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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is puppet tool?

    • 3. Simple Rig with Puppets

    • 4. Parenting with Null Object -Final Taught

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About This Class


In this After Effect Class we will go in depth of Puppet tool and its workflow what puppet tool?

Puppet Tool is  set of tools in After Effect that allows you to control and animated different part of your layer ( Text , Image , Shape..) Using puppet tool is very easy but in this class we start from basic of puppet tool and then will built a simple rig for a character and then link puppet dots to null object to being able to control puppet dots easily .

Features of this class :

  1. Easy to follow .
  2. A little bit understanding of After Effect.
  3. Project files.

Let get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.


Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, from Polly in motion on a welcome to this class in this class, I'm going to teach you how to use a very powerful tools off after effect that allows you to any made every part of your single object. Andi makes your life easier. Yeah, that is Papa Tool. Yeah, Papa Tool with Papa Tool. You can Any made every part of a single object? Whatever, sir, preaching layers individually or any. Our our staff with just one single object and creating poppet toe everywhere of your layer , you can create a very fluid and dynamic motion for your layer in this class. We will go in depth off pop. It'll basics, and we will pop it a character inside of after effects. And we will create a very simple ragging based on these papa tools with no object in aftereffect. Okay, if you're ready, let's get a star 2. What is puppet tool?: okay. Before going in VIP of poverty tool It's talk about or what is proper tool itself and on. And we will talk about some basics or papa tools out to create that and these other staff. Okay, Papa Tools is a very powerful tools off. After frig. It allows you to create distortion and animation based on the poppet darts that you will create on different parts of your layer. Okay, let me show you what I mean. Okay. Efforts. I want to create a solid inlets. Name it, Bayji. On many. We have to change the color, for example. Ah, the scullery. Sigurd. I'll really like it because it's very flat. And also, um, box simple box. I just want to show you what I mean. Okay, it's a box. It's some simple rectangle, not a box. I'm sorry. He on? Let's name it Erecting. Okay. Sure. From for example, I want to Okay. For example, I want to create distortion in this part of my layer. How can create it? Weaken Created by by ethics, for example, mesh warp. If I apply, it is to this rectangle, and I can simply put this kinds of staff and I can achieve this really gear by adjusting thes dar's It is good. It works very ville in some in some situations, but not every time list. Lead that and where it can find Papa Tool. Okay, Fun. You confined, Papa tool in the toolbar. In in here. Okay, Let's, uh okay when I click to the Poppet Pain tool. Actually, it's Poppet Ping Tool, but the sharp for Miss Papa tool it scared. It's not just the populace is very important, I think. Okay, when I click in here, you see these power mentors. We'll go in depth of these parameters in next lessons bad. I just want to show you very, very quickly what I mean by Papa Tool. Okay. Okay. When it clicked. A proper tools are very nothing nice. Very small daughters appear in here on when I change this. You see that? It's completely changing my rectangle position. OK for this. I want to create another door in here to control each dot individually, For example, I create I create a dot in here, and I want to create another daughter in here also may be another daughter and here to move position between these dots. And now when I change there Ah, position of this Dar You see a very nice fluid and dynamic distortion off my rectangle. And you guess, how powerful is it? You We can create amazing animation by by mixing by any meeting these perimeters off the capitals Onda also we can create a lots of stars a lots of puppets dar in our layers, for example I want to create another popular tools. And here maybe in here maybe in some part of my among my layer and one And now you see that I have a lot of our control. Ah, when a When I moved this dark, I just move at the transformation to each these dark to each one of these dark. For example, if I create a lot of our dots you see that the distortion off this ah dar makes makes itself very small. And the distortion is is very less actually in this dark thes poppet ALS and ultra in here . If you if I check on the mesh Oh, okay. And you see that papa tool is create a very complex mish mop for a layer that allows has to create to create distortion in each part of our layer. For example, we can control these triangles map. It's actually if you if you call this topology, it's It's good. It says it's not bad. It's a week we can call it a policy on. For example, if I changed a number of these triangles like this, you see lots of outer polygonal. Ah, apologies in Hamilton in that that represent that you can control you different parts of your layers. And we have expansion, that we can expand these map from our ah, actual layers and we don't want to a justice. We just want it to tree on actual size of a layer. And also we have record options that we will talk about it in the next lesson. 