Publicity Jumpstart - How to Get PR for Your Product Line | Andreea Ayers | Skillshare

Publicity Jumpstart - How to Get PR for Your Product Line

Andreea Ayers

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9 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. Setting Up Your Business for PR For Success

    • 2. Your Publicity Plan

    • 3. Perfecting Your Magazine Pitch

    • 4. How to Write Effective Press Releases

    • 5. Working with bloggers

    • 6. Ten Tips for Publicity Success

    • 7. DIY vs. Hiring a PR Firm

    • 8. Grow Your Business by Getting your products featured in Holiday Gift Guides

    • 9. Getting Your Products on Celebrities

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Lots of good information in this class, but it would probably be better served up in smaller classes (and it would be really helpful to have less words on the the slides, and more slides). Some of the content is specifically geared toward marketing a product, so if you are marketing a service or experience, you may need to extrapolate quite a bit. I skipped some of the content as irrelevant for my needs, but found it helpful nonetheless.