Public Speaking: Preparing Persuasive, Effective, Focused Presentations that Engage Audiences | Naomi Freeman | Skillshare

Public Speaking: Preparing Persuasive, Effective, Focused Presentations that Engage Audiences

Naomi Freeman, Founder. Entrepreneur.

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15 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project Overview

    • Let's Talk About Presentations

    • Know Thy Audience

    • The Elevator Pitch

    • Parts of an Elevator Pitch: Foundations

    • Elevator Pitch: Define What is Unique

    • Elevator Pitch: Engage With a Question

    • The Golden Arrow

    • Creating a Character

    • What content goes at the beginning?

    • What content goes in the middle?

    • What content goes at the end?

    • The 10 | 20 | 30 Rule

    • Final Thoughts & Common Pitfalls


About This Class

Join founder and entrepreneur Naomi Freeman and learn how to create a focused, persuasive, story-driven presentation that helps you accomplish your business goals.

Presenting to an audience is a crucial skill, no matter your industry.  Strong presentation skills and the ability to fully connect with and engage your audience can truly set you apart.

Through this class you will learn effective presentation skills to communicate your ideas clearly, succinctly and to drive results. You will learn how to connect with and inspire your audience through storytelling.

The focus in this class is on the creation and structuring of your presentation content, thinking about your audience and defining your goals before you get up to the front of the room, so that when you do get up there, you know exactly what you're going to do.

This class is for employees presenting to their team or manager, freelancers pitching to clients, or even college students getting up in front of their class.

Together, we will develop and craft a main character, an elevator pitch and a golden arrow to create a persuasive presentation. The main character will be a hero or villain through which you will tell your story. Through the elevator pitch we will develop your presentation’s goal, unique selling proposition and topic. We will then distill the elevator pitch into your golden arrow - 3 key words that will focus and guide your presentation, from prep to speaking time.

By the end of this class, you will have a more effective, structured, focused and persuasive presentation model to use.

Whether you’ve got a big pitch or meeting coming up soon, or you’re looking to add some extra skills to your toolbelt, the lessons you’ll learn will be transferable to many types of communication in the workplace.





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Naomi Freeman

Founder. Entrepreneur.


I am Naomi, a founder and entrepreneur, living in the far corner of the world, in the mountains in Norway. I am an adventurer, lover of all things glitter, initiator, and a super book nerd. My full-time job is as an idea broker - I help people make their ideas become super real and super awesome.

I've been nominated as one of the Women of Influence for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, and had an extraordinary opportunity as 1 of only 8 founders worldwide to att...

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