Project Planner: Managing Your Goals With A Life Binder

Isabel Pinaud

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10 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project Overview

    • Types Of Learning

    • Types Of Planners

    • Covers & Inspiration Pages

    • Dashboards

    • Sections

    • Extras

    • BONUS: How I Manage My Planner

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In this class you will learn a simpler and more personal way to organize your life. Students will be introduced to the methodology of creating a planner that works just for them through a class made for EVERYONE. Whether you are a photographer, a mom or a freelancer this system is 100% applicable. Join Illustrator and productivity enthusiast Isabel Pinaud as she takes you through a step by step journey on a new way to manage your personal and professional goals with a system personalized for the way YOUR mind works.

61 of 70 students recommendSee All

Definitely recommend, eally helpful course on how to organize your life. I'm actually looking forward to working on my planner and having everything in one place! Gracias de parte de una Venezolana en Inglaterra!
I found the sound quality poor and there was a high pitched noise which was very uncomfortable BUT the quality of the video itself and the content vastly out weighs this draw back. The videos are well organized (of course) , very easy to understand and very informative.
Adrienne Brown

Mixed Media Artist/ Felting Goddess

Great course. Detailed and informative. Thank you!