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Promotion Design: Creating a Print & Digital Campaign That Gets Attention

teacher avatar Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design, Freelance Designer & Coffee Guzzler

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Examples

    • 4. Brief

    • 5. Design - Part 1

    • 6. Design - Part 2

    • 7. Design - Part 3

    • 8. Your Project

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About This Class

Hey guys, thanks so much for joining me in my fourth class!

One of the hardest things about starting a business is promoting it - getting the word out, letting people know you exist, and then hoping they stop by to see what you offer. 

Whether you’re running a promotion at your store, offering special pricing at your boutique gym, or celebrating a grand opening or anniversary at your shop, all these types of events need to be promoted to be successful. Simply hanging a sign in your window might be enough, but a letter-sized page with black type printed on your home laserjet won’t really be enough to drum up interest. If you want people to be excited about your event, you have to be excited about it too!

In this class, I’ll share with you some of my experiences working with and promoting small businesses. We’ll cover

  • Whether you should use a flyer, postcard or poster to promote your special based on the target demographic
  • Design a poster with me in real time
  • Use that design file to create a styled mockup which can be used on social media, etc., to promote your event online.

In this class, you’ll be working through the steps I outline to decide what you would like to promote  - either a sale, or a special event, or just a ‘new in town' announcement - and how you would like to promote it. You’ll then design a poster, postcard or flyer, and use that same image as content for  Instagram or Facebook with mockups (rather than just posting the design file). 

By the end of this class, you’ll have a solid foundation to be able to design a promotional campaign for your business, and gather interest from local businesses and potential customers.


If you have any feedback for me after viewing this class, please feel free to pass it on. I got a new microphone based on feedback from students in my other classes - I hope the audio sounds better - so I'm always looking to grow and improve and I can't do that without some good old constructive criticism! I'm open to brutal honesty. I mean, within reason... :)

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Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design

