Publishing Your Photography: Create Your Own Photobook | Jennifer Schwartz | Skillshare

Publishing Your Photography: Create Your Own Photobook

Jennifer Schwartz

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8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Trailer for 10-Course Series, Crusade For Your Art

    • 2. Course 7: Intro

    • 3. Why a book?

    • 4. Traditional Publishing

    • 5. Self Publishing

    • 6. Artist Book

    • 7. Creating a Book Proposal

    • 8. Project Description


About This Class

In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of publishing your photography book. We will talk about traditional publishing, self-publishing and small-edition artist books. You will also learn the components of an effective book proposal to send to publishers.

This class is perfect for photographers at any level who are interested in creating a book of their work. For your class project, you will design a maquette (a mock-up) of your photography book.

Jennifer Schwartz's 10-part series on best practices for fine art photographers gives you the tools to take your fine art photography career by the reins and thoughtfully and purposefully develop a plan to get you where you want to go.  Learn how to tighten your work, develop your brand, identify goals and a plan for your photography, and strategically launch your project. Check out all the courses here.





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Jennifer Schwartz is the creator/director of Crusade for Art, a non-profit organization focused on cultivating demand for art, specifically fine art photography. Jennifer owned a fine art photography gallery in Atlanta (Jennifer Schwartz Gallery) for five years, showcasing the work of emerging photographers. She also created the online project, The Ten, and is the co-creator of Flash Powder Projects.

Jennifer regularly participates in portfolio reviews such as PhotoNOLA, PhotoLucida, A...

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