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Protecting Your Digital Products Copyright

teacher avatar Doru Catana, from knowing to doing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Core Principles

    • 3. Initial Scan

    • 4. How to Send a DMCA Takedown Notice

    • 5. How to Deal with Ignored DMCA Notices

    • 6. 5 Step Weekly Routine to Fight Piracy

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About This Class

In this course I’ll share my experience and struggle so you can avoid making the same mistakes I did and not waste hundreds of hours reading, learning, emailing experts back and forth until you get an efficient system running.

By the end of the course you’ll know how to protect your work, fight piracy effectively and continue focusing on what you love, creating great products.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Doru Catana

from knowing to doing


I've always been passionate about growing businesses.

Started out working in a marketing agency, then went to freelancing, grew that into my own agency with a team of 6 managing hundreds of campaigns both big and small, then decided I can't reach enough people that way.

So I decided to teach, but not just information void of practical application. But things you learn and then put to use the same day and get results.

Few years later the courses I created helped thousands of businesses and professionals all over the world, with Udemy alone having over 10,000 satisfied students.

My mission remains the same as it was when I started out, to impact in a positive way as many businesses and people passionate about results as I can.

And you can TEST my commi... See full profile

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1. Introduction: protecting your digital products. Copyright Hyder My name is Dora Katana in this course is the result of my personal struggle with piracy of my own product. It's based on a lot of trial and error failed efforts, but also expert advice on how to effectively deal with piracy. I've published multiple courses on platforms like Poolside, You, Timmy, Skill Chur and also several adobe after effects templates on sites like video Hive, emotional Ray and video blocks. And this course I'll share my experience and struggle so you can avoid making the same mistakes IDed and not waste hundreds of hours reading, learning emailing experts back and forth until you get an efficient system running by the end of the course, you know how to protect your work, fight piracy effectively and continue focusing on doing what you love. Creating great products. The core structure is pretty straightforward. We start with discussing the core principles in your fight with piracy. Then we go over the actual steps to protect your product and wrap things up with practical weekly routine, with templates and guides that you can use on a weekly basis to effectively protect your work and even a few solutions. If you want to outsource this part of your business entirely, that being said coming up next, we have core principles. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next video. 2. Core Principles: core principles are started by saying that you can never be fully protected as the same risk management. It's never about the elimination of risk. It's about the management of it. You'll never be able to remove all Pirated content from the Internet and fully protect your work period. However, what you can do is raise the bar, and what do we mean by that? Well, imagine you have a house you can never say. I'm completely safe from burglars. However, you can clearly prevent 90% of potential burglars by simply locking your doors or building a fence. And while you could say, Well, I'll build a bunker that's 99% safe that leads us. The second principle cost effectiveness the higher you want to get to that 100% secure the exponential. The cost. 4% in terms of protecting your digital products, look at it this way. You need a person or a software to manage this. The more work gets done, the higher the cost. At some point, it's not financially feasible to protect your product. For example, most of my after effects project average earnings of about $100 a month if we were to pay for a professional service that does what this course teachers that will cost a minimum of $50 a month per product, some services costing even more than the products make, so you can see that it's just not worth it at some point and from this need to be cost effective. The course was born to help everyone, No matter what stage in their business, they are to effectively protect their work. The third principle, when it comes to fighting piracy, is to be smart about it. For example, if you sell a WordPress template on theme forest, you can use the embargo a p I, and have a form that requires the purchase code so people can activate that theme. This won't stop people from pirating your product, but it will stop them from using it, getting updates, solving bugs. In many ways, they will have a useless product and might actually end up buying it from you. If you have a you Timmy course, they have a contract with PIRA Shield with a simple to use form where you can report copyright infringement and let them fight for you. So whatever platform you work with. Ask how they are actively supporting users, toe fight piracy and use the available tools. And don't settle for what they have. Think outside the box is what I did for one of my product. It's called text message generator. It's in after effects template that you can use and replicate text conversations. In the first few months, the product