Freelance Designer & Coffee Guzzler


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1. Intro: my name's stuff. I'm a graphic designer from Vancouver B. C, and this is my fourth skill share class. So today I'll be talking a little bit about promotion design. So what it is, um, some examples when some types might be more beneficial to use over others. And then I'll walk you through my whole design process, creating a poster for a crash brewery by Daniel. Of course, you should have a little bit of insight into the psychology behind promotion design and how to use that to decide what type of media, whether print or digital orbit of both you want to use for your campaign. His classes geared towards anyone with a working knowledge of any type of creative software . If you want to use illustrator or design, I'm using photo shop in this class, but you can use whatever you're more comfortable with, so feel free to ask any questions along the weight and otherwise, let's get into Chapter one 2. Overview: So promotion design is basically any type of design used to advertise special events, products, services, anything the client meaning the person you're designing for needs to inform their customers about. So it has to be eye catching, and you have to have a bit of understanding of consumer behavior. You could design an amazing poster, but if the copy is too tiny to read, nobody's gonna notice it. Or if the slogan doesn't target the right demographic than the campaign won't have much traction. So there's definitely a few things you need to know before getting started. First of all, what's the purpose of the design? Is it a special event like a grand opening or customer appreciation sale? Um, is a new company launching their product? In any of these cases, you need to get the random from your client about all the details they want you to get across to their customers. Um, second, who is the target demographic? Is the company offering say especial for students over the summer? If so, the campaign for them would be totally different than a campaign for middle aged people. If the shop has a single location, a lot of their clientele would live close by. And so campaign for them would be different than a campaign for people who live farther away. If your customers bigger and has people coming from all over or they have multiple locations, they could focus on a target demographic within a wider radius. So once you kind of have those that type of information, you can plan out what type of design would work best for the campaign. So the this is something you discuss with your client as well. But if they want to concentrate only on people who live close by, they could use print media like posters to put up in their window or in partner establishments that coffee shops or other shops that their target demographic with frequent . And if they want a bit more reach and they maybe can't rely on walk by traffic, they could consider print ads in local papers or post cars and mailers that are sent out to local neighborhoods within a certain radius. The downside of those, though, is that there often assigns that seemed to be junk mail, and you don't want to spend all that time designing something and printing it just to have it be tossed in the recycle bin, um, that someone trying to live as close to zero Lisa's possible. I'm not a huge fan of the Miller's, but there are a couple instances where you do need to rely on printed materials, and I'll show you a couple examples of those. Finally, if your client is maybe a shop for a product that only exists online, then you can rely more on digital campaigns that can go up via social media. 3. Examples: So these are a couple of examples for you guys. I did a few posters for a kickboxing studio in Toronto. Cold bake it. If you guys are in the area, you should definitely check them out. I love their clots It so much. I was staying for two in a row, are going back to back a couple times a day. Either they're super hard and challenging, but they're so fun, and you feel like you got in the great work. Um, yeah, check them out big dot c eight. So I was doing some design work for their new location, and because a lot of the clientele would be local people on because they were on the main street of the city with a lot of walking traffic, we decided on an A frame sign that would see that front and grab people's attention as they walked past. So thes two posters were on either side of the A frame, so there was a different message, depending on what direction you are walking by. But the look was consistent, and the company in trolling campaign info was consistent. Um, this poster was later used on a billboard in Toronto. So we put it up a few weeks before opening another location to let people know they were coming and to drum up pre opening interest that as a side note, if you're interested in seeing my process for making this poster actually aligned each step on my instagram a while back. So as they continue toe open, we're locations. They wanted to Finn at their advertisements a bit, so we did a couple postcards that were left in local coffee shops and senate in nearby neighborhoods. And one of the one of the locations that they had was in the ground floor of huge apartment building that was built. So that was kind of nice. They had a built in clientele right there. So if each one I tried to keep the look consistent, but also push the envelope a little bit. So the we're turning to on the right side. There was a product photo. He took other gloves, and then I was the first design I did for them. And then the next one