Public Speaking and Presentations PowerPoint: Master Design | Jason Teteak | Skillshare

Public Speaking and Presentations PowerPoint: Master Design

Jason Teteak

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17 Lessons (1h 58m)
    • 1. Introduction and Welcome to the Course

    • 2. Map Out Your Message

    • 3. Prepare Your Opening Slides

    • 4. Activity: Prepare Your Opening Slides

    • 5. Prepare Your Core Content Slides

    • 6. Activity: Prepare Your Core Content Slides

    • 7. Prepare Your Closing Slides

    • 8. Activity: Prepare Your Closing Slides

    • 9. Add Variety to Your Visuals

    • 10. Use Pictures to Add Impact

    • 11. Activity: Use Pictures to Add Impact

    • 12. Keep Your Graphics Simple

    • 13. Activity: Keep Your Graphics Simple

    • 14. Use Illustrations to Increase Comprehension

    • 15. Activity: Use Illustrations to Increase Comprehension

    • 16. Use Handouts Effectively

    • 17. Activity: Use Handouts Effectively


About This Class

By August 2012, it was estimated that 350 PowerPoint presentations are given each second across the globe.  So the mere fact that you’re putting on a slide show in connection with  your presentation isn’t very compelling.

Certainly how it looks may set it apart, and I will discuss some game-changing techniques for making your graphics look good.

But before you decide what kind of visuals you’ll use and when you’ll use them, you have to think about why you are using them.

In putting together a good PowerPoint presentation, here’s the critical point to remember...

   ... a slideshow is a visual aid.

And that’s exactly how it should be used...

   ... not as a crutch, but as an aid...

... something that adds to your presentation.

Many presenters make a huge mistake here.

I disagree with presentation experts who focus on the visuals.

That’s like saying you buy a Porsche for the paint job.

Without the paint the car would still be irresistible because it’s impeccably designed, carefully put together, designed to make you comfortable, and capable of getting up to speed instantly.

So is your presentation.

You have to first learn how to attract your audience to the presentation with content they won’t be able to resist...

...and keep them there by subtly revealing to them the underlying emotional reasons they should want it.

You have to create core content that is exactly what your audience wants to hear. 

Only then will you be ready to put it into a form that makes it easy for you to deliver, and present it in an attractive PowerPoint show.

That is exactly what you will be learning in this program:

Just as the paint job on the Porsche is the finishing touch, the same is true of the visuals for your presentation.

It's time to take some time to put on the paint...

Specifically, you will learn: 

  • How to create content that makes your audience crave everything you say…(Do this right and you’ll see them motivated to take action!)

  • Coordinate what you say and what your audience sees for a flawless delivery

  • Identify the pain points and pleasure points of your audience and how your takeaways relieve the pain points and enhance pleasure points…

  • Organize your material to make it easy for you to deliver and for your audience to follow…

  • Develop your core PowerPoints by defining your tasks, solving the mysteries and keeping things simple…

  • Manage your pace and deliver a PowerPoint presentation that ends on time, every time…

  • Create and use visuals and pictures that make complex ideas clearer and more memorable by adding impact to your presentation…

  • Integrate your words, blueprint, handout and visuals to make a compelling final presentation product…

  • Captivate your audience within the first 5 minutes by getting them to trust, believe and listen to you

  • How to create a title for your PowerPoint presentation that motivates your audience to attend your presentation in the first place…

  • Create opening slides that assure your audience they are in the right place and reminds them what they are going to hear…

  • Show your presentation was worthwhile and move your audience to respond with enthusiasm…

  • …and much, MUCH more!