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Erica Heinz, Designer/Developer

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11 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. RWD, CSS, and HTML Prototypes

    • 3. Assess the Situation

    • 4. Save It

    • 5. The Bones

    • 6. Flexibility

    • 7. The Guts

    • 8. The Skin

    • 9. Testing

    • 10. Documentation

    • 11. What's Next?


About This Class

Create a live site using your paper prototypes and design strategy from previous classes. Each step is outlined to help you work quickly, efficiently, and at any site size. Set up a repository, code in HTML, style in CSS, and create clear documentation you can share with clients, colleagues, and fellow students.

Make live websites in mere hours. Erica Heinz’s 70-minute class in simple web development covers how to efficiently, easily transform wireframes and visual mock-ups into a responsive site. Whether you want to demo your startup idea or build an online portfolio, it’s easy to build your own site. In 9 succinct lessons, explore github and easy visual editors, learn modern tools like Hammer and Bourbon, and take advantage of a Skillshare-exclusive starter template on HTML/Sass. With so many resources and clear instruction, you’ll finish with a site you can launch right away.

Want more? Check out the other classes in this series: Web Design I: Planning with Rapid Prototypes and Web Design II: Visuals for UX and Branding.