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Publish a Kindle eBook on Amazon in Just 18 Minutes - Conquer Your Fear of the Publish Button

teacher avatar Steve McDonald, Excel and Photoshop Geek

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro - You Can Publish an eBook in 18 Minutes!

    • 2. Publish an eBook Step by Step in 18 Minutes

    • 3. Assignment - Publish Your First Practice eBook in 18 Minutes

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About This Class

Are you excited about publishing your first Kindle eBook but feel overwhelmed by the process?

Are you having trouble figuring out where to start?

I'm going to show you step-by-step how to create an eBook from start to finish and publish it live on Amazon. Using this class you're going to publish an eBook on Amazon in 18 minutes

How is that possible? You're not going to publish a full book... yet.

I'm going to show you how to publish a dummy book (a "practice" book) that only has a few lines of text that you're going to publish and then immediately un-publish. But it's going to have all the critical elements of a full finished Kindle eBook: title, cover, table of contents, etc.

It's critical that you learn this, because after just 18 minutes of hands-on learning you'll understand the entire publishing process better than 99% of would-be Kindle authors.

After just 18 minutes, you'll know from experience how to publish a book and you'll be ready to write and publish your real book with confidence.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Steve McDonald

Excel and Photoshop Geek


Learning is easier if you are given the right tools and instruction. In every one of my courses I take you step-by-step through the tools and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. 

