Promotion Design: Creating a Print & Digital Campaign That Gets Attention

Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design, Freelance Designer & Coffee Guzzler

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8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Examples

    • 4. Brief

    • 5. Design - Part 1

    • 6. Design - Part 2

    • 7. Design - Part 3

    • 8. Your Project


About This Class

Hey guys, thanks so much for joining me in my fourth class!

One of the hardest things about starting a business is promoting it - getting the word out, letting people know you exist, and then hoping they stop by to see what you offer. 

Whether you’re running a promotion at your store, offering special pricing at your boutique gym, or celebrating a grand opening or anniversary at your shop, all these types of events need to be promoted to be successful. Simply hanging a sign in your window might be enough, but a letter-sized page with black type printed on your home laserjet won’t really be enough to drum up interest. If you want people to be excited about your event, you have to be excited about it too!

In this class, I’ll share with you some of my experiences working with and promoting small businesses. We’ll cover

  • Whether you should use a flyer, postcard or poster to promote your special based on the target demographic
  • Design a poster with me in real time
  • Use that design file to create a styled mockup which can be used on social media, etc., to promote your event online.

In this class, you’ll be working through the steps I outline to decide what you would like to promote  - either a sale, or a special event, or just a ‘new in town' announcement - and how you would like to promote it. You’ll then design a poster, postcard or flyer, and use that same image as content for  Instagram or Facebook with mockups (rather than just posting the design file). 

By the end of this class, you’ll have a solid foundation to be able to design a promotional campaign for your business, and gather interest from local businesses and potential customers.


If you have any feedback for me after viewing this class, please feel free to pass it on. I got a new microphone based on feedback from students in my other classes - I hope the audio sounds better - so I'm always looking to grow and improve and I can't do that without some good old constructive criticism! I'm open to brutal honesty. I mean, within reason... :)