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Public Speaking without Fear

Peter Urey, Business Coaching

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15 Videos (1h 29m)
    • Introduction

    • How to respond to the fear instinct

    • Seeing fear from a new angle

    • Slight shifts create huge results

    • A guided visualisation to diminish fear

    • Polish fear from your thinking

    • Seek gradual improvements

    • Challenge your inner fear Chimp

    • How are you making others feel?

    • Being true to yourself reduces fear

    • Meditation tips

    • Crafting a speech

    • Beat nerves on the Big Day

    • What to do when on the stage

    • Summary


About This Class

Is stage fright holding you back?

Is it affecting your health and relationships?

Is asking for help embarrassing?

Take this course now in complete privacy.

Put an end to nervous trembling, sweats and sleepless nights with techniques used by the major corporations, in the theatre and in the martial arts.

Regain self's easier than you think!

We once felt exactly the same as you and learnt how to beat stage fright.

Anyone can master these mental techniques and physical exercises.

Get your career back on track by beating your nerves and regaining your confidence.

Summary of what you are going to learn:

* Over reaction to stress is not weak character but biological fact and it can be reduced.

* Your instincts are like having a Chimp running your brain - we teach you how to bring it under control.

* Re-calibrate your feelings so they don't hijack your body.

* Develop a serene frame of mind when facing fear by developing the Polished Mind. Gently polish away mental blemishes and face any presentation as if you were simply walking to the shops to buy a snack.

* Present by telling a simple story in simple language. The audience are more interested in your story than they are interested in you.

* Control shallow breathing, the buzzing mind and trembling with simple physical exercises.

* Project yourself to your audience with effortless confidence by sticking to the proven three step process.

* Have faith in a technique which put the focus on the presentation and not on you and your imagined character flaws.

The course is built around video of practical techniques on how to re-frame fear, paint a picture with words and deal with excessively strong emotions. See it then Do it.

The material lasts for just over an hour but it takes about 6 weeks to embed until it becomes your conditioned response to stage nerves.

We have been there ourselves so we understand what you are going through.

Deal with this problem today and take this course.





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Peter Urey

Business Coaching

1. There are many times in life when we know we need some guidance but it's tough to ask for help.

2. Fear of what others might think, pride or embarrassment can hold us back.

3. Our courses deal with subjects which are difficult to talk about to your boss or other people.

* Motivation
* Bullying
* Dealing with difficult people
* Confidence
* Anxiety about basic skills

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Business Leadership
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