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Put your Instagram marketing on autopilot

teacher avatar Entreplorer Team, Latest Marketing Tech & Strategies

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Overview and Strategies

    • 3. Lesson 2: Automate Instagram Content

    • 4. Lesson 3: Automate Instagram Activities

    • 5. Lesson 4: What's next?

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About This Class

Many people are hesitant when it comes to implementing Instagram marketing... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated and too time consuming? It's time to realize that this represents a massive advantage for you, if you learn the simple techniques for automating your Instagram accounts and gain an edge over your competition.

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Entreplorer Team

Latest Marketing Tech & Strategies


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1. Introduction: Hey, this is also here from on toblerone dot com and I am very excited to share with you this free minute course on instagram automation. In this course I we shall review the exact methods that used to create 100 sent automated INSTAGRAM accounts that work trying to 47 and the exact strategies that you can use these automated Eastern Army cameras to grow your audience, drive traffic to your website and get more leads for your business. You learned the exact steps to put everything on autopilot from content creation to automating all your instagram activities. You will be able to publish fresh content to your instagram accounts every single day without having to create a single post yourself. Just like this accounts right here that I set up less than two weeks ago. So as you see all this content right here is automated. I didn't need to long into my instagram account to post this. Nor do I have to mess around with photo shop or image editing tools to great all these posts. So I will share with you the exact methods to make everything automated as you will see the first post of this account is posted on December 27th 2018 right here and today it is january 9th, 2019. So it's less than two weeks ago and ask currency. I have parents opposed and my flowers are growing every single day and I'm getting clicks to my lings every single day, so you will learn the exact methods that you can use to automate office. Okay, so I didn't need to hurry somebody or spend my time creating all this, and I didn't need to log into Instagrammed to engage with my audience. So you learn the exact steps to automate your content for Instagram as Iran's engagement activities on Instagram to grow your audience. So the reason why I'm grilling this course is because I am implementing Israel modeling in my business to get more traffic to my website and get more leads for my business. But I don't have enough time to do all the activities myself, such as managing multiple instagram accounts. Nor do I have the resource to hire somebody full time just to manage all the ceramica. So as you see here, with all this post, every single day is easily take one person four time to manage multiple accounts. So after figuring out the methods that I'm about to share with you in this course, I fear so great. Knowing that I now came creates as many Instagram accounts as I want and automate all of them so that I have an army of Instagram camps that worked for me. China, 47 required no maintenance and just continously growing my audience. Drive more traffic to my website and generate more leads for my business. So click on the start button right now to get inside the course, and I promise that you'll be learning a lot of useful things from this course. You'll be able to save your time, get more traffic or develop a strategy yourself to use this automated Ekstrom accounts to grow your business. So click on the start button now and unlock the course, and I will see you on the inside 2. Lesson 1: Overview and Strategies: Hey, does this follow again from Entre blurry? Don't come and welcome to lesson number one on Instagram Automation. So in this lesson, I'm going to share with you an overview on what we're going to cover in the next videos. And also, very importantly, the strategies and the ways that you can use this automated instagram accounts to benefit your business once they are set up. So let's get started. OK? So first of all, why I want to talk about is the necessary components off a fully automated Israel account. Okay, so there are two components that you need to automate if you want to set up a fully automated INSTAGRAM account, So think about a riel instagram account. What does it have to get so it has contact and it has activities. OK, so many people make the mistake of just automated activities like the following the unfollowed, the comment without automating the content. Maybe the can manually great a post content. That's fine. But I see that some automated instagram account they just have a few posts and they just do the automated activities. And that is not good, because you want to update your content to make your instagram account look like a real again. And also the content will roll your followers and will increase the rich out for Europe Instagram account as well. So in the second video, in this course we will be talking about content. How? Toe automate 100% off your content on your instagram accounts from content creation to content posting. So for example, this a carry here is two weeks old and it has nearly 200 posts and I didn't need to touch a thing. I didn't need to do anything to create this post right here. Everything is automated and I will show you in the next lesson gave the second components. Oh, on automated instagram account is the activities. Okay, so you know all the follow the follow the lacks the private message that the ends, the comments they are the activities on instagram that when people use instagram, they do on Israel basically. Okay, so in the third lesson, I'm going to show you how to automate your activities and the tools that you can use to all of me, your activities on instagram, so that it looks just like a normal instagram account and how to use this automated activities to roll your followers to get more people to visit your instagram profile and how to target people in specific niche for a location. OK, so these are the components that we will be talking about, so you need to ultimate both the content and activities in order to have a fully all that made it instagram account. Now let's talk about the strategies and the ways that you can use your ultimatum instrument account to benefit your business. Okay, so when we set up on automate the instagram account this way, it will look just like a normal. It's around a cow with a riel person behind it. So whatever you could do with a normal INSTAGRAM account, you can do with this automated INSTAGRAM account the differences that you don't need to spend time demand. Is that these accounts? Right? Everything is automated for you, tender for seven. Okay, so here are some of the ways that you can use your automated instagram account For the first of all, you can use it to drive free traffic to your website. Okay, so in your instagram pro farmer can place a link that part to the Web site or any website that you want to. Okay, so in this case, I am parting this leg to my Facebook group to get people to jarring my Facebook group. So let me show you this sweet Charlie here in the last seven days, I have over 100 people visit my profile and those are free visits. I didn't need to do a thing. Everything is running for me 24 7 And I get over 100 visits to my profile and get people to click on the links to my website right here. Okay. So everything is going to be free traffic for you. So this is only one account. Imagine you have 5 10 accounts. Okay. This can multiply within number accounts that you have. So not just traffic. You can also get Jerry calls, and you can get people to Eva's. You okay? So when it comes to getting calls is very beneficial for local business, so you can use it to generate leads for local possess as well. And in the third video, I'm gonna show you how to target people in specific location. How to engage with people automatically in a specific location so that you can generalise for your local bases, whether it's your own Mrs or if you manage local businesses as your clients. Okay, so I will show how to target people in a specific location in video number three. Now, the next tragedy that I want to share with you is very, very powerful. Okay, so you can use this automated It's RAM accounts to grow your main account. You can use them as satellite account to grow your main account. So I'm sure you this. So let's say that you have a main account right here. Big meaning carrot. Here. Maybe this is your brand, like our or your your main account that you actively use. Okay, You post do it. You post our own content. You actually engage with your audience here. Okay, this is your main account, and you don't want to automate this account. You want to basically manage everything in this account you don't want automate this. However, what you can do is you came automates satellite accounts around this account right around this account and just drive traffic to this. Main a carrot here. Just drive traffic okay, Just Dr Jaffe to this main account, so this can help you multiply effort with your mainly carry here. So with this medical, if you don't automate it, you just post content and just manage it manually. It can be very tedious, OK? To grow the account, managing all the activity, or you need to hire somebody to menace your main account for you. Okay, so that's fine, Dallas. Fine. But if you want more followers quickly, if you want to multiply your effort, what you do is you can set up different satellite accounts, okay? Different satellite accounts around this main account here and just grow it using automated methods that I'm gonna show you in the next week does. And what you do is you can mention this main account in the profile or convention the main account in your post. Then you can show the main account in your opposed or in your profile, so that when people visit the Pro Fire or the posts off this satellite counts, they can go to the main account and follow the main account. So it is a great way to automate your Medicare without all amazing it. Okay, without making this automating account, you can automate of the accounts around this account to get additional followers to your main account in addition to your effort on your main account. Okay, so that is another strategy that you can use this satellite accounts for. Okay, Another way that you can use your automated INSTAGRAM accounts is to use it to our ridge to your followers. And I will show you how into automatically send D. M's to your followers in the third lessons. But it is one of the way that you can send them so your followers, whether to engage with them, whether to turn them into lead whether to start a conversation You can do this with your automated accounts now, no way that you can use your automated INSTAGRAM accounts is to create multiple Mitch accounts, right? Create multiple nish accounts. So for this account right here, I created, as in the online entrepreneur online business nation. Right and all the post is related to that topic, and many people they want to ah, follow this account. Okay, So here are all the followers that I get here are people who are interested in this topic and I especially target people who are in this specific niche. So what you do is, for example, you can create an account for in