Prototyping for Web III: Design with HTML and CSS | Erica Heinz | Skillshare

Prototyping for Web III: Design with HTML and CSS

Erica Heinz, Designer/Developer

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11 Videos (1h 11m)
    • Trailer

    • RWD, CSS, and HTML Prototypes

    • Assess the Situation

    • Save It

    • The Bones

    • Flexibility

    • The Guts

    • The Skin

    • Testing

    • Documentation

    • What's Next?


About This Class

Create a live site using your paper prototypes and design strategy from previous classes. Each step is outlined to help you work quickly, efficiently, and at any site size. Set up a repository, code in HTML, style in CSS, and create clear documentation you can share with clients, colleagues, and fellow students.

Make live websites in mere hours. Erica Heinz’s 70-minute class in simple web development covers how to efficiently, easily transform wireframes and visual mock-ups into a responsive site. Whether you want to demo your startup idea or build an online portfolio, it’s easy to build your own site. In 9 succinct lessons, explore github and easy visual editors, learn modern tools like Hammer and Bourbon, and take advantage of a Skillshare-exclusive starter template on HTML/Sass. With so many resources and clear instruction, you’ll finish with a site you can launch right away.

Want more? Check out the other classes in this series: Web Design I: Planning with Rapid Prototypes and Web Design II: Visuals for UX and Branding.







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Erica Heinz


Erica Heinz is a Brooklyn-based designer, developer, and creative consultant. With over a decade of experience in web design and development, she's worked with both large corporations and lean start-ups. She manages projects from strategy and IA all the way through to development and support.

She's schooled in visual communications, trained in Lean UX and agile development, and is fascinated by the culture-changing power of the web. She loves art, dance, fitness, nutrition, ecology, al...

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