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Protea malen mit youdesignme

teacher avatar Kristin Youdesignme, Watercolor artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. 01 Protea Intro

    • 2. 02 Protea Einleitung

    • 3. 03 Protea Übungen

    • 4. 04 Protea Übungen

    • 5. 05 Protea Teil 1

    • 6. 06 Protea 1 Teil 2

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About This Class

In diesem Kurs starten wir mit leichten Pinselübungen und malen dann zusammen eine detaillierte Protea.

Ich zeige dir, wie du mit einfachen Pinselstrichen starten kannst und lockere kleine Blüten zauberst, bevor es dann richtig in die Tiefe geht. Für das Hauptmotiv solltest du im besten Fall schon Erfahrungen mit dem Aquarellieren haben. Aber trau dich doch auch als Anfänger mal an so ein Motiv. 

Teile dein fertiges Motiv gern auch auf instagram und tagge mich mit oder #youdesignme. Ich bin gespannt zu sehen, was bei dir entsteht. Bunte Grüße, Kristin


Verwendete Materialien:

Schmincke Aquarellfarben

Hahnemühle Expression Aquarellpapier

Kolintik Aquarellpinsel von Boesner

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kristin Youdesignme

Watercolor artist


Hallo und viele Grüße aus Berlin. Ich bin Kristin - du kennst mich vielleicht als „youdesignme“. Unter diesem Namen arbeite ich als Illustratorin und teile meine Bilder. In Berlin geben ich außerdem Aquarellkurse - und genau diese biete ich nun auch hier als Online Kurs an. So kannst du dir deine Zeit individuell einteilen und Videos mehrmals ansehen. Als Extra biete ich eine geschlossene Facebook Gruppe an in der ich dir immer gern mit Rat und Tat zur Verfüfung stehe. Auch dort gibt es weitere Videos als Inspiration zum Weiterlernen. Damit du größtmögliche Freude und Erfolge mit deinem neuen Hobby - dem Aquarellmalen - hast. Ich freue mich, dass du dabei bist.