sports. You can create an account that is all about tennis, for example, and target people who are interested in that nish who are passionate about tennis, for example. Okay, so when you set up an account, think about the niche, Okay, that you want to sell your accounting, you can whether set up your account as a brand account or a mish account. Okay, So if you want to drive traffic to your website, maybe it's set up as a brand account and post different things in different knishes. OK, but if you want to, like, generate really target audience, you can create Nish account and Onley Post and only Tari audience in specific. Okay, So while talking about nature versus brand account, let's talk about the present visits before we get started. Okay, So frazzled. You need to create and verify your instagram accounts in order to automate them. OK, so what I suggest you do is you create your INSTAGRAM accounts using his ramp APs, whether it's window APS or I myself prefer using app on my phone. Whether it's iPhone or Android. Don't create accounts on instagram dot com. Don't use the white version. Use the apparition and verify your account. Using a phone number, you can use your own phone number or just get a phone number to verify the accounts. I think you can have up to five accounts perform numbers. So it is a good amount of accounts that you came a sapper phone number so great and verify your instagram accounts first. Now, in order to automate your content posting. Okay, you need to have a business profile. Okay, so once you have great and verify your instagram can't go to your app on your phone. So the settings and switch to a business profile and follow the steps. Now when you switch you the business wolf are you need to create a Facebook page or you need to link to a Facebook page if you already have. So if you haven't had a Facebook page, you can create your official page right inside your instagram settings. Okay, so this is very important. If you're a local business, make sure that you put in your phone number that you want people to call you here so that when people go to your profile, they see this coal balance right here. Okay, So the next very important thing is to have a spreadsheet to manage your profile. Believe me, this is really important. You think? Oh, I can remember one or two locking credentials, No problem. But trust me, when you go through this video's not only will you have accounts on Instagram, you will also have accounts on other websites. That's well, and it's too will be linked to one profile. And there will be tools that can be used for multiple balls but allow toes will be linked to one specific profile. So what you need to issue need to have some kind of management here. Okay, So put every single detail of your instagram profile here and every other single accounts that are related to that profile inside a spreadsheet so that if you want to change anything or if want to stop something, you go in and edit it. Okay, so this is very important. OK, so that is all about the over you and the strategies I want you to learn. Okay, so Kim. My dad's in next video. We're going to talk about content and the activities, but before that you need to create this. Okay, I suggest that you have one or two INSTAGRAM accounts to start with. After you are familiar with the process. We can go on and create more and more count. But first start with one or two profiles and so less do this less create interim Cao, stretching them to business profile and have expression to manage to them. And after that, let's go to the lesson number two, where I show you how to automate the entire content generation and posting for your instagram camps. So when you're ready, click the button below and go to less number two RC, you gain the lesson Number two 3. Lesson 2: Automate Instagram Content: Hey, this is why we're here. And welcome to lesson number two off the instagram. All the mission. Meaning course. And in this lesson, I'm gonna show you how to 1% automate your content for instagram. Okay, so if you use is Ram, you know that creating content, all the content like this and posting can take a lot of time and it can easily take a social media manager to manage multiple accounts for you. Okay, so in this lesson, I'm show you how to basically fill your instagram accounts with content without having to do anything. OK, so let's get started. So first, before we go into how to automate our content for each gram, I want to talk about the times of content on instagram. So first of all, we have single photo post. Okay, so this are single photo post. These are the most popular type of content on instagram. Okay, So single for the Post is still the most popular type of content people because for those are the easiest type of content on instagram to create, right? So after that, we have multiple for the post. Okay. So is similar to a single father post. But in one post you have multiple follows. So that is the second type of content on his grandpa. Now a time content that on Instagram that's can create a lot of engagement with your following is short videos on instagram feed. Okay, short videos. Okay, So this time our content is very engaging and is becoming more and more popular on Instagram. Still not as popular as the single photo post, but it is becoming more and more popular now stories is are becoming a huge thing on Instagram and Facebook. Now, with the stories, you can have photos and videos in your stories, so stories are becoming more and more popular and they are a great way to generate engagement with your audience. Okay? And also Israel TV, which is a new thing on instagram which we're not going to talk about in this course. Okay, so the type off content on Instagram that we came automate is single photo post. So at the moment, we're not able to automate this type of content due to the limitations of instagram ap I OK , so single photo post is the only type of content that we can automate, and it is still the most part of the type of content. Okay, so in this lesson, I will show you how to automate this type of content. Okay, So in the future, if they opens up there, maybe I for the business instagram profile, we may be able to automate this type of content as well. Before now, Single for the post is the type of content that we will be automating. All right, so now we know the type of content that we will be all the mating. Now, let's talk about the components off its around content automation. Okay, so, first of all, you need to generate in the content and then that you need to be able to post a content automatically. Now, let's are a little bit of a content posted. Okay? So the reason why you need to switch to a business instagram profile is to be able to post on instagram automatically. Okay, If you have a personal profile, you won't be able to connect third party Softwares such as buffer to post on your instagram automatically. Okay, so you need to have a business profile for this, and I will show you how to connect Buffer to your instagram account in a moment. But basically, this is the obligation that we will be using to automatically post content on Instagram. Now, there are other times of obligation is out there. You may fight something else that you want to use, but I find that buffer works ground and it's one of the most popular social media management applications out there. So I'm going to use a buffer. I will live a link to all the tools that I used to automate all this in the description below this video. So check out inside for an account with this tools And don't forget to go to your when you create an account with this tools. Don't forget to go to your spreadsheet to put every single detail here so that you can find details that you're looking for later on. Okay, so that is what we're going to use for content posting. Now let me go through all the theory before showing you step by step on how to set everything up. So the next part off the content automation machine on Instagram is actually generating the content. Okay, where do we get the content for buffer to post on our instagram Now, on Instagram a lot of the content is user generated content and also a lot of contents are not created by your user. For example Disa carry here. All this content is if you take a look at this photo right here. Okay. Is some of the hours photo and just a quote on it? Okay. And there are many attack of photos that are not your own photos. You can just post any time of photos on instagram, maybe a stock photo you can post stock For those, there's a matter to impose Any times of photos and a content source that's news is used. Other people content on Instagram. This is what they call repost when it comes Teoh instagram marketing they call it repost. Okay, we call it use other people content. But when you look for such for repost instagram content on Google, you will see that this is actually a strategy that a lot of brands used to grow their audience. They reposed user generated content to fill up their content and also generate more followers. Okay, so another time content is that you can actually use all the articles from websites. And I would talk about how to do this the right way if you want to. But these are the types of content that you can use. The third type of content is, of course, your own content. Now, why do I put your own content right here? Because sometimes you have to website and you post article on it. What you gonna do is you can publish your own content on your website and your own content will become automatically become your instagram post. Without you having to post on instagram yourself, it will be automated. OK, so let's not talk about your own content right here. Our go is to not have to create our own content. So let's talk about use other people contact, Okay? So when we use other people content, what we need to do is turn it into some source of content that we can use. So I myself, I turned all this content into an R s s feed, okay. And when I put it all together, I use integral Matt and Xabier to post this content that I gather right here to gather this content and turn them into RSS feed right here. And I connect the contents source here with buffer, and that's it. That's how I have an automated content machine for my INSTAGRAM account. Now, let's talk a bit more about how to use other people in surround content. We call it re posting. Okay, So if you care about copyright issues and things like that before you use other instagram content of other people need to ask for the permission. Okay. So you can just reach out to the instagram account owner that has the content that you want to post it. So let me fight something right here. So this content is I get from an account that is posting a lot of business quote. Okay, so this is the type of content that I want to post. Okay. What I can do is I can I can take a look at all these accounts that all putting this content right here, and I can asked for a permission to republish the content. And in my message to them, I can say that I will be measuring their instagram account in the post just like this content by so this will help during their followers as well. So many people they want free flowers. They don't care if other people post their content. OK, they want the content to be more popular. And this is something that is pretty normal on Instagram. A lot of brands, they do this. OK, so that is one way you can reach out directly to the accounts that have the content that you want to use that have the content that that would be suitable to your English. Okay. And you can reach out of them. There are a lot of accounts that