averaged 23 sales a month. However, our Hope file was an HTML file with an embedded video from YouTube that was unlisted, so only people with the helpful could view it. Otherwise, it was completely after radar. We did this to see if people watch it and get feedback on DeSoto. Riel or initial goal had nothing to do with piracy. But we noticed that this video kept getting more and more views. Before we finally took it down. It had 700 views from just 14 sales. We compared the stats with our other projects and realized something was shady here as a side note. At the time, we weren't actively fighting piracy for any of our video hive products. We thought who would pirate us? We don't even have 200 sales on a market with 45 million items sold. After doing some basic Google searches, we found that Haft off the results for tat product were Donald Links and we panicked. We knew a thing or two about piracy, but where do we start? How do we make this financially viable? We were making about $400 a month from video hive were team of Do I handle the training and promotion side of our business under a handles, video editing and after effects templates. The more time we spent on fighting piracy, the last time was spent on creating courses and after effects product. So I reached out to Iraq Frump Irish old, a company that does this for a living. I knew him from a call we had a while back on fighting piracy. He explained everything I had to do and also gave me a rock bottom price of $25 per product per month. Again, this was a special deal. If we were to reach out to another company, they would probably ask us $50 or more per product. The math was simple. Is it worth spending $25 a month to protect an item from piracy if it makes just $100 a month. Honestly, for us, it wasn't. And considering that not all items are equal, some may just $50 a month. And this made protecting our work simply impossible. Just think about it. You create a product and end up spending more to protect your copyright than the product makes in sales. You're better off not creating a product in the first place. However, with the help of that, unless that video tutorial, we got some control. We knew what was going on. In fact, literally the same day we took the video down, updated to help for with another one. We got two emails from people asking for help When I politely asked them for the purchase code, one never replied back, and the other started telling lies how he got it from a client that gave it to him and how the client can be bordered with such a trivial request like a purchase coat. In fact, even in the common section of the text message generator product, you can still see someone asking for the video tutorial who has not purchased the product seriously. You can go right now and see this comment. And for those of you who don't know on video hive, the people who post a comment on your product and bought it have attack next to their name that says Purchased So they want after tutorial removal. Three requests for support. Coincidence? I think not so quick. Summary of the core principles for fighting piracy. Number one. There is no such thing as complete protection. Number two. It must be cost effective. Number three. Be smart about it, and this last one is essential. It will save you lots of headaches and time required to protect your work. If you set in, place a system that makes illegal usage of your product difficult or even pointless. So as a first exercise before going into the more practical side of things, think of ways to prevent the illegal usage of your product or at least set in place a monitoring system. It could be something complicated that involves platform AP eyes. It could be something simple. It could even be changing your pricing or offering great support. So before moving, gone, allocate some time to this to a brainstorming session with your team because your efforts here can save you numerous hours down the road. Coming up. Next. We have the initial scan. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next video. 3. Initial Scan: the initial scant, depending on how big your organization is. This can take quite some time. It took me a full day of work for 10 products. However, it will not only help you in the fight with piracy alone, it might open your eyes to some marketing opportunities as well. So even if your main purpose is to remove illegal distribution of your work, try to also understand the thought process of the people that download your product, observe and analyse any interaction you see. You will get the same level of insight you get from customers when they share the experience they had with your product, how they use it and how they would improve it. But let's get back to scanning. So what you do now is start searching for your product name in various combinations, preferably using quotes to find exact matches in Google. Try adding the market. You sell them on as well. Besides the name be creative. I won't go into depth on the topic of advanced search techniques. If you want to learn that, I recommend a course from Google called Power Searching. It's free, easy to follow, so if you think you need it, bookmark it and watch it after this one. What you should do now is build a list of places where your product is shared, however very important here. If you have an affiliate program running, make sure to differentiate your failures from pirates and not shoot yourself in the leg. For example, the video presentation for my text message generator project was uploaded multiple times to YouTube, and I manually checked the description for each one to see which had