 2nd 1 So in the fight or language, the first character counted as the indicts zero. The 2nd 1 has one. So we started 012345 etcetera. So this is the country off vital language. So, for example, if we do it again with for example, 15 we get, do be so the last one. As we know we have 26 character. So when we start the counting from zero. That's mean, we have 25. So 25 like that is zit. That's me. I'll out of its writer is correct. We don't forget any one off them because we have the 25 index is letter, is it? I mean, this is the last one. If we can't deeds character by human count, it will start from one, and we'll finish. It are 20 sticks, but in the computer, we start from zero and we finish art 25. So this is how we can extract a specific character from our strength. Also, if you want to extract the latest one, we can use the minus one. That's me. They start from zero right here. So he back minus one. That's mean, you're back to the end and start content from this direction from the right to do left and not for him to left to the light. So this answer is did on the same minus three. It's X. So this is minus one minus two on minus three and so on and so on. But in keys, we request an index that is out off the range. It will give us error on you see index error string index out off French. That's mean 100 index is out off the range. We does not have the 100 in this range. 27. Python String Methods: replace(): hello again. So let's discover another option we have in the fight on that's carried the function. You can use some function like any other language. Vital. Also have some function that we can't use it. So, for example, we take, for example, name equal and, for example, do name like that's so we request the name variable. It's quantum fit that if, for example, look Waste name and the interval, for example from Joe Four like that, it show me do double t mean zero. And this is one and this is two and three and he ended our number four. So the same. If we do it again, we did Andi, that's mean from the index to started and it's like that. But in case we want, for example, to change the character off the indexed zero how we can do it Classical technique. That's mean the first thing that you will think that we can do it. And this is our wrong Syntex, for example, we called name Index zero and we stay for example, the index zero should seek wall, for example Yes lets me we want to change the character f to s. It will give us on error. The strength object. This next report eaten a sentiment. That's mean. This string is immutable. We can't change it with this function like that. So we need to use some function, some vital function to do it. So the function that we have his name and we see or a place like that um like that. So you see, s replace the old come out the new and the count to get our strength. So we top the old one. That's mean the F capital. We need to put it inside double quotation marks, comma. And we put a new one, for example. We want to change. It s like that and we closed character like that. So you see the name? It's changed from Rita to us. It does. It's ah, expression does not have any meaning. So we changed it to Yes, but if we call the body of name, it's still do name feta. So this function let us to run place some specific character in ah valuable. We can't do it again. For example, we changed the t by the X like that and you will see that all the tea will be changed from 82 X like that. Also, we can tape, for example, the character as Mike. That's plus. And here we have a specific part off the rally of name. That's me. Want to change the first character in the valuable name? I mean, everybody s So we called the rest off the character that we don't want it to be chanted. So we use this function like that and we call the content off the body of name starting from the index one and ended up to the end off the content. That's me. We get s. Then we get the part off the value of name that started from the indexed one That's me will start from this place right here and complex all the rest off the text like that. So it's turned teacher is t the same. For example, if we Richard W. To get another example plus name and we want only two ab a specific part off the content off the variable like that. So, for example, I want to start from the index too, and ended at the indexed for So you see it. Speak up the index number two so 01 So So it starts from the to and this is the tea, then will end its before the number four. So two and three and he will not pick up the number four. So W t t and so on and so on. So we can't use different function to get a different result by picking ups of specific but off the variable and change it with another one. Or we can use the function their own place replaced You replace a specific character in the fall text. So for example, another example. A like that class for example. The parts off the name from one to to for example 23 then plus the same name again from Dio five at the end Like that. So you see it starts by a, then pick up the number index one and two. So this is one and so then he pick up the index five at the answer. The five is the h So 01234 and five which is the index five or also we can add the for example, the character que glass the body Albert name all together Mike that without cutting anything so you fit that. So see in the next video to discover more function 28. Python Slice(): hello again. So, as you see, we use ah, function That's got it to slice. So we have the function the Centex off the function as a slice This slice, we use it by start. Let's mean start from this place and and as this place and also we have do step sequence that we can't use it do work with any variable to extract a specific character in that content off the valuable. So the slice work out to start the end and two step. If you see right here we use this is the start number one and this is the end. Also, we have another function that's gonna do step. So let's do an example. For example, we're going to is the A like that? So the a continent, the alphabetic from H's, it fans, If you remember when we request a and do content, for example, the indexed five like that, it show us the indexed. Then a and we chose, for example, the index try column to the indexed mine. That's me. We want to get the indexed five to the indexed nine like that hunter. So the F g H I is the index five and ended before the indexed night. If we contact from hair, if this is the number 567 eight and ended by eight because mine is not pick up. So if you want is the step like that. So, for example, we request from a to end like that. So we pick up all the characters starting from the index five. Come in. This time we want to go with a specific state. So, for example, we leave the and empty and we told you used a step off to character. So like that the result will starting from the index true and go to the index seven. Danger Index nine and next 11 and so on. And so so the result is f. Then he jumped to the edge. Then he gem to the G to the L to the end and so on and so on. So this is the indexed five indexes. Six. There's not exist Then the index seven in extending its reach, then indexed eight. It's not show up, then indexed mine and so on. And so that's mean by default. The indexed one. That's me When we leave this step. Employees. It's like we used the number one like that. That's mean we start from the number five and we are every time one through the indexed off the start. But when we chose, for example, on index off five like that, that mean we start from the index, try and deal at another five to do index. That's mean. We pick up the five detained 15 and 20 and 25 so we have only five character if you count it. 1234 and five. Also, we can't use the negative value, for example, from minus one, and we chose to the end, and we step by to like that. So it starts from zit and jumped by two. Let's mean from one, this is one. And when we odd go to the two last minute got to this direction, this addiction is a numpty. But if you want to go to the opposite direction, we I can't use it like that. And we chose minus tool. That's me, girl from the opposite direction, very to step to the opposite direction. So you see the X VT and so on. That's me if you want to get the opposite direction off all this character. We simply use it minus one. That's mean jumped by one negative step. So zip. Why x w v etcetera. So if we start from the right to the left, it's ABC, the etcetera the same. If we put it from, for example, zero and minus one, that's me. Want opposite direction like that? It starts from zero and then it's ended. Also, we can use, for example, from the index 15 to the index 51 like that. This should be a numpty. Like you see, it is empty because from the indexed 15 that's mean it will exist in this place right here approximately in this place. This is 26. Ah, Conductor, that's mean 25 index, another 25 Right here. So this is the index 15 right here it is an empty. So he gave us an empty result and the same like that for eggs are pulled to dio minus 55. It will show us an empty. Then again, for example, minus 15 to 51. You see, it starts from the minus 15 then from the minus 15 hit job to step so minus 48 minus 40 minus etcetera until get to the minus zero. Then start from one. This is the one then jumped in for two. Step to A B and C, This is C then d A. This is a and so on. So in chilled end off the state So there are locals off situation. You can use it by using slice Can't start from anywhere like that 51 2 etcetera. So it starts around and and go to the step Also, you can get the negative state, for example minus one. And we jumped with minus two like that and so on and so on. So it's just do the logic. Start from the minus one and go to the 15 by minus. This is wrong operation because minus one minus two is minus tree. So we never get through the 15. But if we chose for exam from minus one to minus 51 it should give us the result. Because when we go a step off to we got to the direction to this point this example right there, that's mean we start from minus one. But the direction to do 51 is by plus and not mine it. That's me, the girl from do right, left. But here we request to the girl from the right to the right. That's mean in this place minus one. But it shows this direction I 10 the opposite direction. But the rights in text is from minus one to minus 51 by true step. So help that get the idea clearly. And there are more situation that you can discover by manipulating the slice and the specific number to see the different result that you can get by using the slice so soon in the next week. 29. Python String Methods: split() and join(): hello again. So let's discover another function that we can use it in the pytorch language. So if we check the valuable eight, that's have the Alfa be from eight to zip. We have a function that's called it Lane Lane like that. So when we open the parent is it showed us the object this mark preceding argument as positional on Lee. So agree. Need trip it on my objects inside Leans called to do character inside that object. So, for example, if we got a so the result is 26 we all know that the alphabet from ages it is 26 character . So the lane is 26 character. So also, if we top lane and, for example, gets ah, word hello, work like that's they give us 11 if we count them. This is 12345 6789 10 11 So 11 character Inside the test, we can use it in a different place. But if we create, for example, another variable that is a numpty content like that. And then we asked Lynn for the variable h. It will show us zero that's in India. Each have zero character inside it. Then we have another function, but call its plate. We can split the that content off. Ah, specific. Valuable. So, for example, it's pit names make wall like that, but, uh come on Greece. Come now. Scott. Andi! Bruce! Like that. So this is the name contents off for name. But if we want to split, then we can't. Here's the common split like that. Then you see s split sip now marks plate minus one and list off strength. That's mean. Give us the result off the list off the string so we can use. So we chose split U S basic symbol, for example. Dio, come out. I mean split to do the body of a name. Of course, we need to stop the s right here because we have name in the color. Then we split Tocantins off the valuable by using the comma. So, like that, do you see the names become the first string fit? That second string? Sure string and fourth string He used a single coat to separate Dame lets me know do name the one content valuable become our awry. That's mean one variable content, different value So the same If we do it with any specific character for examples plate like that, then rituals. For example. The character there is like that What's mean? Any character As you split the valuable we did so come on three into the s. So this is one string, then another one. That's how Another as between them. That's mean. This is an empty. Then second s on empty. You with the Kama, then Scott on