will have the same type of content that you want to use, just which other them and say that I really love your feet. Do you mind if I republished some of your posts and mentioned you in the post? Ok, so a lot of people they want free followers. They want the content to be more popular. They even have their instagram handle in the post right here. So when we post this, people will will see their handle. So it is for traffic for them. So a lot of people will be okay with this. Okay, So that is the case where you want to be complying with the copyright long, right? If you don't care, if you don't care, then just you can take any people content on instagram. But if you want to be a bit more careful with this, ask for permission before you take their content simply applies to online articles. Okay, which out the websites and have the content that you want to use and ask them for permission to post their photos from the other goals and quote in mentioning them in your post and quote one of descendants in their article. And I will show you how to both published other instagram content and all my articles in a moment. Okay, so the second way that you can get content from other INSTAGRAM users is, for example, if you have a brand instagram account, what you can do is for resemble. You can ask your followers to compete in a competition, and in that competition you ask your followers to mention a hashtag and you can take all the content that have that unique hashtag and posted on your instagram. So when people mentioned the hashtag that you specify, you say in the competition that when you specify the hashtag like this, we can use your photo on our feet. We can re post your photos so that it's one way that you can get content for multiple users and I will show you how to turn any. It's RAM pose with the same hashtag into an RSS feed so that you can post fire buffer right here. Okay, So before I show you how to step by step, set everything up to post your content to generate your content on ultraviolet. I want to tell a little bit more about reporting other people contact. Okay, so the rule of thumb is that if you care about people go after you by using their content that which out of them and asked for permission. If you don't care, then you can use other people content on your instagram. And it is actually a common thing to do on instagram Now I doubt that many people will go after you If they used their content. Many people will actually love it if you share the content and mentioning them in the post . Okay, many people will actually like it. OK, but if you want to be careful? Wish out to the original source off the content and ask for permission. You say that. Hey, I really love your feet. Do you mind if I share some of your content? If I report some of your post on my instagram on my profile, if a lot of people are going to be okay with that because they want more followers, they want more rich. They want basically free traffic to their instagram profile. So if you want to be Cabral's than rich out and asked for permission, Okay. There sometimes of content out there that I suggest that I really recommend that you reach out first. For example, if you are taking photos from a photographer, for example, it is their work that put all the content together to go out. And should the photos and if you posted to the content without their permission, many people won't be okay with that. So in that case, definitely reach out to the greater first before reporting the content. If you reach out of them politely, just say that I'm going to credit you in the post. I want I really love your content. I want more people to know about it. I will credit you in the post and willing to your I will mention the you in the post. People will be OK with that if you don't want to be reposed and don't use their content. Okay, so that is the time content that I suggest that you go out there and reach out to them. OK, so another time content that you can basically tickets that this generi type of content right here. As you can see, this Tava content some of they put this together. But this type of content get shared around a lot. We don't know who is the original source off the content because the person who creates this content, they don't come up with this text. They take this from somebody else. Let's say that they have this image right here, and this is from some of the US. They just put a quote on an image and they just post it on their instagram profile. And this type of content gets shared around a lot. Think about a really instagram user when you go on instagram and you see a nice content. Okay, you can screenshot it and you can re share it. Or there are actually APS on mobile phones which you can use through safe in surround photos to repose for the reporting purpose. So what I'm saying here is reporting is something that is very, very popular and a lot of people do a lot of people. They ask for permissions before re posting other people contain Ah, lot of people do not ask for permissions, but it's up to you to take another step before reporting some of the hours content. You can ask for permission or you can mentioning them in the instagram post. Or you can just take the content and reports that it's up to you how you want to go with it . So what says yes you do is just which our four for permissions a lot. People will be okay with this, because is social media people are used to content being shared around. Okay, people are used to that. So when they publish the content on social media, they are pretty okay with the fact that photos and images can be easily downloaded and can be easily be shared. And you see on social media a big portion of content is by sharing posts and photos from other sources. So to conclude, if you're taking content from somebody who would be pretty serious about the common being reposted, then ask for their permission first. Okay, if you think that that person would care if the content will be reported, they asked for permission first. If you can find a constant source that is out there that people wouldn't care if is repose it or not, then feel free to use that content to report it internally into an RSS feed so that you can pose it on your instagram account. Now let's move into how to set everything up. Now, the first thing that you need to set up is a buffer connection. Okay, so let me let me go to buffer dot com and show you how to set things up. Okay, so I'm here on Buffett dot com here and let me remove my count and let me are connected again so that you know the steps. Get so when you first grade your buffalo dot com, remember to go here and put your camera here with the right credentials and let's connect it to your It's a gram count. Okay, so it buffered. There will be step by step instructions. Just need to follow it. Okay. Now, a very important step that you need to do is Sepp direct posting to Instagram. Okay, so this will make it possible to automate your posting. If you don't set this, then Buffalo won't be able to automatic a post to your instagram camp. So make sure that you that you set this up. Okay? So let me fill out my password real quick and come back to you. Okay? So less continue. All right, now this is done. OK, so it's robbery matters. It's not necessary, but that you set this up anyways. Okay, so now you're all set. That's finished. Okay, so basically, that's it on buffer right here. So buffer is for automatically posting to your instagram. Now we need to connect the content source to buffer so that we can automatically transfer the content from the source to buffer and then to our instagram account. So how can we do that? It's via this service is right here is whether integral, Matt or Xabier I myself prefer using integral Matt because It's a romance. Has Mawr free musician than Xabier? With Xavier, you can use 100 free runs per month or free triggers. Okay, so with Integral Matt, you can have 1000. OK, so integral Chromatis more generous with their free tier. Okay, so let's use integral in this case is pretty similar between this services. So if you know how to set up on Integral Matt, you'll know how those set up on labour as well, in case you have a Xabi account. Now, before we set this up, we need to have a constant source first. So them show you how to turn an instagram source of content into R S s feed. Okay, so I found a constant source that I want to use, which is this Israel account right here. So on Instagram, there's no RSS option available, so I will need to turn this into an RSS feed. Okay, So, as you see here, if you take a look at this count, they post really generic content right here. And it's not their content. It's the quotes from some of the hours or the lessons from maybe a book, for example, and the Screenshots for example. And they also reposed as you see here they are reporting from another account right here. So it just want to show you that reporting is very, very popular here. Okay, so let me show you how to turn this into an RSS feed. So what you need to use is quarry feet dot com. Okay? And I will put all the links in the description below, so you can easily fight this website. Okay, so with curry fee, what you can do is you can turn ah, lot of things into an R s s feed. Okay, so Instagram is one of them. OK, so you can put the user name right here, So let's copy the years name, and let's turn this into a feed. Okay, so this is the feed that we have right here. Now, the next step is very, very easily Let me show you from start to finish how to set this up in integral, Matt. Okay, So let's create a new scenario right here, and you can skip this now. The first part is going to be the trigger. Right? The trigger. Whenever the fetus updated after a certain period of time. It's a group that will check the feed to see if there's any new content. And it won't watch the feet items for new content results like this. So select triggers and put in the feet. You're out right here. And let's do one post at the time only. Okay, so this account post very, very often they post several times the days, but we only want to post like one of the time. Okay. So clear on hair right here. Here. You can identify the post that you want to get so you can get all the post from this account. You can specify integral matter. Get all the new posts on Lee by isolating this or you. If you want to get post from after a specific date, then select this. So I will select for our arrest Friedrich here and go to the next step. So So, Leading RSS feed is very useful when you want to test the scenario. Okay, So if you select from now on, maybe if they don't have the new post, then there won't be any new item in the feet. But if you select all posts, all feet, items, then you will be able to test your automation. Okay, so the next step question each and its buffer. Now, you already connect Buffer to your instagram account. Now, you just need to specify that this will be posted to buffer. So we will be creating a new status update. So select this. If you haven't connect your buffer account to your integral Matt account, then you can do it right here by clicking on at right here. In this case, I are really connected my account to my buffer camera here. And let me show you how to turn this into a post on instagram. Okay, so now Integral meant is very, very, very cool. When it comes to setting this up, you can easily get used to this after a few scenarios that you create. Okay, so let's have some texts for our post. Remember that we are automating single photo post, So with a single for the post, you can have a caption. Okay, the caption for your post and then a photo. OK, so