My talent is taking complex subjects (like Exce... See full profile

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1. Intro - You Can Publish an eBook in 18 Minutes!: I am so excited about this video, and you should be, too, because I'm going to show you how to create an E book from scratch in less than 30 minutes . Now, it's not gonna be a best seller, and in fact you're gonna unpublished it after you're done. But what it's going to do is it's going to show you the entire publishing process, and you're actually gonna walk through every step to the point where your book is live on Amazon so that all of your fears or confusions or worries about getting through the publishing process are going to go away. And then you'll be able to jump right into creating valuable content, valuable books that you'll be able to confidently and easily publish on Kindle. 2. Publish an eBook Step by Step in 18 Minutes: So, of course, the first thing that you need to do in order to sell a Kindle book is sign up for a KDP account. So you go to Katie p dot amazon dot com. You can just search for Katie P. It'll be the first thing that comes up. You'll come to this page, you click sign in, put in your email here and say I am a new customer and click sign in. Then it's gonna ask for your name that's gonna ask you to type your email address again. That's gonna have you enter a password and type it again and you click create account. Then it gives you all the terms and conditions that you'll read through. Scroll down the page here and it says, agree or cancel and then you're just going to click. Agree here, and it's going to take you in to your account. Now, obviously, this is my existing account, so I already have some books in here. But yours looks similar to this, and it will probably give you a pop up here saying that you're missing some account information and that in order to get paid or get started, you need that count information. If you don't see that, you could just go to your account. It'll have your name click on that and that's going to bring you in here so that you're going to go ahead and put your name in here. Put in your address and I'm just gonna put in some fictitious stuff to protect my identity . Put in your city postal code, you still number. And thats done. It was down a page. You'll fill out tax information. You put it basically your social security number and your name. And here mine's obviously already filled out. And then you're royalty information where you just put it in your bank account name and your bank account number. And then you drop down to the bottom here and you click. Say if once you've saved it, she couldn't go back to your bookshelf and you're going to create a new book. So you just go to create new title right here, and you can choose whether or not to enroll in KDP Select. And I'll go into KDP Select More and other videos or another courses. But it doesn't matter whether you sign up or not. You can still publish your book. You go down here and this is where you're actually putting your book into kdp to get it ready for publishing. So we're gonna pause for a second here and we can actually go create a book. So I'm just going to jump over here and open up a word document, and I'm just gonna put a book in here. We're gonna call this my first. You look, we're gonna make it bold. We're gonna make it a little bigger click normal, and that'll change back to smaller font. And then I'm going to say by Steve Mac, old and honestly, you could just follow along. And you can create your book exactly like this that I'm going to go to insert page break, and that's gonna drop me down to the next page that I'm gonna say Copyright Steve McDonald 2016. Click page, break again. We have type table contents. Enter click page Reckitt. Gib, I'm gonna say Chapter one. I'm going to go upto home. I'm gonna change this to a heading one. I'm gonna enter. I'm gonna write. This is my first e book ever. I'm so excited to get it published once This book is live, we all know that you book publishing isn't nearly. It's hard as I wants. Thought it waas period. Okay, I'm gonna go over here and I'm going to insert a table of contents. Gonna highlight the table of contents. I'm going to go to insert bookmark. I'm gonna type t o c and then click add And all that does is it tells Amazon that this is where my table of contents is. So it confined it. I'm gonna go down here and I'm going to go to references, table of contents and I'm gonna say, custom table of contents gonna go down to show two levels, going to get rid of the show page numbers because you don't have page numbers and I'm gonna leave. Use hyperlinks clicked so that it will hyperlink my table of contents that I'm gonna click . OK, you'll see that I now have a table of contents and this a clickable table of contents. And if I change this to say, chapter one by first people So if I go back here and click in the table of contents field, it'll highlight it. And then I can right click it and say Update Field, you'll notice. Now it's updated. Its a chapter one. My first e book. The reason it does that is it's going and finding everything that's formatted as a heading one. See, this is having one, and it's putting it into my table of contents. I could throw a subtitle down here and say, I know it's really short If I can learn to type and then I'll go to call this heading to I will go back up here and update this. You see, It's updated my table of contents with the subtitle there. And then I would go down here and I put more content in here. It may be short, but it's still in a book. It's live on Amazon. Okay, so that's my book. Now I'm going to go to file save as I'm gonna browse for a place to save it. Just going to say this to my desktop for the heck of it, and we'll call it my first e book that's completely fine and notice it's saving it as a word document, so it's gonna put the d o C after it. I'm gonna click save Okay, I'm gonna go back to my Kindle direct publishing I'm gonna put in my title. It was called my first e book. Your title always has to match the title of your book And I didn't put a subtitle But if you are publishing e books you'll learn how to use keywords in subtitles to help you book sell. So I would normally put in a subtitle. It's not part of a Siri's. It doesn't have an addition Number? I don't have a branded publishing company, so I'm not gonna put a publisher in it. Then a description. I'm just going to say it is not much to tell except that I'm excited about this book. Now, of course, once you again, once you get into publishing, you're gonna perfect your descriptions as one of your most important sales pieces, and you're going to use the description to really sell your book. But at this point, I'm just showing you how to publish a book so we'll keep it simple at contributors. Of course you want to have your name and there you put a pen name if you wanted, but we'll just say Steve, Donald and a select title. I'm the author. Click Save language. English doesn't have an ESPN. They'll assign a number for it. Verify your publishing rights. I do hold the necessary rights. All four sentences of this book are completely original. Target your book to customers, so we're gonna just at some categories, we're gonna put this one in the humor section. I'm going to go to business and professional. It's definitely business. And professional humor and literally collections is definitely part of an American literary connect collection. Click Save. Of course. You know I'm joking here. If you're creating a gardening book, you want to go in and go to gardening and find the specific categories that your book fits into. Okay, Age range. There's not an age range on this. It's appropriate for everyone. Grade range. You can select that if you're doing Children's books, but in this case, no problem. Okay, you can put in seven key words. You separated my comments. Well, I don't really have any keywords yet, but you can put my first book shortest P book ever and so on. But you put in the keyword phrase comma, keyword, phrase comma up to seven. Okay, select your book release option. Now, if you're doing like a pre launch, you can actually pre release your