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6 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction to the Challenge & Your Guide

    • How to Use the Backing Track

    • Easy Chords & Arrangement

    • Advanced Chords & Arrangement

    • How I Got Prince's Pick

    • FB Group Invite


About This Class

Play or sing along to an abreviated arrangement of Prince's Purple Rain or learn to play the guitar arrangement in one short video lesson. Don't sing or play an instrument? No problem! Clap along, recite the lyric as spoken word or do an interpretive dance!

I call this The Purple Power Chalenge, but it's not a competition! It's simply an invitation to participate in a community of folks celebrating the life of this creative giant and sharing in the sorrow of his untimely passing!

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Scott Perry will get us going easy at any skill level we are at. He provides friendly and practical instruction that anyone can follow. He can also go there with us in breaking down and simplifying any of the more complicated skills, knowledge and abilities. All we need to add are simple ingredients, which is practice and enjoyment. Then Scott can take us to our next levels. Going with Scott and adding our diligent practice while having fun provides astounding rapid improvement.
Awesome Class , Great Instructor :)
Sunaish Kumar

Passionate || Creative || HardWorking

I highly recommend this course! It is fun, easy and Scott gives you artistic license to represent the song however you like, even with another instrument or no instrument. Particularly love the story of how he got Prince's guitar pick. : )
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker





Scott Perry

Author of Creative On Purpose

Scott Perry, author of Creative On Purpose, is a husband, father, teacher, and musician from Floyd, VA USA.

Scott inspires creative people like you to achieve their potential as artists. This requires developing your craft with intention and delivering work that matters to those that need it. Scott's done this as a successful musician and teacher for over 30 years.

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