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Psychology of Selling | 5 Sales Psychology Hacks

teacher avatar Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Psychology Of Selling Introduction Skillshare 2

    • 2. Reciprocity

    • 3. Curiosity

    • 4. Scarcity

    • 5. Social Proof

    • 6. The 3 Boxes Strategy

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About This Class

Inside The Sales Psychology Course, You'll Learn - 5 different strategies to get more Sales for Any Product or Services. We'll get in-depth on different proven techniques. This will help you to understand your potential customers more & how to affect their decisions effectively. These 5 strategies are also applicable for Content marketing, Digital Marketing, Advertising Campaigns & Sales Texts.

What you'll learn:
1. The Human Norm Of Reciprocity.
2. How to Make People Click & Buy Based On Curiosity
3. How to Make People Click & Buy Based On Scarcity
4. How to Use Social Proof to Increase Sales
5. How to Increase Sales with "The 3 Boxes" Method

Hope to see you inside the course!
Robin & Jesper

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Robin & Jesper ✓

Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media


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Robin & Jesper

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1. Psychology Of Selling Introduction Skillshare 2: I welcome to the psychology off selling with me, Jesper and my friend Robin. We are going to teach you five different techniques on how to get more sales, drive more traffic to a website and to get people to click on your ads. Let's dive into the course plan so you are going to learn five different hacks or techniques on how to get people to click on your ad. Click on your blog's post, make them read your things and buy your product and services. So what are you going to learn inside off this course? Well, if you have a look on the screen on the right hand side, you can see you're going to learn five different techniques. The 1st 1 would be reciprocity. What is reciprocity and how can you use it to make more sales, to get people to click on your ads and to read your bloke post or yes to get traffic to your website. And the same goes with curiosity. How can we make people curious about what you have to sell? And the third technique would be scarcity? How can we create scarcity among people so they don't feel like they're missing out on an opportunity to buy something from you and then social proof. How can we use social proof to drive more sales? And then we're having something called the tree Boxes strategy. This technique, if using this right is super powerful. And among this course, you're having all of these five different lessons on how to use this strategies in your sales in every day, in your marketing, in your ads, etcetera. And here is the assignment off this course. So if we're scrolling down, you can see we're having something called the Project description. And I would like you to answer these five questions on paper with you've read the words now thes five different questions you can create in mind map around them so you really can get your head around What reciprocity is for you. What curiosity is for you. What scarcity and social proof and the tree boxes strategy on how you can use this inside of your business or to get more traffic to a website or what? Ever gold Your happy. So with that, I hope to see you inside of this course 2. Reciprocity: Welcome back to the course, guys in this section we're going to start talking about, say's psychology. And in this particular video, we're going to cover something that calls reciprocity what it means and how you can increase sales and traffic to your website by using it. Let's dive into it. Well, first of all, what Issa reciprocity? Well, in short, it is. Give something to get something. When we are giving something for free like an apple, for example, the person that is getting this apple are feeling obligated to give back something. Have you ever gotten like a Christmas gift? But you didn't have anything for that person, but you felt obligated to give them something back. That is exactly what reciprocity is. So, for example, if you're having something to market or sell and you're giving away something for free with that gift, then the people that is receiving this gift, if it is unexpected, they feel obligated to maybe buy another product from you. That is a social norm that we're having as human beings. And actually, in 1974 a sociological called Philip something he deducted an experiment around Christmas time where he created a hand written Christmas card with his family on the picture and send that out to 600 different strangers, strangers, people that he have never talked to, never seen. He had no connection whatsoever to this 600 people and the result off this experiment that study was actually that he got 200 answers back. That is how reciprocity works. When you're giving something, you will get back. And that is why it's so important to do this in marketing when we're doing our abs etcetera . And there are actually two different ways to use this reciprocity technique. To get results. The 1st 1 would be to collect leads, for example, for your business like e mails, phone numbers or any type of personal information about the customer or a potential customer with our freebie. A freebie use basically like a giveaway if you look on the