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Psychology of Self-Awareness and Self-Cognition

Timur K., Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller

Psychology of Self-Awareness and Self-Cognition

Timur K., Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller

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10 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Day 1. Who Am I.

    • 3. Day 2. Get Rid of Your Ultimate Burden

    • 4. Day 3. Detect Areas which Need Improving

    • 5. Day 4. Gestalt Therapy

    • 6. Day 5. Take Control of Your Life

    • 7. Day 6. Be Free

    • 8. Day 7. Unleash Your Secret Dreams

    • 9. Visualizing your Dream Future. Decomposition technique.

    • 10. Bonus Lecture. Stay Free from Opinions

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About This Class

Welcome to the one-stop self-awareness course which enables you to explore yourself via simple writing techniques.

What is Self-awareness (aka self-knowledge, self-cognition or introspection)? It is about understanding your own needs, desires, shortcomings, habits, strengths and weaknesses. It helps to detect those areas which make up your foundation as well as areas which need improving. The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting to different life circumstances and making them work for you.

Self awareness is the starting point that leads to all other improvements.

What is interesting, is that you don’t need numerous expensive psychotherapy sessions to get yourself better. Who else but you can know you better? This course teaches you how to look into your hidden thoughts and what to do with them. For each lesson, you only require a piece of paper and a pen, as well as 15 minutes of your free time.

This Course can also be valuable for those of you who are interested in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness as it provides helpful tips on how to improve these important skills.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Timur K.

Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller


I'm an MA graduate with degrees in International Relations and World Economy. Learning foreign languages, travelling and working in cosmopolitan environments has always been indispensable part of my life.

My work experience includes working on challenging projects for government and private sectors (security products, banking, investment) across 5 continents, including Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia and Americas, and internship at the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm totally passionate about psychology, craftsmanship, motivation, skills, and languages - I speak English, Russian, French, Turkish and little Arabic, I also started learning Hungarian a while ago:). I'm keen on reading, sports, football, and playing the guitar.