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1. 01 Protea Intro : Hello. Hey, come on under Imam, you design me about it. That's why you Moline my focus Like for him off Proton Nationalist Monsoon on smash today and is of course my line shot for friends and family invited even teach pass. 2. 02 Protea Einleitung : the Porta but Ceilings as a deacon export Here. Steven Bloom Orphans in Africa on Granada piece. It's a masked man and I'm oil up life cuisine, Finna says. And for and against Bazan, off lands on pregnancy would naba it's motifs mark volume. Let's that justice motive about closer House for home duties. A few in gluten. Blatter on to give me a tradeoff, Lanza and by a car bomb van Videos of France s mime Simba's I can learn on Whitman on Stan Dining detail. Yet in the realization gluten find city fort sizing Felix Cotton provided fitness toe um bike for competitive animal for Lago the cancer they always talk on so much, But convinced about hell unleashed Jewish 1000 What about that size? Nist off the excited Dominion deputy chairman and vice obliged. Now next, in also cough the knack for head up here does as a the hours could talk to blue toe so d etc onto Mars Dominion Dammit! I'm stuff now on the X dammit obliged of cleaning often act here brings considering the Pootie honest nights One Birdman order its course Carter's on offer stuff design. But not since Sharma he have a social designs each mint manak further in instead have on gets kids endless. Schlozman on Zach Father podia First edition 3. 03 Protea Übungen : fears Act available does tomorrow. Most of them forfeit Naturalist, an avid sports in relation. Then blocks are to mark lists and tile for the leading forests, and I'm future 65 off the rest inside it. So home is infinity. Also dim. It's five, a severed head and smiled in nine but not stoned and pencil house washing. And then another bad as to than the men off pushes herself. Then from Lyon. Submission. It's about women. Orange to 4 a.m. Pop your total, enabling the Matich movement pencil by bad after laptop from Can you answer. Asked about much me. It's father and hits off advantage and don't display how and when. The queen on an pound horn, it isn't live happy and healthy and sureness. Blow call You didn't hear but not see here on the tender, a Jewish cancer Jac Focal Fab over Nazi and enjoy handcrafting on ploys and fact. One become on my back for herself. Abizaid, and that is a Meyssan suits a cat's fancy ports and Halilovic talking it inside. Offered saiga is to hear advice for relative. I'm from Putin wish tartan for deep Letta. Not such an accounts are interpretation it in pencil cell phone so can find blood meant no einem pencils twitch mine. It had me. Huma was made into a film. Some cause blue gruesome that you design me and close up come ups. So comes to good A can fit is a pencil stretch and Itai from sin yet so that Smith, a pencil on via Honduran pencil and the onerous Don't seized bookstore glide said it in pencil. OSP appear as its fiber vegan blast site is seen on certain China Emma guns can know him, but inspection with chocolate and Putin can street second, a canvas fission of harmful office and in Iceland, Latin gaped as a from pink. Some Caguan decent effect becomes open or him than the blues dearest is good. Forced us down my list instead of Mamma's Madam, Full Ayanna the motorist it could cause etiquette is honest. Hartnett. I am just here as a non assist that says made Appenzell Spitzer on Moloch and blood does not NASA pink, but so in this Queenie, nine gets home. He's matured at info. Tired of steep latest uninterested undermined CNN's a spider elemental twist in Incheon Fab Development, and I've never been this Marxist prudish. It's for slightly an incline. It cut down on Doc. Not that smart Indian. Fine on the sheet owls Also on so blue to givens. Christie formula. If it isn't feeling, look mind with the gluten bladder and Dr Perhaps Attic on the SDF options treatment. I'm hand pink unlived the size Huber notes. Morality, Fear, Vasa and for hardness, student Far pigment for its fighter. She's written letter mission. Vermeer, Far pigment and so so dusty Fire Way It stunk Lor on tech Never heard on for the directorship. Britain Better so I did, and motive provides. Qatar Gnant sign Unknown name Stomach. Um, a relative. Topline pins of Farber off step in little relative tartan for the fibre relative of's papier off Catan. This is a Trife option number and animalistic lined ready effect on the blue to Red Sox. As we disease the deficits position, EG remarked influential and eggs and a foul know how consumed by us to you brings card or impact for the latest. Think England told us half Keyshia Bushby tonight, Magno, and it's less it's yes month ago by the mind 4. 04 Protea Übungen: for the support here, convinced it. Matting zump fab casting Watson. He's a ribbon tinted so and from ICANN's locker on Elect off. Lost someone for hearing with us. Triage on Dickens. Talk to report. You can land does industry. It's a shell. Smith f down ConstellEn guns on goods formed off lows. Pinzon an innocent farm and another fleas and has to be that is in effect in the Shona cleared, however, this Allah Bloomberg Stan Toilet's anguish punished, If I have information Z often puppy in was a Lange's in on Us and Peter I'm talking, invoked on the influenza at Surrealism and I'm pencils twist commode as a rest assured locker on healthy one complete. See it establish cause artist is a farm. It's been toe type of guys that even existence on a premier for missions happened. Needs putting Finn often enough. Habits undergone. Vaksince is the space it in Penzance fishing. Do it could oust subversion or arrested your father. I'm to absolution, since that's the only enemy inch Fats Partners Fab Committee off them appear. Well, here's cuts on flow. Been on. No and Mr Fabio prefer habits. Cattle impermeable them. It is a fact coming, Ahmad sending Classicism mouse on this flop. Develop pastor glass empanada cause carbon commode 5. 