was the far left. That was some of the merchandise that I took photos off, and then the 3rd 1 in the middle was one of the later ones that I did. It was all their trainers pushing out through the, um, through the postcard, Um, something that keeping in mind when you design certain things is that they can work as double duty as social media posts to. So the trainer postcard I cropped and reworked as an instagram post as well to announce that opening of their next location. Um, another client of mine was a local organic water call for your company. They were doing a big event that was a couple days along, specifically geared towards people interested in organic products, fitness, healthy lifestyles. So I put together two large banners that they had it either into their corner booth so they could be seen from up and down each aisle way. And then I designed a flyer that opened like a little booklet and had infographic about their process. The benefits of their drink, contact information thes were specifically done as takeaways because at a conference or a large event, people usually come by and they take something from the places they're interested in to read a bit leader. So we wanted to make sure all the important stuff was in there for this course. I'm just gonna be addressing these types of print and digital media in the future. Course, I wanted to do something a little bit more fun, kind of out of the box types of campaigns. But officially this quick example I found on begins by Olympia Woods, which is really cool the project that was a way to provide t to campus and then also have helpful resources on the paper envelope. So it's a functional way to get important information across rather than just handing out flyers. You really have to do market research when you're gonna attempt one of these campaigns because it can miss the mark, but to something they keep in mind. 4. Brief: Okay, so in this course, we are going to work on perfect Together. We're going to design a poster to advertise an end of summer party at a brewery, and this is list of requirements and copy. We were provided. So we have the phrasing and event for specifics that need to appear. We have the chosen media, which is a post your measuring nine by 12 and it has to be in portrait orientation. They want to be able to plaster it on pools in town and hang them and establishments they've partnered with. And we've been given the vector logo and the thoughts. Other than that, the only other requirement design wise is that the client wants it to have something to do with apples because they're both a cider and beer brewery. Um, you know, address because it's in a very small town and everyone knows it so that evil wasn't required. So next chapter we'll get started on design 5. Design - Part 1: so usually if I have no graphics that awful like, I'll start by going to unspool ash, which for people don't know, is a pretty popular site with free images that you can use for commercial and personal ease submitted by photographers from all over the world. Um, so I go, you're typing apple. I'm just scrolling through now to see if there is anything I can maybe used to interweave lettering through are looking for some colors that might work nicely, Or maybe something with a dark background that could I could put the lettering over top of , um, another thing. I'd like to do its old taken party and just see what kind of images come up for that. But a lot of these look like they're concerts or they're just not really the right looks that we're going for. Um, I saved a couple of those earlier, but let's go through. I do like this one a lot, but I think the fact that it's landscape orientation won't really work for our poster, because even if we crop the sides, but there's just not a lot of room to play with. He didn't really like the ones on the trees and tried a few things with them earlier. But they kind of scrapped them because I did really like this one. I think this is our winner. I like how the apple is cut in those layers rather than it just being a standard hold. True. Um, it is landscape orientation, but we can crawl bit pretty easily because it's a blank background. So I'm going to use that one for my poster and we'll get started in the next Listen. One thing I do want to show you guys before we get started, though, is thes air, a couple of some Neil concepts that I sketched out for different posters. They probably don't look like much to you guys, but it was more just for me to kind of lay down some ideas for composition and like you, um, before really getting started on anything. So this is helpful if you don't have any graphics or photos or anything like that. If he sketches out first, then when you're browsing toe, look for photos, you can. You don't have an idea of what it is that you're looking for, or alternatively, if you look for your photos First, you can kind of leave these down afterwards once you have a few ideas and just see what would work best. So thumbnails were always a good idea, regardless of what you're designing, just to kind of explore different concepts. So the next lesson in goes into of my boast redesign. I really just wanted to emphasize more the design process unless the, um, set up on the grids and all that kind of stuff. So there's no much structure to this. It's more loosey goosey. Take on it. Um, just to emphasize the, uh, getting your idea from concept to to an actual product, I guess, is what I'm trying to say. So if that's confusing for you guys, feel free toe, ask questions or anything. And I'm always happy to, uh, to get questions from you