Protect 'Yo Self - VPN & USB Blockers | Philip 'dm' Campbell | Skillshare

Protect 'Yo Self - VPN & USB Blockers

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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8 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction

    • 2. 1.1 - what is a vpn

    • 3. 1.3 - not all are equal

    • 4. 1.2 - why you need one

    • 5. 1.4 - four choices to consider

    • 6. 1.5 - usb port blocking bonus

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 8. 1.7 - share and review (...)


About This Class

did you know that on a public wireless network people can be easily listening and sniffing the network traffic to know what you're doing? do you use a public wifi network in a coffee shop a lot? do you charge your phone from USB ports inside a restaurant/bar or someone's laptop in the airport?

if so, I need you to take this course. this course will help you understand why you need to start thinking about your device(s) when your using any kind of internet connection that you do not own - I've also dropped in some advice about USB ports as a bonus to try and protect what comes in and out of your computer and stop things being loaded up on your computer.

we look at a few areas to help, this is not a complete solution but it will help with protecting your connection and the ability for someone to USB load jack you. you can still get infected with viruses and malware but we do not cover that here.

I give this advice in the hope that cutting down the 'surface area' of leaking your login details, banking logins and having background processes load up on your machine from the start might help you keep a little bit safer for longer. truth is, trust nothing and always change your passwords - have a plan of recovery if everything goes wrong quickly, keep analog numbers on tap!

in this course, we will look at the following. . .

  • what is a vpn
  • why you need to have one
  • not all vpns are made equally
  • suggestion of premium, cheaper and free solutions
  • additional security bonus tips about usb ports

my hope is this course will make you consider your hardware and connection a little more saving you time and money and also maintaining a level of reliability and uptime so you can work!

crucial advice for digital nomads in transition!

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