an affiliate link to video hive, Which is a good thing because it gives my product more exposure and which ones had lengthened description toe file sharing sites, thus illegally distributing my content. So in your initial scan, make sure you are not sabotaging your own affiliate. When creating this list of websites, you'll have two big categories the 1st 1 which sites that distribute content illegally. And these vary from industry to industry. Then you have the sites that are hosting the files because you might have a site which distributes your content from multiple download links, so you'll need to gather and less number to all those other euros. Also usually sites like nitro flare, zp share Terrible bet, rapid gator media fire and so on. After compiling these lists, you have two things clear. Number one. Know the full extent of your piracy problem in number two. Know your enemy and it's time you start fighting back. So coming up next, we have how to remove Pirated content. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next video. 4. How to Send a DMCA Takedown Notice: how to remove Pirated content. Quick recap So you've already did your best to prevent the illegal distribution and usage of your work. Then you did a complete assessment of the current status, and if you're lucky, you'll discover that it's not such a big problem. But if you're like I was your bit disappointed in your fellow man and feel disrespected because you've poured your heart and soul in creating these projects and people took advantage of you. So turn that sadness into motivation. And let's get to work. Fighting the illegal distribution of your product has two aims. First, make illegal links invisible and then remove them. If people can find it, then they can't illegally download it. And this is as effective as it is simple. And all you have to do is complete a basic form on Google's Web Masters site. At the time of this recording, Dior L is the one listed on the screen. However, in case of any changes, just search for removing content from Google. You can remove things from any of their services from Google play toe Web search to YouTube , however, in this case will mostly focus on removing content from Search. As I said before, if the content is not visible on Google, then people won't find it. If they can't find it, then is the closest thing to it, not existing at all. If you follow the steps from the Google support Page, you'll end up on the copyright removal form page that looks something like this. Besides name, email country and confirming that you are the copyright owner already representative, you have just three fields to focus on. Number one described a copyrighted work where you give details of the product number two a link with an authorized example either your own website or a platform you celadon and number three The link with the infringing material. And this third field is where you'll be entering the length to all those sites that illegally distribute your content, not the file sharing sites, because most of them don't even get indexed in Google. Anyway, out of the 20 plus euros I've submitted so far, all but one which disappeared before it got reviewed were approved. Google does a great job at this. Most of your submissions will be approved for me. It took anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, and at this point, you might say to yourself, Well, I'm done. They're not in ghoul. They don't exist into some degree that is valid. However, as I said in the first principle, let's build bigger walls and raise the protection percentage even more. And now comes they not so complicated yet time consuming part of the battle. Sending out DMC A notices for those of you that don't know this yet. DMC A stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and what it means for you is that you can have content taken down if it infringes your right and you'll have to do this mostly for file sharing websites, I've compiled a list that you can download with the top 20 sides ive came across, and with the exception of a few, they fall in one of two big categories. Sites that you can send the noticed Owen email address that usually is something like abuse at site name dot com, or they have a custom form you need to complete the ones that don't fall in. Either of these two categories require you to make an account on their takedown platform before sending out the notice. Or you might have sites that don't have any contact address listed. Hold your thoughts on this one will cover it in a minute. So you might be wondering. Ok, OK, but what do I write on the components of a valid notice? Are the following number one this statement? I hereby state that I have a good faith belief that the dispute use of the copyrighted material is not authorized by the copyright owner. It's agent or the law. I hereby state that the information in this notice is accurate and under penalty of perjury that I am the owner authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright or often exclusive right under the copyright that is allegedly infringed. I want the Pirated item taken down. I have full rights to it and did not approve sharing and distribution on this website. You'll find us on most websites with DMC a forms usually in the form of a sentence. Besides a check box, the second component you need in your notice is proof that you are the copyright owner. What I do here is share a link to the product on the platform and selling it on pretty simple and straightforward Component Number three. You have to describe the copywriter work in my case on Adobe After Effects Project