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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Challenge & Your Guide

    • 2. How to Use the Backing Track

    • 3. Easy Chords & Arrangement

    • 4. Advanced Chords & Arrangement

    • 5. How I Got Prince's Pick

    • 6. FB Group Invite


Project Description

Your Performance of Purple Rain!

The Purple Power Challenge is not a competition, but an invitation to celebrate the life and genius of this creative giant who passed far too soon. Inside you'll find:

  • An abreviated arrangement of Prince's Purple Rain & backing track.
  • A beginning guitar lesson on how to play the tune.
  • An advanced guitar lesson that teaches the chords used in the Prince's hit.
  • Full length backing tracks.

Record yourself singing and/or playing along with my backing track or create your own accompaniment.

Once you've finished recording your performance, join The Private Purple Power Challenge Facebook Group and share it!

If you are a vocalist or play an instrument you can record yourslef playing along with the attached MP3 backing track or video. Not a singer or instrumentalist? No worries! Whistle, hum, scat, clap or even dance!

If you're a guitar player, check out the lessons in the next section to learn the chord shapes and arrangement. You can accompany yourself singing the tune or create your own backing track!

if you want to play an extended version of Purple Rain, there are a bunch of backing tracks on YouTube like this one. You can also find the complete lyrics on Google.

Student Projects

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