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Purple Power Challenge

teacher avatar Scott Perry, Creative on Purpose

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Challenge & Your Guide

    • 2. How to Use the Backing Track

    • 3. Easy Chords & Arrangement

    • 4. Advanced Chords & Arrangement

    • 5. How I Got Prince's Pick

    • 6. FB Group Invite

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About This Class

Play or sing along to an abreviated arrangement of Prince's Purple Rain or learn to play the guitar arrangement in one short video lesson. Don't sing or play an instrument? No problem! Clap along, recite the lyric as spoken word or do an interpretive dance!

I call this The Purple Power Chalenge, but it's not a competition! It's simply an invitation to participate in a community of folks celebrating the life of this creative giant and sharing in the sorrow of his untimely passing!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Scott Perry

Creative on Purpose


Scott is a compass helping advancing difference-makers lead themselves and live their legacy.  He's Creative on Purpose's Chief Difference-Maker and author of the Amazon top-sellers Endeavor and Onward. Scott is also the head coach for Seth Godin's Creative and Freelancer Workshops.

Scott is a husband and father, goes for a cemetery run every day, and quotes Marcus Aurelius more often than he should. 

For over thirty years, Scott found and spread joy as a professional musician and guitar teacher while maintaining a happy marriage, homeschooling his sons, and taking care of business.

Want to connect? Click here to contact Scott.