guys. But yet, so if you're watching and you're wondering, um, you know why I'm just kind of free flowing it. That that's kind of why one just to get the ideas down and to just in the interest of saving time. Okay, So, um, they will see you in the next listen 6. Design - Part 2: Okay, so first thing we're gonna do is to bring our image into Photoshopped. And before we get started, just gonna make sure that the images 300 dp I So we're good with that? They were going to set up a new document that is number 12 and it's gonna have a bleed on it. And it said 300 d P I and keeping it seemed like a if you're going to be printing. Okay, so here is our nine by 12 poster. It's a bit bigger because as the bleed on it, so usually what I do is I just drag the grid lines to the eighth inch mark and just put in the guides to be sure I'm not going past, um, just guys human a little bit. This is really just something I do for myself to make sure that I don't go outside of the that. I don't put any of the important stuff outside of the bleed. And now I'm going to take the image and I just dragged and dropped it into our, um, attorney document. So, as you can see it is, it's using up a lot of the poster size And I'm not crazy about how it's, um, how low it is here. Because I think that Well, what I'm planning to do is put a lot of text in the middle, um, overlapping the apple slices. So I'm just gonna move it up for now, make it a bit bigger, decrease the apple size a little bit, um, an Emmy for it to be between the free and the nine approximately. So it's sort of in the middle of the poster, so you can see we got the white space below because there's a Grady in on the actual photograph. So what we're gonna do is just get my layers open, and I'm just gonna replicate it, pull it down there, um, soon and see what it looks like. So I'll probably clean that up. So I want to do that for now. Just gonna leave it because I'm not really sure where I'm gonna move it just yet, so I can always go back and clean that up, a sort of just placeholder for to make sure the background is similar. So we've got the copy over here on the left that we can reference, so I think I'm gonna start with the the main headline because the rest of it is really going to depend on how big the center portion is gonna be. So gonna start by typing out the main headline here. What will? The first? Because I know that I need this at some point Isn't just gonna drag the logo on and then I can pull the navy from the logo. I won't leave it that big. I'm just using that toe. I dropped the color. That's one of the funds that they used in the logo. So I'm gonna change it instead to the fat bold one. Change that Too heavy? Well, one with a lot of oomph in the middle. You'll see why it's gonna be playing over the image of the apple if I'm picturing if it turns out home picturing so you want some things pretty pretty bold. So I'm gonna increase the size now to something that is it leaves it the text on either side of the apple and overlaps the slices. I think I'm gonna reduce the spacing first and then work on sizing that a little bit more. Not sure how big I want to just yet, So I think I'm gonna type at each line first and then and then see what we end up with, since some lines are gonna be longer than the other, right? So we have our four lines here now, Uh, what I'd like to do is make them all exactly the same with and indirect angle. So you can either do that by increasing the current between the letters, like the spacing between each letter or you can increase the font size until they're all same with. So I'm gonna try that first just to see what it looks like. I'm just gonna do this roughly for now. And I think what I'm gonna do actually is high the text because I think I'm gonna cut the apple slices up. Teoh, move them closer together. So I'm going to use the last tool, but I'm going to use the magnetic one, and then that kind of allows the computer to figure out based on contrast, if you have colors that are quite close together, it won't really know the difference, but between because the background is nascent white. On this one, you're going to get a nice crisp the nice Chris cut around each layer. So I'm just doing control X and chopping that off. You can see the one below that. We we pulled down too much the ingredient home. So I just turned that layer off so that I couldn't just concentrate on cutting each of these ones. And this is a czar saying this is all just kind of I just kind of doing this roughly to give you guys an idea of my process. Um, but I would do I would zoom in there really close and go around like every tiny little pixel if I was doing this just on my own time. But because I know you guys don't wanna observe that, um, this isn't just a faster way to kind of show you the same thing. Well, you'll see it does leave a little bit of red around the there. So, um, for for a big project, especially if this is gonna be blowing up or skilled or something that you want to make sure that you get in there nice and tight. So now what I'm doing is just replicating the little ingredient that was in its original photo. So I'm just I dropping the top and the bottom colors and dragging that down to make the background similar. Just like that, the ingredients often did a bit, so I was gonna put that back in for now and then lock that layer and just play around with the slices. Maybe change the spacing, maybe rotate them a little bit. So let's turn our text back on and see what we've got here. So I kind of like how that's going, what I'm gonna do. Those keep that those layers highlighted