3. Simple Rig with Puppets: okay in this. Listen, I want to talk about out to animate these Papa Tool. Okay. In OK in this. Listen, I want to talk about how to animate this poppet dots. And also, I want to create poppet dots on different parts of this character. You confined this PNG file from the at at attached files off this class. And also, it's very simple. Um, I have Ah, very ah, flat, solid. And also this character. Okay, let's create different pop adults to different parts of this character. And then we will enemy that and create a very fluid and dynamic motion and animation for this character. Okay, select your, um character and also go to a puppet puppet pin tool on. Also, I want to start with this part. Okay, This hand. And also I want to create of Papa tool in handle. It's disabled to show mesh one year in these parts. And this onda also this a simple reading off a character often character on. Also, keep in mind that it's not advanced character animation, advanced character animation, advance character rigging needs a lots off other artworks. We can create advance Ah, ragging by using off thes papa tools. We need a lot of other tools. For example, Weaken. We have to use a script. There isn't a script for Africa called the week that that helps you to create advance a ranking system for your to the character animation doors. Icade was FDA inverse cinematic and forward cinematic. And these other staff, if you familiar with character rigging, you know what I mean. But if you don't know, please wait for another Polly in motion classes about character reading. Or you can search for tutorials about character ringing to the character and ragging on different other places. OK, it's creates dots and hair. Or maybe in these parts, off air, everywhere that you want to animate it. You can create particles okay and create doctor, not pop. It'll okay. Our, uh, poppet creation is finished Now, for example, if I move, let's like this pop tool and go to if it control and select poppet. Um Ah. Unless you don't sleep, Papa Tool. You can see this, these dots to being able to control that. Okay. For example, if I change a position off this dad, you see very nice distortion on these area of off this layer. Also, we can control each barbs in here. Andi, you see? Very nice. Ah, controlling off. Um, hand these bars everywhere that you can that you have created these dots, you can control it and create key firms. Okay, you see that? All of our, um, character body is this. Ah, puppet. Also, the main question is that how how we can enemy of thes two to being able to create animation and answering this question is very easy. Like any other athletic properties, you can also any made thes pop tools very easily by creating key firms. Okay, how can we do that? Good York layers that you have applied, poppet. On. In effect, you see these poppet name in here, Andi go and mish triangle expansion that we have discussed about it in the form you see, a lots of pop. It pains. It means that it's for each one of thes pop. It is referring to different parts of your, um, character body and each one of these dart in here, for example, if I select this ah, pen pop up in you see it this poppet pin tree. And if I go to properties off this. It's already a key from it, but I want to disable it because I don't want to start from first key for him. And keep in mind that when you create poppet dots, all of them are key from its already from the first friend. You don't want to any made from first friend from the first frame, you have to go by each one of these puppet. For example, if I want to Zabel, all of them just simply hold down shift and drag it down and off. Okay? Now, we often disabled each one of these G firms. Okay, Imagine we want to create animation for for for this ride high for this right hand off my character. Okay, To greet that, to create this type of motion, just simply click on your dots on the pop up in and you see that it's Teoh. Pop up in six and open the properties. And here you have position, for example, I want my animation to start from maybe first from the 2nd 1 And also simply just click on this Ah, stopwatch. And it means that you were animation is a start from this key for him. Okay. And up to maybe to second. And now let's change the position off. Thes off this dots pop up in two hair on, go to an hour for another second, maybe three, second on and push it a bath of the first different. Now you see that if I play this, you see a very fluid. Any mission. It's not good. Bad. He will fix it. Ah, but the distortion is very good. It's very nice, actually. The first thing that I want to do is, uh, good to keep from assistant and make it and make them easy e's and also by a little bit Jasmine's Maybe from this frame and if on please you see and you watch a very nice result off that. For example, if you use either the movement off, this star is also affect area also, and it and it makes emotion of the character very realistic and very, very interesting. On that is the power of this pop tool inside of after of it. Andi, imagine we want to create. And now they're, um, animation to this apart. Maybe. Or maybe we want to create another puppet food. Is these areas, and now you see we can control it. Know which popped pain is that Puppet pain 22 let's disable these. He frames and slick this create key frame good to disk Ephrem and Bush a bath on and this kinds of