Bruce. Here it is not split this one because this is a capital s and we put on Lee. Do smile as if we do it again. For example, we want to split the variable names by using the capital as they will split it from the capitalist. So here we have the first value started from the first name and the same name the comma, the camera to separate between the different value. Then the student values starting after the capital. As so start from Scott on Bruce as our second value. So we can use this split. You split the content off volume as what we want. Also we can Is this drill it right here to create another variable, for example. Less like that qual and with top this one, that's mean. Another valuable. Of course, he strode not to be like that so LST like that to avoid using the function list. So this list variable half the first value retired to second valued Reese the stir value under full when we want to get milk, people value to a variable when it is this square bracket like that. So if the center, if we call the concert off less t show me the different content or the difference value, then if you remember list like that's when we call for the index twan I could not see pick up the value number one. That's mean, this is Value Index zero. This is the Value Index want and extrude and index tree and the same as what we did with flies that's from 1 to 2. Like that, or to three. So you see two character if you want to use another function that we have in the fight on that Scalia joined opposite off splits is do drunk. So to do it with creates another variable. For example, new list like that equal and we motion that's do character comma and we pit one True, we chose the the volume that we want one. It's LST like that. That's mean we want to create on your volume guide immunised new LST This new variable will have do content off LST But we drunk the contents from the character comma with presenter. If we request the constant off a new LST it show you as ah one variable. So do character from, uh, come out Greece comma, etcetera. It's become only one variable in disc use. If we quist new ste and we chose the indexed one like that, it would show, as do index number one. This is the second cannot stand and not as what we get when we request l Estate one. That's give us all the value Number one. So we have drain, we have splits and we have lain toe count the character inside our body up so you can try to create some test by using the drain on display. It's and lean and get a different result. You get understand more about the street important function that's we use it frequently in our fight on script so soon in the next video 30. Python Collections (Arrays): hello again. So no, we're going to discover some other vital function. That's college, our fight on collection. That's mean on a rise. We use the fight on collection like we're going to create. Some arise. If you have any other programming language experience, you would know what does mean. Do arise. So in the fight on collection or the arise, we have four specific weight on collection. The 1st 1 is the list. The 2nd 1 is triple or the true. Plus the stirred one is the seat, and the +41 is the dictionary. So this for function, we use it to create some specific arise. So the 1st 1 the list is a collection which is order it and changeable. Ah, low duplicate member. If you remember in the preview sections, we talk about a string and some string its immutable. That's mean we can't change the constant off the variable that string that we created inside variable. We can't change that value because this variable is immutable. But no. When we're going to create a list, we have the option to change the string. Inside that list. That's me. The list is changeable. Then we have the triple that is a collection which is order it and in chargeable it is greeted in an order and we can't change it. Also, it's alot duplicate member. Then you have the seats is a collection wish is in. Order it on in and exit Onda also know the play keys member. I mean, we can't create a duplicate. Remember inside the seats and also we can use it without having to index. If you remember the index 01234 seats, there's not have the index or the order, but the list is we can create it in an order. Also, we can't use the index 01234 they don't have the dictionary is a collection which he's in order. It lets me we don't have the order challenge job. Let me. You can't change it on also and accept. We can create the index. We can use the index in the dictionary. No Dip Lick eight member. That's mean we can't create duplicates member. So when we chose in a collection type, it is useful to understand appropriately off that time, Choosing the right type for a particular is that a state called main retention off meaning , and it's called mean an increase in efficiency and security. So every collection uses in a specific place that we need it. You should know wish want you can use, for example, if you want to create ah specific data, but no one can change it. You can create a triple if you want to create our data that you can change it every time you want. For example, concrete A list, for example, if you want Teoh creates are specific key in your data. You can create a seat that mean the world our defense than the other, so it will be like a K falls under. If you want to stay for a specific thing, you search that the tank from the seat and so on and so on. So in this video, we're going to talk a little about the list. If you remember, we other the years quick example by using a list, and we're going to see it in this video. So our list is a collection, which is order it and Chan job in Pattern list are writing with a square brackets. If you remember, we use our square brackets, so let's see how we can create our list 31. Create A Python List: hell logging. So as you see right here, I just update the by Tom version with not just one. And we're going to work with it without any problems and without any issue would come and use it. So we talk a little about the list and we're going to create a list for that. We need to use our square bracket. So when we create, for example, an empty list like that, then we click equal creates a list re just nature use square brackets. So no, we have a list. This list is empty. So impressed. Until no, we have the variable amputee list is our list. If we request the contents off this one, it will show us that this is empty, Michael. Not so it is empty. Oh, so when we want to create another list, for example, week there is like that. Click it while So where is the square bracket? Always win. It is the square bracket to define our list. So for that we pretty inside single court or the quotation mark it's the same. I just like to use the quotation mark double quotation mark. So like that. So, for example, why we need is a list from the fight on scripts, and we don't need to use the data or extract the data from a database. For example, if we have a fight on application or are frightened website we always connected to at database like SQL databases or Oracle. When you think, then, when we want to extract the data. But we're going to show it in our application we extracted from the data bees, for example, a years ago, visit our website. Creating in my tone and top is information. Does that save it into a database and external databases? So the same. We can't do it, For example, create our list in the Israel that I base or in the Oracle or any other databases, and we create a list with the specific name. For example, the weak die Someday. I mind I strings that etcetera out of example are restoration that's have some specific food and drinks. He can create our list in a database that constant are the king off food we have in the restaurant? That's it. But the issue all right here or the benefit do using our vital list. That's me. We have a specific list that it's the same list. That's mean we don't need to change it every time we use it as the same as always. If we use the data or extract the data from the database, it will take a lot off time to load. That's that are more resource in your website or in your application and so on and so on. So the data we'll take times to show up from do that obeys to the fight on application or to fight on websites. So for that to make it as quick as possible and faster, then we don't need to consumed size off the database. We simply creates a list inside the script off the fighter. And when we called the content for example of the week days, it automatically extract the list from the by conscript without needing to go to the database and get us that out from the cabins. So this is one out of benefit off using our list in the fight on. So, for example, like that so we have the, for example, the wicked eyes. If we ask for the content off week dies, you see right here that it's constant. A list off, the different die. Then, for example, if you want to call a specific die like that, is the index like that's one, then the same. If you want to call, for example, for Index seven like that. Still Sorry, it's sex and not seven because we start from zero. If you see hair, one is Monday on there. It's Sunday. So the sex is the such a right, the last die off the week and so on and so on. So this is how to create our list and use it in your script. Also, we can't create, for example, mont like that on equal. Then we specify list off months like That's so it's it. You can create as much as list that you see that you need to use it in your application or on your website and call them when you need them, or call a specific indexed that you won't use it so soon. Expedia. For more about the list 32. Mutable vs Immutable Objects In Python: elegant. So one of the specific off the list that I tell you in the beginning that list is mutable. That's mean. We can't change the content off the list. So, for that's, for example, the week days like those you see, that's we have some specific days. For example, if you want to change a specific that out from the list simply chose, for example, a week days, then we're requests the index off the data that we want child, for example, the free died every day is the number off reader is five. So we seek wall, for example, like that at this Justin example. Okay, so when we ask for the wicked eyes, you see that the freed I change it from three die to a test, you see, right here This is the index number five hng true test. Of course, you can change any index you want without any problem. That's me. The list is immutable. Then also, we have some other function that's call it less like that, and we can, ah, change our specific valuable to our list. For example, a Ikhwan a B C d. Like that. Sorry. We need to pretty inside the single condition Marco, maybe CD like that. Then if you ask the content off A is a B c d. But if we change it list like that hey, is give me a list off a B C, the etcetera. So hey, separate the content off the variable. A distinct toe, A list. So, in a specific list. Also another example, for example, there day like that Equal, for example, with pretty a text Example 10 five 85 like that. So you see that this is a text, Most are number. So we use this simple writer. That's mean, this is our text a string. So if we request the birthday like that, it showed me as a text. If we want to split that date to our specific number one sample per di thoughts, it's plate like that. We need to the final days My forget about it like that. So there's not split. It just changes to our list. So we changed it to our list, but didn't split it as a specific character, so we can't do it again. But in the split we chose the symbol that we want to split the text on its, for example, to slash like that with the symbol slash Like that. So we change it through. I mean, 05 1985. So he changed to add another less. So, for example, if you want to create another variable by changing the birthday to unless we simply, for example, birthday like that. Equality and we are weird ice, please. And we sit the split to be on the slash Like that. So when you ask for PD it show me as a list. So we is the common split. Your creates a less from our string. That's me. No, we can change the value off the This is just got us a list. For example, if we try to change, for example good day and we ask, for example for the indexed one like those, it show me zero What if we try to change the index zero for example? Index five Like that. Show me another. That's mean we can't change the dates from 0 to 5. This index zero right here from the birthday. Sorry. And it's do it again. For example. Good day five like that. It's so me to slash flies so again for the okay, it's like that. So the index zero is the number one indexed one right here is Donna Brazile and Index five is slash writer. So we try to change this zero to a five, so we can't do it. But in the B dick light here, we can't change it without any problem, because it is a list. So if we request the content off the index zero like that, So it show me the number 10. If we do it again, Bt that's mean