screen right now and I just brought here Guide to longevity, which means long life live past 200 off age free click here and they can collect that bottom and they will get and guide on how to live a longer life. So by just being creative with your business with your content. What can you give away for free in order to get email addresses to get phone numbers and other personal data that you can then market your products and services to? Because if somebody is getting something for free than the social norm off, reciprocity kicks in and they would like to give you something back. Another example would be if you're selling a product to include a personal note and a discount code. So let's say that this was your package. Pretty boring, right? But what if you included something like this? Hi, Agnes. To show up, appreciation will give you 25% off your next purchase with us. Have a great day. It's both personal, and you're having a discount code, so you will have one returning customer now. This could be a discount code for just 5% But by doing this, you're building a connection and you're building reciprocity towards your customers, meaning that they are feeling on urged to give back. So this is reciprocity. Use it. Yes, the way you want to, but it's a good sales psychology to use if you're collecting leads or if you are trying to get on customer to buy more products and services from you. Good luck Now, guys. I'll see you in the next video. 3. Curiosity: in this video, guys, we're gonna keep moving with the sale psychology, and we're going to talk about curiosity. How can we create curiosity in our potential customers to kill liquor ads? Clicker, bloke, post and also keep reading whatever we're having to say. That's what we're gonna cover inside off this video. So let's dive into it. We would like our potential customers to become as curious as a cat. Yep, Cats are super curious, right? So, like an H, you need to scratch. If you're ever been bitten by a mosquito, you know how that feels. And you also know that you have to scratch that, right? So how can we create this curiosity in our customers? Well, by creating a knowledge gap? What I mean with a knowledge gap is you are telling, for example, in your headline, in your blood post in your ads or in your content online in the social media platforms you are creating and headline that is telling them something, but not everything. Maybe not. Why or how or when. So we were creating this urge to click that ad or that bloke post or that content. So here are some examples on how to do this. So what the amazing dead kid left behind? Well, this is pretty dramatic, but anyways, would you like to click this What the amazing dead kid left behind? I would definitely like to notice. It doesn't matter how tragic it is. I would like to click this one, and then we're having 31 animals you won't believe actually existed. I definitely would like to click this as well. Keep moving. Don't eat this things in an airplane. I'm curious. Right is like itching right now. And then why? Some people are getting richer, really study. I also would like to know this because, hey, all of us out there would like to get rich, don't we? And then which country is the worst to travel alone? I want to know that. And then we're having how I learned hand standing in four days. If I were interested in learning this, I would definitely this article or this video or whatever it ISS you can see in bold that I have marked the words that you would like to include in your headlines in your bloke posting your videos in your ads to create this knowledge gap. So what won't Dese? Why, which and how I will have it in the resource is you can just download this little file with this words as well. But it's good to know, to create some curiosity, because why we would like to keep the attention off the reader or the Watcher. We don't want to give it all away. So we would like to give bits of information when we are writing something, or if we're creating a video and so on. Why? Well, because if we're giving everything away within the first sentence, they will just stop reading. So we have to keep their interest. And I will show you later on in this video on how to do that. Did you see what I did there? I told you that I will show you later on in this video so you cannot turn this off, right? Could you know? So you can also create a list. For example, 31 animals you didn't know existed. That's list because you would like to see the entire list, so you would just keep reading. So list is also a good way to do this. You know that 10 top things. The 10 best things there, 31 animals that you didn't know existed. Those kind of things really works. And then you can also do like a lot of YouTubers are doing out there. In the end of this video, I'm gonna give away. Ah, I don't know cappuccino machine or something like that, so that you can keep them until the and watching that video or reading that blawg post or article or whatever, but one thing that is very important. It's actually to be honest in your message. Do not click bait. Click Bait is basically when you're promising something that you cannot live up to. This will just be bad for your business, and being honest makes people trust you. And that is exactly what we are looking for, right? So you can always ask a friend if they would click your headline. You're basically your title of your blog's post or your ad or your video title, for example, would