and just go to, um, align horizontal centers just to make sure that it's all center properly within the back room within the art board, I guess, um, maybe just do that for the apples to just to make sure there you go. So what I want to do now is have thes ones go behind the apple and then duplicate the layers so that another line of the other line of text goes above the apple with an effect on it so that it's sort of faded it so you can still read it because I think putting all of these under the apple it's not enough text for people to understand, even if they have this party every year, middle still be hard to read, so I want to duplicate each of the layers and then have them go over top of the apple as well. But to do that we have to mask out this navy portion on the layers that appear above them, so I'll show you what I mean. So first of all, it's just group each of things that you don't get confused and replicate these ones which go above the apples. So we have two copies of each line of text. So turn that one off and call this above text. But he's in a group and call that below text and apple. So let's start with the above text. So before you start doing too much with the text, I want to make sure that the widths of each of the lines are the same. So you see, the party is a little bit wider than the the rest of the lines, so I'm gonna go in on I'm just gonna delete this. I shouldn't have copied this layer of text over until I fixed all of these up properly. So he's going to go in and fix the current ING a little bit, so it's still legible. But, um just of it tighter spacing. It's those trying, maybe 30 and then I could in case the fonts. But it's just to make up for it. Trouble with these little hand written funds is that they usually leave a bit of spacing before the letters, and so they're not completely geo metric. And what I mean by that is that the P sort of starts a little bit over on the side of the case, so you don't we have everything manually and then bump everything over. Um, but you just couldn't make it a little bit bigger. It's not Dio big deal and it so let's try end of now. So it's aligned with s right now. I'm just kind of doing it by I. But I should maybe putting grid lines, too. Make sure. Yeah, I think I better put on some guidelines. Okay, so let's just do this loosely rather than eyeballing it. It's what's roughly that. Would that we want the one love kitchen. Okay, so now you can just either change the spacing or go with the font size, but I'm going to see the fun size looks like first, cause I kind of like that. They're all different sizes a little bit, um Messi and fun and quirky. So I like how much spacing there is between these two. It's just eyeball it for now. So that's about what, and heat between each one. So normally I would get in some good lines and some guidelines and but in the interests of not bore you guys to death, I'm gonna say that that's approximately similar amounts. Maybe shut that down a little bit. So just no one, really? If I would probably spend lots more time on this portion, I just wanted to give you guys a rough idea. Okay, so now we're gonna go to the lettering and copy that group over above the apples. This is our new above flair, and we're gonna turn off the below later. For now, they're not really interested in that. We're focusing on the portion of the lettering that's above the apple. So now we're going to select the apple portion that we're interested in going to end of an Maskhadov. So basically turning off everything except for the port part. That's above the apple. So just keep doing that. Come in. Left click. Summer mask. So So what we want to do now is take this whole layer and we're gonna find if any of thes transparency affects if they look any good over top of the apple. And we might not find one that looks good on all of them because you have the red of the skin and the white of the apple, but, um, seem vivid ladies a little bit too bluish green. We can change the font color, obviously, but I really liked how the Navy looked on the white background. I'm not really a fan of how the blue is altering the color of everything. Isabelle lading on the apples. Um, so maybe instead of doing that, lets you go to multiply and turn it down. Just for now, Um, let's just do that for now as a placeholder on. Then we can take another stab at that after we put the text. So this is a rough idea of where the letters are gonna be over top of the apple. So let's turn on our back layer again. So you can see. It's easier to read what the full phrases and then one thing I could maybe do is and a little bit of shadow so that it's like this portion of the apple is overlapping it. One thing that might be close to warp these letters a little bit. So they follow the curvature of the apple a bit. I don't know if that's gonna work. Um, so first of all, I'm going to apply this mask. So right now, the entire layer is still technically there, the whole end of right there. I just want to be able to warp that part. I don't want what's still life but hidden on either side to affect the warping. So I'm just gonna It's gonna rest arise the, um, the type first. And then I go to apply the layer mask. So now all that exists is what you see on that apple. We got rid of all the rest of it. So if we need to change it, if we need to change the text, we can't anymore. But that's okay. This is just kind of a test. I'm feeling like this is gonna be too busy. I just want to try it for its just like new. It was kind of a rough go off it. Just see if it's worth pursuing or not. But I think it might be too