indexed zero. You want to change it to, for example, the value 15 like that. So if we requested, they know it's become 15 5 and 1985. So the list is mutable. The string is immutable. Lights help this string. What is it? This string or this variable string is immutable. But here, when we change it to a list to our beady like care No, it's become mutable. That's mean, we can't change the value without any problem. So this is different between mutable and immutable. So see in the next video for more about the list 33. Multi-Dimensional Python Lists: hello again. So to discover more option with list That's American, for example, creates a list with a multiple list, for example, a equal. And we used the list symbol Onda. We see, for example, equal Greece. Come on. Uh, come on. And for example, school, Come on. So know we have the hurry up or the list eight. Then we create another list, for example equal. We used the last symbol. What example? SUDOL one. Come on. Zero to come out zero tree and come up like that. So we pressed. Enter No, Have another list. For example. See, while we the symbol body make of that new your and for example, plus on. Just so we have three list there, we can create a list. For example, X equality a loose be plus See Like that whenever a quiz the constant off. See, you see that we have have far less that have different list content. The 1st 1 please. The signal, please. The 3rd 1 So this is the combination between the content off a different list. That's mean we can create a list that how membership list in one list. Also, we can create another less like that. That's have a list inside list. So I told you that we go into these lists inside lists. So, like that A plus B plus c So this is a list inside a list. That's me. Hair. We clear it extracts contents the content off this list all together. But here we create a list and have the content like that. So we're please enter. Were car does it. So we create a list inside another list like that. But of course, this is useful. We don't need to use this one. So if you want to create Milty policed inside one list, we simply he is, for example, w equal. And when we create a list when it was used, for example a and we use comma be come out, See? That's mean we want to teach them inside w But here, when we age, the plants, we just say that is it equal X as a list? So he a place x by far list like that inside a new list. But here we see, that is the A. Separately, they ended BC apparently didn't do see separately. So with click enter No, If we ask the W variable. You will see that we have lest one, then comma less too. Then comma and less tree. So we have milk chip list inside one fall list. So no. For example, when we create you w list, we can request any specific list. For example, W zero the index zero. It will show us the list. Number one index off the list. This one discolored index zero, then the indexed one and two to the same. If we ask for the W indexed one like that, you see it, Show me the second list. So we use the foulest as un indexed. But in the preview right here, we used value as index. If we request, for example, a one or a zero like that, it show me the name race. But here, when we ask for the w zero it show me the far less Tdri Streeter and Scott. So we have new people. We have you by using multiple function and combination. So how about if you want, for example, to pick up this one right here, so simply, we top the valuable lest we request Do you indexed one? For example, this 123 is from the indexed one like that. So we thought one. Then we add another square bracket like that. Then we simply topped the another ship and X. So this one indexed one have this list and this list. Also, this is the index zero. This is the indexed one. And this is the index too. So if we stop number two right here, you will see it. Show us the 03 the value zero tree. Or, for example, if we do it again for the index zero like that, you see, it's give me the name. Scott deterred one right hand. So 012 and think hair. If we start from this one is this is the indexed one. And this is the index zero and X one and x two. Like what? We happen right here from indexed one. Give me the index to then this list right here is the index number two. This is zero. This is one. And this is Joe. So it's try it, for example, from the index to give me the indexed zero. So the name is body, so we can pick up any index that we want. So the same if we want, for example, indexed one and from the index. True that, however, we want to pick up the index number one. So we which want like that. So we pick up the free from this one. So the number three is the indexed one from the index, true from the indexed one and so on and so on. So this is the different uses off the list, and the benefits off it is that we can pick up a specific world like That's, for example, if we use this is as our string a simple string. We can't pick up this one as indexed one. But when we uses us into list, we can use this from the far list one as indexed one. Then this is the second index, then this is the church and so on and so on. Then we can get deeper inside every index to pick up a specific expression or a specific word or our value. So assume the next video for more about the list 34. Update Python List Values: hello again. So after creating our list and detecting a specific indexed for a specific character or a specific value, no, we need to change or to mix. Um, it it in that list. So, for example, we have some less right here. It's used. For example, we could die or, for example, lists off the name like that. The A that's have some specific name. If you want to example, Teoh get to do Index number one like that. We simply use number one, and it gives us the name of the indexed one. Then, if you want to get a specific character in that index, for example, Number three like that, it show us the tea. Then if you want, for example, to change a specific value inside but list, we simply a what is up like those, and we change. It drew, for example, Bruce like that. Then, if you ask for the 80 changes dress on Bruce and Scott, so the name Peter is no more available inside this value. Then also, if you want toe up a new one, we use another function that's call it a pound. So we simply topped with the name of the very out dot Then a bond like that, Then we use the Bronte's. If we see the help right here like that, you see objects mark present in arguments as positioning the Onley. So we aren't, for example, the new name but the like those. But we deleted. Then we pressed. Enter If we ask the content off eight you see dressed Bruce Scott and data in the last off the list, If you want, for example also to count the number off this list like that. Sorry, we need to use Lane and pretty valuable inside it like that. So it's four. That's me. This list content for value because every value counted as a new indexed. We have four body 123 and four. So we know that every value wanted as one value. So then, if you want, for example, to add another value inside this list but in a specific index, if you see writer, When we used a planned with it, the name A at the last off the list. But if you want to add a name in this place right here, so we're quits eight like that, then we use a And then we used the function insert like that. And when we use this one, you see, it's asking for the Index Dane for the object. I mean, picture the first index day in the objects, for example. We want to put it in this after the world breast. That's mean. This one is the index zero. So we want to put it right here to this is the indexed one. So we put one then come on, then we undervalued as we want. For example, Jerry like that. Then we closed. Press enter. If we ask for the eight know the jury is at its at indexed number one. So the same. If we painted again with another index, for example, the index this is 012 and three, for example. We want to put it in Index Street like that. Then we have another name, for example, On lean like that, then a The name alone is at its index number three. So also, we have, for example, removed if you want to remove a specific one. So we pop a and we use the function removed like that. So he ask you for the value the value that you want to remove, for example, so we need to use it in the single court or the double quotation marks. A. So when you ask for a the name, no more exist in the list. Hand songs, songs you can't is removed on add Any text exists and it will be related. But if there is not exist it off course, we'll give you another. That's the value giving. He is not exist. X not in the list. That's mean this value right here. That's kind of X. Not in the letter. I mean, it does not exist inside this list, but if you want, for example, to remove a specific value. But it was in the indexed off this one. That's me. We don't know the name of the value. We only remember the indexed of it. So we use a valuable then we ask for both. Then you see indexed quant minus one. Hey, tell you that's by default. He used the minus one. If you remember when we used this is 01234 and five. So minus one is this one. The last one is minus one for his open in this list. This is the minus one. So by default, if you don't give it our value automatically with later the largest one. So let's try it like that. Okay, So the latest one is Scott de Text. If we ask for this one, you see that the school is no more exist because this one, the capital latticed one so it won't chose a specific index. So we simply used book. Then we specify the index. So this is zero. This is one. This is true. And this history So, for example, dilated the number two. We simply are too. So this is the number two we dilated. So OK, so and show you that the index Joe is Bruce and the Bruce is dilated. So if we stop for a again, it showed us on Lee Threes, Jerry and alone. So we can make a lot, lot off manipulation. For example, another option to dilate a specific index, for example. We chose Dale, and we are the body of it. Then we chose a specific indexed like that. That's mean we want to delete this index, for example, Zero. Okay, if we ask for a the index zero is related again. But the last option that we have, for example, we have a list. Ah, big listing. We want to challenge the list. Totally. That's me. Won't use the same variable. A for example, this A. We want to eat it again in another place, but we don't need any more for the content off that valuable. That's mean. We want to get a numpty list to use it another time. There is something. We have a list with thousands off word, but we can't go and dilate Indexed one in extra index tree and so on. So on. So we want to delete all the content off this list. Jerk, create a new value or add a new value inside that list, we simply use the command clear. We request the name off the list. Then we thought clear. Fun. If you see right here, remove all items from the list. So we thought like that. So a is empty. Less no more Have Dr Inside a So this is the difference function we have with list and off course. There are some other function that you can discover. It's by making a quick search and of course, we're going to see it letter by the course so soon in the next three 35. Python List Methods: hello again. So let's redefine the A again the valuable E with the same less that we use in the preview . So no, we have the eight is ah, lists constant for name. We have another function that we can use it to get indexed off a specific name. For example. We want to know what is the index off the name Bruce? We have a function that's college index. So we top the name off the variable dots and with top indexed, then we open. The parent is so you see, we have value and start, for example, equal zero doesn't mean the first start is the zero. The stuff that's me in the last one. This is the index off the last one. But I mean, how make we can use as an index at sit down. So return first index off value. So we need to top the value that we want to get the indexed off. It softens up. It wants for the breeze. So we simply tape Bruce like that. Then, with presenter, it's give us the indexed to so the same for the first indexed, for example, a about indexed. Then we give it to value that. We want to a friend to index off it like that. Threes. This under the index is zero. If we try to get the indexed off the value alone with a small capital like you see, we is a small a it show us that alone is not in the list. Even it is right here. But Harry is a small capital. And here we have our, ah, capital A until we have a small A. So you should know that's also a fighter is a keys. Sun City should care about the case. Sun City. So by using this technical can get the index off any value we have in the valuable or in the list. Then we have another function that we can use it. Let's I mean, we can't check if a specific ward exists in the variable. For example, we talked Judy like that in That's me. There's the Jerry exists in the valuable A. So it's even meet true. That's mean jury. It's exists