they click it and if not, take some feedback from them, listen to them on how you can twitch it, and you will just learn more over time. So, to the best part, of the video. The information gap headline. What do I mean with this? Well, let me show you. So this could be a great headline to write. I made $12,343 on my first agency client. This is how so If you were looking to build a digital marketing or social media marketing agency, you would definitely like to click this, right? Because it's telling you that whom ever wrote this made $12,000 on their first client And this is how so they would show me off course. I'm going to collect that headline now to the article introduction. How do we keep people reading our article? Let me show you how so They have already clicked into this, and here comes to text. A little over one year ago, I started my own digital marketing agency. I went into the niche off Google ads and signed my first client. After just 13 days, this client made me Ah, lot of money. I'll tell you more about that in a second. Having my own marketing agency is a dream. Com. True. Did you see what I did here? Why do you want to keep reading this. How do I keep your attention? Well, have a look at this. I'll tell you more about that in a second. So I am already dropping some knowledge here. I'm already dropping some information in this. If you were having a closer look at this text, you can see that I'm already telling you about my needs. So I'm already telling you that we went into Google ads. So that is information. And also told you that it just took me 13 days. So by dropping a little information, little by little, I'm keeping your attention. And I'm also definitely keeping your attention. If I'm telling you that, I'll tell you more about that in a second. So you're telling a little information beginning off your article? Same if you're creating videos, for example, and then you're pulling back a little bit on the information and you keep writing or keep speaking about the story and then you are still feeling in some information. Don't make them wait too long. It's actually a little bit of a learning curve here to keep people's attention, but on the end, it's really effective. So this is how you can do it. You know that the information gap headline is really working. The article introduction, by keeping the attention is really working. Now You know how to spike curiosity in anybody reading your text or watching your videos and to get more clicks. The website clicks on your ads, etcetera. So let's move on in the course. See you in the next video. 4. Scarcity: Now, what is scarcity? Well, if you ever have experienced a black Friday or another holiday sale, then you might have a clue what it ISS Scarcity is. Basically, when it's shortage off supply in comparison to the demand, let me explain what this means. Let's say that today was the last day that you and everyone else in the world can buy chocolate. How many pieces of chocolate would you buy? One, too. I guess you would buy pretty much chocolate, even though you wouldn't eat it for weeks or years. That is scarcity. We are telling you that there's a limited amount off a product or service out there, and the demand is really high. Which means that Ah, lot of people want to buy something that doesn't really exist. Maybe one or two or three off a kind just exist. So everybody wants to buy that, Just like on Black Friday, people are going crazy. I mean, people are even starting fights in the malls on Black Friday, which is insane, and this is how you use scarcity not to make people fight over your things, but to make people buy when we're having a product or service to sell. We would like to sell the feeling off Missing out, which is also Tran Firmed. Ask formal fear off, Missing out. Nobody wants to miss out on that deal off the day, right? So if you're looking for a cell phone, for example, in UCO, it's 20 percent off. Only today. That's a scarcity sales tactic that the company's using on you. So when we're marketing in creating ads around the products, we do want to create a sense of urgency like it's now or never. Don't miss out on this product or this service offer. It's only today. Go and buy it right now. That is how we would like to sell our products. One sales tactic that is really working for a lot of companies out there today. There are countdowns that you can use, which means that if you look on the screen right now, where the arrow is pointing out at your product page or in your ads, you're having some type of countdown that is making the potential customers feel like they're missing out on a deal. For example, order winning five hours and you will get it by Friday. Friday's Tomorrow today's Thursday, so it's Friday tomorrow. So if I really would like this product by tomorrow, I need to buy it now. And the same goes for this. If you look on the screen right now, order before midnight Thursday, 19 December would stand at home. Deliver now. I don't understand what it is, but I can also see that I only have eight hours on this deal. So I have to click that at two bag and the shop button to get this deal. And then we're having an ad. For example, on Facebook gathers against the four hour flash sales, so I only have four hours to get 25% office against the on this ad. And if I were looking for a group on deal, I would definitely click in, and I would buy this at a 25% off. So this is how you can use countdown scarcity