Psychology of Fiverr Success: Job Crafting for Personal Happiness PART TWO | Ron Masa | Skillshare

Psychology of Fiverr Success: Job Crafting for Personal Happiness PART TWO

Ron Masa, Psychologist, Artist and Educator

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12 Videos (51m)
    • Moving Up Through the Levels

    • Meet Your New Office

    • Your Powerful Selling Tools

    • Lets Plan Your First Gig

    • Lets Create a Gig: Step by Step

    • Create a Great Start

    • Growing Your Success

    • Boost Your Results Over 200%

    • Resources for Your Growth and Success

    • Consider a Few Negatives

    • A Dozen Success Keys

    • Inspiring Conclusion


About This Class

  • Start earning Job-Free Money on
  • Set up Your First Gig Step by Step
  • Become a Thriver in the Fiverr System 
  • How to Start and Grow Your New Business

Part 1 (separate video) covered winning attitudes and the psychological preparation for freelance work.

Here in Part 2 (this video) see step-by-step how to start and grow your new Fiverr freelance business. Focus: How-to set up your first gig and what to do next. 

This class can help you start earning extra income and personal satisfaction.
Freelance work puts you in charge. Instead of you conforming to a job-- once you clarify your work values-- you can shape the jobs to suit your preferences!

We cover each step for the beginner, from creating your first gig to building customer-retaining relationships. Quizes help review if you wish. The teacher, Dr. Ron Masa, who has years of experience freelancing with Fiverr, is both psychologist and artist, so this class is informative and also enriched with images and videos about work.

If you're interested in Fiverr and: 

          (1) Want to earn money from home, or
          (2) Hope to replace a job you dislike, or
          (3) Want to start a new business without having to quit your day job: 

Learn to use Fiverr to shape the work that shapes your life. Earn money and increase your satisfaction!
Let's get started!

Target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to work from home to earn extra money
  • Anyone considering or beginning work with Fiverr
  • Anyone who values Quality of Life and a Positive Attitude
  • Not for Getting Rich Quick

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Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist and Educator

Ron Masa, Ph.D. is a retired Jungian Psychologist and University Instructor who is also an artist. He has sculpted in stone and bronze and paints mostly in acrylics. Dr Masa has authored many articles and newspaper columns on Dreamwork and on the I Ching. He has taught at major universities and also studied with shamans from North and South America. He lives in the redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California with his sweetheart, fellow artist and educator, Debbie Hart. They love cats.

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