Pure CSS Animations - Make a cool button, a sliding modal, and a product page! (No Javascript)

AJ Burt, Learning is Living Better

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8 Videos (29m)
    • Quick Examples for Fast Learning

    • What Your Need for This Class

    • Animating Buttons, Background, and Text

    • Take Up Less Space with Image Hover Effects

    • Animated Modals with Pure HTML/CSS

    • Codepen Copycat: Transforming with CSS

    • Dress Up Your Animations with Cubic Bezier!

    • Next Steps!


About This Class

Web Animations are a wonderful way to direct a user's attention through a website and improve their overall experience. In this class, we're going to learn how to make beautiful web animations using pure CSS.

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Nice intro to animations for people who are not total css beginners.
it's importment
Excellent class!
Yani Jo

Business and Life Hacks Expert





AJ Burt

Learning is Living Better

Learning is my passion. I've always pursued learning outside of traditional academic settings. I've taught myself programming, graphic design, marketing, business planning, investing, cooking, ballroom dancing, yoga, animation, and so much more without a professional teacher and by paying next to nothing. I've used this to turn my degree in anthropology to a career in business and marketing, and it's been so rewarding yet easy to do that I realized I simply had to share it with others. That's why I signed up to teach on Skillshare.