Projects in Node.js - Part 3 - Meeting Reporting App | Patrick Schroeder | Skillshare

Projects in Node.js - Part 3 - Meeting Reporting App

Patrick Schroeder, Teaching JavaScript Courses

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9 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Project Overview

    • 2. App Setup - Backend

    • 3. App Setup - Frontend

    • 4. User & Note Models

    • 5. Add Validation

    • 6. Controller to get All Users Notes

    • 7. Controller to create New Note

    • 8. Async Module

    • 9. Filter by Member


About This Class

Download completed course files here

Welcome to our third project - building a meeting reporting application. In this project, we're going to build an app that that allows users to create Notes.Then we'll display all the notes our users have created on the front page. We'll also create a filter method to display Notes by the user of our choice. 

In this project we'll explore how to validate user input, how to retrieve and display errors based on incomplete user input, and how to find more then one document at the same time using the Async module.

We'll be using Swig as our templating engine of choice.  Along with express and mongoose to form routes and connect with a database.

Part 1 of this course can be found here: Mongoose CRUD App

Part 2 of this course can be found here: User Login App





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Patrick Schroeder

Teaching JavaScript Courses

Patrick Schroeder is a self-taught full stack JavaScript developer. He enjoys working with Angular, Node.js, Mongodb, React.js, Firebase, and anything else javascript related. Patrick is passionate about teaching Javascript. He loves to help others understand difficult concepts by creating clear presentations that gradually builds to full comprehension of a given topic. He is very interested in furthering his knowledge of IOT and wearable products with the intention of teaching cutting edge t...

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