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Project Plan: Build your project timeline now with me in 1 hour

Anca Onuta, Agile Coach. Digital Transformation

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17 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Course Introduction

    • 3. Define project scope

    • 4. Define functionalities

    • 5. Define marketing activities

    • 6. Define integration activities

    • 7. Define content activities

    • 8. Define design activities

    • 9. Define the Actual Work

    • 10. Define the team related activities

    • 11. Define the contracting activities

    • 12. Select the demo activities

    • 13. Select the technical challenge activities

    • 14. Identify the Beta version activities

    • 15. Select the version 1 activities

    • 16. Assign due dates and responsible

    • 17. Wrap up and Closing


About This Class

This is more than a course you take to learn a new skill. It is a workshop you can take over and over again you need to create or update a project plan. Because you start the course, you do the exercises and you know that at the end of 1 hour you'll have your project plan up to date.

The steps you'll undertake during this workshop are:
1. Define the project goal
2. Define all the activities of the project - I'll guide you through different aspects that you have to include in your project timeline
3. Organise the project activities in a strategic way
4. Add duration, responsible and start dates.

I prepared examples, templates, guiding questions, and a lot of other support materials for you.

At the end of this 1-hour course, you'll have your project timeline created and ready to use.

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1. Overview: I didn't know that not having a project timeline is the main course of project I'm aka I'm a professional project manager. And throughout my career I developed a very simple and effective way to create 40 time night. And today I will be showing you This is more than training is an intensive one. Our worship. We're just after the project school and at the end of the class, you are going toe your party time. I was working from the finding your project scope still making fully upon the actions which are part of a project. When they're done, we're going to prioritize them in such a way that you can you tweet Queen's portrait but still have time to trace. That knows You don't have to worry for the pain. I prepares Food guide like for you a lot to do with years. And this is the class for anyone who needs to create the project timelines. You can take it any time you have a new project or you want to update the timelines, so you bite once and then you can take it every single needed. I designed the scores in the ways to keep your focus and account, but from the beginning to the end, I look forward to seeing class 2. Course Introduction: Hi. Welcome back When it comes to the management during their years, I developed a very simple way of making a fast and complete project timeline. And this is what we're going to talk about in this class. So I have 1/4 faces, Project timeline, development strategy, and we're going to start one by one. We will have exercises. So go ahead, grab your your pain paper or just your notebook and let's get started. The first thing that we're going to do is to define the Project Gold. What we ain't accomplish on this project on face to we're going to define all the actions that need to be done in the project. And I will show you all the aspects that you should consider inner project in order to have a very complete project plan on face cream. I will show you very simple strategy to get your project lunched. I have a four stages way of making the project timeline believe word first and wait reasons quite early in the project and in the last phase, we're going to define the responsible due dates on duration of each actions, and at the end of this course, you're going to have a complete project timeline with your guns chart. So let's get into it 3. Define project scope: I welcome back in this class, we're going to define the face one when it comes to defining the project timeline and that is the Project Gold. Our uses, an example, mobile application. And in this project, what we want to do is to create a mobile application, for they're probably Transportacion of Breasts is and in a project goal I have that we need to implement the mobile application for the public transportation of breast. Since this mobile application has to love the users, toe one planned their route from point A to point B to they have to be able to see the timeline of each public transportation bus, Trump's metro everything and three they have to be. They have to be allowed to buy, probably transportation ticket. So this is my goal for this project. The mobile application for the City of Dresses. Now take exactly three minutes from cloak and think about what is your project? Gold. Write it down, Remember, Three minutes. The counts. That's okay . Perfect. You might want to take more time to define approach a goal. And you're being three minutes or nothing. I just need more time. We're talking about big project, but that is the point. We should take short chunk of times toe, define the important things first. So if you want to take 30 more seconds to wrap up your project gold go head. If not, press next and let's go to the next lecture. 