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1. Introduction to the Challenge & Your Guide: This is a pick that actually came out of one of the costumes worn by the purple one. And there's cool little story about how this came into my possession. I tell that story at the very end of this course, it's absolutely free. Watch the rest of this video to learn more. Hegang Scott Perry here vintage blues guitarist in the creator of Got a Guitar Lessons dot com and welcome to the Purple Power Challenge. This is not really so much a course as it is just a celebration of the life and talent of amazing individual, a creative person who passed far too soon and most people's opinions. And if you're of my generation, you might have come up in the late seventies, early eighties and like me. Maybe your first exposure prints was seeing and performing looked like black underwear. And maybe like me, you thought he was just kind of a strange dude. But a Zai became interested in playing guitar and learned how to play the guitar. And as Princess career continued to unfold, I really came to respect him. A songwriter as guitar player, as a dancer, as an all around entertainer producer recording engineer. I mean, he was just a really amazingly talented and his his creative output was just prodigious. And so, like a lot of you, I was deeply saddened when I heard of his untimely passing. And so what the purple power challenges is, I've created a backing track of an abbreviated version of Purple Rain. It's kind of a subdued acoustic thing, and what I'm welcoming you to do is to, uh, you can play along with that backing track, you can sing the worst Purple Rain, which I've included again, an abbreviated version of a lyric sheet. In court chart. I've included a couple of guitar lessons for guitar players that want to learn how to play purple rain ones for beginners using open position towards the others. For more advanced players that used the actual courts, you're welcome to create your own backing tracks or just record yourself singing and playing along. If you're not a musician or vocalist, then you can use up the backing track. However you see fit, you can recite Purple Rain is a spoken word. You could do an interpretive dance. You can simply clap along or blow on a kazoo I don't really care what you do toe participate. I just would love to see you participate. So what you're gonna do is we're just going to record yourself playing along with either my backing track or one of the many backing tracks that are available on YouTube of included links to those here a swell and what you've got yourself recorded, uploaded to YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dropbox Just something that will give you a link that you can put in the discussion in the comments section so that we can all enjoy each other's performances. Purpose here is to have a little bit of fun and again to celebrate the life and talent of this person that passed away far too soon and build a little community of folks that are that are sharing in the celebration of his talent and the sorrow of his passing. So I hope you'll participate in the Purple Power Forever challenge. And if you have any questions, feel free to just drop me a line in the comments as well. We have to get back to you, and I've included a performance of my own and let me know what you think and enjoy 2. How to Use the Backing Track: If you're a vocalist or you play a musical instrument, then you are welcome to take the backing track that I have created. It's an abbreviated arrangement of Purple Rain. It's just an intro, a verse, of course, in an outro, and you can sing along to the abbreviated arrangement that I've included in the pdf. You could play an instrumental you could, if you prefer to play a longer or complete arrangement of purple rain, have included some YouTube backing tracks that allow you to do that. And, of course, if you play an instrument and saying you are welcome to just accompany yourself and play the tune in any way you see fit. If you are not comfortable singing or you don't play another musical instrument but you still want participate, then be creative. You could recite Purple Rain as a spoken word. You could do an interpretive dance. You could pull out a piece of tissue paper on a comb and blow the tune on a kazoo. Clap along. I don't really care how how you participate. I just would love to see you record yourself performing either the abbreviated arrangement that I provided or one of the other arrangements that I provided in full, and once you've got it, let's go ahead and upload it to YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dropbox anything that will give you a link that you can share in the discussion in the comments section, and I hope that you enjoy the arrangement. If you happen to be a guitar player and you are interested in learning how to play the tune Purple Rain. I've got two lessons that follow this one here. One is an easy kind of open position guitar arrangement of the tune, and then a more advanced lesson for those who want to play the actual courts that were on the record and that were used in the live performances of this tomb. So I look forward to checking out your performance of Purple Rain and really pleased that you're here in the Purple Power forever Challenge 3. Easy Chords & Arrangement: If you're beginning Guitar Player, there's only four chords and that easy arrangement of purple rain. It's using open position chords if you want to put it in the correct key. You would simply put a cape over here at the first fret, so make sure you the four courts that are used in order going starting with intro. It's an ace. Us, too. If you're familiar with an a minor chord to simply take up first finger, take the whatever fingers on the second string. If you know that a major born again whenever fingers on the second string, just take it off that's a cess to F Sharp Minor. Seven is a little bit tricky, but it's not truly an open position core. But we can play a really easy version by just laying our third finger across the second fret across the top four strings and those four notes makeup and F sharp minor seven Court . If you want to go ahead and put a bass note in, put your middle finger up at the sixth string at the second Fret Butte, the fifth string. Sure you could play the bark weren't variety like, and some people prefer toe, use their thumb, wrap it around to grab the sixth string at the second fret. Still, getting that next court is just garden variety, a major chord in the final quarter. That control is a garden Friday variety d major chord. And those are the only four chords used in the Tim. So, uh, play through the arrangement. I'm not gonna torch you with trying to sing. It really can't sing it in this key, but I'll just kind of come along so they can kind of hear the melody in there. So I'm gonna play an intro, and then I'm going to play the verse, the course, and then I'm gonna play an outro. That's tro way. Go through that two times. So the intro is just a cess to be sent each court just versus starts with that same progression. Wait a sauce. And then the chorus is purple rain. - All right, so that's a very simple arrangement on the simplest course that I could think of for a beginning guitar player. If you're a little bit more advanced and you want to check out the the actual courts from the recording, then go ahead and check out the next video 4. Advanced Chords & Arrangement: If you're intermediate or advanced guitar player, I'm going to just show you the four chord voicings that are used in the recorded version of Princess Purple Rain. Or at least based on what I was able to tell from looking at live performances of the tune . The 1st 1 is a bar chord. Be flats. Us too. If you're familiar with the flag court with be I'm sorry, Beef Major quarter B flat are We're just gonna take the fretted no off the second string and just leave the bar on. That's that open kind of ethereal sounding be flats. Us, too. Next chord is Jean Minor seventh Chord. This is a pretty typical jazz voicing, barred across four strings with my third finger and then I catch the base. No, just make sure that some people like to do that with, uh, then f Major. You could do a park where, if you like, I was prefer to use this version where I wrapped my thumb to catch the six string and I just didn't the fifth straight. The last court is the only tricky one. It's a B flat court through this voicing, I've got my third finger at the six threat of the fifth string. My second fingers at the fifth fret of the fourth string. My first fingers at the third fret of the third string, and then my pinky, is that the six threat of the second string? And I strike strings five through to get that voice really nice sounding force major. So those are the four the forecourt voicings you can, I'm sure find your own storming pattern. If you're intermediate or advanced guitar player, just pull up the arrangement that I've included here, and I look forward to seeing your performance of Purple Rain. If you want to play obviously the entire arrangement of Purple Rain, you're free to do that as well. I look forward to seeing it. 5. How I Got Prince's Pick: So here's the story about the prince pick When Prince was coming up in the local Minneapolis, seen in the, I guess 19 seventies early 19 seventies mid 19 seventies. My wife and her family were living there, and my wife's sister worked at the dry cleaners where Prince himself would drop off his wardrobe for dry cleaning. And she inevitably found a collection of picks in the pocket, some of which were imprinted with Prince his name and she just a master collection over the time that she was working there. And I guess it was about the time that my wife and I got engaged. She presented me with with this pick just as a as a gift, and it was a prize possession than even, you know, obviously more. So now I've never actually played with it just because I wanted to keep it kind of intact. Um, so I never got the chance toe meet prints or even hear him in concert. Eso I never would have come across this, you know, it's not. It's it's it's not always who you are, but who you know. So in this case it was. It was lucky that that I knew somebody that that washed up princes, dirty clothes. So that's the story 6. FB Group Invite: I really hope that you enjoy the Purple Power Challenge, and I hope that you'll take this dirty one step further and join the Facebook group. It's a private group. Onley. People that are enrolled in the challenge have access to it, and once you're allowed in, then please share your performance video. You can share it directly in a comment where you can share a link to it on your YouTube channel video a counter where else you can upload your video. The purpose is just Teoh again create a community of people that are celebrating the life and genius of Prince and also sharing in our sorrow in his early passing. And so be, be brave, be generous, share your video and I look forward to seeing you inside the group.