Promote Affiliate Offer using Youtube - Amazon Aliexpress by Winston Wee

Winston Wee, Internet Marketing Specialist

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23 Videos (1h 45m)
    • Promo Video

    • About Your Instructor

    • Rakuten LinkShare - Udemy Affiliate Income Report

    • Introduction to this course

    • Ranking on Google and Youtube

    • Youtube Proof

    • Setting up a Maxbounty Account - Getting it Approve

    • Promoting CPA Network

    • Why Clickbank is not a good place to start

    • How to choose an Affiliate Network

    • Do you need a Camera, a recording Studio, a microphone

    • Outsource Video creation to 3rd party

    • Type of Videos Review Video Creative Commons Video

    • How to download Youtube CreativeCommons Video

    • Sales Videos Promo Video Tutorial Video Udemy Course Video

    • Screen Capture Software

    • VideoScribe for Whiteboard Sketching Video

    • 4th May Part 1 Preparing to Rank Video on Youtube

    • 4th May Part 2 Ranking Video on Youtube

    • 4th May Part 3 Ranking Search Result

    • Get Started

    • Youtube Affiliate Link and Description Box

    • YOUTUBE - Rank Multiple Keyword Multiple Video 1st Page by Winston Wee


About This Class

Promote Affiliate Offer using Youtube - Amazon Aliexpress Rank your video once for your Affiliate offer and get paid passive income for a very long time. Learn it all here Promote Affiliate Offer using Youtube - Amazon Aliexpress | Udemy This is actually my 2nd course on youtube, the 1st course focus more on ranking video, while this course is focusing on how to make money by promoting affiliate or cpa offer with youtube. Do you know Youtube is the number 2 largest search engine in the world beside Google. Imagine what you can do if you are able to rank any video you desire to the 1st page of youtube search engine This Course will be focusing on how to use youtube to promote your affiliate offer. Whether it is a Amazon affiliate, Clickbank Affiliate, or even a CPA offer. If you can rank video on youtube, you can promote something on it Find out which affiliate company you should join Why I would never promote a clickbank product How to create video, (it may not be easy but once you know it, you will appreciate it) Rank video super easy and super fast Focus on creating video and ranking it and the income will come Youtube video once created and rank will stay on the top position for many years to come. I have video that I created 2 years ago and it is still rank on the 1st page. What do you think? If you could rank 100 videos for different product and it all stay on the 1st page of youtube. Imagine the possibilities Join me now and I will see you on the inside. Who is the target audience? Anyone that is interested to Make money by uploading video to youtube Learn which affiliate network is best to join Learn about product specified cookies and site wide cookies Learn to bess way to make money from youtube video What you should and should not do for your marketing video

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Another great course
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Winston Wee

Internet Marketing Specialist

My Name is Winston, I have been in the online business since 2005. I have been actively involved in Online Business. I own a successful Ebay business which I am still running. I own 3 website that has high traffic and I have a couple of youtube channel that has thousand of view daily.

Over the year Internet has make many big changes. Website that get rank today is derank tomorrow when Google released a new update. As a Internet businessman one has to be able to stay up to date with tec...

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