4. Define functionalities: Hi. Welcome back in this lecture. We're going to define all the actions that you need to do this part of the project. But because we're talking about big projects, more project, a lot of writing. We don't want to miss anything while defining our project timeline in just one hour. So what I've done, I went ahead and I prepared a full list of aspect of categories of things that you should consider us part of a project. Not everything is applicable for on the project or some things that I will tell. You may not find them in a project that is perfectly fine if you have. If you're feeling that there is something that has to be included in this course, please go ahead. Drop a comment down below and I will be more than glad toe oddities to this class. Him? All the other students can benefit out the bid. So let's start at this stage. You open your Excel file that you don't know this previously, and there you have the first year you can enter one by one, the project activities, and I will show you how they do it. The first thing that we're going to talk about are the functionalities. Think about what are all the functionalities that projects need to the lever. When I talk about functionalities, I will take us an example. Same application as on the previous step, which is them public transportation mobile application for the City of Dresses. This application will say that we want to the lever, the capacity, the functionality of planning our route from point A to point me. So I will go ahead and write all everything in one line and I will keep it short. Like Logan planning the round, seeing the time table pay my card. All that will be this part of my functionality takes 30 minutes to do that. And with you at the end of this team units, - OK , Jaime stabs. I hope that you did at least of your project functionalities every spending more time. I would suggest to don't take more than 30 seconds to rep Pap because what will come up next? We need more and more of their time. We want to keep it short and sweet. So the A. At the end of this hour, we will be able to see your project timeline. Let's go to the next category that you should go see their inner project 5. Define marketing activities: I welcome back in this lecture, we're going toe. Define all the marketing rated actions that you want to have was part of a project. When are you marketing? I mean, do you have a final client in mind? That would be the beneficiary of your project. Do we need to track them? What would be your steps? That you would do that then do we need to advertise it in your organization? All those things writing down a spark of the product time nine. And if you need to group them, let's say you have a worksite section. Go ahead and added down below under your Lisa functionalities and even this part of a certain future that you need to track. I know some investors Go ahead and there. So you have remember starter clothes. You have three minutes to complete these at the end of the sea minutes, we're going to wrap up. - OK , Jaime, I will not encourage you to take any further from the seconds in order to complete it. I will say leave it as it is and we go to the next section 6. Define integration activities: I welcome black to the class when it comes to integrations, Sometimes it can be not applicable or we may have loved of integrations. And that's a valid only for I system. But it's also valid for any other kind of project that say you have I don't know a coffee show and you will need toe get electricity. You may need to get new windows. You may need to get a lot of other things which should always be considered integrations. All the actions that you need a integrate with, third party, a spot, that project. Go ahead and listen down. I'm I'm going to go and that the ones that I have in my mobile application project and with you three minutes. - Okay , time is up. Let's go to the next section. 7. Define content activities: Hi. Welcome back in this lecture. We're going to talk about content. All the projects have content. And while I'm talking about content, I mean, do you have a website that website has from the menu till the privacy policy? Till all the content, bloke, everything, images, those are content, parts of a project. So in this section, we're going to go ahead and at all these content pieces for each each component of our projects. In my situation, on the mobile application, I will have a description for the streams. I would have helped menus. I will have thanks for the buttons instructions for the users on how to use the mobile application and welcome messages. All that is part of the compound. And I will add all the actions that that involved in the following three minutes. So see you in three minutes. Okay, Chinese up. Now let's go to the next lecture. 8. Define design activities: I welcome back the next section that we want to consider in our project. Timeline is designed. You might have a design based product or you may have a product. She doesn't have anything related to design. But, however, if you just need to design a flyer on email, end everything that would ever you could ever think about. Inner project. If there is one Section one functionality, which has any little tiny piece of design, go ahead and write the desire related actions, which is job the design, getting approval, getting the proof and publish it. So if you have a product which is mainly based on design, then you may have most or the actions here. But remember, we also had a preacher section when it comes to work. Okay, then go ahead and write in three minutes. All the actions related to design that you have in your project. See you in two minutes. - It's good. Three minutes are up. Let's go to the next electric 9. Define the Actual Work: Hi. Welcome back in this lecture. We're going to define the actual work as I like to call it. What are the actual actions that we need to do in order to accomplish this project? In my