much going on. Yeah. Ah, yeah. We can come back to that idea if we feel like it needs it, but I think what? The overlap already? It's gonna be too much. So let's just control said a few times. So now this is a live text layer again. So we have our basic idea going here. What I think I'm might do is I might try adding a little bit of the shadow on those layers that the apple is overlapping. So I added a new layer above the bullet layers, and I'm gonna go command G, which is just going toe, basically apply everything that I paint on this layer to what is alive and active below that. So I'm just gonna take a big brush and I drop for this color and just go over those letters . You won't go. You don't see anything just yet because I'm painting at the same color. But if I go up here to multiply, you'll see what I brushed on already. But what I do is, um I'm gonna change the breasts a little bit. If you look at this one up here, it's mostly got all hard edges. So I'm going to hold shift and the square bracket on the left. Keep cooking that and that'll soften edges, so it's more like a It's kind of a little bit of a boy on it and paint that roughly in there over the letters, just where the shadow from the apples would be. Play around with this a little bit first to see if it helps it all with a differentiation between the layers and then you can always play with the opacity. I think Probably get on the U Pitt and just give him my since I'm doing this more for the class at one time playing with ideas as I go in, a lot of these things I would spend a lot more time on. I just, um I know what it's been too much time in and bore you guys with all the minutia. Lucia, um, I just want to give you guys an idea of my, uh, my process. Okay, so I'm kind of happy with how that's looking so far. But I want to go back in and see what else we have to have on this thing. So there's subhead. Blind autumn already join us at our first sure to be annual end of summer kitchen party. So there's a that apple. It is kind of ugly. I'm just gonna find that a layer and hack that off. Um, and I was gonna go with the regular Liceu tool and just in case I want to keep it, and he's gonna add a mask to it and then fill that with black. So it's still there. It's just kind of hidden for now, just in case. Okay, so now we're gonna turn the little go back on, and I'm gonna make it a little bit smaller. No. And I couldn't feel like, um, the other part of the text can go in at the top there, beside the logo. So I'm gonna type in, join us at our first year to be annual in the same block phone, but a bit smaller. Autumn all radio feels like a separate statement. So it's kind of the intro to what this whole posters about. So I'm gonna use the script. Fun here for that. So autumn already. Question mark and change that to the script front. Mm. Shake down of it. Until we figure out helping the stuff underneath, it will be some it over there, and we'll just take that. The rest would be great if this was in an email or something that we could, uh, copy and paste. But spell. I'm always so nervous about making mistakes in the copy. I'm just going to go to characters here, changed it all caps, slide off the typing all caps and go back to bold. We'll see what that looks like. I might reduce that. Wait a little bit Tunis and are sure to be can you all. So science r o first join us. That our first? That's good, cause down those lines, they're about the same links, so they're very close. What I'm gonna do is for just size both both of them down to see how big they can be underneath the autumn already. And how much of the logo that uses up like it for trying to stack the so that they're a similar height. So Oh, but Sorry, guys. Our first not first part. Wait so sure to be annual. I feel like we can increase the turning a little bit spacing between the letters, His hands kind of falling that roughly, Um I think the thickness of this is still a bit too much. So I'm gonna go in, bump that down, see what other options we have. Maybe semi bold, he smee bold, and then I'm gonna reduce those a little bit more. Uh, you kind of need more of a hierarchy here. You don't want everything to be fighting with each other. So if you have similar sizes and one out that you're not gonna really know where to look. So right now I'm starting to feel like I'm I just put in the details below here. Just I have an idea of, um what else has to go on here? What space it's gonna use up, So I'm gonna do is copy autumn already. So I have that script fund, and I was gonna change us to date. And since it's a script fund, I'm not gonna do that in all caps. So did time, um, dates on. Just copy down this one side that Ciller fun for the actual information thes. They're all going to be a lot smaller too. I think I'm just gonna put them for now or 30. Too late. Nice and off details. Food, music, cider and beer and good times. So how do you see that line is super long. Um, but that's gonna dictate how big all of these are. So and also weaken. Slide this over so that it's aligned to effect ling. Okay, so I'm gonna highlight all of these parts of the bottom and maketh, um, roughly the same with as the headline text. Keep that consistent. I think it'll be a nice structure if the whole thing is same. Woods. So we're going to slide time over to the right so it aligns with the line below it. Um, so it's OK to me, but I'm not I'm not loving how much space there is between, um those. So let's go up and investigate that a little bit. Yeah, it feels a bit better, but maybe just the boldness. Let's go back up. You all okay? I like that a