let's get some texts for the caption it. So the caption that we're going to use here is the description. Okay, so if you go to the RSS feed. You see that? The description? This. Okay, so description is double tap if you are going to face your fears. Okay. So this is perfect for a photo post. Okay, so let's use it as a caption right here. Now, if you know this in the description, let me go to this. They have the mention offer leaders in there in the caption. They're doing this. They are mentioning their own instagram count to prevent people taking their posts. Okay, So when we will take their post, if they want to take this description this caption regular, they will also take their instagram handle. And when people take their post, they will be growing their INSTAGRAM account at the same time. So this is why they do this. If you don't want to mention them in the post, I'll show you a trick to basically turn this into your own instagram handle. Or if you watch a previous real, you can use this to mention your main instagram profile to drive followers to your main instagram profile. If you used the instagram satellite strategies, Okay, so let's say that in the description there is their instagram handle. Now, what you going to do is you want to replace that instagram handle with your own instagram handle. So how to do that? So in its ago matter right here, you can do a lot of things with the text with the data that you have. That is one thing that I really like about Integral Matt over Xabier. Okay, So what, you going to Egypt? You can replace any text with your own text. So let's say that you can see the instruction right here. Okay? So if you say they up like this, let me go back to this. If you say it's set up like this, right, you will be replaced. Hello? With high inside this string right here. So I want to replace their instagram handle with my own. Okay, So let's put the description right here, and let's replace their instagram handle, which is off our leaders. And I want to replace it with my own handle. So let's say that my hand. Okay, so you can put anything right here. You can remove it by replacing with an empty shrink. Okay, So again, put right around here. An empty string just like this. Okay, so you know, when you look at this now, in the description in the text that we're going to use, we're going to replace this within and this ring to remove the mention to their instagram camp. But if you don't want to remove the mention, you can just leave it like this. Okay, so it's up to you. Okay, It's up to you now. I want to attach a media to the update. OK, so definitely there will be an image. Okay, because we're putting a single photo post. So in this specific feed, this is the you, Earl to the image. So if you go back to the feed, you can see this. Is this in cocksure you, Earl and a willing to the image. If you go to this, you'll be going to the image. So you want to take this right one. Take this and links with the pitch. Last used the enclosure you were out and also the family as well. So this will depend a lot on the content source. Maybe in other content source, they don't call the image euro enclosure euro. They may say something different or they may say that this is not the discretion, or you may want to use the title, for example. So it's really flexible, and it will depend on the content source that you have. Right? So what I do next is I generate some hash tags to put here. So I looked through all the content that I have right here. I don't find anything that I can use as hash tax. Okay, so there's no has tax right here. So what I will do is I'm going to generate some hashtag. Okay, So this is the website that I used to generate the hashtags. So what the has tax are for Has tash are a great way to grow your followers because now people can follow the hashtag that they want. And if you publish your content with hashtag that people follow, it may appear in a lot of strangers profile. And if they like your content, they can follow you. Now, when you generate your has had you want to generate the hashtags that are in the your niche or in the topic that you want to target people. So for this instagram a camera here, I want to target all I entrepreneurs, marketers and people in the same niche right here. So let's say that I will put the has tag. Business quotes, for example, says OK, so let's do business in this case so you can select the top has tax. The life has 10 or the random has tax were here. I don't usually select this because top has tax are very hard to compete. If you have a brand new INSTAGRAM account, I usually use the random has tax. And from what I see when using hashtag is that when I set up like this and I use 30 set up 30 has tax for appear of time when I switched to another set off 30 has tax. I get on instant boosts in new followers so you can go in here and you can change. Your has tapped ones in the world. If the content source doesn't have anything for you to use, has stashed yet you didn't go in here and generate has tax and it's a great way to grow your followers because now people can follow. Has tak. People are following the topic that they want to follow, and if you have new content on hashtag you can. Your instagram profile can be found by Rowe. People who are following these specific niche has tax right here. So let me put all this has stashed in the text right here. So this will be posted when the Post is published. Okay, so let me set this. And before I run it limits of it so that it's safe and you can actually run a test like this. And Okay, so it is posted now is posted. What do you think this is the description? This is the media, Okay? It's a media that it just posted and text the content from the this account right here. This offer leaders account and puts it on my account. Okay, so let me reload this. All right, so this is a new post that it just posted. And as you see, these are the has tax that we just put it right inside into Goma, and it's just supposed it right here. So that is how you can generate post on autopilot form for your instagram profile. Now, you just need to set a schedule for it. This is for specify the interval that you want to post. So you have 1000 free runs off integral Matt a month. You may want to set this a little bit high. For example, 3 180 minutes, Which, which means three hours per post. Okay, so less set this up and three hours proposed ID equals 28 post a days. Imagine having to create eight post and just go here and and post eight times a day. It is a lot of work now with this, you don't need to touch it now. When you activated and you save it like this, that's it done. That is done. That is how you can half automated content machine for your instagram. That's it. Okay, so it is pretty simple. If you think about it, we just have a content sort and then use each agro Matt to connect it to Buffer to pose it on instagram account. So that is content source from instagram. Now what about other content sources? I'm show you an example. Okay, so I also posts content from this website entrepreneur, not come right here. And what? We set up the scratch, but I will show you how the settings look like now when you want to find a constant source on a lot of website. If they published article, they will have RSS feed by default. So you don't need to use quarter feet. They already haven't are as us feed. It's just a matter of fighting the RSS feed to use here. Okay. So far as I'm entrepreneur dot com, they have a lot of RSS feet to use. Okay, so let's go to their website. They have a lot off post with good photos that we can use. Okay. And this is the description of their post. Okay, So it will depend on the content source. But here on entrepreneur dot com, this is the description of their post, and this is great for instagram. Caption. I will like this type of a caption. Okay, so start a service based business with knowledge, you have a cry over the years. So it's just some random caption that you can use. Okay. So less me show you the setting. So this contraband dot com, we only get one post at the time and the schedule settings I say as let's do it every six hours. Okay? Every six hours because dot com they don't release new article that often compared to this instagram account right here. So it will depend on the constant source. You can set the schedule based on how often the constant source is updated. Now, a lot of articles on entrepreneur not calm. They don't have an image, right? So I won't need to create a fielder right here. And I won't need to say that if there's no image, there's no image. You're out. Meaning the image. You're all okay. So let me image than Euro. If this this thing is empty equal to is not equal to embittering meaning it is not empty. Okay, then Onley Then continue to the next step. Okay, If it is empty, they don't continue to the next day. So this is the condition that you can use to figure out. OK, so when they continues to the next step, let me show you the settings in with buffalo right here. So this is the his grandpa fall. Okay, so here, with this feed, I find something that I can use for that has tax. Okay, so let me go to the feet. Okay, So they actually have this key words right here. That is very good for has tax to use for has tax. They're related to the post and they can be used for half facts. But in this case, the problem is that there are spaces between the key words. We don't want to use spaces in half sacks. So what we need to do is to replace the space with an empty strength. Okay, so here the same thing. Okay, so replace actually here. I replaced tries. Right. So here in the keyword is connected by the comma. Okay, the next thing that we want to replace is replaced the calmer, the with this. Okay, so here what I replace it is, first of all, replaced the space with an empty string. So this won't remove all the space in the key words. Right? Okay. So after you have replaced the space with the empty string and you see here there are some space where here and it has been replaced with an empty string. Now you need to replace, replace again, put the replace inside another replace and replace the comer with a hash, right? The comma with hash, they hash in the space right here. So the result of this is let me go to the profile. Let's fight a post that I take from entrepreneur dot com and the result is this hash tax right here automatically knew, has tax every single post. So that is how you can't automate your content. The most important thing is to find a content source and turn it into an RSS feed so that you can use with integral Matt with is a peer to automate your content. And don't forget to put the integral Matt and Saper financial in the spreadsheet. I suggest that you use one integral Matt account and one Xabi account with one instagram profile. Not once you set this up, we just set it and forget it. It won't just run and run and run whenever the new content sources updated. Then it will be automatically posted to your instagram profile. Without you having to anything with yourself, it's going to be very flexible. You can turn a lot of things into your content, whether you find a website online with a lot of coats, photo supposed, or if you find some article websites that you can use their photos from their articles to post on your instagram. Or if you fight an interim profound that you can repose. You can just set it up like this and he will automatically post for you. Check the new post and post for you 24 7 All right, so let me talk a little bit about a quarry feet dark net right here. In addition to generate RSS feed from user name, what you do is you