I'm always eager to learn new... See full profile

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1. Introduction: are there, You're in the seven days I proposed to put some kind of metaphor of self knowledge and self improvement. I was inspired to create this course Trying passed a similar one only a few years ago which helped me to understand myself. Better to understand my girls and what I should focus on in my life. So what are we going to do? You, in this course, Everything we learn and use once I coach writing technique I promised you that difficult. You only need a paper then some free time to concentrate on your fields. Here is some playing What We're going to do your in these quarters on the first day we will figure out who you are. Although these questions used to be an easy along the answer for many people, sometimes it's not so easy to find. On the second day, we're going to see what is in your heart what is important to hear what worries you in your life about the third day used to present, we'll put everything in order in your life when the fourth day, we're going to continue to talk about the present. We'll get rid of all the Norden weigh heavily upon you. The day is the recent past and your these course. We're not going to look at the old cost because the course would be not for that. And the six and seven days are, of course, the future. Which promises hospital. We're going to allow ourselves to think it all our dreams and desires. In more detail. You learn about these last pictures, so I ready. Let's start. 2. Day 1. Who Am I.: to date, you stay. We are going to start with understanding meta who we are. You don't need a paper and a pen as well as huffing out off your free time, trying to make sure that nothing distracted during this time. Now the Huskies, we need to upgrade its please trying to give as many answers. It's possible to one question. Who are trying to give as many answers as possible? Stop your each of your answers with you Big some space from left Angel. She you can write down any answer you want, so record all the answers that counts your mind because there is no price for uncertainties . Tusk. So have you finished? Now let's figure it out or you really how in your response you get What did you think for you? What were you thinking about when you were trying to answer these questions? If you have 50 answer some more, then your Gerson, who knows and understands quite what about yourself? The president. Five ounces And maybe it's time to get a queen of yourself any better. The answer to this question from your friends, relatives and make a weeks What will they see you your opinion. So let's get back to your responses. Are there any chances that are responsible for your generals and then a woman Gil or a son ? The location of these concerts indicate the importance which can be to the strolls. Next. Let's analyze the family. Correct Christie's. Do you have such worsen husband? Why? My father, son, daughter, brother, sister and so on. How many of these? In which water? Remember, you can be both the antidote wife at the same time. So which one of these did you place? First, your wife or husband comes before the roles of son or daughter. Then Now you're old. Family is more important to you in the same way you wish you were born. There have been some cases when people who got the steps were surprised to not just that they didn't have these answers on their released. I completely forgot about being a father or wife. And what they have been thinking was their work. And curier So what about you? What role? That means you're released. Do you have about your family and charities? This is one of the goals of this exercise toe. Understand what your priorities at this point of your life. Next, are any worse and related to your work? You. So how do you call yourself? I seen a teacher. Or course there is no work which is connected or find effect that you spent more than 40 hours every weekend work. Then maybe you go to work. Or maybe you're not enjoying Keitel and forget about it. After the war, time is finished. Next, Do you have anything on your least which is connected with Ranger and Hopis? Maybe you are Chinese or tourist artists and athletes or Facebook. Leah Major is very important part of our lives. How many rules do you have? Your fanny? You know that maybe it's time to get some enjoyable hobbies. Is your work home daily routine finally, are there in euros that define your belong to certain groups with your nationality or ethnicity or political preferences? Did you write something like small go or vegetarian or a custom boys in person? The absence of these group affiliations in Dickie some sort of looming this restlessness, lack of connection with other people outside of your family and work circle. You know what is a heavy Carson I'm telling you on the example of us too. This dude has four backs on for family. Second for work, friends and four for Koby's. And how you extra you have this exercise is a great way to think. And finally, I want you to pay attention to how much self critical I've been a negative characteristics in your So now you. This lease tried to reflect and get acquainted with a stranger on Yuri's, which is yet familiar at the same time, and tomorrow we're going to find out what is in our minds. 