little bit better. Oh, yeah. So you know I should change the other lines as well. Just gonna move that over. Yeah, okay. I do like that better, but that's a bit short. So we'll do ISS change those ones first to the same boldness to be September and for 30. All right, so we have those. All similar. So, no, we're gonna move time back over approximately two. How long that when it's and, like, all of them again expand. Um, so they're the same size. Is the idling something? I can bump that back up a bit where this one is. Okay, um, but those in the folder and put those in the folder and, sir logo. I think you, um OK, so no looking. I like how this is going, but I think we need some lines to separate this or a border or lines in between these things. Um, if you turn off the grades, there's still a lot of Yeah, I kind of like how this is coming along. But what I like to do is try sort of a thick border all the way around and maybe some lines to separate it. Um, just see how that's gonna So drink that down a bit. Come. Yeah, Okay, so let's start a new layer, and we're gonna do Let's go full border for now, Like around everything. So started the half mark. Come back down. But equal. Colleen Maybe not that much. Yeah, trying it. Okay, so that it stroke and let's go. 12. For now. See what that looks like? Yeah, that's kind of a stupid That doesn't really have any effect. Not as much impact as I was hoping. So let's go back to stroke. Try that again. Maybe like 2030 to 30. Oh, keeping when this is 300 dp I So anything you would do in her, like a normal size paper? Um, I'm gonna go a little bit. Figure we could always play it back a little bit, but yeah, yeah, Okay, that's more what I was picturing. So now we want to dio borders in between a lot like divisions in between. So I'm just gonna quickly select this area to get the thickness the same as the border. I just said a new layer cropped, um, use the marquee tool and selected that border, and there's fill it with the same needy just to get a rough Umm, approximately similarly wide blind. So you'll see. It's kind of like that just rotated. But instead of stretching it and I'm just gonna copy drag, you do that by Hulk holding out old and dragging and then replicating it and then command E emerges it back into one layer. Okay, so let's turn this around fed up a bit. So they since more space away from the apples, I feel like I'm going to play that a little bit a little bit more. But I'm just gonna keep on with the lines for now of this over to the right up it a copy. And you know one thing I think we let need on here is the website down there. So what I'm gonna do is move the bottom text up a bit and I might even move that bottom line up, um, up a bit closer to get those ones and I'll come back to the date That's too far to the right in comparison to DEETs. But let me people with these lines for now and figure out all that, um, I was go back afterwards and make sure that all the spacing between borders and everything between the lines and the words is similar, but I just want to rough it in first and figure out where, exactly? I want the board of first. I don't even know if I'm gonna keep the border. So, um, yeah, I kind of like that without the border to. But let's keep him with a border for now. And what I'm gonna do is mascot a little portion below to put the website. So let's find a center. Lying half point would be about just over 4.5. Um, again, Don't think this is how I do things for real. I wanna, um you want to keep this down to, ah, amount of time that is manageable for you guys to watch without falling asleep. So, yes, I always use goods and all that kind of good stuff, but freedom is kind of just winging this one. More emphasis on the design process than all the nitty gritty. I think I said that already, but, you know, I just want I just want to reiterate. Okay, So what I'm doing now is just, um, aligning it, um, to make sure that the mast area is in the center of the poster line. So what I want to do is replicate these bars because I'm gonna use them before little blocks for, like, borders between the border and the website. So let's see what this looks like. First copy it over there and the analyst type in the website. It's off center now, but, um, here I, for one is 9.25 So sorry. I'm just gonna do some quick math, because the bleeders on there's it's throwing off my quick division in my head. So 4.65 which is a bit where that iss So stray that over me? Sure. Yeah. 0.62 bit there. Okay. So, yeah, my mask is not exactly so If you want to keep your mask, shape and signs and all that on move it without moving the actual item that you're masking , you gonna take the You'll see that I clicked on a little I know what that is. Chain chain link. Um, and then you could just move them, ask over when its own. You probably know that already, but just in case you're wondering what I was doing and then easy. What if you can't figure it out to center something. It's just make something approximately the same size. And, uh, and then put that over top, and then you can take that one in the background layer on Goto Lear Align and horizontal centers. Okay, so that's pretty much good. So where it's mast is where the test object is. So yet which was centered because we aligned it with the background, which is aesthetic image, according to this guy. Okay, so I'm just going to get rid of the fake shape so I don't get confused by it, turned these guys back on, and then we're gonna have toe move those of those back over, You can see that they're a little bit too low, so I'm just gonna bump him up a little