in the valuable. This function can be uses from the harder that's try to gets on information from at the top based on our website, so they use this common to check if the specific name exists in less, then get the information off that name. So we try, for example, Bruce like that and the valuable A. It's true. But if we create a name that does not exist like that, the in a it's give me false. That's me. The names that does not exist in the list A or any list that you have. Name it, So we just used in character eight as our name off the valuable. That's constant. This list you can use any think right here in operation about your objects. For example. Ah customer equal and you have a list of the customer on employment. Then your top pair employments didn't create a list off the different employments. You have our function, then you have the different function in your company, etcetera. We can use this comparison in to check a specific name or a specific value exists in the list off the variable. So this is different function that we can years in a heightened language when we create a list on Dhere. Ah, quick overview about a different function that we can't use it with our list volume so you see the up and that you use it in the preview video at an elements at the end off the list . Then we have clear to remove our elements from the list that, I mean, if you want to change this list to an empty list, didn't have copy region a copy off the list. That's mean you can copy this list to another. Let's then we have count. It's like Lynn Count ricin, the number off element with the specific value. For example, we have a specifically we need to count how much this value created in this list. For example, through three time for you. If you have a same name for three times, we have extent. So you need to go and try to run this common count and copy because you need to make some exercise from your side. So I always going to leave some of the function to Riccio, discovered them by yourself so you create the habit to land by yourself. So try to test this job function and see the results. Then you can share in the core discussion to let us know the results. Then we have, for example, extent at the elements off a list or any, it's trouble to the end of the current list. When you extend the list with another elements, then you have the index to return the index off the first element with the specific value. I mean, you get index off a specific value who have insert toe up a new element to the specific position. That's mean we at the position off that animal date value that we want to add it to the list. We have the pop. If you remember, it's remove the element other specific position. That's mean we delayed the value by using the index off. That's value. Then we have removed to remove the ISM with the specific value. Let's mean the name exactly in the list. We can remove it, then reversed. You need to try this one. The reverse the order off the list. That's mean you create. Unless, for example, a B. C. D. When you is the Rivers, it's well changing to see be a etcetera. That's mean from the last name to the first name. Then we have sort sort the list in our specific order, so try to use this other function that we didn't cover in this lecture and shared results with us in the course desiccation. So this is your exercise to keep learning about fighter so soon in the next video. 36. Python List count() and sort(): hello again. So if you get a difficult understand this other function that we didn't cover, let's do it again. So, for example, we creates are variable. Can it be? And we create, For example, this list it's at some other name brings on grace like that on Mother Greece. Like that Dane unlearned like that. So we have this list. Can it speak like that? We have some name on. Some of them is repeated. George. Three times we have the function counts. So we will talk the name off the volume we count. And when we open, the parent is asking for the value. So Mark President argument as positioning Onley Richard Number off occurrence off value. That's mean. They would give us the results off the number off Oculus off that value that we give it. So, for example, if we stop, for example, Jerry, that's mean. Count me how much value Judy exists in the valuable Be so it's even me one. That's mean front Onley. One Jerry name in the list was, If we stop cones, then we thought this Mike, that's when we've presented to give me a tree. If we check, we have one tool on three. So the count function let you count how much the name exists in a specific list. For example, in your application, you want two friend. How much the name off folder repeated in your machine arena server. So is the count to fund the specific folder with a specific name? How much exists in your server than you delayed the number that you want. For example, have three on you were going to delete True and keep only one folder answer and so on. So this is a function that's you can use it for managing. Does your were old websites or even for some hacking technique to and get our specific value? So the same if we do it with one example a noon like that? But you should always remember that this is a case on city. If you use a small character or our capital character, it will be different. So then another function that we have eased the call it sort it. So we that be and we used sort like that so K naan reveals etcetera to give you the sort. But before that, we want, for example, to sort a specific list for any specific reason. We create our backup off this list, for example, be on, get scored, sort like that. That's mean. We want to create another variable. That's college sorted. That's mean it have value in a specific order, but we keep the original value the list be without changing it. So how we do that, we can be on this course sorted. That's me a new list. Then we Bob started like that. We opened the parent. Is it terrible? Etcetera. So Richard and you list containing all isn't from the Itta Rob in ascending order. So by default had created in a Sunday in order, he will sort the list in a Sunday in order. So we stopped. Do value be microdot? Please enter. If we ask for the B sort, that's mean the variable or the list be sort. It show you that it's start from Alan, Alan, Bruce, Jerry this trees and Chris. So you see that it's created in our alphabetic order A B and G B indeed, so you will see why this is the last in the list. We know that's B is before the G and after the bees it should be right here. But if you see right here, you front that Greece is created in a small capital and order a sortie. Start from the capital character, then small character. So start from the A capital. Then he will start the order from the smile. Eight. Right hand BC, the etcetera. If we try, for example, Teoh, make some change like that. It's, for example, create this list and change it through a big car accident like that. So, for example, see equality the name and we put this one in our capital connector like That's if we try to reorder this one, for example, with top. See that sort like that? You see it will create a sort off The scene are ascending order. So like that when we topsy you see that a a B and D then G that's mean dress into capital character. First day in jury. Then it starts from the smile character later. So you see, it's in our much clear. What isn't in equals creates our list like about. Then way top our list off number 123456789 But let's do it in our different order. For example, let's start with denying comma Been two on the seven coma, then eight and come on. So you see that we created a number without the quotation mark because this is a number we don't need to put it in quotation marks. So, like that's when we ask for the end, have the different number in our difference or the then we simply click end out on sort. Then we chose open parent. There's like that. So when we ask for the end is become in a specific ascending order. 1234 into the night. Then we have another function, the sort read opposite order. So you see rivers. It's March. That's mean by default. The sort is in the rivers. Fouls that's mean automatically chose the Asante in order. If you want to get the descending order, tells me we need to stop reverse equal and without True, that's merely enabled the river small. So we're closed. Okay? No, If you ask for the end, it's become from the most number two. The 1st 1 So 98765432 and one. So this is the different function off the sort that we can use it and also the counts counts and sort so see in the next video for more function. 37. Python Variable Synchronization and copy(): I log in. So another option that we have in Brighton can use it. For example, let's stop the end. We have in that have this name. If we create, for example, Peaks, that is not we already have the extra let's try to s. So if we stop, it's equal. And that's me. Would make a new list college s that's equal the end. So the and have this number and this bounce off the same value. So you should know that when we make a change in, it's automatically affect the s and the same if we do it with s. So if we thought, for example, and Onda we chose a specific and X to change it, for example zero, then we top equal. That's mean Index zero will be changes from the number nine to another. Prison protects, for example, Bruce like that. So presenter, if we stop the pain, does this become having the name Bruce inside it, then the other number. But we didn't do anything for the S. So if we check the s volume, you see that is variable. Have the name Bruce to, because we have s equal end and the same, For example, if we got to the is on, we make a change on Nate like that's what example Indexed five equal, for example, test like that, then s changes. If we back to the end. It's also change it. So this technique, we can use it, and it's already use it. For example, in the drop box or in my drive off the Google, that's me. We have a software and started in our computer, and we top that the folder in my computer equality, the fuller into server off the Dropbox or the My driver. If I use my driver do folder college, my driver in my host in my computer Equality the folder my driver in the server off the Google Google server. So when I make any idiot in my folder in my laptop, it automatically sunken. Excited. We do folder into server, so this is an important technique. We can't use it in your application or in your website. Do you have a synchronization between to list in your websites or in your application, for example, the further off the ah application in the mobile phone and the father in the server would be the same, so we can't use the equal, and the script will keep using the equal function. Every time when you make an idiot in one off this list, it will automatically lead. Sang coincided with the other less. Then we have the function copy. For example, we're going to create a cube pick wall did, for example, end that copy. That's mean we want to create our copy. If you check and I tell Region are shallow, copy off the list like that enter. So if we ask for the Q, it's have the same content off the value of n. So if we try to make a change for the index, for example, tool like that equals. And we thought, How low like that If we check the end, it have hello at the index to If we check for Duke you, it does not have index to change it to hell. Oh, so this is the difference between copy and equal. When you create a new volume that's equal on already exists volume or a list, it will sunken incite them together. But Win would create a copy off that variable or that list it just with kupida content from the list and did separate do new variable list from the original list. So here we create a new variable carrots you. But this Q there is not connected to the and it just contents are copy off the content off the list end. So, Duke, you have this list like that. But when we change the end, right head, the end changes. But look, you keep the same. But if you remember when we used s right here, if we ask the content for it, it will be circling decided with the end. So the end have the world halo and s also have the world. Hello, but Q does not have the world how low so toe could be. We create any new valuable for example, x x equal. We thought the name off the body ever for example is that and we ask for the copy off that variable like that. The x X have the content off s list, but it there's not sunken anxiety with it. So this we can use it. For example, if you want to back up a list, we want to make some editing industries. So we create our back up off that list by using the copy or, for example, we have, unless that we want to create another list. But this list also have the same name that exists in the preview lists or the same value. We simply copy the contents off that Ah list, then will make the editing that we want for the new list, or add in the new value to this list. So this is the different function we have in a list. So another information that you should know when we