File, a GSX script file and an HTML page I include for product documentation. Component number four, the Pirated Content, your L and here you type in your URL relevant to the website. You're sending the DMC a notice. Make sure this is correct. Don't send one side to the link to another side like I did when starting out with this system, because I forgot to change Urals and the notice and component number five Copyright owner Contact details. And here you have to less your full name and brand address, email and phone number, and that's it. Now you have to do is send out the notices. Your content will get taken down in your victorious once more. But what happens when nothing happens? What happens when your content doesn't get taken down and we'll cover this in the next video 5. How to Deal with Ignored DMCA Notices: So you've done all this work. It's some sites refused to cooperate or you don't know how to reach them because they don't have a less than email address. What do you do? Well, you tell their mom and dad, and what do you mean by that? Is that you go to their host or registrar, and you can do this with a tool called who DOT is. This tool shows you that the main aim holder and Web host. If you're lucky enough, you'll find a contact email and Web post right away. However, I never works, because at this level the pirates are more and more experienced. If you're lucky enough to see their hosting provider email address, just send them the notice you've preferred earlier. If they use a service like Cloudflare, send Cloudflare to notice and they were send it to the Web host and the site owner as well . If they have custom name servers, check their I p address, and with that, you can find their Web post and reach out to them. So far, sending out hundreds of DMC notices. I have never failed in taking down any of my Pirated content, but if all else fails, the last action you can take is legal and not a lawyer. And don't pretend to be one. So for this step, seek a qualified professional. But as you can see, things get more and more complicated. The closer you want to get to that 100% secure status. So always keep in mind the cost effectiveness principle I shared at the beginning of this course. At some point, it might not make sense financially anymore to keep going. But that decision is yours and yours alone and just helping you with some clarity. So you make the right choice for you and speaking off clarity coming up next, I've prepared a weekly routine that I use myself and that you can follow as well. For the best result. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next video. 6. 5 Step Weekly Routine to Fight Piracy: your five step weekly routine to fighting piracy. Prior to this, make sure you've done that initial scanning. Otherwise, this can get confusing and cluttered, so let's proceed. Step zero, which will be doing only once and check occasionally, has to set in. Place a monitoring system for your product, and there's nothing better and simpler than google dot com slash alerts. You type in the same keywords you've used that 40 initial scanning, and each time your content gets indexed by Google, you get an email. You can set this to be as it happened daily or a weekly digest. If you get irrelevant results fine tune it, change the keywords, and after a few tweaks, it will be fine on its own. So step number one I looked through the Google Alerts results and see what content is Fay use and what content is not. And build those two lists I've mentioned in the previous video. Additionally, you can do a manual Google search selecting to see only pages published in the last month or so. Step number two send out removal notices using Google's Web master stool re a simple takes less than five minutes since you're sending old Euros in the same report. Step number three. Start training out DMC A notices again. Pretty straightforward and repetitive. Once you've done a few a lot of copied based work, nothing too complicated. Just make sure you have the correct links in the notice. Step Number four reviewed the links submitted in the previous week and see if the content has been taken down. If yes, the little ing from your spreadsheet or market has solved, if no sand, another notice after two weeks. Still, nothing used the Who is tool Identify There were post and send them the notice. I had this experience with pre files dot com, which simply ignored my request for close to a month. But after sending there were post the notice the fire was removed in less than 24 hours and step number five each in every week. Take a moment and seriously think of ways to prevent the piracy of your product in a smart and creative manner. Emphasis on smart and creative and that's it. You can now decide if you will handle this yourself or if you outsource it in case your time is more valuable than being spent on a repetitive copy paste rating, or even if it's worth it, to outsource the job toe professional business that has automated the entire process. At the end of the day, it's a decision off cost versus time. As I said at the beginning of the course, I aim to give you the know how to protect your work and the know how to make the right decision on how you do this. I hope you've enjoyed the course. I hope you don't make the same mistakes I did, and I wish you good luck in your fight with piracy. However, during this battle, never forget the core of your business creating great product because no pirate, no torrent or file sharing site can ever take away the value you're creating for other people. My name is Dora Katana and has been a real pleasure helping you protect your work