book and people can preorder it. I don't do that. So I'm just saying I'm ready to release my book now. Then we got to create a cover. Now, if you are doing this for profit, you're going to probably go to Fiverr or to another say up works to find a freelance designer to create a cover for you if you do it at five, or you can get a really good one for about five or 10 bucks if you go toe up works or another freelance except you're definitely gonna pay more, but you'll probably get a slightly better quality. But you can also create when I'm here and again if you're doing this for profit. I don't recommend doing it this way, but I'm just showing you how incredibly easy it is to create any book. So he wants the cover creator say save changes that continue. Let's get an image from the Image gallery. We could use one of theirs. I'm gonna try and find a cute cat. Oh, look at this guy. Yeah, he looks happy about a first e book. All right. And then, you see, it just pops it right up here and gives us a design. Now, as you concede, none of these air good designs. So I'm recommending you don't use one of these and that you go pay the $5 toe, have someone create one. We're just gonna choose this one, and you have to click Preview. That is an awfully adorable picture, so even submit. All right, now we're back to our book detail page. So scrolling back down where we've entered all of our data to get back to our cover. And there it is. Our covers uploaded. We're getting close. Upload your book file. You can enable digital rights management. I'll let you read more about that, whether you want to do that or not. But it's time to upload the book. You're going to click, browse. You're gonna go find it on your computer, in my case, it on my desktop, you're gonna open it, and it's going to start uploading it, and it's converting it to a Kindle format, and it's gonna do a spell check on it. And then the coolest part ever is that I can preview the book to see pretty much exactly what it's gonna look like on a Kindle reading device, and this usually takes a few minutes. I usually walk away and do something else, and then I come back and it's done. So see it says Upload and conversion successful. And now its added a new field preview. Your book. All we do is quick preview book, and it brings up this amazing pre viewer. And I mean, basically, this is just, ah, kind of replica of what it would look like on a fire HDX. And if you click this drop down, you can preview it on all kinds of different things, and you can see what it looks like. We'll just leave it on the default setting. When it first opens up, it always goes to your title page, and if you click backwards, you'll be able to see your cover. Ah, and it's quick forward. You'll go to your title page that, of course, your copyright page. So he just goes through the pages every time I did a page break, it goes to another page. There's my table of contents. See this little hyperlinks cool. So I can click on Chapter one, and it's just gonna go right to Chapter one. So there is my book. You could come over here and change the font size to make sure it's gonna display and read . Well, you can change the thoughts is all the way up to huge. So let's go somewhere still big. See how it moves just like a regular kindle dust. You can click on your table of contents, and it will show you what's in it. You can go to the beginning. You can go to the cover where you can go to the table of contents again and they're your chapters again. So you just click on those and I'll take you there. So you click on those to make sure that they work. He's scroll around in your book to make sure everything looks good and it looks good. So then you go back to your book details and we'll scroll down once again. Our cover looks good. Our book looked good. We previewed it. Now you click. Save and continue. We only have one more step here. We've got it. We got this book published so you go to your publishing territories. Do you want to select individual terrorist territories or worldwide territories? I'd like to sell it everywhere. So I'm gonna say worldwide, Unless you don't own the rights to sell it somewhere, set your pricing and royalty so you can either go in here and you can select these all manually. Or you can go to this little button view service and it's going to basically tell you what other books are selling for in your category. And typically it will come back as $2.99. That's generally the highest earnings for any book, and you can spend some time looking at this chart. It takes a little while to figure out what they're trying to show you here. But the moral of the story is between 99 cents and 2 99 You only get 35% of the royalty of your book, which is a bummer. So it makes a lot more sense to price it over to 99 but you can see as the prices go up, the author earnings also goes down. Sometimes for really high demand books or longer books, it will put you in like the 3 99 to 4 19 Ryan Range and I usually follow their advice, but again they're recommending to 99. So I'm gonna follow the advice. I'm just going to say yes, and you'll see that now. It is filled in all of my pricing, and it's even setting all the prices for Europe and all the other markets where Amazon sells. It's also estimating my royalties. So when I sell one at 2 99 usually I'll get 70% of it. There are a few exceptions, and you can read up on that. Generally I'll get 70% which is $2.8. So that's awesome. Like I say, it copies it down for all of the other areas. We'll go down, down, down. You click here to confirm that you have the rights to the content. You have to read through their terms and conditions, and then you click, save and publish. So says publishing, So I could go back to my bookshelf and back in my bookshelf. You could see here's my book. It's in review right now, and it says that sometimes it can take up to 72 hours, but I have rarely seen a book take more than 12 to 24 hours. So now I just sit back and wait for this puppy to be published. No pun intended. Okay, now we fast forward one hour and we click. Refresh and look what we see now. Now it's showing status. Live updates publishing, and it shows that we can view it on Amazon Now. It's not for sale yet because still working on these updates. But I can go to view on Amazon here. And if I click us, look at that. There it is. It was my author named there, and it's there. It's out there on Amazon Now. In another few hours, once those updates air finished, you'll actually be able tow, purchase it and all that. And then, of course, once this all updates and it is live, then you'll want to go back in. Go to here. We'll show you on this one. Go here and click on publish so that you don't have your pretend book out there. Not that anyone would see it, because that's part of the trick is in order to actually sell books, you have to use keywords, and you have to create it in a way that brings people to it. But that is how you get your feet wet and get over that fear of this process. I know that it seems really complicated and intimidating at first, but now that you've seen that, do you understand how simple the steps are? And if you just follow this video through and create your own book and publish it, you'll see how quick and easy this process is. And then you can start to get to work, either writing your own book or outsourcing your book. And you know, start with a short book. You know you can do 10 to 20 pages about 5000 words. Just teaching about a hobby for any skill, talent or knowledge that you have to create a short e book that bring some value into the world. And you can price it it to 99 get it out there and get it selling 3. Assignment - Publish Your First Practice eBook in 18 Minutes: So your assignment is to follow this video step by step, go to Kindle direct publishing, sign up Fear account and create an e book exactly like I just did. Then once you've unpublished it, the next step is to go learn more. Because now you're gonna start to learn about how to use keywords in your titles, how to research keywords, how to write descriptions and then, obviously, how to come up with great subject matter for your book to start making money on Kindle.