3. Day 2. Get Rid of Your Ultimate Burden: hard that today we're going to die into self analysis. Sometimes it seems that we're worried about one thing. They're the reason it's completely different. For example, if I started have a runny nose or a sore for too often you have a deeper into myself. I found out that they have had heart feelings or a crown short someone, but you can understand it unless you start to analyze your inner feelings. So this. So we're going to see what is in our hearts, what is important to us and what we are worried about to do. These were going to use the exercise, which is called 16 associations. It was developed by famous Recycle Mentally car, most of young with the help of 16 associations. Remember Eagle too big and off. Our associative connections find destructive associations see the root of the problem, increasing awareness and get various in size, which in normal circumstances it would be difficult to understand your company, this exercise, who need this usually paper and in about half an hour off our free time in silence to stop me if you need to formulate your problem, it's hard being worked hard in France probably which will miss you or the issue, which is important for you. Formulated work were short freeze, for example. Card. You are experiencing financial difficulties. Then this would be money and you start alone were heart broken down. The work last in the bigger or is simply and numbers from water system the next. This will help us vocals and then get confused while doing this exercise. Now this cleaver as possible without any hesitation right down the left. Old associations that arise in your mind with these four. Let yourself go. Try down all the worst without thinking too much. Now that you have driven away, the 16 words can worsen players. The 1st 1 the 2nd 1st with four friends. So when the worst I combine start working with each layer separately. We don't referring to me or they want that. These days the problem were finally common association. They were that unites the still worse for you personally, that's you. Get second column you have association rising from the combined forces with players. Now we got eight words. Reconnecting players begin contribute the same thing before so that you have 45 associations. Now that we have for work. Repeat the same thing with them. Trying associations in the fourth column. Now combine the result of two wars in one. These were your main or it is thes class, for it is your deep association. But this wasn't the first danger stops. What you should do now and for the next few days is too trying to think about the final work hat and the black into difference years of your life. You'll be surprised to see many new ideas which will help you to better figure out what is really worrying. Here I get you much made in different. 4. Day 3. Detect Areas which Need Improving: good to see you again. What's in use? How are you getting the 1st 2 episodes? I'm working on understanding. Just so. Shall we continue today? We're going to analyze the reality that surrounds us again. Prepared is a paper and a pen today. Second, it's called Love Life. It is used by many cultures and find different that crazy. But we can join ourselves. It should be quite a base. It's a circle spokes, representing those areas which are more important for you. Usually these may include family friends hope these work and carrier person without going and so on. Each soul has skin from 1 to 10 representing the degree of person city section with these air of his life. So our task is to select the first inspection with each of these terrorists in our life. If you should want, it means you are not satisfied if it means you're absolutely cities fires with these in your life. And now let's job Reliance, which will connect all these points, is the room will have an on you encircle teachings quite difficult to find. A person would have a completely Bannon sliced now place mark to or from areas where almost a distraction is at its maximum. These are the areas you should have taken care of before and that big here about you. This is the solar foundation, something you can always try. Our next US started 85 to free areas where also destruction is a priest. That is less than four points in our skills. Some psychologists who used this technique called in black holes in the sense, no matter how much energy you put into them, they result in the shirt well, almost and he's doesn't want. However, you mustn't entirely by Justin from all your power. The main thing is that they should not become worse. So now they are doing for interest, which I live, and then you're satisfied. So So even this most navigation, your efforts done money in these areas, you significant results. Therefore, I advise you to start with that if you get old, even the sea prospection can improve the quality of your life by one point for each sector yourself. What to do, so make it grand for it. If it's not your work to stop and talk to your best some of your health interest that is investing yourself. These will enable you to get the necessary physical and emotional resources and what you are working for yourself. The black holes in the situation room tend to be so miraculous on their own. This happens almost all the time as if it efforts aimed at your strongest points. Increase your temperature. Florence. This time our centers help family working. So is a good start. But of course you can use something off your own instead of this time eight years. But again, Southern areas are good signs point, and it's quite convenient to start with them well, this job in order to solve the problem. First of all, it is necessary to realize that it exists heading prints on efforts. Positive changes will come shortly and flew off. Life will speak within you force. So seeing next 5. Day 4. Gestalt Therapy: that today is promising the intellectualism. We're going to get rid of things and emotions and hold those governments that we have on you as usual provider a piece of paper, a good start. Many people, if you are happy because there are things, did not work out as much as they plant. Significant doesn't bring them joy and happiness. Sounds like college is called the Situation. They finally sounding Quartey, Stop! Construct German language. It means for structure. The idea behind is that the whole often object or scene is more important than it's in. The video barks. So what does it have to do with our situation being happy? Well, according to the shot psychologists, we don't just see the world what we exactly into occurred. What we see, depending on what we are expecting to see the famous French What, that a nice wasn't actually psychologies frame that idea. Interesting queen. We did not see the world