can generate RSS feed for on photos with specific hashtags. Okay, So the strategy that I talk about is you can have a competition or an event for your followers to take follows and mention it and put the has taps to the photos. Okay, specially has tax. And what you can do here is you can all the mate all that you can say that if you put this hashtag on your follow up, we will be featuring your photo on our feed. Okay, so with this, let's say that the house that is Giora brand name like this is unique to you. Is a unit hashtag that Not many people used to say that if you ask your followers to mention this hashtag in their instagram posts that mention that you can go here and you can turn all the photos that have this specially hash act that is specific to you to repose automatically. So you don't need to go to Instagram and fight all the photos and save all the photos and just repose it manually. You can use this toe automatically posted photos with the specific half tax that you want and also you can have geo location photos like this, for example, Maybe if you're a local business with a specific location, you can have photos from specific location posted automatically to your INSTAGRAM account. So the important thing is to find a content source that you can use to automatically generate content for your account. Okay, so that is all I want to cover in this content automation lesson right here. Help you get a lot of useful things from this lesson. Now, with this Sabra here, you can be creative with your set up. If you don't want to use is around constant source, you can find out the contents ours. If you want to use your own website, you can use your own website and turn it into an RSS feed and then put it all together. Using integral Matt and I will put all the links inside the description below all the tools right here so that you don't need to fight it. So check out this Russian below. Once you set up a content machine for your instagram account, go onto the next step to automate your instagram activities. So when you're ready, click the button below to continue to lesson number three. When I show you how to automate all your instagram activities China 47 to roll your audience and get more people to follow you. So I see you in the next lesson. 4. Lesson 3: Automate Instagram Activities: Hey, this is why low here and we'll come back to Instagram Automation. Meaning course from entrepreneur dot com. And welcome to lesson number three, where I've been showing you how to automate your instagram engagement activities. In the previous lesson, I show you how to create an automated instagram counting machine and help that by now you have self your is gram content machine that is running and generally you new posts every single day. Okay, so if you have any questions about it, make sure that you join my group down below. There will be a link down below to join my group on this page, so make sure they joined a group. If you have any questions, you can ask questions or if you want to share your experience or share your own tips and tricks. When setting this up, make sure that you join groups and ask questions or oppose so that other people are taking this course came learn from you or I'll give you advice on your questions. Okay, so in today's lesson, I'm going to show you how to automate your instagram and get some activities. So after you have your content right after you have your content. Now it's time to automate the other component of on automated instagram care, which is engagement activities. So what? Our engagement activities and why they are so important. Okay, so engagement activities are things that people do when they use social media in on instagram. It means the follow the unfollowed comment like the D. M's. So those are activities that show people that this is a an INSTAGRAM account. Normal instagram accounts. They do these activities because there are real people behind that. So, you know that is not enough to just post content. If your post content if you only all the made the content part without automating the engagement part. Okay, people will see that people were trying to get with you and they received no engagement back. They get no lacks for beauty, getting no comment from you, and that will create a distance between your followers and the East Aram account that you want all the main. Okay, so it's important that you are automating engagement activities as well. So not just automating. If you don't automate getting negative. These If you grow your own instagram account, you also need to engage with people. Okay, If you decide that you don't want to automate this and you want to maybe do it yourself or hired somebody to do this activities, then you need to do these engagement activity as well. Because it is social media. People need interaction from you in order to engage more with you. Right. Okay, so I say that you just post content on Instagram and you get new followers and they get nothing from you. Get no engagement activities from you. They will see that this is just an account that is just posting content, content, content. And they and when they engaged to get nothing back. So over time, their engagement to you will be less unless so again, it's very important that you engage with people on your instagram, whether it's mentally or automatically, it's very pointed that you have this activities set up or do it mentally whatever you want to do. But in this video, I'm gonna show you how to automate this activities. Right? So why Why you want all the made this activities? Because automation was saved your time and save you a lot of effort. Okay, so these activities, right? This activities can help you increase rich. How we get more followers building issuing with your followers and also increase your brand awareness. So why does it help you crystal rich and get more followers? So if you look at this so when people engaged with you on instagram, you'll get notifications. Right? And these are the notification that people receive if you engage with them. Now, if imagine that you have a brand, okay? And you engage with them this Well, you're Brandon will appear on their instagram notifications, and most people use instagram on their mobile forms. Right, So your brand name will appear on your mobile phone. Okay, So when you engage with people, your brand name, your instagram handle your logo or image or whatever here will show on other people notification. So that's the power of instagram, right? Okay. So far as I'm with this guy right here, commenting on my photo. OK, so let's say that I am a normal instagram user. I see that this person right here, like a lot of my photos were here and then give me a good comment. Okay. I'm curious who this person is and I will go to this person account and check his account to see whether the content on the account is interesting or not. Maybe I give him a follow. Okay. So that that is what normal users do. Okay, so we want to do this to attract normal users to our countless. Well, so again, for another example, is that Let me go back to my instagram page. So another example is that when somebody followed you, okay, you'll get a notification, and there is a very convenient follow button right here that you're gonna follow back. Okay. And again, if you use it's around on your phone. When somebody even if it's a stranger, you don't know anything about that person. If that person interacts with you, that person will lives a notification on your phone. Okay, that is so powerful on your phone so that you can see the person brand name the instagram handle or and the photo and the logo. What's a better way to reach out to people than this? It's a very powerful way to reach out to people on instagram. The notifications are most people leave the notifications on so that it means that when you interact with somebody. Okay, let's say that I just follow this guy right here, Okay? This won't live in notification on their phone. Okay? So they will see that Internet entrepreneur docked five started following you. And another tip is that when you set up your instagram handle, it is a knish profile. Okay? You want to make it clear you don't want to have a handle? That doesn't mean anything, OK? It's fine. If it's a brand, for example, Nike, maybe apple, maybe entrepreneur dot com They have a handle off their brand name. That's fine. If you want to be with you, Brandon. That's why. But if you want to build a knish account, they have a handle that says something that people understand in plain English. Right? So when people look at this, they see that. Okay, so this is about entrepreneur is about Internet. So people who are you this knish, they will see that. Okay, so this is a Rampal Far is in my niche. Maybe it has content that interests me. OK, Ok, I will follow his account. Okay, So don't do something like this when I look at this. If This is a mission account and this is a very bad handle, OK, I don't understand anything about this or this. It's five for personal account, but for Nish account that we created for this purpose, we need to have something that says clearly in plain English, people can understand whatever it is about. OK, so that is a tip. So again, engagement activities are very powerful to increase your rich. Okay, Because it gives people notifications. Okay, you can send. You are basically sending people notifications that has your brand name or your instagram handle and your or maybe your logo. If you're a brand, it is very powerful. Okay, so if you are a brand, you could put your local right here and they will show in the notifications of instagram on other people account. So that is why way need to automate activities because they will increase the rich. It will get flowers who are very entirely flowers. And it will build engagement with your followers, of course, and also ran awareness. So if you do this manually, OK, it's going to take you a lot of time or it's going to easily take some of the full time to do this or several people for time to manage several accounts. So it's quite easy for you. Just leave like like this, Just like or comment like this is easy task, but when you do it 100 times a day, 200 times a day, it becomes something that is very, very tedious. OK, so it's important that you have something to automate this for you. So the two that I'm going to show you is going to be this tour right here called my brand but dot com and I have help the creators of this to to develop some of the features so that it is useful to you it is are useful for this particular court and instagram modeling in general. So I have also partnered with this tool to bring you a special deal that I will leave link down below, basically get access for this to with how having to pay a recurring free for this okay, normally is a returning fee. But I have a partner with the creators of this to to basically bring you a very special deal. But anyways, I will show you how to use this to easily sap your instagram engagement activities and put them all on autopilot. So let me show you the two. OK, so it's called my brand, but not come and again I have helped the creators of this too develop some of the features that you will see in the coming days. They are working on some features that I help them with. And you will see the new features in the coming days. And it already has some of the powerful features I'm going to show you now. OK, so before I show you the applications that can automate your entire Instagram rendition activities, I want to talk a little bit of balance. What you need to have before you use the tool. It is proxies. Okay, it is