05 Protea Teil 1 : Zoe. It's what is offering demand on the air. Statistical por Thiago Minds Fender and motif begins to some other at some for up to look father and submission. Often it's the saves money by officials of the freefest. Anguished look, farmer. This list is not Jewish affairs. Argon Liebert, Sofia at Savigny Because act when you blow off my since I'm homage to Farber doctors. Marc Ganis Someone can see the excitement that was for seven and losing. That's just even tag. Moloch is the man off on an afar, but my name is politics. Play your delegates. Organised longer. Homes are not cities. Replace complete McQueen direct for my new Bhutia. Shabby except Yangon side tickets motif. Revered Village Steph How long her house vices did mice mentioned? Lies the Fed. McCline on motive in Staten. Just get me a present It so much, but also and this is not a corn from the coast off about. As it started years back for table dining studio in Latin America. Essence hifter smear farm surveillance photos are as avenge and protagonist command hover. It's fighting slumped is unfolding situation, the angst from vice and blood mingling it either spirit on the stock. Anish Lem. He may add additional me and and motif. Fantastic coarsest. Classy dig linger on to you a bit. Socks on the Aston Put here women often descriptors like and that is the blue two. He's been obliged up good size and have blended is for to hear mine on fingers off in this e book. Mitad su de Matteo's organs for like some upsizing preventing guns. Fattest issue. If it is a blue Tim obliged of trout salmon considered Illini incised Austin Me. Book a house off in a few blood. All stocks want 1000 that's esus leakage. Malign blood deportee Ahmed Vaasa on Does Martha is valid for these motif? He's a commander Nelson as technique, but not so the size. Smile Amendment, Vasa, DS, the Fleischer All's It's a street historically, and leaf of us often appear Zions orto on beef Lucy often fiber. Much signs idea under that. So here for powers to Akiko off Stop, which are the my this bonus video. Madam Tittle Terroristic A machine gun. Afternoon draft distances s the Britain Black Goodman. Fast food is Doctor McChrystal McGinn as fast as art and kinda and Johnson blood. A nine law from Kansans Trump trt fiber in the onions. The bloody nine he could now I do hear, are by the storms and for how must steer back for very far but seconds that's the story shined only second. These are eyeing Shaft Maman's so Not So living another Latif hands have machine begin. We don't often photo these studies Blood and a Gable. It's a blood ara down Gabe ish and decisional should escape in mind of us. A. Fleischer. It was beat up. A set can go home. It's Phyllis Testament of an organised oven. Now on a Malaysian Olive Eitan party, a blood diamond is Anderson Moustache. Nick, if it is against the party apart, convinced exam circa. Understand Sugar, the UDA insulin party. Ablow to deviate Zaman off. So it's extra video that so this isn't an album inside Africa. Kurds. So does to a body Merkley Kite House data and send a blue Tomorrow I'm just took to cooking elation begin the limited spite of happy, even the insulin that says this waste is Dusty s. The fact sheet often population vocals. Good Qatar noticed, does that much and desist Elliott's powers on last If Abbott Hawkman for dessert. Site of Fascist League It's this hyper Pootie apartment. Vasa on on Molly S. C. I. In a plot site on down the under Does my offered a in their Knutson Estes negativity even for the year. So far up shit of end of term. Shabir Angan session quotes cleared. That's the blood other year. Often photo good and I'm Gate owns a canIs on such assist artist. The Blood Hand. It was scorched decision factors. There's a toilet ties and the noon is that spite, In fact, even off stop you bring with the pencil Spitzer in the misty Farber off on for Gacy and the four up voiced, uncollected Fleischer iron here are by itis ality flea can, but I'm doing pencil is have a huge stack it high. Then did a pencil supplied astronomy and do nothing of the sort. Inspectors linger about Sloan's off in file Window I Musavi issue. It's a few father. Often pencil has cancer, virtual sick of father and vomiting, papier toe up name that's so hot it is just to on on an underground device that's pencils on Saga. Quasi special siga farmer off So that's not a farmer in the pencil. Spits obliged this system to auction off. Go find. Does this and black national anthem for Upton are smaller suddenly formalized for the Eva off. Thus bring the Benesch carton than motive. Then angling this blood stain is not going Gillingham on mind. Does Samir and that Zaatar Blick feuding among them Team ever on one common and important Mangano Vise fever. Ask my then can. There's a technique for vicious motive theory stickers, Order of on and off urbanists or the new voices Canovi by and for the craft in so much better designed black medium for two short ones in the building on a busy it. So it's this upper mind