create some list if you want to check if this variable is unless you simply tape the type off do X X for example, the variable X X epicenter. It give you the class less. If you remember the type off, US trinkets give you string or in t me into your hair, it's give you do less. That's me, the type off, the specific value that we use the list like that. It's less if remember the end constant. This name and number also a listers. Continents are number. It's give you the less So this is the type off the best that we use it in this video so soon, the next section with another king off collection that's we have 38. Create A Python Tuple: I log in. So after covering the first collection off the fight on the list No, we're going to talk about the true place or the triple dude checkbook like that. This is the triple or the true place in spite on. So the difference between a triple and A list that the list is mutable. That's mean we can edit it. The triple is immutable. That's mean. We cannot change anything in the trooper's. So if we create the valuable T like that equal, for example, I have low like that. Then if we ask for the content of Halo, it's just hello. But for example, if you want to create on empty list Myklebust, we simply tape equality and we opened. The Parliament is like that. No, we create our scruples and not a list. If you remember for the list like adults, we use the square bracket like that. So this is a list, but when we use the parent is is our triples. So when we ask, for example, for the empty people like that, it show you Inter parent is. But when we ask for the constant 40 it, show me do text. Hello, so For example, if you create another okay, fixed with a numpty like that's value. When you ask for the t it show you on Lee the single coat but empty list for empty, stupid like that. It show you do part on days. So this is the difference between do you lists and do Parent is so if we ask, for example, the type off the t like that, it showed me the string. And if we ask for the type for the empty triple like that, it show triple. That's mean, this is our Jupiter and this is our strength. So the difference between drink people is that the string does not have the parent. There's and have only one value. So when we create, for example, a triple like that equal, didn't we open? The parent is and we can get some value, for example, that the name that we use Bruce comma trees. Of course, we need the double quotation mark. Come on. And for example, Jerry, like about. And when we close it, we know we have our Tripolis college, too, with different names. So one of the benefits off the people that we can't create another variable that's content to value off the trip. So, for example, create the valuable a comma. Be comma and see, for example, equality Do Trooper. That's mean, trooper, that we can eat it. You that constant breeze This and Jerry so like that. If we ask the content for the A, its content the first value off the people if we ask for the content for B is the second for the sea is the church and so on off course. If you create another variable, it will get are empty list. For example, a comma be come up c and d equal to you like that. It is, your honor because the D does not have the value available for it. Not enough value to in park Expected for good tree. So this is the description in park. That's mean we comes impacted to you. The triple Judah Variable number four. So when should I didn't know how much Variably are So, for example, if we chose Onley true body of equal, do you? It's also give you too many value to impact expected to me. We have more value in this triple to impact eight to the other variable. So we need to know that how much value we have in the triple, then we can't in packet, different variables. So this is the first tank you should know about cheaper. So the chip like that when you ask for the type off the people, it's already Cipel and so on. Also, when we can't create, for example, triple number two like that equal, and we can add Hello like that comma and this come on and, for example, like that when we ask for the did you Number two, it's become a list. When we create our single comma between two value, it's automatically change it through a text. So when we is only one value, as we did in this place right here duty, it's our string like you see hurt sing. But when we creates multiple value inside our volume, it automatically become our triple. So as we talk before that, the variable is immutable. That's me. You can't change it, so the people is also a part off the variable, a string of valuable, so it is also immutable. We're going to see how the triple is immutable later. So this is the idea about the cheaper. So next we'll discover the more information about the people 39. Convert A List To A Tuple: hello again. So to continue discovering more information about the Tripolis, for example, we can't create our list. One like that's equal. And who is the square bracket to create a list like that? Greece on a comma? Bruce, Come on! And, for example, it's got so know we have the list is our list list. One is a list like that. If we want to change it to our true place, we simply random common juku. And we top do variable list one like that. So the list one become our true place. So list one. It show you that's it's still a list, but then we change it through our triple. We can change the list to attribute. For example, Kate off variable X equal. And then we top the triple. That's me. We want to get you the Cipel version off the list. One like that. Please enter X know, become a list. So we extract information from a list and converted to our true bliss. Also by isn't the equal we countries, for example, the variable 1/4 Hello, The body Ever be equality this like that? Did we come up a comma? Be equal B comma 83 and we changed the value off them. So a become test and we become Hello, recreate. That's a equal Hello. But here equal test. Then we creates b equals. There's no be become hello so we can change it as what we want like our true place equal are triplets to This is one of a bit of it off using the true place so soon in the next video for more information about the triplets. 40. Python Tuple Methods: count() and index(): hello again. So after covering a little about the cheaper the first information and important information you should know about the trooper on the difference between triple on list is that the triple is in charge. Job and in ord rate. That's me. We can't create our people with an order ascending or descending, and also we can't eat it. The triples that mean in changeable list but the original list we can edit it delayed. We can depend command. We can dilate. You can update, but we do triple. We can't do anything off this function. So if you remember, this is the list of the different function that we can't. Here's with the list, but wind, which is the trooper like you would say, for example, with creates are your triple, so the clear to triple when nature is the parent is symbol. So we thought alone God well, test and comma. Andi would like that. So this is our triple. We have no a triple Colette picks. If we try toe oils, for example, one off the list function. If you remember, for example, apparent at a new element at the end off the list. So for example X but have banned. If you see it does not show us anything from the help like that. So, for example, if we have planned, for example, I like that it will give us another triple Object has no attributes upend. But if you remember when we used list like that, for example, this square bracket to create a triple, for example, Greece like that on Bruce. If we are a and try to use function depend like that when we opened the parent, is it show? You do have. That's mean this function work with the list and not with the triple. So if we planned, for example hello like that, you will see that they have the word. Hello. But the X does not have do word high that we use it right here because this is our triple on. This is a list. Also, if we try to run any off those function like Claire co pay back, you see, here we have only to function, count and index. But with a we have a list, it would show up after a little time. You see, we have apparent clear copy count index, insert pope, Remove reverse All those function is available with the list, like in D list right here. But in the chipper, we only have the two function counts and indexed. So the first function can't reality cover it like you see account Richard the number off element with the specific value. So we thought count like that. We opened the violent. There's and but example we tried to fend How much the world hello exist like that. So it show us it's on Lee one time and the same for the second word. Third word that sit down Also the second the function that we have is indexed. If we click on index like that, then we opened The parent is it show you do index off a specific value for example, this like that. It showed the index is one indexed for example, For the world word it showed the index number two. So this is the only two available function we have in our triple. Also, for example, we ask for the specific indexed by using the specific index One example zero like that. It show you hello and X for the indexed to like ducks. It show you word the second the world If we try, for example, to change our indexed number two. If course we can't eat it the triple because it is immutable. For example, we changed value off the index number job by, for example, made like that so it show you error object. There is not support it in a sentiment. It's mean we can't make on a sentiment on the triple. So this is the important rule about the triple and do list. So it's in the next video for a little more information about the triple that we can't use in the fight on language. 41. Python len() and Python in Keyword: LA games. So one off the other option that we can't use with the triple as the same as the list we can use. Lento count how much object we have in this triple. For example, the triple X like that. It show you that we have three value inside the X. Also, if we try to check if a specific value exists in the people like that, Hello here, X like that. It showed true. That's mean the world Hello exists in the Triple X. But if we try to check for example Bruce, this it exists in the Triple Crown it X, it showed me false. Also, we have the function they'll do. They'll do X like that. If we check the X again, it show your brother. That's mean the X is not found it that is not defiant because we delayed the content off the X. So the X is no more available in the fight on when nature define it again to use it again as our triple like that. So if we thank for exit, show me. No, it's empty. So this is the different function we have with the Triple and next we're going to discover the other part on collection. That's college dictionary. So see in the next video 42. Create A Python Dictionary: hello again. So no, we're going to discover the other pipe on collection that's called the dictionary We call for Inter. First the list in the triple No. We're going to cover the dictionary as I tell you into preview that addiction is our collection, which is in order it. That's mean we don't need to make it in on order, but it is challengeable and index it. So the dictionary. It's almost like the list. We can't change it and we can index it but not like do triple. So in Piketon Dictionary are writing with a cure early bracket and they have K and value. So to create a dictionary, we need to use the curly brackets. The list we use, the square packet, the triple we use the parentis. And in the dictionary we used the purely bracket and inside clearly, But I get we create the K and value. So let's try to create the first dictionary. So we try to create an empty dictionary like that. So to create our dictionary, we need to use this curly bracket symbol like that. So empty dictionary like that it show you it is empty. How we know that this is a dictionary, so we simply type the type off Do dictionary, empty dig like that. It showed that the class is dicked. That's meant dictionary. So how we create the value inside dictionary. So if we try to create, for example, the value of Dick like that equality and is the curly bracket and inside it we stop the first value. That's mean. Okay, if I remember the K and the values of K, for example, be like that. But we use the symbol Kahlan. Then with top the value of that's K, for example. Bruce like that. Then what? You just come out. Then we add the second game, for example, A like that. Then Colon. Then again, the value is Alan Kind song and songs that deterred, for example, D like that. The colon, um, dress like that. So if presenter no, have the dictionary, if we transfer the dictionary, it show you be Bruce. A rally in the dress don't know. We have our dictionary. Also, if we already have a list and we want to change it at dictionary, we can't do it. But of course, the list will be less inside less by true