animation make it easy's. Now, if I plead is you see that it's any meat it and you can you can Nikkan Copy Paste it These key firms to create a loop in the mission or, if you film literate expression, are. If you familiar with expression, you can simply create their loop expression in this position to create a loop animation. If you don't know aftereffect expressions, I really recommend you to check out piling in motion class on a scale. Sure about our aftereffect expression from the basics expression after I end expressions off after FIC. Okay, let's make it preview off this character and you see weaken. Sorry, you see that we can create very nice and simple animation for a character using pop. It'll and it's very good. We can control, weaken any create animation for these proper tools. Also in here, maybe, or maybe oh, no, it's not good. Maybe in half creates position like this and you see that we can create a very good animation using papa tools. Okay, in the next listen, I want to talk about how to link these. Poppet. Want to link this Noel object to some way or of thes papa tools, For example, this papa tools on parenting off thes darts to no object. We can control them very easily. Andi Onda. We can build a very simple reading to her character. 4. Parenting with Null Object -Final Taught: okay in this. Listen, I want to talk about how to create link between Noel object and these poppet dots. Okay. Have clear to all of the all of those because for linking thes dot position that we will create by using of this poppet pin tool, we have to pre compose this character because we want a new properties off thes position values that I will show you, um, later. Okay, let's pre composed this character control Chef Tse and move all attributes into the new composition and type character. And now we have a single layer singler. And let's start creating public, maybe in these position areas, actually. Okay. You see that? I've created just something around $4 or maybe a little bit more darts because we want a good distortion. And here, this took around these dots. Okay. Very nice. For example, we want to enemy to start using an ole object. Why? Why? We have to be use No object. Why? Why? We don't want to. Ah, and he made this start itself because by using of Noel object, weaken, weaken. Simply build a very custom Rageh very manual wreck for dis character. And by linking of the that Noel object with this papa dot We can create animation for this character very easily. Okay, let me show you new noel object. Okay. For example, we will tie this to lick, maybe ride like, Okay. And we want to stick this Noel object, and we want to can pull this area. This area, for example, this poppet let me check which numbers that it's poppet number tree. And we want to animate this poppet using. Sorry. Using this knoll. Opt. Okay, the first thing I want to do is disable this key frame and let's make in a space in him for let makes it a little bit room on. Go to write like no object had the p for position. Okay, the first thing I want to do is copy position off this, poppet pain this position. Control. See and go to write link in control v the position and you see one. And you see, when we control we and paste ISS values it, stick around, ride to this pint. And now all click to disposition off this poppet pen that you want to, um, control that you want to control it with this no object All clicked Korean expression. And by using of this, why pin pick? Whip, actually. Ah, just hold. Hold down this and go and select this position off Noel object and, uh, clicking him. Now, nothing's happened because it needs some changes. For example, if I select this and change Dad, you see that area is changing, and it's very, very helpful. Why? This leg is, um is some movements in this league in this Lex because we don't create any pop up in tool in these years to stick around this, to stick our to create in the stick. These two stick this leg on those Penn, for example. If I change and create this, pop it in hand. Now when I changes, you see that it's not changing because those pens are a stick this leg on their self. Okay, Andi, Unlike yes, you can create almost for every poppet pin tools by create by. By using of this technique, you can create and build a very ah basic and a very good wreck for your character and noticed are it is nor, and what is that? It was not a character rigging animation classes because character rating. It's not important 20 or 20 to 33 years, a little bit advancer than to be bad. Almost every character rating is very complex. We can't cover it in these ah sharp classes. Bad in future. Maybe I will publish some some classes, for example, how to regular character out to, um, how to create a to wreck by using off the script are out to create manual and these other staff hope you guys enjoy from dis class. And now, by using of this papa tool, you can create almost animation on every part of your layer. You can not only use pop tool for character, you can use it for for different other layers. You can use it for a text animation to create and more interesting and attractive motion. Graphic scene. I hope you guys enjoy from dis class. And don't forget to check out our policy in motion classes on a scale share. There was a lot of class on motion graphic. There's a lot of class on graphic design you I design on a bunch of other fells Okay. Mining is usually shade from polygon motion on day two. Guys, next time