this descend a building so Andalusian, then there and motif as only schooling. The demise is on bestest Ashfaque Southern Sharji market Now on the homestead. Thanks, Mr Fed or the gift is flesh. But I said it style shirt of wardens and on this had to skip out on the skansen motif. That's good soup of it dot Subjects on the motif FEMA, the porta he s the blood Half the last station on talkin on the moment and underline blood . Oh, he gave for impose scream for midlevel Isman s party A blood moon talking on scan modeling blood have to fight our Biden Noone contra tricky part Tennis must hear the blood Ara waza beytin Mac for their abided My hair in a jungle does Gansz Vistica, rigor to subside Casino and my from herring a dunker the size to most If I boost man, that's the head since tandem motifs and and then they don't get commodes and say their shares with heads have become Listen files the blood out of their heads to behind I am in the s In fact, she's admitted from blood but escape off guitar That's one issue in minimum willing and green for lower Verma's despite a farm Ebner they give known die in spite Hannum as I still on Glinka Blood Haftar on lesson in Midland Bryce, as with the blood are old school spot you shine done the farmer phenomenon the essence up off talk toys Most is understood that I'm against bubbles but on undermined his sneaking coming and gave a blood other off. And don't just but off mine a mark for her ticket is least huge apartment alibis alls. He's princip, So it just voguish for in addition, been TIFA in the act for her mother I and tell How much for Jesus put here. Blood is so sick relative find Bernard so 14 average. Tell him and the complex lunch after at least one shot in four. Javert is tranche really Geathers onsets in the month of Conceived in Mr ST in My Green Fab 20 Big Mama Vida Escape or Toward the City Money, it's TM video. Next, cancel good value Firebomb voiced in social In general Relative dunkel is above honest artnet than votes to the effect is in listing sits on one hand. The fact on the streets of Dunkel impregnates arresting blood Haftar abba VMS Evolution declared the talking attack for their father, Matt, Circuit sponsors Put sent. 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It can depict mental Linger and Ananda Ashram on Friesen on each habitat. Ishmael outside is in effect for Mr Notes. No deform, often papi, evoking to lessen concern for much persons. Khyber by the very in awe spooky in on tradition test invasive as June for the shine for Hearst as a witness in a stash, Nick orders normal AC four billion has ordered us to forehead as papier forest must. So she ever stolen office genders to Madonna's and that's technique. And for Mitt Side some mine has finished over a year in minor Asked Father, as in the schooling and despite father and bringer as one decent filed its hold on top First special Jewish man pencil. Um often papito up does for in that and verte cystic Olympic mended Yet some pencils and my new order farm machinery in the far palette of between nine. Bring him so, congressman What? As on mushrooms, Alba, heighten on most social Jewishness Madden pencil Or notice our spoon you have discarded in pencils vision dumb on site briefing at which gets home, Damn it! Can Izmir obscene And in fact, it in pencil. Ya gotta off him to upgrade. Topped about offsets nonstop EGM actors and off adverse to foist is that as a kind Chief ends in New Kansas can also goddamn papi Emma! 6. 06 Protea 1 Teil 2: going to stay as the title in support. Asian Fast Fair. It is inside off against the here. It's not digitised. Tell its letter on Lunched at the ocean. Met in Bruton Blood on for Manassas Pollutant Blood machine me gets here in Sanford Nausea tone. And that's an image May I infer adverse. Also have association of my name is Panetta Harbor on Mission Medicine and as a bajaj Stellar, Here's is me, all the guys you know it was Plow Gwynn front and affording fat mushroom in the politest Processions in discounts. Canady fireplace in minor palette. If a vendor Madonnas and last technique Cabbage, middle stairs The blue blooded students angle leg on top Fernand es to farming nine second , some under and behind for studies Putin. Bloody Deng gets to stay alert as it in mice in Shatin It was funding blogging must Jersey off my blood off of ended harbor. That s decision is going are here. It's Shatin Krasic Human blood in blood panel TSA for the speech. Peter, their homeowners that here Farber, Cuba off talking Lhasa Soave Isha Home s video for the support here. That's hold in minor Greenblatt Amid anger perfect harbor. It's machine me a knockoff. Ooh! And ah! And at first, Uncle Evan or tone on Danish Vital for the shot in because you're not so it was established those kinds of gluten blood. It's our essential mission. Complete hours commode. So than Abby here, father and fellow from Hannah. Don't go seasonal associates. Ask my talkin on fit Mommy. And in spite in blood in blood he saw my dad. So I'm glad for smokeless fight and fanned leaked to saved my in fact US finish its vivid in us Nice technique, but not so by the Britain Blood in it. And under fellow from rickets as a and gluten blood. Direct name them asked mine Done very Illinois on us, Father. And you know Al Jina Safari nine love, um, on by the blood in blood of amusement and under forbidden God knows of the bones ongoing blood engage its timid in order blood And for sleeping me as a Maddie Flesh s madrassa on it's Agostino Martin to tie votes estaba