processed. So it's likely that you're going to set up multiple accounts with Instagram and it is necessary to have probably So what are proxies? So, for example, when you are logging into instagram, he's a gram war. No, your i p address, right? And if you have 10 instagram accounts on the same I p address, all automating, all doing the same thing, that would trigger a red flag on Instagram. You can notice this with other websites or social networks as well. If you say a foreign account on Facebook and you look out in your side for in the cow gate and yourself for an Italian after their third or fourth time, Facebook will block you from doing that because they know your i p address. So it is important to separate your accounts. Okay, So put your accounts on different I p address. So it was something like this. So let's say that you have your proxy. So your proxy think Think of a process like an I P address. So if you're not familiar with biopsies, this is how they work. So let's say that you have three proxies like this, so each party is similar to an I P address. Right? So on one proxy, you can have three instagram account. So that is the number that I find is a safe number to go with. So you can have ah three instagram account. So three instrument is the account, right? So all this three instagram accounts will be accessing from this I p address. Okay. And on this proxy, Okay, he will be a different I p address. Okay, so totally different I p address right here. Ok, so all your instagram account won't be put on the same i p address. Okay, so let's say that you have an important instagram account and not so important. Instagram So separate those so that they are not accessed from the same i p address. So when something triggers some red flags trigger on this I p right on this I p other instagram camps won't be trigger that as well. And it is essential when you automate anything. Whether it's instagram where this is Facebook, where there s Pinterest, anything will need a proxy, Okay? We needed process and the rule of thumb is go with three instagram counts per property. You can go more than that, but I find free is a good number to stick with. So I have a proxy source that is pretty affordable. I have found this process source for you. It's pretty affordable and you can start with a low number A lot of prophecy providers, their lowest packages 10 properties. You may not need all 10 properties to start with, So this process provider right here you can start with five properties. So with five profits can already set up 15 instagram account on this five process. So I recommend that you go with dedicated parties. Okay, So what are dedicated process? Biopsies are proxies that only use use. Okay, so it's only for you. Okay, so you don't share it with anybody else. I like semi dedicated parties. With this process you share with two or three other people. So two or three other people that came use this proxy for different purposes and you don't know they can be spamming instagram and they can get the process blocked on Instagram already. So if you have important accounts Okay, go with dedicated proxies, right? It's pretty cheap. $6 to start with, but $6 a month Very, very cheap, very, very affordable To start with you If you have not so important to surround counts, you think that they are like disposable instagram accounts. Then you can go with semi dedicated properties. So that is proxies get it is it's necessary is important and this provider is very affordable to start with. So I live a link in the description on this page, so yeah, go get it before you continue. OK, so let's go back to my brand box and see How can we automate everything? So now that you have your proxy, go to the settings, okay? And just put in your your proxy right here. Putting. You're probably right here. Right? And just, uh, it's just as easy as that. The i p the part that use name the password and you can at more instagram accounts right here. So it's pretty, pretty straightforward. Let's talk about the main features of the application. So what I really like about this and some of the features here I have a partner with you, and I have helped them with building and give you advice on what is important features to build. And they build just that. OK, they build pretty straightforward and impressive are features that I really, really like. So first of all is the ability to target the audience that you want to engage with. Okay, So what do we mean by targeting? All right, so let's say that you have a local business. You can target people who are in your CD or if you want to target by topic you can target people who follow a specific hashtag who follow a specific topic. Okay, so here this is a Grammy carries about Internet entrepreneur business. Things like that I can target just those people who are in this nish very, very easily. Just type in the hash tag right here and again. Just happened. Your location right here. So say that you only want to target people in New York. You can easily do that right here, OK? And you can also target people who follow a specific account. So let's say that you have You want to target people who are the followers of this specific account. You see that this guy has the followers that I want to rich. Okay, you can target that too. So this is great for stealing followers off. Your competitors can just type in the years name right here. So let's say that I want to target people who follow this account can easily do that. And just like that, Okay. So I can narrow down. Okay? The targeting off my audience. So with this, you won't be target. People who are random people, okay? You'll be targeting people who are in your niche or in whatever topic or whatever target that you want to target. Okay, so that is the power of titling with this too. Right here. Okay, so after you set your target, okay, you can have additional filter to even, like, narrowed your your target even more. Okay, You can turn on this filter right here, and you can choose to interact with people who have the requirements that you want. OK, so let's say that you don't want to target people who are just random accounts. So random accounts, they don't have profile pictures or new account. You don't want them. OK, you can turn this on. Okay, We turn this on, or if you don't want to target people who are just having a few post, you can set the numbers here. So this really, really makes a power off, darling, really put the power of targeting in your hand right here. So that's why this is so powerful, so visible. When you use this, make sure that you figure out who you want to target. Okay? Whether it's by account by has taxed by locations and the characteristics of the accounts that you want to target so that you can set it in the my brand baht app right here. Okay, so after you have your target ready, now it's time to engage with them. So I'm showing you the process right here. After you set your target, you know who your audience is, who you want to reach now less engaged with them by saying up the automation right here. Now go the settings and just set up. What are the engagement of this? That you want to engage with your audience? I will walk you through the Englishman activities that you can. That's up with this tool. Okay, so basically it can cover all the engage my tooth ease on instagram. So first of all, let's take another method right here, right? First, we have to methods to engage with your audience. You can select this. I use general the general method because it will randomize day two of these with the engage methods. He will go through a process of liking first and then comment on their posts and then follow so you can select whether it's going to be a general method like this. You will randomly like comment and follow users or you can use this. And guess method Rikio. I use general method because when you like or you follow or you comment, it always give notification. Whatever the activity is, it always shows a notification on their instagram. So it is not important for me to engage with them in a particular order. So I myself, I used this, but you may want to test this out as well. Okay, with this engage method, it will follow more people for you. This with this one, it will randomly, like comment or follow. Okay. With this, it will just go through the process. A set of steps. So let's go through. The activities were here. What can we automate with this? So basically everything okay, so follow. You can follow people by head attack. You remember the target regular? You said right here Hashtag you can follow people by location and by account. Okay, so this is this Options are very, very flexible. Very, very flexible. Okay, so you can also unfollowed people. Okay, So normal. Think about in normal instagram camps, they follow the unfollowed. They like, Okay, comment. So think about all the normal activities that you would do on your instagram camp, so way have unfollowed right here. Okay, so here I will put it randomly. If you have people who you don't want to follow, you could have a wireless right here. Used a wireless right here. Okay. Or give you follow people manually. You can select this so that you can you only and follow people who have bean followed using this tool. Okay, so you can see that this are a lot of options. And this are options that are very, very easy to understand, right? So it will depend on your starches. What do you want to target? Who? What and who do you want to target and how you want to do it. So with this, you can change up the options to make it fit your strategy. That's not about like now you can like your it's around feet. Meaning you are your own own feet right here. So all the post that you see on your feet you can like or do you like my hashtag? This is very powerful And my location as well This is very, very powerful because you can like and jump in the No notification off a stranger. Okay? People who haven't engaged with you again. You can use this to road audience by just jumping and engage with people who are not connected to your Instagram account yet. Okay, So similarly commenting, you can comment on your feet. So this is self eat. This is great for engaging with your existing audience. So you want If you have a grand account, right? And you want to automate the engagement to safe time, you can just slight this. It's like this. So it will depend on what you need, what you need. So you have a brandy, Karen, you just want to engage with your audience. You could turn all this off and just like, and comment and comments right here and let me show you the comments. Settings. Okay. So with the common, you can comment on self feed, Tom, life feed. Also, you can come in behalf that and by location. So this is great for reaching out all the hashtag and location option. It's great for growing your rich out there. Okay? So never show. Use the common settings. So, with comments, what you do is you can set up just generic comment right here to engage with people. Okay, so you can't step emoticon. I'm sure. Your website. Teoh, get this emoticon. So I will live link to this website down below. So on this web, Saira, here, you can get the emotive guns to comment. I really like commenting with emoticons. So let's say that you just leave this comment right here and less leave some more comments . This Okay, so this are just generic comment. I suggest that you put as many comments here as possible. Purpose is just to engage with them or if you want to target people with common, you want to generate leads with you coming. You can say that something like this really love your stuff. Good. Follow us