Public Speaking Masterclass: Learn Public Speaking | Nader Nadernejad | Skillshare

Public Speaking Masterclass: Learn Public Speaking

Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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15 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Public Speaking Course Intro

    • 2. Course Objectives

    • 3. What Do You Want Your Audience to Feel?

    • 4. What Do You Want Audience to Do?

    • 5. How to Reduce Nervousness

    • 6. Intro to Confidence, Energy and Charisma

    • 7. Confidence

    • 8. Energy

    • 9. Charisma

    • 10. Make Your Speech Memorable

    • 11. Silence is Power

    • 12. Break the Imaginary Box

    • 13. Ask Questions

    • 14. Things to Avoid

    • 15. Congratulations and Next Steps!


About This Class

Welcome to your Public Speaking Masterclass!

If you want to lean public speaking, this is the course for you. Public speaking is much more than a skill you pick up from watching video lessons or reading books. Public speaking comes from the hart and requires energy and charisma! This course will teach you the public speaking fundamentals you need to captivate audiences, control the room and earn the respect of your listeners. 

In this course, you'll learn: 

  • How to do public speaking with confidence and passion. 

  • How to make your audience feel the emotions you want. 

  • How to gain respect from your audience. 

  • Strategies to use public speaking to gain a following or start a movement. 

  • How to destroy your fears around public speaking. 

  • How to project confidence and power on stage. 

  • Body language techniques for public speakers. 

  • How to develop your presence and charisma public speaking. 

  • Voice projection techniques. 

  • Practice techniques, tips and tricks. 

  • Elite presentation skills 

You'll learn how to conquer your fear in this course! 

We fear because we've evolved and been conditioned to fear. You don't have to fear when you're speaking in front of a crowd. This course is a game changer and we'll get to the root causes of some of the things that make you fear in public speaking. 

Lifetime access means lifetime Q & A 

Want assistance with public speaking? I'll always be here to help. You get lifetime access to this course through Udemy and I'm always here to help you on the platform if you have any course-related questions! 

I can't wait to teach you everything I know about public speaking.