value. So the list that we want to changes to our A dictionary, for example, list one What we should is the list symbol, and inside it, the index number zero should be in true value. That's me. The first indexed we showed creates another list inside the list. Us. This is the first index, for example. We is one coma. This like that. Then we is. The second index does mean index number one has another two values or example to we use the square bracket like that. Then with up to come on and, for example, hello, on the third example again. So the same way is this square bracket, for example, in this time is our value and like that, come up and mile just like that. So know we have the list, one like that that have lists inside lists, so important condition to be have to change a list to our dictionary. That's mean, indexed zero like that should be in true value. That's me in the first value under second, then the same for the indexed. One should also be at the firm off value on and value to and so on. and so on engine you raced off them. In this case, we can't change the list. Want to our dictionary? So we thought dicked like that and we appeared to the volume name list one inside it like that. So it changes through our dictionary. You see, one is best job is hello M is mild, like the form right here that we created in the dictionary volume Also the same for the cheaper. We can't do it with triple and changes to our list. For example, Jim, like that's equal. And, for example, this triple can be like those. So this is a trooper that have list how we know that like that we tape the type for the job . It shows us that this is a triple. If you want to change it to a dictionary, we simply use addict like that. And we stopped the name off the volume off the triple like that. So it changes through our dictionary Off course, the triple the original chipping will be like triple, but you want to create another variable. We use, for example, new juku. Micah. That's, um we thought equality. And then we get the value off the dictionary often do like that so often you trip now, become a dictionary that have value off the triple. Also the same if you have a list inside our triple like that's, for example, W e qual and repeat multiple list inside the triple. All right, this watch would be close it. This one, too, should be. Close it this world like that. So we have a triple inside a list like that's if we get it's, ah, triple inside a list because we use the square bracket. That's mean we create our list. But inside this list, we create midget triple, so we have the ability to do that. So if we change it my dictionary, we thought w so it's also become a dictionary. So with the function dicked, we can't change any triple or less to our dictionary. But in a condition that the index number zero should have to value then index number two should have true value and so on and so on. For example, if you create the variable as a triple like that, for example, went through 3456 So this is a list. But if we try to change it to our dictionary. It will give us an error because cannot come for dictionary updates equals sediment number zero to our sequence. That's where we can't change it through our sequence. Let's try another example. Be equal the word. Hello? Come on. Test. Come on. All right, on we close it if we try to change it to addict. Okay, It show you the error dictionary updates equals sentiment. Number zero has long 52 is required. So this is the option off the dictionary, and next we'll see more about it. 43. Accessing Items: Dictionary Keys: hello again. So to discover more information about the dictionary, it's going to redefine the dictionary. What is the value of addicts? Who is the career bracket like that? Then we give it value. So, for example, we tried to, in some example, so that a four the world on Loon, of course, to define a dictionary used the column. We don't use the comma. Then after the first Value and key with peach comma, then we give it the second K and value. Of course, the other is the Kate the first, then the 2nd 1 is the value, for example, be Karlan and Bruce. Then come all then the d like that call on the value is Greece and so on and so on. So it press enter. Of course, the dictionary is defined it a phone I learned before Bruce and deep for dress. If we try to use the technic off getting a specific index like that, it show us error because the dictionary does not have the same behavior off the less or off the trips. Because there were all of the defund. Okay, you other defined index. In the last three years, the number zero to get the first value. That's mean this country's as index zero. Then the second value will have the index one on Joe and three etcetera. But in the dictionary does not work with the same. So the indexed in the dictionary is the K that we use right hand. So we used a k A. So if we ask for the dictionary off the Kate A it show us. Of course, we need to pitch the cape inside, double condition mark or the single quotation marks like that. And it's give us the value, Elin, because here we use this Ah, the petition mark to get our strength. But it is only a number. We can get the number on Li like that. So the indexed that have the k A is Elin. Then the dictionary then indexed off the value. For example, D like that. It should ask the name trees and the same for any off the K we have like that, for example, for B, it's briefs and so on and so on. So to save, if you request, for example, a dictionary for our index that there's not already defined, for example s like that it show you That s there's not exist. But if we want updated the dictionary but isn't like that we taped the gate. His and we defined. The key is like that equal, for example, and repeat Scott like that. So if we request the dictionary off the value or the K s, it showed me, Scott. But if we check the content off the dictionary addict, it's other the exists or others do K s with the value, Scott. So in this technically can operate in the dictionary went out more key and value. Also an important information that's do que should be unique. We can't use the same K two times. For example, if we try to create another dicked number two like that's equality and repute purely bracket like that. Then we defined, for example, the value A for the can lean Dane, the value be four Bruce. Then we tried to repeat the same cake, for example a for the value, Ali like that. So if we press enter it show you that it's OK, Victor. True like that, it should only a for Ali and beat for breeze, but a for other, it's overwrite it divided second Cape. Also, if we ask for the indexed off the value Okay like that, it show you on Lee. Oh, sorry. This is for the dictionary. One. We need to talk the dictionary to like that. Actually, the world. Ali, that's me. This one is over writing the preview one, This one. It's dilated because we redefined the Kate A for Ali. But if we do it with, for example, the same name, for example like that quickly it's in a dictionary tree and a for a loan. People brace and see four only the same. It's not our problem right here, because the dictionary number three Ford Value off the key. Okay, it's totally different for the Kate. See, even the content is the same like that. So it's I learned for a but for C, it will give you the same name that the same content is. There is a loon, but this is have different ski and this is the other key. But we're using the sinking. Its of writing the review one. So this is unimportant information. You should know it. And of course, we're using decay to define a different index for a specific value. The cultural never be repeated in a dictionary. Also, we can use it with two number. If you remember dictionary for equal and use the curly bracket and define one for the value Then too for the value this then comma tree for the value one like that. So know we have the dictionary for have different K and value. No, when we ask for the indexed No, we don't need to use the single condition Mark. We simply tipped one and it show you. But this is another story. Here we make a mistake because we ask for the number off the K one from the addict and not from the text number four. So this is in my mistake. So take four and we ask for the value one without needing to pretty inside the single quotation marks like a and C because this is our intuition. So it's give you the content off the index number. What is Hello then for addict for for the index number three, He's work. Of course, it does not take the same order. We can, for example, redefine it with different ah order. But you don't predict it wasn't the number five dickwad and we define us. But instead off using 123 we start from five and jewels and for example, mine like that. Then if we're quest for the addict five off the value my it sure that the value line is the world, even nine meaning that's the order is night. In this case, this is a K and not in the index. So the same, for example, five value five like that. So it's show you the world. Hello. Of course, if your requests are okay, that does not exist. For example, Index zero picture. You know that does not exist. Any key with the value zero. So see in the next video for more information about the dictionary. 44. Python Dictionary update(): hello again. So another information that we can't discovery about the dictionary, for example, is the valuable dick that have the A alone people's the trees. And as Scott, for example, appetite a specific value off our specific case. So we simply tape like that off course. We use the petition mark, for example, for the S like that. So it's check the contents off. The K s is Scott. So if you want to eat it, the value off the case is we simply thought dicked and request the K s. Then we topic wall and give it the new value. For example, it's early. Like those Chris Hunter. No, the dictionary is operated from the K is become Sally and not Scott. So we can edit the content off the dictionary. Also, for example, we have this dictionary and, for example, let's take the dictionary. This one like that creates another dictionary, for example. We call it first picked equal, and we top that the 1st 6 have five week toward hello to it. Test nine with words etcetera. Then we John update the first dictionary with another one. So we sent a top ticked boat up to date we opened a parent is and you see to help Deep happened. Eight. A etcetera, non updated D from dictionary eating gravel A and F So you can read this description to understand how it's work. So to make it simple, we simply tape dictionary. Does we want to update information from eight. So that's me. You have the body of addict. We want to update this volume by the content off the first dictionary. So we simply taped their name first decked like that, and we pressed Enter. If we request the content off, take no the dick have the original value then we have new value at it right here. So it's like we combined the first dictionary with the second dictionary that we have right here. So the expression updates its updates, the second content inside the first content. But if we use it in the opposite direction, for example, 1st 6 update does. Then we chose dicks. That's I mean, we could be the contents from Dick and put it inside this one and the rule that you should know about it right here. If you remember when we is the same Kate two times do 2nd 1 who still a wave and the 1st 1 is dilated is operated by the 2nd 1 that we repeat it. If you remember right here. What is it? We did it before like hair. So you see, we used the K right here and we repeat the same key with another value. The dictionary half the last value like that. You see a become Ali and there is not keep the value a little. So the same hair. If we do it, for example, we create another dictionary, for example, Sigmund addict like that call and reputed original value, for example. Five changes to ah, just like that, then mine too. This like that's what wasn't. But this is this to one this is this true And this is this three like that. So we have the second ticks have the same K but with different value. But the original takes like that have the K five have halo, the K to have test and two canine have to expression word. But if we use the update update like those, then we Cygan dicked like that their weapons under Of course, we make a mistake because the signal the dick have a mystic so like that we could be this want of with any mystic in the type like that. So if a quiz the content off dick No duracade number five become test one K number to become test two and Kate number nine become history and updated the original value. That's hello. Test on DWard with new expression. That's gonna test one this true on this. So no, you should understand that we have you off the dictionary. K should be unique and every reputation off the key operating Do preview one. If we repeat the K for example, Number five in another time, the last one who will work as a value in this case. For example, if we have another K college eight with under