by telling your potential customers in your ads or in your content or on your website. That is a limited time. You have to buy this now with a little countdown clock or in your ad like this. Four hours left on this flash sale so that is one tactic. You can also do the limited stock scarcity. Look on the screen right now. Hurry, only one left in stock. Now, if you're selling something and you don't have a lot in stock, which means you don't have a large number off that product, you can use this only website as well, Like booking dot com is doing on me right now. I'm sitting here looking for accommodation and I can see only one left like this on our site. And if I'm looking for an accommodation, I see they have good ratings, etcetera. And then I definitely would like to book this, but because I don't want to miss out on this deal, and it's the same for every people in the world because we as human beings, hate missing out. That is one thing that we really scared off. That is why this tactic is called scarcity. We're adding some scarcity four people potential customers to miss out on a good deal, and then we're having limited time access. Now this is perfect. If you're selling and course, or if you're doing a webinar, for example, if you look on the screen, sign up for the bio hacking your sleep webinar, and you can also see where that arrow is, pointing at now closest in 19 minutes. So we're adding and limited time access, which means that this offer is going to close within a limited time so you can use the countdown on your website if you're running and Shopify story. If you're selling on Amazon for If you're creating ads on Facebook, for example, you can use the countdown tactics. And then, if your soon to be out of stock with your products, you can use the limited stock offer and then you're having the limited time access. If you're having, for example, on webinar or something that is closing very soon, maybe an online course, but only used the scarcity and urgency tactics like this if you're really having a limited offer, because always they honest with your customers, that is the rule to stay in business for the long run. Okay, guys, so good luck with your scarcity techniques, and I'll see you in the next video 5. Social Proof: Welcome back to the course in this video. We're going to talk about social proof and how we can use it in order to increase our sales . Let's dive into it. Well, what is social proof? Really? Well, it ISS when we're inspiring people to take actions. We do want to inspire people to buy our products and services. Right. So the fact is that we trust what others do and think what I mean with that? Well, let's say that you go to a bookstore, you go to the bookstore. Maybe you go to amazon dot com and you are looking to buy a Kindle book and book that you can just scroll through in your mobile phone and read. How do you know that this book is any good? Tell me that. How do you know this by the cover? You see that there says think and grow Rich doesn't tell me too much. Well, off course you go into the reviews, right? You read what other customers what other people have to say about the book. So you go into the reviews and you start reading through the reviews because you have no idea maybe what this book is about or if it's even worth your time and worth your money. Right? So that is exactly what you would like to figure out here. So we trust what other people do and think. So, if people in the reviews for this book is telling me that this is a good book, then how can we use this? If this were your book, how could you use this to sell even more off this book? Well, you could show the potential customers of yours how to act like sharing this review. For example, if you look on the screen by it now, this customer in this review is telling me or the potential buyer that you should definitely go in and buy this now. And that is exactly what Social Proof is. Another person is telling me that, Yeah, this book is very good, and you should definitely buy it now. And you can read out Mawr. And the next comment is telling me that this is a life changing book, not even exaggerating if I'm looking to change my life. This comment this review is speaking directly to me. So social proof is a way for us. as sellers to show what other people thinks about our products and services. And the same goes for social media. For example, Social proof. Get a V, for example. He has 2.5 million subscribers on its YouTube channels. If this isn't social proof enough for me to trust him when it comes with business advice, I don't know what same goes for Tony Robbins as you're busy on his INSTAGRAM account. He has almost five million followers on there. That is also social proof. That is a social proof that's telling me that people like this man, so they're following him. And I should do that, too, right? So using social proved to increase your sales is very important and also effective. So let's have a look at a few ways to use this effectively. The 1st 1 is off course to use reviews like, If you were selling that book, use those reviews. But let's say that we're selling a course that's called Get out off depth course. A review could look something like this. Maybe you're selling this course on Amazon. Let's say it can look something like this. You can see that the scores got round 4.5 stars in reviews. You can also see how many rating is it got. And you can also see a little comment here, which says this course is a good match for me. Thanks. This is a review. Nothing personal, just another person telling me something about this course. Now I know that discourse is a good match for this person, but I don't know if it's a good match for me. So it's not personal towards the instructors. It's more just targeted to the course. And then we're having used testimonials. This is very, very effective guys. When doing this right, this is something that you could have on your website, for example. Okay, you can see that it's got five stars. So you from going to the website and I see while five star for this, let's see what this student has to say. The way Robin in Jesper takes everything step by step makes it easy to follow along. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get out off depth fast, all right, and you can also see that it's a small picture, A profile picture off a woman called Rachel Wilson So what makes a review different from a testimonial is basically that I put this on my website and actually this could just be a review off somebody writing on Amazon and I e mailed them and asked if they could write a little bit more in depth review and also send me their profile image. Now, in order for you to get this important testimonials, you could just send them a free product if you don't sell very expensive stuff in order to get these testimonials with their profile picture and on more in depth explanation what this course has done for them. And you can put this on your website, which is in a very important sales point for anybody coming into your website and looking on your course. So testimonials should always be positive, and it should also include a profile picture and maybe a small explanation about the student and what it has done for them. And then we're having the case Study used case studies. If you're having some case, study could look something like this. So we're still selling the get out off depth course, and you can see that it's getting five stars this is on thing that I'm having on my website , and it says Robotti, desperate scores help me get out of $25,000 depth in 15 months, and I also added this button. Read my story now I told this customer, What if you wrote a little story and send me that story about your background of around your depth and how you solved it, using this course, how powerful, Right? We all know that storytelling is very powerful when reading the right story or watching the right story in a movie or in a sales text or something like that. We are connecting more with whom ever is in that movie or whom ever is writing that text. That's how we as human works, we love stories. So if you were looking for a course to get out off depth and you saw this read my story, I at least with definite flick this pardon to read out the entire story in order for me to connect more with whom, ever, who is taking this course? Because we're all alike as human beings. We love stories, but what separates a testimonial to a case study is that the case study include real results. As you can see on the screen, we helped her get out of $25,000 in Dept. That this results and a case study always should have some type of results. And also you can include a story. You don't have to do that, but it was strengthened the message. And it's a good way to show off a social proof in order for your potential customers to become customer. So this is how you can use social proof. You can do it in the same way on your Facebook ads and in your social media content as well . So in short, social prove is basically we trust what others do and think. We like to read out reviews. The same goes for the movies. I guess you one or two times have bean into a website called E M D. B and read about the movie before you watched it, either in the cinemas or downloaded it or watch it on Netflix. And then we would like to use this social proof tactics in order to show off potential customers how other people act and how they should act around our services and products. You can use reviews on your website in your ads or in your social media content. You can do the same with testimonials and case studies, but always be true. And for me to be true in this video, we have no out get out off depth Course. This was just an example. So no, you know how to use social proof in order to increase your sales. See you next week, guys. 6. The 3 Boxes Strategy: Welcome back to the course, guys. In this video, we're going to have a look at them sales tactic, which called the tree boxes, which are a lot of his successful companies are using around the world to increase their sales. So let's dive into it. The three boxes is and sales technique that Apple is using to sell more cell phones. Booth, I'm gonna teach you that inside of this video. So let's have a look at the core off the tree boxes. So the entire goal with his technique is to have a person go from yes or no. I don't know What if I want to buy this to which one should I choose? So let's have a look at a real example off. Yes and no. Both me and Robin is educated personal trainers, and this is how it looked inside of our Jim when we were trying to sell personal training. We had personal training packages, so the 1st 1 would be this. For example, we have the starter package were selling 10 off our hours 46 99 dollars. That would be so what you will then do as a customer, you will go in and you will talk to one of us personal trainers. And we