cities. We see it as we are. So it means that even if there is nothing to worry or be said about in this particular situation, with a few unhappy duty over past experience, we re not have been quite positive, and so we interpret the present situation based on our past negative experience. So maybe sometime in the past, you face a situation where you wanted something. Core expected something to happen. But you didn't get what didn't happen, and the few nickel frustration started to develop in your mind. You're not left. We experience quite a number of such situations where our expectations are fulfilled. These negative experiences. They are often called on complete editions. Staying with you like a bandage, and you continue to leave with that continues to make your restless and frustrated wherever you are. Is there a way to get through? Today? We're going to try to do it. The exercise. We're going to the school. Eventual forgiveness. Most psychologists junior school before agree on the effectiveness of writing such centres . These others are musical natural resentment over your letters. These owners are usually to be sent to anyone they can for what, according to certain rules, it is doing any order to do something. You must allow yourself to leave and experience first along the emotions and the resentment , a disappointment, sadness, fear, give great. You finally off one of the millions of little forgiveness described in many sources. For example, indeed, Chris taking truck sensation 14 months ago. So what you have to do there is find a place where you could be able and nothing can disturb you. Second, choose the interest. See, it can be one of your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend. When the universe as a whole Dressing, for example, do you, mom, and then walk for all the fuel that he have towards here, for example, Im enter if you for and then least your brains because and they old garages that you have the worst person. Do you support that? Im said about I'm French. I'm sort of that time. We too, are happy. I want that and please, what you desire such a 30 price and there should be a response that which we can write to ourselves on behalf. Essential response will create the illusion that he having her and your feelings have been taken to come in the responsible right, Everything that you want to hear even if the person who offended you in real life would never say such worst. Hide them anyway. These were along to experience positive emotions, love and here I would be in your imagination. But as we know, imagination and our perception have a truly great power to change things. The main thing in these exercise is to take this process seriously. Perhaps at some point you would want to forgive that there are some sample phrases that you can use your responses dear. Your name Please forgive me for No, I understand that I promised it. I'm grateful to you for I love you. If the relationship with this partner is already finished, then you may write something. I like to go in these after writing Teessiders. If you start to experience If you go forgiveness, try to fix and innovate. Try to experience the stealing your entire body. This exercise will help you for that in harmony and confidence. 6. Day 5. Take Control of Your Life: the years passed by and you live your life. You work or study. Spend time with your family in France. But I ask you, you rude how you spent the last three years of your life. So today I'm going to ask you trying down on a piece of paper. Then sailors that have happened to you, you're on this time next to each favor indicating the person by whose fault it happened, who calls the situation. And now they love this least of favors making, least of the 10 most joyful advancing these last three years and indicate the person who made these positive moments possible. Did you manage to get the required number of positive and negative events your life for the last three years? If not date five more minutes and trying down everything that first come into your mind and complete the exercise. Now the main question of these exercise How many points from the first piece of fears It was restored me. And how many Joeckel events from the second Greece is you made that happen? No, it's the wives. Is it the case that most of the troubles and feelers it happens in your life. It is that other people that are responsible, for example, if you left your job you kosher, almost was inadequate and fired you. Or if you could, not going only last year. Is it because of the last financial crisis in our country? Let's look at the second least of successful advances and achievements. Maybe you have a child where you learn to play the guitar or jump the person force it was, You decide to do it. Now you notice that all the favors are because of other people in circumstances, while beautiful events and successes are things to your own decisions. If this is the case with your armies and maybe you stop taking responsibility for your life trying to look again at the risk of your favors and consider again who was the person to blame for that? Start taking responsibility for everything which is happening with you Now. If you don't have a financial caution now, this is the result of your past. Actions probably needs that he had started seeing 10% of my income years before, and there's another observation based on these exercise. If you found it difficult to make a restart 10 fingers and 10 nice things which happened to you in the last few years. It means your life is not so edgy events. So my advice to you Stop believing in autopilot more. You only have one life. So enjoy to the fullest experiment. Chinese things well being responsible for your actions every time I see you the next lecture. 