the name so I automatically go to the first key right and a and he will operate the value we do latticed value. We added to the dictionary. So next we'll see more about the dictionary. So you in the next week 45. Deleting and Clearing Python Dictionary items: have again. So some off other function that we can't use with the dictionary, for example, we can delete the dictionary. Of course, if we use the common del, then we top the name off the addict. Then we specify Do que off the value that you want to delay it. For example, we want to dilate the value mine. That's me this one night. That's equality Test number three We are. Until then, the name off the variable They do que off eight. So like that, if we ask for the constant off take you see, that's the value nine is dilated. But of course, if you want to delete all the variable completely like this one, of course we Randell then we top the name without any K value. But of course, in this case, we were going to delays. For example, the dick number five like that. So let's try to check the take number five. So the take number five have three value. If we ran till then, dick number five, it's deleted. Dick number right is no more exist. But if you want, for example, to delete the constant off a dictionary, but we keep the name off. Eight, for example. Dick number four. How street value. With the three keys, we can run the function dick four but clear. Or like that, you see the clear? None. Remove all eight from deep. So if we chose around this common clear, it will delayed all the content off number four. So you see no dick for give us a numpty dictionary. But Dick five, when we ran the common tell there's not exist named Dick five is not defining but me with their is not have any valuable chocolate dick. Five in the fight on Hey, But here we keep the variable dick for define it but we only clear the content off it. So this is one of the function we can use it. For example, clear the contents off the dictionary. Steinway, get a new K with a new value without needing to dilated. Maybe you will see why we need to keep the same name off the dictionary. For example, your have our websites or a script or on application and you d stayed that one day. The name available in our specific dictionary is no more need is you need to update this key and value. But if you delete do dictionary name, but you use it, I'll do other beige, and the application connections with that name can't found it, so it will give your Neururer. But when you make it clear, that's mean You're Mick is empty. The other page that have that dictionary will still connected to that dictionary. But when you click on it, you will find this that is empty. So the script keep working without any problem. But if you dilated, then any script that harm ah, connection with diction ity for it will show you that another massage because the dictionary four is no more exist. So this is why we need to use the command clear. Also, we can't. Here's for example, Dick that get like that. It sure you get the value off a specific A. For example, for the A like that, it sure your the World Island. It's like when we used to indexed symbol like that. A it show you the same results. But this would function, and this would use in the square brackets. Also, we can check if do okay, A exists in the dictionary. Number one So it is true. That's me. The K A already exists in the dictionary. Then, for example, the Key de and dictionary. It's true, but if we chose, for example, zit Okay, there's it exists in the dictionary. It sure you false. Also we can't check. For example, Do value on there's it exists in the dictionary. Sorry, You make a mistake like that, so it show your false. That's mean. We does not have any K college, I learn. So the expression in in the dictionary it check on Lee the case and not the value that I mean, we can't check if a specific value exists in a dictionary, but on Lee, we can check the case in our dictionary by is in the expression in so the same. For example, if you remember one off the number, for example five. It exists in the thick. It's show your true without needing to use the square bracket. So see you in the next video for discovering more function about the dictionary 46. Python Dictionary Keys and Values: Hello again. So let's discover more about the dictionary. So we have the take that have this value then with day and thought. Then we have a list off function we use declare and we use the kids. Also, we can use, for example, the case. So in that case like that, we open the parent. Is it Show you, Dick case It's give you sit like objects providing our view off these case That's me. It's give you do case. So press enter a cheerio dick case A B. D. S five and to check right here we have a k a. This is the 1st 1 to be is the key p The day is the case. The the S is the K as the five is the K five and two is the K two. So by using this function, we can get the keys off. Ah, dictionary and the same. We have the values like that. We get the value on object providing our view on these value. So it up like that. So hou dicks value Algerian bro stories Sally, test one and test so the benefit of using the case and value function. But me if you want to create a list that have the case and value, for example, we have dictionary in our application, but we want to create another page that's hard. The same case without the value we want. Onley exported this list off keys or the list off value inside our list. So the function we have is lists. If you remember it, then with top Dick like that, then off course, this one in which will change the dictionary. Our list like that. You see a V P iss at, sit up by the 40 years do okay, but the same. If we do it like that, then with Dick, then we is case value like that. You say That's me. We want to get the key. It's the same result because by default do let's take the first value in the dictionary. That means the case are our value. So then we have, for example, the list off the dictionary. But we want to get the values like that. So you see it. Give me a list off the values. So we have this list how we can export this list inside another one. We simply creates a new, for example, Dick NIST like that. That's mean. We use a dictionary, lest example, case like that equal. Then we export the less off the dictionary keys like that. If we ask for the Dick List K's volume, it show you the content. So now we have another new list greeted with the case and the same if we do it, for example, Dick list value like that. Equality. Then we changed the dictionary value to our list. Like that dick. That's values Andi open and closed. The parent is no. We have dick list values have the different value we have. So we define the first list that have the case, this one like you see right here. Then we define another list that have the value. So we can't use the content off the dictionary less and Dukies in another place as our list without any problem. So this is one of the benefits off converting a list. If you remember in the preview we use list to convert, for example, are triple toe a list or are less toe a triple No, we can use it off course if you want to change it to our triple. That's mean we want to create Cipel Dick Value trooper like that equal. We simply top triple and we use Dick. But values that mean give me the values off the dictionary as a triple. So dick value trooper. Sorry, we make a mistake by forgetting l No problem. No. It's created as our triple with the parent days and not the list. But I don't want you export this value as a triple stop. The ability to appetite it. We keep it safe like that. So see in the next video for more about the dictionary. 47. Dictionary Methods: who again? So another function that we can use it is the copy like that's We can't copy the contents to Dick Api Equal are shallow. Copy off the so the difference between GOP and equal if you remember. So we have the valuable dick. If we create a new variable, for example, let's try to use this one. Teoh Get example for some predictor. Victor have two cases we to value if we create a new dick Dickwad dick. True if you remember, we sunk on his eyes between New Dick on Dick number two. That's mean new dick like that if we clear the continent's off new dick, but let's check first pick number two So they have the same value on the same case between you. Dick on Dick, too. So if we run, for example, Dick Joe with the command Claire to the late all the contents off, take to like that so dick to know, become empty. Also, the new dick become empty. So you see, when we make any idiots in the second variable Costigan dictionary, it automatically appetites the first dictionary. So, for thoughts, we need to use the function copy. So the original dick that we have right here if we create a new dick them, But to like that equal what not equal dick one. No, we're going to create a synchronization between them. But if we around Dick by using the function copy like that will complete the continent off the dictionary. The organization's Joanou Dick number two. So if we check Dick number two like that, it's hard. The continent. If we make any updates on Dick number one like you see right here, for example, Dick for the K, for example. Okay, and we change it from I learned to another value. For example, At least like that, you see no thick Or did you not have the world are less for the K A. But the new dick Number two. There's not update the K A with the new name. At least keep using the original value. Give it before making in need it. So we separate the synchronization between the first dictionary and the copy off its When is the copy who creates are shallow off the dictionary like that. You see GOP is a shallow copy off the orginal dictionary, so this is the benefits off using the copy expression. Also, we have more function. You can discover them by yourself because it's not nature repeating them every time. So, for example, 18 Ayton is like that. You see it showed the dictionary. Etem I was dis is the first season. This is the 2nd 1 the 3rd 4 etcetera, as our true place inside a list inside our tree place. So this is the function off the item. Then we have, for example, another function. If you remember the gate with, did it Etem k pop, that's mean. You delete a specific game, for example, Pop, and we give it the specific value of, for example, a. That's me. And we want to delete a like that. So the world is a list. If we ask for Dick, it's automatically delayed the K A with Value and Elise, then other function. We have the pope item. That's mean you want to dilated by using the pope. Isn't so book eaten like that? It show you removed on Richard some key value pair as our triple but raise caterer. If there is empty. So, for example, we d late the value breeze like that so it show you under President Tick. No argument one given. But I mean, is this one to dilate the last East one. So dick blood eight. Um, like that. Then it deletes the largest one. That's mean to K and value off the latticed one. If we ask for the check right here, you see that the latest one is dilated. So this is the benefits off. Using Pope 82 delayed the latticed one and so on and so on. So you go and try out the other. Eaten the state default updates and value. If remember, you used already the value. So here you see the different definition off the difference function for the dictionary. So do have clear removed. Are the elements from the dictionary Copy Richard, a copy of the dictionary from K rich in a dictionary with the specific case and value. So go and try to this one and give me the results in our discussion intercourse. Then we have kids. Of course, you need to try by yourself to understand some off the function without needing to explain all of the unit to create the habit off learning by yourself. So get returned the value of a specific A season. That's mean a list containing the triple for each key value pair. But I mean he created as our value. They're like, you see right here this off the triple the K and the value. Then the second triple, the third, the fourth. That's it there. So this is the triple for HK value. Per then we have Kate Ricin. A list containing the dictionary case removed element with the specific case removed. Last inserted K value per this mean delays in Tokyo and the value from the lots inserted. Say to default region the value off the specific. If the kid is not exist inside the cage with the specific value, they update updated dictionary with the specific A value that's me. You need to add the K and the value together to update it. It's like you ab a new K and value to the dictionary, then the value of the original less off the value in the dictionary. So this is the different function we have in dictionary. You can try the one Why want Create multiple example on learn by yourself so soon. The next video. For more information about pytorch 48. Create A Python Set: hello again. So to discover the lattice fight on collection we have, that's going to sit. So what is the