Put your own Graphics in a Game Boy Screen with After Effects | Christopher Bentley | Skillshare

Put your own Graphics in a Game Boy Screen with After Effects

Christopher Bentley, Corporate Video Production

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7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Lesson 01 What are we doing

    • 2. Lesson 02 Filming your Scene

    • 3. Lesson 04 Importing all the Footage

    • 4. Lesson 03 Recording your PC Screen

    • 5. Lesson 05 Preparing the Screen

    • 6. Lesson 06 Final Effects

    • 7. Lesson 07 Wrap Up


About This Class

Need an interesting way to spread information on social or show something off? We'll be covering how to create your own Game Boy style screen-swaps!

It's an effect I've used previously in game reviews to make them stand-out, but if you're developing your own 'retro-inspired' games and need a way to promote them, or you want to promote a digital event/workshop/class to a tech-minded audience or you just want to start doing cool things on social media.

You can get all the resources you need to complete the course from our website; http://www.bootgum.com/2016/06/28/retro-screen-swap-skillshare-course-resources/





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Christopher Bentley

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Producer with over a decade experience in producing effective video content for Web and TV. Starting to branch out with Bootgum, a website devoted to bringing affordable video to businesses at any level.

Personally I love bringing an, 'in-your-face' 90's aesthetic to my personal project and playing with vibrant lighting setups and After Effects.

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