Project Planner: Managing Your Goals With A Life Binder

Isabel Pinaud

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10 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project Overview

    • Types Of Learning

    • Types Of Planners

    • Covers & Inspiration Pages

    • Dashboards

    • Sections

    • Extras

    • BONUS: How I Manage My Planner

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In this class you will learn a simpler and more personal way to organize your life. Students will be introduced to the methodology of creating a planner that works just for them through a class made for EVERYONE. Whether you are a photographer, a mom or a freelancer this system is 100% applicable. Join Illustrator and productivity enthusiast Isabel Pinaud as she takes you through a step by step journey on a new way to manage your personal and professional goals with a system personalized for the way YOUR mind works.

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I found the sound quality poor and there was a high pitched noise which was very uncomfortable BUT the quality of the video itself and the content vastly out weighs this draw back. The videos are well organized (of course) , very easy to understand and very informative.
Great course. Detailed and informative. Thank you!
I really love it m You have it all in here . I had some issues with the sound but you present so much value I liteneed dispit the sound :)
Fadwa Soliman

Solineurs … #EmpowerYourBeginning