state to sit? It's like a group off value that is in order it and you know and exit. That's mean. There's not created with a specific order and also does not have an index. So the BA have you off the sits or the groups. It's like the dictionary. When we have a dictionary, we can use it as a sit. So it's work like our dictionary. So if you remember, we have the dictionary that we created before on DWI past it. Like this one course we close it like this one. So no, we have the dictionary to create an empty sit. Is the same symbol off the dictionary like that? We used do curly brackets like that. So this one is ah, dictionary and ah, seat how we knew that when we ask for the type off the empty set off course it will counted . Ours are dictionary like that. So it is our dictionary. So the difference between a sit and dictionary that's the dictionary have the K and value, But the state does not have the K and value. So to create a numpty sit like that, we fuck sit and we open. The parent is like this one. So no, we have the empty it like this one. So it show you the result. Sit on this symbol That means this is our seat and not our triple or our list. Of course, the list have the square brackets and the triple have the parent is same boat. So to make a difference between the state and triple it, give us the results, it and volunteers. So no, If we ask for the type well, for did empty sit like this one, it show you that the class is said that I mean, this is our sit and not our dictionary. So there sits its simple created like this one. Sit one, for example equal. And we can use sit and pretty value inside. It's, for example, alone and just and, for example, high like this one most recent card said expect at most one argument good tree. But to me, this function converted the contents off this one to assess. But here it does not work because he can't define this value So to do that, we use the clearly bracket like this one equal. And we used it. Curly bracket. But instead of protein, the K, for example, em like this one on the value Mike, then so on and so on. No, we created as a dictionary, but to kill it is as our city. We does not use any Kahlan. So we used the come out like that. So, Mike example. Another the name. Hello, then. Any symbol, for example, s then John like that at sitter. So it presenter. If we ask for the content off the sit one it sure you the value inside are purely brackets . If we check the type off, this one sit, no better one like that. It's true that the clause is set because we use the curly bracket inside the sit. So this is how we can create our sit. So see in the next video for more about the city 49. Unordered and Unindexed Python Set: So if you want to change our dictionary toe assets if you remember here we use the function states and give it value off course. It does not work like that. We need tributes are variable right here to change it. You are Sit. So we tape seat number two equal and we run. Sit off. What off the dick between the dictionary like that. So no, the state number to have the case value off the dictionary. If you remember when we convert the dictionary to a list or a triple when we live it, empty it by the fold used the key. But if you want to get the value, for example, sit number today pic long the seats off the dictionary off the values like that. So when we asked for the content off state number tree it should you do values inside the curly brackets as our sit. So also, here we have the signal between us. Our class sit. So why isn't dysfunction? We can't convert or extracted the specific value or K R's are sit when we created as our sit So the same, we can get, for example, the lane off the seat number tree. I mean, how it is the long off the seats. It's for that mean this sitar for value one, 23 and four. Then also, we can check if the expression Greece in the seat number three like that. So it is true. But if we check those Drees value in seat number to its give me false, that's me. Sit. Number two does not have the value Greece, but signem. But we already have the value dress and so on and so on, the same as into list or in the dripping or in the dictionary. Then we have some other function that we can't use it from the sit. For example, State number three. If we click on the comma, it will show us a list off the different function that we have right here. So you see some different function Had its description about ish off them, for example, are at an element to do. Sit. If you want to add a new element to this state, for example, are then make sure you are unlamented set. For example, we have unnamed. For example, we have trees, Bruce, test and Sally. So, for example, we chose Scott like that. If we ask for the constant for sit number tree, we had new value, cal it Scott Sports does not use the order or the index. If you remember, when we are Scots in our list or in a triple, it's automatically added to the end. But here it's added without any logic. It just shows our place and added to Scott inside it. Three uses in our list here, Tom. Actually, others are do last off the list. And also, if you see it's give you on a different order. It starts from Sorry, Bruce, but hurts start from Bruce Greece on Test and Sally. So it is not used the indexed. So like that you see different order on different indexing. So also if we try to pick up a specific indexed, if you remember, as we see that this is in index it, that's meant we there is not have the index in the city because it is in order it. That's mean. If the zero present Desailly, if you make any small editing study, will be add and extreme or for so the index zero, it's not the same. So in this case we can't use the index for the sick. No matter how we do that. For example, any indexed example to it show you a nurse? Its object is not support and exam. Then if we chose another function sick tree like that, then we have clear If you remember, declare the copy the difference. Let's try to difference if you check right here we have clear remove All came from the state will make an empty state. Then copy Richard a copy of the States if you remember, if we use acquired with, create a synchronization between the statement between and another state. But when we is copy, we take a copy of the seat number three inside another one. But we there is not have any sterilization between them. Didn't have the difference rich in a state containing the difference between the two or more set. So to get the difference between two states, so lists back right there you have sit number, tree and sit Number two. So if we use sit number three that like that on what is difference? Onda we open. The parent is reaching the difference off two or more sits as a new set. Then we top seat number two like that. You see, that's the difference between seat number tree to the sick. Number two is all this value. This value is the difference between state number three to our state number two. For example, if we create a mother sit that have the same value like that. So we have signaled a tree like that and we create seat number four like that. We closed the career bracket so we have a seat four and we have sit tree to get the idea. So you see that the city for and see tree have the same value and only the street value that is different between them. So if we talk, sit three dot and we chose different I mean, we want to get the difference between see tree and sit. Value number four. You see that? It's got me on Lee. The two value that is difference between them. That's me in the sitting member tree. Have three value different standard seat number four. What if we use the opposite direction from the state for and we chose the difference? Do do seat number three like that. The return will be empty because what is the difference on the state's number four to the sick number tree? So we have. This is the seat number four. What is the difference that exists in this seat? Number four but does not exist in tow? Sit number tree. So we have empty. That's mean. We have a zero value difference between the city number four to a state number T but from the state number three to a seat. Number four we have to value there's not exist in the seat number four and so on and so on . So see you in the next video to discover more about the different function. 50. Set Methods: hello again. So to complete the other function, we have to sit. If you check them again, you have the difference up. Die, Discard intersection, for example. The inter section like that retuned intersection off the two seats are a new sits. We check in right here, Richard, as state. That is the into chicks interest section off the two other seats. That's mean for somebody. Want to check the intersection between the seat number treat and seat number four. You see that we have three value. That's me. This value exists in the city number tree and into ST number four. So from something, if you want to create an you see that have the intersection between Joe sit. We simply tape new states equal, and we used sit number, tree and intersection. We do seat number four like that. So it s if we ask for the new sits it show, as do three value. That is the intersection between them. So we have much function. You can discover them one by one by using the ah help off the right on shell or this information right here. For example, difference update removed. The ism interested that are also included in another specific sit, but it will dilate. The eaten that's also included in another specific seat doesn't mean intersection between them will be deleted. It's like we know what is the difference? We get a difference. But her with the late the tank that exists in the double off the seats. So, for example, let's try it. Sit number three and we use different update. That's mean you want to get a different update, remove our elements off. Another sits from this city. That's mean. We want to delete the content value that exists in the sit number tree and into seat number four. Let's try it and see the results. So if we ask for the seat number three, I tell you, see, we only have Scott and test. This is the difference between city number three and seat number four. So you see Herr Seat number four, what is it? Sit number. Tree half Sorry, bridge dress And scoot on this when we is the defense, we have only test and Scott that does not exist into seat number four like you see right here. So where is different? Update? We delayed all the comment values. That's mean. This is the comments value between sick number, tree and seat number four, and we delays them and keep on Lee. This, too. The difference between this double sees on the same, for example, for Intersection update its tow opposite. That's mean we d late, pissed and screwed and will keep on Li, Bruce, Driss and Sally. We're going to keep this true value. But of course we already delays it in front of ST number three, so it does not exist anymore into State number three. So and dissection update removed. It'll in this state that are not present in other specific seats. Then we have this card room off the specific item. If you want to delete a specific item intersection Ricin has said that is the intersection off to other reality states. Is this joint Richard with two seats have on intersection or not? Let me give you is there are our intersection between them or not. Let's try it. For example. Sit three thoughts and we chose it. Did Is this wanted opened? A parent is a region true, of course, it have a new intersection. That's me. If there are no intersection between two sits and then before and sit number three. Give me true so it is true. But if we already have our intersection, it should give me force. Why we have True that's me in the value in sit them between does not exist or have any intersection with number four because we are the up undated and the seat number tree have only Scott and test, but sit number 4/2 Sally Bruce and trees. If we updated to sit number three and add value that other the exists into seat number for it showed. Give us false and so on and so on. Then we have. Is she upset? Please go on, Try this other function and share the result with us in the courts. Desiccation So, Richard, whether this sits content another state or not, but removed the specific elements. If you remember this one, we can't remove a specific elements from the seats. Then remove. Remove the specific estimates its work as the same US book Symmetric difference Ritual estate with symmetric difference off to sit, then with using the update inside the Semitic difference from the sit on another day, we have opinion region a state content union. Off sit, then update update to sit with union off this sit and other. So please go on trying the other function we have and share the results. Oh, what you investor from this function in the core discussion to let me know that you can't understand how vital work if you 60 to get the right answer and right definition off dysfunction. That's menu going correctly and you learning fight on in the right wife.