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8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started: Timing is everything

    • 3. How to Write a Cold Pitch

    • 4. Winning Pitches

    • 5. Providing Products

    • 6. When You Get a "No"

    • 7. When you get a "Yes"

    • 8. Your Project


About This Class

For many businesses, earning media coverage can seem like magic. This class shows you it isn't magic—it's tactics

Whether you’re an artist, a creative entrepreneur, a small business owner, or all three, this class is for you.

Kick your publicity efforts into gear with this 30-minute class on how to send pitch emails to media outlets. You’ll learn how to time your pitch for maximum impact and the fundamentals of pitching. You'll see examples of winning pitch letters and receive templates you can use today to draft your first pitch. Plus, you'll learn if and when to provide products and how to follow up—whether you get a positive or negative response. 

As a class project, you’ll use a template to draft a pitch email primed to earn media coverage. 

No prior publicity or public relations experience is required!