Putting Value in Your To-Do List | Jenn Bradshaw | Skillshare

Putting Value in Your To-Do List

Jenn Bradshaw, One Woman, Many Hats

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9 Videos (28m)
    • Intro Values and To Do List

    • Lesson 1 Intro

    • Lesson 2 - Creating Your List

    • Lesson 3 - Narrowing it Down

    • Lesson 4 - Choosing Your Priorities

    • Lesson 5 - Sticking to Your Guns

    • Lesson 6 - Keep it Simple

    • Lesson 7 - Your Class Project

    • Final Words


About This Class

Stop wasting time on doing things that are important to everyone but you. Discover your own values, and then apply them directly to your daily, weekly and monthly task lists.

In this course, you will dive past all the outside commotion to discover what really means the most to you. In the class project, you will take your most treasured values, and apply them to your own to-do list to ensure that you are only doing things that are meaningful to your own goals and dreams.


Values List Worksheet





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Jenn Bradshaw

One Woman, Many Hats

As my tag-line says, I'm a one-woman show, wearing many hats.

In addition to homeschooling my teenager (she's always schooled at home, so as of this writing, I've been teaching her for the better part of the last 8 years), I also...

Write romance and fantasy fiction novels under the name Sage Wolfsong.

Have a blog of the same name, where I create content that (hopefully) helps other women along in their spiritual journeys.

Co-own and manage the day-to-day running ...

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