Public Speaking Success Part 5 of 5 - Presentation Refinement and Rehearsal

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Section Introduction Refinement and Rehearsal

    • 2. Mastering Your Stage Presence

    • 3. Delivery is as Important as Content

    • 4. Use Engaging and Powerful Words

    • 5. Dress Up Your Numbers

    • 6. Dealing withw Questions

    • 7. Throw Away Your Script

    • 8. Rehearse Your Presentation

    • 9. Course Checklist:Road Map


Project Description

Class Project:

Now its your turn. Are you ready? This activity brings together everything we have been working on together.

Find a colleague or just record yourself and deliver your Presentation.

This is your chance to rehearse and improve before the big day!

If you want to record part or all of your Presentation as a video - great for repurposing the content later - go ahead and do so.  If you put anything on Youtube, perhaps as a lead magnet, then share a link in the Project Gallery

Otherwise, share a comment explaining one thing you learned about your presentation by doing a rehearsal - it may be a comment made by the person you asked to watch and critique you.

Do not miss this step.  By doing this you will feel SO MUCH MORE confident when you actually get up on stage in front of a real audience!

Go for it! :)

I have attached the Course Checklist again to this presentation!

Student Projects