situation, I have a mobile application. So here, we need to develop it. No matter off. How nice It is our design. How great is our marketing? The solution has got work. We need toe implemented. So go head in two minutes and write that if you're opening a coffee show, then you may need to actually make the place available for your for public and everything related to that. Go ahead and listen down. If you have any other kind of business, go ahead. Write everything as that encounters an extra work to accomplish projects. Seeing Simeon's. - Okay . See, minutes are up now because I know this is section where we start to remember so many things . A thing that we have to do that some house didn't feed in any other contemporary before. I would say Take one more minute, put on on paper everything that we have on the back of your head. And then we meet here in one minute 10. Define the team related activities: I went from banks on this lecture, we will really see that our project timeline is taken shape when the stage will only have the list of all activities but a Z. We are almost getting to the end of having a very completely of activity. We realize what are the needs when it comes to the project team and in the next three minutes, go ahead and list down what it's all. Go ahead and list down. What are all the team members and require months when it comes to team to accomplish your project. CNC minutes. Okay, time is up. Now let's go to the next lecture, which is about contracting. 11. Define the contracting activities: Hi. Welcome back. This is one of my favorites contracting the legal part. The legal part is so critical for projects sometimes that I left before the end intentionally, because this moment you have a very, very wide understanding about what your project involves. And you can have a better understanding about what your legal requirements do. You need to sign confidentiality agreements with your team. If yes, put it on your place. Do you need to have a contract with your third parties? If you have their party's this part of the project, then go ahead and release them down. Do you have to have a contract said with your future clients or beneficiaries out of the project? Then go ahead and least on the town and we'll see you in 30 minutes, - I think. Okay, thank you. Now the three minutes are up. Let's go to the next lecture 12. Select the demo activities: Welcome back in this lecture, we're going to define what the actions that should be part of our emigration of the project of the project deliver. Why is it important to have them version? Why seems to start with that? The first phase our project only worry is because we can use it for different things. We can use it toe for saves. Because if you have, like a prototype of the solution of our final deliverable, then we can teach investors. We can show it to a client. We can identify exactly what are the requirements in case we still need to clarify a lot of things. Or we can have the team to have a better understanding about why the project will deliver in yen. Then how do actually selected the motivation? The question that is going to guide you to do that is what are the minimum actions that I need to define that I need to do in order to have a prototype off my final solution and probably type. It has to be really, really a small piece of work that we can show and showcase later on. Remember this word minimum we don't want to build entire solution in the beginning. That's why we have a food project. We only want to do a small piece of feet for them of purposes. So in my situation, for the mobile application, what I'm doing, I'm taking. I'm looking through all the actions and I'm selecting what I want to be part of this demo. And on the column next three, I will add the world them and I will keep on going until the end. Now, take your time and do the same. Take five minutes, Justice said. What? He's part of your demo vision, but remember, you have to have in mind that you do the minimum actions that are needed to produce a demo vision. A prototype invention. See you later. 13. Select the technical challenge activities: Hi. Welcome back in this lecture we're going to select. What are all the actions that represent a technical challenge in this project? Well, thank God, challenge can mean either challenge can mean an engineering challenge. Everything that it's the challenge, like technically needs to be resolved. And depending on the nature of the project, you will have a different kind of the finishes for means technical in my situation, for the mobile application for the body, transportation of the city presses. My technical challenge represents the integration that I have to do with the public transportation company. They will provide us a lot of information like the timetable of the buses. Metros trumps everything and the prices. Plus they special payment more to it that we need to integrate with. Let's say that was part of this project. There are some things which are very, very tricky. We don't know at this stage what are the resolution? How to fix it. Most of the project have a part which is a challenge. We don't know how to do it. This is what we understand through a challenge. So look at your actions and see what are the actions that we don't know how to do it. What kind of the things That you wonder if they will work on a certain way or the other. Or you have less experience what I consider to be a threat. Where What are the unknown actions? That you don't have a full control at this stage of the project. So I would go ahead and I will do the same. I will select mine as you can see here. And I wouldn't mark on the right side on the column. Next street on the right