to gets to see similar, for example, so you can do a lot more with your comment rather than just generic comments. You can be very, very creative with your comment. And you can't ask people to followed you in your comment or check out your profile in the comment. Okay, so after comment and now the automation option is message. You can all the main sending the M studio audience with this. So automated messaging is great for generate leads, of course. Or just create a connection with your audience or just reaching out to ask them if they need any help from your brand. Right. So with message is very, very similar to comment. You can go to message right here and set up your message that the tool were sent out. Okay. So you can have your first name. You can mention person first name in your message. You can attach a video. So this is great for just attache in your welcome BDO to welcome people who are following you. Okay, So you can't send You can go back to the message right here. And you can send a message to people who are new followers. Okay, so I would only say message to the new followers. Only good people who are already following me. They already engaged with me, right? So I don't want to send them more, more message. It's a with message being set up multiple versions off your message so that it doesn't get repeat. And when your message gets repeat again and again, it will trigger a red flag for sure. So, Michelle, that you have asked many versions of your message and comments right here. Okay. And message right here. So you can turn this on off very, very easily like this. And you can choose to send a message to your all the people who are following you or only new followers. So this is a very, very powerful You could just savage your account, get some proxies, put their carrying here, just turn on some of the switch like this, and that's it. Okay, so after I set this up, I don't need to touch it, okay? I don't need to touch a thing. It just works for me. 24 7 right? One thing I really, really like about this tool is because they have built They have built in a safe switch right here. So it worked in a smart way, which is? They know how to carry out the activities in a way that will not trigger span. Right? That were not true. This man and it's very smart right here. If anything are going too fast, they will temporarily be positive. OK? Posit for you. So you don't need to worry about like, doing overdo this, Okay? You don't need to worry about over arm automate this. Everything is taken care of for you right here. So for some of the comments section right here, I put on Lee a few comments right here, so I only have a few comments so that it's just a comment again and again and again with the same thing regular and it's triggered some red flag instagram. So this, too is very smart, knows that this can be an issue because I only have a few comments. There is not enough, so it comments, but it knows when to stop. So that's what I really like about this right here and again. I have partnered with the creators of this tool to bring you more and more features that is going to be very useful for Instagram automation. And it's a gram Marling in general, and the new features will be rolling out in coming days and also partner with him and got a deal from them to basically give this if you the access to this, too, for only a one time payment, a low one time payment. So there's nothing that is better than that, a toll that was for you 24 7 for only a one time payment. So I live a link to get the tool down in the description below. Make sure that you get this and have it set up today. Okay? Literally. You can go in here and have the set up again, like 10 minutes. Okay. Very, very easily. So that is all that one share with you today is a long video, but it is important that you understand the importance of engagement activities when it comes to instagram marketing. Normally, to do this engagement activities need to spend a lot of time all the lax, all the comments or the follow and follow. You need to spend a lot of time or you need to hire somebody to do it for you. But with this, you can easily, just easily save a lot of time and save a lot of effort and money hiring somebody to do it for you. So make sure that you check the tool out in description. WR leveling to the special deal that I got for you. And you're just going here and set everything up. Very, very straightforward right here. My cow has been set up on this tool for two weeks now and that's no problem. It just runs 24 7 All the mating and getting me followers, new followers getting more views to my eyes, Rampal fall and basically just just automate one part off my business for me, without me having to think about anything and nothing is that you can't set up multiple instagram accounts right here and you control everything from one dashboard right here. So make sure that you click on the link in the description below and I'll go to tools Go to deal that I've got for you. I have brought to you this, like, really exclusive deal because I have help the creators developing some of the features. So this is the deal that is only available for you asked my subscribers and customers. Okay, so make sure that you check this out and set up your instagram account on this tool and I will see you in lesson number four, where I'll be showing you some of the final tips and strategies with instagram modelling and instagram automation. So make sure that you check out this tool and after that, go to the next lesson and I'll see you in the next lesson. And if you have any questions, make sure that you join Facebook Group and Post and questions about the tool about everything that we have discussed right here in the group, or share your experience so that other people can learn from you so we can over learn from each other. So I see you in the next lesson. 5. Lesson 4: What's next?: Hey, this is why we're here. And welcome to lesson number four on Instagram Automation. So this is the last lesson on this mini course. Congratulations. If you made it through the previous lessons, I know that you have put in a lot of time and I hope that by now you've been able to sell your instagram accounts that are fully all the made it and look for you 24 7 So in this sense and I'm not sure we use some of the final tips and strategies and the next steps to take this Take what I have taught you and take it to the next level. So first, let cover what we learned so far. I know that the number two and three were pretty pretty long So let's recap what we learned so far. So it Lesson number two We learn how to all inmate our content for Instagram Basically we learned the steps to take in order to automate the content for for Instagram we know that we need to have some kind of content sores in less and them to I show you how to get an RSS feed and put and put that into integral Matt and then post the content that you take from the RSS fee into Europe Instagram account via buffer. So that is lesson number two. And actually this video is created around 10 days after the third veto and the second vetoes works created. And during that time I did a little experience with the content part. Okay, So during that time, what I did is that I only all made the engagement activities I didn't post in the contact. First of all, let me show you the carry here so that during that time, as you see the normal post continue to grow and the number of followers continue to grow automatically. And this are all targeted followers that I target with my hashtag with my post and also my engagement activities. But during that time there was a period of time where when I tested not posting, but only do the engagement activities part. So as a result, the growth of followers slowed down a lot, right? It drops just drops. Basically, I just do the engagement evicts and no posting. So the engagement on my instagram counts as well asked the number of followers the followed growth on my instagram accounts just slows now a lot just drops. So that groups, that is important that you have content on your instagram account regularly. So here. Now, I said it to post three times a day, so I said in integral Matt to check three times a day. Okay, so here, as you see, this is where I basically would I think this is where I stop posting. The engagement goes down, right? And the number of followers go down as well. But when I start posting again right here, this our new post when I start posting regularly again, right, I get a lot more engagement, and I changed Has tax. Okay, so let me show you this. So here I changed the hashtag a little bit. Yeah, and see, this has a lot of this post. Has a lot of engagement compared to this. Ok, so when I started posting again, it takes a little bit of time to get going. Okay, But after a few post like this, it just get more and more engagements, right? And so what you can take from this is that you need to have regular contact right here for resemble this poster here. They're getting very here, right here. They're getting good engagements. So this post are two weeks old. Okay, so they have good engagement, and then it slows down the posting and that and stop posting. Then the engagement just drops here. And then I started posting again. It takes a little bit of time to grow, and now it has a very good engagements and activities on my post. So it's important that you keep your content machine going and going even if you do it manually, try to have a post once a day, once a day. It's good rate you keep going now I'm experiencing with posting three times a day. I see good result from that as well. See the engagement? We're here. So, for example, this poster here has four for the elects for the seven likes. It's not bad for this size of all the ins, right? And also in lesson number three, I show you how to all the make your engagement activities. Basically, just turn what you want to all the May on inside my inside The app called my brand but and just let it go. Okay. So basically, you haven't assistant for your instagram accounts going 24 7 So it's It was pretty easy on the engagement activities part right here. So now let me share with you some of the tips and strategies to take this to the next level . Okay, So, first of all, the tip that I forgot to tell you in the previous lessons is that if you want to all the mate several accounts, several new INSTAGRAM accounts you need to create your instagram counts at least several days. Unless 34 days before you go in and you automate it. Okay, so you create your instagram account, you post one or two posts and Onley several days after that, you go in and you automate it. So that will preventing raising some red fax with instagram. Okay, so this is pretty easy. Just great. Your instagrams wait for several days, then if you automate using my brand Mark, definitely have some proxies. Okay? If you want to do it, man, you leave and you don't have to. But because you are all the mating, have some properties, then add to my brand lot and automated content on Lee several days after you create your your cat. So with this, what you do is that you came applying similar strategies to other social platforms as well . So the example is in lesson number two, where you can use into romance to push the content to buffer and then post it on instagram . But you can use that for Facebook page as well, or other social back forms that into a Mac and buffer or any other posting to composed toe . OK, so this is great for rolling out the platforms as well. So if you have a Facebook page, for example, you can use the content that you get from the RSS feed and post