bit. Um, how these to be centered on the frame vertically. And then I gotta take this swoon. So the same front, and I'm gonna take in the web address, and I just want to drop the size of that down quite a bit. Try 14. So that looks like still too big stray tell. Uh but I might actually do is increase the masks that there's more breathing space here. We don't want that site to be two tiny that people won't even know that it's there. So US drink actually, what we can do to make sure it's even on both sides. It's just and in that extra space there. So it's like the mask in that layer. Make sure black has turned on. Just click to make sure that you feel that area. Then we can bump those over a bit to where we just masked it and go back to the what about us? And I feel like maybe just increase the size a little bit That's go back. The smaller size increases spacing a bit. Young, couple more. Yeah, yeah, So my kind of like this is so at this point, what I would do is go in there. And I would, um, make sure that Thespian Singh is accurate on all sides between the border and the words between the upper layer and the lower layer. Um, I probably finesse the autumn already little subheading thing up at the top. There probably play with logo, but those all those tweaks can kind of go on for quite a bit of time afterwards, mostly This is the basic foundation of the design. I'm like, maybe 90% there. I kind of had an idea in my head to begin with. And, um And so then I wanted to walk you guys through it as I actually did it in real time, and so you could kind of see how I put it all together. So, um, yeah, just in terms of moving on some other things I might try are changing the overlay of the words on the apple just to see if I can do anything else with that. I kind of don't mind what she knew, though, but yeah, so my point being, But this is nearly there. It would just be all my little constant, tiny micro tweaks that would have a whole bunch of time onto the end of this. So anyway, I hope that was helpful for you guys. If you have any specific questions about why I did what in all that, um, feel free toe, let me know. But next chapter we are going to talk about your project 7. Design - Part 3: if you want to use the same file on things like Instagram and Facebook rather than just posting the actual J pain. So that's just like a flat design file. I like to either create my own mockups or find one. That's sort of a same a similar scene of something that I'm interested in. So I could really find a poster mark up. They mostly just those ones in frames are people holding them. I kind of wanted one that was on a wall, and it was kind of gritty. So I came back to one splash on. There's a lot of good ones. Um, I had hurry. I've seen this one that I thought would be kind of cool. But when I placed my poster in any of these ones, I made a smart object and warped it a little bit. Um, no, it's just too busy, the walls too busy. So I think it would have had much of an effect on Instagram. So instead, I'm just going to show you one using a simple little poster mock up. This one's from a graphic burger. They have a lot of cool markups, so So basically what they give you here is an image that they created with a shadow and everything, so it looks three D. But when you double click in, you can put your own file in there, so double clicked and it's gonna copy in peace mining here. It's not the same dimensions as 1,000,000 so I'm just going to skew it a little bit. Just see what it'll likely go back to this, and that's not too bad When you can do is take this whole folder and shrink it down a little bit so that it goes back to the nine by 12 dimensions. And then that's more like our poster looked. And then for the yellow. I don't really love the background color here, Son was gonna eyedropper this Navy off of it on. I think that kind of pulls the apple color road a little bit more. So now you can crop this do square format and then use this as your Instagram post instead . Would be really great if we had a shot of a poster on a wall there on a utility pole or something like that. Like where they intend to post these, but they might do postcards and leave these in different places or hang them in a shop window or something in which cases would be totally fine, too. Um, okay, let's move on to your project. 8. Your Project: for your project. Take any type of promotional campaign you're either working on right now or one that you just make up and explain your process behind your designs. For example, if you're designing a poster, let us know why you chose that over, say, postcards for brochures or any other type of printed or digital media. Show your rough thumbnails like what I showed at the beginning of my design process to kind of rough it some composition and you and then I would love if you could post your work in progress and your final design. I've also included in the resource is section a list of different sites to use for mock ups . And if you take your design and then put it into one of those mockups Presuppose that as well. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always open to discussions and explaining anything that may not have been as clear as I thought it was. Um, okay, so thank you so much for joining me in this class. I got a lot out of it, and if you have any comments or things you'd like to see in the future or things I could improve upon. Please feel free to pass those on as well. I'm always trying to grow and improvement courses, and I can't do so without your feedback. Okay, Thanks so much for watching guys and enjoy the process.