off appear Gaber after as abruptly stepped off. Does example Fleischer from my blood. Mercury's to McGinnis is the snowball in the foot sensitive about kind by Oscar's part ist as well. Not talk. Missed when Netscape it should first with far burns Move on price. Men's Bruton bladders gave it an ad for Sun Shuttle Farber that so from under them bug eyes variation. At first, Songkhla does have eyes to see a mere shortened by leaving and is in close up. Constant circled a canvas folkish normative pencil. Spitzer hereby disinclined built element on the Sheba Medical fire Pick, Mentor, Markelis Fight and then Hand as now wouldn't lend out which articles. The Dunkel Hide on My Blood in Blood Harbor. The New Spirit Guide, Nast in Pencil Matich bits. It's a Knutson as a window ancestors to bet on or forget. My Delaney now smiles the number we end. Another Pinza. He comes up, assigned us to dinner and a movie deminers. Vasa funding has not stationing as busted US off. Deflation gives just to the sun are about most wells and expression surgery litigation. Talking venom. Time Klein on charm. Ivy should see Amanda Farber, Muthaiga Vera as Jr on Nash. Bits of this platter Scottie for good reason give its and relative crafting or 200 so Indian from hashish minutes and vanished in the mist in pencil. Our special damn it on a mug. Relative talking pins as a disorders kind Vasa clicks on an pencil, hangs on an interfering appear up on damage for vicious hits in Wharton often appear it was not home. So does this cries and so often fell off in disinclined Bruton blood behind Decent Bash Kanda Straits. Think it's not months there could. I can fish Matiz into ties on gear as a vocation Adamczak line, but I take some blue toe detail. Yet Abita on me and even blood insulin fellow for a chauffeur? No. So it sits and vocational bending hours took and I'm built, Girl of an absolute and forward or dozens of us and then photo of the interior since Mr Few Mere Hello Advisable Heights and in Britain pledged in lesson name it Is this photo as vocational? It's in spirit. Soon on MCF Asman, a magna and deputy, it's on the holes, doesn't feel it's They are just a dish by motif was to develop business to the and the four loggerheads, then does shanked in them Cop on the nine. A creativity on detail. You taken Stallman Ox Peter hadn't been vocalist detection in NBA. Hurst. One of how mine has he's center, blue tint, Bloody and image. Karada are biased and Kleiner House for wrong conundrum. Motive and reason. I mouth off the Incited A splatters on a mobile in Hunch trip to Steve. All since itis platters to ones as of the success it insiders in on. Or maybe our societa does, it starts to stand. Molly S. D. Dunkley Insider hours. Blessed is talking, Um, so I'm speeder inside Mali City Hello for Resided because it's on discover Buddhist hours and by the sliced Satish Housman Violent Voda phone and for Olympic Mendon and under Fish Room when he said it is a cloud account. Ernest Mammon, whereas Honest, can assist us Plata mobile NBA guys so them. But after involved, - except for engine underdog, justice, epoch eyes, etc. And explain a house for the rumors, you come to us focused off on dusty shutting stream. DeMott v. It is in verbal affect Christie stashed and gun down. Gay should see a man's clothes abdomen taken hours in construction. I want our direct. On the count of was this suspect no foreign verb in middle unbaptized. Unless it was Hellerstein. No, So comes to optician in a verbal evasion. You know, it's a ship's tarnished readiness unless technic son Andy's open under nuts off talking technique. - So by a U S. Too tired a hinted Linda that Baha'is Asil Ghatak notice forget hits on many mind far Pau zagging Indecent fog over blood dry as a desert storm. But doctor involved deserve meaning. Tricks have devoted by year motif on a verbal gotta and for formal that sorghum on average , as a man or machine and had this carton and you can our toe an object to deiced just so detail later on Lebanon together and then autonoma. TVA When does markets does motif So spit CIA? Does this focus next on a platter? Front transistors. So then vocalist on a dry demons in our conform to Francis. And yet Stover Metin Bratton and in Britain, but and from fat isn't fit anguish. No notice to you on a tortilla and their Festen system Arctic next year as a Mr Filic on, it's much finer woza on this fossil. Convince our mom it for shouldn't. Even then he dots stand. It's not some unfancied on look of wantonness and thus technic polygamy as it examines cheering us on and Abbott's distance from the blood. I'm still home, Allah as a justice Ministry blood amid unforced her son and vocalist, Inessa Roman Gaber, new and in two years, then zones for the defy body. Shots like that. So baby are indeed let em 89 Love on this one vanished. Surely it's as a false statement. A pencil, Spitzer and mine and lots of us. A Fleischer does. Prone for inch steel, I'm warned him, gave him a top member of even for divisor against and dauntless pound on my vita and lowest was prone In Fatima tissue gets I know the Benesch become one fear and yet does Vasa on minor father often population at first me a chocolate give it hits you in the s and don't go heightened And so it is a dunker heightens that's issued a challenge Prevost s underground from steer or my father and verbal That's Justin went out under the bladder By the a year Martin many mind can schlock shot and it might yet CIA in fact, no naughty text tour fund import tst on Jordan