Psychology 1: How Your Perception (Really) Works

Andre Klapper, PhD, Researcher, Neuroscientist, Psychologist

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15 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Course outline

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Quick note: additional material

    • 4. The visual puzzle (Section 1)

    • 5. Parsing: what belongs to what?

    • 6. Color: a game of light and shadows

    • 7. Depth: enter the third dimension (part 1)

    • 8. Depth: enter the third dimension (part 2)

    • 9. Size: a story of giants and dwarfs

    • 10. Form: it's never what it looks like

    • 11. The visual system (Section 2)

    • 12. Conscious and unconscious perception

    • 13. From perception to memory

    • 14. The perception-memory loop

    • 15. The bigger picture


About This Class

What we see is not the same as what our eyes see.

At every moment, our brain is secretly editing what we see without us noticing it.

This course will uncover how your brain is editing what you see and how you can make this visible. 

Learn how your perception really works and experience directly how your brain is constantly manipulating what you see.

What you will learn in this course

First, you will see how exactly where your brain is fooling you. Specifically, you will learn…

  • How your brain puzzles the pieces that your eyes see together

  • Why the colors we see are not the true colors

  • How our brain makes us think that we see in 3D although we definitely don’t

  • Why our eyes cannot see how big something is and how our brain hides this

  • How our brain edits the form of objects in our eyes

Then you will learn what processes are hidden in our brain…

  • Conscious and unconscious perception

  • How perception and memory work together to construct your reality

Learn exactly what your brain is doing unconsciously and catch the brain in the act of editing what you see again and again during this course.

When I was a psychology student, perception did not seem very interesting to me.

Now it’s one of my absolute favorite topics.

The reason is simply that there is so much going on in our perception that we are not aware of and it is so easy to make those things visible.

Once you know where to look, you can see it everywhere.

And this makes learning about our perception so interesting and enriching: you will never see the world the same way again.

In my experience, especially the people who think that they are not interested in psychology become interested very quickly once they learn about perception.

So enroll now and find out how your perception really works.

Once you enroll you can start with any lecture and see for yourself what it has in store for you.

And you can ask me any question you have about human perception.