Prototyping for Web II: Visuals for UX and Branding | Erica Heinz | Skillshare

Prototyping for Web II: Visuals for UX and Branding

Erica Heinz, Designer/Developer

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11 Videos (1h 20m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction

    • Visual Direction

    • Expressive Color

    • Expressive Typography

    • Powerful Images

    • Responsive Design

    • Solid Layouts

    • Usability Testing

    • Cleanup and Documentation

    • Explore Design on Skillshare


About This Class

Create the 5 fundamental elements of rapid visual design: a color palette, type set, image set, layout, and usability test. Taking time with these simple steps will ensure your website grabs attention and makes the impression you want.

Go from wireframes to gorgeous in Erica Heinz’s 80-minute class on designing responsive websites—including branding, user interface design, and visual prototypes. Combining universal design principles like color and imagery with web-specific concepts like usability, user-centered design, and legibility, it’s a full guide for the class project: creating real mock-ups. In addition to 9 video lessons, the class includes comprehensive lists of design resources and a Sketch template for your source files. Whether you give your final designs to a developer or go on to build them yourself, this class helps you get the look you need.

Want more? Check out the classes in this series: Web Design I: Planning with Rapid Prototypes and Web Design III: Responsive Design with HTML and CSS.






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Erica Heinz


Erica Heinz is a Brooklyn-based designer, developer, and creative consultant. With over a decade of experience in web design and development, she's worked with both large corporations and lean start-ups. She manages projects from strategy and IA all the way through to development and support.

She's schooled in visual communications, trained in Lean UX and agile development, and is fascinated by the culture-changing power of the web. She loves art, dance, fitness, nutrition, ecology, al...

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