7. Day 6. Be Free: Hi. That hope you're doing fine. Today's is very short. The technique we're going to use today has no special rules. Prepare a piece of paper and then complain the ways of your pills. Thank you away. We're trying a little, too. You repeat yourself, that which you brute old group later on, which you write with both others in the back of the page. Greek officer. Five years trying down the date. I didn't think that this is just intervened in the pointless exercise. Bigger can be entrusted with the most secret dreams, hopes, desires and sorrows. Before you start trying to analyze your wife first, look at it from the all time perspectives, make conclusions and reflecting the possible mistakes. If you have made, the Stickney can be quite effective when you watch your life. Is he from somebody else's perspective? It helps you to make combines judgments. Get free from errors, experiences and what's your dresses? Bust events and understand what you have. Patronize the experience in just girls. Start with the works and treat yourself right. Okay, think Notre Street yourself of any rules. By the way, these technical Friday future letters to yourself is very building are these days you can find a number of special websites which allow you try electric yourself and it will be doing to your email in boats. And if EQ State in, you can check all these websites and see what other people are writing to themselves. If you want, you can make your own literally come probably and sharing with the world or keep it private . Intended to you only or not saying it'll the process of contemplating cannot your future and your boss. This is what is important. 8. Day 7. Unleash Your Secret Dreams: glad to see you again. Today is the last night of all writing techniques, and I really wanted to feel another use for her source. So prepare a piece of paper and a pen and let's start today. Stickney school at least have been kind of things. This lease is a challenge to you. It is specifically designed for those of you of your board and want to reboot themselves. I'm sure you'll find the steak value. Well, how does this least of incredible Instru merciful running down difference Years of your life, Let it be family Were Hopis traveling and so forth, then down in Prindle goals next to each of these years, these girls should be really wondering and not so beautiful feel That is why this lease is called the recent incredible things. The idea behind this is that these incredible goals started country after sometime or at least get very close to them. Though at first it seemed that it was completely impossible. There goes through a specific amount of your income if you would like to achieve. It worked for me two years ago, I turned down a monthly sum fine, which wants to achieve one here. And it was something like 2.5 times more than I was a junior at that time, I only down in my excel file where I kept my income and expenses. And I will see this number again and again almost every week. I didn't come to the monthly income one. Yeah, but that achieved it 1.5 year. And that doesn't seem so impossible to do. You know what I need a few months ago? I don't down another go, my accent fire to achieve even higher in the next 12 months. The same thing can work from traveling during your marriage, learning comfortably and use it for rundown old impregnable course We're trying to your mind. The girls were older. You come first right now. I can't stop this nonsense, girls from time to time. And I assure you, your mind will start finding toys how to achieve them Even if you don't get to these girls time frame that you said in the beginning, you will get to them After this incredible goals start to come true. One by one month to continue writing you and you goes If you're make about troubling. Start visiting cold countries in Europe, for example, Then your next goal may be to beat all seven continents. Then your name still contributed 100 countries, and your ultimate goal will be beating cool countries in the world. I'm sure by the time you visit Temple, the humanity will have space to reason you'll be able to channel to the moon or Mars and beyond. Did you know that it's not necessary to have a lot of money to fulfill this dream of traveling around the world these days? Down Lots of websites that offer various programs but you don't have to pay for accommodation and meals. Some day volunteer programs can even cover your commendation. Transportacion coasts. If you set yourself a goal, your mind you always think about the big. He will start social for information and who find this unbelievable opportunities. I hope you enjoyed the course and from them. What advice and information hope to see you in the next courses we share beautiful day 9. Visualizing your Dream Future. Decomposition technique.: psychologists have carried out a number of experiments in which they asked, people tried about their dreams for the future, and they found out that this writing sessions made these people feel happier. People were asked right about there future, imagining that everything they had wanted turned out well and their dreams were realized. Those of the respondents who kept trying these positive tones for a least 20 minutes a day for a least four days confirmed that they started to feel emotionally and physically happier immediately after driving sessions. Moreover, they claim that this positive effect of happiness lost it for several weeks. It seems like programming yourself, and some of you may see that we cannot control the future. So does it mean that we're just setting people up for future disappointment? Well, it seems that this technique does have a positive impact on people who use it. First of all, it helps you identify what is really important to you in the long term, what you really value. It also lets you forget about short term problems that you're facing right now and understand how you can overcome them. Secondly, and probably this is the most important element in this riding technique is that it helps you to make concrete steps towards your desired future. After you have describe your ideal future vision on paper, you start identifying specific girls to work towards. This is also known as the composition technique. You can still keep asking yourself such questions as How