directly to your Facebook page so you can take this strategy and all the made out of the black farms. Okay, So if you don't want to have a fully automated instagram cameras, you can use some of the strategies in this course to create semi automated instagram account. So, for example, that you have your own account that your post content and regularly and you don't need to automate the content part, you can all that made the engagement parts with the audience literally just used my brand. But to automate the engagement parts I use my brand bought to like your audience post to our comments on their post and things like that to just engaged with them in order to roll you engagements in crystal rich again so you can have semi automated instagram accounts depending on what you are doing. But you can take some of the strategies to automate some parts off your instagram marveling . Okay, so one thing that you can do with the charges that I share with you here and this is very important. One thing that you can do is you can provide instagram manager in service for your clients . So what you have learned from this course is basically the power to do this to offer this service for kinds because people are managing the instagram accounts every day they're posting, they are engaged with their followers and it takes them a lot of time. And if you're an agency providing marketing services for your clients, this is no brainer here. This is an additional service that you can offer it for your clients and you can basically take the instagram count put on my brand, but put on the content machine that show you how to create and just basically all made this stuff in charge of clients monthly fee for it. Okay, so basically, I have partner with my brand box, and I have helped them with grading some of the features just for this. Okay, just for providing instagram management service for clients And because I know that I loved you are agency or freelancers that you have clients that you managed your instagram accounts for your clients. So I obviously helped them help my brand bots to develop features for agency. So basically, I know that I love you are agencies and you want to be able to easily great and managed your client. All right, inside one dashboard right here. And you also want a white label option for your clients to lock in right here. So this is an example agency account that half right here. I have planned out the agents features and help my brand box to implement this so that you can have a solution for managing and working with is the room clients right here. So let me walk you through the agency features a little bit right here. So that's going to see here. What you do is you can create client. You can add a new client right here. Okay. Very, very simple. Right now, you can assign how many accounts that client can act. If you want to sell this, why label to your kind? You can do that too. It's 100% right label right here. The clients can lock in the canal their own account. Or if you want to walk on behalf of your client, you want to do the work. You can lock in as your client right here and basically set up their account separately inside my brand. But right here. And you can manage several counts quite easily. You can also have this white label for you. Okay, so you change the site name? You can change the silo. Go the site. Fabric con the language. Okay, So if you are in a different market with a different language, you can change that in here. We have several languages here, and it said that we custom domain for this. So here's your client can lock into your custom domain. We're here to receive my custom agency domain, right? You can have a different support. You, Earl. You can have different title and description for your side. So basically a set of white label features to help you have a white label solutions, whether you want to provide the service for clients or if want to resell your account, you can have with my brand bots. So these are the features that I specifically asked them to work on and provide it to you because I know that a lot. You are agency owners and freelances with a lot of kinds. So this are the features especially created for you and again you have special access through. This features through me doubt in the link below. So I have partnered with my brand but again to provide this for you. There will be two plans if you're an agency than the agency plan is a no brainer. Right after clients were here, manage your client's and several accounts for your clients and let your clients locking through your domain. So, basically, if you are an agency, if you're if freelancers are working with a lot of clients, then this is a no brainer for you. And so check out the link now in the description below and get the agency plan if you're an agency over there. So this access is just for you because ah, help the creators with planning and some of strategies to grow their complication. So this is the deal. That's I especially get for you. Okay, so those are tips and strategies that you can use to take this to the next level. Okay, So what are the next steps? Okay, so of course, get my brand bought Instagram automation. So again, this is a special deal that I get for you. There's no place out that offer complete instagram automation for engagement. If these or this set of features right here you have instagram automation and you have agency. Why Labour's so that you can sell your instagram accounts if you do it for yourself or you can do it for your kinds. Okay, so after you get it through amalgamation, I hope that might Now you have self a list one instagram account. Now the next step is to stop multiple accounts, right? So if you have kinds, then this is definitely something that you need to do because issue of your kind will have different accounts. Maybe some of them have multiple council my brand bought. It's great for set up multiple accounts and with the content machine. What you need to issue need to have multiple integral Matt and buffer account. So make sure that you note that in especially that I show you how do in lesson number two note that down and set up multiple accounts to drive traffic. Maybe used this at Saleh accounts to drive traffic to your main accounts and basically just said them up and just let them work for you. 24 7 OK, so before you finish this course, I want to talk a little bit about my brand, but and specifically the road map that helped them with a building and with this road map, my brand but will become instagram automation platform. Okay, so I have helped them with some of the future situations and help them with some of the directions on how to implement this features. So that is it's useful for instagram marketing. Okay, so let me walk through some of the road map with my Grandma Instagram automation right here , so the posting features. Okay, so this is the features that insist them on putting on the world map. So posting features Now, with this, you can schedule your posts on Instagram. So now with the content machine, what you have to do is you can schedule via buffer. But now, with this, you don't need to switch between toes in the morning post right inside my brand bots, and you can schedule your post in advance with images, videos and also stories as well write stories. You know, stories are a big thing on instagram right there so users can post in scheduling such four stories. So the posting features is one of the officials start is coming up on my brand box instagram all a mission and also more analytics. A data with the help of a I right, It's a with analytics right here. What you do is you can analyze your followers to see what demographic they belong to, right? So you see what country they belong to, what age, what gender is going to be useful for analyzing your audience and see who they are and what they're interested in right now. One features that would save you a lot of time. It's going to be template. So basically you'll have some pre made templates that can edit and to use for posting. Okay, so basically, this is also going to save you a lot of time if you want to create your post yourself. And this is one of the posting features as well. And what I really like about this remembers that it has this feature right here. So it's not. It's not just an automation toe anymore. With these new features were mapped being implemented, it will become a an instagram marketing platform. So with this feature backgrounds, was it so with background, you can help other users to roll their audience role that lacks their followers, and they can help you as well. So basically, you will help each other row. You relax your audience within minutes. Okay? Why is that important? OK, so let's say that you have a post on instagram. If your own audience lacks follows it, it will take some time to get it going, right, to get a lot of blacks, okay, But with this, what it can do is that it can gives you a lot of lacks a lot of engagements on that post. Very, very quickly, very quickly. So that is great for ranking your posts on hashtag pace. Okay, so you see, when you're search for half that, there are top posts and there are newest post. So this will help you to rank for the top post or get the hashtag that you are talking. And also, this will help you rank on the discovery page. Okay, so this will be great for a lot of reasons. You can help each other roll your targeted followers, right? And also, you can roll your lax on your post within minutes. And with this, it will become a marketing automation platform, not just automation toe anymore. Okay, so I really look forward for this to be implemented, and with this you can use it for a lot of ways to grow your instagram accounts. Now, when people post the post on instagram, you know they have what they called a I think they call a light group or an Englishman group. Basically, they just post and then they tell the group to go and engage on their posts so that post rank for the hashtag. Now with this, you'll need to join those groups anymore. What you do is you can use this with other followers with other users on my brand bots and have them grow your light on for you within minutes. Right. So this is the room app that I help the creators with planning and also I will be helping them with implementing this. Features were here so that they are useful for marketing purposes for instagram modeling. So basically, that's it. So get my brand Mark Instagram automation and set up your instagrams on this tour right now to automate your instagram trying to 47 right? Definitely. Let me know if you have any questions about and the course about the tool about whatever you want. You see a chat well below, just click on it and let me know if you're having any questions or if you want to discuss this lessons, is discussing tools with other learners. Of course, join my group LA below. That will be a smalling down below and joined my group and posts and discussed in my group . And I'll see you in updates through this lesson. I will keep updating this lesson. If there's anything new in the new strategies and the new tips, I will continue to be updating you with the newest tips and strategies that I can find. So definitely like all the messenger chapter blow. And I will be sending you the latest update of this course of messenger and so via email as well. And definitely draw my group. And I see you in updates and possibly in the next course. Okay, so thank you a lot for taking this course. And I hope that with this you can assemble your automated INSTAGRAM accounts to grow your business. So thank you very much and see you soon.