said we have this started package for you. This might be customer Daddy's knew that haven't tried personal training yet, so they don't really know what they are buying. They don't want to buy too much, but they also would like to have some results, right? They would like to change their body and somehow either to strengthen it up or to get that Beachbody right. But they don't understand what they're buying, really? Because they have never worked with a personal trainer. So what they are doing then, is have a look at the price they're seeing off $700 for 10 hours of training. I don't know what I'm buying, and $700 is a lot of money. So instead of having one offer one product, one service, what we would like to do that is we would like to change our offer. So going from one starting package to go to unreal Result package, where we're selling 20 hours off personal training and this is exactly what it looks inside of our Jim, our boss in the gym knew exactly on how to lay out this three box method. So now you can see that we're selling both 10 hours of personal training for around $700. And you can see then that were se selling also 20 hours of personal training just for the double amount of price, which is $1400. So what the customer's brain is doing now they're seeing that they're having two different options now. The first option doesn't look too expensive, does it? So you are starting to understand that. Well, okay, we have the starter package, but I maybe don't want to cheap out here because I would like to have real results. So now the customer is starting to go between which one should I pick? But then what we're doing is we're throwing in one more choice, which would be 50 hours of personal training. Now, I don't know how many packages I sold to incline that waas cold traffic, meaning they walked into the door. Maybe they we sold them a membership off the gym. And then I said, Hey, I know you're new here, but would you like to buy 50 hours of personal training for about $3500. That's not as good sales tactic. You have to create some rapport, which means some kind of connection with a customer before you're trying to sell this. So what we're having on the screen right now? It's three different boxes off choices. We're having 10 hours for $700. We're having 20 hours for about $1400 we having 50 hours for about $3500. So what we have done here, where the customer is, we're having them going from checking the prices to checking on the different packages and also going in between in their heads on which one should I pick? And here we having something called the 2060 20 principle. So if you're looking at on this packages with these choices, 10 hours doesn't look too expensive, right? This is a starter pack. But what if I would like to have really results? Then I would definitely go for the second package, right? I don't want to cheap out here on my body and on my health. But what if I could change my life, go for the 50 our package, but still I'm pretty new in the gym, and I don't know if I would like to invest that amount of time and also amount of money on a product that I I don't really know anything about that I haven't tried yet. So actually here we're having something called the 2060 20 principle, and that is basically that 20% is going with a starter package when they are introduced to this kind of model, and then 60% is going for the middle package. And then we're having those kind of people that we have persuaded or that just want to change their life now. And they really, really trust you. That is going for the massive package off 50 hours off personal training. So this is a method that you can use inside off your business. Now why? Knowing that you're having a service or product that you really want to sell and also delivered to your customer because you're confident in whatever you're selling? What if you could create two different other options for the customer? Now, if you still want to sell this as a core product, the middle one for us in this video, it would be the 20 hour training. Then you could also sell the your product like the 20 hour training. And then you can create another product that is having a little less value, like the 10 hour and then one with massive value will all inclusive, that kind of thinking. So if you do this, then you would see that people will go from either yes or no. To which one should I choose from looking at the prices to go whom? I wonder which package fits me the best? Is this going to change my life, or am I just ready to get real results? You know what I mean? And actually an company that is using this model in their marketing, its apple, their self. If you have a look on the screen right now, you can see that they're selling one iPhone pro. They're selling one iPhone max, and then they're selling the regular iPhone for different prices. And this is off course because not everyone hand afford the most expensive one. And maybe not even the medium priced the regular priced ones. So there's buying the cheapest one. But if you had the money and you didn't know which one you should go for. By fact, you would probably go for the middle one if you didn't search out for the biggest one. So the three boxes is the same principle that huge companies like Apple is using in their strategy. So now it's time for you to use this tragedy when you're selling your products and services because it's really working. So, guys, I'll see you in the next video.