can I achieve that, starting from the highest point or your final outcome and going down to the smallest and soon a step that should be taken right now. He's also makes you feel that you are in control to work towards your dream, and that's why this technique is so useful and makes people truly happy and inspired. So to make the most from this writing technique, it is important first, to make sure that you have a least 20 minutes on disturb so that you can concentrate on your inner thoughts. Second, be ready to imagine yourself in the future, say, five or 10 years from now, after everything has gone as well as it possibly could imagine that you have worked hard and accomplished most of the girls that you had planned. You have used your potential skills and talent. You may think about different aspects of your life, including your family. Work off these relationships and so forth. Third, continue convicted. The Stolz day after day include some more details as you read them over again. I bet after a few days this ideal future will seem to you as quite possible to achieve. And the ideas will keep coming to you specific steps. How to realize this future vision of yours. So when you have made the composition of your goals and come up with concrete and consequent steps off what you should do to achieve them, start completing the small tasks one by one, day by day, smaller steps, the more achievable they are. Completing them each day will make a few much better. And whenever you feel anxious again, remember your ultimate goal. Then get back to your to do list of things and continue completing the small tasks. I did the same exercise sometime ago. First of all, I wrote down my dream, which is being able to travel around the world and not heading to work full time. I wrote it down on a piece of paper. I describe how I would be feeling as if I have already achieved that state. Then I made decomposition of my goal. My logic was approximately as follows. If I don't want to have a full time corporate office work, it means I have to give up my current job, which at that time was exactly and 9 to 6 office work five days a week. If I quit my job, and since I want to travel around the world, I will need to have other sources of income. So I decided that I need to start working online. Seems working online, required a lot of work up front, such a setting up your own online store for even watching quarts of videos of how to start working online. I realized that I needed some free time to burn off that. So I decided that I needed a part time job for a joke with flexible hours so that in my free time I could learn how to set up an online business. So that's exactly how my decomposition plan looked like. My ultimate goal. Children around the world and enjoying my life by heaven. Income from another reform line sources spending a little time and effort. It's possible that means I have to have a number of online sources, and that means it. Now. I need to find one online stores off income and develop it. That means that I need to learn how to set up online business by watching and drink a lot about it. To learn. I need to find time to watch and treat all this information. And that means I need to find a part time job work with flexible hours to get some more free time. And this is the timeline off my career. How I have changed my lifestyle in order to achieve my ultimate goal. In 2011 I started an office job working full time 9 to 5 after a year or two and get bored about this routine job and started thinking about my real dreams and made a decomposition off my girls. In 2013 I found a part time job in the evenings and weekends. It was teaching in the evenings, and I still was working full time in 2016 and get enough customers from this part time job to support myself Can I decided to leave my full time job and so that year, I finally made up my mind and left my full time job, which, frankly speaking, wasn't in is a decision. In 2017 I started doing part time job only. I started experimenting with online businesses, learned and tried a lot. In 2018 I get the first small online stream of income it was getting from online courses. Next they followed the second stream of income. I started to learn about stocks and dividends. I started to borrow to buy shares on the stock market and my goals for the years 19 4020 or continue making more online sources of income and expanding the existing kwon's. I hope this video will help you to identify your ultimate goal, then make a list of small things to do to achieve that goal and then start doing them day by day. It will help you to feel great as you will be moving doors and join with your life 10. Bonus Lecture. Stay Free from Opinions: Hi there. This bold structure I'm going to share with you and your riding technique, which can help you to realize that some of your negative filled are nothing. Is that true? It is cold fact or opinion. So they piece of paper and a pen turned down all negative statements that comes to your mind about your life, your performance at home and or rest. You will find a sample worksheet with some general statements in the resource section of this section. Such statements. Main crew. I'm a bad person. I'm selfish. I feel the best on a bed, husband or wife. I'm overweight and so on. Now, when there are inside of the bigger job to Coghlan's, the first color will be called fact. And as you probably guessed, the second Cole will be called opinion now, carefully and brute next to each statement, whether it is effect or it's just an opinion off other people or even your own, the simple exercise will help you to see that what we may have some negative thoughts about ourselves and the surrounding cool. They're not always objective truth. If we recognize the difference, they in effect and opinion will be equal to improve our perception and etiquette towards wife. The second reminds US important person that fills apartment or respects and who should correspond our actions accordingly. Nobody enjoying the course team the next forces.