side. Technical challenge. And I will do the same for actions. Now, take five minutes and do the same for a project. See you after five minutes. - All right. - Uh 14. Identify the Beta version activities: I will come back now in the face. We're going to select all the actions that are enough for us to have a better person of our solution of our of the deliverable of the project. But what means a better vision, A better vision is affection that you can get it to somebody and they can use it. This very just critical of the project. Because it's the first time when you start getting really feedback from the final climb from whoever is going to benefit out of this are put off the project. If it is an internal project, then that's also fine because you can select somebody that is going to be the beneficiary of the project. And I can give you on honest of peanut about how it is before you actually release it. So in my situation, I have the mobile application. What I'm going to do, I will write. I will select all the actions, all the deliverables that are that that critical, and I will mark them as better. So in that face off my project, I will have it delivered for the ones we're going to try my my application or yourself depending what you want. So now take exactly three minutes and select. What of the actions that you will need to do to release version of your final deliverable? That is going to be very close to the final one. Then they see minutes and with you after 15. Select the version 1 activities: Welcome back in this lecture we are selecting the actions that are part of the last face of our project are almost tiny. Things that we want to do in order to make our deliverable perfect are ready to be lunched . Depending on the product that we have again, we can have services. We can have a product wherever will be the output of the project. Go ahead and mark with version one everything that hasn't feet in any other books before in any other face, and we'll see you in one minute. 16. Assign due dates and responsible: I welcome back to class. At this point, we have a very clear understanding about what are all the actions that we want to do its part of this project and we have them prioritized in such a way that we start to have quick benefits. And he says, out of the project very early on Now, on this lecture, what we're going to do is to take only actions based on the priority that we define previously. And we're going to create the grand chart. We're going to give shape, toe approach timeline. If you have a project management to let you're really using and you would like to use it, go ahead and use it for the six of size you might use a Santa. You may use Gerard. You may use time sheet. You may use anything else. If you already have that, go ahead and use it. If you're looking. The project management will check out my other class on how to select a project management tool. Then for the ones who don't have any gather excel that you've been working on that you downloaded from this class and use it. So go on the second sheet of this Excel, and that is going to be the place where we're going to work on this lecture. So let's get started now. What we're going to do will be to make filter Onley on the them or actions all younger them activities that we have in this project. And now I have a full least of all the activities that are part of my demo version. I'm taking everything, and I'm adding them into the second ship of the Excel. Or again, if you use a project management tool just Adam into your project management, I will go ahead and I will do the same for the technical challenge filtering on it. And I'm coping all the actions into my second ship, the same I will do for the better version and for the Russian one. And now I have a full list of all activities prioritized based on four stages of the project. And now what I will do. I will take one by one and I will start date duration and who will be responsible? A very, very important thing responsible. He's just just one person to person that is going to be the one who will do the task. You might want to consult it to her team or you may Reagan know how long will take everything or you can estimated. Okay, Now that you have all directions into your project plan, what you're going to do is to take three minutes for oil demo actions, and you are going to assign start the duration and responsible. Then, after the three minutes are up, you're going to take the next set, your technical challenge items, and you're going to do the same you're going to do start. They duration and responsible that immunity for each of them. Then you will go to the next stage, which would be better version. You take all the actions that defined for that state of a project in your sign. Start they duration and responsible. You'll do the same for the last stage. Remember, have three minutes for each stage that mean in total of 12 minutes 17. Wrap up and Closing: Congratulations. You made it in one hour. Now you have a project timeline that you can go ahead and implement. If you have any suggestions of anything that has to be improved in this class, please go ahead. Give constructive feedback. If you'd like to see some other thieves, something, some other classes go hurt. Write me a message. I will be glad to hear that. If you have any questions, please take advantage of the question and answer Osteria. Or if you would like to have feedback for project timeline, go head and some made it under assignments again. If you want it to be visible for other students, market this public if you don't want to be easy. But for other students, if you want it if you want just me to see it, then make it private. Thank you for